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Sudden Family
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter Seven
So happy together

I weighed my options carefully before finally deciding that it was in my best interests to let Jake watch the younger kids while I went out with Mike. He had looked so devastated when I mentioned Martha keeping them that I couldn't disappoint him. He was all smiles when I told him the news and with that settled I called Mike and we made our plans. 

It never once occurred to me that Jake might be jealous, after all this was an old friend and a one time deal, but I did worry that he might get the wrong idea about why I was going out so I had a little talk with him.

"Are you sure you're okay with this, my going out with my old friend Mike?"

He shrugged, "Why shouldn't I be? You aren't dumping me for him are you?"

"Of course not. Mike and I have a history, but it was never anything serious. I just need to get out for one  night and experience some adult entertainment," I said grinning.

"Oh, like what we have isn't adult or entertaining," Jake scowled.

"Hey, if you have a problem with this, tell me now and I'll cancel."

"No, don't do that," he said backing down, "I want you to have a good time and see  your old friend. We'll have fun. I already have the whole evening planned. I'm actually looking forward to it."

"You're sure?"

"One hundred percent. I know you love me and what we have is great, but you need a little space. This will be great, you'll see."

I accepted his decision at face value and made my plans. I was actually pretty excited about seeing Mike and going to the show though I wasn't sure about what might happen afterwards. I decided not to worry about it and just let things take care of themselves. There was plenty to keep me busy,  Sarah and Dakota and now Joe and Marcus, kept me on my toes chauffeuring them around and making sure everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

There was a free day at school on Friday and Marcus asked Joe if he could sleep over Thursday night. Martha was off Friday and after a quick phone call to her to make sure it was okay I easily agreed. Joe was all smiles after that and I wondered if he had finally decided to play things Marcus' way. I didn't worry about it, they were both good kids, but I had to admit I was curious as hell. In a way I was rooting for Marcus, but on the other hand I understood Joe's side too. There was plenty of time for sex, and what they had now was so sweet.

Thursday night came and Martha picked Joe up that evening around 5 and when she and Marcus came in Joe jumped Marcus and they bumped together like puppies. They were so cute and I loved watching them together. Martha seemed as touched as I was and when the two bounced out to her car she lingered a minute.

"Those two are so sweet together. I wish adults could behave like that."

"I agree, and that's all the more reason we need to encourage and support them while they're young."

She nodded, "Well, I better run before they hot wire the car and go without me. I'll bring him home sometime tomorrow afternoon."

"Anytime is fine. Well, good luck," I teased, "If they get to be too wild and crazy just give them some Benadryl."

"Oh, I doubt it will come to that," she chuckled,  "They're generally pretty subdued when they're together. All that hand holding and stuff."

I laughed, "You've noticed too."

"Oh, yes.....they're quite stuck on each other. I think it's sweet, but sometimes..well, you know..I worry about them."

"Oh, why's that?"

"You know how it is with the other kids...fitting in and all.  Marcus has had his share of trouble. I hope Joe doesn't have to experience that sort of thing."

"I'm sure they'll be in numbers and all."

"Yes, you're probably right. Well, goodbye..I'll see you tomorrow."

Shawn was especially clingy that evening and after dinner he climbed into my lap and stayed there the whole evening. I suspected he was worried about my going out the next night so I decided to get everything out in the open.

"You aren't sad cause I'm going out tomorrow are  you?"

He dropped his head and mumbled something and I put my finger under his chin and lifted his face to mine, "I don't want you to go," he pouted.

"Oh, why is that son?"

"I don't know. I just don't."

"But you'll have fun. Jake has the whole evening planned and you guys are going to have pizza and ice cream and we're renting movies and games for  you."

"I know, but I'll miss you...a lot," he said hugging my neck and planting a butterfly kiss on my cheek.

I tell you honestly, that was almost enough to make me change my mind, except about then Jake jumped in and saved the day.

"Shawny, we're gonna have so much fun and I need you to help me make it fun for all of us," Jake said moving over and patting his little brother on the back.

"You do?" Shawn said grinning, "What can I do?"

"What can you do? I need you to help me set things up and keep things fun. You're the best when it comes to fun things."

Shawn smiled, "Yeah, I like fun. Okay, we'll try it. It's just this once so I guess it'll be okay."

"That's my big boy," I said giving him a hug, "and my teenage son," I said hugging Jake as well and giving him a wink.

"Yeah, Shawn we'll have lots of fun," Sarah added and besides dad needs to get away from us for one night.

"Okay...okay, I already said okay," Shawn said sounding flustered. We all laughed and for the moment the subject was closed.

I laid with Shawn a long time that night and told him a story before he finally drifted off to sleep. He looked like a little angel laying there and I couldn't resist kissing his sweet face. He smiled in his sleep and sighed contentedly and I left him in peaceful slumber.

I found Jake sitting up in my bed dressed only in his undies for a change and when I walked in he grinned evilly. "Is the rug rat asleep?"

"Sleeping like an angel."

"Well, I aint no angel, more like a devil, and I got some things to show you."

"Oh, something new?"

"Probably not for you, but for me."

"Oh, well...I can hardly wait. I'm going to take a quick shower hold that thought."

I showered and shaved and brushed my teeth and used mouthwash. I dabbed on a little of the expensive Cologne Jake liked so well and headed off to bed to see what Jake was us to. I found him naked this time and when I walked in he patted the bed beside him and told me to lay down. 

As soon as I was flat on my back he rolled over on top of me and pressed his hard teenage body against mine. I could feel his cock pressing against mine and it didn't take long for both of us to get rock hard. It felt wonderful having his warm soft skin against mine and when he began to grind his cock against mine I moaned softly. Bending down he kissed my lips and we began to make out aggressively.

I couldn't remember ever getting off this way, but damn if I wasn't close with this hot teen boy rubbing all over me. I didn't know if that was what he wanted or if this was just a warm up for what he wanted to show me, but I soon found out.

"Okay, you ready?"

"Ummmm....I'm all yours."

"Okay, just lay there, I'll do all the work."

"Sounds like fun."

When he rose up and squatted over me I knew exactly what he  had in mind. My cock was wet with pre-cum but he did spit on his fingers and work it into his hole before he went any further. I felt his hot tight hole graze my cock head and I moaned lowly. I was afraid I would come immediately, but I managed to hold back as he lowered himself onto my pole and I raised up and watched as he sank lower and lower until he was impaled on my hard slick rod.

We both sighed when he bottomed out and for a minute he just sat there staring into my eyes before he began to move. I gasped as his tight hole clutched my swollen rod and he moved up until just the head remained inside his hot tight chute. Then slowly he lowered himself again causing more gasping and much moaning on my part. He did this a few times, moving very slowly...then as he got his rhythm he began to move faster.

I knew how physical this was for him, but he was young and strong and he was dedicated to seeing it through. Fortunately for him, it didn't take long for me to reach the point of no return and grabbing his cute bottom in my hands I took control thrusting up into him and then pulling him down onto my crotch as I began to come. 

I felt weak and dizzy as I continued to unload in his tight hot guts and it felt as if my balls were being turned inside out. I looked up at his face and I saw concentration then bliss as his own hard cock began to spew all over my chest and stomach without either of us touching it.

"I did it....I did it. I made myself come without touching myself."

I laughed, "Well done buddy, and in the process you made me come so hard I nearly passed out."

He grinned, "Awesome. I loved doing it this way. It's good exercise too," He teased.

"For you maybe. As if  you need it as trim and muscular as you are."

"You're pretty buff too dad," he said pulling off of my cock with a wet plopping noise. He giggled at the sound and his hand went to his hole. "I'm leaking, be right back." He said jumping off the bed still holding his finger over his hole.

I chuckled and turned my attention to my own spent cock. It was coated in my cum and his ass juice, but there was no brown that I could see. He had learned well how to clean himself out I was proud of him. Of course I kept myself clean as well, just in case, and if he was willing I would offer him a ride on daddy's butt if he wanted it.

Jake returned a few minutes later still drying his butt with a towel and as he neared the bed he tossed it to me. I used it to clean myself up then made room for him to snuggled in beside me. He rolled against me and I felt is hard teenage cock pressing against my leg. Ah to be young and able to get aroused at a minute's notice.

"You still horny  bud?"

"Always horny...what you got in mind?"

"You feel like fucking me?"

He grinned, "It sounds so dirty when you say it like that....and yeah, I fell like fucking you hard and fast."

I felt my own cock rise at his dirty words and I pulled him into a kiss. When we broke the kiss I nuzzled his ear, "How you want me baby?"

"Hmmm...on your tummy I think. Yeah, that way I can lay on top of you and pin  you down and you can't get away," he giggled.

"Like I'd want to," I muttered, "I like having you on me and in me."

"Shut  up, no talking," he giggled as he slapped my butt. Then prying my butt cheeks apart he stuck his nose in my crack and sniffed, "Ahhhh smells like azzzzz," he giggled, then his how wet tongue began to invade my hole and I lost all coherent thought for the next few minutes of ecstasy.

When he was satisfied I was wet enough and ready for him he spit on his cock and mounted me. It took him a couple of tries to find my hole but when he finally did he pushed in quickly. I grunted at the sudden invasion, but it wasn't really that painful and soon I forgot all about the pain and it was replaced by extreme pleasure.

I relaxed and I closed my eyes and reached out to every part of my body to feel the places where we touched. His feet were curled beneath mine and his smooth almost hairless legs pressed against mine. His crotch felt hot against my butt and his arms were curled beneath my shoulders as he lay flat against me pressing his smooth sculptured chest into my back. We were touching in so many places that my mind was sort of on overload. It was more than just sex, more than his cock rubbing against my prostate and filling my insides, it was more of a religious experience and something I knew I'd never find with anyone else.

Jake knew me better than any man I'd ever been with and he brought me greater joy than any of them ever had. So why had I agreed to go out with Mike, maybe even sleep with him? I forgot all about that however when Jake raised up supporting himself on his arms and rammed in deeply. 

