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Stray puppy: Chapter Seven.

Sandy was tired. Why did every guy have to turn out to be either a prick or a whack job? He thought. He wanted to go back to his old boring life, his small room in the group home. He could go back, he didn't kill Gerry after all, sure he'd be in some trouble. The only thing keeping him away was fear. What if he got blamed, he was there, his DNA certainly was. It would be easy for the cops to put it all on him, some street hustler murdering for money, case closed. Sandy kicked himself for taking the money from Gerry's wallet, well he did earn it. Then there was the issue of the men who actually did kill Gerry, they might think he saw them and come looking. No, it was too dangerous to go back, he concluded.

He checked in with the social worker at the shelter, unfortunately they didn't have any info on his long lost aunt. Sandy got something to eat and sat down next to a boy he recognized,

"Hey Chad, nice shiner" He greeted, noticing the boy's black eye.

"Yeah, got jumped for my money" Chad lamented. The boy was Sandy's age, stockier with dark hair.

"Sucks" Sandy consoled, as he ate. Robbery was a common fear in their line of work.

"I gotta get out of here, go up north maybe, once I get enough money" Chad explained.

"Up north?"

"Yeah, guy told me there's a town where all the tourists go, lots of rich guys take their boats up there, tons of work" Chad meant hustling.

"I got money" Sandy reported, intrigued by the idea of changing his current existence.

"You'd wanna go?"

"Yeah, I could loan you money for the bus, safer than hitching." Sandy advised.

"Cool when'd you want to?"


Sandy had almost five hundred dollars in his envelope from the party, the tips were generous, that or Vic wanted to entice Sandy's return. They took a bus up the coast to the bustling tourist village. Chad was right the marina was full of expensive boats. The main street was full of people and the hotels beehives of activity. Once there the boys met up with a tribe of street kids who camped up the beach in a secluded area. Sandy and his friend weren't in with the leadership, they were just some of the kids that followed the core group, older boys who seems to live off the prostitution of the girls. They tolerated the fringe members, seeing them as subordinates to be used to keep watch on the girls or keep an eye out for the cops.

Sandy was able to `rent' one of the little tents setup in the wooded area off the beach for fifty bucks a week. At least it gave Chad and himself some protection for the elements. Tom was the leader, at 19 a full sized man. He didn't threaten the younger boys, nor was he friendly toward them. As long as they paid him and took their turns as look outs, he was ok with them.

On the second morning of Sandy's life as a beach kid, he met him. The others referred to the man as `the freak'. He apparently lived in one of the big houses near their forest encampment. He was one of the rare locals that didn't despise the kids and the only one who dared to walk among them. Perhaps it was the dogs that made him fearless, or maybe he was just insane but he showed no deference to the tribal muscle.

The man was smaller than Sandy, perhaps 5 foot 7. He seemed a bit overweight, thinning hair, maybe late 40's the boy figured. He strode along the beach his two Dobermans flanking him. He approached the clan mid morning and greeted.

"Good morning" he said cheerfully to the just rising teens.

Sandy noticed the dogs stopped at the edge of the forest, waiting. The man was walking around to each kid, as he got closer Sandy could see that he was giving out something from his pack. Stopping in front of him the man said,

"Oh, a new puppy, what's your name?"

"Sandy" he replied, remaining seated.

The man dropped two packaged cereal bars in his lap, and then moved on to Chad.

"Another new puppy, what's your name?" He asked,

"Rover" Chad said flatly.

"What an excellent puppy name, A for effort"

None of the kids paid him much attention, a couple of times one would mumble, "freak" when he spoke to them. Sandy took note that he walked the dogs down the beach, every morning. Stopping to visit the encampment every second day, always with food. He'd then return and disappear up over the bluffs.

Sandy did work, it was easy to get customers, they just came to him. He would walk down the beach to the marina and sit on the dock, his shirt off. It was getting late in September but it was still warm enough to show off his flesh in the afternoon. His muscles were becoming more defined, his shoulders broadening. Sandy had a four-pack belly now and with his hair growing out a bit, he was looking pretty hot. He watched a family strolling up the dock toward him. A man, his son, looked about 12, daughter around 10 and their mother. Sandy thought the boy lucky, he had a family, a rich one at that. What he wouldn't give to be in that boy's place. The man looked right at him and gave a friendly smile. Sandy smiled back.

The family stopped behind him and he heard the man talking about her and kids going on ahead, he had something to do on the boat. With his family dispatched the man stood beside Sandy,

"What's your name?"

