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Stray puppy: Chapter Nine.

Peach and Sandy played in the living room. The boy was petting the dog and throwing a toy for her to fetch.

"Sit Peach, sit, lay down" Sandy ordered but the dog did not comply.

John entered and watched them for a minute. Things had been quiet between them since the encounter this morning. Sandy wasn't quite sure where things stood now that the sex was out of the way, he hoped desperately that things said would be honoured.

"Stand when you give her an order" John explained, "speak clearly and try to deepen your voice a bit"

Sandy gave him a smirk with the last comment.

"Peach. Sit. Sit" Still the dog ignored him.

"Speak sharply like you're angry with her," John continued training his boy.

"Peach! Sit!" The dog snapped into an attentive sitting position.

"Lay down!" The dog complied and the boy smiled.

"Now Mango has always been a one man dog, don't get too upset if he doesn't take orders from you right away" John advised. "Go play with them outside and then we'll go to town get you some new clothes, now that we're married and all".

Sandy left giving a quirky smile, he wasn't sure what that meant, but he hoped that John didn't think he owned him now. He wanted what happened but he didn't want his relationship with John to change.

Sandy played fetch with the dogs, all of them burning off pent up energy. Sandy was a bit frustrated with Mango, who wouldn't bring the toy back to him, the dog would walk around, eventually dropping it.

John drove into the village and took his boy shopping. Sandy was busy picking out clothes that suited him. John made suggestions along the way.

"Maybe get some underwear, and you'll need boots for the winter"

Sandy was a bit embarrassed at everything he bought, it was more than he'd gotten even at the group home and this stuff was all designer wear. Sandy followed John to the barber where both got their hair cut. Sandy was thankful that John refrained from any input on how it should be done.

Their last stop was at a gift shop where John led the boy over to the jewelry counter.

"That one, with the three blue sapphires on the necklace" John pointed out.

"Yeah" Sandy saw it.

"Would you wear it?" John asked.

"It's like five hundred bucks!" Sandy snorted. "How much are going to spend on me today?"

"There's no point in buying it if you won't wear it" John explained.

"What if I loose it" Sandy worried.

John asked the clerk to get it out and he put it on Sandy. It went around his neck perfectly a nice tight ring with the stones centered at his throat. Enough slack to make it comfortable but not enough to be loose and likely to fall off.

Leaving the store Sandy touched the necklace, he wasn't used to wearing one,

"Nicest puppy collar anyone's ever bought me" he said jovially, "guess we really are married".

November had gone by like a blur. Sandy had settled into his idyllic life with John. They walked the dogs together most mornings and had taken to holding hands on the deserted beach. Peach had become his dog, she sought his attention while as expected Mango wasn't so easily won over.

Sandy noticed an increase in the high school books contained in John's library. The man would not so subtly leave them on the kitchen table for Sandy to find. He never directed the boy to use them but was always very helpful when Sandy had questions. There were no discussions about school but Sandy had come to accept that he needed some form of education. Sandy had come to understand John, his routines, habits and quirks and he was no longer surprised by his vast knowledge of almost anything.

Sandy assisted wherever he could with the house hold duties, he helped with cooking, cleaning and laundry. For the first time in his life he felt wanted. John was searching for the storage area for a box that he needed before he could leave on a business trip. Sandy was attempting to assist, moving boxes around and the like. He came across a rifle. Picking it up he showed it to John.

"What kind of gun is this?" He asked a bit surprised to find it.

"That sir is an AK47" John advised.

"Does it work?"

"With a good cleaning probably, hasn't been fired in years though" John said continuing his search.

"Can we do it? Make it work?" Sandy asked excitedly.

"Sure that would be a great idea, you can time how long it takes for the old ladies to call the cops in when I start firing that thing off" John chuckled

"Tell them you're hunting" The teen offered.

"No one will believe I'm hunting with a combat weapon" John advised "if you really want to learn to shoot, we'll talk about an air pistol for Christmas."

"Why can't I come with you on your trip?" Sandy asked changing topics.

"You'd be so bored, just waiting around for me to get out of meetings," John explained.

"I don't know if I want to be here alone," Sandy pouted.

"It's only two nights and you'll have Peach to keep you company" John found his box and went upstairs.

