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Sudden Family
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter five
The dust settles

We scattered Evelyn's ashes near the lake where she had once taken the kids, during perhaps the only happy family outing they had ever had according to Jake. Sarah sang Amazing Grace and we cried as her sweet voice rang out over the still waters. Then I held Shawn in my arms as Jake scattered the ashes across the waters. Suddenly a breeze came up washing the ashes into the middle of the lake as if nature was reclaiming her for it's own.

We watched as the ashes floated out to deeper water then gathered ourselves up and went home. It was Sunday and the kids didn't have school and we spent most of the day just sitting around holding hands or hugging and of course most of the time Shawn was planted in my lap.

He had grown a lot over the last few months, heck they all had, but he had begun to lose his baby look and you could see the promise of what he would look like as a young man. He was still beautiful and sweet and tender hearted, but he was growing up fast and with all that had happened I guess it was inevitable that he grow up a little faster than most kids his age.

I fixed a light dinner and we watched a movie and turned in early. The kids had school tomorrow and I had some business to take care of. Now that I had four kids to take care of I needed to make some changes in a lot of areas. The first area was my will. I had never added Evelyn to my will, but now I realized it was important that the kids be taken care of if anything happened to me. I wasn't rich by any means but I did have assets worth almost a hundred thousand and I wanted to make sure the kids got the benefit of them in the unlikely event that I croaked before my time.

Although Jake slept in my room most nights it bothered me that his room was my office and not exclusively his. So, I decided I would move my desk to my bedroom and redo the office into a bedroom for Jake. It would be a fairly simple makeover but I'd need to buy a bigger bed and a dresser and nightstand, but the walls were freshly painted and the floor carpeted so we could do the makeover ourselves. I hadn't approached Jake with the idea, but I was sure he would embrace the idea and be happy to help create his own little nest.

As soon as the kids were gone Monday I got dressed and headed off to my lawyer's office to sign the new will. I'd already discussed the change with him and he  had drawn up the new forms and they were ready when I walked in the door. I signed them in front of two witnesses and we notarized them so they would be legal and not require the witnesses to be there at the reading.

Once the will was signed I was off to the furniture store to pick out a new bedroom set for my boy. I didn't worry that he wouldn't like my choice or that he needed to be in on the selection, I knew what he liked and his tastes were simply, not unlike my own. I found what to me looked like a boy's bedroom and even bought a small desk and bookcase that matched so he would have a place to store his books and such and a place for the computer I was going to surprise him with for Christmas.

I was coming out of the furniture store when I ran into an old love of mine, a guy ten years my junior named Mike. He looked good,  and as always ten years younger than his age. He did a double take then screeched to a halt and held out his arms.

"Rob, man I haven't seen you in ages. Where have you been hiding?"

"Oh, here and there, mostly busy being a dad," I said dropping the bomb.

"Dad? Oh, you got one that young now," he joked.

"No, I adopted four kids after I married their mother," I said stone faced.

So of course I had to explain everything and when I was done he whistled softly, "You really went off the deep end, didn't you? Imagine marrying a woman," he said shuddering, "just to take care of four rug rats. Boy, you must be a saint."

"I didn't do anything most men in my situation wouldn't do. You know I was married once before and raised two boys?"

"Yeah, I forgot. Well, how's it working out...being a dad?"

"It's the most wonderful thing in the world," I said smiling, "It's not for everyone, but I think I was born to be a dad. And now that I don't have the complication of a women in the mix, I am thriving."

"Yeah, but who takes care of you in the bedroom department?" He said laughing.

I shrugged, no way was I admitting I was fucking my 15 year old step son. "I still have my hand. It's never failed me once. Doesn't talk back and is always in the mood when I am," I joked.

"Well, good luck with the daddy thing, but if you ever need some man type company you have my number. I seem to remember we burned up the sheets when we were together."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Well, it's been great seeing you, but I really need to run. I have a few more errands to run before the kids get home from school."

He rolled his eyes, "Okay dad...take care. Maybe I'll see ya around sometime."

"I hope so. I miss that cute ass of  yours," I whispered leaning in and pinching his bubble butt playfully."

"Ooooo....don't start something you can't finish."

I laughed, "Well they do have beds in there," I said cocking my head toward the furniture store."

"Yeah, and public decency laws unfortunately. Hey, I meant what I said. You get a free call me."

"Okay, will do. Well, take care. It's been great seeing you."

I thought about Mike as I went through the rest of my day. We had burned up the bed sheets as he so aptly stated,  and sometimes I yearned to be with a man like him again. Being with Jake was wonderful, Heaven really, but there were something about being with a mature adult man that made satified in a way nothing else could.

By the time I got home however I had all but forgotten about Mike and I unloaded the groceries and waited for my little family to come home from school. Things were back to normal at Jake's school despite the shooting that had taken place there and life moved on as it always had. Shawn loved school and his teacher, Mr. Jerry, who I suspected was gayer than I was, said he was the brightest little boy he had in his class. 

Sarah and Dakota were becoming an item and I had agreed to take them on their first real date on Friday. I was going to drop them off at the mall where they would have dinner in the food court then go see a movie at the mall cinema then pick them up afterwards. That way they were in a fairly safe environment and of course they both had cell phones and I was on call as usual.

Shawn came bursting in all smiles carrying his backpack and throwing it down he ran to give me a hug, "I missed you daddy."

"Not as much as I missed you tiger," I said scooping him up and nuzzling his neck.

"I made a picture for you today," he said grinning, "will you put it on the frigerator?"

"You bet buddy, and it will stay there till it's too full to hold all of the pictures you make then we'll file the oldest ones away and put up the newest."

"Oh silly, there won't be that many."

I sat him down and he fished the picture out and handed it to  me. 

"It's a horse, right?" I said marveling at how precise the Crayola drawing was.

"Yes daddy, you guessed it right off."

"It's really good and the tree with the apples and who's this standing here beside the horse?"

"That's you daddy, can't you tell?"

"Yes, now that I look at it I can see the resemblance. This is really good sweetie. Are you going to be an artist some day?"

"I don't know daddy, but I like drawing and painting. Maybe I'll be an artist or maybe not, but I can still like drawing...right?"

"Yes buddy. You can be anything you want and do anything you want. Just be yourself, that's all I ask."

"What's for snack?" he said switching gears easily.

"Cookies or fruit. Do you want to wait for the other kids or have yours now?"

"I'll wait.  I have to go potty first anyway. I don't like to potty at school."

I laughed, I was with him there. There was no place like home for a good potty. I fixed snacks for the kids and by the time Shawn was finished in the bathroom the others had made it home. They were noisy and loud and seemed to have gotten over the sadness of Evelyn's death almost too easily. I attributed it to them being kids and the fact that they hadn't seen their mother for so long that they probably didn't even remember what she looked like.

I breached the idea of turning the office into a bedroom to Jake and it was met with his enthusiastic approval. He was so excited that he wanted to start right away so after he changed out  of his school clothes we began moving things around and getting ready for the furniture to be delivered. My desk fit easily in my bedroom and the rest we stored in the garage. We left the small loveseat so Jake would have someplace to park other than the bed if he was entertaining and did a little vacuuming and dusting and then we were done.

I'd arranged for the furniture to be delivered the following day after three so Jake would be home to help direct the placement and he already had some ideas about how he wanted it. I wondered if I was shooting myself in the foot fixing up his bedroom, and if I'd be sleeping alone some nights, but I counted on him being a horny teenager to keep him coming back for more.

We ate, we slept, the kids went off to school and I stayed home and played house dad. I cleaned, I did laundry and removed the small bed from the office to make room for the new one and later met the kids at the door as usual. The furniture guys showed up around four and Jake already knew exactly where he wanted each item. I liked how he had it arranged and after the delivery guys left we assembled the bed frame and put the mattress and box springs on them and he fell down on it and sighed.

"My own room for real now. But it doesn't mean I don't want to sleep with you," he said happily, "but it will be nice to have a place to go when I need some time alone."

I sat down beside him and patted his leg, "You are always welcome in my room, but don't fell obligated to spend any more time there than you want."

He smiled, "You know I can't stay away. I want that part of my life, but sometimes I want to be alone too. Is that okay?"

"That my son, is perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with wanting your space and that's one reason I decided to do this. I wanted you to have your own room so you could get away. You are growing up, becoming a young man, and you may soon find you need more than me. Shhh..just listen. I want you to make new friends and maybe even experiment with them, if that's what you want, and this way you will have a private place to go to."

"You want me to have sex with guys my age?" he asked softly, "I don't know. I don't know any guys like me at school."

"I'm not rushing you or putting any pressure on you, I'm just giving you the freedom to explore other options."

He sighed, "Okay, thanks, but I don't know if it will ever happen. I just want to chill sometimes and think, that's all."

"Well, you have a place to do that now. Come on let's go get some sheets and get your bed made. You might actually want to sleep in it tonight."

"Maybe some of it, but not all," he said lewdly, "or maybe...sometimes you could come visit me here."

I laughed, "That sounds like fun. Maybe I'll just do that...sometime."

So that's what we did from that day forth. Though neither of us ever stayed the night in the other's room we spent enough time there to satisfy us. Sometimes we'd fall asleep but always move back to our own bed before morning light. If the others noticed they never mentioned it and it worked for us, so all was well once more.

Sarah's date with Dakota turned into two dates, then three and pretty soon they were going steady. Dakota's parents loved Sarah and we came to love  Dakota as well. Joe continued to struggle with his feelings but just before Halloween he came home one afternoon from school with another boy in tow.

"This is Marcus," he said introducing the slender little black boy. He had big brown eyes and was cute as a button. His skin was a warm brown tone, not really black and he looked to be a mixture, but whatever his parentage he was one cute boy.

"Well, hello Marcus, I'm Rob. Any friend of Joe's is a friend of mine."

"Hello sir," he said in a small soft voice. He was so shy it was almost amusing.

"Would you boys like a snack? The others are already snarfing down cookies in the dining room."

Joe led him off to the dining room and I followed just to see what the other kid's reactions would be. Sarah seemed to know Marcus already and Jake was his usual friendly self, but it was Shawn who probably made the new kid feel most at home. Hopping down he grabbed a cookie and handed it to Marcus and asked him if he wanted milk or juice.

I smiled at my little host and left the kids to get acquainted. I knew my presence would probably only make it more difficult for Marcus and anyway I had laundry to tend to. I was just putting a load in to dry when Jake showed up looking his  usual sunny self.

"Hi buddy, how was school?"

