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Stray puppy: Chapter Thirteen.

It was late March before Jason was again back before a Judge. He was put in the prisoners box with two other boys all waiting for their turn. The room was well appointed with wood panel walls, desks and several long benches. Jason was glad to have a trip out of his boredom. He knew that this hearing was just another step in the process and didn't have any illusions of his confinement coming to an end any time soon.

He saw that he had visitors in the benches, Doug, David, Sam and of course Corey. The blond teen wouldn't give up waving and smiling at him until he returned the gesture. Jason's case was the second up, his lawyer was there as was the prosecutor. The motion was to determine if the case would go to adult court or not. Jason wasn't really interested in the back and forth banter of the lawyers, he didn't really pay much attention until the Judge spoke at the end.

"The Crown's motion is granted, the accused to remain in custody until the case is heard by a superior court justice"

"That is total bullshit!" Jason heard from the spectator's area, he didn't even need to look to know that it was Corey who had shouted. David and Sam whisked him out of there right away.

Jason waited while the third boy's case was heard and then all three of them were taken back to the holding area. His lawyer came to see him in a small room beneath the court.

"Well Jason, as we expected your case will go to adult court. I don't think we'll be granted bail given that you ran away in the first place but we can try." The lawyer advised.

"Now the crown is still holding onto the idea that you have information on the shooters and they won't deal"

"I don't know anything," Jason lamented.

"The truth doesn't matter Jason, it's all about perception and what you can prove. They don't have the shooters all they have is you, so they're not letting that idea go until something better comes along. If they drag it out it could be a year before trial. I think we're in agreement that we'll plead to the obstruction and likely get time served on that but not guilty on the murder which we might well win."

"So I'll be out in a year," The teen asked.

"Best case, worst case we loose and you get ten years. The evidence is circumstantial but compelling, they'll paint you as a group home street kid hustler willing to setup a guy for murder for a bit of money. A jury might buy that. So if we get a decent offer, say 3 or 4 years without having to plead to the murder charge we might want to take that."

"I'm fucked" Jason sobbed.

"You're 15, there's still a lot of life ahead of you. They can't put you in an adult facility until your at least 18."

Jason nodded his understanding.

"Now there's another matter. I've been informed of an intervening federal warrant but it's sealed so I don't know that it's about. I've seen these for extraditions, did you at any time cross in the U.S. during your run?"

Jason shook his head.

"Are you sure? I'm your lawyer I need to know"

"I didn't" Jason said forcefully.

"Ok, well it could be an error, someone else with your name or one similar, once they compare birth dates it will likely be canceled. The strange thing is that it's sealed, that's only usually done with national security issues"

"What does that mean?" Jason asked.

"Well if you were in contact with a terrorist group or a foreign spy." The lawyer paused in thought. "You were on the street, doing whatever it took to get money, I understand that. Now did you ever transport a package for someone, no questions asked kind of thing?"

"No nothing like that" Jason reported. Then his mind exploded in many directions of thought. He settled on one phrase in his head, `I filter the information. I take all of it in and look for patterns, then I write reports on what I see. I'm good at seeing things other people don't'

"They might move you to a federal facility once the warrant comes in, don't worry about it though, you'll have to come back here to settle the murder charge. Anything else you need?" The lawyer asked.

"What?" Jason asked lost in thought.

"Jason, listen. You might be in an adult prison but they have to keep you separated from the adults. This is going to take a long time but we are going to get this settled." The man tried to reassure but it wasn't working.

Jason was taken back to the detention center, a couple of days later he had a visitor. As it was a weekday he figured it was his mother or maybe his social worker but he was surprised to find Corey waiting for him, alone.

"You come by yourself?" He asked.

"Yeah, took the bus" He replied as they sat down after a long embrace.

"I'm going to be in here a long time Corey" Jason advised.

"This bullshit is killing me," Corey lamented.

"Move on Corey, don't worry about me. My life is over, I'm done" Jason was seriously depressed over the recent turn of events. `The man who never was', John, Andy, Banana what ever his name really was must be a spy it was the only explanation for the warrant.

Jason got his goodbye kiss from Corey and returned to his cell ever certain of his impending doom.

The next morning Jason was washing with seven other boys in the communal showers. Two guards watched, he could always tell which ones seemed to enjoy that duty the most. As he left the shower one of the guards snapped at him.

"Collier. You're being transferred get any personal shit ready"

Jason collected his letters from Corey and waited. The guards came and took him down to the main floor where he was again strip searched and given back the clothes he arrived in, along with his personal effects. They left him sitting in a small cell for the morning. A guard came around at lunch and gave him a sandwich and a drink.

"Where am I going?" He asked the guard.

"I don't know kid, military police are supposed to come get you," he advised.

Jason was numb, bored, fearful of the unknown and depressed for love lost. `Damn Corey' he thought. Jason was going to have to write Doug and tell him not to bring Corey to visit anymore.

The guard came back in an hour, put handcuffs on him and walked the boy out of the cell and down a hall way. He waited while he heard them conferring over paperwork.

"Ok Colonel he's all yours" The head guard said as Jason was moved toward the door. A short man in a crisp military uniform was waiting for him, when Jason looked up at his face he was unable to speak.

"You want us to walk him out with you sir?"

"No I think I can handle this desperado myself" Andy replied as he gripped Jason's arm.

Andy marched the boy down a hall through the security doors, "Don't say anything until we get out of here" he advised quietly.

Exiting out into the bright sunlight they walked out along the exterior of the building.