I  yelped, but it actually felt good and when he began to fuck me hard and fast I was right there with him. I like the way boys fuck as compared to men, but it's hard to explain. Boys don't worry about anything when they fuck, all they care about is getting their nut and believe me, that was enough to pull you in and make you want it too. I didn't care how hard or how fast he fucked me. I didn't even care if it hurt a little. My prostate was taking a beating and I was so close to orgasm myself that I my body was literally cheering him on. My ass was sucking him in on each downward stroke and spitting him out on each upward one.

I knew he wouldn't take long at this rate and that was actually sort of shame and when he dug in even harder I knew it was time. I felt his cock expand inside me then he stiffened and pressed me down on the bed and lay atop me as he began to come deep inside me. I felt his hot jizz flood my guts and my own cock began to unload beneath me, my hot cum flowing outward soaking me and the bed sheets below. 

Jake had collapsed atop me and was shaking as the last of his orgasm washed over him and I felt his hot breath and a wetness as he drooled on my neck. I loved having him on me and in me like this and I would have gladly lay there all night that way, but eventually he regained his senses and rolled off me causing his now softening cock to slip form my slick hole.

"Oh...My...God!" he gasped, "That was the best ever. Was it good for you too?"

", it was great. I don't think I've ever been fucked that well in my life and my leaking dick is proof of it," I said rolling onto my side to show him my messy cock and the puddle beneath me.

"Awesome...I felt like I was crawling up inside you when I came," he teased, "I..I didn't hurt you did I?"

"God no, it was the most wonderful feeling ever. If I live to be a hundred I don't think anything will ever top this one."

"Was I better than that Mike guy?" He mumbled.

"What? No comparison son. Besides Mike is more of a bottom."

"Oh, that's good. I'd rather you fucked him than him fucking you."

"We're not necessarily having sex Jake. We're going to see a show and have a few laughs. Nothing serious. I'll be home by 2:30 at the latest. And...I'll have to take a cab, cause I don't drink and drive and you never should either."

"A life lesson, even while you're still coming back from your orgasm," he laughed, "but that one I get. Nothing is worth dying over or killing someone else."

"Exactly. Well, I really need to go get cleaned up, but I don't know if I can clean up the mess on the bed......"

"Well...come sleep in my bed then. My sheets are clean."

I gave him a tender look, "Okay, I'll take you up on that offer." I knew that the offer had more to do with him keeping me close than anything else but I thought that was sweet.

I washed up, peed, and we walked to his room hand in hand. We'd stopped to put our underwear on just in case one of the kids was up and about, but apparently they were still asleep and we made it to Jake's room safely. We stretched out in his bed side by side and snuggled up and soon we were both fast asleep.

I woke first and went back to my room and showered to wash away the cobwebs in my head. I stripped off my sheets and threw them in the washer and went out to start breakfast. I had planned on letting the kids sleep in but soon Jake came wandering in and he looked wide awake and eager to face the day. Shawn was next and he attacked me and attached himself to my legs like a leech. I picked him up and sat him on the breakfast bar and he chattered away while I finished fixing breakfast.

Sarah came in just as I was finishing up the eggs and as always she looked cute and happy. She had been texting with Dakota and was in an especially good mood.

"Dad, I know this is late notice and all....but Dakota wants to know if I can go with them to the movies and spend the night."

"Spend the night?" I said trying not to sound as panicky as I was, "At a boy's house?"

She laughed, "He has a sister that's two years older and I'd be sleeping in her room. But if you don't trust me...that's fine," she said giving me those doe eyes.

I closed my eyes and thought a minute. I knew Dakota's parents were good people and they wouldn't let things get out of hand...if they could help it, but I also knew kids were sneaky and if the sister was in on it...well, the two could easily get together after lights out. On the other hand I trusted Sarah and to a certain extent Dakota, and I was smart enough and worldly enough to know that if and when they wanted to move to the next level no one could stop them.

"I'll need to talk to his parents of course, but I do trust you and Dakota so...if it's all right with them, it's all right with me."

Sarah bounced over and hugged my neck and kissed my cheek, "Oh, daddy...thank you so much. You won't be sorry..I promise. Dakota and I will be good."

Define good, I almost said, but instead I said, "I know baby, but if that boy ever hurts you.....well, let's hope  he never does."

"Oh, daddy....Dakota loves me and he'd never hurt me. I'm gonna go call him and tell him the good news..."

"First breakfast young lady and then you can call him."

"Oh, okay daddy, but I'm not very hungry."

Despite not being very hungry she managed to put down a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon, washing it down with a glass of milk. When she was finished I excused her and she bounced off to call lover boy leaving just us men at the table.

"You're really going to let her spend the night with a boy?" Jake said looking at me like I was crazy.

"Why not?  As long as his parents are okay with it, why shouldn't I be?"

He made a face and rolled his eyes, "You know how boys are. If he wants to get at her...he will find a way."

"Exactly, and there is nothing I can do about it short of keeping them apart and that's not very is it?"

"I guess I see what you mean, but if he tries anything..."

"He won't. At least not anything she doesn't want him to try," I chuckled, but I do think it's time I had "the talk" with my baby girl," I sighed.

"The one about penises and vaginas?" Shawn said grinning.

"I think she knows that part," I said smiling at my little pitcher, "its' the safety part she needs to hear."

"So you gonna give her a condom to take with her dad?" Jake joked.

"Hmmm...not a bad idea, maybe she should carry one in her purse at all times."

"Why one, why not a dozen?" Jake fumed, "She's too young for that stuff."

I laughed, "Look who's talking? If it was your brother and not your sister would you be saying that?"

He shrugged, I had him and he knew it. "I guess not. I'll shut up. You know what you're doing. You've been through this stuff before, right?"

"A lot of it, but having a daughter is a little different than having all boys.  I'm learning as I go."

"I think you're doing a good job, I just get carried away when it comes to Sarah. I been watching out for her for so long."

"And you have done an excellent job, but's my turn to take over."

He nodded, "Okay, okay...I give it all to you. Have fun," he added the last with laugh.

"Why don't you and Shawn clean up in here and I'll go talk to my baby girl."

I found Sarah's door open and she was still on the phone but she motioned me in and after a few goodbyes she switched off her phone.

"Dakota says hi and thanks and that you're awesome," she giggled.

"We'll see. Only time will tell," I teased, "but I do want to talk to you about something very important."

"Okay daddy," she said looking subdued.

I began with the usual bullshit that parents tell their children and I could see from the look on her face that she'd heard it all before. But when I got to the meat of the talk she was all ears.

"I know you and Dakota care for one another. Maybe it's love or maybe it's puppy love, but I know to you it is real and I'm not about to discount it or lessen it's importance to the two of you. However along with love and caring comes responsibility. You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you and I don't want you to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life."

"Daaaad...we're not  having sex," she whined.

"I'm not saying you are, but I know how things can get out of control sometimes. And...if that happens I want you to be prepared."

She looked at me curiously then and blushed a little, "What do you mean dad?"

"This, baby girl is a condom," I said fishing a brightly colored packet from my pocket. I handed it to her and she took it with shaky hands.

"Dad we don't need...."

"Shhh just listen. I am not saying you need it right now and I'm not encouraging you to do anything that would cause you to need it, but one day...maybe years from now you will want to see what sex with a boy is like and I want you to be prepared. Teenage pregnancy is rampant in our country because we don't teach our kids how to be protect themselves. And there is the risk of STD's as well. That's sexually transmitted diseases and some of them are forever baby girl. I'm not saying Dakota is pressing you or that  he isn't clean, but he's a boy and if there is one thing I know, it's how boys think."

She smiled, no doubt thinking of Jake and me, but she didn't mention that instead she said, "I don't think Dakota is like that. He is so shy I had to kiss him first. And when we hold hands he is so shy. And I'm not ready for that anyway dad. I just want to be a girl and have a boyfriend and not worry about that stuff, not yet."

"I understand and I'm proud of you, but I want you to know that if you ever...well, need advice I am here for you and I promise I will not get mad or be matter what."

She hugged my neck and she smelled like flowers, "I know daddy. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a daddy like you and I promise I will always make you proud of me."

"And someday when you find the right boy I hope you will also make me a proud grandpa," I teased.

"A long time from now though. Right now I'm busy being your little girl."

I felt tears sting my eyes, but I was able to finish the rest of my talk and I think our bond was even stronger when I was finished. I left her to primp and get ready for her sweetheart and went to find the boys.

I found them in the backyard rough housing and I was reluctant to interrupt them so I went to the laundry room and put my sheets in the dryer and threw a load of the kids' clothes in the washer. Since I'd taken on four kids my washer and dryer were getting a workout, but it was worth it. 

I called Mike to see what time I needed to meet him and he said he had booked a hotel room near the club and he could pick me up and if didn't want to stay the night, he added, I could take a cab from there. Spending the night hadn't crossed my mind until he mentioned it, but there was no way I was going to risk that considering Jake's apprehension as it was.

I hung up to find Jake at the bedroom door and he was frowning. "Was that your friend?"

"Yup, he's gonna pick me up. So I won't need to take a cab to get there, just to get home."

"Too bad I can't drive," he muttered, "I'd drive you."

"Well, it won't be long. We need to get you some practice in the meantime."

"Really, cool. I bet I'll be good at it as many video games as I've played."

I laughed, "That's one advantage you youngsters have over my generation. I know a place we can go where there's no traffic and lots of streets to practice on."

"Can we do it this weekend?"

"I don't see why not. Remind me Saturday...after I wake up...I'm probably going to be pretty hung over though. I haven't drank alcohol in quite a while."

"Why not? Oh...cause of us, right?"

"No, not really. I sort of gave it up when I moved here. I was using it to mask my loneliness and depression and I was afraid I'd become an alcoholic. Anyway since I took you monkeys on, I haven't been depressed or lonely."

"Oh, okay. So...what time will you be leaving this evening?"