"Good, hey do you think Marcus and Joe know kickin it?" he giggled.

"Kickin it?" I laughed, "Where did that come from?"

"Sorry, I guess that's racist isn't it?"

I shrugged, "Got me, I don't know. I think I heard it in a prison movie once, so maybe it's just a slang thing. Anyway....I doubt they are "kickin" it. I would imagine they are just friends. But...he did seem very happy today. I personally hope he does find someone he can relate to that way."

"Even if he starts sexing him up?" Jake giggled.

"Now why would that bother me? You know I'm cool about that stuff?"

"Yeah, I know...just saying. He's all innocent now and once the sex stuff's bye bye virginity."

"Virginity is highly overrated in my book."

"Even with girls?" he asked eying me curiously.

"Well, girls are a bit different. Once they loose there virginity it's obvious. I suppose you know about that though."

"The hymen thingy...yeah. Cherry popping," he laughed. "So, what if Sarah had lost hers, would that bother you?"

I sighed, "I guess I feel like every father who has a daughter. That no boy is good enough for them and they will never be old enough for sex, but I'm also smart enough to know I have absolutely no control over it."

He laughed, "She's still a virgin. I was just busting your balls. She's too much of a lady to get down and dirty like us boys."

Thank God, I thought to myself. "So Sarah acted as if she knew Marcus. Has he and Joe been friends a while and I just didn't know it?"

Jake shrugged, "Not sure, I think Sarah knows everyone at school though. She's everyone's friend...even the outcasts."

"That's my sweet baby girl," I said smiling, "Now how about helping me fold these sheets?"

When I got back to the kitchen the kids had scattered, Sarah in her room and Shawn on the couch watching cartoons. I sat down beside him and he moved closer and leaned into me.

"Joe said I had to stay out her cause him and that boy..Marcus wanted to play."

"Oh, well...that's okay....right? You usually watch TV anyway."

"Yeah, it's okay. What do you think they are playing in there?"

Hide the salami, show and tell...hell I don't know. "Probably just visiting and getting to know each other.  They are new friends and you know how that goes?"

He made a face and squinted up his eyes, "I don't have too many friends at school..only one, no..two...Rodney and Tommy."

"Well, are they good friends?"

"Uh huh. They are nice to me."

"Well, it's better to have two good friends than a bunch of so so friends. Do you know that?"

"I guess. Hey, do you think Marcus could be my friend too?" he said excitedly.

"Well, if he's Joe's friend then he could maybe be your friend too. But because he's older he may not like to play the same way you do."

"You mean hot dog games?" he asked giggling.

It took me a minute to get what he had just said and when I did my face turned bright red. Was innocent little Shawn in on the sex thing too?

"Why do you say that?"

He shrugged, "I know about that stuff. I know when your wiener gets hard and you rub it it feels good."

I sighed, I had given the appreciated version of "the talk" but it seemed liked he'd learned a bit more on his own.

"Yes, we talked about that before and that it is a private thing."

"Yeah, I know, but is it bad if two boys do stuff together?" he asked looking so cute and so innocent.

I drew in a deep breath. "Well, some adults might say that it was wrong or not a good idea, but I only know how I feel about it. I think as long as both boys want to do that, and neither is forced or tricked into it, then it's okay. It's normal and natural to be curious about that part of your body and because it feels good that makes it even harder to resist. So, no I don't think it's bad, but it is still a private thing. Why have you tried that?"

He nodded, "Yeah, me and Rodney and Tommy compared wieners and touched each other in the bathroom."

"That's perfectly normal, but please be careful and don't let a teacher or anyone else see you do that kind of thing. They might not understand."

"Okay." he said tilting his head, then he jerked his head toward the hallway and said, "Do you think Joe and Marcus are playing hot dog games right now?"

I nearly fainted, but I tried not to act upset. "If they are that is their business. If it was you and one of your friends it would be your business. It's not for us to know or try to find out. Got that tiger?"

"Yeah, I won't spy on them," he giggled, "but I bet Joe will tell me if I ask him."

"That's between the two of you, but it should be a secret between the two of you if he does."

He frowned, "So I can't tell you, or Jake?"

"Not unless Joe says it's okay, but that's only if he does tell you something, which I don't think he will."

"Okay, what's for dinner?" He said forgetting all about sex for the moment.

"How does fried chicken sound?"

"Yummy, and mashed potatoes and gravy?"

"Of course.  And how about cake for dessert?"

"Uh huh. Can I  help you make it?"

"Sure thing, come on tiger and I'll even let you lick the bowl."

Shawn and I made a chocolate cake and as Shawn sat licking the beaters and the bowl I placed it in the oven to bake. I tidied up the kitchen and when he was done with the bowl I washed it and but it in the drainer to dry. 

After what Shawn had said I began to wonder what Joe and Marcus were up to myself. If it was innocent show and tell, maybe some touching, or full blown sex. I knew I shouldn't become aroused by the image of that, but I did anyway. I pushed my hardening cock to one side and turned to  find Shawn watching me closely.

"Is your wiener hard daddy?" he giggled, "Are you gonna go rub it and make it feel good?"

"No buddy, my shorts are just riding up and squeezing my boys," I lied.

He laughed in his high sweet voice, "Your balls you mean."

"Yes, my balls. It's one of those things us guys have to deal with."

I was saved further discussion when Jake wandered in looking sleepy eyes. Apparently he'd taken a nap in his new bed and smelled the cake baking. He sniffed the air and made a blissful face, "Mmmm smells good. Chocolate?"

"Yep, we made a chocolate cake and I got to lick the bowl," Shawn said licking a little chocolate from his lips.

"You missed some," Jake said bending down and licking Shawn's cheek causing the little boy to giggle.

 "Is Marcus still here?" Jake asked giving me a hug.

"Yep, they're in Joe's room playing hot dog games." Shawn giggled.

"Shawn! You don't know that. Stop making things up," I scolded.

"He's probably right," Jake said peeking in the oven.

"Well, even if he is, it's Joe's business and we shouldn't be talking about it."

"Whatever," Jake chuckled, "I bet if I went down there and barged in the door they'd scream bloody murder as they tried to pull their pants back up."

"You guys, give it a rest. I'm gonna go check on my laundry, you guys be good." I said trying not to crack up.

"Come on Shawny, let's go out back and throw the ball around."

When I walked out of the laundry room a few minutes later I saw Joe and Marcus headed toward the front door. I don't think they were aware that I was there, maybe they were too much into each other to notice, so I stayed a respectful distance behind and watched with interest. At the door they paused and Joe looked at his feet and mumbled something then Marcus smiled and raised up on tip toes and gave Joe a peck on the cheek. Joe blushed and said something and Marcus laughed softly.

Then Marcus bounced out the door and Joe stood there touching his cheek and looking all starry eyed. I was touched by the innocence and sweetness of the moment I had just witnessed. I had been worrying about Joe and Marcus having sex when in reality they were just in the first stages of a relationship. It was puppy love and just as sweet as the kind a boy and girl might share. They had found a kindred soul and they were in the awkward stages of discovering one another and I had witnessed a pivotal moment in that journey of discovery. As a father I was overwhelmed with love for my son and yes, even for his new friend, but as a gay man I was excited by the prospect of what lay ahead for these two. 

Joe suddenly turned and seeing me he grinned widely, "He likes me dad, he really likes me and I like him a lot."

I held out my arms and Joe swarmed into them, "Oh Joseph, I am so happy for you. He seems like a nice boy and I approve one hundred percent."

"He says until he met me, he didn't have very many friends cause he was different and the other kids made fun of him. He likes to dance and sing and he's really good dad. You should hear him sang and see him dance, he's better even than Michael Jackson." Joe said excitedly.

"Well, I hope I'll get a chance. He's welcome here anytime, but I would like to meet his parents."

Joe frowned, "Well, there's just his mom and she works a lot, but I guess that would be okay."

"If he is going to spend time here, maybe even sleep over, I will need to meet her and make sure it's okay, but we'll worry about that later."

"Yeah, okay. Well, I'm gonna go to my room for a little while. I'll see ya at supper." He said zooming off to his room. 

I wondered if he was going to rub one out while thinking about Marcus, but I found out later what he was really doing was writing in his diary about his first kiss. If  there is anything as memorable as that, I don't know what it is and a gay boy's first kiss seems even sweeter in my books.

I fixed supper in a daze. I couldn't help thinking about Sarah and Dakota and now Joe and Marcus and I wondered if Jake wouldn't be the next one to find a soul mate. Not that I begrudged him that, it was just that I would miss what we had. I knew that was selfish thinking and I vowed to do everything in my power to make sure that if Jake did find someone I would encourage and support him in every way.

I was quiet as we ate that night, but the kids didn't seem to notice. We had all become accustomed to each other's foibles and the kids knew I was moody at times. Joe seemed especially happy and he and Jake were discussing some music video they'd seen when Joe suddenly brought up Marcus and his dancing.

"You really got it bad for him," don't ya," Jake teased. "He is cute."

Joe blushed and lost his smile, "We're just friends, that's all. Don't go making something of it," he warned Jake.

Why was he denying his feelings in front of the others when he had practically told me he was in love with Marcus?

"Oh, sorry. I guess that look on your face when you two are together is just gas," Jake teased, "Come on dude, admit it, you like him and he likes you....a lot."

"Can I be excused dad," Joe said looking at me with tears in his eyes.

"Yes son. I'll save your supper in case you are hungry later." I said quickly letting Joe get away before anything more was said.

Then as soon as I was sure Joe was in his room with the door closed I lit into Jake, "That was mean and so unlike you Jake. What ever possessed you to tease your brother that way?"

He looked at his plate then raised he head and looked sullen, "I don't see what's the big deal. He brings the dude home and they go off to his room and stay the whole time, so you know something's going on. I don't know why he's so sensitive about it. We all know he's gay and it's no big deal."

"Your brother is going through some very stressful things right now and he needs our support, not our teasing. I want you to apologize to him later and I expect you to be more sensitive in the future." I said trying to sound stern, but failing. This was new ground for me, up until now I had never had to use this tone of voice with any of the kids.

"I'm sorry dad, I really am. I just didn't think. I'll go right now, I'm not very hungry anyway. May I be excused?"

I nodded, "Be careful how you approach him. He is wearing his heart on his sleeve right now and he's very sensitive to every word that is said to him."

"He's my brother. I know how to handle him,"  he said grinning, "Don't worry dad, I got this."

Shawn and Sarah had remained quiet through all this but suddenly Sarah spoke up, "Dad, I think it's sweet that Joe has found someone he likes."