"What if anyone comes around?" Sandy said in pursuit.

"Mango will deal with any intruders," John advised. "If you want I could have the guy that I'd normally have feed the dogs, come by to check on you?"

"It's ok, I won't burn the house down" Sandy said disappointedly.

"Well, the house is made of non flammables and has a fire retardant system, so burning it down would be next to impossible but I appreciate the thought" John said lightheartedly.

That evening Sandy approached John for a love making session. As a teenager Sandy required a lot of sexual stimulation and so John never had to ask for it. Sandy began providing his man with oral service right on the couch. He liked doing it for him. It gave him satisfaction to be able to please John and gave him a bit of power in the relationship. For this moment he was in charge, John the passive partner at the mercy of the boy's whims. Sandy took his duty seriously he learned what John liked and found some new things on the Internet he could do. The man particularly liked it when he'd run his tongue under the scrotum.

What he got in return had remained pretty much unchanged from the first time in the shower. Sandy enjoyed how his man stroked and touched his cock bringing him to orgasm, sometimes two or even three in row. John had continued to insert his thumb into the teen's hole, a little deeper each time. Once he got it in deep enough to massage the boy's prostate, Sandy's orgasms got exponentially better to the point where the boy not only welcomed the thumb, he wanted it.

Now that Sandy was used to having the digit fully inserted John had been leaving it in longer after ejaculation. He wasn't stupid, he knew where this was leading. John wanted to put something much bigger than a thumb in his anus. He knew he would give it up at some point but John had yet to suggest it. Sandy had been thinking about it though and reading on the Internet as to how he could prepare himself with stretching exercises and learning about positions. He wanted this for them, he saw it as the consummation of their `marriage'. Somehow though he figured that he would have to be the one to initiate it.

"I'll be back on Tuesday for dinner" John advised as Sandy stood by the Hummvee, looking rather forlorn. "I'll call you when I get the chance"

"What if something happens to you?" Sandy asked.

"Oh good point, if I'm not back in a week the computer will self destruct so keep well away from it" John advised seriously and then began chuckling. "Don't worry puppy, I'll be back soon" The man crushed the teen into him.

"Ok" Sandy whispered before he initiated a passionate kiss.

"Right then sir, you're in command now, don't let the troops push you around" John said as he saluted and got into the truck. Sandy watched the green vehicle pull away and then stood for a few minutes staring at the empty road.

Sandy was bored, he spent a lot of time on the computer to distract himself. He had no idea how awful missing John would feel. He performed his duties, Mango wasn't a problem, it was as if the dog realized that command had been transferred. On the second night he didn't want to sleep in their bed alone so Sandy invited Peach upstairs and the dog stayed with him as he slept on the couch.

Dinner was ready. Sandy was ready. `Where the hell is he' the boy wondered. Just before 6pm his agony was ended by the return of the Hummvee. After the hugging and kissing they sat down for dinner. Idle chitchat came to an end, as Sandy served apple pie, with banana slices.

"I want you to fuck me," he blurted.

John raised an eyebrow and waited to finish his bite of pie before responding.

"Give you anal love, you mean?"

"If that's what were calling it," Sandy replied.

"That's what were calling it" John confirmed.

"Tonight" Sandy ordered.

"Are we ready for that puppy?" John quizzed.

Sandy nodded.

The teen was anxious about the event, he had committed to it, now he had to go through with it. He certainly felt less sure about it now that it was about to happen. Lying on John's chest, the typical foreplay taken care off, Sandy enjoyed the gentle stroking of his head.

"Let's play hide the sausage," He said lustily.

"There's no rush puppy" John said softly, "tonight, tomorrow morning, next week, doesn't matter".

Sandy pulled him self up to face John "I'm ready now".

"In the bathroom, under the sink you'll find a tube of lubricant and a box of condoms, you better hope they've not expired" John advised.

Sandy trotted off and returned with the supplies. "April 07" he announced.

The boy allowed the man to lube up his hole with a gentle finger pushing in while he stroked and rubberized the erection that would soon be imbedded in him. Once prepped Sandy took up position, his knees up to his chest, head down, ass up, legs apart.

"Why don't you sit on it" John suggested.

"What?" Sandy mumbled turning his head.