"Mike is picking me up at six, we're going to eat dinner first then go to the club. I want you to meet him, he's really a nice guy."

"Okay, that's cool."

"Where's Shawny?" I said suddenly realizing my smallest son was missing.

"On the couch watching cartoons. I wore him out and now he's resting," he chuckled.

I chuckled, "Well, he will no doubt keep you jumping tonight. Joe will be home by the time I leave so he can help you. It will just be you three boys though with the little princess gone."

"Actually that's not so bad. A boys night, yeah..I like that."

"No porn in front of Shawn," I teased.

"So after he goes to bed......"

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not getting into this discussion. You know what's right and what's wrong. I trust you or you wouldn't be staying alone tonight."

"I know, I'm just kidding. Anyway Joe is no fun ever since he met Marcus. I think he even quit jerking it."

I frowned, "Why do yo say that?"

"I don't know. Maybe I should check his hamper for cum soaked socks," he giggled.

"Who are you...the masturbation police?" I teased.

"Ah ha...good one dad. But while we're on the subject. I was wondering....if Joe and I..well, you know, did some stuff...would that be bad?"

I tried not to show any emotion as I answered, but I wondered what had brought this on. "Well, I'd say that was pretty normal. But like all things, it can go too far. I suppose most younger brothers learn a about sex from their older brothers, and some no doubt experiment with each other, I don't necessarily think it's wrong. But...I don't think it's something that should be taken lightly."

"Huh? You mean it's okay to do a little stuff, but not full blown sex stuff?"

I shrugged, "I guess it depends on the brothers and what they are comfortable with. I'm not a good judge of that myself. As far as I know my boys didn't get too wrapped up in that stuff, though I did catch them with their pants down once in the shed out back.."

"What did you do?"

"I said I was sorry and excused myself and later they came to me crying and ask me if they were in trouble."

"They weren' trouble I mean, were they"?

"No, of course not. I gave them the talk that day and when we were done they hugged me and went off to play Nintendo or whatever. I never caught them doing anything again, but I was always careful to make a lot of noise before I came into their room."

"I bet they were jerking it together, maybe even blowing each other," Jake said looking excited.

"Down boy, you sound like you've thought about that yourself."

"Maybe, but I doubt Joe would go for it. Anyway, I always have my hand if you're too drunk to help me out tonight."

"So that's what you're worried about?" I laughed, "Well, you can always rape me once I pass out."

"That's no fun. I want you to know it when I'm jamming my cock in you," he giggled.

"So romantic. Well..I'll try to stay awake for you then."

"'s okay if you don't. Just have a good time."

Shawn appeared then and he looked sleepy eyed despite having just gotten up a few hours ago. "I don't feel good daddy," he said rubbing his tummy.

"Oh no, come to daddy and let's see what's wrong."

I was quite sure my night out would be canceled and there would probably never be another one, but you know what? didn't really matter. I was more concerned about my family and it was good to know that I felt that way under fire. But as it turned out Shawn's problem was a simple one. He hadn't pooped in three days and he was clogged up. A simple enema took care of that little problem and he was running around like a wind up mouse by the time Joe got home.

Dakota's parents had called me earlier and we had worked out all the details and they assured me that the kids would be chaperoned at all times. I was glad to hear that they were concerned too, and didn't just dismiss my worries, and I felt one hundred percent better about the whole thing after talking to them.

"Daddy stuck a bottle up my butt and squirted water in me and I pooped a whole bunch," Shawn said to Joe as soon as he was in the door. 

"Gross, that's gross Shawn. No one wants to hear about your poop."

"He's proud of his poopies," Jake teased,"I remember when you used to play in yours."

Joe turned bright red and gave Jake a wilting look, "So...I was a kid then. You probably did stuff too...."

"But...since I'm the oldest you will never know what," he laughed.

"Yeah, since I got no mom to ask," he muttered. Then shrugging his shoulders he went off to his room in a huff.

I looked at Jake and he made a face, "Ouch, who figured he'd be so touchy. I wonder if him and Marcus had a fight."

If they did I was pretty sure I knew what it was over. "I'll go check on him."

I found Joe changing in the room he shared with Shawn. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah Dad, come on in. Sorry if I acted like a baby in there. Sometimes Jake really gets to me."

"It's okay son. He gets to me sometimes too," I joked.

"So..tonight's the big night huh?"

"I hope so. Are you okay with this?"

"Huh, oh yeah...sure. I don't mind. You deserve a night out."

"Well, I am looking forward to it."

"Yeah, and we'll have fun tonight, don't worry."

"Did you have a good time at Marcus' house?" I said cutting to the chase. I was running out of time.

"Oh...yeah, it was fun," he said squirming a little and looking away.

"Okay, I'll take your word for it, but if you need to talk....."

"We didn't do it if that's what you want to know," he said in a low soft voice.

"But he wanted to, right?"

He nodded, "Oh dad, I  think I hurt his feelings, but I'm just not ready for that yet."

I smiled as I pulled him to me, "Good for you. Not for hurting his feelings, but for sticking to your guns. No one should ever have to do something they don't want to just to make someone else happy."

"It's not that I don't ever want to...but just not now."

"I thought he understood that."

"Me too, but when we got in bed last night," he sighed, "he was tugging at my clothes and begging me to do stuff."

I felt bad for him, but I still couldn't for the life of me figure out why he was holding out. Most boys his age, hell even younger ones, would be anxious to experiment with a willing partner, especially one as cute and sweet as Marcus. Had something happened to Joe that I didn't know about. Had he been abused as a child and no one, not even Jake knew about it?

"I'm sorry, maybe you shouldn't spend the night with each other again."

"No, I don't want to stop seeing him."

"I didn't mean that, I just meant maybe you shouldn't be alone in bed least not till you feel you're ready to take it to the next level."

He fumed for a minute before answering, "Maybe I should just do it. What's the big deal anyway? I know I like him and I want to be with him. Maybe it will be as good as he says it will be and I'll wonder why I ever held out."

I sighed, "No one can make that decision but you, but if you do it simply because someone convinces you to, it won't mean as much to you."

"I guess. Well, I'm not gonna worry about it for now. I'm just gonna have a good time tonight and I want you to have a good time too," he said leaning into me.

I kissed  his sweaty hair and gave him a sniff, "You need a bath or a shower kiddo."

He giggled, "We played outside all afternoon and got sweaty. His mom took us to the park."

"Well, I'll leave it to you to take care of that. Right now I need to go get ready for my night out. You gonna be okay, kiddo?"

"Yeah, fine. Go on dad, have a good time. I'm gonna grab a snack and then I'll shower and get ready for our night of fun."

I showered again and shaved and primped and changed clothes twice before finally deciding on a pair of jeans and long sleeved velour shirt. I looked pretty good even if I was an old man and I was smiling as I headed out to the living room to face the kids.

"Wow, dad you look hot," Jake said grinning.

"You look nice dad," Joe said still toweling his long hair.

"I like  your shirt daddy," Shawn said hugging my legs. 

I picked him up and gave him a kiss, "Thanks Tiger."

The doorbell rang then and it was show time. Mike looked amazing in a pair of designer jeans and a button up shirt over an embroidered tee.

"Everyone this is Mike, Mike this is Shawn, Joe and Jake, my daughter is at her boyfriend's house."

"Hi guys," Mike said smiling, "they're a good looking bunch of boys Rob. You must be proud of them."

"In more ways than you'll ever know. Well, I'm ready if you are. Kids don't burn the place down and if anything goes wrong call that?"

"Yes sir," Jake said saluting.

I gave them all hugs and for the first time I had reservations about leaving them all alone. But the night was young and the promise of a fun evening won out. As we drove away Mike was grinning at me as if he could read my thoughts, "Miss them already...don't ya?"

I laughed, "Don't be silly, they'll be fine. Jake is used to taking care of his siblings and he is smart and resourceful. And I'm a phone call away if they need me."

"That's not what I meant. I just hope you can forget them for one night and enjoy yourself."

"Forget who?" I teased, "I am so looking forward to the male dancers. Not so much the drag show, but by then I should be drunk enough to survive it."

"That's the spirit. So have you decided if you're gonna spend the night?"

"I really can't, but I can come back to your room  for a while," I said grinning.

"Fair enough. I'll try not to pass out on you."

I laughed, "Makes no difference to me, I can take it while you're asleep."

"Oh yeah? You devil you. I'll make sure I'm conscious then. I may not get another shot at you for a while."

We arrived at the restaurant and after our meal I called the kids just to make sure all was well. Jake answered and said they had called in the pizza and were watching a movie. He told me to have fun and not to worry and I promised I'd do both.

As soon as the pizza arrived Jake got sodas for them and they sat around the coffee table and ate and watched the movie. Jake missed Rob a little, but it was nice with just him and his brothers. In a way it was like old times, except Sarah was gone, and well...they'd never had money for pizza. Even when he tricked he'd take whatever money he made and buy things like milk and cereal, things that would last and fill the kids tummies.

It seemed like a million years ago that he'd lived that life. Always worrying about the little ones and never having time for himself. And he still had nightmares about the times he'd  had to trick to keep food in the house. Once he had gotten in the car with a guy who tried to put handcuffs on him. He'd jumped out of the car and run all the way home and hid under his bed. Sarah had found him there and she cried when she saw how scared he was, but even then he had never told her or any of the kids what he had been doing. It was his shameful secret and he would take it to the grave with him. He had come close to telling Rob about it several times, and he was sure he probably would some day, but he wasn't ready yet.

Joe seemed fine with him now, they had always been close and even when they had a falling out, it was over quickly and neither of them held a grudge. Shawny seemed to be having the time of his life. He had pizza sauce all over his face and was giggling at something he'd seen in the movie they were watching. 

He thought about the conversation he'd had with Rob about him and Joe and he was a little confused. It sounded like Rob thought a little fooling around was okay, but not a lot. So what did that mean? Was it okay to jerk it together or suck each other, but not to fuck? He didn't think Joe would be up for anything anyway since he wasn't messing with Marcus, but if the subject came up he was going to feel him out.