"Yeah, me too," Shawn said grinning. I knew he was thinking about what he had said earlier about hot dog games and I almost laughed.

"Well, he needs our support right now, but we have to be careful not to get into his business. He will share with us when he feels like it but we shouldn't be nagging him for information."

"Like me and Dakota," Sarah said smiling, "I think it's so cool that you don't give us the third degree about what we do, not that we do that much," she blushed.

"I trust you, both of you. I trust all of my kids for that matter, but I want you to know that if you ever need my help or advise I am here and I will not be judgmental. My only purpose in life right now is to make sure you kids grow up to be responsible and decent adults."

"And we love you for it, right Shawny?"

"Uh huh," he said scooping up some mashed potatoes and stuffing them in his cute face, "we love you daddy," he added showing me a mouthful of food in the process.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," I scolded. I got up then and cleared the boys' plates and my own, saving Joe's food to a Tupperware container in case he was hungry later. Shawn and Sarah finished eating and helped me clear the rest and as I washed dishes Jake reappeared looking happy.

"We talked, we're cool. Anyway you don't have to worry, they haven't had sex yet. They're just getting to know each other. I think Joe was surprised to find out that there were other boys who felt like he does. Marcus is a little too girlie acting for my taste, but Joe thinks he's the bomb."

"Joe mentioned that Marcus got teased a lot at school, I wonder if it's because he's a little feminine acting."

"Probably, kids zero in on anyone who's different in any way. I know, I went through some hell myself, but fortunately I'm tough enough to defend myself."

"I hope Joe doesn't get into trouble coming to Marcus'' defense."

"I don't think it will get physical, but you taught us to stand up for our friends, so...."

"I know, I know, you're right. But I don't condone fighting unless it's a last resort."

"Joe's not much of a fighter, but he's not afraid to speak up. Sometimes he runs his mouth a little too much. When we was younger and we both went to the same school I had to defend him a few times."

I smiled, "And I bet the bullies left him alone after that."

"Damn straight," he said grinning, "I kicked some butt and once you get a rep, the bullies leave you alone."

"Well, thank you for apologizing to Joe and for watching out for him. It only reaffirms what I already knew, that you are a good boy and a good brother," I said hugging him.

"And I'm your boy," he growled causing goose bumps on my body, "and tonight I'll show ya what I mean."

I shivered at the thought and felt a stirring in my jeans. I was glad the others were out of sight and ear shot.

Joe wandered in after a bit and asked if I'd saved his dinner and I heated it up and he ate at the breakfast bar while I finished cleaning up the kitchen. Jake sat down beside him and drank a soda and they made small talk and things seemed to be fine between them once more.

At bedtime I went in to kiss Joe goodnight and he pulled me down and hugged my neck, "I love you daddy," he said sounding like a little kid, "Thank you for everything."

"You are so welcome buddy. Sweet dreams," I said kissing his forehead.

"I hope I dream of Marcus," he said softly then blushed.

"I do too, he seems like a nice boy."

"He is dad, so nice and funny and cute too."

"He is cute, but not as cute as you," I said tickling him playfully causing him to giggle.

"Oh dad," he said yawning suddenly, "I'm not that cute, but thanks anyway."

"Not cute? Boy, you need to look in the mirror. You're so cute it hurts."

He smiled, "Thanks dad, well...goodnight."

"Night son, I love you."

"Love you too."

Shawn had laid in his bed watching us the whole time and when I finally went to him he pulled me down and made me sit by him.

"Will you lay with me till I fall asleep?" he said giving me those puppy dog eyes that no parent could resist.

I smiled, "Okay, but first I need to go kiss Sarah and Jake goodnight."

"Just Sarah, cause Jake is in your bed anyway," he said grinning.

I nodded, "Okay, I'll be right back."

I zoomed in and kissed Sarah goodnight and stopped by to look in on Jake who was naked beneath the covers. He told me to hurry and I said I'd be there as soon as Shawn fell asleep.

I rejoined Shawn and found him fighting to stay awake. I snuggled in beside him and patted him for a few minutes and when he finally tumbled into dreamland I quietly got up and went to my boy lover. He was already hard and rubbing his beautiful cock as I dropped my shorts and slipped in beside him.

"What took you so long?"

"I have three other kids I have to kiss goodnight and tuck in, besides waiting makes it all the sweeter."

And sweet it was as I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately, our hands roaming each other's body hungrily. I finally broke the kiss and moved down to his nipples and bit and sucked at them playfully as he held my head and moaned softly. Then kissing my way down his developing chest to his flat tunny I lapped at his belly button and he giggled.

I moved still lower and nuzzled his pubic hair just above that gorgeous cock of his and he gasp for breath.

"Suck it." He said softly sounding far away and needy.

"Not yet," I whispered back, "First I explore the rest of you." And with that I slid down to his feet and began massaging and  kissing them as he sighed contentedly. 

When I popped his big toe in my mouth he shuddered a little and made a little humming sound. I looked down at him and his eyes were closed as a blissful look came over his face. I saw his hand go to his cock, but I reached down and pushed it away, "No, that's mine. Just lay back and relax and I'll take care of you soon"

He didn't reply but he did tuck his hands under his head to make it easier to resist temptation. He was obviously very horny and his cock seemed to be throbbing with anticipation by the time I finished with his feet and moved back up to give it a little attention. But I still wasn't ready for him to come yet. Pushing his slender smooth legs up I nuzzled beneath his balls until I found his pucker. He raised his legs higher and pushed back against me forcing more of my tongue up his chute as he moaned softly. I licked and tongued his hole till my tongue was numb then dropped his legs and swallowed his cock in one gulp.

"Awwww...gawd that feels nice," He said grabbing my head and pushing me down on his boy boner.

I worked my usual magic on him as he bucked and thrust and moaned and before long he was gasping and breathing as hard as if he had just run a marathon. Then arching his back and growling deeply he began to squirt his sweet boy juice into my waiting mouth. I felt at least three strong jets, then a couple of lesser ones, then he began to dribble but I caught it all and gobbled it down greedily. I held him in my mouth until I was sure he was finished then moved up beside him and kissed him letting him taste his own flavor on my lips and tongue.

"Mmmmm..I do taste good, don't I?"

"Like candy and popcorn," I said grinning.

He sighed, "Let me rest a minute then I'm going to do something special for you."

"Oh, is it something new?"

"Yep, just thought of it today and I hope you like it."

"If it involves you and me I know I will."

We lay there for a few minutes longer snuggled up together and suddenly he announced he was ready, "Just lay on your back and I'll do the rest. Where's the lube? Might need a little," he said grabbing the bottle of lube off the nightstand and slicking up my throbbing boner. 

I didn't know exactly what he had in mind, but apparently it involved my cock and his ass and that was fine by me. What happened next was not only exciting but amazing. Squatting over me Jake reached back and grabbed my cock and pushed it against his hole. As I lay there waiting with anticipation he slowly lowered himself onto my throbbing pole until he was completely impaled on it. I felt his soft smooth bottom against my pubic bone but for only a minute as he used his legs to lift himself about half way up before stopping and repeating the process.

It was a slow and sensuous fuck, but he had totally control the whole time. I just lay back and enjoyed it and when he began to speed up I felt my orgasm rushing toward me like a runaway train. Toward the end I grew impatient and grabbed his slender hips and guided him the last few strokes until I felt that warm wonderful feeling radiate from deep inside me flowing into all parts of my body. Then with a final thrust and a sigh I began to fill my boy lover with my hot sticky seed. 

He threw his head back and suddenly his cock began to squirt once more, this time covering my chest and stomach with a generous amount of his boy seed. I closed my eyes as he settled down onto me once more burying my bone completely in him as I continued to fill his insides with my love. He sighed and looked down at me and then fell down on top of me causing my cock to slip from his slick hole. He kissed me deeply and then just nuzzled my neck as I lay recovering from the intensity of my orgasm.

We snuggled and dozed for the next few hours and when I awoke much later to go pee he was gone. I felt lonely back in my bed without him, but I pulled his pillow to me and inhaled his scent and that comforted me enough to allow me to drift off to sleep.  I didn't know how many more nights of bliss I had with Jake, but I was damn sure not going to waste a single one of them worrying about the future.

I'd forgotten what a cool holiday Halloween was but now that I had kids again, I was determined to make it unforgettable for all of us. With the kids' help I put up cobwebs, creepy hanging displays and the requisite stuffed man on the porch. I was going to let the kids go trick or treating in the neighborhood because it was a kid friendly neighborhood made up of mostly families with a few oldsters like me who gave out tons of candy.

I manned the home front giving out who knows how many pounds of candy and gum and always got a hearty thank you from the kids. So as not to scare the little ones I had chose to dress up as something non-threatening and chose a dog suit much like the one that TV dog Wilford wears. I looked ridiculous of course but also funny and the kids, especially the little ones loved it and some even wanted to pat the big doggie.

I had fun giving out candy and guessing who was what since I knew most of the kids in the neighborhood by now thanks to my own kids. Around eight my kids came back to drop off the booty they'd gathered in the hopes that if their bags were empty folks might give them more candy. 

"Like you need more candy, there's enough for the next year," I said digging through Jake's bag, "Ummm...I like these, can I have one?"

"Sure dad, eat all you want," Jake laughed, "we'll get more."

I let them stay out another hour and when they returned they had about half as much as they'd had the first time, I guessed because folks were running out of candy by now and the pickings were slimmer. I still had plenty left but planned on shutting it down at ten since I figured most kids would be done by then.

Jake had gone as a zombie but it didn't hide the fact that he was cute and sexy beneath all the makeup and ragged clothes soaked in fake blood. Shawn was a Ninja and Joe a Pirate, and of course my little princess Sarah, went as a princess. So there we stood a dog, a zombie, a Ninja, a pirate, and a princess when the next wave of candy mongers showed up.

I turned the dispensing of the candy over to the kids, grabbed a beer and pealed off my dog suit. It was hot in that thing and I must've sweated a bucket that night. I fell into my recliner and pretty soon Pirate Joe came in and sad down on the sofa nearby.

"Did you have fun Capn Joe?" I teased.

"Yeah, a lot of fun. I just wish Marcus could have gone with us, but  his mom said he had to stay home cause she had to work."

"I wish I'd known bud, we could've asked his mom if he could stay with us."

"Really, you'd let him?" Joe asked looking excited.

"Well...sure...if his mom okayed it. What's one more kid when you have four?" I chuckled, "Especially a good kid like Marcus."

