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Sudden Family
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter Eleven
The Family Grows

We adjusted to the new member of our family and he slowly adjusted to us. With his and Jake's help we turned the attic into a small bedroom and David moved into it three weeks after the hearing. He was excited the whole time we were fixing up the room, but nothing compared to how excited he was that first night he slept in his own room. 

It was a Friday night and as usual we had pizza and watched movies, and when it was finally time for bed Jake and I walked him upstairs to his room.  

"I can't believe this is really my room," he said beaming, "thanks, thanks so much," he said hugging me then blushing.

"You're welcome son," I said holding him for a moment to show that I was fine with the show of affection.

"It's small but pretty cool," Jake said sitting down on the full size bed with bookcase headboard. There was a desk built into the outside wall, the one that slanted with the roof line and a bookcase that held a small TV and what personal belonging we'd managed to retrieve from his old house. The floor was painted wood but I'd bought a 9x12 rug and it covered most of it. There was one dormer window and since the heating and ac duct didn't reach up here, I'd installed a combination heater/ac unit in the outside wall, you know the kind you see in motel rooms. It was tidy and neat and he had decorated it with posters and things that reflected the tastes of the average teenage boy and all in all I thought it looked very cozy.

"Only thing is the bathroom is so far away," he said trying out the bed, "fortunately I don't usually have to get up and pee once I go to sleep."

"You could always keep a jug by the bed," Jake joked.

"Or pee out the window," I added and we all laughed.

"I just hope I can sleep, I'm so excited."

"Well, you can always watch TV till you fall asleep. Well goodnight son. Come on Jake let's leave David to break in his new room."

"He already did that," Jake said grinning as David blushed.

"Oh? OH!" I said catching on at last. Well, I'm sure you'll appreciate the privacy. There's a latch on the door and I everyone knows to knock before entering."

Jake and I left David's room and when we reached the bottom of the stairs Jake elbowed me, "Bet I can guess what he'll fall asleep doing tonight."

"Why? Is that what you'd do?"

"If I didn't have anyone to do it for me," he said grabbing my arm and steering me toward my bedroom, "but fortunately I have a daddy to help me out."

"I'm pretty tired," I said faking a yawn.

"Well, all you gotta do is lay there, I'll do all the work."

I laughed, "Like anyone could sleep through that."

"Yeah, that's true, cause I'm gonna pound you sooo hard."

"Oh?" I said raising an eyebrow, "You seem extra horny tonight. What's that all about?"

"I guess thinking about David all alone in his room jerkin it got me goin."

"Oh, well..maybe he shouldn't have to jerk alone. Maybe you should pay him a visit and help him out."

"What? You mean you wouldn't mind?"

"Did I mind when you and Joe did that? Well, David is your brother now and I'm not worried about losing you to, I'm cool with whatever you two feel like doing."

"What is that included you?" Jake said giving me a nervous look.

I sighed, "Well, I'm not sure I'm ready for anything like that. I have enough trouble dealing with my conscience as it it. Besides I don't think it would be a good idea considering I have to go back to court and prove I'm a fit parent for him."

"Yeah, I kind of see that. Anyway I just wanna be with you tonight...if that's okay," he said giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, have no idea how happy that makes me," I said pulling him into a hug and the loving began.

Day turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and it was time for the next hearing. It had already been rescheduled twice and it was late August when we piled into the new 7 passenger SUV I'd bought to accommodate my growing family and headed to the courthouse. Since school was out I allowed the kids to come and Marcus's mom Martha was riding herd on them. She was appearing as a character witness should I need one but I wondered what the judge would think if he knew that she and I shared knowledge that our boys were having a love affair including sex.

We were lucky, we drew Judge Abrams again and the social worker was the friend that Mark our attorney knew from past dealings. Since Judge Abrams was already familiar with the case he wasted little time with preliminaries and cut right to the chase.  He started by taking David into his chambers as before, but this time they were gone much longer than before. I began to sweat after a while, but when they returned David was grinning and I figured things went well.

Next I was called to the stand and after stating my name and address and all that stuff I was sworn in and asked a few basic questions by the Judge before I was turned over to the social worker.

Her name was Tammy King and she was a cute black butterball of a woman with a perpetual smile on her face. She asked me a few basic questions then she asked about my marriage to Evelyn and how I came to adopt the kids and then a few questions about my financial situation and she seemed to be satisfied with my answers.

Then turning to the Judge she said, "Your honor I would like to talk to the adopted children of Mr. Miller...alone."

I looked at my attorney for some clue as to whether this was good or bad and he was beaming. He had told me all along that the kids might be my best hope of swaying the Judge and Social Services and it looked like they would get their chance. 

"I have no objections, Mr. Harris do you have any objections to Ms King speaking to the children in private?"

"No your honor."

"Mr. Miller, since the children are legally yours, do you have any objections to Ms King speaking to them in private?"

"No your honor," I managed to squeak out.

"Very well, this court will adjourn for twenty minutes. Ms King you may use my chambers. Mr. Miller you may step down."

I watched as my kids were gathered up and herded off to the Judge's chambers and my stomach was full of butterflies. As soon as the Judge was gone I walked over to where Mark was just rising shuffling a stack of papers and he gave me a sly grin.

"Don't worry. I already talked to Tammy about this. She's a good person and very good at  her job. She knows a loving home when she sees one and after she talks to your kids she'll probably put you up for Father of the Year," he chuckled.

Or have me arrested if one of them says the wrong thing, I thought miserably, but that was ridiculous. My kids knew what to say and what not to even if that did make me feel a little guilty.

I sat with Martha who held my hand and patted it while Marcus leaned against me on the other side. David sat nervously biting a nail and when I reached over and slapped it away from his mouth he just grinned.

"It'll be okay, Mr. Rob," he said smiling, his big brown eyes full of life and love, "I just know it will be cause all of your kids love you and know what? I love you too."

I smiled and felt tears coming on. I leaned in and hugged Marcus, "You're a good kid, you know that. I feel like you're one of my kids too."

He smiled at that and was about to speak when suddenly the kids started filing back in and they were all smiles. I jumped up and met them at the railing and they each gave me a hug.

"It's cool dad, we told her what a great dad you are and how you rescued us and married our mom so we could be your real kids and everything." Joe said.

Well, I hoped not everything. 

"Not to worry dad she was really nice. I think she just wanted to hear it from us. I think she already knew what a great dad you are," Jake said winking.

The bailiff came in and told everyone to rise and the Judge came back in and we all took our seats. My heart was beating so fast I thought I might keel over with a heart attack and when I was recalled to the witness stand I began to worry that despite what the kids had said things weren't all right after all.

"I just have a few more questions Mr. Miller before I make my recommendations. Mr. Miller how old are you?"

"I just turned 51 in July."

"And you retired, is that correct?"

"Yes, I had a very good job for a lot of  years and the company bought me out and I took early retirement."

"And you own your house, is that correct?"

"Yes, I used some of my buy out bonus to but it."

"I'm sorry if these questions seem  very personal, but I just want to make sure that if you add another child to your family it will not over burden you or  your finances."

"May I speak freely?" I asked looking at the Judge for guidance.

"This is an informal hearing Mr. Miller. If you feel you have something relevant to say feel free," he said smiling and opening his hands.

"I am not a rich man, but I don't think money is what makes a good family. I have enough money to feed and clothe and take care of my kids and one more will not be a burden. Mostly what me and my family has is love. We love one another and we respect each other and I think my kids feel safe and secure for the first time in their lives. David came to me because my son Jake told him what a great family he belonged to and David says he wants to be part of that family. I have the resources to take care of him and what's more important I have the love that he needs," I had to pause because I was starting to tear up.

"Take a moment if you need to," Ms King said smiling.

"Thanks you, I'm fine," I said clearing my throat, "What David has gone through should never happen to any one and I just want to make sure that nothing like that ever happens to him again. I will love him and provide for him and try my best to make sure he grows up to be a loving and decent human being. I know you only want what is best for David and so do I, I just hope and pray that you feel as I do that becoming part of my family is the best for  him. I guess that's all I have to say, thank you for listening."

I looked up then and there was not a dry eye in the house and even the Judge sounded a little emotional when he spoke, "Thank you Mr. Miller. Ms King do you have any further questions?"

"Just one your honor. Mr. Miller should you be granted guardianship of David,  will you eventually seek to adopt him."

"Yes, we have already discussed this and we have all agreed, my family and me and of course David that, David should share our name and become a permanent part of our family."

"Thank you Mr. Miller, no further questions your Honor."

"You may step down Mr. Miller."

I returned to my seat while Ms King returned to her table and shuffled through some papers.

"Ms King are you ready to make your recommendations?" The Judge asked after a few minutes.

"Yes your  honor," She said approaching the bench the turning to face us, It is my opinion that in the best interest of the minor child David Taylor that guardianship be granted to Mr. Miller and assuming things work out that he be allowed to adopt David. I will want to do some in home interviews in say...six months to see how things are going and if all is well, I will clear the way for the adoption."

I wanted to jump up and shout, to cheer and hug everyone, but I was afraid of being arrested for contempt, but of course my kids didn't worry about contempt and they were doing just that. I watched first in horror then with humor as the Judge not only allowed the outburst but banged his gavel amidst the uproar and dismissed us.

He was gone before I got a chance to thank him but I did hug Ms. King and when I did she hugged back. "Mr. Miller if I had someone like you to take in every abused and stray kid in the system my job would be a piece of cake. This one was easy. Just don't let me down. I will be contacting you in a few months and pay you a visit, but I don't worry for a moment that I'll find anything other than a loving home."

I nodded a little overcome with emotion again, "Still I appreciate your understanding and professionalism. Mark said nothing but good about you."

Speaking of Mark he was right behind me and when he spoke I almost jumped out of skin, "See Rob, I told you it would all work out. This was one of the easiest cases I have ever taken." He moved in and hugged Ms King then said his goodbyes and with a handshake he was gone.

I thanked Ms King again and told her she was welcome any time in my home and went to join the kids. David was waiting for me and when I got close he jumped into my arms and hugged me fiercely.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am gonna be the best son you ever had, you'll see." He always seemed to feel the need to convince me what I was doing was right, but I had never doubted that or him for a moment.

"Come on kids, lets go out and celebrate. Martha can you and Marcus join us?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

We wound up at Pizza World and since it was early we were able to get a small room all to ourselves. I tipped the waiter and asked him if they served cake and he assured me he would make sure we got something just right for the occasion. I knew they catered a lot of birthday parties and that they probably had ready made cakes that they could personal to each person.

We ate pizza and bread steaks and talked and laughed and when we were all full I signaled the waiter and he brought in the cake. As he sat it down in the middle of the table I read the message and smiled. The waiter was in for another big tip.

 David Welcome to our Family, it said in big blue letters then below in smaller letters it said Dad, Jake, Sarah, Joe and Shawn and below that We Love You, was written in script. It was a beautiful cake and we all took pics with our phone before I let David cut it. The cake was an ice cream cake and very good and there was only crumbs and few drips of ice cream left by the time we headed home.

I had given the waiter an extra ten dollars, but he was reluctant to take it. "I was kicked out when I was sixteen and lived on the streets for a while before my new mom and dad took me in. I know how your new son feels and he's a lucky guy."

I managed to convince the waiter, his name was Joel, to take the tip and he hugged me shyly then rushed off leaving me to smile after him.

We split up at the cars and Martha and Marcus drove off as Joe waved furiously. I drove us home as the kids visited noisily in the back with Jake riding shotgun. I patted his  leg and he smiled and nodded. He was as happy as I was and with good reason. He now had a brother his own age, someone he already liked and could relate to and that was worth the world to him.

It felt good to be home but I was exhausted both mentally and physically and excused myself to take a nap. I hadn't been in my bed long when Jake showed up and quietly slipped into bed beside me. I rolled into him and spooned up to his backside and I was asleep within minutes.

Have you ever woke up to someone's hot wet mouth surrounding your hard cock? Well if you haven't I highly recommend it. It took me a minute or two to become fully awake but when I did I looked down and met Jake's eyes as he bobbed up and down on my cock.

"Mmmmm....what a great way to wake someone up."

"'d like it," he said pulling up and just licking my cock head for a few minutes.

I glanced at the bedside clock, it was four thirty. We had plenty of time before I had to fix dinner, or maybe I'd get take out. I laid back and enjoyed my bee jay and when I was really close I grabbed Jake's head and thrust once or twice and began to unload in his sweet mouth. I came and came but Jake had no problem keeping up with me and when I was finally spent he licked me clean then moved up and kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips and for an old guy I didn't taste bad. 

"Want me to return the favor?" I said between kisses.

"Maybe later, this one was just for you."

I thought that was odd, he was after all a horny teenager, but I accepted his words at face value and untangled myself to go take a shower. When I came out he was gone and after I dressed I went in to find my family.

David was sitting in my recliner with Shawn on is lap and I had to smile. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the two bonding and then went over to where Joe and Sarah sat on the couch watching some movie on Netflix. 

"Hey guys, whatcha watching?"

"Some movie Shawn picked out, but he's not even watching it," Joe said sounding bored.

"Am too," Shawn said pursing out his bottom lip, "when David isn't tickling me."

Jake wandered in then looking at David and Shawn  curiously and plopping down on the arm of the couch next to me. "Have a good nap dad?" he said grinning.

"Wonderful, but I had a little trouble waking up," I teased.

"Oh, well...sorry to hear that, but you area  hard sleeper," he giggled.

I finally decided to call in Chinese for dinner and we ate it gathered around the table in the dining room. I had always thought sharing meals was important to a family and I guess the kids agreed. There was nothing like the warm feeling of sharing a meal with the people you love as you talked and shared your life. David was especially talkative and included everyone in his conversation as if he felt as if he needed to get their approval. Everyone had long ago agreed that they wanted David to be part of our family, but I guess he still felt a little shy and awkward after all that happened to him.

David and Jake insisted on doing the clean up and who was I to deny them. I retired to my recliner and Shawn claimed his rightful place on lap and all was right in the Miller family. Joe and Sarah were parked on the couch watching the Simpsons when David and Jake came out of the kitchen and Jake headed straight to where I sat.

"Hey dad is it okay if David and I  go skating with some friends from school?"

This was the first I heard of this, but after a few questions I gave them permission and drove them to the skating rink. While we were out I stopped at Walmart and bought a few things, then took the rest of the kids out for ice cream. As we sat in the DQ eating our ice cream Joe laid some interesting news on us.

"Those friends Jake and David are going skating with...two of them are girls," he laughed.

"What's so funny about that?" I asked, "Girls are very nice, aren't they Sarah?"

"Yes daddy, but I think what he means is he just didn't think Jake liked girls that much."

"He's young and he will be trying new things and some of them he will like for sure. Maybe girls is one of those things."

"So you don't care dad?" Joe asked looking at me sideways.

"Sweet boy, I want all of you to follow your hearts, if it's girls or boys it makes no difference to me. I would be thrilled for him..if that's what he wants."

Joe looked at me like I was crazy, but didn't say anything else. Shawn was keeping me busy wiping the ice cream from his cute face and not paying much attention to anything, but Sarah seemed to be hanging on every word. 

She must feel very strange being the only one so far who is straight, I thought. Of course there was alway hope for Shawn liking girls and I hoped that was the case. After all I wanted grandkids someday. I tried to imagine what cuties Sarah and Dakota would produce and I smiled. 

Sarah seemed to pick up on my mood and she smiled, "Whatcha thinking about dad?"

"About what cute grandkids you and Dakota are going to have," I said grinning.

She blushed but smiled, "That's a long time off dad. I mean if we stay together."

"Oh? Are you too not still madly in love?" I chuckled.

"Well, we still love each other, but who knows what will happen when we get older."

"That's true, but he's a sweet boy and I would be glad to have him as a son-in-law....some day."

We finished our ice cream and headed home and when we arrived it was almost ten o'clock. I couldn't go to bed until I picked Jake and David up and I was hoping they called soon. In the meantime I helped Shawn get dressed for bed and laid with him a few minutes then tucked Joe in and went in to say goodnight to Sarah.

"Daddy, thanks for talking to Dakota. He said you were really awesome."

I blushed, I hadn't thought about having to talk to Sarah about this too. "Well, you're welcome, but I think this should be between you two now. I don't really feel comfortable knowing what, if anything, comes of our talk."

"Even if I told you he wants to wait," she said grinning.

I felt as if a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders,  "I knew I liked the boy for some reason. He's cute and a gentleman."

"He says he loved me enough to wait till we're older and sure we want to be together forever."

I smiled, "Sweetheart he sounds like a keeper to me. If you don't hang onto him I'm gonna be very upset," I teased.

She giggled, "No problem, I think I love him even more now that he told me he could wait. That makes it very special."

"He's a very special boy for a very special little Princess," I said kissing her forehead, "Goodnight sweetheart."

"Night daddy, I love you."

"I love you too sweetie and I am so proud of  you."

I fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and waited for the call that never came and I finally called Jake's cell. He answered after a few rings and the noise in the background almost drowned out his voice.

"Hi dad, sorry I forgot to tell you it last till 12. Is that too late?"

I sighed. It was 11 now, what was an hour more? "Sure I'll just head that way about 1:45 and be out front."

"Great dad we're having a blast. See ya later."

I hung up and sighed theatrically, only more years and he could get a license and drive himself. Then I thought about what that freedom might mean and I shivered and vowed never to complain about being the chauffeur ever again. I sipped my cocoa and did a little browsing on line and ran across an old friend at a dating site I used to visit before I became a family man. We chatted for a little while and I excused myself and headed to the skating rink. I parked away from the building so as not to embarrass my boys and waited. 

Soon the doors opened and out poured what appeared to be a sea of kids ages ranging in age from 10 to 18. It was mostly boys, but there was a fair mix of girls as well and some couples holding hands or snuggled up. I noticed a couple headed my way and it took me a minute to realize it was David and some girl and then Jake appeared a few feet behind running to catch up.

When they reached the car I rolled down the window and David introduced his other half.

"Hi dad, this is Julie. Julie this is my new dad," he said grinning.

"Hi Julie, do you go to school with David and Jake?"

"Yeah, I have like two classes with David, but none with Jake. It was nice to meet you but my parents are waiting for me over there," she said motioning toward a white BMW parked in the fire lane of course. She dashed off then and I rolled the window up as Jake climbed in the front seat and David behind me.

"Have you known Julie long?" I asked as we started out of the lot.

"Nope, not really. I mean yeah I knew her from school and all but tonight we sort of connected," David said sounding excited.

"Boy, did they ever," Jake laughed, "she was on him like white on a polar bear."

"Jealous," David laughed.

"Naw, not jealous. I don't roll that way bro. The ladies don't interest me."

"She's really nice," David said as if he needed to prove something to me. He was always so unsure of himself.