The movie ended and Jake insisted that Shawn take a bath. "Will you rub-a-dub me like Daddy does?" He whined giving Jake a sad look.

"Okay, but since I'm gonna get all wet anyway I might as well take my bath too."

"Goody, we're gonna take a baff together!"

Jake led his little brother to the master bath and started filling the tub. "We'll use dad's tub since it's bigger. Go grab your clean undies and I'll get mine."

While the tub filled they found clothes to sleep in and met back up just as the water reached the overflow. Jake turned off the water and tested the temp then began to undress. Shawn shucked his clothes quickly and stared at Jake as he dropped his undies.

"Your penis is big," he said scratching his little marbles.

"Yours will grow buddy. I'm gonna get in and you sit between my legs, okay?"

Shawn nodded and when Jake was settled in he stepped in and sat down between his older brother's legs. Then leaning back against him he sighed. "Ahhhh...feels good."

"Yeah, well don't fall asleep," Jake teased as he grabbed a poof and the body wash.

"I can feel your penis on my butt," Shawn giggled, "did it get hard?"

"Yeah, a little. You know about that stuff right?"

"Yeah, dad told me," he said sounding drowsy as Jake scrubbed his back and arms.

"Good, now let me wash your front."

Jake took the poof and began washing Shawn's tummy, chest, and neck while he hummed his approval.

"My wiener is hard too," he giggled.

"It's no big deal, us boys get boners all the time," Jake said softly.

"I know, and then we play with them," he giggled, "and it feels good, but dad says it's private."

"Yeah, that's right unless you're playing with some one else."

"Yeah, touching someone else's wiener is fun."

"How would you know?" Jake asked laughing.

"It must be, you and daddy do it."

"That's our business, and you better not be telling that to anyone else."

"I know, " Shawn pouted, "It's private stuff. I won't tell."

"Turn around give me your feet," Jake said rinsing off his little brother's front side.

Jake took his time washing Shawn's feet. He thought they were cute, so small and perfect and he thought he understood why Rob liked boy feet so much. He washed each little toe as Shawn's eyes drooped lower and he sighed contentedly.

"You like my piggies?" Shawn said with humor in his voice.

"They're so small and perfect," Jake said softly, "I bet I could get your whole foot in my mouth."

"Do it," Shawn giggle, "eat my piggies."

Jake laughed and opened his mouth wide and lowered his head as if he were going to do just that and Shawn took the initiative and stuck his little foot into Jake's gaping mouth before he could react. Laughing he didn't resist, but instead he took in as much of the tiny foot as he could and ran his tongue across the wiggling little toes.

"Tickles," Shawn giggled.

"Mmmmmm...piggies," Jake said spitting them out so he could speak.

"It feels weird, but fun."

"They taste like chicken," Jake teased.

"Huh uh, not they?"

"Yeah, now stand up so I can wash your dirty privates." 

Shawn did as he was asked and Jake was amused to see that his little penis was stiff and sticking straight out from his skinny body. Jake gave it a twang with his finger and laughed, "What's this?"

"My wiener, wanna put that in your mouth too?" He giggled.

"Nah, but I'll wash it for ya..and your dirty butt," Jake said taking the poof and squirting on more body wash. He ran the scratchy ball between his legs and Shawn shivered. "Spread your legs so I can get in there better."

Once he had Shawn's junk clean he concentrated on his backside. "Turn around and bend over."

Shawn did as he was told, he trusted Jake after all Jake had been more mother to him than his own mother had been, and he knew Jake would never ask him to anything that was wrong. Jake smiled as he caught a glimpse of his little brother's pink pucker. Like most kids his age his hygiene wasn't always the best, but fortunately after the enema Rob had washed him  back there. 

Jake took the poof and ran it up Shawn's crack causing him to shiver, "Feels weird touching my b-hole," he giggled.

"It's clean, okay you can sit down now and rinse off. I'm gonna wash up now and then I'll dry you off."

Shawn settled back down into the warm water and splashed around playfully while Jake soaped up and rinsed off. When Jake was done he helped Shawn out of the tub and grabbed a couple of thick towels. He sat on the toilet seat and pulled Shawn between his legs and began to dry his skinny little boy body off. It didn't take long to dry every inch of him , including his feet and then Jake dried himself off while Shawn slipped into his little cartoon briefs and a matching tee. He looked so cute that it caused Jake to smile and when they were both dressed he picked his little brother up and cuddled him as he carried him back to the living room. 

Joe looked up when they came in and smiled. "What took you so long?"

"We  had fun," Shawn said giggling, "Jake ate my piggies."

Jake rolled his eyes as if to say "kids" and Joe laughed, "Well, let's start the other movie now , okay?"

"Okay, but first I'm gonna make some popcorn and grab us some sodas."

Jake popped a bag of microwave popcorn and poured it into a big plastic bowl and grabbed sodas for them and joined his brothers in the living room. Joe had the DVD in the player and he grabbed the remote and pushed play as Jake settled in beside them.

By the time the movie was over Shawn was nodding off and when Jake finally carried him to his bed, he didn't have to lay with him long before he was sound asleep. When he got back to the living room Joe was channel surfing trying to find something to watch. He looked up when Jake sat down beside him and gave his older brother a little smile.

"Wanna play a video game?"

"Sure, that sounds good," Joe said easily. He thought this might be a good time to talk to Jake about what was going on his life.

They started the game and after a few minutes Joe decided to test the waters. "Can I talk to you about something Jake?"

"Sure, you know I'm here for you. We're brothers and we're tight."

"Thanks, goes," he said sighing, "it's about me and Marcus."

Jake sort of figured that, but he didn't know how much help he'd be since his thoughts were more in tune with Marcus. 

"I guess you heard...or that dad told you, but Marcus has been pushing me know, go all the way."

Jake almost laughed, wasn't that what you said about girls? but he knew what Joe meant. He waited a minute, paused the game and laid down his controller. "Well...I'm not sure I understand the problem exactly. See...I sort of agree with Marcus. If it feels good, why not be doing stuff right now? I mean you don't have to let know..up your butt," he said grinning, "but touching is fun. You know how good jerking it feels, well...imagine having someone else do it for you and especially someone you like a lot...or love."

Joe sighed again, "You mean like you and dad?" he regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth and he blushed bright red as he waited for Jake to get angry.

"Exactly," Jake said surprising Joe, "I know you know we're more than just father and son...well, maybe Shawn doesn't know exactly what's going on, but I've always been cool with it. I know Rob was worried, but now that he knows you know and that you're cool with it, he doesn't sweat it anymore."

"You love him in a different way than we do...don't you?"

Jake smiled,  "Yeah, it's hard to understand. It's not exactly like what you feel for Marcus or what Sarah feels for Dakota, but it's strong and something special."

"I've never....uh, been with anyone like that before," Joe admitted, "I wouldn't know what to do."

Jake laughed, "Never? You've never jerked with a buddy or played show and tell?"

Joe shook his head, "Nope, the closest I ever came was being in the room with you when you did it," he said grinning.

"I guess I just assumed you did all the stuff I did." Well not all the stuff, he corrected himself, you never had to trick to feed your family. "It's normal boy stuff. I think most boys do that stuff, some even more stuff. I remember getting naked with two of my friends at a sleepover when I was younger than you and we looked at dirty mags and jerked off. Then one of us, I don't know who, suggested we jerk each other and we did that for a while and eventually we tried sucking though we really didn't do it very long. We went back to jerking ourselves off and eventually we got an orgasm, but of course we couldn't make any spunk back then."

Joe listened with interest and suddenly he realized he was getting a boner from all the sex talk. He covered it with his controller but that only drew Jake's attention to the growing lump in his jeans causing him to smile. "I...uh, never had buddies like that I guess. I thought about asking you about some stuff once or twice, but I knew you had a lot on your mind and I didn't want to bother you."

"It would have been no bother," Jake said feeling bad now.

Joe shrugged, "Any way, I guess I missed out on some stuff. Maybe that's why this is so hard for me now."

"You're still young Joe," Jake said slipping his arm around Joe's shoulders, "This can be your time to experiment. It's not like you have to marry him, he's not going to get pregnant or anything," Jake laughed, "just loosen up little brother and have fun, but if it's not what you want...then don't do it. I mean it should be your choice, not his."

"Maybe if I did some stuff with someone I trusted, but didn't like that way first," Joe said giving Jake needly look.

Is he asking me to do stuff with him? Jake wondered. If he was it was no big deal, but he didn't want to embarrass himself by assuming that was what he was saying. "That's not a bad idea. Do you have any buds at school that seem open to that?"

Joe frowned, "No...not really. Marcus was the first boy I even met who seemed to like boy stuff."

"So....what are you wanting to do?" Jake said taking a chance.

Joe blushed bright red and lowered his head, "I don't know...uh, maybe jerk together...but if that's too weird...."

"Jake laughed, "I'm the wrong person to decide what's weird and what's normal. After all I'm sleeping with my adopted dad."

"Oh, yeah....I guess this is tame compared to that," Joe said grinning.

" want to finish our game or just go to my room and get at it?"

Joe laughed nervously, "I'm ready when you are I guess."

"Okay, go brush your teeth and strip down to your undies and meet me in my room."

Joe nodded and Jake noticed his hands were shaking as he put up his controller. The lump in his pants had grown into a full blown boner, but he wasn't trying to hide it now.

"Nice," Jake said winking, "It'll be great, you'll see."

Joe smiled nervously and took a deep breath before answering, "Thanks Jake, you're the best brother anyone ever had."

"Yeah, I know," Jake laughed, "now go get ready and oh,  you might want to pee first too," Jake said swatting Joe's backside as he got up to go.

Jake brushed his teeth in Rob's bathroom and peed and stripped down to his underwear. He was a little nervous, not because of the sex part, but because it was Joe he would be doing stuff with. He didn't think they'd do much, maybe jerk each other, but he would do whatever Joe wanted. This was his time to explore and  find out what sex was really like.