"Cool, I wish I'd of asked earlier. Well, I'm gonna go take off my costume and take a shower. Thanks dad," he said jumping up and hugging me, then planting a little kiss on my cheek he added, "I'm so happy now dad. I never knew I could be this happy," He said as a tear slid down his cute face.

"You deserve to be happy son and I will do everything in my power to make sure you stay that way. Life may not always be exactly what we want, but as long as we have someone to share the good and the bad with we can make it work."

He nodded, "I'm gonna go call Marcus first, then the shower," he said pulling away.

"Okay bud, but don't talk too long."

"I won't...see you when you come to tuck me in."

I sat there nursing my beer and smiling like the cat who'd ate the canary. I had it all, four great kids who loved me and who I loved more than life itself and a  boy lover who was almost more than I could handle. I sighed, life which had once seemed so pointless had become wonderful and new since I'd found my little family. I thought back to that first night when Shawn showed up on my doorstep and I thanked God above that he had sent him to me for help. 

" to dad..."

"What, oh sorry..I was zoned out. What's up Jake?"

"I was wondering...since we don't have school tomorrow if we could watch a movie and stay up late?"

"That's fine by me, but I may take a rain check. I'm beat."

"Awww...come on just watch the movie with us. You can sit on the couch and play with my feet," He said grinning.

I laughed, "How could I pass up an offer like that? Okay, but if I fall asleep the four of you will have to carry me to bed," I teased.

"I bet me and Joe could do it," he said flexing his muscles.

"Impressive, do you work out?" I joked.

"Naw, I'm naturally buff," he laughed.

"Dad...we just ran out of candy," Sarah said sounding panicky.

"Then turn off the porch light and close the door.  What did you guys do load up every kid that came along or eat the stuff yourself?" I laughed.

It was almost ten by then anyway and as soon as the kids were showered and ready for bed they reassembled in the living room for the movie. Jake wanted a scary one, but Shawn pouted and said he didn't want one that was too scary, so they chose Avitar which in my opinion was an  excellent movie and perfect for all of them.

I made popcorn and allowed them to have some Sprite, because it had no caffeine to keep them up all night, as if the candy wouldn't do that any way. I had another beer and Jake insisted on taking a sip. I handed him the can and he took a swallow then made a horrible face and looked green.

"Gawd, how can you drink that stuff, blah..blah...yuck."

I laughed, "It's an acquired taste. You have to be about 18 or so for it to taste good."

"Huh uh, no way. I'm never drinking that awful stuff again."

"Then I have succeeded as a father. I've sworn you off drinking."

"Well, I might try something wine or whiskey or something, but no beer."

"Fair enough. Truthfully I can take it or leave it, it's not a big part of my life as I'm sure you've noticed. But occasionally a cold beer is nice."

"Yuck," Jake said shivering, "I'd rather drink water as that crap."

"Well, I promise I won't make you drink it ever again."

Before too long Shawny climbed up into my lap and before long he was sleeping peacefully. I kept him there cuddling him and reveling in his warmth and softness. He was such a little sweetheart and like most kids, adorable when asleep. He looked so beautiful and peaceful that my heart swelled with love for my youngest child. I kissed his dark hair and smelled his clean little boy scent and I was transported back in time to when my sons were little boys. I had loved them with all my heart and raised them with the same values I was raising my new family with, but somewhere along the way things had gone wrong and, they were almost strangers.

Had I taken on this new family to replace the one I had lost? I guessed that in the end it really didn't matter. I had been given a second chance and I intended to do everything in my power to make sure this time everything worked out right. I finally carried Shawn to his bed and tucked him under the covers and kissed him goodnight. He smiled in his sleep and pulled his favorite Teddy bear to him and I touched his face gently then left him to his sweet dreams.

Jake was stretched out on the couch saving my place and when I sat down he place his small soft feet in my lap. I pulled on each toe in turn then began massaging his feet as his eyelids drooped low over his beautiful eyes. He sighed contentedly and smiled up at me and I smiled back.

Across the room on the love seat Sarah sat watching us as much as the movie. I wondered what she thought of Jake and me, but I too terrified to find out. In the floor at my feet Joe lay on his tummy with his head propped up on his hand watching the movie seemingly oblivious to everything around him. I studied his lithe little body and marveled at how perfect he was. He had grown some over the last few months and like Shawn was loosing a lot of his little boy look. He had changed in other ways too. Gone was the shy little boy I had come to know and accept and in his place now stood a self confident young man who had accepted and embraced his sexuality. I liked to think I had something to do with that and often wondered what his life would have been like if he had continued to live with his mother. 

I sometimes worried that Joe and the others had taken their mother's passing too lightly and that they were repressing their feelings, but when I thought about it in their eyes they probably didn't think they had lost much. Sure they had loved her, it's natural to love your mother, but they really didn't like her or her ways or the life she gave them. 

I looked back at Jake and his eyes were wide open now as he watched me watch Joe. I gave him a smile and he smiled back then yawned widely.

"I'm ready to go to be dad. Will you tuck me in?"

"Sure, go brush your toofies and I'll meet you there."

He bounced off to the bathroom and I nudged Joe with my foot, "You staying up Joseph?"

"Yeah, if Sarah will stay up with me."

"Sure, I want to see the rest of the movie," She agreed easily.

"Okay, I'll check on you kids before I turn in."

I met Jake in his room and he closed the door behind me and turned the latch. Then wiggling his cute tail at me he said, "Tonight we do it in my bed."

"With Joe and Sarah out there watching TV?" I asked in mock horror. This was going to happen and we both knew it.

"Just cooperate and don't scream and they  won't  know what's happening," he teased.

"It might be you who does the screaming," I said grabbing him and throwing him down on his bed.

He was giggling pretty loud so I put my hand over his mouth and the little stink bit me. Not hard but enough to get the message across.

"Why you little shit, you bit me," I said pinning his arms to his sides. Now I'm gonna have to really get rough."

"Oh yeah, what're you gonna do daddy..spank me?"

"Not a bad idea," I said rolling him over before he could react and pulling down his underwear. There before me was the most gorgeous butt I had ever seen on male or female and I wanted so badly to bury my face in it, but instead I gave it a playful smack with palm of my hand.

"Harder daddy," he said in a deep gravely voice that surprised me.

I gave him another smack and he yelped this time, but not loud enough to be heard beyond the solid wooden door seperating us from the rest of the house. I gave him two more then did allow myself the pleasure of tasting him. I spread his two perfect cheeks apart and ran my tongue down the cleft over his pucker and he shivered and moaned.

"Oh daddy, what are you doing? Are you licking my butthole?" he gasped.

"Ummmm....yep. Want me to stop?"

"Hell no," he laughed, "eat it all up..stick you hot tongue inside me daddy."

So I did and I ate till I was full and he tasted so good. When I had him good and slick and opened up I thought, Why not go for the gold? Then pulling him to the end of the bed I coaxed him up on all fours and lined up my wet cock and slid it in. He gasped as I shoved it all the way to his navel and reached down and started mauling his own hard leaking cock. I reached around him and pushed his hand away and took over and rhythmically stroked his cock in time to my thrusts. Even as many times as I'd been inside him he was still as tight and hot as the first time and I just couldn't get enough of him. I took my time though, pacing myself and him as I brought as closer and closer to the edge then backing away each time.

I must've been going at it about a half hour when Jake pushed back against me and whined, "Please daddy let's come, my balls ache."

I laughed but no way could I deny my boy his  pleasure any longer, or my own for that matter. Speeding up and fucking like a rabbit on crack as I jerked his hot hard cock I brought us to orgasm in just a few minutes. I grunted a warning and Jake started spewing and then my legs went weak as I began to unload in his hot tight ass. I pushed him down on the bed and lay atop him, pinning him to the bed as I continued to unload and when I was spent I still lay there just enjoying the closeness and warmth of his body inside and out.

"Are you okay baby?"

"Ummm more than okay, excellent actually," he sighed. "I liked the spanking stuff. Does that make me weird?"

I laughed, "What's weird about something you like and get off on? Everyone has their kinky side, though I'll admit until I met you I didn't know what mine was."


"Than and I sort of enjoyed the spanking thing too. I mean I'm not into real pain, but fun stuff like this is cool."

"Yeah, I don't want you to beat me or anything, but I like the spanking. You think next time you could give me a few smacks while you're fucking me?"

I smiled, "Yeah, I think that would be cool too." I said rolling off of him. "Are you done or do I need to hang around for round two?"

"I'm pretty satisfied, unless you want round two."

"I am very satisfied, but I didn't want you to have to jerk it...he he."

"Too tired to jerk it and anyway since we been doing stuff, I hardly ever jerk it."

"Me either, I'm too spent after you get done with me."

"Awww....poor daddy, can't handle his iddy biddy boy."

"I'll show you how I can handle you," I said rolling over on top of his again and pinning him down and kissing him roughly.

When I broke the kiss he stared up at me with lust in his eyes, "Damn daddy, that was hot. My dick is hard again and since you're still here...."

"Want to spank daddy and stuff your dick up his ass?" I teased.

" a matter of fact....."

I finally got to meet Marcus mother quite by accident that following Friday after Halloween. The kids and I had gone to Kmart to pick up a few things and suddenly Joe was pulling at my shirt and pointing at an attractive black lady coming up the aisle. "That's Marcus mom," he said quietly.

I raised my head and she was no more than a few feet away. I saw that she had a name tag on that said Martha Jones and below it Assistant Manager. Well that explained her odd and long hours. My ex wife had worked for Kmart for a number of years, her last five being as an assistant but, she had finally quit because she had to work so many hours.

"Are you folks finding everything okay?" She asked as she approached, then she saw Joe and I saw the lights go on in her eyes, "Well hello Joe, is this your family?"

"Yea ma am," Joe said getting all shy again, "This is my dad Rob and my brothers Jake and Shawn and my sister Sarah."

"What a nice bunch of kids, and Joe is a darling boy. Marcus and him have become best friends. I've been meaning to call and introduce myself but my schedule is dreadful. What luck that you should be here today."

"I've been wanting to meet you as well, Ms. Jones," I said extending my hand.

"Oh, call me Martha and I'll call you Rob, how about that?"

"I like you already," I teased, "I hate formality among friends."

She smiled and her whole face lit up. Watch it Rob, I warned myself, don't be too charming or you'll wind up married again.

"I'm glad Marcus has made a new friend. He's had some problems at the new school. We moved here from Michigan at the beginning of the year and things haven't been going too well for him."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Joe mentioned something about that and though I don't condone violence or fighting Joe stands up for his friends and Marcus certainly seems to have made an impression on him."