"She seems nice. I'm happy for you, but we'll have to have the talk now," I chucked.

Jake rolled his eyes, "Nice but a little full of herself. Her folks are like loaded and she's kind of a fashion plate, if you know what I mean."

"She just doesn't  have many friends, that's all," David said in defense, "One you get to know her, she's pretty cool."

Jake didn't respond to that but I could read the look on his face and it was obvious he didn't agree. We rode the rest of the way home in relative silence and when we got there David started for his room

"Hey, don't I get a hug first?"

"I thought you'd come say goodnight and tuck me in like always," he said looking upset.

"I'm beat, can I say goodnight here?"

"Oh sure," he said grinning as he hugged me.

"Goodnight son. I love you."

"I love you too," he said smiling, "all of family."

"Sleep tight son, see you at breakfast."

When he was gone Jake practically drug me to my (our) room and when the door was closed he all but attacked me. I laughed at his feverish antics and when he pushed me down on the bed I relaxed and let him have his way.

"I am gonna rape you," he said through gritted teeth. 

If I hadn't known him so well I might have been concerned, but I just smiled. "You can't rape the willing."

"Yeah..well we'll see how willing you are when I put it too you hard and fast."

"I'll be moaning and calling your name," I chuckled, "and telling you to go harder and faster."

"Let's do it then," he said tugging at my sweats. 

I let him undress me then laid there and watched as he took off his clothes. He was so beautiful. He's grown a little everywhere and his dick was now a tad over 6" and a little fatter. He had a nice bush of hair just above his lovely boy stick and his balls hung low and looked full. His chest was more developed these days but still smooth and hairless like I liked. His little nipples were hard and I reached up and pinched then when he finally straddled me rubbing his hard cock against mine.

"Mmmm...this is nice," I sighed.

He covered my mouth with his and he tasted like popcorn and soda and something else I couldn't identify. I forgot all about it though as we continued to kiss and then he was moving down my body licking and sucking and kissing his way down and my brain disconnected and I was all nerve endings.

When he reached my cock he gave it a lick then buried his face in my balls and I went crazy. I was moaning and pushing his head into my crotch as I raised my legs and rolled my hips upward inviting him to go lower. He took the hint quickly and when I felt his hot wet tongue against my taint I pushed up and reached down and opened myself to him. His tongue found my asshole and I was in Heaven. For a young teen he was especially enthusiastic when it came to rimming. I don't know if it was because he enjoyed having it done to him so much or if he was just a sexual Like daddy, like son.

However he didn't spend as much time there as I had hoped. Instead he grabbed his dick, spit on it, and placed it against my wet hole and pushed. I gasped first in pain, then in pleasure as he pushed in deep and when he was bottomed out he leaned down and bit my lip playfully before kissing me deeply and wetly with lots of tongue.

"Mmmmm...gonna fuck you now," he growled.

"Yesssssss," I gasped.

He was ruthless that night and even though I was  used to getting rough fucked occasionally by him, this time was especially rough. He was like someone possessed, possessed with getting his nut and it was as if I didn't' exist except to serve as a vessel for his seed to fill. However, since meeting Jake I had learned to accept and embrace new things and I quickly found myself enjoying being used.

Toward the end he had one of my legs up and one down and he was sort of sideways fucking like a porn star then he tensed up and began to unload. He smacked my ass as he continued to unload and when he was spent he pulled out and moved up and presented his dirty cock to me for cleaning. I was glad I kept myself clean and ready at all times and I attacked his cock with gusto. It tasted of his spunk and my ass and I was so horned up by the time I finished that I couldn't wait to get my rocks off.

"How you want it daddy?" he said as he smacked me on the face with his cock.

"I want my doggie boy. Daddy has a bone for him."

"Woof, woof," he said panting like a dog and hopping down on the floor.

I grabbed the lube, and fell down with him and began to rim his cute ass as he continued to act out his part as a good doggie. When I was tired of eating his sweet ass and he was good and wet I squeezed a little lube on my cock and went in. He yelped as I burrowed in and I grabbed his hips and began. Role playing was another of the new ideas Jake and I had discovered together and like a good doggie he took all of my bone and begged for more.

When I came it was glorious, trumpets sounded, and cherubs hovered nearby. And then I slumped down on top of  him as I unloaded my hot copious load into his hot guts. He had laid his head down on the carpet and was panting almost as hard as I was. I waited till my heart slowed down and my breathing was less labored then pulled out and rolled him onto his back and kissed him deeply.

"Thanks boy, that was a good fuck," I growled into his ear.

"Woof, he said licking my face.

I laughed and reached down and squeezed his boner. He was super hard after the role play and I brought him to a second orgasm with my mouth and hands. He shot a small but tasty load for me and I licked him clean then pulled him up and into the bathroom where we cleaned up. We brushed our teeth and I suddenly remembered what that strange taste on Jake's breath was.

"Jake is thee something you want to tell me...about tonight?"

"Like what?" he asked looking nervous, "Like I missed you and just wanted to be with ya?" he said grinning.

"No, like drinking beer," I said sighing.

"Oh, was just one...uh..maybe two. It's no big deal"

"Well, the only big deal is that you kept it a secret from me. I thought we agreed that we would be honest with one another."

"I was gonna tell you...."

"When, week? Look Jake, I understand peer pressure, but you're only 14 years old and things can get out of hand pretty quick. Not to mention that if you got into any trouble it wouldn't look very good to children's services or the court and we might lose David."

"I never thought of that," he said looking miserable.

"Did David drink too? No, wait don't answer. I don't want you boys ratting on each other."

"Don't worry he didn't. I'm not ratting him out cause he never did anything. He even tried to keep me from doing it. I guess I just wanted to see what it was like."

"Did you like it?"

He shrugged, "Not really. I mean it was okay, but not something I can't live without."

"Good, so here's the deal. This time I will not punish you. We all make bad decisions, it's what we do afterwards that matters. From now on I want you to promise me that you will stop and think about the consequences before you do any thing. And..I want you to promise me that you will be honest with me...about everything. We have no secrets..right?"

He nodded, "I'm sorry dad. I promise, no more secrets and no more drinking."

"Thank you. Now, are you going to sleep with me or in your own bed?"

"With you of course," he said running and jumping into my bed.

I found him spread eagle in bed hogging all the space so I just laid on top of him. He grunted when I put my weight on him but when I kissed him he kissed back with enthusiasm. I was too spent to get off again, but apparently Jake was good for one more. I worked him over with my mouth to get him good and hot then rode him like a wild bull. He lasted longer than I thought and by the time he came I was getting winded and my legs were cramping. I pulled up and rolled off as he made room for me then went down and cleaned him up. I snuggled up to him and we fell asleep quickly.

At dinner one night about a week after the skate date David announced that he and Julie were going steady. I received the news with mixed feelings while Jake looked as if he had bitten into a turd. I knew he wanted to say something, but apparently he wasn't ready to deal with his feeling yet. I congratulated David and told him he's have to have Julie over for dinner some night and he seemed very happy by my easy acceptance of his news. As I said I had mixed feelings, not because it was girl David was talking about, but because it was this particular girl and that it had happened so suddenly.  I new that sometimes people with low self esteem reacted to the first sign of love and acceptance and I worried that he might be setting himself up for a fall.

After dinner David went off to call Julie and Jake helped me clean up and we discussed David's news.

"You don't seem very happy with David's news."

He frowned, "I would never tell him this, but she's a stuck up bitch that no one likes," Jake said quickly then seeing my reaction he added, "Sorry dad, but that's just how it is."

"Whoa, well no one ever accused you of beating around the bush," I laughed, "So, why do you think she and David have hit it off so well?"

He shrugged, "Dunno, I mean she seems to really like him, but I don't trust her."

"Maybe she's not as bad as you think. Maybe she's been hurt and she relates to David on that level."

'Huh, she's rich, how could she be hurting?"

"There are all kinds of  hurt son. Maybe her parents are too busy making money to have time with her, or maybe they expect too much of her and she feels like she needs to find someone who likes her as she is."

"I never thought of that. I'll try to be nicer to her and I won't mention any of the bad stuff to David."

"Thanks, David is lucky to have a bro like you."I said pulling him into a hug.

The kids took their baths and showers and one by one I kissed them goodnight and tucked them into bed, all except Jake of course who was snuggled up in my bed. We made love only once that night but it was sweet and very satisfying. We seemed to be on the same wavelength each time we were together, or maybe I was just flexible and went with whatever he wanted. It didn't matter, it was all good and only seemed to get better as time went on.

The Saturday after David's announcement we had Julie over for dinner and the family got a chance to meet her and form their opinions. She was dressed in jeans and a cute pink embroidered top and seemed to be as nervous as we were. I made lasagna and tossed a big salad and served it with bread stick and dipping sauce, but like most girls her age she wasn't a big eater. She seemed to like the salad though and ate a bread stick, but picked at the lasagna all the time telling me how good it was.

"So what do your parents do Julie?"

"Uh, my dad is an investment banker and my mom is real estate. My brother and I are mostly alone except for our house keeper Mrs. Sloan."

"Oh, that you and David are going steady you're welcome her any time. I would love to meet them at some point though, just to make sure they are okay with you being over here."

"They don't care where I am," she said sounding sad, "I mean they're so busy and everything they hardly have time to worry about me and my brother."

"How old is your brother," Joe asked curiously.

"What, oh he's 12. His name is Brice, but we call him Bry." she said fondly. 

"He's cool too," David said joining in, "I met him a couple of times."

The dinner went well, but I got the feeling that Julie was a little uncomfortable being with us and when Mrs. Sloan picked her up I got the impression she was ready to go. As I visited with Mrs. Sloan at the door David walked Julie to the car and I noticed they held hands and kissed once they thought they were out of sight. I had to smile. I know how sweet stolen kisses are and your first ones are the best. I introduced the kids and they scampered off to watch TV leaving us alone.

Mrs. Sloan was a middle aged woman who seemed very personal and she confided in me that Julie was a good girl, but that she felt abandoned by her parents and often shut herself off from others. She said she was surprised by her sudden interest in a boy, but once she met David she understood.

"David is a very sweet boy and so handsome. Julie has been a different girl since they met."

"Well, she seems sweet too. A bit shy, but sweet. She seems very fond of her brother as well."

"Oh, those two are inseparable. Brice is such a sweet boy, ever since the accident they have been very close."


"Oh, she didn't tell you? Brice was in a car accident about a year ago. He has been in a wheelchair ever since. He is home schooled and has a live in care taker. He's there with Brice now."

"I didn't know. I'm so sorry. Is it permanent?"

"Then doctors say he may recover partial use of his legs, but so far not much has changed. His father was driving the car that day but he was uninjured. I suppose he feels a terrible amount of guilt and the poor man works himself to death."

"Maybe if he spent more time with his son and less time making money Brice might be inspired to get better," I said before I thought how it might sound.

Mrs. Sloan smiled, "It's not my place to tell Mr. Clark what to do, but what you've said makes sense to me. Well, I should be going. Thank you for inviting Julie. You have a lovely home and family."

David and I stood in the doorway as they drove off and I cuffed him on the shoulder, "You dog. I saw you smooching out there."

", a little kiss is no big deal," he said blushing bright red.

"A little kiss? I bet if she'd been chewing gum you'd have it now."

He grinned, "Well, at least we kept our clothes on. Well, gotta go take a shower and get ready for bed," he added bouncing off.

"Yeah, I bet I know what you're really gonna do," I teased.

I found Jake in the kitchen getting a drink and stepped up behind him and encircled his waist with my arms, "Hi baby, how you doin?"

"Good, so how did you and Mrs. Sloan get along?"

"She seems very nice and committed to the kids. Did you know that boy is in a wheelchair?"

"Yeah, David said he was in a car wreck and can't walk now. That's sad."

"Yes, and even sadder that his parents don't seem to have time for him," I sighed.

"Daaaaad" he whined, "don't go thinking about adopting him too," he joked.

"Don't worry, the new SUV only holds seven and we're almost at capacity now."

"Over when the bf's and bg's come riding too."

"Yep, guess I should look for a used school bus or something," I laughed.

In bed later Jake confided to me that he still didn't like Julie all that much but he was starting to understand her a little better. 

"She seems to be carrying some pain and resentment for her folks, maybe because of her brother's accident. I feel bad for them both. I just wish I could get them to see what they are doing to those kids."

"Not every parent is as good as you dad," he said hugging me, "you're amazing sometimes."

'"Only sometimes?" I said kissing him and making him giggle.

"Well..most of the time." I tickled him. "Okay, okay, all the time," he giggled.

"That's more like it and know what? You're pretty amazing too...all the time."

"Yeah, I am. Now...want some amazing head daddy?"

"I thought you'd never ask son."

Julie and David continued to date all through the fall and even went to the school's fall harvest dance together. Jake still had his doubts about Julie but often he would go with the two skating or to see a movie, though he told me he  usually left them alone and went off on his own. I got a chance to meet Bry one evening when  I picked David up at Julie's house. 

Julie's mother Johanna was home that day and she gave me a warm welcome. We had met once or twice before though I was yet to meet her husband. She invited me and offered me a drink and when I declined she led me into a small sitting room and we sat down and talked for a while.

"Julie is crazy about your David, but I have to say I don't know much about him. She seems very defensive when I try to talk to her about him. Perhaps you could tell me a bit more about him."

I wasn't sure what I was about to say would help things any. After all Mr. and Mrs. Clark were no doubt pure bloods and rich to boot. I wasn't sure how they would feel about David's clouded past or parentage, but I wasn't about to lie. I loved David unconditionally and I was proud of him and if they had a problem with his past or his being adopted I needed to know now.

I began by telling her about Evelyn and the kids next door and how they came to be my little family. I couldn't read her as I rattled of my story, pausing at times to compose myself as I found I was getting quite emotional, but when I began the story of how David came into my life she stopped me.

"So David is not your real son either?"

"No, I am David's guardian until the courts and children's services clear the way for me to adopt him, then he will be my real son," I said getting my hackles up, "You see it makes no difference to me if these children share my DNA or not, they are my children and I love them..with all my heart."

"I see, well.." she said clearing her throat, "I must say I am surprised. David seems and very polite."

"He's a good boy," I said warmly, "his past has nothing to do with who he is now. He was an abused child, but now that he's in a loving family environment he is thriving."

"Your loyalty and love is commendable. Well, I suppose you would like to get David and be on your way. Have you met my son Brice?" she said ending any further talk of David.

Brice was a cute blond boy with big blue eyes and a sunny disposition despite his situation. His upper body appeared to very well developed, probably because of his lack of use of his legs which looked normal despite the injury.

"Hi," he said grinning, "you must be Davie's dad. He talks about you a lot," Brice said offering his h nd to shake.

I took his hand and was surprised at his strong grip. A year of wheeling himself around and pulling himself out of a wheelchair had made his upper muscles strong and his grip was almost painful.

"Good to meet you bud. Julie talks about you a lot. I'm sorry about your accident. I hope you get better soon."

He shrugged, "I'll probably be in a wheelchair the rest of my life, but that's okay I can still be a computer scientist."

I smiled, "That's the spirit bud, keep the faith. Well, it was nice to meet you. David we should go."

Julie walked us to the door and though they didn't kiss, I could sense that they wanted to. I decided to give them  a moment and went on to the car and left David to follow. He appeared after a minute or so and was all smiles.

"You get some sugar?" I teased.

"Yeah, thanks."

"So, just so you know Julie's mom asked me about you and I told her your story, leaving out the personal stuff."

"What? No! Please say you're kidding," he said looking stricken.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't lie," I said feeling worried.

"Oh, no, she won't let me see Julie any more," he wailed.

"I didn't get that impression," I lied, "But she would have found out eventually....."

"I guess," he said holding his head in his hands, "I knew it was too good to be true. No one wants me around except you guys."

"What are you talking about?" I said frowning, "Who doesn't want you around?"

"No one, the kids at school call me loser and if it wasn't for Jake and Julie no one would even talk to me."

"Why am I just hearing this?" I asked feeling helpless at the moment.

"I told Jake not to tell you. Blame me not him. I didn't want you to worry about me. You've done enough already."

"I don't blame anyone, but now that I know I intend to see what I can do about it."

"You can't make kids like me if they don't," he said sounding tired, "I just don't fit in like Jake does."

"So the kids accept Jake? is that what you're telling me?"

He nodded, "He's a pretty tough guy and he has their respect. I'm just a wuss and they know it."

"We'll talk more about this when we get home. Do you mind if we include Jake?"

He shook his head, "I don't care. It won't matter none though."

I left the younger kids to watch TV and I pulled Jake and David into my bedroom. Jake looked curious but not alarmed but when I told him about what David had said he lowered his head and mumbled that he was sorry for not telling me.

"I'm not upset I just want to hear the whole story. Who are these kids who pick on David?"

"Jocks mostly, but it hasn't been as bad since David started dating Julie. She's not all that popular but they know her family is rich and they respect that."

"Well, that's over with," David said sighing, "now that Julie's mom knows I'm adopted no way will she let Julie see me again."

"You couldn't keep it a secret forever," Jake said shrugging, "So don't blame dad for that."

"I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just's over."

"Don't give up yet. If I have to I'll talk to her folks, that is if they try  to break you two up. I have this feeling that you may be worrying for nothing. I am far more concerned about the situation at school."

"It's not really everyone," David admitted, "most kids are pretty cool, but since I started dating Julie I've had less ribbing....and no one is called me a fag anymore."

I looked at Jake, "You don't get called names like that do you Jake?"

He shrugged, "Kids are stupid and cruel and most of em don't mean that shit, they just say it cause they think it's cool. They don't say it to my face, but I'm sure they talk trash behind my back. They know I'd cream em if I heard it."

I smiled, "I'm glad you take up for yourself, but fighting is seldom the answer."

"Tell them that," he muttered beneath his breath."

"I'm really tired," David said suddenly, "can I go to my room now?"

"What about dinner?"

"I'm not really very hungry," he said causing me to worry even more. What teenage boy wasn't hungry 24/7?

"Promise me you'll talk to me if things get too bad to deal with on your own," I said hugging  him.

He nodded, "Promise."

When he was gone I turned to Jake and frowned, "I know you were just being loyal to your brother and I can't fault you for that, but I feel terrible that this has gone on so long."

"It's not as bad as you think. It's not like every kid is out to get him, just a few jerks. They don't bother him when I'm around but when he's on his own they gather around like hungry dogs."

"I don't suppose you'd be willing to give me some names?"

Jake made a face, "If you make me I will, but I'd rather not. I think you should just leave it alone unless it gets worse."

"I trust your judgment on this one, but keep me in the loop..okay?"

"Sure, no problem. I think David's biggest problem now is with Julie's folks. If they try to keep them apart it will hurt him a lot."