"That way you can control how deep it goes and take it as slowly as you want." John suggested.

Sandy rolled over and straddled John. He positioned his hole proximate to the penis and guided it with his hand. John was busy giving the boy's penis gentle stimulation, while stroking his chest and belly. Sandy eased the head into his hole, it was stretching him and it hurt. He removed it and then tried again, taking a bit more each time but after fifteen minutes he still couldn't get much in.

"You're going to have to do it" he said frustrated.

"It's fine puppy, take your time" John consoled.

"We tried it your way, now let's do it my way" The teen advised as he climbed off and assumed his original position.

John complied and got into mounting position. He re-lubed and then pressed, he got a bit of the head in and heard Sandy gasp. He replied to Sandy's urging, "Keep going" and pushed past the ring and gave the teen half his length. Sandy grunted loudly, his hands gripped the headboard.


"Yeah" Sandy whimpered

As he started slow pump Sandy made painful growls.

"I'm pulling out," John announced.

"No!" Sandy snapped, "I'm not taking this pain for nothing keep going."

John ignored him and his penis popped out.

"Why did you do that!" Sandy snapped, " It hurt so much going in" The boy was clearly upset.

"I don't want it to hurt you, that's the point," John explained.

"Lube up go again" the boy ordered, "I'm not giving up on this"

The man complied but this time pushed all the way in with one smooth stroke. The boy whipped his head back, growling

"Breathe puppy, just relax" John whispered.

"I can do this, I've done it before" Sandy said more to himself than John.

The man began pumping slowly, gaining speed as the amount of noise the boy was making subsided. Growling had become throaty grunts. Soon John was at a good enough speed to reach full arousal. John could tell that Sandy noticed the increase in his erection. The boy was busy stroking his own cock toward some relief. John maintained a good pace while allowing his boy to bring himself close to a climax. Suddenly Sandy's anus tightened his mind and body exploded in a spasmodic orgasm the likes that he'd never thought possible. Sandy lost control and felt a numb warm feeling flow through his body, as if the orgasm would last forever. Regaining his senses he realized that John had stopped, hopefully having satisfied himself. The man was lying still on top of him, both bodies covered in sweat. As the man's probe began to soften, Sand wriggled himself off of it and rolled out onto his back. He felt John's hand gently stroke his spent teenage member.

"So you want to do that again?" The man asked.

Sandy looked over pausing before saying "Yeah but not tonight".

John got up and assisted his boy into the bathroom, where both enjoyed a bath together reposing in the afterglow of their union.

Stray puppy: Chapter Ten.


Over the next three weeks they played their `hide the sausage' game 8 times. By the fourth time the insertion pain was minimal by the seventh Sandy felt nothing but pleasure. He liked having sex this way, they were both satisfied at the same time, not in separate events. Having said that Sandy required more daily attention but didn't feel that he should take care of it himself.

"You're the only teenager that doesn't have to jerk himself off," John advised as he pleased his boy in the shower. It ended in a grunting eruption of sticky teenage fluids.

Sandy ran the dogs, dressed now in his winter Jacket and Vancouver Canucks toque. He was happy, he felt like he could live this way forever. The teen was most comfortable with the way that John took care of him, without making him feel subordinate. He also liked the passion they had for each other, never had he wanted to please a man so much. He loved him and more over he trusted him.

Sandy woke late on Saturday, the wind howling threatening to make it a white Christmas. He laid thinking about last night's powerful orgasm. They just seemed to get better every time. Reluctantly he crawled from the warm bed and trotted off for the bathroom. As he entered the hallway he almost collided with the other boy. Other boy!

He was small kid, 10, 12, with brown hair darker than his own. Skinny with a short haircut exaggerating his jutting ears. The younger boy was wearing a red, green and white Christmas sweater while Sandy suddenly released that he was wearing nothing.

"Hi" was all he could think to say, as he pushed past into the bathroom. `Who this hell is that!' he thought as he emptied his bladder. `neighbours kids or something' Sandy concluded. He found his clothes and stopped at the doorway to the living room where he heard several voices.

He stood at the doorframe, John was sitting on the couch, a woman around 30 sat in the big armchair and the young boy was sitting at Sandy's desk. John had setup a stainless steel desk for him to use instead of the kitchen table. The boy was rotating playfully in Sandy's executive style office chair.