"Daaaad," Joe whined and we all laughed as Joe turned three shade of red.

"Marcus a gentle soul and a very good judge of character and the first time I met Joe I knew he had chosen this friend wisely. I do hope the boys can spend more time together now that we know each other better."

"As a matter of fact I was about to suggest that if you ever need someone to watch Marcus while you're at work or anything he would be welcome to come stay with us. I know you just met us, but the offer is good any time. Joe would certainly enjoy the company and we have a big house and yard they can run free in."

"Well, thank you. I just may take you up on that offer and Joe would be welcome to come spend the night at our place as well. I do occasionally get a weekend or Sunday off and it would be nice for Marcus to have someone to play with while I enjoy a day off."

"Well, why don't we swap numbers and just see how it goes then?" 

"All right, that sounds like a plan."

We swapped numbers and added them to our contacts then Martha got called to checkouts and we said our goodbyes.

"So maybe Marcus can come over now and spend the night?" Joe said happily.

"I don't see why not. His mother seems very nice and I'm sure we did too...even if we are trolls," I teased.

"Oh daddy, we're not trolls," Shawn giggled, "we're tigers and we're gonna eat Marcus up."

We all laughed at that but Jake especially. I'm sure I knew what he was thinking.

A few days later Martha called and asked if we would all like to come have dinner at her apartment. I was surprised but pleased and we made plans to dine with her and Marcus that Saturday night. She said she had a rare weekend off and she wanted to get to know all of better. 

I suspected she was checking to make sure we were as real as we'd appeared that first day just in case she decided to let Marcus stay over sometime. I was fine with it. We had good table manners and we weren't serial killers so what more could she ask for?

Their apartment was a lovely two bedroom on the third floor of a gated complex  and as we rode the elevator up to their floor Joe was fidgeting and sweating bullets. I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him against me and he looked up with a nervous grin.

"It will be fine Joe, don't worry. We won't fart at the table, will we kids?"

"I might," Shawn teased, "No, I'm just kidding."

"I know, but I'm just so nervous. I want Marcus to be able to come over more and I'm soooo nervous."

"Don't worry, I think that's what this is all about. Getting to know us and trust us with her son. So let's all put our best foot forward...okay troops?"

Everyone nodded and agreed heartily and by the time we reached the apartment Joe had calmed down some. Marcus met us at the door then Martha appeared dressed casually but stylishly in no doubt some Jacyln Smith fashions from Kmart. She ushered us in and offered us a drink but we all passed. There was a nice sofa and matching love seat and we made ourselves comfy while she went in to check on the dinner. Marcus sat by Joe and I could see the electricity pass between them. I saw their little hands twitching, no doubt wanting to join and I smiled. I was witnessing something sweet and innocent but something that perhaps given time and nurturing could grown into something more.

Martha returned presently and we got to know each other better. Martha turned out to be not only bright but witty and she had us all laughing before too long, even Marcus. It was obvious he loved his mama by the look in his eyes and I wondered about his dad. So far she hadn't mentioned a Mr. Jones and I wasn't sure if it was a subject I should breach. Maybe there was no Mr. Jones. Maybe dad had been a sperm donor only and too busy to hang around and see what popped out. I would have to have Joe grill him later and fill me in.

Dinner was roast beef with potatoes and carrots and it was perfect. Shawn led the way when it came to bless the meal and I was pleased to see that Martha and Marcus seemed to subscribe to our doctrine, loose as it was. We ate as we continued getting to know each other and by the time the meal was over it was if we had known each other a long time. Marcus and Joe had sat side by side at the table with their chairs pulled very close together and I noticed they ate with only one  hand. I chuckled to myself at the thought of them holding hands beneath the table as if we weren't smart enough to figure things out.

After we helped Martha clear and the dishwasher was loaded. Marcus took the kids to see his room and Martha and I had a chance to talk alone.

"They're very close already," she said smiling.

"Very," I agreed, "Joe is a great kid and very sweet natured," I offered testing the water, "and Marcus seems to be of a similar nature."

She paused for a moment and seemed to be gathering her words carefully, "I suppose Joe has told you why Marcus was bullied in school?"

"Well, he said Marcus liked to sing and dance. I guess some kids will attack anyone who seems a little different, but I wouldn't worry about it. There are good kids too who embrace difference."

"Like Joe," she said looking straight into my eyes.

 I  nodded, "I can't help but think we are both seeing the same thing concerning our sons, am I correct?"

She smiled and nodded, "I love Marcus with all my heart and soul...just as he is. I worried at first....thought it was my fault...or because he didn't have a father to look to for answers, but I've done some research and I've come to accept that some things are out of our  hands. I am convinced that Marcus was born different and I have accepted that and now I embrace it as you say."

I smiled, "There is nothing wrong with being different Martha. None of my kids fit the cookie cutter mold that society has created. I had little to do with their formative years, except for Shawn of course, and the die was already cast before I became their father. But I would not change a single thing about any of them. They are perfect just as they are...just as God made them, and I will defend their right to be who they are with every fiber of my being."

She smiled, "I knew you were special from the way Marcus talked about you and when we met I saw it for myself. So...I guess we are in agreement that our boys are a little different and that they have found each other and that it is up to us to see that their friendship has a chance."

I smiled, "Talk about special, you're one in a million ma am. I am so relieved that we are on the same page with this. I think they are both smart enough to figure things out on their own if we give them that chance....encourage, but not push them."

"I agree. Now, I have something else I want to discuss with you," She said grinning, "but first...would you like a beer or a adult drink," she chuckled.

"One beer won't make me a criminal," I said suddenly feeling very in need of a libation.

She returned with a beer for me and glass of white wine for herself and sat down across from me on the loveseat. "Now, since you have already volunteered to let Marcus stay over I would like to ask a favor. Don't be afraid to say no if it's an inconvenience, but...I have to attend a manager's training session in Dallas next weekend and rather than take Marcus and leave him in the motel room all day I wondered if...."

I cut her off before she could finish. "A motel room is no place for a boy to spend his weekend. He should be running and jumping and having fun with other kids...and I just happen to know where you can find four of the best playmates a kid could ask for."

She smiled, "Are you sure? It's a lot to ask, but I'd be happy to pay you to keep him or at least pay for his expenses."

"And I'd be hurt if you did. Marcus will be our guest and I would hope that when it's Joe's turn he will be your guest. Guests don't fact after the first visit my rule're family."

She got up and gave me a hug and she smelled really good. Too bad I like men....huh? "You are such a dear. And yes I look forward to Joe being our guest...and joining our family. You just don't know how much this means to us. Marcus will be so happy. I didn't mention it to him for fear I was asking too much too soon."

"Well, I think we should tell them as soon as possible so they can start making plans."

We got our chance a few minutes later as the kids came in looking bored, that is all except the two love birds. And when they heard the news...I swear they looked like two pups jumping up and down and hugging each other and then rolling on the carpet. I looked down at them and suddenly I realized how much I envied them. They had their whole life ahead of them and they had already figured out what it took me almost a lifetime to discover, that being different was okay...more than okay, it was awesome.

We left around nine thirty and Joe and Marcus hugged before we left despite all the onlookers. When we got in the car I expected Jake to start his teasing again but he seemed as excited by Marcus' visit as Joe did. 

"Hey, bout this idea? While Marcus is over you can have my room. You can both fit in my bed and I'll sleep in your room."

I was so proud of Jake, but of course he probably was going to wind up sleeping with me anyway so it was not an inconvenience by any means. Still it was sweet and he'd bought Joe's undying love forever...he he.

"You mean it...thanks man," Joe said throwing his arms around his brother's neck.

"Sure, no problem bro. Just don't mess up my room too much," he said grinning.

"Well, you boys can work that out," I finally said, "and we'll rent some movies and video games and you can order pizza or whatever you boys like."

"I can hardly wait," Joe said squirming around in his seat, "We're gonna have so much fun."

I could almost read Jake's mind, but to his credit he kept his thoughts to himself despite how much it must've hurt him...he he. The fun thing was almost too much to pass up.

The kids were beat by the time we got home, all except Joe who was running on adrenaline and sugar. I managed to get Shawn asleep and sat with Joe for  a while as he talked excitedly about his new found friend and how much fun they were going to have. 

"Thank you soo much dad. You are the best dad in the whole world."

"Well, that's true, but Marcus mom had something to do with this too. She is a pretty cool mom."

"Yeah, I know. I'll be sure to give her a hug and thank her when she drops him off Friday."

"Great, but for need to get some sleep. You have a whole week to make your plans."

He yawned softly and I brushed his hair back from his forehead and kissed him there. "Goodnight Joseph. I love you very much."

He smiled, "You're the only one who ever called me Joseph. Not even my mom called that..and know made me feel special. When we first met..I was sort of know. I liked you and all, but I just didn't know how to act around a man. I never had a dad and well, when you started calling me Joseph I thought..maybe that's what a dad would do."

I patted him gently, "Joseph..I have always loved you. From the first moment I met you, but I didn't know how to reach you. You were shy and quiet, not like Jake or Shawn but, I accepted you as were in the hopes that eventually you would accept me."

"I do dad," he said as tears ran down his sweet face, "I love you sooo much and I am so happy you are my dad now."

I was crying too by now. I wiped at my eyes and kissed him once more. "I am the luckiest dad in the whole world. Now, young've stalled long enough. It's time for you to get some sleep," I said pulling the covers up around his neck and tweaking his cute nose.

He smiled, his tears forgotten and pulled me down for a final hug, "Night daddy. Love ya."

"Night son, I love you too. Sleep tight and sweet dreams."

He nodded and I got up and walked to the door. I turned to look at him before I turned off the light and his eyes were already closed. I sighed and switched off the light and closed the door behind me. For a moment I stood on the other side counting my blessings, then I went off to my bed to find another of my blessings waiting naked atop the covers for me.


Chapter six

They say it's puppy love, we say it's full grown...

Friday finally came and Martha dropped Marcus off early that morning. Her flight was at noon and Marcus was riding to school with Joe and then coming home with him that afternoon. Joe met them at the door and as promised when it was time for Martha to go Joe hugged her and thanked her thereby wedging his way deeper into her heart. She kissed his cheek then hugged Marcus and picked the slender boy up and planted kisses all over his face. He giggled and flailed but I got the impression this was nothing new for them. Marcus was the classic momma's boy and that was okay, but it certainly explained his behavior and his being bullied.