Sandy was taken aback this was a pickup!

"Sandy, you wanna be my friend?" The boy asked.

"Yeah come on" The man replied and walked back down the dock.

Sandy followed him to a nice boat. The man gestured for the teen to board and then followed him. Once in the cabin Sandy found the usual luxuries aboard the cruiser.

"Take your pants off cutie" The man said warmly "shit you're just a couple of years old than my son".

Sandy took off his remaining clothes and displayed himself.

"I want you to lay there on the lounge, jerk off, cum on your belly. Then give me a blow job," The customer explained.

"Eighty bucks" Sandy priced.

The man handed over the money as the boy reclined for his performance. He worked himself quickly, grunting as he coated his belly and chest with his fluids. The man came over and presented his six incher for service. Sandy did a good job, keeping him on the edge as the man called out another boy's name.

"Oh Eric, baby, yeah, oh Eric you're such a good boy". Finally he was satisfied and emptied himself into Sandy's mouth.

Sandy left the boat and walked up the dock, as he approached the end, the man's family passed him. The woman called after the straggling son,

"Come on Eric, Daddy's waiting for us".

`Well at least he's using me and not the real Eric' Sandy thought.

The days grew cooler as they rolled into mid October. The tourist traffic had dwindled, and with it the size of the tribe. Tom was gone along with the core group. Chad had decided to go with them, leaving Sandy on his own with about 10 other kids still living in the encampment by the beach. He was happy about not having to pay anyone `rent' with the leadership gone, although he wondered how much longer he could stay with the nights getting cold.

Sandy walked out of the Ocean, having cleaned himself, onto the beach. He strode nude toward the camp trying to dry himself with a small towel. He pulled his pants up as the freak approached on his return trip, having visited the remaining crew yesterday.

"Hello puppy" He greeted.

"Hey, what's your name?" Sandy didn't want to say `good morning freak'

The man stopped and turned, the dog's taking up their flanking positions.

"Me? I'm the man who never was." He winked and turned to leave.

"Hey tomorrow bring some juice or something to drink" Sandy called after the strange little man.

The next day was cloudy with brisk winds, Sandy stayed huddled in his little tent. The freak arrived anyway. Today he was tossing bananas to the kids, as though he were feeding ducks. Sandy stuck his head out and was given a one litre carton of orange juice. The man knelt down and touched Sandy's cheek. The boy pulled back. It wasn't the first time the man had tried to touch him. Other kids allowed it, but Sandy had always pulled away before he could.

"Enjoy your juice puppy," he said as he got up.

Sandy emerged from the tent, "My name is Sandy"

"No it's not" The man replied, giving Sandy a bit of a chill.

The man turned to go, "why do you leave the dogs there?" Sandy asked.

"Sometimes they scare people" The man replied as he walked away.

"What are their names?" Sandy continued his enquiry.

The man stopped and looked at Sandy, pausing for a moment, " Peach and Mango"

The dogs stood. The freak left the camp as his escorts followed.

Sandy strode the boardwalk by the marina, looking for work. He smiled at the few men that passed by but none sought his companionship. It was getting late in the afternoon with a bit of a chill in the air. Sandy had kept his jacket on, although open during the day. He sought refuge in the marina's diner. He slurped his coffee slowly as he got disapproving looks from the waitress. It wouldn't be long before she asked him to move along. Sandy was still hopeful of at least one customer before heading back to his tent.

A man entered the diner and looked at Sandy. The boy smiled, but it was only the freak. It occurred to Sandy that it was the first time he'd seen the little man away from the beach and without his escorts. The man stopped at Sandy's table.

"May I join you?"

"Sure" Sandy invited, glad of some company.

The waitress arrived quickly, now that someone with money was waiting.

"Yes, well I'll have the chicken salad, two hamburgers well done with no buns and diet coke." The man ordered, "This handsome young man is ready to order"

"Burger and fries" Sandy said without looking up.

"Don't fret puppy I'm paying for it" The man reassured, reading Sandy's expression.

"Thanks" the boy said softly.

"So what should I call you?" The boy continued.

"You choose a name for me." The man replied, "It's not as if you're going to tell me your real name. Sandy is apt for you though, describes your appearance and your fine yet rough personality."

"I guess, I can't think of a name for you" Sandy replied.

"Freak seems a popular choice among the young people, rather descriptive of me as well." The man said casually.

"John, I'll call you John" Sandy said frustrated.

"John is a bit boring, how about banana?" The man retorted.