"And her?"

"Yeah, believe it or not since she met David she's not as bad as she used to be. I'm actually starting to like her."

"Well, before we sweat too much over this let's just see what happens. David's past may not be as big a deal as we think."

Jake shrugged, "I hope you're right. I think I'm gonna go talk to David. He's pretty down right now and cold use a bro to unload on."

"Yeah, that may just what he needs right now. I feel sort of like I caused this and I may be the last person he wants to see right now."

"I don't think he blames you exactly, it's like you said..they were gonna find out eventually. It's probably best they found out now before they got too serious."

"Yeah, well...I still feel pretty bad about the whole thing. Tell him I'll check on him later."

I busied myself with dinner while Shawn sat at the breakfast bar and colored a picture. When he was done with it he handed it to me and asked me if I liked it.

"Oh buddy, it's beautiful. Did you color this for me?"

"Uh huh, you can keep it forever to member me by."

"Well, it's gonna go right here on the refrigerator so I can see it every day," I said giving him a kiss on top of his mop of curls.

He was grinning as he rested his head on his hand then watched me as I peeled some potatoes, "Will you always be our dad?' he asked after a few minutes.

"Why would you ask that baby? Yes, I will always be your dad, even when you're all grown up and got kids of your own. (If I live that long)

"Good," he said sounding totally satisfied. Who knew what brought that on, but he was ready to move on, "What's for dinner?"

I shook my head, "Nips and snails and puppy dog tails," I teased.

"Oh daddy, you're funny," he giggled, "Good, cause I like puppy dog tails...with ketchup."

When dinner was ready Shake and Bake chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy with green beans I called the kids in and went up to get Jake and see if David had changed his mind about dinner. I knocked on the door softly and I heard a chair scoot then the door opened and David stood there shirtless and barefoot wearing only a pair of gym shorts. 

He was alone and had obviously been at his desk on his laptop. In his hurry to get to the door he had failed to close the window out and a young teen couple were engaged in some vigorous sexual activity amidst moans and wet sounds. I didn't want to embarrass him so I stood in the doorway and pretended not to see the porn a few feet away.

"In case you changed your mind dinner is ready. If you'd like I can save you a plate for later."

"Uh, no..I uh...give me a minute to get dressed and I'm be down...okay," he said sounding nervous, and what teen wouldn't be with porn on the lap top and their dad at the door?

"Great, see you at dinner son," I said leaving quickly.

He came down a few minutes later and Jake was with him. I was wondering where Jake had been when I came up David's room but didn't dwell on it. After all I hadn't actually gone all the way into the room. Jake could have been behind the door for all I knew, but that posed some interesting questions in itself.

David was quiet during dinner but he seemed to have regained his appetite and put away his usual amount of food. Joe dominated the dinner conversation with news that he and Marcus had been picked to be in a play at school and I assured him we would all be there to see him make his acting debut. Sarah seemed quiet, but that was her usual nature and I knew that as soon as dinner was over she would be running off to her room to call lover boy Dakota.

David and Jake offered to clear and I accepted willingly. I grabbed Shawn and carried him off to the bathroom and ran his bath then plunked him in the warm water with his tub toys and went in to roust Joe up to take a shower in my bathroom. I wanted them clean and ready for bed before I settled in to watch TV. I knew Sarah would take her shower without my prodding her so I left her to call Dakota and told Joe to tell her when he was done in my bathroom.

Jake and David came out of the kitchen and headed back up to David's room without explanation and I didn't ask. There were all kinds of things running through my head, but it was none of my business what those two were up to. If Jake could help David get over this than I was all for it.

I went in to check on Shawn and found him playing with something besides his tub toys..he he, and when I came in he didn't miss a stroke.

"You said it was okay when I was in the bathroom," he said eying me for my approval, "so...can I finish?"

"Absolutely buddy, I'll just go check on Joe and be back in a bit."

"You can stay daddy, I'm almost done," he said grinning then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes and I witnessed for the first time my youngest son's orgasm. It was dry of course but it must have been a powerful one. His little toes were curled and he was breathing heavily and though not moaning exactly he was making little mewling sounds that were so cute. I think at that moment that I loved him more than ever if that was possible. He was all boy and free and accepting and loving and I never wanted him to be ashamed of his body or afraid of sex. I didn't want the world to impose it's morals upon, to change him and take away his innocence. I wanted him to be a free spirit and open to new things, all the things I had never been.

"Was it a good one baby boy?" I chuckled.

"Oh yesssss daddy. It tingles all over my wiener and balls and even in my bo bo (butthole)."

"Well, then it was a good one. Good boy, you must be learning how to do it better every time."

"Uh huh, I do. Sometimes I do it at  night when Joe is doing it. He don't know I now he's doing it but I know when I hear that noise and his breathing. Then I just do mine and so we sorta do it together. Is that okay daddy?"

"Very okay baby,  but this is stuff that should stay in the family. Understand?"

"Sure daddy, I'm not dumb," he said sighing.

"I know you're not dumb baby boy. You're a smart boy and I want you to enjoy life. Now let me help you out of the tub and we'll get you dried off."

He was humming the whole time I dried him off and when I got to his middle he spread his legs so I could dry his little butt and between his legs. He was growing up fast. He was 7 now and looked more like a boy and less like a baby everyday. His penis has grown a little as well and from all indications he might be very well endowed when he reached puberty. I helped him into his Spiderman jammies and carried him on my hip to the living room and sat down in my recliner and pulled him into my lap.

Joe sat across from us on the couch and Sarah was taking her shower and Jake and David were still up in David's room and I couldn't help but wonder what was going on up there. The porn on the laptop was straight, though twinks, so I guessed it would have pleased both of them. David watching the girl and Jake watching guy or maybe they both got off on the whole sex thing regardless of whether it was boy or girl. 

About nine Jake appeared looking scattered and announced has going to take a shower. I noticed he didn't make eye contact and that pretty much told me what I already knew, that he and David had been messing around. I don't know why he thought I'd be upset, if he did think that, I had told him when David came to live with us that he was free to pursue his relationship with David if he wanted to.

Jake returned a few minutes later and went back up to David's room then they both came down and David took his turn at the shower. Jake sat down beside Joe and watched TV in silence and pretty soon David wandered in looking fresh and clean and sat down on the other side of Joe. Sarah had yet to appear but I knew sometimes she did her homework after dinner and didn't watch TV with us.

At ten I carried Shawn to bed and tucked him in but I didn't have to lay with him, he was already out like a light. I tucked Joe in and gave him a kiss on the forehead and told him how proud I was of him for landing the part in the play. Sometimes it was hard to believe this was the same shy frightened boy that used practically pee himself when I spoke to him. 

"It's no big deal dad, Marcus made try out cause he wanted to be one of the dancers in it and he got the lead dancer role. I just got a little part but it's cool."

"It is a big deal and we'll all be there and I'm going to record it too."

"Thanks dad. Hey, just wondering what's up with David. She seems upset."

I had no secrets from my kids and I didn't see any harm in cluing Joe in because I knew he would be cool with it. He listened with interest then sighed.

"Yeah, I understand. Sometimes kids make fun of me cause I'm adopted, but know what I tell em? I say well at least my dad chose me and your folks just had you and they didn't  have any choice."

I laughed, "Good for you. And I chose a good one when I chose you," I said hugging him, "I love you very much, I hope you know that."

"I love you more," he said smiling.

"Good, cause I need all the love I can get. Now..goodnight son. Sweet dreams...of Marcus probably," I added chuckling.

He grinned, "Not always, but sometimes. Sometimes I dream about..about the old life and mom. I still miss her," he said looking sad.

"I know buddy and you always will, but she is still in your  heart and in your memories."

His eyes glistened with tears as he nodded, "I know she wasn't always the best mom, but I love her anyway...we all did, even Jake but he don't like to talk about it."

I fought back tears. My feelings for Evelyn had been mixed, but I didn't love or hate her and sometimes I forgot that there were four kids who loved her  unconditionally.  I gave him another hug and kissed him once more then left him to his own thoughts.

I went in to say goodnight to Sarah but my little Princess was already asleep. I kissed her sweet face and she smiled. She was so very special to me and I loved he so much.

In my room I undressed slowly and climbed into bed to wait for Jake, but he never showed. I finally fell asleep feeling a little sorry for myself. I awoke a few hours later to find Jake's warm soft body snuggled up against my backside.  His arm was draped over me and he was snoring softly. I pulled his hand to my lips and kissed it and he stirred.

"Mmmmm...sorry I wasn't here sooner," he mumbled, "David needed me. He's pretty messed up."

"He's a lucky boy to have a brother like you," I said patting his hand, "Anything I should know about?"

"It can wait till tomorrow. Right now I'm soo tired."

"Mmmm...okay son, goodnight."

The next day I got a call from Tammy King the lady from Child Services and she wanted to know if it would be convenient for her to stop by after the kids got home that day. I told her that was fine and we set up a time of 4:30. That would give me plenty of time to get the house in order and pick up all the kids and have them home for her visit.

I really didn't have to do much to the house, but I did want to straighten up the kids' rooms just to make a good impression. Sarah kept her room immaculately clean so I didn't even bother going in there and in Joe and Shawn's room all I had to do was a little dusting and pick up a few scattered clothes. Jake seldom slept in his room and that bothered me a little so I gave it a lived in look and turned the covers back and rumbled the sheets a little. I hesitated to invade David's room but since this was all about him I thought it best that make sure it was acceptable and boy was I glad I did.

I picked up a few clothes and found a few clean folded ones on the desk and when I opened his underwear drawer to put them away I got the surprise of my life. Beneath his underwear but peeking out a bit was a plastic bag and when I pulled it out I knew immediately what it was. Though I had never smoked pot, or used any illegal drugs for that matter I had been exposed to them enough to know weed when I saw it. So that was why Jake was in David's room all night, I mused. I was disappointed by not angry. I let the kids have a lot of freedom and didn't ride them so this kind of thing was bound to happen, but David had promised me no weed in my house and he had gone back on his word. the worse part was that he had gotten Jake involved and his timing couldn't have been worse. I checked the rest of his room making sure to put things back as they were but other than the dime bag in his drawer I found no other drugs.

I stuck the bag in my pocket and finished tidying up his room then went downstairs and made sure the rest of the house was ready for inspection. I had considered flushing the weed, but I wanted the evidence in case David pled innocent so I locked it in the small safe in my bedroom.

I picked Joe and Shawn up first then drove to the Junior High and picked up the rest of my brood. David and Jake seemed surprised and when I told them about the visit I could see the look of panic on their faces. So much for their innocence.

As soon as we got home David zoomed up to his room and when he came down after what I was sure was a mad search for his stash he came back down looking white as a sheet. Jake gave him a panicky look and he shrugged. Just to be mean I ignored them and pretended nothing was wrong.

Tammy arrived on time and didn't spend more than ten minutes in our house. Other than peeking in the door of David's room she didn't set foot in any other part of the house than the living room where I served her iced tea. She asked David how things were going and he was very enthusiastic in his answers.

I was a good visit and when I walked her to the door she shook my hand and leaned in and said, "I've seen enough. I am going to advise the court that Children's Services endorsed your adoption of David. Good luck Mr. Taylor. Enjoy your family."

I was so happy and relieved when I joined the others that it took me a minute to compose myself and tell them the good news. Everyone cheered and hugged and bumped, but when it was all over I knew I had to be the bad guy and confront my two oldest about the pot.

I fixed everyone a snack and when they were done I sent the younger kids in to watch TV then retrieved the bag of weed and took David and Jake to David's room. They followed like sheep being led to slaughter and I had no doubt they knew what was about to happen, but I gave them no sign of how I felt about it and let them stew in their own juices.

I stared out the one window for a moment and gathered my thoughts as they stirred nervously on the bed looking at each other as if they were about to be executed.

"I love both of you with all my heart and soul," I began as I turned to them, "and I treat you with nothing but live and respect at all times. I am honest with you and I expect you to be honest with me. So that being said is their anything you would like to tell me guys?" I added as I pulled out the bag of weed.

David began, tears streaming down his face as he spoke, "I know you won't want to adopt me now, but it's my weed. Jake didn't have anything to do with it. I had it when I moved in but I never smoked any of it till last night. Jake tried to talk me out of it and he didn't want to do it, but I shamed him into smoking it too. It's all me. I guess everyone is right..I'm no good."

"Dad, he shouldn't take all the blame. He didn't make me smoke it, I've been wanting to try it and I thought this would know, a good time to find do it. But if it helps, I didn't like it and I won't do it again."

"Do you have any idea what would have happened if Ms King had found you stash or even smelled the smoke?"

"I....never...thought..." David choked out, "but don't matter. I'll pack my stuff and you can call them to come get me and take me...wherever they take kids like me."

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself," I said trying to keep my own emotions under control, "You are not the victim here, if anyone is Jake and this family."

"You lied to me and you put all of us at risk...and for what? A few minutes of fun?"

David looked as if he had been slapped, "I know, I was stupid and it was wrong. I really screwed up," then turning to Jake he added, "I'm really sorry Jake. I was wrong. You tried to help me and I screwed everything up."

"It's cool bro. Dad, I messed up just as bad as David and you can punish me too, but please don't give up on David."

"I'm not giving up on anyone. This is partly my fault for being so trusting," I sighed, "I don't want to have to spend every moment of my life checking up on my kids. I want to be able to trust you, but you have to earn my trust. Now, I don't know what to do. Once the adoption is final there is no turning back. Do you still want to be part of this family David?"

He turned to me with tears streaming down his face and choked out, ""

"Are you willing to follow the rules, my rules?"

He nodded, "Yes sir."

"I try not to be unreasonable. I believe in teaching my kids what's right and letting them make a few mistakes along the way, but sometimes they need a little help and a little discipline. I think this is one of those times."

"David, I am disappointed in you, but I'm not angry. I am going to take into consideration what has been happening at school as well as what has happened to you in the past. I am not going to ground you, but I am going to be keeping a closer watch on where you go and with who. I won't keep you from Julie because, well...that would be unfair to her as well as you. I am going to give you some extra chores and I expect you to apologize to the rest of the family."

"You mean I have to tell the others?" David said looking stricken.

"Yes, because what you did could have impacted all of us. Suppose someone had found the pot and blamed me. I could not only lose any chance of adopting you, but I could lose my kids and I would die if that happened." I said wiping tears from my eyes.

David was crying again and Jake looked ready to join him, "I never thought of that. I am so sorry. I'll make it up to you and to them...I promise."

I nodded. "Now for you Jake. I think I am more hurt than anything else when it comes to you. I trusted you completely because we have been through so much together." I stopped to compose myself before going on, "We are closer than most father and sons and I thought I could trust you with my life. I guess I was wrong."

"No, You can...I swear, don't give up on me," he wailed as he jumped up and hugged me.

"I would never give up on you, but things may not ever be the same again."

"Please dad...I swear I will never mess up again," he cried as he clung to me.

"I doubt that son. We all mess up from time to time. I don't expect you to be perfect, I just expect you to be honest with me."

"What can I do dad?"

"Just trust me son, be honest with me and we'll work things out. I'm going to go easy on you because I think you have learned a valuable lesson here. I'm not going to ground you either, but I will assign you a few more chores for a while."

He nodded, "Whatever you think is fair dad. I deserve worse."

I hugged him to me, "I love you son and I'm not about to give up on you because you messed up once. You're a good kid and you know what's right and wrong. You knew this was wrong, you just thought you'd get away with it...right?"

He nodded, "Dumb huh?"

"We all do dumb things, but if we learn from them and don't repeat them then we're better for it."

"Now, we are going to downstairs and you are both going to explain to your brothers and sister what happened and apologize to them. Pull yourselves together and let's go."

They managed to make their apology without completely breaking down and I sensed that they were genuinely sorry for their actions. Joe seemed embarrassed for them and Sarah was her sweet self as always. Shawn didn't really understand all of it but he hugged both of them when they were done and said he was sorry too. I almost laughed when he said that. He is such a little sweetheart.

The kids drifted off to bathe and get ready for bed and I had some bills to pay. I considered what to do with the weed and for some odd reason I couldn't bring myself to flush it. I put it back in my safe and there it stayed for a very long time.

Despite our fears Julie's parents seemed to accept David and never brought up his past. I couldn't help but think that they had noticed the change in Julie and attributed it to David and that may have been a determining factor in their decision. David rewarded their trust by being a polite and caring young man and on a few occasions his mother Johanna mentioned those attributes.

The boys did their extra chores without grumbling and soon earned my trust once again, but I still had that little bag of weed in my safe as a reminder that kid's weren't perfect and I needed to be on my toes at all times. Our life progressed smoothly and by the Holidays were one big happy family. Christmas was a special time and the boys helped me decorate the house and yard and we had quite a spectacular display. All the neighborhood kids stopped by to tell us how cool it was and had a constant line of cars driving by to look once the word got out.

We spent Christmas day opening gifts and eating the traditional holiday meal and basking in the warm glow of family. David seemed especially emotional and when he unwrapped the new I-phone I had gotten him, I though he was going to cry. He threw his arms around my neck and hugged me and thanked me a  hundred times telling me that this was the best Christmas of his life.

Jake already had the newest Galaxy phone so I got him an Android tablet that he had been wanting and a few other things. The other's were easy to buy for since they had submitted their list to Santa early and I think everyone was pleased with their gifts. I remembered that first day I took the kids to Kmart and allowed them to each pick out a toy and how sweet little Sarah and picked out a Barbie Doll saying she had always wanted one. I mean I don't believe in spoiling kids (well maybe a little) but I do believe that kids deserve the basics, a few toys and such and these kids had never had anything before I came along.

I was tempted to buy Shawn a new bicycle for Christmas I wanted to save it for his birthday and instead I got him a train set and some other toys he had been wanting. Joe was easy, lots of Legos and a laptop since he was the only one of the boys without one by then. I had given Shawn my old one when I replaced it with a newer faster one but had placed a parental block on it to keep him out of trouble...he he.

In the evening we ate again and the kids called their significant others while Jake and Shawn and I watched Christmas movies. Shawn was in my lap and Jake was snuggled up to my side and it was very cozy. I can definitely say  I had never been happier and if the new year was anything like this one I was definitely looking forward to it.

The kids were out of school till after the New Year and we took some short trips during the week and of course the kids brought along their other halves as often as possible. I asked the kids what they wanted to do for New Year's Eve and they enthusiastically told me they wanted to have a party and invite all their friends and see in the New Year. I groaned when they told me what they wanted, but they knew I would give them anything they wanted and so the party was on.

The party was a huge success and not nearly as stressful as I had feared. With Marcus's mother, Martha's help I decorated the place with streamers and bought favors and party trays of food and served no alcoholic sparkling punch for the toast. Martha hung around till after midnight then left me to chaperon the noisy group.