Once Martha was gone Joe took Marcus off to his room and we didn't see them again till it was time for them to go to the bus stop. I gave them all of them a hug, including Marcus who seemed very cuddly and receptive. Despite not having a father I think he was no different than any other kid, and longed to have a male influence his life. I hoped I could be that influence and be there for him when he needed me.

I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry and baked three kinds of cookies for the kids snacks. They had decided to have finger food the first night and I was going to fix chicken nuggets, nachos, little sandwiches and a veggie tray with dip. I had non caffeine sodas and juice for them to drink and they still had a ton of Halloween candy plus the cookies for sweets. 

I changed Jake's sheets on the off chance that their might be some of our DNA on them, he he, and tidied the room and aired it out. I didn't worry for one minute that there would be a lot of action in that bed tonight, but I wanted it to be comfy for snugging and hand holding or whatever young lovers did. I confess my only experience at Joe's age had been less than romantic. I messed around with a few of my buddies, but we didn't hold hands or kiss. It was strictly about getting our jollies. I also had a girlfriend or two and hand holding and an occasional kiss was about the depth of those relations.

I had just sat down for a few minutes when the phone rang. It was Mike, the old lover I'd ran into outside the furniture store.

", how goes it?" he said sounding amused.

"Wonderful, my daughter and my middle son have discovered boys and I think they're in love."

"Whoa, what? Wait, your middle son is gay?"

"Or at least curious. He brought home the cutest little black boy the other day and they've become good friends. In fact his new friend is spending the weekend with us."

"I hope you gave him the safe and all that."

"I don't think they're past the hand holding stage as of yet, but Joe is a smart kid and he knows the score."

"Well, you must be a very proud pa pa," He chuckled, "like father like son. Hey, was he gay before he met you?" he laughed.

"Very funny, I would think you of all people should know you are gay or straight from birth."

"Yeah, yeah...I know. Hey, what I really called about was...what are you doing next Friday night?"

"Mmmm....nothing that I know of except being a father to four kids. Why?"

"Got tickets for a great show at Tiffany's. All male dancers and a drag show afterwards. It's supposed to be the event of the year."

"God that sounds good, except the drag show," I laughed, "man...I don't know. If I could find someone to watch the kids I'd sure be tempted."

"Well, you work on it and let me know as soon as possible. You were my first choice. Afterwards we could go back to my place and get reacquainted."

"Hmmm...that sounds tempting in itself. I'll see what I can do and let you know."

"Cool, good luck with the...uh, sleepover," he laughed, "I wish I was a kid again. I'd wear that thing out by the time I was 16."

"I thought you did," I teased, "or were you just born that way?"

"Ouch, that hurt. Just because I'm not horse hung I get grief. It works and it feels good so I'm happy with what I got."

"So was I. Just joking around. Hey, take it easy and I'll talk to ya soon."

We hung up and before I had time to collect my thoughts the kids began arriving. Sarah and Shawn first then the young lovers and lastly Jake. They were all in good spirits, the two lovers especially, and they bubbled over with them as they ate their snacks. I sat in the living room thinking about Mike and how I could manage to get away for an evening and pretty soon Jake came in a plopped down beside me.

"What's up dad, why so down?"

"I'm not down, just thinking."

"About what?"

"Oh, adult things," I teased, "someone your age wouldn't understand."

"Then I guess it's not about sex, cause I do understand that."

"Hmmm.....yeah, well...see...this friend of mine, an old friend asked me to go with him to see a show next weekend, but....I can't see any way I can get away."

"Why the heck not? I'm old enough to watch the kids," he said becoming a bit agitated, "heck, I used to watch them all the time while mom was out messing around, and I wasn't even as old as I am now."

"Well, you have a good point. So you don't object to me going out with an old friend?"

"What kind of friend?, don't tell me...if it's sex I don't need to know...but if you want to do it...then go for it. I'll take care of the kids and everything will be fine."

"You're sure about this? I might be late getting home....maybe as late as 2am."

"Then we'll be asleep, no big deal. I think you deserve some time away from us. You been stuck with us all this time and you've had to give up everything for us."

"I didn't give up anything," I assured him, "before my life was pointless now that I have you kids it has purpose again."

"Yeah, but you deserve some time off. It will be fun...I'll order pizza and we'll watch a movie and you can call and check on us if you're worried."

"I don't know, I'll have to think about it. I'd feel a lot better if there was an adult in the house."

"Why? Then you'd have to worry if they were molesting one of us," he said laughing.

"Very funny. Okay I'll give it some serious thought. I'll let you know."

Joe and Marcus buzzed off to Jake's room where they'd be staying the night and Shawn plopped down on the couch by me. I pulled him into my lap and switched on cartoons and we watched TV together. Sarah went in to change and call Dakota and Jake hung around for a while then went out back. I wondered what he was up to or thinking, but I'd learned to give him space when he needed it and I knew if he needed my help he'd ask for it.

Sarah came out after a bit looking excited and sat down next to us. I could tell there was something on her mind but it took her a while to finally share it. Looking at me and blushing she began.

"Dad, I know this is sort of late notice...but Dakota and his parents wondered if I could go with them to see a movie. I wouldn't be gone past ten and well...Joe and Marcus won't miss me. Please can I go dad?" She said giving me that look that little girls give their daddies when they want something.

I sighed, "Sweet girl, if that's what you want to's fine with me. I trust Dakota and his parents. Go tell him it's fine. Are they going to pick you up or do I need to take you to their house?"

"They can pick me up, Dakota said they wanted to talk to you anyway." She said jumping up, "I'll go call him. Thank you daddy, thank you so much." She said leaning down to hug my neck and kiss my cheek. She smelled like bubble gum and little girl and her smile was so sunny and radiant that it touched me to my very soul. Her happiness meant the world to me and I felt a little teary eyed as she bounced away.

Jake returned after a bit and I filled him in on Sarah's plans and he thought it was great. He liked Dakota and had even told me in strictest confidence that he thought he was cute and very sexy. He said he was sure Dakota was straight and maybe a little naive but that was fine as far as both of us were concerned since it was Sarah he was interested in.

About thirty minutes later the door bell rang and Sarah beat me to the door. It was Dakota and his mother Eunice and she looked very nice in a pair of peach slacks and a cashmere sweater in matching colors. She was a lovely women and it was easy to see where Dakota got his good looks. Oh, his dad wasn't bad looking either, but there was no doubt he favored his mother most of all.

"Hi Dakota," I said patting his shoulder. He was an affectionate boy and he bumped against me as he said hi back. "Hello Eunice, you look nice," I said giving her a little hug. She too was very affectionate, but I got the feeling she thought of me more as a father type than a man...he he.

"Thank you Rob, I hope you don't mind us asking Sarah along at the last minute. It was Dakota's idea, but of course we had no problem with it."

"It's fine. Joe is having company tonight so I still have four kids to keep me busy," I joked.

"Have a good time sweetie," I said hugging my daughter.

"Thanks daddy, I will. Then giving Dakota fawn eyes they bounced out to the care leaving Eunice and I smiling.

"I think those two are in love," Eunice said chuckling, "or in puppy love anyway."

"Don't discount puppy love, it's pretty serious stuff too. I remember my first as if it were only yesterday."

"I know, it's sweet really and we're so lucky that it's Sarah he's gone gaga over...she's such a sweet girl and so cute and such good manners. You must be very proud of her."

"I'm proud of all my rug rats," I said as Shawn came swooping up against me almost knocking me down. I picked him up and he hid his head as if he were shy. Dakota's mom reached over and tickled him and he giggled and gave her a big smile.

"Hi there Shawn, how are you doing today?"

"Fine, Joe has his friend Marcus over for the weekend. His mom went to a meeting and he's staying with us."

"That's nice. I hope you all have fun."

"We're gonna have finger food and watch movies. Finger food isn't really made of fingers," he added laughing, "it's cause you eat it with your fingers."

She laughed, "This one is a real sweetie. I'd gladly take  him off your hands if you ever need a sitter."

Bells went off in my head when she made that offer and I wondered if she'd be as willing to take on all four of my kids if I asked. I'd certainly give that some thought as well as Jake's offer.

We finally said our goodbyes and by then the kids were ready to start their festivities. I placed the food on the coffee table in the family room and they loaded up their plates and found a spot to sit down. Joe and Marcus stuck together like glue and Jake took Shawn under his wing to keep him from feeling left out. I piled down in my recliner with a plate full of food and watched the movie along with the kids.

Occasionally Marcus would give me a shy smile, but he seemed to accept my presence there without any problem. Of course most of the time he and Joe were making cow eyes at each other and so I doubted they cared about anything else at the moment.  It was very sweet watching them get to know each other and after a while I lost all interest in the movie. I had my own little show to watch and it was better than anything Hollywood could crank out.

When the movie ended I excused myself to go clean up the mess I'd made earlier and wash the few dishes there were. I'd bought plastic plates and bowls for the kids to eat from and we tossed them afterwards making clean up fairly easy. Jake came in after a while and leaned into me.

"Think they'll do it tonight?" He giggled.

"Jake! Get you mind out of the gutter. Not everyone is as interested in sex as you are."

"You make that sound like a bad thing," he chuckled, "I didn't hear you complaining last night."

"I'm just saying...let Joe and Marcus be kids for a while before they get the sex monkey on their backs."

"Hey, I'm not doing anything or saying anything, I just know how it is when you finally figure out how good it feels. And we both know Joe has found out about some of it."

I sighed, "Let's hope it doesn't come down to just that. I think what they have right now is very sweet."

"Yeah, I guess so. Well, I better get back in there and see what they're up to," he chuckled.

"I think I'm going to go take a shower and read for a while....leave you kids to entertain yourselves."

"I'll come see you as soon as Shawn falls asleep," he promised, leaning in to kiss my cheek.

When he was gone I started the dishwasher and wiped down the countertop and as I passed through the family room a few minutes later Joe and Marcus were piled down in the floor on their tummies so close you couldn't have stuck a piece of paper between them and Jake and Shawn were sprawled on the couch. They had started the second movie and had broken out the Halloween candy and were slowly ingesting the sugary treats.

I shook my head, I didn't think there would be much sleeping tonight once that sugar kicked in. I decided on a long hot bubble bath instead of shower and once I was done I dressed in shorts and a tank top and piled down on my bed with my lap top. I logged on and went to Nifty and started reading a story I'd started a while back when I had more time for such things. It was about two boys who met in an apocalyptic future as they took shelter in a school gymnasium.