He'd only been in his room a few minutes when Joe knocked on the door frame dressing only in a pair of light blue underwear. Jake recognized them as one of the pair Rob had bought for him that first trip to Kmart. It seemed like a long time ago, but the memory was still fresh.

"Hi, Joe said giving Jake a nervous smile.

"Come in bro. I know Rob doesn't like me looking at porn on his computer, but he loaned me his laptop and he has the safe sights bookmarked so....."

"Uh, what kind of porn are we gonna look at?"

"What kind do you want? I mean I assume gay, but do you want young guys or mature, hand jobs or blow jobs....anal?"

"Uh, young guys and not anal...."Joe stuttered. He almost wished he'd kept his mouth shut, but it was too late now to back out.

"Okay, let's's one Rob likes. I've seen it a few times with him," Jake said pulling up a video of an 18 year old Brit wanking on the toilet, '"Rob says he likes the look on his face when he wanks."

"Wanking, that's jerking right?"

"Yeah, the Brits call it that. Sit down by me and watch it for a while and when you're ready to join in just go for it."

"Should we...uh, take off our undies?"

"I'm going to, but it's up to you whether you do or not," Jake said skinning off his boxer briefs to expose his rock hard penis. 

Joe's eyes went to Jake's boner and his mouth fell open in a surprised "O". "It's bigger than I remembered."

Jake laughed, "Thanks bro. gonna show me yours?"

"Oh, yeah," Joe laughed nervously, "Well, it aint much...but it's home," he joked, then tugging at his waistband he began lowering his baby blue briefs. His erection got caught up as he pushed them down and when it was free it sprang up and hit his smooth flat tummy with a soft slapping noise causing both of them to laugh.

"Nice bro, you got nothing to be ashamed of. I don't think mine was that big when I was your age."

"Really? Thanks." Joe said sitting down beside Jake. At first he just sat there with his boner exposed and his hands on the bed then as he got into the action on the screen his right hand went to his cock and he rubbed it as he watched.

"This is Rob's favorite part," Jake said grinning, "watch his face carefully."

Joe pulled his eyes away from the cute boy's cock and watched his face as he made a variety of faces and wrinkled his brows then his mouth fell open as he began to unload and out came his tongue catching at least two of the long ropey strands of his cum.

"Wow, he ate his own sperm......isn't that gross?"

"No silly, it's awesome. It tastes good and it won't hurt you. It's pure protein. It's actually good for  you," Jake said with authority,"I used to taste my own all the time and now...well, it's great, that's all I can say."

"Hmmm....maybe I'll try mine...when I orgasm," he said ginning.

"Okay, next video. How about some one on one action. This one is pretty hot," he said clicking on a video with two Asian boys who were kissing and fondling each other. 

Joe liked this even more than the first. He liked kissing and thought it was exciting and fun and he always got a boner when he and Marcus kissed. Then he had a strange thought, Maybe that's why Marcus gets so excited and wants to have sex. He feels my boner and thinks I want it too.

The kissing turned to jerking and soon to sucking and Joe watched with interest. It was  little embarrassing but he was so excited that he didn't worry. Anyway Jake was jerking his cock and watching the video and didn't seem to be paying much attention to him at the moment. He sort of wished Jake would suggest they touch each other, but he was too shy to initiate anything himself.

"You up for something fun?" Jake asked as if he had read Joe's mind.

"Uh, yeah...sure...what is it?"

"I'll show you," he said reaching over and pushing Joe's hand away from his cock and taking over, "You can touch mine if you want."

"Oh, okay," Joe said taking in a sharp breath. Jake had been right, it did feel better having someone else jerk your cock for you. 

Reaching over shyly he wrapped his small hand around his brother's cock and found it was wet and slick with pre-cum. It wasn't as big as he'd first though, but it was impressive and felt hot and hard as steel in his hand. It sort of looked like his own penis, only a little longer and  fatter and after a few minutes he got the hang of working it. It was almost like jerking his own cock except of course he couldn't feel the pleasure. There was plenty of that though as Jake worked his cock expertly almost  as if it were his own. 

"I like your cock bro," Jake said softly, "it fits my hand just right."

"I like yours too...maybe mine will feel like this in a year or so."

Jake laughed, "Well, you can feel mine till then," he teased, "cause you definitely know what you're doing down there."

Joe grinned sheepishly, "I've had some practice."

"Uhhhh.....better slow down, that's feeling pretty good."

"Yeah, mine too. Maybe we should stop for a while."

"Okay, but I want to try something else when I start the next video."

"Uh, do we really need the videos?" Joe asked looking at his sticky hand and wondering whether to wipe off Jake's pre-cum or lick it off.

"I guess not, I just thought you might need them. It doesn't take much to get me going," Jake chuckled.

The video ended and Jake put the laptop on the nightstand and turned to Joe who was absent-mindedly fondling his penis. "Stretch out on the bed...on your back."

Joe never once considered asking why, he trusted Jake and he was curious as to what he had in mind and when he was settled in he watched with nervous interest as Jake lay down beside him.

"Let's try jerking each other laying down," Jake said as he scooted closer until their bodies were touching from shoulder to knee.

It was awkward since both were right handed and after a while Jake decided to try something else. "Hold on, I'm gonna flip around so we're head to toe, then you can reach mine and I can reach yours. It's called the 69 position and it's how two guys can suck each other only we're just going to jerk."

"Oh, okay..yeah, that seems better," Joe said as he grabbed onto Jake's penis and began slowly stroking it.

"Ummm...that feels okay up there?"

"Yeah...fells good. I see what you mean about it being better to have someone else touch you."

"And I'm only your brother, imagine what it would be like with you boyfriend," Jake teased.

"Ummm....I was wondering....about it hard to do?"

"Well, not for me. I like it, most gay guys do, and almost every guys likes getting it done to them, even straight guys. I guess girls don't like to do that kind of stuff."

Joe was quiet for a while trying to decide how to ask what he really wanted to ask, but Jake was way ahead of him. "You wanna try that. If you don't want to suck me that's okay, but I'll suck you if you want."

"Really? Okay, but I want to try it too...I mean it's only fair."

"Well, this is the best position for it only we need to roll onto our sides and bend up till our face is in the right place."

Joe followed Jake's lead and soon they were in position. Jake began first by taking Joe's cock in his hand and licking his balls. 

Joe took in a sharp breath and shivered, "Oh....oh...that feels weird...but good. I never thought of that," he said imitating Jake and tasting Jake's smooth nut sack, "It doesn't taste bad..sort of salty and like licking the back of your hand or something."

Jake laughed, "Yeah, sort of I guess, but a penis tastes a little stronger. You sure you wanna do this?"

"Uh huh...but I need you to show me how to do it."

"No problem little brother, hang goes."

Jake grabbed Joe's cock in his hand and gave the head a lick before continuing. Joe made a little mewling sound and shook as if he were cold, "Uhhhhh that felt really good. I can do that," he said returning the favor. He was surprised to find that despite his apprehension Jake's cock actually tasted good. He didn't even mind the slick pre-cum that coated the head. It was salty and sort of sweet at the same time, like eating peanuts and gumdrops together.

"Oh yeah little brother, that's the way. Okay, I'm gonna take it in my mouth now. I can take it all, but you probably won't be able to....not without practice, but you don't have to to make it feel good. It's mostly about using your tongue and lips and not letting your teeth touch the tender parts."

"Okay, I'll try it."

It was hard to concentrate though, because suddenly Joe felt something warm and wet surround his throbbing boner and he gasped for air as the feeling rushed over him. He was actually moaning as he put his lips on Jake's cock and sucked slowly. He had covered his teeth with his lips and his mouth made a perfect circle as he slid down a little taking all of Jake's spongy head into his mouth. He didn't know what to expect exactly, but he found it was rather pleasant. The taste was nice and Jake gave off a musky spicy odor that was both comforting and exciting. He wondered if he smelled and tasted like that and supposed if he did that was why Jake seemed to be enjoying himself so much. 

Jake had taken all of Joe's cock into his mouth and it barely reached the back of his throat. He had wanted to show off his deep throating skills, but Joe's cock wasn't quite long enough for that. However Joe couldn't have cared less, all he cared about was the wonderful wet warmth that was surrounding his hard throbbing cock. He had heard about blow jobs but never really thought about how one would feel and now that he knew, he was pretty sure he was hooked for life.

Working down a little lower Joe felt Jake's cock push against his tongue and he licked at the underside of his cockhead just as Jake was doing to him. Jake moaned around Joe's cock and Joe gasped at the feeling, giving his own little moan and paying the feeling forward. Joe concentrated on what Jake was doing to him and he came to the conclusion that the deeper his cock went into Jake's mouth the better it felt. So it only stood to reason that if he took more of Jake's cock in his mouth he could make Jake feel better too.

So throwing caution to the wind Joe plunged forward taking all of Jake's  5" cock into his mouth. As soon as the head hit the back of his throat Joe knew he'd made a mistake. Choking and gagging he pulled off quickly and began coughing.

Jake came up off Joe's cock in a hurry, "I told you to take it slow bro. No need to gag yourself. It was feeling great just like you were doing it."

"Sorry Joe said finally regaining his composure, "I just wanted to make you feel good."

"You were, don't worry...deep throating is not for everyone."

"Okay, can we do it some more?"

"Sure just take it slow and do what I do."

Joe did as he was told and soon he and Jake had a good rhythm going. It seemed like the longer he sucked Jake's cock the more he liked it and there was no doubt that he liked having him own cock sucked. It was hard to believe this was happening. He'd thought he and Jake might jerk off together but what they were doing now had happened so fast he wondered if Jake had planned this all along. Of course it wasn't like he didn't want it to happen. Oh sure at first he wasn't sure if he wanted to do anything, but once he saw Jake's dick he  knew he wouldn't be satisfied till he got a hold on it.