Marcus and Joe had unashamedly kissed at midnight and that prompted Sarah and Dakota and Julie and David to follow the lead. Then to my surprise Shawn jumped me and insisted on his New Year's kiss. I laughed as I picked him up noticing how heavy he seemed these days and smooched his face as Martha looked on with approval.  Of course it was really Jake I wanted to kiss, but that would have to wait till later.

The kids finished watching the New Year's program on TV dancing and singing and tooting their horns as I showed Martha to the door.

"Thanks for helping out. I'm not sure I could have handled this group alone. You'd have thought the punch was spiked the way they hooped it up," I said laughing.

"Maybe one of them did," she laughed. I had told her about the pot incident but she hadn't been that alarmed, she was very open minded of course, and even went so far as to say that she had smoked her first joint at age 12 then ate all the cookies in the house and her mother had grounded her for a week.

"Well, if they did they  should be crashing soon, but I dread the hangovers tomorrow," I teased. We said our goodnights and I went back to the kids who had settled down some but were still full of vinegar and piss as my old grandpa used to say.

I had already laid down the ground rules and they were simple, the girls were to sleep in my room and I was sleeping on the couch and the rest of the brood was bedding down in the floor. In a way it wasn't fair since Joe and Marcus weren't being kept apart, but I wasn't trying to protect their virginity. Of course as far as Joe and Marcus went their virginity was long gone. Maybe I was guilty of applying a double standard here, but I had promised Dakota's parents and Julie's that the kids would be chaperoned and I was determined to do just that.

Around two the girls went off to my freshly made bed and I made the sofa up for myself. The boys had already prepared their nest in the floor padded with quilts and sleeping bags and blankets and pillows and after taking a turn at the bathroom they settled down beneath me. Joe and Marcus were side my side under one quilt and looking very cozy while Jake was snuggled up to Shawn. Dakota and David were laying head to head near the opposite end of the living room and Dakota looked like he was already asleep.

The couch was long enough for my six foot one frame, but not nearly as wide as I'd of liked, but it was comfortable enough and before too long I was nodding off. I was aware of soft rustling sounds from below and figured the boys were just trying to get comfortable. I heard Joe's soft voice but couldn't make out his words, then a soft "yes" from Marcus and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to someone touching my leg and when I opened my eyes I saw Jake kneeling by the couch grinning at me.

"Hey, you awake?" he whispered.

I  nodded not trusting myself to speak. He took my hand and pulled me up then and I allowed him to lead me to his room being careful not to step on any of the sleeping boys strewn about the room. When we were inside his room and the door closed and latched he threw himself into my arms and began kissing me passionately.

"I just couldn't wait another minute," he said between kisses, "all that kissing at New Year's and I wanted to kiss you soooo bad."

"Oh baby, me too. I love your kisses almost as much as the rest of you," I said nuzzling his ear.

"Let's get naked and kiss some more," he said tugging at my clothes.

We undressed each other and fell into bed and not once did our lips part. I rolled onto him and pressed my hard cock against his and felt the wetness there. We moaned into each other's mouth as we rubbed together like two animals in heat.

I left his lips and worked my way down to his neck as he sighed and when I found his hard nipples and began to work them over he went back to moaning. From his nipples I traced a path with my tongue down his sculpted body and down to the part that made  him all boy. He smelled lovely. His shower had been early in the day and his natural boyish scents and his pheromones were driving me crazy with lust. 

I nuzzled his sparse pubes and was glad he decided to keep them instead of shaving them as I did. They held his heady scent and were downy soft against my face and lips as I savored his flavor. Moving down to his balls I nuzzled then licked them and took them into my mouth as he clawed at the sheets and moaned louder.

I turned my attention to his cock next, licking up and own the shaft and swirling my tongue around the sensitive ridge as his breathing quickened and his moaning became louder and more passionate. When I finally swallowed his hard six inches of boy meat he grabbed my head and let out a deep satisfied breath.

I teased his cock with my tongue as I bobbed up and down on it swallowing it to the hilt then moving back up slowly and wetly. Not to brag but I had always been an expert at cock sucking, ever since I had tasted my first cock at an early age, and my skill had improved vastly over the years. Soon I had Jake gasping for breath and when grabbed my head and began to face fuck me I knew he was ready to nut.

When I felt his cock head expand I pulled up a little and his first explosion eruption hit my tongue and then pooled in my mouth. His taste had changed since I swallowed his first load, but it was only getting better with time. More pungent, yet sweeter and thicker and more a meal these days than a snack. I savored every drop and when he was spent I licked him clean and moved up to share with him. Kissing him deeply I let him taste his own flavor and then we swallowed and fell down in a sweaty heap to recover.

"Fuck me daddy," He said after a  few minutes.

"Ummm...okay baby. How do you want it?"

"On my back with you kissing me. That way I can see your face and you can get in deepest. I love when you put it all the way in," he said dreamily.

"Don't suppose you have any lube in here."

"In the night stand," he said softly, "but you don't need much. Your dick is slippery," he giggled.

He was right, my cock was producing large amounts of pre-cum and was slick as snot, but I took a few minutes to loosen him up with lubed fingers before going in. I moved into position and aimed my cock head at his cute gaping hole and pushed in easily. He felt comfortable and familiar as I pushed on inside and I marveled at how well we fit together whether I was on top or on bottom. His insides were hot and tight and velvety smooth and the perfect fit for my throbbing cock. 

I took my time, loving him slowly as we kissed and cooed and enjoyed the feeling of intimacy that anal sex brings. Oral is great but nothing compares to anal sex. That immersion of body into body and the connection is amazing and almost spiritual. I was deep into his soul and he was deep into mine and nothing could come between us at that moment in time.

I lasted all of twenty minutes, moving slowly at first then speeding up, slowing down and edging myself to get maximum feeling from the act. When I finally came I cried out and began to unload, filling my boy with my hot sticky seed and reclaiming him all over again. I stayed in him and on him for a long time, kissing and cooling down and my  cock stayed hard the entire time. I seldom ever went twice, but that night was different. Flipping my boy over I mounted him from behind and pounded out a second orgasm that was almost as intense as the first. 

When I was rested Jake took his turn and filled me with another load of delicious boy spunk before we fell asleep. I woke him just before sunrise and we dressed and tip toed out using the bathroom and cleaning up some before taking our places among the sleeping boys in my living room. I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow and I slept quite late that next morning.

Chapter 12

Mr. Miller, you have a new son

David officially became my son February 14 of the following year. I thought it was fitting that he should officially join our family on this day of love, Valentine's Day and I took the family out to celebrate that evening. It was a wonderful time of love and laughter and I had never felt so proud or loved in my life. 

David had cried when the judge made the announcement then laughed when he jokingly added, "Mr. Miller you have a new son." I couldn't have been prouder if he was had been my own flesh and blood delivered from the womb and I guess I cried a little that day too. The judge seemed very happy with the outcome, as did Tammy King who was there to congratulate us.

Back at home things leveled out. We'd long since formed a bond with David and he was part of the family long before it was official so not much changed except his last name. That may sound like a simple thing, but as I had found out with the other kids, it required changing a lot of records and documents but I knew what had to be done and went about it with a light heart.

David and Julie continued to date through the spring, but in May just before school ended they broke up. I expected David to be upset and in need of a shoulder to cry on, but he seemed fine with it and so I didn't question him. Jake said it was mutual and they were still friends, but that neither of them felt the relationship had much future. They liked each other, but they didn't love each other. 

It was about this time that new neighbors moved into the house next door, the kids' old  home. There were two boys in the family, Josh who was David's age 15, and Billy who was Shawn's age 8. Shawn and Billy bonded instantly and I was very happy for Shawn who had few friends his age and they soon became inseparable. Billy spent as much time at our house as he did his own and I began to think of him as my 5th son. 

Billy was a cute kid, but not movie star cute. He had big grey eyes and blondish hair and a few freckles across his nose that he hated but which I thought added to his cuteness. He was slender, but not skinny and all boy, rough and tumble but he had a tender side too. I witnessed it one day when Shawn took a spill while riding the new bike I'd bought him for his 8th birthday. 

Shawn had hit a hole in the yard and flipped over the handlebars and when he hit the ground Billy was right there beside him soothing him before I could react. When I finally rushed over Billy was patting his tummy and cooing to him that he was gonna be all right and I had to smile. 

Other  than having the breath knocked out of him and a small abrasion on his arm Shawn was fine and back playing as soon as I put a band aid on his boo boo. I sat on the porch and watched them play and thought how cute they looked together. I was happy that Shawn had found a best friend but I missed him climbing into my lap and tagging around behind me all the time. Not that we didn't still have time to bond in the evenings, but he was 8 now and he'd grown a lot and he wasn't quite the lap sitter that he'd been when I first brought him to live with me.

Sometimes I felt a little sad, the kids were growing up as kids do, and someday I'd be alone once again. I hoped that would be a long time off, but doing the math, I had about ten years before the last of them left the nest. Of course Jake and David would be he first to go, and I would miss Jake most. I figured he would find someone long before he moved out, but I knew I'd miss him the most no matter what.

Sarah and Dakota were closer than ever but as far as I knew they had yet to go any further than kissing or petting and that was fine by me. Joe and Marcus however went at sex like it was as natural as breathing. They kept it private, but Joe had no qualms about sharing word of his adventures with Jake and occasionally me and I envied him his libido.

I was perfectly happy with Jake to satisfy my needs and sometimes found myself apologizing again and again for my indiscretion and lack of control with the dancer Dallas so long ago. Jake always dismissed my guilt with a wave of his hand and usually engaged me in a wild sex romp to prove he was sincere. He was an amazing boy and growing into an amazing young man as each day passed. 

He had gained a little muscle and was begun working out with the equipment I had in the garage. I joined him occasionally and we spotted each other with the free weights while we talked and joked around. Sometimes David would join us and we'd have a three way work out session, no not that, and those were especially good days. I loved all my children equally, but I had to admit that Jake had a special place in my heart.

About a month after his breakup with Julie David began to hang around with the neighbor boy Josh who was his age. I guessed they had some classes together at school but the fact that they lived next door to each other was probably the biggest factor in them becoming friends. Jake didn't hang around with them much, which surprised me, but one day Jake told me in confidence that he didn't like Josh much and that he was pretty sure he and David were messing around.

"Why would you think that?" I asked more out of curiosity than prurient interest.

"I never caught em or anything and David has never told me for sure, but I get those vibes if you know what I mean. One time I was over there and I went to the bathroom and when I got back David and Josh were on the bed and I swear I saw David pull his hand out of Josh's shorts."

"I get the feeling you don't approve of them messing around."

He shrugged, "I guess it's no big deal, but I don't trust Josh. I'm afraid he might be the kind to do stuff then out the other guy and call em queer or something."

" you think I should talk to David about this?"

"NOO....he'd know I said something and I don't wanna be a snitch."

"Okay, but keep an eye on things for me, okay?"

"Okay. I could be wrong. Josh might just be horny and need a nut. It could all be innocent stuff...well, you know what I big deal"

"Teenage boys are a horny bunch for sure and sometimes a little help from a bud is appreciated. Anyway I trust David to make the right decision."

"Sure, well...anyway... speaking of horny teenage boys needing help....."

Joe and Marcus had made their acting debut last fall and ever since then they had been actively involved in all activities concerning theater, art and music. Not only could Marcus dance, he had a the voice of an angel and had several solos in the school's choral programs. Joe was a moderately good singer, but his real love was making props and acting and I did all I could to encourage and support his interests as I did all my kids.

Jake didn't seem inclined to do anything, but he did like sports and finally went out for Baseball in the spring. David, not to be left behind joined his team as well and they turned out to be pretty good players. In fact Jake is now one of the pitchers on his team. We spent many enjoyable evenings that spring and summer attending Jake and David's games and usually wound up taking a few of the other boys out for ice cream or pizza afterward.

Sarah, my little Princess was not only beautiful but smart and there was no doubt she would be earning a scholarship before she graduated. Shawn, bless his heart was all boy and loved playing in the dirt and running around all day, but after taking lessons at the Y swimming became his new passion.

I couldn't resist getting him several pairs of Speedos and he looked so cute in them, not to mention that they made him more sleek as he cut through the water. He was using the high dive and swimming like a pro in no time flat and he and Billy spent many enjoyable days at the pool that summer.

I was as proud a parent as any of the others at school programs or the sporting events, and the other parents seemed to have no problem with a 50+ single dad raising five kids on his own. Nor did they have any problem  with their children visiting my household or occasionally staying overnight. There was Nicolas, and Cody, and Paul, and Freddy from the ball team, and Sarah had several girlfriends and occasionally had a slumber party while I kept the boys at

One Friday night late in the summer David announced that he had invited Josh to spend the night and wanted to know if it was okay. I was surprised that he had any doubts and quickly assured him Josh was welcome any time. I was a bit surprised that this was the first time he had invited him to sleepover, though he had slept over at his house a few times and gone camping with Josh's dad and brother earlier in the summer.

The kids ate pizza as usual and watched movies but David and Josh left early and went up to David's room and we didn't see them the rest of the night. Josh was a strange kid, polite enough, but  he seemed wary of me and didn't talk much. I wasn't sure if it was because he was nervous I'd find out he and David were messing around (if they were) or if he just had a natural distrust of adults. I liked the boy, but try as hard as I might I could not break through his shell.

Jake snuck into my room as  usual around midnight and we made love and quickly fell asleep. I awoke some time later and untangled myself from Jake and made my way to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of cocoa but when I got close I saw the light was on and I heard voices. They were talking lowly and I wasn't trying to overhear them but I stopped dead in my tracks and listened for a minute.

"He's cool, don't worry. He wouldn't freak or anything if that's what you're afraid of." That was definitely David so I assumed the other voice was Josh.

"I dunno, it's just weird. I aint queer or nothin. I just like gettin my know."

"Hey, me too. I had a girlfriend you know," David said sounding defensive.

"Yeah, did you ever get any pussy?" Josh asked sounding excited.

"Naw, she was too proper for that, but I fingered her a bunch of times and she blew me once and jerked me off a few times."

Somehow I thought David might be embellishing his sexual encounters with Julie, but I supposed there was no harm as long as Josh didn't start spreading tales about her.

"Whoa, no way. Man I'd love to have some head. How was it?"

"Awesome....the best. I've heard it's better than fucking, but since I never did that I don't know."

"Too bad she's not here now, she could blow us both." Josh laughed.

"Hey, that my ex girl you're talking about," David laughed, "have some respect."

"Sorry dude, I'm just super horny. Wanna go back to your room and beat our meat again?"

"Sure, maybe you'll even get lucky and I'll feel sorry for you and blow  you," David joked, but it was obvious he was serious from the lust in his voice.

"You'd be the best bud ever if you would and I'd never tell anyone...not in a million years." Josh said sounding excited but nervous.

I darted back into the hall then and a few minutes later I heard them clumping up the stairs and when I was sure they were gone I went into the kitchen. There were two dirty glasses in the sink but someone had run water in them, David most likely and the cookie jar was on the counter so I assumed they had come down for a snack. I fixed my coca in the microwave and popped in some miniature marshmallows and leaned against the counter as I sipped it.

So Josh was using the old "I'm not gay" thing but begging for a blow job, I mused. How many times had I heard that back when I was blowing jocks and straight boys back in high school and college? Of course some of them were straight or at least bi, but too many of them were in denial and I knew what a hell that was.

I looked down at the tent in my boxer briefs and sighed. It didn't take much to get me up these day what with a 15 year old lover in my bed and boys running in and out of the house all day and all night, some barely wearing any clothes, but it was the thoughts of what might be going up in David's room that had me horny at the moment. Not that I wanted to watch or join in, but still the whole thing was...well...a story right out of Nifty. I finished my cocoa and rinsed out the mug and checked the doors one last time then went back to bed. Jake rolled into me as soon as I climbed in and spooned his soft backside against my erection and I moaned softly.

" hard daddy?"

"A little."

"Want some boy butt?"

"If you're not too tired."

"Never too tired for my daddy," Jake cooed, "but I might want some daddy butt back."

"I hope so son, I really hope so."

The following night after an especially long and steamy love making session with Jake we snuggled up to rest and Jake filled me in on what David had told him about the previous night with Josh. I wasn't sure I should be hearing this, but despite my protests Jake insisted it was no big deal and that David wouldn't care.

"Any way, not much happened. I guess Josh is more into receiving than giving."

"Oh, in what way?"

"You know, he wants to get blown, but he doesn't want to blow David."

"Oh, I thought you meant something else," I laughed.

He frowned, "That would be the day when Josh took a dick up the butt."

"Yeah, he does seem pretty...straight. Maybe he really is straight and  just horny, like most teens. Does he have many friends at school?"

"No female ones, that's for sure. I think he does hang with a few of the bad boys when David's not around."

"So let me see if I got this straight, no pun intended, David blew Josh but got nothing in return."

"Didn't say that, from what David said he gives good hand jobs," Jake chuckled, "if you can call that sex.""

"Hey, a nut is a nut," I said chuckling.

"There's more," Jake said nibbling on my ear.

"Oh? What more could there possibly be?"

"Believe it or not David has a huge crush on Josh."

"Whaaaaat?" I said laughing, "No way. Our David has a crush on big ole straight Josh?"

"Yep, fraid so and I don't see much future there. Looks like my bro is going to have his first broken heart."

"I thought David was going to turn out to like girls after his dating Julie, what happened there I wonder."

"Not saying he doesn't like girls too, but you know how it is these days...whatever feels good at the moment. Who knows tomorrow some girl may come along steal him away from Joshie," Jake said grinning.

"We can only hope," I sighed, "it's not that I mind him liking another boy, it's just that if Josh can't feel for him what David feels then things could get very bad."

"Tell me about it, annnny way, nothin we can do about it so kiss me and let's go to sleep."

I gave him his kiss then spooned up to him but it was a long time before I went to sleep. One thing about being a dad have to suffer through all your kids troubles with them. Not that I minded that, it was a privilege actually, but sometimes it was frustrating when you couldn't solve all their problems for them.

Upstairs a dozen or so yards away my newest son was thinking his thoughts or dreaming  his dreams or perhaps pleasuring himself thinking of Josh. He was young and vulnerable and after what he had been through I wanted to spare him as much pain as possible, but the truth was I could only do so much and the rest was up to him and fate. I thought about all the bumps and bruises my ego and libido had taken through the years and I decided if I could survive so could my kids. I felt a little better by the time I finally drifted off to sleep, but I knew the drama was just beginning.

School started in late August and it was back to the daily routine of dropping off and picking up the kids, fixing snacks, making sure homework was done....yadda, yadda, yadda, but I loved it. Nothing makes a person feel as alive as being needed. Not to mention the fringe benefits, like hugs, kisses and I love yous from your children. If ever there was anything I was born to be, it was a dad and I liked to think I was doing a good job at it.