I read until my eyes were tired then put on some music and just lay there relaxing and enjoying the moment. Sometimes I missed the alone time I'd had before the kids came along, but the benefits and joy of being a dad far outweighed anything I'd had before. I heard a commotion in the hall and a knock on my door from Joe.

I asked him to come in and he bounced over to my bed and informed me that Marcus was taking a shower and he was next. I chuckled to myself wondering why they hadn't just showered together, but the fact that they hadn't just confirmed my suspicions that they weren't intimate yet.

"Are you having a good time so far?"

"Uh huh, thanks for everything. We're gonna go to Jake's room and play video games till we get sleepy. Jake says it's okay as long as we don't break anything."

"It was very nice of Jake to lend you his room tonight. I'm sure you boys will respect his property and clean up your messes."

"Yes sir," Joe said grinning, "We will. Well, I just wanted to give you a hug and say goodnight."

"Well bring it on," I said holding out my arms and when he swarmed into them I pulled him to me and hugged him tight and kissed his sweet face, "Have fun buddy. You guys can sleep as late as you like, if the others get up early I'll save you some breakfast."

"Okay, well...see ya in the morning. Thanks ya."

"I love you too buddy, night."

I was smiling as he bounced out. Ah to be a kid again and experiencing love for the first time. I couldn't complain though, I had a Spring Autumn relationship with Jake and I was a father once again. Life was pretty damn good.

A while later Sarah returned home and after she told me all about her date she bounced off to her room to no doubt write it all down in her diary. I was glad she had a good time and that she was so excited about her relationship with Dakota but it was kind of sad too. She was growing up so fast and I'd only just found her.

I must've fallen asleep shortly after that because the next thing I remembered was Jake sliding in beside me naked as the day he was born. He was already hard and eager and I roused quickly. We made love slowly and for a long time and when we finally fell asleep snuggled up together we were exhausted and spent.

Despite our vow to never spend the night in each other's bed this time we slept through the night and into morning. If not for Shawn bouncing in and waking us we might very well have slept all morning. He jumped into the middle of the bed and when my eyes popped open he was staring me in the face.

"Hi daddy, hi Jake. Did you and daddy have fun last night?" he giggled.

"Sorry I fell asleep in here," Jake said rubbing his eyes. "But you're a big boy and you slept all alone last night."

"Yeah, I didn't even know you were gone till I woked up," he said grinning.

"I'm hungry daddy, when's breakfast? Joe and Marcus are already up and watching TV."

"Soon, why don't you go watch TV with them and I'll be in in a minute," I said not wanting him to see either Jake or me in our birthday suits.

"Okay daddy, but I know you and Jake are nekkid," he giggled as hopped down, "See ya in a minute."

When he was gone Jake laughed, "Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore, not even with Shawn."

Jake found his clothes and got dressed and I peed and got dressed and went in to start breakfast. I was almost as hungry as the kids and I made pancakes, omelets, bacon and hash browns. They ate like they were starved and afterwards Jake helped me clean up while the rest of them went out back to play in the morning sunshine. 

"I guess they didn't do the deed last night, or they wouldn't have been up so early," Jake said when they were gone.

"Or they did it so much they had to get up and get refueled," I teased feeling frisky.

He gave me a wicked look and smiled, "Hey, you might be right. Let's go sniff the sheets and see if we can smell any sex on them." He giggled.

"Very funny. Why don't you go play with the other kids and I'll be out in a while."

"Okay, but I bet you're gonna go see if you can see any evidence of what they did last night. Am I right?"

"No, of course not. That would be a bit perverted," I protested, but truth was tempting.

I managed to stay away however and instead I took a shower and brushed my teeth and later I went out to check on the kids. They were engaged in some game I didn't know but they seemed to be having fun. I sat down on the patio and watched for a while until my phone rang. It was Dakota's mom telling me what a good time they had last night and how pleasant Sarah was. I thanked her and decided to breach the idea of her watching the kids while I went out with Mike next week. She assured me it was no problem and that she was glad to do it. Apparently her husband was going to be out of town that weekend and she had no other plans. I thanked her and promised to call her later with time and details.

I wondered how Jake would react. Would he think I didn't trust him to watch his siblings? I didn't want to put off telling him too long, but I didn't think now was the right time. Maybe later when we were alone in bed.

Saturday night was a lot like Friday night except the kids moved the video games to the family room and took turns playing the games we rented. I could tell that Sarah was missing Dakota but she was a good sport and played along and they all seemed to get along very well. It was important to me that my kids get along well with others and so far they hadn't disappointed me.

We ordered pizza and the kids sprawled in front of the TV and watched a movie while they ate tons of gooey cheesy pizza. I didn't worry about the crumbs in the carpet or the occasional spill. Those things could be cleaned up and my kids were more important than material things.

I sat in my recliner nursing a beer and eating pizza as I watched the movie and the kids and realized I was as happy as I'd ever been in my life. I smiled as Joe held out  his pizza for Marcus to take a bite then they both giggled as a long strand of gooey cheese joined Marcus' mouth to Joe's hand. I thought of that scene from Lady and the Tramp where the two dogs shared a spaghetti strand then kissed and laughed softly. They were just so cute and so sweet and love was so new for them. I hoped it would never be jaded by the real world and those who hated anyone who was different, but I knew I couldn't protect them forever.

Jake coaxed me to the couch and stretched out with his feet in my lap and I noticed Marcus watching us closely. I didn't think he suspected anything was going on between Jake and me, but I guess he was curious about our closeness. Being a momma's boy I figured he was used to being pampered and touched, but not having a father, perhaps he was curious about our relationship as father and son.

Jake started looking sleepy but when Shawn crawled up in my lap and displaced his feet he moved down to the floor and finished watching the movie by Joe and Marcus. Sarah sat in the floor at my feet playing with her Barbie and Ken dolls and barely paid any attention to the movie, but I could tell that she was content to be with her family.

Shawn eventually fell asleep and I carried him to bed, skipping his bath for once, and tucked him. I kissed his sweet face and left him to his dreams. I was pretty tired myself, but I wasn't quite ready for bed so I went back to finish watching the movie. Jake jumped up and reclaimed his place on the couch, but this time he put his head in my lap instead of his feet. I ran my fingers through his hair and he sighed.

Marcus smiled up at us and I could see the sparkle in his eyes. He was a curious little guy and very cute. It was easy to see why Joe liked him and I was happy they had found one another. Jake's eyelids began to droop and pretty soon he was snoring softly. Sarah got up and kissed me goodnight and went off to her room and pretty soon the movie ended and Joe and Marcus got up from the floor and came to stand by me.

"Goodnight dad," Joe whispered as he hugged me being careful not to disturb Jake.

"Goodnight sir," Marcus said bashfully sounding so cute.

"Goodnight guys. Sleep tight and pleasant dreams."

They bounced off to bed then and I managed to get Jake awake enough to get us to my room. There was no pretense tonight about who slept where. I just undressed up both and we piled into my bed. Jake fell asleep immediately and I smiled. I didn't mind, I was pretty beat myself, but I was pretty sure he'd wake up later horny as a goat.

Just as I'd thought Jake woke up around 2am, took a pee and came back and jumped me. I was ready for him and we had quite a little workout before we finally snuggled up and went back to sleep. We spent the rest of the night in blissful slumber and when I awoke the next morning I was spooned up to Jake's warm smooth backside, my erection pressed between his creamy buns.

He pulled my arms around him and sighed, "Well, what are you waiting for?" he said dreamily.

"Awww shucks you're awake," I teased, "I was gonna see how far I could get before you woke up."

"Okay, I'm asleep," he said making loud snoring sounds.

"You don't snore that loud, but I can role play if you can," I said excitedly.

I began rubbing my cock up and down his crack spreading my pre-cum along the way. Each time I rubbed against his anus he shivered a little and pushed back trying to lure me in. I continued this until he was slick with my pre-cum and I could wait no longer. On my next pass I pushed a bit and slipped in easily. I allowed him a moment to adjust to my intrusion then worked my way in a little at a time until I was bottomed out.

He sighed as I began to move, pulling back almost all the way then driving my cock forward again. Reaching around and grabbing his cock I stroked it in time with my thrusts. Soon we were both breathing heavily and growing closer and closer to release. There is nothing quite as good as morning sex, especially with someone you love, and I when we came it was more of a religious experience than an orgasm.

Jake shot across the sheets almost at the same time I began to fill his hot tight insides and it took us several minutes to recover from the shuddering and shaking and gasping it brought. I stayed inside him for a long time never growing soft the whole time and was tempted to give it another go, but a knock on the door ended that.

"Just a minute," I said as Jake and I scrambled to find underwear or something to put on.

It was Joe and he was looked worried. I don't know why but the moment I saw his face I knew that he and Marcus had moved past the hand holding stage. Don't ask me why, call it father's intuition or maybe it was a gay thing, but I just knew. I wasn't upset, just...well, maybe a little disappointed. I had hoped they'd stay virginal for a while and just be two sweet little boys in love, but I knew I had no real control over things and got over it quickly.

"Good morning," Joseph I said pulling him into a hug. He smelled just like Joe, no lingering Marcus smell, but I still thought things had progressed in their relationship.

"Good morning, sorry to...uh, disturb you. Can I talk to you please," he said looking very worried.

"Of course, Jake why don't you go see what Shawn's up to. I'll start breakfast when Joe and I get through talking."

" problem," he said eying Joe as if his intentions were written on his face, "Morning bro, sleep good?"

"Yeah...sure," Joe said staring down at his bare feet.

I gave Jake the stink eye and he scooted. He knew I was fiercely protective of the other kids' feelings and he respected that.

"Come in and sit down bud. Where's Marcus?"

"He's in there with Sarah watching TV," he said plopping down on my bed.

"Okay, what's up son?"

"Dad...I think I hurt Marcus's feelings last night and I don't know what to do about it."

"Oh, I see," maybe they hadn't done the deed yet, "Tell me what happened."

"Well....this is kind of embarrassing."

"Just tell me what you're comfortable need to go into details," I said hoping he would anyway.

" know...uh, we like each other...a lot...right?"

"Yes and I think that's great. Marcus is a nice boy and I think you two are very sweet together."

He smiled, "Yeah, he's nice, but....last night...well..Oh God this is so embarrassing," he said burying his head in his hands.

"Joseph, there is nothing that you could tell me that I haven't heard, or even done in my you are afraid of what I will think, or that I will judge you in any way, rest assured that nothing you could say could ever change how I feel about you..or Marcus for that matter." I said barely pausing to take a breath, " I love you unconditionally and I am here for you, no matter what." I added putting my arm around his slender shoulders and pulling him against me.

