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Stray puppy: Chapter Eleven.

"Auntie Sandy" Jesse had taken to calling him when he wanted to be cheeky. "It's time to go!"

Having just finished breakfast he wasn't really in a hurry but his young charge was. Andy had given him some money and instructions to take the boy to the village so that he could by his uncle a Christmas present.

It took them forty five minutes to walk along the beach, it was cold but the sun was bright. Arriving at the gift shop the younger boy darted around looking high and low, upsetting the clerk. After ages of indecision the clerk suggested that She could put a digital picture on a mug for him. So the two posed and then waited for the image to be burned. One mug had a picture of Jesse and another of Sandy on the other side. The second mug was a picture of the two of them in a serious pose, the other side was a goofy shot. With the space available on the mug, all that they could get was their faces. Jesse had suggested bare ass pictures but the clerk wasn't amused. Arriving home they put their wrapped present under the tree and got ready for dinner.

That night Sandy stripped down and got into bed, cuddling in to his man he asked

"Have you ever done anything with Jesse?"



"I like fresh fruit, I'm not so big on unripe fruit." Andy answered in usually cryptic fashion.

"Let's hide the sausage," Sandy said as he rolled onto his front. They hadn't done it since he attempted to run away.

"You'll have to keep it quiet, I don't want Jesse to wonder what's going on" Andy advised. "Let try a different position," he suggested.


"On your back, knees up" The man informed.

After being lubed Sandy rolled over as Andy positioned himself with the boys' feet at his shoulders.

"This way I can see your beautiful face" Andy advised.

"What's this called the pretzel?" Sandy chuckled.

"Give me a pillow," the man asked and placed it to support Sandy's back.

As he slowly inserted, Sandy closed his eyes groaning as the full thickness was accepted.

"Comfortable?" The man asked.

Getting a nod in reply he began to pump. Sandy wasn't sure he liked it this way. It put more strain on his back and while he liked seeing Andy's face he didn't appreciate having to control is already heavy breathing with another tongue in his mouth. Eventually Sandy had his orgasm, blasting fluid on to Andy. The man wasn't far behind and finished with a few hard strokes.

Sandy struggled to get his legs down and untangle himself from Andy. The boy laying beside him Andy asked,

"How was that?"

"I like it better the other way, that killed my back." Sandy advised.

The man got up and straddled his teen, pushing his fingers into the lower back. Moaning Sandy said,

"Yeah that's the spot"

Christmas wasn't a happy time for Sandy, his mother was usually drunk, presents were sporadic and useless for the most part. His group home days were at least organized with food and functional gifts.

Sandy woke with a twelve year old crashing on top of him.

"Get up, get up, get up!" Jesse ordered, shaking his shoulders.

"Go away" The teen snapped and rolled over.

"Uncle Andy said I can't open any presents until you get up!" Jesse protested.

Sandy relented and got up. Pulling some clothes on he stumbled out into the living room with his tormentor in close attendance. As Andy started dishing out presents the boy shredded the wrapping on each to examine them in turn.

Once his mother's gifts were gone, the next was from Uncle Andy. The boy tore open a package and found a pair of safety goggles. The boy jumped up and hugged his Uncle close. Sandy didn't understand what was so exciting. The boy remained longer than a brief hug and Sandy could see that they were cuddling. The boy was content with his head on his uncle's shoulder, a hand gently rubbing his back. Sandy felt a twinge of jealousy and was instantly mad at myself for it.

Jesse untangled himself and opened the next present, it was an air pistol, complete with all the extras. Jesse was very happy.

Andy opened his present and was quite happy with the results of their photographic mug.

"Now I can see your smiling faces everyday", he advised.

Sandy got some presents as well, more clothes mostly and a book, `the joy of gay sex' which he hid between the clothes lest Jesse see it and gave Andy an incredulous look.

"Cadet Sergeant Symthe take this civilian outside and demonstrate the safe use of this weapon," Andy ordered.

"Yes Sir" Jesse said standing erect.

He opened the package and assembled the air gun, handing the goggles that came in that box to Sandy and putting on the ones Andy gave him separately.

Sandy was amazed at what a good shot Jesse was, clearly he'd been instructed. Before handing the weapon over to the older boy Jesse provided a safety lecture.

In the afternoon Andy kept Sandy busy assisting with cooking. There was Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, salad and bananas. Well it was Christmas at Andy's and what would apple pie be without bananas.