After David became a permanent part of the family I began to wonder if our house was big enough. The improvements I'd made since buying it and the fact that I owned it outright made it possible to buy a bigger and nicer house and I had begun to do a casual search using the internet. It was not a decision I would make on my own of course, but before I approached the kids with the idea I wanted to have all the facts.

I was looking for something in the same general area so the kids wouldn't have to change schools but so far I hadn't found anything that was within my price range or the size house I needed. Then one afternoon as I waiting to pick up the kids I stumbled across a listing for a six bedroom house with a two car garage, two living areas, an office and a detached pool house and pool. The house was a corporate listing, probably the home of some high priced exec the company had transfered and it was way below market value. At first I thought it was a typo so I called the listing agent and we talked. Of course pictures can be deceiving so I asked the Realtor if the property was in as good a condition as the pictures showed and he assured me that they were and suggested I meet him the following day and see for myself.

I decided not to tell the kids about the house until I had a chance to look at it so as soon as they were all off to school the next day I drove the short distance to the new house. The Realtor was already there and driving a BMW I might add. I had parked behind her in the circle drive and the garage was on the left side of the two story house. It was sort of a mix of Victorian and English Tudor with a wide front porch that wrapped around the opposite side and I would later discover joined a large porch at the back of the house.

"I can't believe the price," I said as she led me inside, "What's the catch? Was the last family murdered or is it haunted," I laughed.

"No catch, the property is owned by a large corporation who closed their offices here in the city. This was the residence of the CEO of this division and he has long since moved to New York and the property has been empty all that time. They enlisted our agency to make sure it was kept up, but quite frankly it's too much house for this neighborhood and they haven't had one solid offer so they agreed to reduce the price to the median price for this neighborhood."

"So their loss is my gain, so to speak. Well, if the inside is as nice as the outside I think you may have found a buyer at last."

There were six bedrooms all total, one master with complete bath and study downstairs and five upstairs one with it's own bath. The other four bedrooms were arranged in two's with a bath between them which gave us a total of three full baths plus a half bath off the laundry room downstairs. It was huge and I wondered how I would keep a place that big clean, but as long as I had the kid's help I supposed it would be okay. When the kids all moved out I could sell it, not doubt at a huge profit, and move to the old folks home or whatever...he he.

The pool was small but nice and the pool house was actually a small apartment with a bath and a small kitchenette and living area. There was a garden and a fish pond and the whole back yard was surrounded by an 8ft privacy fence making it very quiet and private. On the huge back porch there was a bricked in BBQ grill with it's own chimney as well as a work space and locking cabinet. It looked like something out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, that old TV show with Robin Leach, but I loved it.

There were two living spaces and I was trying to figure out how to arrange my old furniture to fill the spaces when the Realtor told me that all the furnishing came with the house. I must've been standing there with my mouth open because she laughed and said, "Mr. Miller are you all right?"

"Fine, fine...I just never thought I'd be considering living in a place like this."

"So do I have an offer?"

"Can I show it to my kids first?"

"Of course, I tell you what if you will give me a small deposit I will give you the key and you can bring them this evening and then let me know. If you decide to take the house I'll start drawing up the contract, but if you decide it's not for you then I'll give you back your deposit and you can give me back the key. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful. I don't doubt for a moment that the kids won't love it as much as I do, but after all it's their life too and I want them to be happy wherever we are."

"I  understand completely."

I gave her my credit card info and she wrote me a receipt for a thousand dollars and she handed me the key and left me to lock up while she drove to another property to show a condo. I looked around a bit more, took a few pics with my phone and then locked up and drove home. It was lunch time by then and I made myself a sandwich and looked around the place I had called home for the last year or so. Of course it had only become a real home when the kids moved in, and there were a lot of memories here. Still we could make plenty of memories in the new house and have more room for guests and a pool....Shawn would love that. He swam like a little otter now and was so cute in his Speedos.

By the time I picked up the last of the kids I was chomping at the bits to show them the house, but I didn't say a word as I headed that way. 

"Dad, where are we going?" Jake asked when we missed our turn off.

"Oh, we just need to go see something. It's not far, just be patient."

"Okay," Jake said looking at me curiously.

"Is it a surprise daddy?" Shawn asked excitedly.

"Yes buddy, a big surprise. I hope you guys like it."

When I pulled into the drive the kids looked at the house then me with questioning eyes. 

"Who lives here daddy?" Sarah asked.

"No one right now," I said unbuckling my seat belt, "Come on I want to show you guys something."

No more questions were asked until I pulled the key from my pocket and  unlocked the big double door.

"Dad?" Joe said grinning, "What is this place?"

"Just a house, come on inside and look around," I said not explaining anything more.

They seemed reluctant to start off on their own so I led them on a tour of the house as they ooed and ahhed and ask all kinds of questions which I ignored for the most part. When we got to the back yard and they saw the pool I thought I was going to have a riot on my hands. Shawn ran to the edge and stooped down and stuck his little hand in the blue water and giggled.

"A pool daddy, it has a pool. Boy, wish we had a pool like this."

"What's that over there dad?" David said pointing at the pool house. 

"Come on, I'll show you. More ooes and ahs and finally some hard questions."

"Okay, dad what's the big deal? Why are you showing us this place. Who lives here, I mean there's furniture and stuff." Jake asked.

"Well, see here's the deal. I thought we might be outgrowing our little house and I started looking for something a little bigger. At first I didn't find anything in this area. I wanted to stay in the area so you kids wouldn't have to change school. Then I ran across this house. At first I thought the price was a mistake, but after I talked to the Realtor I found out it was sort of a distress sale. A large corporation owns the house, it belonged to the guy who ran the company here, but they closed the branch here and they were sort of stuck with the house. It's sort of out of place in this neighborhood and so they priced it to fit the prices of other houses here. I know it all sounds complicated, but the bottom line is this, if I sell our old house I can afford this house and only  have a small monthly payment. Everyone can have their own room and there are three and a half bathroom plus the one in the pool house and well...the only question is...what do you kids think about moving here?"

I expected a loud and enthusiastic yes, but what I got was more like a riot as the kids mobbed me and jumped up and down and hugged me and each other and then Shawn jumped into my arms and said, "Oh daddy, my own pool. I love you soooo much." 

I took the kids out for an early dinner and we talked about the upcoming move. I didn't think we'd have much trouble selling the old house, but if necessary we could move while waiting for the sale since I owned it outright. It took about two weeks to close on the new house and my payment was just over 300.00 and I had only taken a 15 year loan so the interest was negligible. Since I didn't have to buy any new furniture we took only those pieces we needed and sold the rest using Craigslist and I made a fair amount of money from that which I put into the kid's college fund.

We moved in slowly a bit at a time but finally made the official move one sunny weekend in October. I was so proud of the boys, when it came to choosing rooms the boys insisted that since Sarah was the only girl that she have the room with the bath. She accepted with grace and dignity as befitted my little Princess and thanked her brothers with a hug. Joe and Shawn had one set of bedrooms and shared a bath and David and Jake shared the other. Of course I got the master bedroom downstairs, which was nice since it gave Jake and I a lot more privacy when he made his nocturnal visits.

We discovered the pool had a heater and as soon as the move was official Shawn insisted on trying it out. The other kids joined in as well and despite the crisp fall weather we had our first pool party that night. I spent most of my time in the jacuzzi letting the warms jets soothe my aching muscles and when Jake joined me we played a little touchy feely when the others weren't looking.

We had a house warming party the next night and invited all the kid's friends including Josh and Billy who seemed in awe of the new house. I think they might have felt a little out of place, but I tried to make them feel welcome. I was in the kitchen getting more sodas when Josh wandered in looking forlorn and sat down at the breakfast bar.

"Are you having a good time Josh?"

"Yeah, I guess. I mean I never been in a place this fancy before."

"Well, if it's any help, neither have I. I still can't believe this is home. I got a really, really good deal so it's not like I'm rich or anything. I'm still the same person that I was when I was your neighbor. And the kids are the same too. I want you to feel welcome here Josh. You're important to David, so you're important to me," I said leaning across the bar and smiling.

He looked embarrassed but pleased and he smiled faintly, "No wonder David raves about you. You're nothing like my dad. He's so busy with work and stuff...."

"I'm sure he does the best he can. I know what that's like. I was once a member of the rat race too, but I always tried to find time for my kids."

"You had other kids? I mean before you adopted the ones you have now?"

"Yeah, two boys. I raised them and half the neighborhood," I chuckled.

"Yeah, I can see that. Well, guess I should get back out there. Thanks for inviting me. The place is nice."

"Did David show you around?"

"Yeah, the pool house is cool. Hey, maybe I could rent it from you," he teased.

"Always room for one more," I teased back.

I got the sodas and Josh helped me carry them back to the dining room and put them in the big bucket of ice we had there. The kids were dancing and playing video games in the huge family room while music blared from the stereo. I wasn't sure I wanted to face that right then so I grabbed a soda and went out onto the huge back porch and sat down in one of the comfortable chairs there.

As I sipped my soda I thought about how much my life had changed since I was a kid. I had gone through a lot of changes, both physically and mentally, but most had been for the better. I was more confident these days and happier than I could ever remember being except maybe for the period when my two sons were growing up. But I had been distracted then, working and of course keeping a wife happy and I felt more in touch with my new kids than I had ever been with my two sons. 

I wondered what they would think of my new family and my new life. I hadn't seen them since I moved to the city, but I had talked to them on the phone a few times. I never mentioned the kids though and I wondered why I was reluctant to share that part of my life. Maybe I'd give them a call and tell them about my new life, but not today..soon though.

Shawn wandered out and sat down next to me and just stared at the pool, but I knew what he was thinking. When he looked at me he was smiling and I couldn't resist him.

"Go get your Speedos on and I'll watch you swim. I had a hard and fast rule that no one was to go near the pool unless I was there. The worst nightmare I could envision was one of my kids drowning in the pool.

He scampered off but he was not alone, Marcus and Joe and Billy were with him all dressed for the pool. Joe had his own Speedos and had evidently loaned Marcus a pair and they were lovely and sexy dressed as they were. Billy wore a pair of board shorts that looked to be a size too small and they hugged his little butt quite nicely. Of course Shawn was the most lovely of them all, sleek as an otter and cute as a teddy bear and he gave me a big hug before running over to the pool and with a loud yell cannonballing into the pool.

I watched them from my perch on my chair and eventually the others wandered out and stood around watching or sitting on the edge of the pool and dangled their feet in the water. After a while Jake wandered over and sat down beside me.

"Having fun dad?"

"If being happy and content is fun, then yes. I have never had more fun in my life."

"Do you miss the old house sometimes?" he asked after a while.

"Sometimes I think about that first day when Shawn knocked on the door and how this all began and all the good times we had there and yeah, I sort of miss the place.

"Yeah, so do I, but I love our new house too. Is that wrong?"

"No, not really. A house is just a house, but a family is a home. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I guess it wouldn't matter if we lived in a dumpster or a mansion, we'd still have fun and be a family, right?"

"Well, I  hope it's never a dumpster," I laughed, "but yeah, you got it right."

"We lived a lot of different places when...when mom was still alive and none of the places ever seemed like home. I never really knew what home was till...till you took us in," he said as tears clouded his eyes. 

I pulled him to me and he knelt at my feet and laid his head in my lap as I stroked his hair. He was due a haircut, but I liked it long like he was wearing it these days.

"My house was just a house till you and the kids came along, so it sort of works both ways. But this is our home now and when the new wears off it will be just as good as the old one. We'll make memories here and share our love and make new friends along the way and someday when you're grown and you move on you'll look back and this will be the place you remember as home, not the old place."

"I guess," he sniffed, "I don't care where we live as long as we're together."

"Yeah, that's the most important thing. Just look at Shawn and Joe out there splashing around. Hey, where's my Princess and Dakota?" I said suddenly missing those two.

"They were slow dancing in the family room last time I saw them," Jake said raising up, "Want me to go check on em?"

"Naw, I trust them. They're in love and they deserve some space. I am so happy for them. I just hope it lasts. I'd love to have Dakota as my son-in-law someday, not to mention a few grandkids to spoil."

"Yeah, cause you're not getting any from me or Joe," he laughed, "Maybe David, and probably Shawn."

"Never say never, remember I was gay long before I was married and had two kids. Sometimes we can't help falling in love with someone, no matter what sex they are."

"Yeah, I guess. Well, if it  happens it happens, I'm open for whatever these days."

"Good attitude. Well, I think I'll roust the kids out of the pool before they turn to prunes."

Despite their protests the kids climbed out and ran inside where it was warm to dry off. I had no doubt there was some fooling around in Joe's bathroom that afternoon, and Shawn and Billy were using the older boys bathroom and one could only guess what went on in there. David and Josh had been missing this whole time but when we all went inside I found them visiting with Sarah and Dakota who were holding hands and sitting close together on the love seat.

"Hey kids," I said as I came in and sat down. The music was still playing but they had lowered the volume to an acceptable level and the song that was playing was one I knew and liked. 

"Daddy can Dakota spend the night?" Sarah asked giving me doe eyes.

"Sure, I expected all of the kids to stay over. How about you and Billy,  Josh?"

"Yes sir, if it's okay," Josh said blushing.

"Sir? Where is a sir?" I chuckled, "You can call me Rob or dad, but not sir."

"Okay, si...uh, Rob."

"I think I'm going to got take a little nap since I'll probably be up late. I'm trusting you older kids to keep an eye on the younger ones. No one near the that?"

"Yeah, Dad," you can trust us," Jake said.

"I know, otherwise there wouldn't be a party or a sleepover," I chuckled.

I had been in my bed only a few minutes when Jake showed up looking guilty. He laid down beside me and rolled to face me, "Want some company?"

"What about the others?"

He smiled wickedly, "I don't think they want to play like I do."

"Oh, well...if you're sure you won't be missed....."

"David's covering for me. Any way it won't take long," he said in a husky voice.

"Oh? Well, let's do it then."

He leaned in and kissed me and we quickly undressed each other never breaking the kiss. Our hands roamed each other's bodies and soon we were rolling around almost desperately as we pressed our hard cocks together.  I slid down his hard chiseled teenage body pausing to lick and suck his hard little nipples before moving down to flick my tongue in his belly button then running it down his stomach to his pubes. He smelled like boy and sex and I wanted to taste him.

I grabbed his cock and held it up as I burrowed under it licking and sucking his balls as he moaned and pushed against me. His balls were full and I couldn't wait to taste what they held. I began by licking up and down his shaft then let my tongue flick across his hole tasting his delicious dew. 

"Mmmmm....yummy," I said as I looked up at him. His eyes were half lidded and he had a peaceful look on his face.

When I swallowed his cock he thrust up forcing it deeper and growled his approval. Grabbing my head he guided me along as I bobbed up and down swirling my tongue around the sensitive ridge of his head as I twisted around giving all of his cock a good working over. All the while squeezing his balls gently as I worked his dick over. 

As much as I wanted to taste his nut I wanted him inside me even more and when I thought he was getting too close I let up and just kissed his balls edging him for what was to come.

"Daddy needs you in his butt," I said lustily.

"Ohhhh okay," he said shaking with desire.

I rolled onto my back and raised my legs and he grabbed the lube from the night stand and worked a finger into me to get me loosened up. It didn't take much to get me ready since I was accustomed to his cock after all the many times we'd made love and when he lined his cock head up with my slick hole he slipped right in.

I hissed as he bottomed out and pulled him down into a kiss as he began fucking me slowly and deeply. As many times as we  had made love each time was special and felt better than the last. I loved how he filled me up and how his cock felt as it rubbed against that special place inside me, but most of all I liked that I was making him feel as good as he was making me feel. I loved the way he took control and the way his toes curled as they pressed against the soles of my feet, and his lips on mine as his breathed quickened and his heart pounded in his chest.

We fit together like two pieces of a puzzle and when we were joined this way  nothing else mattered. The world stood still while we made love and only when we were spent did it begin to move again. I knew he was close when he leaned down and began kissing me hard on the lips. He stiffened then and began to unload deep within me triggering my own orgasm which splashed thick waves of cum all over his chest before dripping down onto mine.

I gasped for breath as my orgasm hit me and rode the crest of it trying to keep up with him as he filled me with his hot boy seed claiming me all over again. When we were spent  he fell down atop me as his cock slipped from my hole with a plopping sound and began nuzzling my neck as we bask in the afterglow of our nearly simultaneous orgasm.

"Whew, that was a good one," I said breathlessly.

"Not bad," he teased, "but I wish I could have lasted longer."

"Well, maybe the next time," I said patting him.

"Okay, give me ten minutes to recuperate," he said grinning, "then I'll hit it again and this time I bet I last a lot longer."

I groaned but I was really quite excited at the prospect of a second love making session. He got dressed and went to get us a drink and when he returned he handed me a soda and we drank them while we chatted.

"So do you think Josh is having a good time?" I filled him in on our conversation in the kitchen and he frowned.

"You just don't know what it's like at their house. This must be like a vacation for them. Their house if always dirty and I don't think they have that much to eat. If it wasn't for school lunches they'd probably starve."

"Wow, I never thought it was that bad. Both of his parents work, you'd think they could at least provide the basics."

"Maybe if they didn't drink it all up, or smoke it all up. I'm not saying I ever saw any weed there, but I know what it smells like and I've smelled it a few times when I went over there with David."

"Why does it seem that most of the kids I come into contact with are neglected or abused," I moaned.

"Hey, not saying they beat them or anything. It's just not like at our house."

We changed the subject eventually because talking about Josh and his family was not conducive to another sex session and eventually Jake felt recovered enough to give it another go. I got him ready as before using my mouth and tongue but this time I fell down on my stomach with a pillow beneath me and arched up wiggling my ass at him.

He began this time by giving me a deep and satisfying rim job and once he had me slick and ready he mounted me and began. He took his time, laying down on me with his feet entwined with mine as he held my hands and nuzzled my neck and back, planting little kisses as he slowly made love to me. It felt even better this time with his warm muscled body pressed against me and I sighed with content. 

He was good at his word and lasted at least 20 minutes before rising up supporting himself on his arms as he rammed in deep and began to piston quickly in and out of my tight hot hole.  I felt my own cock leaking profusely below me and knew I was close to coming myself. With each downward thrust he rubbed against my prostate and soon I was panting and nearing release.

With one final thrust he planted his cock deep within me as he cried out and began to fill me with his hot boy seed. My own cock erupted then shooting out between my stomach and the sheets beneath me making a mess but I was too tired to care. He continued to move in little circles as he grunted out the last of his orgasm and  when he was empty he fell down on top of me and just laid there breathing heavily and drooling on my neck. I loved it when he was like this, in me and on me, and I could have laid there all night like that.