"Why do you give us food all the time John?" Sandy ended the name game.

"For the same reason that eat what I give you", the man answered.


"You have lovely freckles, like sand cast across your face. Sandy" The man said. Well at least he knew this one was a whack job from the start, Sandy thought.

"You live up on the bluffs John?"

"Yes, by the white windmill, it's a very nice view" The man advised.

`Ok so this one is a total nutter' Sandy thought. Thankfully the meals arrived and conversation was no longer required. The boy devoured his food quickly, only when he was finished did he realize that he'd shown bad table manners. As the man finished his chicken salad Sandy was eying up the two burgers, thus far untouched.

"You want to be my friend?" Sandy asked as the bill was paid.

"I thought I already was" John advised.

"Twenty bucks" Sandy blurted, he wanted something from the day and the man had bought him a meal.

The man wrapped his burgers in a napkin and got up to leave. Sandy followed a casual distance behind, not sure of whether he was going to get work or not. Once outside the man stopped next to a green camouflaged hummer.

"Come, I'll give you a ride puppy".

Sandy trotted around to the passenger door. Just as he was about to open it Mango appeared and barked loudly, defending his owner's territory. The man got the dogs in the back and motioned for Sandy to get in. Once he literally climbed in he saw what the burgers were for as the dogs devoured them in the back seat. John maneuvered the truck out onto the road and headed up parallel to the beach.

"Is this an H1?" Sandy asked, wanting to break the silence.

"No this is a Hummvee, the original military version," The man advised.

"You got it from like Iraq?" The teen quizzed.

"No, it's never seen combat, I bought it on surplus. I suspect it was used for training and general duty," The man advised.

"Does it have missiles?" The teen said looking into the back.

"No they took all the armaments off before I got it. Peach and Mango are sufficient weapons" The driver gestured.

Sandy noted the dogs were sitting in the rear seats, as if they there were human soldiers, waiting for the commander's orders.

"Pretty cool car alarm," Sandy noted.

"Truthfully, they're trained to make alot of noise, not really hurt anyone." John admitted as he pulled up where the road was closest to the encampment.

Sandy looked over at him, wondering if he was going to perform his services here.

"So you want it here?" He asked. "Blow job, twenty bucks," The teen continued when John didn't respond.

"Hummer in a hummvee" The man chuckled. "Twenty seems rather cheap for such a service, how about just a nice kiss" He suggested handing over a bill to the boy.

Sandy wasn't going to argue and leaned in for his lip lock. It was a nice kiss, a gentle kiss.

"Now fly way my little fairy" John suggested.

Sandy got out and watched the truck drive up the winding road.

Stray puppy: Chapter Eight.

The wind and rain were crazy that night, practically blowing the tent village away. Sandy and couple of kids huddled in a small cave. Well an alcove really. The others crossed the fence into a private yard and took up residence in the gazebo. Tom had always warned them against going onto private property, especially into the old lady's gazebo. So it wasn't completely a surprise when the cops arrived the next morning.

The kids scattered and were chased in the driving rain. The ones they caught were wrestled to the ground and arrested. Tom had noted that charging street kids was a waste of time for the cops, they were more likely to take them away for a good beating and then drop them off, well out of town. Sandy wasn't inclined to that fate and decided not to run down the beach as the other's had done. Instead he went up the bluff, certainly a harder slower run but he succeeded in avoiding the cops who ran after the main group. Wet and rather exhausted he rested behind a large tree, spying to see what has happening on the beach below.

Sandy turned to see where he was. Several large houses set well apart lined the road along the bluff. Turning to the end he saw a large white structure, like a big light stand. Walking further along the path the angle allowed him to see that it was a windmill. Not a Dutch windmill as he had thought John was taking about but rather a modern electricity generating device as Sandy had seen on TV. Trudging through the rain, he saw the house nearby. It was a strange work of art on it's own, very different from the traditional houses along the row. It was made of strange angles that made Sandy think that it was like a life-sized house made of Lego by some child. The exterior was random rows of red, blue and yellow.

Walking into the yard there was a plain wood shed, it seemed rather out of place near such a house. Sandy wondered if he could seek refuge in the house or the shed. If he was rejected at the door, then the shed would be out as well, so he decided to slip into the shed unannounced. It was still cold but at least he was out of the rain.

Sandy woke when the door of shed swung open suddenly. John stepped in.

"Puppy, give me one of those red bags" He asked.