As they continued Jake decided to throw in a little something extra and reaching up and pulling Joe closer he began to fondle his ass. Joe took his cue and returned the favor discovering that he liked touching Jake's butt almost as much as his dick. He knew gay guys did butt stuff and he was sure he wasn't ready for anything like that, but just touching was okay.

Jake didn't want to scare Joe off or make him do anything he didn't want to, but he was getting carried away in the heat of the moment. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they crept between Joe's smooth butt cheeks and found his sweaty hole. Pausing in his sucking a moment to wet his finger he returned it to Joe's pucker and massaged it gently.

"Uhhhh." Joe moaned, he had never thought he would like having  someone play with his hole, after all it was dirty...poop came out of there, but what Jake was doing to him was making him rethink things in a big way. Mocking Jake's actions once more, Joe paused to wet his finger and when he found Jake's sweaty hole he paused only a moment before beginning.

Jake was surprised but pleased that Joe had gone this far and he pulled off long enough to give Joe instructions, "Go ahead...stick your finger in me...yeah, like that but take it sort of rotate it...uh...yeah, that's it," Jake gasped then began sucking Joe again and encouraged by Jake's enthusiastic response to his probing finger he continued.

He guessed he knew that Jake would be doing that to him, but when it finally happened Joe tensed up and his hole shut tight. Jake wasn't worried though, he knew it was all new to Joe and instead of telling him to relax he did something else. Pulling up off Joe's cock he buried his head in his crotch licking his taint and eventually finding his hole with this tongue and giving it good working over.

Joe gasped and stopped sucking for a moment as the intensity of this new feeling washed over him then moaning softly he continued taking Jake's cock in and out of his hot wet mouth becoming more and more comfortable and skilled with each stroke. He had never felt anything as wonderful was what Jake was doing to him and he realized that up until that night he hadn't really known anything about sex. In the last hour he had learned more than he had in his whole life about his body and what he liked and he had Jake to think for that. 

Joe had always loved Jake and trusted him even when they had their differences he knew he could always count on his big brother to be there for him. He didn't really process it as such, but in truth he had a bit of a crush on his older brother. He liked how he looked and how he acted and he was a wee bit jealous that he and Rob were so close. Not that he wanted that kind of relationship with his adopted dad, it was just that he had always seen Jake as his and now he knew he belonged to someone else.

"Oh, baby brother I'm getting close," Jake said suddenly from somewhere between Joe's legs. His face was dripping with spit and Joe's ass juice and he was on fire for his little brother.

"Do you want me to stop?" Joe asked coming up for air.

"Yeah, for now...I want to work on you some more, but not like this. Get up on all fours so I can get at your ass better."

Joe was shaking with desire and anticipation as he knelt on the bed with his ass high in the air. He felt exposed, but wonderful. He knew Jake wouldn't hurt him....hell, so far he had done nothing but make him feel good and he was sure there was more of that ahead. When he felt Jake's hands on his butt he relaxed despite himself and even when he felt Jake's warm breath on his most private place he only sighed with satisfaction.

When he felt Jake's hot wet tongue touch his hole he moaned loudly and laid his head on the bed pushing his ass into Jake's face. Jake buried his face in Joe's ass and began to rim him quite properly. For a 14 year old boy Jake was way ahead of the learning curb when it came to sex, first his experience with his tricks and then Rob, had made him confident and competent when it came to male sex. His brother tasted not unlike his own flavor and maybe that was what made it so exciting. It was as if he were eating his own ass and that caused his dick to throb and drip pre-cum like mad. He knew that if he reached down and touched it he would explode and he didn't want that to happen yet. As selfish as that sounded he wanted Joe to be the one who brought him to orgasm.

He continued to eat Joe's tasty little ass for the next fifteen minutes as Joe bucked and pushed back and moaned and pawed at his cock. Once Jake reached under him and grabbed it himself working it slowly as he buried his tongue in Jake's tight hole, but he didn't want Joe to come yet...he wanted that to happen in either his mouth or if Joe was willing...his ass. When he finally pulled up his face was slick with spit and ass juice and his tongue was numb, but he ready for more fun and he knew Joe was too.

"Okay, roll over on your back," Jake said in a husky voice tinged with lust.

Joe shivered in anticipation as he rolled over, feeling the cool wetness of his ass with his fingers as if to prove what had just gone down was real. His cock was standing proud, all 4.5 inches of it and his balls were pulled up tight against his body ready to spill forth at any time.

Jake wanted this to last. He knew about edging, he'd been with guys who lived for that stuff, but his motives were more pure, he just wanted his time with Joe to last and he was sure that once he came the fun would be over. He started by licking Joe's erect little nipples causing Joe to squirm a little in pleasure. Here was something else he hadn't thought of, oh sure he'd rubbed his nipples before and found that they became erect, but he had never really connected that to sexual pleasure...until now. 

When Jake ran his tongue down his chest to his belly button he learned something else, almost any kind of touching was nice and added to the sexual feeling. No wonder he and Marcus always popped boners when they kissed or hugged, it was all part of the sex thing. He sighed as Jake moved down lower and began to lick his balls and the shaft of his cock and  he felt as if he could come any minute. Should he warm Jake or did he want to taste his cum? In the end he decided Jake was the one in charge and he knew what he was doing and all he had to do was lay back and enjoy.

When Jake's hot warm mouth engulfed his cock at last he cried out and begun to spew his thin whitish boy juice. Two strong jets of liquid hit Jake's tongue and he savored his little brother's taste before swallowing. In all there were five squirts then a little dribbling as Joe jerked and spasmed and clawed at the sheets. He had never had an orgasm as intense as this one and it only made his feelings for Jake more intense. It is human nature to become attached to those who make us feel good, and Jake had certainly done that a hundred times over.

"Uh...uh...uh...that was crazy...I never knew it could feet this's starting to get a little sensitive," he said pulling away from Jake's greedy mouth.

Jake understood, and kissing Joe's cockhead gently he raised up and licked his lips, "You taste good little brother."

Joe smiled as his cheeks flushed red with the compliment. He liked how Jake always made him feel good about himself even when he was down on himself. "Thanks, you want me to...uh, finish you now?"

"You don't mind?" Jake said hoping he wasn't just offering out of gratitude.

"I want to, but I gotta rest a minute. That sort of made me feel weak," he laughed.

"I know what you mean. Hey, how about if you just jerk me. It won't take long, I'm almost ready to blow."

That suited Joe just fine, first of all because he really didn't know if he wanted Jake's cum in his mouth and secondly because he really wanted to see Jake's cock squirt. "Okay, I'm ready then. How do you want me to do it?"

Jake had something in mind, but he wasn't sure how Joe would react. Still he had to try. "Okay I'm gonna lay on my side, you snuggle up to my back and reach around and jerk me like that. I like feeling you against me."

Joe didn't have any problem with that at first, but when he snuggled up to Jake's warm soft butt he suddenly found his cock was hard again and with no place to go it had slipped into the Jake's crack. He tried not to think about it, but it felt good just pressing into Jake's soft firm butt and a real distraction. He finally managed to find Jake's cock and  it was slick and felt hot in his hand. He loved how it felt and he could smell a sharp tangy odor that he knew was Jake's unique smell and it excited him in ways he couldn't understand.

"Ummm...yeah that's right...snuggle up a little closer, don't worry about your dick...I like having it there," Jake said pushing back into Joe.

Joe grunted as his cockhead came into contact with Jake's hot wet hole and when Jake pushed back a little he felt it penetrate just a little. It frightened and excited him, but he wasn't sure if he was ready for something like this...not this soon.

"It's okay," Jake said reaching back and guiding Joe in a little deeper. I like it and I think you will too."

Joe didn't help, but he didn't resist and to Jake that was the same as saying yes and so he pushed back some more and slowly managed to work all of Joe's slender cock into his hot wet hole. When he felt Joe's smooth pubis against his equally smooth ass he sighed. "Okay just do what comes natural now...oh, and keep jerking me while you do it."

Joe swallowed hard then nodded. He hadn't been aware that he was holding his breath until he suddenly gasped for air and his mind suddenly processed what was happening to him. His hard throbbing cock was wrapped up in something  warm and tight and velvety smooth and the feeling was unbelievable. So this was fucking, he thought to himself. No wonder boys like to do this with girls and with other boys, it's the most amazing feeling anyone could ever have.

"Uhhhh...yeah, that's it. A little faster, don't worry you won't hurt me," Jake said reaching back to pull Joe against him and guide him for a few strokes, "If you do it just right I'll come just from you fucking me."

"Huh,, does that happen?"

"Just do it and afterwards I'll explain."

So that became Joe's goal as he began to move faster and when Jake told him to adjust the angle a little he did that too causing Jake to moan softly and press back desperately. "Uh...yeah....that's it...oh...shit that feels good. You can quit jerking me, I'm gonna cum without you touching it....just keep that up..are you close....?"

"Ohhhhh," was all Joe was capable of saying before his orgasm hit him like bucket of cold water. He gasped and shoved deep as his cock swelled and throbbed and expelled what little boy juice his small balls had churned up in the last few minutes since his first orgasm. He grabbed Jake tightly and held on as wave after wave of pleasure flooded over him almost causing him to pass out and then it happened, Jake cried out and began to come shooting long ropes of cum all over his chest and stomach. 

Joe had raised up when he heard Jake cry out and witnessed all but the first of the squirts and he was amazed at the volume and intensity of  Jake's release.

"Wow, that's awesome," Joe said forgetting his own orgasm for a moment. Then a second wave swept over him and he fell back down hugging his brother tightly as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the last final seconds of the best feeling of his young life.

When he finally came back to earth he was aware of two things, Jake's soft regular breathing and that his cock had slipped from Jake's ass and was a total mess. He pulled away a little and looked at it and frowned. There was a little brown on it and when he realized what it was he grimaced. Maybe butt sex wasn't so good after all. If it was this messy then maybe sucking was as far as he wanted to go. Still it had been the best feeling he had ever experienced and a dick could be washed and he was headed to the bathroom to do just that when Jake stirred.