Too soon he rolled off and pulled out and laid there panting as our bodies cooled off. He was first to speak and he sounded very far away.

"That was awesome. Did you like it?"

"Ummm...I loved it. I could lay there with you inside me all night long."

"Yeah, it is nice. I guess I should go pee and clean up a little and get back out there. Hey, you never got your nap either."

"I'm covered in cum and filled with cum but after I clean up there'll be plenty of time to sleep. How about if we take a quick shower together?"

After the shower Jake joined the rest of the group and I changed my sheets and tried to take my nap, but the shower had woke me up and all I did was rest my eyes as I thought about what Jake had told me about Josh and his family. I guess I understood Josh and a little better now and I had new respect for him. I might not be able to rescue these boys from their life but I could make their time with us pleasant and that was worth something.

It was feeding time at the zoo by the time I finally joined the others and I called in pizza and when it arrived we ate in front of the TV watching a movie the kids picked out. Billy had warmed up to me quickly and was a sweet boy and he and Shawn sat on either side of me leaning against me as I tried to eat my pizza without poking them with my elbows. 

When the pizza was gone I broke out the sweets and the kids feasted on cookies and candy while I cleaned up the mess. A light rain had begun to fall outside and as I stared out the kitchen window I thought about a night a long time ago when I stood  looking out another kitchen window and thinking how lonely I was. Then the kids came along and my lonely days flew away like dust on the wind. I was all smiles as I walked back into the living room and took one look at my little family and their friends and thanked God for them.

By the following spring we were as at home in the new house as we had ever been in the old one. Shawn swam every chance he got and continued to get better and better. I hoped that when he was older he would go out for swimming at school, but I wouldn't push him..encourage and support, but not push. Jake and David convinced Josh to try out for the ball team and he turned out to be a natural and now I had three boys to go watch play ball. 

David and Josh remained close but I never really knew how close until David came to me one evening and asked if he could talk to me about something. I took him into my office and once we were seated I waited for him to begin. I already had a hunch it was about Josh, but I didn't want to assume anything.

"'s kind of embarrassing," he began.

"Well, if it's any consolation I've seen and heard just about everything at one time or another so...shoot."

"Well, it's about Josh and me, well mostly about me and how I feel about Josh," he managed to spit out.

"I see, and exactly how do you feel about Josh?"

"Well, I think I sort of ..umm, love him," he said ducking his head, "but the problem is...I don't think he feels that way about me."

"Unrequited love is the most painful," I said smiling, "Have you told him how you feel?"

"Huh, no...not really. I don't want him to think I'm queer or any thing," he said then blushed, "Sorry."

I almost laughed, but I knew he was being serious and baring his heart, "'re not gay, but you love another boy?"

He rubbed his eyes with his hand, "I know, I know, it sounds crazy. I don't know what I am...okay? I liked Julie but I never felt this way about her. It's so confusing."

"Have you been having sex with Josh?" I asked cutting to the chase.

He nodded, "Sort of. He likes to get head and I let know do butt sex once, but all he ever does for me is jerk me off."

"I see," I sighed, "I think what we have  here is a horny teenage boy who likes to get his nut. He may have feelings for you, but I doubt they are anything like the feelings you are developing for him."

"But, he says  he likes me a lot and he begs me stuff."

"You asked me my opinion and here it is: I doubt that Josh will ever love you like you love him. If you can deal with that then I say keep things as they are, if not I say you tell him how you really feel and let the cards fall where they may."

"Thanks, I'm not sure what I want to do, but I appreciate your listening to me."

"Come here son," I said opening my arms and he struggled up out of his chair and we hugged, "I love you as much as any of the other kids and I care about you and I only want you to be happy. I can't tell you what to do, but I am  here for you anytime you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen."

He nodded and wiped a tear from his eye, "Jake is lucky," he said sighing, "he has you and you love him as much as he loves you."

"What we have is very special, but not everyone would understand the kind of love we share."

"I know, people are stupid," he said bitterly. "I wish....well, I wish I had someone like you to love and who loved me."

"I appreciate that son, I do love you, but just not the way I love Jake."

"I know, well...any way I'm stuck on Josh right now," he sighed.

"I think you should talk to Jake about this, he might have a better take on it than I do. He's a very smart and passionate young man. Do yo trust him enough to do that?"

"Yeah, we've talked a little but I wanted to talk to you first. Thanks dad. I know you didn't solve my problem but I do feel better, not so alone now."

"You are definitely not alone, you have me and the entire family."

"Yeah, thanks. Well, I'm gonna go take a shower and maybe talk to Jake."

We hugged once again and I watched as my newest son walked away. He was growing up fast and well on his way to manhood and I envied him what was ahead. I wondered if Josh knew just what he was missing out on, or if he even gave it any thought. Maybe it was like Jake said, Josh was just out to get a nut and he didn't care how. Josh was still a mystery to me despite having been around him for awhile. I felt like I knew his little brother Billy better but maybe that was just because he was younger and not driven by his hormones.

That following weekend the boys had a baseball tournament and we spend most of our time at the baseball complex near our house. The first game was at 9 am Saturday morning and the boys pulled out a win against one of the better teams with a score of 9 to 7. The next game wasn't until 1 pm so we went home for a bit and Josh came with us.

I was fixing us an early lunch when Josh wandered in and sat down at the breakfast bar and looked at me nervously. I thought it was odd that he should come in alone and that none of the others seemed to be nearby, but I supposed it could have been a coincidence.

"Good job out there today," I said as I made ham and turkey sandwiches for my brood, "that was a nice play at second."

"Thanks, I never knew I liked baseball till David and Jake talked me into playing. I mean we used to play sand lot ball sometimes but nothing like this."

"Well, you seem to be a natural. I'm glad you like it, it shows in the way you play."

"Uh, can I talk to you about something?" Josh finally said ignoring my compliment.

I stopped what I was doing and walked over to the breakfast bar and leaned across it supporting my weight on my arms,  "Sure, I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I'm here for you kids and I care about you. Now, what's on your mind?"

"It's about David," he said nervously, "I like him a lot, but I think he likes me in a different way. Is this making any sense?"

I nodded, it made perfect sense to me but I was surprised Josh would confide in or anyone about it. "David has been through quite a lot in his life and he's only just finally begun to feel safe and comfortable in his life. He may be a little desperate and clingy because he was without any friends for so long."

"I guess, but well...I think..I think David may be...well, I think David is gay," he said frowning.

"Would that be a problem?" I asked letting him know that I was cool with it, "I mean can you be friends if he is?"

"Oh sure, it don't make any difference to me. I mean he might not be all gay, he did date Julie, but I think...well, that he likes me that way."

"And have you done anything to make him think you might feel the same way?" I said hinting that I knew more than he was saying.

"Well..." he said blushing, "maybe...."

"Ah, I see," I said straightening up, "What do you consider yourself to be Josh, straight or bi?"

"Huh, well...I uh, I never really thought about it...I like girls..I guess, cept I never been with one," he stuttered.

"But you have been with a guy, right?"

He squirmed in his seat but finally nodded, "I guess that makes me bi, huh?"

"Maybe, or just curious or just horny," I said grinning.

"So what you're saying is I sort of led David on?" Josh said biting his lip.

" could be that maybe David read more into what went on between you two than you intended."

"So, it's sort of my fault then...." he said thoughtfully.

"Well, no one can control how another person feels, but you may have given him the wrong impression about how you felt about what you two were doing."

He blushed again, "You know all about it don't you?" he said looking embarrassed and nervous, "I mean David tells you stuff don't he?"

"David and I have a very good relationship. He trusts me and I trust him and we're pretty open with one another."

"That's cool. I could never tell my dad any of this stuff. He'd freak and kill both of us most likely."

"Then I trust you will keep this between the three of us," I said frowning.

"Yeah, don't worry. Me and my old man don't talk much."

"Well, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told David, I think the two of you need to talk about this and see if you can figure things out. If  you can still be friends that's great, but if it's too painful or two weird for either of you then it might be best to not see as much of each other as you have been."

"No, I don't want to stop seeing David," Josh said quickly, "I like him more than anyone I've ever known...I just don't know if I can ever you know, love him like he loves me."

I smiled, "I think you may have deeper feelings than you want to admit. Maybe you need to take some time to think about things. Give yourself a little space and don't sweat things so much. You're both young and there's lots of time to figure out what you like and what you don't."

He nodded, "I just don't want to hurt his feelings."

"And I don't want you to either, but sometimes shit happens. You can't be responsible for someone else's feelings. I don't mean try to hurt someone or be a dick, but you have to be true to yourself too. Just try to let him down easy if it comes to that."

"Okay, I will. Thanks for the talk. Are we gonna eat soon?" he said changing gears quickly.

"As soon as I get these sandwiches made. Why don't you go wash up and grab the others."

By the time the kids showed up I had a dozen sandwiches made and I served them with chips and potato salad I'd picked up at the grocery store. The kids talked noisily as they ate but I noticed David was sort of quiet. Josh was talking to Jake about the game and I noticed David give Josh a hungry look. Boy that kid had it bad. I just hoped Josh didn't break his heart and leave us to pick up the pieces.

The boys won the second game that afternoon which meant they'd be back to play the next day at 11am. I loved watching the boys play and had as much fun as they did and these tournaments were as much fun for me as a carnival. I had my folding chair and my Big Gulp and sunflower seeds and my baseball cap and sunglasses and I was ready to roll. The younger kids spent their time hanging on the fence or talking to the boys in the dugout and there was a little play area in sight where I let them play as long as they stayed together. I gave the kids money and let them get their own snacks from the snack bar located in the center of the complex but insisted they always stay together. It was a kid friendly place, but I wasn't going to take any chances.

Sunday morning they played one more game which they won and moved on to the finals which would be played that afternoon against the winner of the game that was going on on field B, The Cubs vs The Pirates. The boys hung around long enough to watch the The Cubs win the game and there was some groaning as they realized they would be playing the best team in the league later that day.

I drove the family to DQ and we had lunch and the headed back to the field in time for the 3 pm game and most of the team was already there. The Cubs were on their side of the field doing warm up exercises and soon were throwing the ball around and chasing pop ups as the coach hit balls to them. 

Our boys hit the field and did their own warming up and I watched from my place near the fence and waited for the game to begin. This would be a good game no matter who won, but we had come this far and I  had confidence that our boys could win this one if they just stayed focused and not let themselves be intimidated by The Cubs.

 The Cubs coach was a Doctor names Mitchell and he spared no expense training and outfitting  his team. I knew the Cubs were at the batting cages at least once a week and they always had the best equipment money could buy.

Our coach was Mike White and his son Rodney was one of our best pitchers. Mike was a good coach and everyone liked him. He expected a lot of the boys but he was good to them and always treated them with respect and kindness and the boys loved him. The assistant coach was a woman named Tina who was a cousin to one of the boys and studying sports medicine at that university which made it handy when one of the boys injured himself.

The first inning ended with no one scoring but in the second inning the cubs scored a two run homer before our boys shut them down. When the Braves came up to bat in the second innings David was up first and Josh was in the warm up spot. David was not the strongest batter on the team, but he had scored a few runs on grounders and line drives  during the season but never scored a home run.

The Cubs pitcher was a tall red-haired boy with a wicked fast ball and so far none of our boys had been able to get a hit off him the whole season.  However they had managed a few hits off the back up pitchers but Red, as they called him, maintained his no hitter record against our boys going into this game.

I could see the determined look on David's face and I wondered what he was thinking. I knew he had a lot on his mind these days with Josh and adjusting to the new family, but he took baseball very seriously and I knew he'd give it his best shot. The first two swings were strikes and I could tell David was pissed at himself for chasing the first one and just standing there while the second whizzed by so I was sure he would swing at the next pitch.

Red wound up and made the throw and I held my breath as the ball whizzed toward the plate. It looked like a perfect strike and I was sure David would  swing but instead he just stood there as the ball veered to the left and into the pitcher's glove with a loud whack.

"Ball!" The umpire called and I let go of my breath.

"Good job. Way to watch it!" I yelled, "This  one is yours son."

David stepped out of the box and tapped his cleats with his bat then made a few practice swings before stepping back in and adjusting his stance. He looked so handsome in his ball uniform and I was very proud of him at that moment no matter what happened next.

Red took off his hat and wiped his brow and bent down to shake his resin bag against his hand then nodded at the catcher and wound up for the pitch. He was poetry in motion as his arm came up and forward and for a moment I was mesmerized by him. Then my eyes followed the ball as it traveled in a perfect line toward home plate. From my position just to the right and behind home plate it was easy to see that the pitch was perfect and headed straight down the middle traveling at about 65 mph. 

I watched nervously as the ball approached the plate and wasn't aware I was holding my breath until I saw David begin his swing. I followed his swing and everything seemed to go into slow motion. I looked at the ball, then the bat, then at David's body which was unwinding like a coiled spring then...I heard the crack of the aluminum bat and the ball changed direction soaring toward the outfield.

I was on my feet as I finally exhaled and began to cheer as I watched the ball soar higher and higher and finally at that moment that I realized it was out of the park I was aware of the rest of my kids hanging on the fence and shouting and cheering as David trotted around the bases his arms held high. 

He was greeted at home plate by his teammates who gave him high fives and hugs and hip bumps and even from where I stood I could see the look of pride and joy on his face. Of course nothing could compare to the pride and joy I felt for my newest son and I was near tears as I yelled "Way to go Son" at the top of my lungs. A few parents looked my way and smiled and gave me a thumbs up and for just one moment David's eyes met mine and his smile was priceless.

Josh was next and he would be hard pressed to top what David had just done, but I got the feeling he was determined to try. His first two pitches were balls and he did a good job of laying off of them, then Red put a fast ball down the middle and Josh chased it and missed for his first strike. The next pitch hit the dirt giving Josh three balls and one strike. It was looking good for a walk if Josh could just lay off anything that wasn't perfect, but he took a swing at the next one bringing him to full count.

"Come on Josh, you can do it buddy!" I yelled and he gave me a nod.

I could almost feel the tension on our side of the ballpark as Josh stepped back into the batter's box and steeled himself for the last and final pitch of his at bat. 

"Come on, come on", I muttered to myself, "walk him please."

The sun went behind a cloud and for a moment the entire park seemed to go silent as Red wound up and made the pitch. Unable to sit still a moment longer I stood up and wound my fingers through the chain link fence and gripping it tightly, "Come on son. Give em hell."

The ball arched out across the field and looked like it was going to miss the plate, but at the last moment it veered toward the plate and as if he had been anticipating it Josh made the swing. I watched with butterflies in my stomach as the bat came around and when I heard it connect with the ball I held my breath hoping for the best.

The ball slid down the base line and almost to the fence before anyone could get to it and by the time they did Josh was jumping up and down on first base grinning like that crazy cat in Alice in Wonderland. Needless to say all of us on the Braves' side of the field were on our feet and cheering and we had us a real ball game now.

The score remained 2-2 for the next three innings then The Cubs scored a homer in the fifth inning and we were behind 3-2. Rodney, the coach's son, hit a grounder when it was our next at bat, but it was scooped up quickly by the short stop and he was sent to the dugout grumbling and looking sour.

"It's okay son, good hit." Coach said patting his skinny behind.

It was the top of the sixth but instead of Red on the plate now it was a chubby boy with dark hair and bushy eyebrows named Bryan. We had scored a few runs off of him in past games but the coach cautioned the boys not to underestimate him and to be alert. I relaxed a little but I knew it was anyone's game at this point. If we could keep them from scoring and we could score two points the game was ours but that was a big if.

Unfortunately we also had to change pitchers in the sixth and the only one available was David. All the other pitchers had thrown  their limit of pitches or were being saved for future games if needed, but coach had a lot of confidence in David and so did I.

He had been warming up earlier and I knew this was probably going to happen but I was still as nervous as an expectant father when I saw him hit the mound. 

"All right David." I yelled, "Strike em out!"

David wasn't the best pitcher on our team, but he had come a long way with lots of extra coaching from Mike and he had good control even if he wasn't that fast. He struck out the first pitcher but the second one got a hit off of a slow ball but fortunately Josh scooped it up at second and made the throw to first just in time for an out.

They had one more shot and the next batter was one of their best, a kid named Graham who had scored two home runs in the tournament already. Fortunately David was not easily intimidated and he pitched to him just as he would any other player and though the kid did get a hit off the last pitch David snagged it as it zoomed past home plate on it's way to the outfield and the Cubs were shut down.

All we needed was one to tie and two to win, but the boys were tired and the coach decided he needed to give them a little pep talk before they batted. I was there hanging on the fence and listening and when he was done I added my two cents worth. The boys on the team liked me and respected me and they listened attentively as I began.

"You guys have really done a great job this whole tournament and I know you are going to give it all you got when you go back out there, but no matter what happens I want you to know I and all the rest of the parents and fans are very proud of you and Pizza is on me after the we win this one."

The boys cheered and then the first two batters ran out to take their places. A boy named Todd was up to bat and on deck a boy named Paul who was one of our best batters. With any kind of luck we could pull this one off without too much trouble, but I'm sure there were a few prayers being said as the inning began.

Todd managed to get a walk on four balls and Todd was chomping at the bit to get a hit. He swung at two in a row and took a ball on the third pitch.

"Settle down Paul," Coach said clapping his hands, "Make him pitch to ya, don't give him anything."

Paul nodded and gave us a grin then took his stance and waited for the next pitch. It was a ball and Paul watched it all the way and laid off and the count was 2-2.

"Way to go son," I heard Paul's dad yell from the bleachers and the other kids started chanting to encourage their teammate. I was proud of the sportsmanship our team had displayed all season and they were a tight bunch and supported each other and I never heard any trash talk from any of them.

The next pitch was a ball and the count was 3-2. The next pitch looked perfect to me but Paul didn't move and just as I as about to curse under my breath I heard the ump call "Ball" and I changed that curse to a cheer. Apparently Paul knew more about baseball than I did..he he.

Two men on base and Jake was up to bat again. I held my breath as he stepped into the batter's box and said a little prayer for my boy. He looked amazing in his uniform, sexy really and I couldn't wait to get him home and peel it off of him and show him just how sexy he was. Pushing my lustful thoughts aside I concentrated on the game and watched as Jake fouled out the first pitch.

"Way to go son, you got a piece of it,  just straighten it out."

The next pitch was high and fast but Jake took a swing and fouled it into the back stop before the catcher could snag it. The next pitch was as perfect a pitch as I had ever seen. Fast and down the middle at bat's height and I thought even I could have hit it, but Jake swung and missed for his first strike. I could see the look of frustration on his face when he turned to lock eyes with me  he mouthed something but I couldn't make out the words. Then he stepped out of the box to regain his composure and when he stepped back in I could tell he was ready for anything.