Sandy handed over a big bag of dog food. John lifted it onto his shoulder and shut the door behind him. Sandy didn't know what to make of the encounter. He wasn't told to get lost nor was he invited inside. He got up, still cold and wet then went outside. It had stopped raining but was still cloudy and cool. He stood at the back door, not sure of what to do when suddenly it opened. He stepped in.

"ewww, never liked the smell of wet puppy" John commented. "Go downstairs and strip off your clothes."

Sandy made it down the stairs to the utilitarian basement, a dog compound on one side, laundry and storage on the other. Peach and Mango looked at him but didn't make a noise. John came down and helped the boy out of his wet clothes. Assisting him into a large basin that was clearly meant for dog washing, Sandy was hosed down with warm water. Soap and scrubbers cleansed him. A large towel was then used to dry him.

John then helped the boy up the stairs, at the top he called down, "Peach! Come!"

Sandy was laid out naked near a wood-burning stove. The heat felt good on his body. He felt a warm dog snuggle up next to him and the pair were covered with a big blanket. Sandy wasn't sure how long he slept but he knew for sure it was the smell of food that woke him. He sat up, with Peach still in attendance. The dog growled softly at him. When Sandy stood up the dog barked.

"Peach, downstairs! Downstairs!" John called from the kitchen.

Sandy walked into the kitchen, the house was ultra modern, it could have been used for some science fiction movie. The boy watched as the man prepared the meal, it smelled great.

"When you tire of being nude puppy you can go down the hall, my bedroom is on the right, maybe something will fit" John said without looking.

Sandy took his cue and found the bedroom. It matched the rest of the house in design. He found an oversized sweater and pulled it on. The soft fabric felt really good against his skin. He stole a pair of boxers but could find no pants that would fit.

He returned to the kitchen looking rather strange in his bare legs, sweater and boxers. Spaghetti and meat sauce was served and like the night before he ate, like a dog.

"That sweater looks nice on you, I want you to keep it" John advised. The sweater was of the open neck style and sat well on the teen's shoulders.

"So what brings you to my house puppy?" John asked.

"Cops. Some of the kids were in the gazebo so they showed up today, I ran and found your windmill" Sandy said between mouthfuls.

"Hmmm, I'm going to be lectured for encouraging you guys again" John lamented. "You'd best stay here for a while, she'll have them on patrol now, couple of days at least".

Sandy sat and talked to John, opening up about his life in the group homes and how he'd come to be here, leaving out some key details, such as the Gerry thing. He felt good talking and John listened, he struck Sandy as one of the few adults he knew who would just sit and listen. As bedtime approached John got him a blanket and pillow.

"I don't have a guest room setup, I hope you don't mind sharing with the dogs" John said pointing to the basement. "I'm sure Peach would share her bed with you, but Mango not likely".

"I'd share your bed" Sandy offered.

He shrugged, at least he was indoors, and moved toward the stairs. John pulled him back, grabbing onto this sweater.

"Take the couch, silly puppy, you really thought I'd put you in with the dogs" the man said chuckling.

Sandy bedded in for the night, John tucked him in and gave him a little kiss on the forehead.

The next morning Sandy woke when the blinds automatically opened allowing the morning sun to blast in. He tried in vane to block out the light with the blanket. Finally getting up he sought the bathroom. John woke to find him sitting in the kitchen.

"Hungry again?"

"Couldn't sleep, sun's too bright" he lamented.

"Oh the computer opens the blinds to heat the room up, I'll change the program to have it wait til later," John advised.

John put some coffee on and prepared breakfast. Sandy got a plate of two pieces of toast with slices of banana in between.

"Banana sandwich?" The boy asked.

"Best thing for a growing puppy" John advised.

When John left with the dogs for their morning walk, Sandy took the opportunity to explore the house. He found his now dry clothes in the laundry room. The basement seemed to lack a party room or dungeon. The main floor consisted of the large living room with the wood stove. The bay windows that had been exposed so much earlier did give a fantastic view of the ocean and beach below. The kitchen was in the back of the house with two bedrooms, one functional the other an office. The office was a complete mess, books and papers everywhere. Sandy noted that they seemed to be in different languages as well. There was a typical computer and a wall of books on the far side of the large room.

"Kids are all gone," John reported, "and they took all the stuff" meaning the cops.

Sandy wasn't that upset, he'd have to head back to the city anyway, once John got bored with him.

John spent the bulk of his day in the office. Sandy couldn't find a TV in the place and so sat around until John emerged from his work. Making fresh coffee Sandy accosted him.