"Did you bring the hummer?" Jason asked overwhelmed by events he couldn't think of anything else to say.

"No I brought the griffon" Andy replied.

"I thought you hated coming to the city," Jason said.

"What I came for is more important than not wanting to come" Andy advised.

They rounded the corner and there it was, a big green helicopter. Andy led the boy around to one of the front doors. He removed the handcuffs, a rather welcome feeling and opened the door. Jason climbed into the front seat and sat while Andy belted him in. The man then moved around to the other side and got in. He handed Jason a set of headphones and put his own on.

"I didn't know you could fly a helicopter," Jason advised.

"It's been a while but like riding a bike it comes back pretty quick. Don't touch any of the controls puppy," He said as the engines powered up and the rotors began to spin.

Jason was so happy to be a puppy again.

The machine lifted off abruptly and climbed up over the city. Soon they were out on the water. Jason could see all the little boats below as they sped along.

"Are you really a Colonel?" Jason asked.

"Yes but rank is honorary. I was in the military years ago, now just I work on contract." The man advised.

"We're you ever in a mental hospital?" The boy quizzed.

"No," The man chuckled "I just needed an excuse to be gone for a while"

"Where are we going?" The boy was hopeful.


"Where's that?" Jason quizzed.

"Airbase near the house" Andy advised.

It was late afternoon by the time they got there, Andy brought the helicopter in for a smooth landing. After powering down the machine he came around to un-belt the boy and then they went into the office. Andy chatted with some other men in uniforms and then they were off in the hummvee. The man handed him a large envelope, which he opened.

The first thing Jason saw was his necklace. He held it his hands, he never though he was going to see it again.

"I wasn't happy to find that puppy," Andy advised. "It means a lot to me, don't put it back on unless you understand that."

Jason put it on immediately. He pulled out the other items, a birth certificate, a SIN card, a health card and a student ID. All with the name Jason Sandy Symthe.

"I'm surprised you didn't put puppy on here," he said.

"Well my first thought was Sandy P Beach for a name but I figured this way you can use either name and matching last names will make it easier." Andy explained.

"I guess I'm going to high school," He said holding up the student ID.

"I thought that would help keep you from getting bored" Andy advised.

"What about my charges?" He asked.


"Gone? They'll know I'm missing" Jason advised.

"Like me you no longer exist, you are the boy who never was" Andy indicated.

"People know I was in prison they'll look for me," Jason advised.

"Your lawyer will be told you're a protected witness now, charges dropped identity changed." Andy informed.

"What about my friends, I can't just leave them hanging" Jason said thinking mostly about Corey.

"hrrrmmm, you know how much effort I went to, to make you disappear?" Andy asked.

"Yeah how did you do all this?" Jason wanted to know.

"You know too much"

"I don't know anything," Jason pleaded.

"Too much about me" Andy advised. "Can't have you loose out there on your own. You're not so good on your own."

Jason nodded, "That's for sure"

"Now if things don't work out don't be running off again, I can always make other arrangements for you." Andy explained.

"What about Jesse's mom?" Jason asked.

"Well, she won't be bothering you again, being off the money train for a while has changed her attitude" Andy explained.

"What about Jesse" Jason worried.

"I take care of him, I'm just not writing cheques anymore" Andy advised, "He's quite anxious to see his auntie Sandy again" Andy chuckled.

"Oh great" Jason said with a smirk.

After dinner Jason lay on the couch watching TV, it really didn't sink in that he was back until he got into the house. It was as if he never left three months ago. Peach was very happy to see him, even Mango was curious enough to smell him.

"I'm off to bed puppy," Andy advised.

"I'll be in soon" Jason responded.

"You don't have to" Andy indicated.

"What do you think I've been dreaming about for the last 3 months!" Jason informed.

Jason entered when Andy was in bed. He stripped down and joined him. It felt so good to be back in his arms again. Jason just lay there on his chest, rubbing his face in his chest hair.

"Have you put on weight puppy, you feel heavier" Andy cheekily asked.

"I've been living in a box and fed crappy food," Jason mumbled

Gentle touches as they got reacquainted, moved to passionate kissing.

Finally Jason said in a husky voice "I want you in me now, just be gentle it's been a while".

The teen then took up his favorite position and waited. Andy pushed as Jason groaned. The boy could feel the penis enter him and it hurt a little. Now fully inserted Jason gripped the headboard whimpering slightly.

"Ok?" Andy asked.

"Fucking amazing" Jason responded quietly.

Andy was slow and deliberate in his motions, brining Jason to an early orgasm. The teen exploded with all the passion and volume that one might expect. As his boy lay spent Andy pulled out unsatisfied. Giving him a few minutes to rest Andy then re-inserted. The boy whimpered and grunted as he was filled up once more.

"Tell me if it hurts too much"

"I'm good, ... I'm good," The teen grunted.

They went much longer the second time, both reaching orgasm. Jason laid in the after glow his man stroking him. After a while he mumbled,

"Lets go again"

"I don't think I can puppy" Andy soothed.

"Let's try" Jason pleaded.

"How about we pace ourselves," Andy advised.

"Ok, four times a day should be enough" Jason said cheekily.

"I'm going to need to buy a strap on or something," Andy said as he cuddled in for the night.

`Ah yes a puppy's life for me' Jason thought as he drifted into sleep.

The End

I'd like to thank all those that e-mailed I was glad to include some of your suggestions. Special thanks to my friend and mentor Caleb Wilson.