"Here's my stray puppy now" John announced as he motioned for Sandy to sit beside him. When he did John took his hand and held it. "This is my sister in law Cathy and her son Jesse"

"Hi" Sandy said softly. Holding John's hand tightly. `Relatives, great'.

After a short chitchat Jesse was clearly bored with his chair spinning.

"Uncle Andy, can I go see Peach and Mango now?" The boy asked.

`Uncle Andy!' Sandy thought.

"You'll get dog hair all over your sweater" his mother chimed in.

The boy pulled it off to reveal his plain white T-shirt and made for the stairs, pausing for approval.

"Be careful those are big dogs," The mother said sternly. "I don't know why you keep those things," She added to John.

"Sandy will go with you" John suggested.

"Sure, Andy" Sandy said as he looked right at the man.

He followed the younger boy down to see the dogs, happy to be out of the spotlight. Jesse went straight for Peach and the dog allowed the boy to climb all over her.

"So how old are you?" Sandy asked for conversation.

"12" The boy chirped, "You have a big dick" the boy added in the blunt manner that only a child could.

Taken aback Sandy realized that it was perhaps the first time the boy had seen a naked teenager,

"It's not that big, yours will grow when you get older" He reassured.


"You always sleep naked?" The boy continued.


"You sleep in Uncle Andy's bed?" He asked.

"Yeah" Sandy said flatly tiring of the questions "lets go upstairs and get something to eat".

As Sandy ate his brunch, finally free from his interrogator John walked in.

"You could have warned me," Sandy suggested.

"I wasn't sure when or if they'd show, Cathy isn't all that reliable" John explained.

"Your nephew's figured out I sleep with you" Sandy warned.

"He's going to be staying with us over Christmas" John announced.

"Great, so I guess I should call you uncle Andy now?" He asked.

"You don't like the name you gave me?" The man asked.

"It was all I could thing of and won't Jesse be confused?"

"You mean Tangerine? He calls me Banana when his mother's not around" John advised.

"Ok this is getting crazy!" The teen complained.

As Sandy cleaned up the kitchen, Cathy cornered him alone.

"So, what's your story?" She asked aggressively.

Sandy wanted to run, instead he shrugged, and said, "Andy's been really nice to me"

"I bet he has, you should be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of a lonely old man," Cathy advised as she flicked his necklace.

`Back off bitch' he wanted to say but just remained silent.

"You know you're not the first boy he's had here, the last one stole from him when he took off, broke Andy's heart" The woman continued.

Sandy was upset, he'd never considered the possibility of a predecessor.

"You must realize that he doesn't live in our world. He's been up here alone in this science project of a house ever since he got out of the mental hospital. It's kept him out of trouble so far."

`Mental hospital what was the woman on about?' Sandy thought.

"But he has a job" Sandy blurted not fully understanding.

"He doesn't have a job! He's inherited family money he doesn't need to work. Andrew reads his books to keep his mind occupied. Oh sure he's a genius alright but he's still a little nuts." Cathy explained.

Sandy was stunned by the new information.

"Listen. I don't want you around my son, I expect you'll be gone long before the time I come back to get him."

Her ultimatum was interrupted when Andy arrived. The woman made chitchat and then indicated that she was about to leave, thanking him for everything. Left to his own thoughts, Sandy was re-evaluating his situation.

He was interrupted when the buoyant Jesse appeared.

"Want to watch a movie?" He asked.

"In town? Which one?" Sandy asked.

"No on the TV" Jesse replied

"There's a TV here!" Sandy was shocked.

He followed the younger boy into the living room. Jesse pressed buttons on the wall, that controlled the blinds and lights also lifted a panel in the wall to reveal a flat screen TV.

"What else don't I know," Sandy mumbled.

Sandy retired to their bed and once Jesse had been bedded down on the couch, Andy joined him.

"You've been quiet"

"Yeah, I wasn't ready for all this" Sandy explained.

"Sorry puppy. You'll like Jesse" the man advised.

"Have you ever lied to me?" Sandy blurted.

"Never" the man said rolling over to face his love.

"But sometimes you don't tell me the whole story"

"I tell you the important stuff, what you need to know," He explained as he stroked the teen's head.