"You have a book or something I could read?"

John returned to his office and produced a book about espionage. Sandy spent the day reading about various tales of how information was gathered, disinformation spread and the truth finally revealed. The one he liked the most was a World War 2 tale about `the man who never was'.

"So they made this guy up totally and they bought the whole fake plan?" Sandy sought from John.

"Well it was information that made sense, it was believable and so it couldn't be dismissed. Who's to say they didn't have misgivings but it did cause the Germans to spend resources on the fake army," John explained.

"But the allies spent time creating the fake army, sending fake messages" Sandy countered.

"Ah smart puppy, yes indeed but that's what it's all about, information and deception"

"So what do you do, with all those books and papers?" Sandy enquired.

"I filter the information. I take all of it in and look for patterns, then I write reports on what I see. I'm good at seeing things other people don't'" John explained.

"Like what?"

"Well like seemingly random events, people traveling, are they all going someplace? Meeting someone else?" John explained "Why is there suddenly a shortage of a certain metal? Bad logistics? Someone need it for something they don't want to make public?"

"Simple example, I saw all the kids were gone today, I also saw a higher than normal police presence. Are the two connected, if so how? We already know that answer," John continued.

Sandy nodding he got it now " You know what information to make up too, confuse things"

"Smart puppy" John complimented, patting Sandy on the head.

"Who do you give the information too?" The teen quizzed.

"Who ever needs its" John said as he returned to his office.

The next couple of days John was in his office alot, he always walked the dogs though and he had Sandy come along as well. On Friday morning John was busy pounding on computer keyboard, he had Sandy bringing in coffee.

"Puppy, take the dogs for their walk" John asked.

"Me? Alone?" the boy wasn't sure about it.

"Sure you'll be fine, they walk themselves really" John suggested.

Sandy went to the basement and got the animals.

The dogs knew what time it was and bolted upstairs, once outside they trotted off ahead as always. Sandy worried about them getting to far away but they always seem to come running back to him. John was right they knew where the turnaround point was by themselves and pretty much walked him home.

Arriving at the house Sandy put the beasts in the basement and found another banana sandwich waiting for him. Beside it was an algebra book. After eating Sandy stood by the door of the office, unsure if he could interrupt.

"Yes puppy" John said without looking over.

"This math book, why did you leave it out?"

"So you can learn, read it, do the work. Exercise your brain, now that you've exercised your body" John advised.

"I'm not like you, I use my body to make money" Sandy explained.

"Your ass won't be so cute when you're 40" John jibed.

`Ok I'll look at the book, do a bit to make him happy' Sandy thought.

It was almost 7PM when John emerged from his busy day,

"All done," he announced, "What do you want to do for dinner?"

Sandy shrugged.

"There's a nice seafood place down the coast, lets go" John said leaving immediately. Sandy had to hurry to catch him backing the hummvee up for departure.

The boy was a bit unhappy with the fine restaurant. He got to sample lots of different type of seafood, but he was nervous about which utensil to use.

"Do I use the fork on this?" He asked.

"Doesn't matter, what ever you like" John advised, "watch what I do, what others are doing and if you use the wrong thing they still won't kick us out."

Sandy was relaxed for the rest of the evening. He was even a bit content, although he still felt like a leech, he wasn't really doing anything for John.

Once home John got himself a nice cognac and relaxed in front of the stove. Sandy arrived and knelt in front of the man. He slipped his socks off and began a gentle foot rubbing.

"Puppy, you're good at that," John moaned.

"I'm good at a lot of things" Sandy replied.

The boy put his face near the man's glass, sniffing the drink. John allowed him a sip.

"That's awful!" The puppy said wrinkling his nose.

John chuckled, "When you've finished the other foot, I'll get you something more mellow"

John returned with a brown liquid for his guest, the boy sniffed then sampled. He then chugged.

"Hold on, it's meant to be sipped" John explained.

Sandy lay on the couch, his head in the man's lap. John was stroking his face and hair. The teen liked it gentle and relaxing. He had finished 5 little glasses of the baileys and felt a nice buzz.

"More?" John asked.

"No, I get all tipsy when I'm up around 3 beers" Sandy explained.

"You've got about the same as a six pack worth of beer in you now" John advised.

"Last time I had 3 I was all numb" Sandy said surprised by his lucidity.

"Are you sure all you had was beer?" John asked, "Mixing different types of alcohol and other stuff can have strange results."