"Mmmmm....sorry I came so hard I passed out for minute. You okay?"

"Just gonna go pee...and uh..wash up a little," Joe stuttered.

Jake rolled over and took one look at Joe's tackle and smiled, "Sorry, I wasn't expecting to do this. I usually clean myself out. It's usually not that messy. Come on, let's take a shower together and we can both get cleaned up."

Joe allowed Jake to lead once more and in the shower they took turns soaping each other up. When Jake spread his cheek and washed his hole Joe blushed, but he supposed there wasn't much reason to be modest now, after all they just had full blown sex a few minutes ago. When it came time to wash Jake's hole he stared at his brown eye and studied it closely. He was amazed that it was so tight looking now when only a short time ago it had opened for him and swallowed all of his slender cock. He wondered if his hole would do the same for Jake then blushed. He wasn't ready for that yet, and when he was he wanted it to be with Marcus.

"Okay, all clean," Joe said slapping Jake on the butt and giggling.

Jake surprised him by spinning around and pulling him into a hug and grabbing his butt cheeks in his hands. Nuzzling Joe's ear he growled, "Someday someone will make love to this cute butt and you will know why I liked it so much."

Joe blushed as he shivered from Jake's words and his warm breath on his face, "You never told me how you came...without touching it."

So as they dried off Jake explained about that place inside every guy that feels good when rubbed and how it can cause a guy to orgasm and orgasm hard. Joe listened with interest, but he was still a little skeptical. He intended to look up that word, prostate, as soon as he got a chance. 

Once they were dried they slipped on clean undies and Jake suggested they head to bed. "Dad won't be home for a while. Why don't you wait for him in his bed with me and surprise him?"

"I'm not sure he wants to find me there," Joe said blushing.

"Oh, he won't mind. Then you can go to your bed after you say goodnight."

"Okay, I guess..but, what if we fall asleep?"

"Dad will wake you up and send you packing," Jake laughed, "he's probably gonna be too tired to do anything any way."

"You think he's gonna have sex with that guy?" Joe asked as we climbed into Rob's big bed.

Jake shrugged, "None of my business if he does. I don't own  him or anything." But it still hurt and Jake was afraid Joe might see through him.

Joe didn't know how to respond. He was afraid Jake would misunderstand anything he said, but he was sure Jake did care whether Rob slept with that guy. He thought about how he felt about Marcus and he knew he'd just die if Marcus messed with another boy. Even kissing another boy would be enough to break his heart. He couldn't imagine how it would feel for Jake to think of Rob having sex with someone else.

They lay there for a while in the dark before Joe finally rolled onto his side facing Jake. Jake sensed he was about to say something important as he rolled over as well bringing his face within inches of Joe's.

"Thanks for tonight. I had fun and I learned some stuff. I think I know what I need to do now...with Marcus I mean."

"Good, I'm glad. I had fun too, I liked what we did. I'm just sorry we never did it before now."

Joe smiled, "I was too scared to ask about sex stuff before. If I hadn't seen you..well, you know...jerking off, I might never have found out about that and then dad filled me in on the rest."

"Yeah, I just....I was so confused till I met Rob. I didn't want to be different but once I met him and found out it wasn't so bad...I guess that's when I really accepted it."

"It's no big deal. I'm not sure about everything yet, but I know what I like and I guess this is it."

"Well, now that we know what we like...if you want...we can maybe do it again sometime."

"Oh, sure. That's cool. Thanks."

They laid back down and when Jake scooted a little closer Joe helped to  close the gap. It didn't take long before they were spooning, Joe pressed up tight against Jake's warm bottom as Jake reached up and pulled Joe's arm across his stomach and held it there. They were asleep instantly and that's how Rob found them around 3 am when he finally stumbled in.

The dancers were awesome and I spend a pocketful of dollar bills stuffing their string bikinis and  coping a feel of their smooth chiseled bodies and one in particular caught my eye. He was brown haired and brown eyed and as perfect an example of manhood that I had ever seen. His body was chiseled, but not grossly muscled like some guys, in fact he actually had a little fat around his tummy and I thought that was adorable. I don't mean he was fat by any means, but some guys are too flat and too skinny and this one was just right. But it was his face and smile that pulled me in and when I stuffed a five in his bikini and felt of his stomach he quivered then leaned down and pulled me into a kiss.

To say it was wonderful would be an understatement. He tasted like apples and cinnamon and his lips were so soft I could barely feel them against mine. His eyes pulled me into his world and for one spell binding and time suspending moment I was in love. Then the magic ended, our lips parted and red-faced I made my way back to our table.

"Whoa, way to go Rob. I think Dallas is into you guy."

"Dallas? His name is Dallas? Is that cause he's from Dallas or just his name?"

"Umm not sure," he said flagging the waiter down and ordering more drinks for us, "Just know that's what they call him. I knew a guy who supposedly lived with him for a few months before he got his own place."

"Hmmm...well, I'm sure he's just doing his job. No way is he interested in an old man like me."

"Rob, Rob....I would think you know by now that there are lots of young guys who dig older men. Call it a daddy complex or whatever, but it's real."

I knew that, after all I was sleeping with my 14 year old stepson. God that sounded sick when I thought about it, but I had to sounded hot too. I sighed and took a sip of the new drink, something called anti-freeze and turned back to the dancers. Someone had taken Dallas's place, a tall lanky black boy with muscles and a huge bulge in his white Speedos and for the next few minutes I oogled him and thought my thoughts.

I was vaguely aware of someone standing beside me and when I spun around I can face to face with the object of my earlier lust. He had slipped into jeans and a pullover that hugged his upper body making him even more sexy somehow than being almost naked had. 

"Can I sit with you guys?" Dallas asked looking directly into my eyes.

I stuttered a little as I got lost in his eyes before finally uttering a yes, hoping I didn't sound too anxious. He scooted the stool a little closer to me as he sat down and I suddenly realized our legs were touching. He felt warm and solid and my cock responded immediately causing me to squirm in my seat. Then the unthinkable happened. Suddenly I felt his warm soft hand on my leg.

"I'm Dallas," he said patting my leg.

"I'm Rob," I said hoping my voice didn't break and embarrass me.

"Nice to meet you," he said smiling.

"I'm Mike, in case anyone cares," my old friend sighed.

Dallas reached over and rubbed his arm gently, "Hi Mike, sorry to ignore you. I only have a few minutes till I go back on again and I just wanted in invite the two of to a party I'm having after the bar closes."

I can't tell you how conflicted I was. On one hand I wanted to follow this young God to the ends of the earth and on the other had I had a young God at home that I loved more than life itself. And to complicate matter even more there was Mike to think about. Had I led him on? Did he think we were going to have sex as soon as we got back to his hotel room?

I looked at Mike who had suddenly become very interested in our conversation. He smiled and gave me a pleading look. It took about two seconds to decide and I hoped it was the right answer. I figured if nothing else Mike could find someone to take back to the hotel and I'd have one less thing to worry about. I didn't think about how hard it would be to resist Dallas once I got there.

"Sure, why not. I can't stay long, but Mike here is free all night."

"Oh, okay, well...I need to go get ready for the next set. I'll find you when I get off at 1." Then he stood and leaned down and kissed my cheek before hurrying off. For the first time I noticed that he was shorter than me, maybe 5'8" or 5'9", not much taller than Jake and that made me lonesome for my boy.

"Way to go Rob. I've always wanted to get invited to one of these parties. I heard you strip at the door and anything goes...anything."

"Ouch, what have I gotten myself into?" I muttered, but I figured if things got too crazy I could call a cab and hightail it out of there.

"Relax, it will be fun. Besides I saw how you looked at Dallas. Like you want to lick him all over and ease into him slowly, or have him ease into you."

I took a deep breath. The alcohol was lowering my inhibitions, but my conscience was still alive and well. I waited till Dallas was back on stage before wasting more dollars and once when I stuck a wad of bills inside his bikini he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his crotch. He wasn't as big as some of the other dancers, but loving boys like I do, I'd never been a size freak anyway. It felt like a good 6 or 6 and a half inches and was fat, just like I liked them. As he held my hand he pushed it lower until I felt his balls and there was no disappointment there. They were huge and full and I knew that if I played my cards right I could be the one draining them later. He finally released my hand and I went back to the table to admire him from afar. Mike had a sly smile on his face and couldn't wait to razz me.

" big was it?"

"Average, not huge, but his balls are enormous," I giggled.

"Mmmmm.. perfect for fucking. You gonna let him fuck ya?"

I shrugged, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's just a party as far as we know."

"Ha, boy are you naive. A hot number like that doesn't fawn over a guy unless he wants some ass or dick."

"Or both," I muttered, "Well, we'll see."

Dallas finished his last set around 1 and went off to shower and change. He was back at our table by 1:30 and anxious to go. We followed him out of the club and into the night air and my head began to clear a little. What in Hell was I doing here? We were in for a surprise a few minutes later when Dallas led us to the same hotel where Mike had booked his room. 

"No way," Mike said excitedly, "I'm staying here on the third floor."

"Party's on the fourth floor. We booked a suite with lots of room. My boss is paying for it. He says it's his way of saying thank you to all his dancers, but it's really just a way to get ass," he giggled. 

"Pretty wild huh?" Mike said referring to the party.

"The party? Sometimes, but sometimes we just pair off and go straight to it. He likes to watch as much as he likes to fuck."

"What's he like?" I asked wondering if he was a troll or just an average guy.

"He's actually a sweetheart. He's like 45 or something and has a little tummy, but he's got 8" and that gets him laid a lot," Dallas laughed.

He led us to the elevator and we rode it in silence to the fourth floor. We stepped off and found the room number easily. It was at the far end of the hall to the right and we were the first to arrive. Dallas slipped the card in the door and it popped open and we stepped inside. The suite was nice, nothing extravagant, but there was a bar set up on one side and lots of space for sitting or whatever. I figured the suite could accommodate twenty or more people, but I was hoping there wouldn't be that many. I was already having second thoughts and I didn't want to explain an early exit to that many people.