"Was there a boy before me?" Sandy asked.

"I'm 46, there were many before you. You're 15 there will be any after me." Andy said softly. "At some point you'll want someone closer to your own age, right now you need someone to take care of you and love you. I can do that". The man cuddled in with his boy "You don't really want to here about my other boys?"

"No" Sandy replied.

While Andy slept Sandy was thinking, what Cathy had said was true and it was time for him to move on. He got the feeling that there was more about Andy that he didn't know. When he heard Andy in the shower the next morning he got up, stuffed some clothes in his bag and grabbed the little bit of money had.

"Where you going Sandy?" Jesse asked.

"You're up early" He hadn't accounted for the boy, "out for a walk."

Without a plan other than returning to Victoria Sandy went out the door.

He got about 10 minutes away just starting down the bluff when he looked back to see the house one last time. Appearing above the grass were a pair of Doberman ears, milliseconds later the rest of the dog bounded into view. By the way the animal moved Sandy knew it was Mango. There was no point in running.

Mango was on him barking loudly and Sandy tried to command the dog in his sternest voice, without success. The dog became silent when his master arrived.

"Mango sit!" Andy said as he strode up. "There's no need to take your laundry to town" he said sarcastically to Sandy.

"So you sick the fucking dog on me? I'm surprised you didn't send both of them!" Sandy snapped.

"Peach would likely have gone with you. Where are you going exactly?" Andy was clearly upset.

"I didn't want to get between you and Jesse, it was getting kind a boring here anyway" Sandy retorted.

"You think I went to all this effort to make you comfortable here just to throw you out when my nephew comes for visit?" Andy snapped. "You're not that stupid, what's the real reason?"

Sandy didn't respond.

"Cathy said something to you. Well you can disregard anything she said. Her only concern is getting access to my money through the pederastic bondage of her son" Andy advised.

"Maybe just once you could talk so that I can understand you!" Sandy snapped.

"She expects me to write her a cheque every time she drops the kid off, car repairs, behind on her rent, Jesse needs new skates whatever the excuse. She sees you as a threat to that money train. Cathy didn't drop Jesse off here because she thought I'd be lonely at Christmas or for Jesse to get some man time, she had something else to do and needed a place to dump him." Andy explained.

Sandy nodded.

"So what's all this talk about love mean if you're going to run off at first bit of adversity?" Andy continued "If you want to leave come see me man to man"

He began walking back to the house when Sandy blurted, "You don't own me"

"No it's worse than that, I need you" Andy said before continuing.

Sandy stood for a moment and then followed him.

The rest of the day Sandy hung out with Jesse, he felt bad about trying to run out on Andy, it was stupid. Let the bitch try and unseat him from his comfortable life. Yeah it wasn't exciting but it was safe.

"My mom says you're a dirty whore," Jesse advised.

"Oh? What other nice things did she say about me?" He asked calmly.

"You're going to steal my Uncle" Jesse reported.

"You think so?" Sandy didn't care, all that mattered was that Andy loved him.

"No, you can be like my older brother, I had an older brother once, til my mom messed it up" Jesse said casually. "He was her boyfriend's kid"

The next few days were exciting for the boys, Jesse got his older brother and Sandy liked him. He was spontaneous, energetic and got up way too early. Rather than being woken by a morning pleasure session or the sunlight, Sandy had to deal with his playmate. They enjoyed wrestling tickling and all sorts of aggressive play. They walked the dogs together, well ran them really.

A tickle fight had ensued in the living room, Sandy pinned Jesse down and worked him over. Andy entered.

"Don't hold him down like that," He ordered calmly.

"What? we're just playing" Sandy protested.

"Well play with out holding him so that he can't move" Andy explained.

Sandy got up, "I have a younger brother you know," He snorted.

"You told me and I'm glad that Jesse can be that for you again, but just be mindful of how strong you are" Andy continued as Jesse moved in for another attack.

"Enough" the man ordered with a pointed finger. Jesse knew playtime was over.

"Jesse will do this all day long, if you let him" Andy explained "You're his aunt now, you know puppy".

"I'm nobody's aunt!" Sandy advised slightly insulted, "junior uncle maybe".

"Dinner's almost ready" Andy finished the conversation.

To be continued