They ate, and ate and ate some more. After dinner Sandy lay on the couch, unable to move he was so stuffed. Andy came around with mugs of hot chocolate. Sandy sipped his, it was at least half baileys. The first alcohol they'd had since Jesse arrived. Sandy was appreciative of it and wondered if Jesse got any, perhaps a little to put the firecracker out for the night. Sandy was worried about the return of Jesse's mother. At least she didn't show up for Christmas dinner but it wouldn't be long before She'd be here.

That night they all went to bed early. Jesse had his own Christmas present in mind for Andy. Stroking him into arousal the teen then plunged the member down his throat doing all the things that Andy liked. Moving down to lick the bottom of his scrotum, he then licked the area between his legs. The man was enjoying it. Sandy pushed Andy onto his side and ran his tongue up into his ass crack, finding his hole. The teen lashed it with his tongue pressing and licking giving his man fits of pleasure.

Sandy rested his head on the man's thigh.

"What did I do to deserve that!" Andy asked.

"Give me ten minutes and I'll do it again" Sandy responded.

The next few days were quiet. Sandy hung out with Jesse the pair spending a lot of time meandering in the woods. It made Sandy wonder if Andy was Jealous of him spending all his time with the younger boy. On returning to the house he found his man in the kitchen. He hugged him from behind and kissed the back of his neck.

"I love you" Sandy whispered.

"That was a great rim job you gave me last night, you were holding out on me puppy" Andy replied.

"You want one right now?" The teen asked, fumbling with the man's belt.

"Right here in the kitchen? I couldn't imagine what Jesse might think," Andy said chuckling.

"Well you let me know what you want one" Sandy said as he released his man.

The next day she arrived like a cold wind, even Jesse wasn't thrilled. When she saw that Sandy was still there her eyes attempted to burn holes in him. Jesse prattling on about how great it was to hang out with the teen wasn't helping her mood.

Jesse clung to his uncle in the waning part of their visit and Sandy kept himself in close attendance, he really didn't want to face the woman alone. It was inevitable though she got him in the hallway, when Andy was in the bathroom and Jesse had been sent to the car with his bags.

"So Jason you enjoy your Christmas" She asked smugly.

"Yeah it was good" He said sheepishly and then realized what she'd just called him, `holy crap she knows my name!'

"Yes I know who you are Jason Collier, and I know your wanted for murder" Cathy advised reading his face. "I thought I recognized you but I didn't put it together right away".

Jason was panicked his pretense was ripped away. He felt like he was going to be sick and used the wall to stop himself from collapsing. His mind was spinning, his comfortable life ripped away like a blanket on a cold morning.

"The cops are already on their way, I wonder what Andrew will think of his precious puppy when you're led away in handcuffs" She said with a wicked laugh.

Jason bolted to the office, he knew where Andy kept his cash. He grabbed the money and then left his necklace in its place. He wasn't a thief. The teen jammed a few clothes into his bag and raced out like the wind. Sprinting down the beach he glanced behind to find that no dogs were in pursuit.

Arriving at the village he caught his breath, looking around for cops. Not seeing any he counted the money he had, five hundred forty dollars from what he took and the little bit he had. There was no way Jason could wait for the bus here, it was far too obvious a place for them to look. He found a taxi and had the driver take him to the larger town to the south.

He bought a bus ticket and waited in the coffee shop nearby. It was a good vantage point, he could see any cops that might turn up. It would be over an hour before the bus would arrive, an eternity to the teen. His mind was fraught with plans. He could go back to Vic's make some more money and see what he might do from there. No, that was too damn close, he had to go further, a lot further. He could cross into the states, no too much security at the border, to risky. He could head for Calgary, surely he could hustle there. Why stop there, he could go to Toronto that would be an easy place to get lost. Get off this fucking island first, he thought. What an idiot runaway to an island, now I have to take the ferry. He could try to pay some boat owner to take him but that would look pretty suspicious.

He got off the bus in Victoria late in the day. Jason had half a mind to squat for the night but he knew that moving fast was his only option. Get to Vancouver and keep going. He bought a ticket for the ferry and waited in the port office. As the ship nestled into is mooring Jason was safe, he was on his way. Standing in line he moved closer to the entry. A young man came up to Jason and grabbed him by the arm before he realized what was happening another man grabbed him and they pushed him to the ground.

"RCMP you're under arrested" They shouted in his ear.

Jason was handcuffed and then taken to the local detachment for processing. The next day he was taken under escort back to Vancouver where he was formally charged and placed in detention.

Chapter Twelve.