He smiled up at me, "I love you too dad. goes," he said taking a deep breath, " know we kissing a lot since we met," He added blushing, "and holding hands, but we....uh, never even saw each other..ummm...naked."

I let him take his time and didn't push him and presently he continued. "We...ummm...well, were in our underwear and in Jake's bed and he rolled over and kissed me. My....ummm...I had an erection and so did he. I know cause I could feel it against me and it felt good," he said blushing again.

I nodded, "It's one of us guys' best features," I teased causing him to smile.

"Oh dad, I'm so glad you're cool with this. I...I'm really glad that you understand."

"I know you youngsters think you invented sex, but trust me, it's been around a long time."

He laughed at my stupid joke then went on. "Any way he kissed me and he was on top of me and pressing his..uh erection against mine and it was soooo nice, but...."

"But?" I said getting a little worried.

"I...didn't want to do it dad," he said looking ready to cry, "I'm not ready. I...just want to be friends for a while before we do that other stuff. Is that stupid I weird?" He asked sounding very agitated.

I pulled him to me and kissed the top of his head, no wonder he only smelled like Joe. "Joseph, there is nothing weird about it or stupid. You have the right to decide when and with who you finally do that with. Maybe it will be Marcus, maybe not. But, what Marcus wants isn't weird either. He likes you and he probably just saw that as the next step in your relationship, but ultimately it's something you both have to work out. He may feel a little hurt that you rejected him, but if you continue to show him that you care for him he will eventually understand."

"I hope so, he cried last night dad. I felt so bad I almost told him I'd do it."

"I'm glad you didn't give in to his tears. I'm not saying they weren't genuine, but you shouldn't be shamed into doing something you don't want to."

"I know...I know, but I'm afraid he won't be my friend if I don't do it soon."

"Joseph, if he is really your friend he will wait till you're ready. If not..well, then he's probably not the one for you. I know that sounds harsh, but trust's a timeless truth."

"I guess, but....I really like him dad...maybe even love him."

"Well, just from observation I think he feels the same."

"I hope so. I don't want lose him."

"I don't think that will happen. I think his little feelings just got bruised. We guys don't like rejection," I chuckled, "but trust me, we get over it fast."

Joe sighed, "Thanks dad, you helped a lot. I feel a lot better. Well, I better get back in there. I don't want him to think I'm talking about him...especially since I am," he said grinning.

He was such a sweet and smart and witty boy and I was so proud of him and the fact that he had made a very informed decision concerning his and Marcus's relationship. I wondered if I'd have been as strong when I was his age if approached by a fox like Marcus. Oh who am I kidding, I'd have jumped his bones before he had the chance...he he. 

Joe finally jumped up and with one last hug he went off to find Marcus. I drained my aching bladder and freshened up a bit and got dressed and went in to fix breakfast. As I passed through the family room Joe and Marcus were sitting on the couch side by side watching TV and all seemed fine once more. I wondered if Joe wasn't overreacting....being a drama

Jake came in to help me but I think he had an ulterior motive. I think what he really wanted was to pump me for information concerning Joe and Marcus. I skirted around it for a minute but when he persisted I finally put things to rest.

"What Joe told me he told me in confidence. If it had been you confiding in me you wouldn't want me telling someone else what you said..would you?"

He frowned, "I guess not, but I bet he will tell me later any way. He trusts me."

"I'm glad you two are that close, but until he decides to share that information with you or your sister, it's our little secret."

"Okay, okay...I got it," he said laughing, "but I bet they did it last night."

I just chuckled and went back to my cooking and pretty soon he gave up. Shawn had been noticeably absent this morning and I wondered what was up with him, but pretty soon he came bouncing in and attacked me. I picked him up and kissed his tummy till he squealed then sat him down on the counter top.

"Where have you been baby boy?"

"Watchin the movie with Sarah and Marcus and then Joe. It was funny daddy. I liked it."

"Well, I'll have to watch it sometime with you. How about that?"

"Okay, that will be fun. What's for breakfast daddy?"

"Worms and grasshoppers with dirt sauce," I teased causing him to giggle.

"Yummy, I love that. Can I have extra?"

"All you can eat baby boy."

Marcus seemed fine as we all sat down to omelets, hash browns, bacon and biscuits and I wondered again if Joe had exaggerated just a little. I did notice that both boys hands were in sight the whole meal, which was a change from previous meals. No hand holding today I guessed. Was Marcus holding out or was Joe too shy to initiate it?

I cleaned up the mess while the kids went out in the backyard to play and when I was done I joined them. Shawn wanted me to swing him around and around and when I sat him down he staggered like a drunk man and fell down giggling. I did that a few times until I got kind of dizzy myself then sat down on the patio and watched the kids.

Joe and Marcus were off in the far corner of the yard with their hands on the fence talking quietly and I wondered if they were making up. I knew from experience that making up could be as sweet as love itself and I wished them well. Of course what Marcus probably wanted was make up sex...he he, but I was confident it wouldn't be long before Joe wanted it too.

It was pushing three o'clock when Martha called and said she her plane had just landed and she would be picking Marcus up shortly. I suggested instead that I take the kids out for ice cream then bring him home and she sounded relieved.

"Oh you are so sweet. I am so tired. I am looking forward to a hot bath and snuggling up to my boy when he gets home. I missed him more than I thought I would."

"You want to talk to him, he's right here."

I handed the phone to Marcus and he chattered excitedly with her for a few minutes then said his goodbyes and I love you and hung up. I drove the kids to DQ and we ate on the picnic table out back. Marcus seemed fully healed from the trauma of rejection and Joe seemed to be his old self. It was just as I had predicted, a tiny bump in the road easily passed over and tomorrow neither of them would remember why they were upset.

"So Marcus, I bet you'll be glad to see your mom."

"Yes sir. I missed her a lot, but I had fun. Thank you for inviting me over."

"You are welcome bud. We enjoyed having you, right kids?"

The kids voiced their approval and Joe was especially verbal in doing so. Marcus smiled shyly then thanked me again for the ice cream and for the good food we had. I gave him a one handed hug and he pressed his head against me and smiled up at me melting my heart. He was such a cute and sweet boy. I still couldn't understand how Joe had resisted him, but I guessed Joe had his reasons.

"Well, you guys ready to roll? We're gonna drop these movies off at Redbox on the way. Hopefully we won't catch your mom still in the tub," I chucked and Marcus giggled.

We dropped off the movies and I took the long way around and by the time we got to Marcus's apartment Martha was bathed and looking relaxed and as vibrant as always. She invited us in and Marcus led Joe off his room while the rest of us chatted.

"I won't even ask if he was good, because I know him so well. He likes you and respects you and I'm sure he was his usual angelic self," she chuckled.

"He was very well behaved and a delight to have around. He is welcome anytime at our house...but I do have one rule."

"Oh, what's that?" Martha asked with interest.

"After the first visit he is no longer a guest, next time he's family," I said smiling.

She smiled and nodded, "You sound like my daddy. He was the same way...he and momma raised half the neighborhood. I think you and him would get along really well. Even since momma died he's been doing volunteer work, working mostly with troubled teens and kids from broken homes.

"Sounds like my kind of person. I love kids and can't stand to see them in distress."

"I think that's obvious," she said smiling, "after all look what you've done for them," she said gesturing toward the three that were present.

Jake had climbed up on my lap and was smiling at Martha and she held out her arms and he swarmed into them. Sometimes I felt like the kids needed a mom, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I hoped Martha might fill that void, especially with Sarah, but that was as far as I was willing to go. No way was I going to get married again.

We stayed about a half hour then we went by Kmart on the way home and bought a few items. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and I picked up a few decorations and we checked out the Christmas decorations and trees that were already on display. It seemed they debuted earlier and earlier each year and I wondered how long till they appeared in July between the pool toys and lawn furniture.

I didn't feel much like cooking so I treated the kids to dinner at Taco Bueno but I wasn't very hungry and only ate a couple of tacos. It was nine by the time we got home and by the time the kids bathed it was time for bed. I tucked Sarah in and went in to find Shawn already asleep. He had fallen asleep on top of the covers clutching is favorite Teddy bear and he looked so cute and sweet and innocent that he brought tears to my eyes. I managed to get him covered up and kissed his sweet face then walked over to Joe's bed and sat down.

"So, everything okay?"

"Yep, he's cool with things. He even apologized for rushing things."

"That's great. I'm glad to hear it. Before you know it you'll be back to kissing and holding hands," I teased.

"Oh..we already did his house and....we hugged really tight and rubbed together with our clothes on," he giggled.

I shook my head, "You little tease. No wonder he's all over you." I said pulling the covers up around his neck.

"It's not that I don't want to do that's just that I want to wait a while. That's all."

"I understand buddy and I think that is sooo cool.  Stick to your guns, Marcus will wait. I can see in his eyes that he adores you and he will do anything you want."

"I know, but I feel a little bad for him. He wants to do it so bad. See...he's done that stuff before and he likes it."

I nodded. So Marcus was experienced. That was interesting news, but somehow that didn't surprise me. I had picked up on Marcus sexual aura the first time I met him. He may not have done much in his short life, but I was pretty sure he knew what he liked and it was boys. 

"I understand that too. You know how you took to masturbating, great as that is...there is nothing quite as wonderful as sex with another warm soft living human being.
           "You mean like you and Jake, "He said blushing.

"Well, what Jake and I have is very special, but a lot of people wouldn't understand or approve of it. So, it's very important that our relationship remains our business. Do you understand?"

"Sure, no problem. I wouldn't even tell Marcus. Jake made sure I understood," he said looking serious.

"Okay, well that being need to get some sleep. You have school tomorrow."

"Yeah and I get to see Marcus," he said grinning, "Night dad and thanks. I love you lots."

"Night buddy, I love you more than you will ever know."

I turned to stare at my two youngest sons before I turned out the light and I smiled. They were so precious, different yet alike in some ways and both had a long way to go in life. I hoped I would always be there to help them over the rough spots, but I knew there was no promises in life. I would have to do the best I could while I was around and trust that they would absorb enough to carry on without me. I turned out the light and just stood there in the dark for a moment. I sniffed the air. I know it's crazy but I could smell them both and I knew which scent belonged to each one. I could hear their steady even breathing and identify that as well. I could have stood there all night making sure they were safe and drinking in their presence, but I knew Jake was waiting for me and I'd be drinking in his presence in quite a different way.  Taking one last breath of the air my boy's breathed I stepped through the door and made my way to my bed where my young lover awaited.

End of Chapters 5 and 6

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