The pitch was made but it was a ball and rolled to the fence as the catcher scrambled to find it and Todd and Paul advanced a base. We now had runners on second and third and I could already taste victory. All we needed was one good hit. It didn't have to be a homer but that would be nice.

The count was 2-1 and he still had a good chance of pulling this off and I could see the determination on his face as he turned to face the catcher. He said something but it was drowned out by the noise from the crowd and the dugout, but I did hear both of them laugh and the I smiled. Jake was keeping the sportsmanship alive out there on the field despite the heat of the moment.

The next pitch was a ball and Jake did a good job of watching it and laying off . He was still way ahead in the count and I began to feel like he was going to pull this one off for us after all.

The Cubs coach called a time out and suddenly Red was headed back out to the mound and the whole ball park began to buzz like a beehive. What was he doing? Had he saved a few pitches for just such an emergency? Was he so set on us not winning this game that he would use his best pitcher to shut us down? I sat back down and fumed as Red did a few warm up pitches then time was called and the game resumed.

If Jake was upset it didn't show in his body language or on his face, but I'm sure he felt the heat as much as we did. He was pumped though, running on adrenaline and no doubt testosterone and if ever he had  a chance of hitting off this pitcher, this was it. 

The count was 3-1 but Red changed that quickly with his first pitch, a fast ball that left Jake staring  long after it had hit the catcher's glove.

"Just relax son," I  yelled, "now you know what they look like, you'll hit the next one."

And that's just what my boy did. Red threw a hard fast ball right down the middle and Jake was on it like flies on a gut wagon. As soon as the bat hit the ball everyone was on their feet and Jake was on his way to first. I watched in awe as the ball continued to travel out out and away and there was no doubt it was out of the park. Jake slowed down raising his hands in the air as he trotted the rest of the bases and was greeted by a mob including the coaches as he hit home plate. I was shouting as loud as anyone and the rest of my brood was right there too cheering their brother on.

I felt a little sorry for the other team but our guys were good sports and were patting them on the back (and butt) and saying good game as they lined up and it was obvious they meant it. Most of the boys went to school together and were friends on and off the field despite being competitors, but it was all about  having fun and today our boys were having fun to the max.

The trophy was presented and pictures taken (including a few by the parents) and then the team poured the requisite bucket of ice and water over the coach's head and the new tournament winners were just boys once again.

I got with the other parents and everyone agreed to meet me at Pizza World and I paid for pizza for everyone (what's 200 dollars when you just won a tournament against the best team in the league?) and we visited and had a wonderful time. Josh rode home with us as  usual since his parents never went to any of his games, and once we were there he hung around and seemed reluctant to go home. Around 8 I finally drove him home and Billy ran out to meet us. 

Josh handed him the pizza he had saved for  him and he seemed really excited then he ran up to the car and visited with Shawn who was riding shotgun. I finally said we needed to go and Billy reluctantly bounced off and I watched as he and Josh went inside. I felt bad every time I left took them home, but I knew that was silly. I couldn't father the whole world alone.

Once we were back home I sent Shawn to take his bath and went looking for Jake. I found him in my room stripping off his ball uniform preparing for his shower and I offered to help.

"I was really proud of you out there today," I said helping him pull off knee high socks, "In fact I was proud of all you boys, but you really came through today."

"I was so glad when I saw Red come back out to pitch. That kid Bryan is no challenge. I wanted to hit off Red all season and I finally did it."

"And big time I might add. You know all three of boys really shined today. You make a really good team."

"Yeah, too bad this is our last year to play ball. If we want to play next year we'll have to play on the school team and you have to try out and stuff and only the best players really get to play."

"Well, you guys are pretty good. If you want to try out I'll help you any way I can."

"David and Josh will be 16 soon, but I'll only be 15. They can get their license and I gotta wait another year," he sighed.

"Well, it's never too early to learn how to drive though. Remind me to start giving all you boys driving lessons. I know a cool place we can go and practice without a lot of traffic."

"Really? Cool. Don't worry I won't forget."

"You really looked sexy out there today," I said tugging at his undies. 

He giggled but didn't resist, "I'm all stinky."

I pulled them on down and when his junk was free I buried my face in his sweaty, musky pubic hair and inhaled deeply, "Mmmmmm you smell soooo good."

"You're crazy, I'm dirty and stinky down there," he laughed.

"You smell delicious to me," I said grabbing his quickly stiffening cock and burying my face in his sweaty nuts, " taste nice too," I said as I licked and sucked the sweat from his body.

"God, that's gross, but I like it. If you can stand it so can I."

Not only could I stand it but his smell and taste was driving to a frenzy and I eventually pushed him down on the bed and sucked and licked ever square inch of his body. Then as he watched in shock I pushed his legs up and attacked his taint and sweaty hole. I don't think he minded though and I sure didn't. He wasn't dirty really, just sweaty and as I lapped at his hole I thought he had never tasted quite so good, quite so much like sex and teenage boy and my cock was so hard it hurt.

When I had him good and wet I quickly freed my cock from the confines of my shorts and moved up behind him and planted the head in his sweat and spit slick hole. He moaned lowly as I entered him when I sank into the to the hilt he sighed. I fucked him slowly at first but my heat was building fast and soon I was rabbit fucking him as he grunted and pushed back against me.

When I came I stayed only long enough to make sure I deposited all my seed then I rolled him over and attacked his cock once more. I edged him for a good ten minutes then fell down on the bed and raised my legs high to expose my hole which was itching for his cock. He took the hint and mounted me quickly and roughly and took control. Soon he was fucking me as hard and fast as I had been fucking him and this time there was no stopping or edging. About ten or twelve strokes later he grunted and rammed in deep and began unloading in my spasming ass I blasted my second load all over the two of us. My asshole squeezed his cock tight, milking his dry and when he was spent he fell down on top of me and slipped out with a noisy plop. He kissed me deeply and nastily then raised up and looked me in the eyes. 

He was glowing and had a hug grin on his face, "That was sooo nasty. I never knew dirty sex could be so fun. How did I taste really?"

"Amazing, like boy and sex and well...I just couldn't help myself. That's  how much you turned me on."

"Wow, we'll have to try that again," he said rolling off of me, "Hey, wanna take a shower with me?"

"Sure, who knows what might happen once we're clean," I chuckled.

By the time school started the kids had all had their birthdays and I began to notice changes in all of them. Shawny was 9 now and had lost most of his baby fat and he was all boy. Joe had filled out and gained some muscle but he had an almost feminine look about him which I attributed to his sexual persuasion. Not that he wasn't still a very cute boy, he just had a soft look about him and an almost submissive attitude.

My little Princess was 14 now and in full bloom. She had got her first period a few months before her birthday and I had Martha talk to her about that stuff, because I had to admit I knew little about female puberty. After that I began to notice that she was starting to get boobies and I enlisted Martha's help again and she took her shopping for training bras. Sigh, my little girl was growing into a young lady. She was the epitome of femininity and that old saying sugar and spice and every thing nice seemed to apply to my little girl as much as the snips and and snails and puppy dog tails applied to my boys. She and Dakota seemed more devoted to one another than ever before and I knew it wouldn't be long before the hormones drove them to a deeper physical relationship.

Jake was 15 and he had grown a good foot since I first met him. His cock had grown too and was a respectable 6.5 inches of hard boy flesh ready and eager to go at the drop of a hat. His balls were bigger too and he had hair in places he never had before but his chest was still smooth as a baby's butt, though he did have a nice little trail to paradise from his belly button to his pubes. Thanks to  his frequent workouts his body was muscled and tight and he was one sexy looking teen boy.

David turned 16 and had outgrown Jake in all areas. He was a full two inches taller and broader of shoulder and though I had never actually seen it Jake told me he was packing at least 7" between his legs. I took him for his driver's test  as soon as finished driver's ed that fall and he passed on the first try. I now had a licensed teenage driver in my household and I began to think about getting a second vehicle so he could take some of the strain off my chauffeuring duties.

I made good on my promise to teach Jake to drive and he took to driving like a fish takes to water. I had no doubt that he would pass his driver's test on the first try when he turned 16 next year.

Josh eventually quit worrying about putting labels on his sexuality and he and David became much closer. I don't know if you're say they were lovers or boyfriends but they had an understanding and a sexual relationship and were exclusive as far as I knew. There was still a possibility that one or both of them would go back to girls but for the moment they were content with what they had.

I worried sometimes that I was keeping Jake from living his life, or from finding someone else, a boy or a girl his age to love, but every time I approached the subject he shushed me quickly and usually showed me just how much he liked what we had with an energetic romp in bed. Eventually I gave up, if he found someone I was sure he would find a way to make it work, but until then I was done worrying about it.

As I said my baby boy Shawn was all boy, but like most boys he was curious about sex and I knew he had done some experimenting with a few of his friends, especially Billy who spent almost as much time at our house as he did his own. One day when I thought they were out back playing I took some laundry up to Shawn's room and when I opened the door I got the surprise of my life.

There on Shawn's bed naked as he day they were born lay Shawn and Billy in the classic 69 position working each other's little boners over. It took me a minute to react, but when I did I started backing out apologizing profusely. Billy was scrambling around trying to cover himself but Shawn just smiled and said "Hi daddy. We were just playing."

"I know baby boy," I managed to stutter out, "I'm sorry I should have knocked first. I thought you were outside."

"It's okay Billy, daddy's not mad," I heard Shawn say as I closed the door, "Come on let's play some more."

I looked down at my shorts which were tented obscenely and shook my head to clear it. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the image of my youngest son and Billy naked and pleasuring each other out of my head. I took the laundry back downstairs and soon Jake came in looking hot and sweaty. He and Josh and David had been out back throwing the ball around he had come in for a drink.

I found myself recounting what I had just seen as Jake smiled wickedly. "Yeah, I taught him how to do that," Jake said adjusting his quickly tenting shorts, "I mean we didn't actually do it I just told him how to do it. He came to me and told me what him and Billy had been doing and that was something they didn't know about. I guess they liked it  huh?"

I laughed, "From what little I saw I'd saw they not only like it but are very good at it."

"Got you all hot and bothered, didn't it?" Jake said moving up against me and placing one hand on my chest and one on my crotch. 

I shivered at this touch and felt as if I could come any minute. He nuzzled my ear and whispered, "I'm pretty sweaty, wanna see?"

I groaned as I dropped to my knees shutting the laundry room door on the way down and moving Jake until he was leaning against it. If anyone came along they would have to shove Jake out of the way to get the door open. I jerked his shorts and underwear down with one tug and he stepped out of them giving me full access to his sweaty crotch. 

He wasn't quite as sweaty as he'd been the day after the game, but his smell and taste was amazing and I feasted on him as he grabbed my head and guided me against him. I licked his nuts and his taint before grabbing his cock and holding it while I licked up and down it covering every square inch of it. 

When I engulfed it in my hot wet mouth he moaned lowly and blew out a deep breath, "Careful...I'm really close."

I backed off and licked his shaft and balls some more while he cooled off then spun him around and he braced himself against the door and presented his fine young ass for my pleasure. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pried them apart revealing his wet brown pucker and I was crazy for lust for him. I tongue dived into his hole and didn't come up till he was wet and begging for more.

I entered  him quickly and because I was so excited I didn't last long. Visions of what I had seen upstairs ran through my head as I stuffed my cock up my oldest son's ass and when I blasted my hot load into him I nearly passed out. I collapsed atop him hugging him as I shivered and shook and came back down to earth.

"Whew, good one," I said straightening up."

"Suck me off daddy." Jake said lustily as he spun back around.

I wasted no time falling to my knees and as I sucked I fingered his cum slick ass pressing my finger into him until I touched his love nut. He came hard and fast and filled my mouth with a hot generous load of his delicious boy spunk and I held it eager to share it with him. When I was sure he was spent I straightened up and pulled him into me and kissed him deeply sharing his load with him. We kissed and clung to each other for a long time before we finally came back down to earth.

"Wanna shower with me?" I said nipping at his neck playfully.

"Mmmm....yeah, I'm pretty tired though. You may have to wash me," he said softly.

"Okay, daddy will wash his boy, come on baby."

There was a shower right off the laundry room and we showered quickly and dried off and got dressed before anyone missed us. I went back to my laundry and Jake went back to the others and as far as I knew no one was the wiser.

Later we swam and Shawn and Billy were inseparable the whole time. When I got close to Billy he would blush and look away and I felt awful for him. I knew Shawn had assured him I was not mad, but the look on his face was full of fear and shame and I didn't know what to do without making things worse.

I was sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in the water when Shawn swam up with Billy in tow. "Daddy tell Billy you're not mad. He don't believe me," he pouted.

I smiled and patted the place beside me on the edge of the pool, "Hop up here Billy and let's talk." 

Billy reluctantly climbed up with my help and sat beside me while I helped Shawn climb out and he sat on the other side of me.I put my arm around both boys and pulled them into a hug and smiled.

"I'm not mad Billy. If anyone should be mad it should be you and Shawn. We have a rule in this house that no one goes into anyone's private room without knocking first. I broke that rule, because I thought you boys were downstairs. What you boys were doing is private and your business. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it's what you both want and it's no one else's business. I'm not mad and I'm not upset, except with myself for not knocking and it will never happen again. I will always respect your and Shawn's privacy from now on. So are we buds again?" I said offering my fist to bump.

Billy grinned and blushed but bumped my fist and I gave him a hug, "So we're okay, right? I love you just like my own boys. You're part of this family as much as Josh is so don't worry about what happened, okay?" 

He nodded, and leaned in and gave me a big hug, "I love you Rob," he said blushing.

"I love you too, buddy."

They swam off then and I thought how cute a couple they made. In their Speedos they were sleek and wiry and all boy and I envied them their life, all the fun and new experiences ahead and I sighed. Jake swam up then and grabbed my feet and floated there.

"What was that about? Did you have the talk with them?" He chuckled.

"I had to reassure Billy that I was not mad at him because of what I saw earlier."

"Oh," he laughed, "he was probably scared you'd keep him from coming over any more."

"Well, I think he's cool with it now."

"You'd think Josh would fill the kid in on this stuff, I mean him and David go at it almost as much as you and I do," he chuckled.

"Too much info," I said holding my ears and laughing.

"You know you love it. Oh, is that a tent in your swim trunks he teased as he pawed at my crotch.

"Stop it," I giggled, "you're making a scene."

"No one cares, hell everyone is cool with us by now. Even Josh has figured us out, but I never admitted any thing."

"Oh wonderful, that's just what we need. I suppose you think Billy knows too?"

"Dunno, he's pretty naive, but a horny little guy from what Shawn tells me."

"And just think what they'll be like when they reach puberty," I sighed.

"He he, maybe they're gonna be early bloomers. I read about this one kid that fathered a kid when he was 7. Maybe they're already making baby batter."

"God I hope not, that would be dangerous."

I looked up when I heard Shawn giggle but Billy was nowhere in sight, then a moment later he popped up directly in front of him and floated there holding onto his shoulders. I wondered if he had been below the water tickling Shawn's worm and I smiled. My suspicions were verified a few minutes later when Shawn disappeared beneath the water and I saw his head bobbing at Billy's crotch till he was forced to come up for air.

Later we showered and had dinner and I took Josh and Billy home for the night. When Billy climbed out he paused a minute at the window and grinned, "Thanks Rob, see ya later. Thanks."

I gave him a smile and a wink and watched as he bounced off.  Josh waved from the front door and I sat there until they were safely inside. David moved to the front seat and Shawn moved forward to the second row of captains chairs and we were off. I'd left Jake and the other's at home to get ready for bed and when I got home I made my rounds  giving out goodnight hugs and kisses and when I got to Shawn's room he pulled me down into his bed and wrapped his arms around my neck and rubbed his nose against mine.

"Thanks for making Billy feel good again. He was scared and wouldn't do stuff but now he knows it's okay and we can have fun again."

"Welcome, buddy. I'm really sorry about what happened. I just didn't know you were in there."

"I should have told you we were going to my room," Shawn said, "and I should've told you me and Billy were doin stuff like you and Jake now."

I felt a little uncomfortable with this conversation but I supposed it was not out of place considering the circumstances. "Well, I don't need to know everything you do son. Like I told Billy some things are private."

"Like jacking off," Shawn said causing me to smile, "I member you told me that when I was little and I always did it in bed or the baff tub."

"Yeah, some things are private between two people too. So you don't have to tell me about what you and Billy do, I just need to need to make sure I don't interrupt your private time again."

"Daddy, is it okay if me and Billy do butt stuff?"

"What?" I choked out, "Uh, well...I guess that depends on what exactly you mean by butt sex."

"You know wieners in the b-hole."

"Have you done that?" I asked then wished I hadn't.

"Sort of but we don't know how exactly. It don't go in and it hurts sometimes."

"Do you use spit or some kind of lube, like lotion or baby oil?"

"Oh, is that what we need? I never thought of that.  Thanks daddy. So it's okay if we do that stuff?"

"Well, its pretty serious stuff and can get dirty back there, but if you wash good it should be all right."

"Oh, we do, we take a bath or a shower first cause I said no way am I stickin my dick in a dirty b-hole," he giggled.

I laughed too, "Do you talk to Jake about this stuff?"

"Yeah, sometimes. He says it's okay, but I just wanted to ask you too."

"Good, okay, well...any more questions baby boy?"

"Oh daddy I'm not a baby any more," he sighed.

"You will always be my baby boy," I said kissing his little nose, "even when you're a grown up man with babies of your own."

He smiled, "I like that daddy. You can call me your baby long as none of my friends are around...okay?"

I laughed, "It's a deal. I'll save that name for when it's just you and me. Now, it's time to get some sleep."

"Okay, you."

"Night baby boy, I love you too."

As I made my way downstairs I passed David who was on his way back up. "Had to get my backpack I left it in the living room," he explained hefting the heavy backpack onto his shoulder. He was dressed only in boxers and they were filled out nicely. My oldest son was certainly a stunner these days.

"Well, goodnight son, see you in the morning. Oh, and when I pick you up from school tomorrow we're going to go car shopping," I said grinning.

"What...for who..for me?"

"Yes, but I have a selfish motive. I figure you can help me with chauffeuring the kids around. And...I'm not buying a high performance sports car, I was thinking maybe a four door sedan, a Honda or something simple like that."

"I don't care if it a  min-van with soccer stickers on it, a car is a car. Thanks dad," he said hugging me. I was amazed at how solid he felt against me. He was definitely a brick house...he he.

"I should have waited to tell you, now you won't sleep a wink will you?" I chuckled.

"Naw, I'm pretty tired. Well, goodnight. Can I tell Jake?"

"Sure, rub it in," I chuckled.

"Oh, think he'll be mad?"

"Naw, I was teasing. He knows it will benefit him too and in a year he can drive it too."