Sandy shrugged, knowing that maybe that's what had happened.

As John prepared him self for bed, Sandy decided to forego his usual temporary bedding and went to John's room. As he entered he caught John naked, neither turned away. Sandy was surprised at how fit the man actually was, he had a well defined hairy chest, large biceps and a bit of a tummy but certainly not as overweight as Sandy had assumed.

"What can I do for you puppy?" The man asked as he got into bed.

"I'm going to sleep with you" Sandy announced as he undressed.

"I'd rather you not, you've been drinking and are likely to do something you wouldn't normally. Then you'd be all upset tomorrow and want to leave. That would make me sad." John explained.

"Really?" Sandy said sarcastically as he stood fully naked. He could tell John was examining him, although he did get a bath from the man on his arrival this was the first time he'd been exposed since.

"You don't need a genius to come to that conclusion." The man noted.

Ignoring John's statement Sandy pulled the blanket down and got in with him. He knew he was a bit impaired but felt far more in control of himself than that night with Gerry. He wanted so much to be close to this man. Sandy felt that John accepted him for who he was, he just hoped that John wanted him in the same way.

The man looked over at the teen invader, "Stay on your own side".

Sandy put his back right up against John's. It felt strange his bare ass against the man's.

Sandy woke to the sound of the automatic blinds opening slightly to allow natural light to warm the room. John continued to sleep through it. He was on his back as the boy rolled onto the man's side. Sandy put one arm over the pillow and the other on the muscular chest. Gently he moved his fingers through the man's chest hair. John woke and moved his arm from under the boy, to his soft back and began some stroking of his own. The two lay silently caressing each other, Sandy couldn't remember feeling so comfortable with a man before, he wondered if this is what it felt like to be in love.

He touched the man's rough face, he'd always gotten up after John and was used to seeing him after he shaved. Sandy moved his hand down under the covers and found a semi rigid penis. He gently began to stroke it, without objection. He was afraid he might ruin things between them if John didn't want this kind of attention but Sandy figured he'd read the signals correctly. The boy nestled his head on the man's shoulder, gently kissing and licking his neck. The man was fully aroused, his back stroking more aggressive. Sandy could feel his butt cheeks being squeezed.

"Wait" the man said as the teen went to dive under the covers. "You don't have to do that, I'll let you stay here as long as you want".

"I want to do it" Sandy replied as he moved up to the man's face.


With his nose touching the man's Sandy whispered, "Cuz I love you", then shut his eyes fearing it was the wrong thing to say. The seconds of silence were agonizing until the man replied,

"I love you too puppy" and kissed the boy.

Sandy returned the kiss passionately and then dove under the blanket undaunted. He found the erect member and gently licked it. He wanted to be slow and ensure that John wouldn't soon forget this. The penis wasn't much longer than his own, but it was thicker. Slightly more than average Sandy thought, but far from the bigger one's he'd dealt with. Now sucking on the head, he got the moaning reactions he'd expected. The man pulled the blanket off so that he could watch the magician at work. Sandy plunged down the entire length and then up again, repeating it several times slowly. As the man neared his climax the teen backed off waiting for the eruption. He was able to hold him off for longer than he expected but cum he did. A gusher of warm fluid filled Sandy's mouth, he gulped it down, taking the spurts as they came. He finished up with a gentle lick down causing the man to make noises like he was being tortured rather than pleasured.

Finally done Sandy rested his head on the man's chest, the spent member rubbing against his soft belly. The boy was disappointed not to hear the typical compliments that normally followed. The man's fingers running slowly through his hair spoke more about feelings than words ever could.

John moved to get up and took Sandy by the hand to the bathroom. He emptied his bladder into the toilet, the boy stood beside him and did the same. Sandy felt the man grip his pissing dick and aim it for him, as clearly he'd spent more time looking at the man's penis than aiming his own given the urine on the back of the toilet.

The man wordlessly led the boy into the shower. The warm water was welcome on the teen's flesh. He took some water into his mouth to rinse out. He felt John reach around from behind him and grip his firming dick, the other went between his legs and squeezed his balls. He pumped the teen ever so slowly. The boy put his head back as the man kissed and licked his shoulders as well as his neck. Sandy was close. Instead of increasing the pace to bring things to an end the man slowed down. Sandy was really close. The boy felt a thumb move up against his hole, it rubbed around and pushed in slightly. Before the teen could object, he erupted in orgasm. High pitched grunts announced the boy's pleasure and when it was over he turned and embraced his man.

To be continued.