Being processed wasn't pleasant. The large detention center was foreboding and impersonal. He wasn't aware of what would happen next, as they led him down hallways through secure doors. The guard jerked him left, right, forward, halt. Finally he was released from the metal cuffs.

"Take out everything in your pockets all personal items, watches, jewelry and piercings. Put them in this box" The guard ordered motioning to a tray.

"Take off your clothes one piece at a time and place them on the table" The orders continued.

Jason complied.

"Underwear too kid" The man commanded.

Now naked the man instructed him, "Stand against the wall put your feet in the yellow boxes and then your hands on the red boxes on the wall"

Jason took the position, which caused him to lean forward. He wasn't happy about being naked in front of the three men in attendance. He wasn't sure if the man with the rubber gloves was enjoying running has hands over Jason's body or if he was enjoying the fact that it made the boy uncomfortable. The final indignity was when the man inserted a finger in his hole. It didn't hurt but it was an unwelcome intrusion. Jason was given rough orange prison clothes to wear and walked to his cell.

He was alone in the small box, which also served as a washroom. There were other cells on the range all containing boys his age or slightly older. Jason sat on his bed bored and sad. The recent events caused him so much stress that he just started crying. What a complete fuck up his life was, he wanted love and when he finally found it he lost it.

It was a couple of days before his court appointed lawyer arrived. A middle aged man carrying a large briefcase.

"Ok, Jason you've been charged with Accessory to first degree murder, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest" The man advised.

"I didn't resist" Jason protested.

"Oh don't worry they always throw stuff in to bargain away later. Now I've read the police reports the crowns statement of fact and your statements." The man said flipping through several pages.

"Now the crux of the matter is the murder charge, what I'd like to do it plead out to the other stuff if they drop that one" He continued

"I didn't kill him," Jason advised.

"The charge is obsessively for being a party to murder, helping assisting, providing access. The theory that the crown will likely go with is that you set the victim up, you opened door you distracted the victim etc." The lawyer explained. "They'll use the fact than you fled and didn't report the murder against you. If you were an innocent why were you yourself spared, why did you not report why did you flee, etc."

"Now what they really want are the shooters. In your statement you say that you didn't see anything." The man reported, "You don't have any descriptions names suspects anything that we can trade?"

"I didn't see anything, I was in the bathroom!" Jason sobbed.

"I believe you Jason" The lawyer consoled. "Now the crown wants this transferred to adult court but if you agree I'll offer to plead guilty to obstruction if they drop everything else. You ran away you knew it was wrong you obstructed the course of justice but you were not party to murder, ok?"


"Now I'll seek a year of open custody but I'm thinking we're going to have to take a few months of closed custody followed by a year of open," The lawyer advised.

"What does that mean?" Jason asked.

"This place is closed custody, open is in a restrictive group home"

Jason nodded.

"I'm going to see the Crown at the end of January and then I'll let you know where we are, get your head around being in here for a few months, ok?"

"Ok, thanks".

Jason's life in detention was regimented boredom. Eat, exercise, sleep, repeat. They gave him schoolbooks to work on and he met with a teacher twice a week in a small class of fellow violent offenders. He eventually got a cellmate but he wasn't so friendly toward Jason.

His social worker came to visit, well it was her job after all but his first real visitors were from what seemed like the distant past. Jason walked the hallway to the visitor room. There were several round tables and other prisoners meeting with people. Sandy saw them immediately on entering. Sam came over and gave him a most welcome hug, David did the same but his was manlier.

"We were so worried about you. I was so glad when they found you but I just can't believe they charged you with murder" David began, clearly upset.

"We're going to help you out" Sam chimed in.

"Yes, you need anything money whatever. Doug and I will make sure you get a good lawyer, don't worry" David continued.

"Yeah and we'll visit you every week" Sam added.

"No don't waste your time visiting me," Jason advised, "every now and then is fine."

"Doug and Corey are going to come see you on Thursday" David informed.

"Doug and Corey!" Jason was shocked.

"Yeah Corey was very upset about you taking off, Doug was really there for him" Sam indicated.

"Doug spoke to his social worker, got signed up as an official volunteer and now he sees him every Saturday" David explained.

"I can't believe it, so is Corey gay then?" Jason asked.

"Well jury is out on him, Sam things he's gay, Doug thinks he's bi and I think he's bi until he finds a girl friend" David said.