"Yeah, we can share, that's cool. Well goodnight dad."

"Night son, I love you."

"Love you too," he said as he dashed upstairs.

We wound up with a used Dodge Dart that was sporty looking but had a four cylinder engine and got great gas mileage. It had a black grill and the sport package and  was really a good looking car with all the bells and whistles and I got a really good price on it. In addition it was a four door and had plenty of room for the smaller kids in the back. I paid cash for it and I let David drive the little kids home while Jake rode with me.

"That car is awesome," Jake said excitedly, "I can't wait till I'm old enough to drive it."

"We'll take it out to our spot this weekend and you can try it out. David should be ready to share by then," I chuckled.

"Yeah, that's cool. Anyway  I get to ride to school in it and that's something."

"Yeah, I'll still take the others but you and David are on your own now. Maybe you boys will get lucky with the ladies now," I teased.

"Count me out, maybe David, but not me. Not into the ladies, or the boys for that matter. I don't know it weird that I only like older guys..well...I mean you?"

"Weird no, I think whatever a person likes is what's normal for them. Nothing is really weird when you think about it. I'm glad you feel that way about me but if that ever changes...."

"I know, I know. We've talked about this before. I don't think I'm gonna change, but if I do...well, I'll tell ya okay?"

I was quiet for a few minutes, consumed in thought about us and what the future might hold, and when I spoke my voice was thick with emotion, "I don't know what the future holds for either of us, but I do know this. I will always love you and these last few years together have been the most amazing and wonderful years of my life."

He scooted over a little and rubbed my leg, "Yeah, me too. Daddy, what would you say if I said I never wanted this to end and that I wanted to live with you forever...even after I graduate?"

"I'd say you're crazy, but you are welcome to live here as long as you like. All the kids are in fact. And as far as I'm concerned they can bring all their boyfriends and girlfriends to live here too," I laughed.

"Dad, I'm serious."

"So am I. You are welcome to stay forever if that's what you want son."

"Good, now that that's settled I can concentrate on what I want to do with my life. I been thinking about becoming a lawyer, what do you think dad?"

"I could use a lawyer in the family," I chuckled, "or a doctor."

"Not a doctor, I don't like the sight of blood," he said making a face.

"Me either, but I've seen my share with you kids. Scraped knees and cuts and bloody noses, but you know what, I wouldn't change a minute of it."

"Yeah, remember when Joe got hit in the nose by that baseball," Jake said grimacing, "I thought we broke it but it just swelled up and bled all night."

"Yeah, that was pretty scary. Well, here we are home sweet home."

David took a big load off of me once we got the new car and I suddenly found myself with extra time on my hands. I exercised a lot and took long walks when the weather was decent and I lost ten pounds and turned some fat I had into muscle in the process. Jake noticed I was toning up some and it made him hornier than ever. Inspired by his appreciation of my new physique I continued to exercise and eat better and by the time the Holidays rolled around I was healthier and in better shape than I'd been my whole life. 

I felt great and it was much easier to keep up with Jake's libido now. Where I used to be one and done I was having two or sometimes three orgasms in one day and so far (knock wood) I didn't need any pharmaceutic help. No  Viagra or Cialis for me, I still got erections like a teenager and boy did I enjoy using them...he he.

Just before Halloween Dakota and Sarah finally did the deed. I didn't know it at first, but I did notice a change in the way Sarah acted and Dakota seemed to strut when he was around. It was Jake who actually brought it to my attention but I wasn't sure I wanted to know that my baby girl had lost her virginity and at only 14 years of age. I know I'm being a hypocrite and applying the old double standard. I didn't  have any problems with my boys doing it at any age, but hey shoot,  I still believe a girl's virginity is special if for no other reason than they can never regain it once it's gone.

But, if she had to lose it to anyone, I was glad it was Dakota. I am sure it was beautiful and romantic and an act of love. And thinking back I believe I knew exactly when it happened. It was the last night that Dakota stayed over, a Friday I believe, and I was sick with a cold and slept most of the time he was over. I left Jake and David to see after the younger kids and retreated to my bed and was pretty much out of it that whole weekend.

When Jake came in that night I was too sick to make love but we snuggled and talked and he said the Sarah and Dakota were watching a late movie on TV. David was in his room with Josh and that Shawn and Joe were asleep. I didn't give it much thought at the time, but looking back on it I see that it was as much my fault as theirs. I had left them unchaperoned and well, it was inevitable that hormones and their love for one another would lead them down that path sooner or later. I was glad I had the  safe sex talk with them and they knew there were condoms in the bathroom drawers for just such an emergency. I know, some people would say I was encouraging them by providing contraceptives, but since it was not a question of if, but rather when they had sex, I wasn't taking any chances. I didn't want my baby to be carrying a baby because I was too stupid to provide protection.

I knew it was just a matter of time till Sarah or Dakota or both came to me and confessed, but in the meantime I was playing it cool and acting as if nothing had changed. Jake kept joking about it when we were out of earshot but the rest of the boys didn't seem to pick up on Sarah's changed attitude or Dakota's strut. 

It was Halloween night when things finally came to light, but not until later after the kids were back home. I know I probably sound like an overprotective parent but I walked with the kids as they trick-or-treated that year just as I had the previous years. Billy was with us as well as Dakota, but Jake, Josh and David had gone to a Halloween party at school. The kids made out like little bandits and we called it quits around 8:30 and headed back home. 

I sat down to rest my poor tired feet while the kids checked out their booty (no, not that kind..the candy) and once we'd determined they didn't have razor blades or poison I let them take it up to their rooms. The boys headed up to their rooms but I noticed Sarah and Dakota hung back and seemed to be up to something. I soon found out what.

"Dad, can we talk to you?" Sarah asked once the others were gone.

"Of course Princess, what's up with you two?"

"Uh, well..." Sarah sighed, "we need to tell you something. First of all I'm sorry if you're disappointed in us, but it just happened daddy," she said looking ready to cry.

"Oh baby girl, I could never be disappointed in you. Come here sweety, what is that has you so upset?"

She swarmed into my arms and I kissed her sweet face. These days she was more beautiful than ever and so much like a little lady. She positively glowed and I think it was because she now knew the joy of sex with someone you love.

"Sir," Dakota said moving closer, "It's my fault sir. Please don't blame Sarah. She loves me and I love  her and things just got out of control......"

I smiled, "Are you kids trying to tell me that you finally made love?" I asked letting them off the hook.

I could see Dakota physically relax and feel my baby girl do the same. "Oh daddy, you already knew didn't you?" she chuckled.

"Well, maybe it had something to do with the way you became a lady overnight or the way Dakota swaggers like the cock of the walk now," I laughed.

"Were were really that obvious daddy?"

"Fraid so. The only question I have is...did you use protection?"'

"Yes sir," Dakota said sounding like the young responsible man he was fast becoming, "I would never risk Sarah's health now getting her pregnant," He said blushing.

"Good, I'm happy that I was able to help you make the right choice when the time came."

"Aren't you disappointed daddy?" Sarah asked looking worried, "I told you I wanted to wait..but, oh daddy......I never knew it would be so wonderful," her frown turning into a shy smile.

I smiled, "No baby I am not disappointed. It was your decision to make, not mine. And do you know why it was so wonderful?"

"Cause we love each other?" Dakota offered then blushed.

I nodded, "Sex is an expression of love when it's at it's best. Oh sure not all sex involves love, but the best kind does. I'm actually happy for you two."

"Thank you sir," Dakota said beaming.

"When did I become sir?" I said frowning, "What happened to dad?"

"I'm," he said grinning, "Thanks for being so cool about this and for being a great second dad."

"How about a hug then," I said holding out my free arm for him. He swarmed into me and we hugged quickly then Sarah jumped up and took his hand and they stood there looking at each other for a moment.

"So does this mean that Dakota can sleep in my room when he stays over dad?" Sarah asked giving me  doe eyes.

"Don't you know that sneaking around is much more fun than having someone give you permission," I teased, "but seriously my only reservation is concerning Dakota's parents. I have been assuring them that the two of you are well chaperoned when Dakota stays over and now I find out I slipped up. By the way was it the weekend I was sick?"

Sarah nodded, "Jake left us alone and we went up to my room and..."

"I thought so, well at least it wasn't in the back seat of a car or under a bridge," I joked, "But back to what I was saying about your folks Dakota , what do you think they would say if they knew you and Sarah were sexually active?"

Dakota looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, ", I think they would be okay with it, but I could never tell them. I'd die of embarrassment."

"If you are man enough to have sex with my daughter then you should be man enough to own up to it. You have done that with me and that should have been the toughest part, telling your folks should be a piece of cake."

"I don't know....." Dakota said sounding miserable.

"Well, what happened happened and there is nothing I or anyone can do about it, but if I encouraged you to continue and your parents found out and were of a mind to  they could make things very bad for me. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes sir, but they would dad..he, uh...he had the talk with me right after you did. He said he knew I was growing up and that I was dating and..that uh...I might find myself in a situation that I couldn't control and that I should always think about the consequences then he...ummm gave me a pack of condoms. That's what I  used the other night," he said blushing bright red again.

"What would you think about me talking to your parents myself? I mean I don't have to tell them the deed is done, but sort of feel them out to see what they think about the whole boy/girl sex thing?"

"Would you? Oh man that would be so cool," Dakota said looking relieved.

"Sure, but no rush. In the meantime we will continue things as they were before, but you know I can't be everywhere all the time....."  I said grinning, "I'm not saying wear it out, but hey..what I don't know....and that sort of thing."

"Yes daddy.  Thank you daddy. When will you talk to them?"

"Hmmm...well, how is Dakota getting home?"

"I was going to call my folks...."

"How about if I take you home instead and see if they have time to talk tonight?"

"So soon?"

"The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to have to explain any more than I have to."

"All right, I'll go straight to my room and you can talk to them, but I'll be soooo nervous."

"Well, if things go well I may have them bring you into the discussion."

"Aieee..." he said making me laugh, "I guess...God, I am so nervous now."

"Relax, do you think you're the first young stud who has sown his wild oats before he could drive?" I chuckled. I knew at least three in my household...he he.

David and Jake arrived shortly thereafter and I left them in charge while I drove Dakota the short distance to his house. His folks were dressed in costumes and had been giving out candy until a few minutes before we arrived. When we came in they greeted me warmly and Dakota zoomed up to his room as they offered me a seat and a drink. I accepted a beer from Dakota's dad Michael and for the first time I noticed how much Dakota favored him. His dad was still a very handsome man and I could see the boyish looks that Dakota possessed lurking in his face.

"Thank you so much for taking Dakota trick-or-treating, we really enjoy giving out candy each year," Dakota's mom Irene said smiling. She was a stunner really and I supposed some of Dakota's good looks probably came from her genes as well.

"Well, as always your son is a pleasure to be around.  I guess it's no secret that I think Dakota is very special and we think of him as family. Which brings me to why I am here."

"Well, he thinks the world of you and your family too. He is always talking about how much fun he has at your place."

"He's a good boy, and he and Sarah are very close," I said letting that soak in.

"Yes, and they make a lovely couple don't you think? Sarah is just such a little sweetheart and so good to Dakota. He has become a different boy since they met."

If only she knew how good to him she was, I chuckled to myself. "You know the kids are growing up, and now how teens are...." I said leaving them hanging hoping they'd pick it up.

"Oh don't we know it. Dakota has grown so much and bless his heart his voice has started changing and he has hair in places he never had before," Irene laughed, "And I'm sure you know all about boys and their...well, let's just say I'm the one who does his laundry and his sheets," she laughed.

I smiled, "I guess you're probably wondering what I'm getting at," Cause apparently you aren't picking up on my hints, "and I hope you don't think I'm overstepping my boundaries, but I took the liberty of having a talk with the kids about...well, about safe sex." I let that sink in for about a second before continuing, "I suppose in retrospect I should have discussed it with you first, but since it is my daughter I'm trying to protect...."

"Well..I for one am glad you had the talk with him," Michael said looking amused, "As open-minded as we are I still have trouble discussing certain things with him..although I did have a talk with him along those same lines and even...well, I provided him with some condoms. Do you think that's too permissive Rob. I mean I'd rather be safe than a granddad at 45," he chuckled.

"No, I think it's smart and reasonable and I'm glad you are looking  out not only for Dakota but for Sarah. I say Sarah and not the girl or the girls because I believe Dakota and Sarah are in a committed relationship."

"Oh yes, she's is all he ever talks about and well, the look in his eyes says he is crazy about her."

"I think we're in agreement then that the two of them are a couple and in love, well as in love as two fourteen year olds can be, which I might add looks pretty intense to me."

"Yes, there's no doubt about that. Rob, are you trying to tell us something here?" Michael said chuckling, "because I'm sensing that you are trying to lead us in some direction...."

"And I'm doing a terrible job, aren't I?" I laughed, "Look, I feel like I know you well enough to be honest with the both of you," I sighed.

"Well, I hope so, after all we're practically in-laws," Irene joked. If only she knew how close we really were to that.

"Well, I can tell you that if there was ever a boy good enough for my Princess and one I would be proud to call son it would be your Dakota. Which brings me to the real reason I am here."

"I can almost guess what you're going to say," Michael said grinning, "but I'm a dick and I want you to  have to say it any way. I just like to watch other guys squirm."

"Oh Michael you're awful, go ahead Rob. We can handle it, What have the kids been up to this time?"

"It's the big one," I said rolling my eyes comically, "don't freak but I'm afraid that weekend I was sick with the flu I didn't do my job of chaperoning the young lovers and know those condoms you bought Dakota Michael? They got put to the use."

"Oh, mean they've waited this long?" Irene said looking amused, "I would have thought they would have consummate their relationship a long time ago."

"'re not upset?" I asked breathing a sigh of relief.

"Not upset, no not really. Surprised like Irene that it took so long for him to...uh make the move."

"Dakota is a true gentleman," he accepted Sarah's decision to wait, I guess it was her who finally decided she was ready to give him what she could only give to one boy. I hope you now how special that gift is and I have no doubt that Dakota is worthy of it."

"Oh, Rob I never thought of it quite that way. That's so sweet," Irene said wiping at her eyes, "They are both very special."

"So my boy is a man now," Michael said looking proud.

"Well, in some ways. He was man enough  to come to me with Sarah and tell me what had happened and to apologize and ask me for my help. He is very nervous about how you will react. I guess he is embarrassed by the whole thing and I agreed to talk to you first. He wants you to know, but he felt he needed me to sort of pave the way."

"Thank you Rob, as I said we still have trouble talking to him about some things."

"One more thing, now that they have....well, now that's they've done the deed, what do we do now? Do we allow them easy access to each other or do we continue to chaperon them or just have sort of a don't ask don't tell sort of approach to it?"

"Hmmm...I vote for the last thing.  I don't necessarily want to know every time they hop in the sack or whatever, but I'm smart enough to know that short of keeping them apart there is no stopping nature. Once they've discovered sweet sweet sex, it's all over with," Michael said sounding sort of whimsical.

"Well, I know it was true with us," Irene said leaning into her husband, "we weren't quite as young, I was 15 and Michael was 16, but once we made love for the first time there was no turning back, right dear?"

"Yes dear, and it's only gotten better with time. Oh, sorry Rob. I'm sure you aren't interested in our love life."

"No apologies necessary. I think it's wonderful that you two are still in love and the passion is still there. I can see where Dakota gets his loving nature when I look at you too."

"So we're agreed, we don't make a big deal out of this but we don't promote it either?" Irene said entwining her hand with her husband. Was he getting a boner?

"Well, that's my take on it. I'm not going to let Dakota spend the night in Sarah's room, but I can't watch them every minute," I said holding up my hands in surrender, "are you cool with that attitude?"

"Perfectly, and we'll practice the same sort of approach here as well. Thank you for being there for Dakota. I think your influence has been very good for him."

"Well, if we're lucky these two will stay together a long time and some day we may be the in-laws that you joked about earlier. I know I'd be proud to be associated with your family."

"We feel the same way, don't we Michael."

"I think that goes without saying Rob, we have really enjoyed knowing you and your family and Sarah is just like our own daughter."

"Well, I've kept you long enough. Oh, and if you have time tonight you might want to talk to Dakota, I've no doubt he is upstairs pacing the floor or chewing his nails to the quick."

"We'll do that," Michael laughed, "we usually go in and say goodnight. We'll talk to him then. Thanks again Rob."

"Thank you for listening to me and not freaking out," I laughed, "it's refreshing to find people who think as I do that sex isn't dirty or something to warn our kids to stay away from," I said as they walked me to the door.

"We're not as rare as we used to be, but we're still a minority," Irene said, "but  hell, it's our kids and we need to make it right for them and screw the world."

"Exactly, well goodnight and tell Dakota goodnight for me."

Things evened out after my talk with the Sarah and Dakota and his folks. I didn't try to notice when they had opportunity to be alone and nothing was rubbed in my face so nothing really changed. I got the impression from Jake that they weren't as sexually active as I had feared they might be and saved the loving for special times. That was fine with me, not need to wear it out.

David and Josh became closer and Josh began to spend more and more time at our house, sometimes sleeping over with David and riding to school with him and Jake. I wondered what his folks thought about it, but the few times I talked to them to make sure it was okay that he stay over they never really said much other than giving their permission. I wondered it they were on to the boys and rather than confront Josh's sexuality they just preferred he be gone. 

Needless to say Billy spent a lot of time at our house too, though mostly on weekends or holidays. He and Shawn weren't lovers but they sure did enjoy sex and after catching them that first time I was very careful to announce my presence loudly before walking up on them.

Shawn continued to swim and he his body had become muscular and sleek and I just knew that when he started Junior High he would be one of the best swimmers on the team. Billy wasn't as strong a swimmer as Shawn but he was one of those kids who had no fear and would try anything and he did a good job of keeping up Shawn. 

Joe and Marcus were as committed as ever to one another but busy with their school activities and I spent a good deal of time running them around to their various functions, but I loved every minute of it. Jake and I continued our relationship and Jake showed no signs of wanting or needing more so I quite worrying about it and just enjoyed myself and he seemed to be enjoying himself as well.

We'd come a long way in the few years we'd been a family and things were constantly changing, but we were able to adjust to everything that came along. Friends came and went in the kids' lives but the few really good ones remained constant and seemed more like family than ever. Dakota, Billy, Josh, and Marcus had carved a place out in my heart and I cared for them as much as I did for my own kids. I was there for them when they needed me and they were a constant reminder that love was the most powerful force in the universe. I had gone from lonely divorced middle aged man to a father and lover practically in the wink of an eye and I had never been happier. Oh, sure there would be ups and downs and disappointments in our life, but was long as we had each other things would work out. The future was bright, so bright we needed

End of Chapters 11 and 12

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