Thursday came swiftly and indeed Doug and Corey arrived. Doug and Jason exchanged back patting hugs but Corey came around with a big hug followed by a kiss, he didn't seem to care who saw it either. Jason was taken by surprise. He noted that Corey had a growth spurt and was now only a couple of inches shorter than him self. He'd also started to fill out a bit.

"Everything ok?" Doug asked

"Yeah I'm fine" Jason replied.

"When are you getting out?" The excitable blond boy demanded.

"A few months I guess" Jason said despondently.

"You'll come stay with me when you get out" Doug indicated.

"The lawyer said I might have to go to a group home or something but yeah that would be great if we can swing it" Jason said quietly.

"This is bullshit," Corey said angrily.

"Its ok honey just relax" Doug soothed.

"Wow you've really mellowed" Jason noted.

"Yeah, Corey's had that effect on me" Doug chuckled.

Jason's new lawyer came to see him at the beginning of February.

"Well Jason, it's not good news. The Crown is pushing for a transfer to adult court, they aren't interested in a youth plea. The best they'll give us I think is five years" The lawyer reported.

"Five years!" Jason lamented

"Well I think we'll just wait until we get close to trial then once they realize that you don't have any information on the shooters then maybe we can get them to deal. I think though if we go all the way we could win this. It will be close to a year before we get to trial so if before that we get offered a deal for two or three years, it might be worth taking rather than risking seven to ten years. Call me if you need anything, I'll check in if anything changes" The lawyer advised and then left.

Jason was done. He wanted it all to end. He gave some thought as to the mechanics of hanging himself. He wasn't sure if he could actually go through with it but he thought about it.

His cellmate prattled on about girls friends and crimes he'd not been caught for and the like. It occurred to Jason that he and the boy were like Peach and Mango, brought together by circumstance but were nothing alike. He though about writing Andy but what good would that do. `See you in five years' hardly much of a relationship, no that was over, he thought.

Jason's mother came to visit, shocking him completely. She also brought her new husband.

"Looky, looky" she said holding out her cheap wedding ring. `My necklace was probably worth more' he thought.

"Billy and I are trying to get Shane back" She advised meaning his brother.

"Just leave him alone mom, he's got a new life now, don't fuck it up for him" He snapped, not caring about insulting her.

"Well your uncle Joe was in prison, straightened him right out it did" She explained

There was the typical `visit you all the time promises' and she was gone. `First time I've seen the bitch in two years' Jason thought.

Jason went back to his cell and read the latest letter from Corey. The kid wrote him all the time, rambling on about anything and everything. He told his cellmate that it was his Brother who wrote him, easier to explain.

Corey did drag Doug out for a couple of more visits. After the greetings and idle chit chat Doug left the two boys alone.

"I miss you so much Jase" Corey advised

"I know, its tough. I get down sometimes too," Jason explained.

"Doug said it's going to be a while before your trial, what are they waiting for!" The boy lamented.

"Well Corey, the wheels of justice grind slowly, so I'm told. It's boring as hell and my cellmate is up for knifing someone, so I'd rather be out of here too" Jason complained.

"You get my letters?" The young teen asked.

"Yeah they really help, but could you sign them `your brother' or something? The `love always Corey' is making my cellmate suspicious and I'm not interested in being anyone's bitch" Jason asked.

Corey nodded, "ok"

"So you and Doug eh?" Jason smiled.

"Yeah, he's pretty cool. I'm at his place every Saturday now" Corey advised.

"Listen don't waste your time with him visiting me, every couple of months is fine, just keep your letters coming. So you and Doug getting any action?" Jason said.

"Naw, we're not allowed" Corey advised.

"Not allowed?"

"Yeah he's all signed up as an agency volunteer now so we're not supposed to do anything like that," Corey explained. "I'm not really into him that way anyway."

"He's a good guy, I was too stupid to stick with him, look where that got me" Jason advised.

"It's not your fault Jase, wrong place, wrong time. Doug doesn't come out and say it but he feels guilty for you running off. He figures he could have done better with you." Corey explained.

As visiting time ended Corey came over and hugged then kissed Jason again. Entering the hallway for the return trip to his cell Jason's cellmate was there, having also had a visitor.

"Yo, your families pretty tight, brother kissing you and all"

"Yeah, I'm older, I used to take care of him so he really misses me" Jason explained.

"That guy in the wheelchair your dad?"

"Uncle, I don't have a dad," Jason advised.

"Me neither"

"Was that your mother?" Jason asked to be polite

"Yeah, she's all worried about me getting killed for like revenge cuz of who I knifed" He advised Jason with more information than he really wanted.

To be continued.