Dallas poured us glasses of Champagne and insisted on entwining arms with me and drinking form each other's glass. As he pulled away he gave me a devilish grin and then finished off is glass in one swallow.

"Ahhhh..I love that stuff. I don't drink at work, but when I party I prefer bubbly."

"I like it too, this is very good," I said downing my glass and he quickly refilled all of our glasses.

A few minutes later the others began to arrive and for a while Dallas was busy greeting them. I recognized the other dancers including the hunky black guy and a few of the drag Queens no doubt from the show that we had missed on purpose. I counted ten people besides us three and then without any fanfare our host, the club owner, Tom Dewalt, came breezing in with a young guy that had definitely not been at the club that night. I say that because he couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 and he had that innocent look about him that said I'm ready to learn, but go easy.

Tom turned out to be a good host and I began to feel more comfortable as the minutes passed and the champagne flowed. Mike had taken up with the black dude and after about a half hour Mike pulled me aside and asked if it was okay if he and Dan, the black dude, went back to room alone. I laughed and gave him a hug and whispered, "You always did like em big...didn't you?"  I hugged him goodbye and thanked him for the wonderful evening and that was the last I saw of him that night.

Dallas found me shortly after that and as if on cue, asked if I would like to go out on the balcony and get away from the noise and cigarette smoke. I jumped at the chance. I hated smoke and I was sure a great deal of this smoke was caused by something stronger than tobacco. 

The night air was crisp but not overly cold and I found my head clearing a little. Dallas leaned against me and smiled up at me. " come I've never seen you around before?"

I didn't want to tell him the truth, that I was retired and father to four kids, so I simply told a half truth. "I'm just not into the bar scene. If Mike hadn't invited me out tonight I'd have never came alone."

"Ummm..coming alone is no fun," he joked and I laughed as if it were the funniest thing I'd ever heard.

"You have nice eyes," I said leaning in close and when our lips met we kissed passionately for what seemed like forever but couldn't  have been more than a few minutes. 

My cock was tenting my jeans and I realized I needed to pee very badly. What lousy timing. I excused myself to the bathroom but Dallas insisted on going with me. Fortunately the bathroom had two  enclosed stalls and I was saved the misery of trying to start my flow with a hot boy staring at my junk. When I came out of the stall Dallas was naked.

My eyes grew wide at the sight of his beautiful body and I knew I was lost.

"I locked the door," he giggled.

"I...uh, are so beautiful," I finally said giving in to the inevitable as I moved closer.

Between the two of us we got my clothes off quickly and we moved together and picked up the kiss we'd started on the balcony. His body was smooth, whether naturally or shaved I couldn't tell, but I could feel no stubble anywhere. His cock was bigger than I'd guessed, closer to 7" and perfect in every detail. His balls hung low and when I reached down and fondled them he moaned into my mouth.

That was all the encouragement I needed as I slid down to his neck, his nipples, his perfect little tummy, and finally sank to my knees before him. I worshiped his balls and cock for the next few minutes before taking him deep into my mouth and sucking him for all I was worth. I wanted to taste all that he had to offer and so far I hadn't been disappointed. He smelled and tasted exactly how a man should and I suddenly realized that I had missed that. Oh Jake was wonderful in that respect as well, but this was different, more intense and completely mind blowing.

"Fuck me," Dallas begged, but I wasn't through tasting him. Besides we had no condoms and I wasn't about to risk my health or Jake's with this unknown sex God, even if he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

Turn around, I said roughly and when he did I spread his cheeks and I ate deeply of his ass. He tasted as good back there as he had in front and I could tell he had douched and cleaned up just for this moment. I ate him till my tongue was numb then spun him back around and sucked him desperately till he cried out and filled my mouth with the hottest, tastiest man spunk I had ever swallowed. When his nuts were empty  he whimpered begging me again to fuck him, but I was done. As selfish as it seemed and would seem later when I thought about it, I was done.

I straightened up and kissed him deeply letting him taste his flavor on my tongue  then got dressed as he stared silently with a hurt look in his eyes. I kissed him once more and nuzzled his ear, "I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to someone else. I didn't mean for this to happen, but I'm glad it did. You were wonderful and I wouldn't have missed the chance to be with you for anything, but I can't stay...I can't get my own just wouldn't be fair. I hope you won't hate me for this."

He shook his head, "Never!" he said through tears, "That other guy is very lucky. I wish I had someone like  you. Hey, if it doesn't work out....."

I smiled, "Nothing lasts forever, but I try not to think about that. Thanks again, I had fun. It was something I will remember for a long time."

He dressed and walked me to the door and we kissed. I didn't tell anyone else I was leaving and no one said goodbye. It was as if Dallas and I were the only two people in the room and when I stepped through the door I wondered if this had all been a wonderful dream. I almost went back..twice, if for no other reason than to prove it was real, but in the end I called a cab and headed home. It was late and I had obligations. I had a boy waiting for me in my bed and it was going to be hard enough to explain what I'd already done. I knew there was no promise that he'd understand or forgive me, but our relationship was built on trust and I would not keep the truth from him. Little did I know we both had some confessing to do.

The cab ride seemed to take forever and when we finally arrived I handed the cabbie two twenties and raced off not stopping long enough to hear the thank you my fifteen dollar tip must've inspired. I rushed to the door and fumbled with the key before finally letting myself in. The living room light was on and I checked Jake's room first. His bed was empty but looked mussed and there was a towel on the floor. I shrugged and headed to my bedroom, anxious to see my boy, but instead of one there were two boys in my bed.

There they were my two sleeping angels snuggled up spooning as Jake and I had done so many times. I smiled and just watched the two sleeping peacefully for a long time. They had thrown the covers back and both were shirtless and suddenly I wondered if they were completely naked.  I hated to disturb them, but I was tired and drunk and needed to sleep. I could have slept in Jake's room, but I needed to feel him beside me after what I'd done. Tomorrow there would be time enough for the truth, but tonight I needed to feel his warm soft body next to mine and breathe in his comforting scent.

I walked slowly to the bed and leaned down trying to be as quiet as possible, but Jake must've sensed my presence and he woke almost instantly. When he saw me he smiled and shook Joe awake, "Dad's home."

Joe roused looking like a deer in headlights and I reached down and hugged him almost falling into bed with them. I laughed and sat down heavily and Joe sat up and rubbed sleep from his eyes. "Sorry dad, I guess I fell asleep talking to Jake."

"I think it's nice that you two spent the evening together. Come on I'll tuck you into bed. I want to check on Shawn and kiss him goodnight."

I followed Joe to his room relieved that he was wearing  underwear, but I couldn't help but notice how cute his little butt was. I had to stop thinking like that, it was bad enough I was sleeping with his older brother without perving on my middle son. I went to Shawn's bed first and found my little angel sleeping peacefully. He was so cute and I couldn't resist leaning down and kissing his sweet face. He smiled in his sleep and sighed and I pulled the covers up around his neck and went to Joe.

Joe had been watching me the whole time I was tucking Shawn in and when I turned my attention to him he smiled warmly. "Did you have fun dad?"

"Too much fun," I said holding my aching head, "I'm gonna pay for this night in the morning." And in more ways than one.

"We had fun too," Joe said then blushed making me wonder what that meant.

"Well, goodnight Joseph, I hate to leave you so soon, but my bed is calling."

"Goodnight dad, love ya," he said reaching up to grab my neck and pull me down for a kiss.

For a minute I thought he was going to kiss me on the lips but at the last minute he turned his head and planted a wet kiss on my cheek. I hugged him and then pulled the covers up around him and patted him gently, "I love you too son. Seep well and I'll see you in the morning.

He yawned and I smiled. He was such a handsome boy and soon he would be going through the ravages of puberty and who knew what that would do to him. I knew he could produce semen already but as far as I knew he was still hairless and probably a year away from full blown puberty. 

When I got back to my room Jake was still under the covers and I headed off to the bathroom to pee and shower. I was already in the shower when Jake wandered in a few minutes later and sat on the toilet seat. He seemed wide awake now and very talkative and it was all I could do to keep up with him. When I stepped out he insisted on helping to dry me off and I had to admit his hands felt great on my body. When I was dry he followed me to bed and I climbed in still naked. 

Jake dropped his undies and climbed in beside me and snuggled in close and we kissed. His lips were always so soft and wet and his tongue was darting in and out of my mouth causing my cock to swell immediately. I could feel his cock against my leg but it was only at half mast. I figured I could fix that quickly and rolling into him I pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

I leaned down and kissed him and felt between his legs and he grew in my hand. His cock was dry but after a few minutes of working it he produced enough pre-cum to make it slick. That was when I made my move, sliding down his body kissing and licking my way down until I was face to face with his cock in all it's glory. I licked it from head to base and he moaned softly.

"Lick my balls daddy," Jake said in a small voice.

How could I refuse such a delicious offer? He moaned louder as I took his nuts in my mouth and slobbered them up and my finger slipped beneath him and found his hole. It was wet and a little slick and I wondered what was up with that. Maybe he'd been finger banging himself earlier while he flogged the dolphin.

I worked on his balls for a long time before finally pushing his legs up and going after his ass. I ate deep and long feasting on  his cinnamon sweet flavor till I was so horny I couldn't wait another minute. I had planned to suck him off first but that plan went out the window as I moved up against him and pressed my hard wet cock against his wet slick hole.

"Ummmm...yeah....that's it," Jake said sounding far away.

"Sorry, I got carried away I'll take care of you when I'm done," I said as I began to thrust deep into his tight insides.

"No worries, maybe I can come without touching it again. Try to hit that spo.....t, oh yea...that one," he gasped as my cock rubbed his prostate and once I had the right angle I was able to hit it with each forward stroke.

I know it was wrong but I couldn't help but picture Dallas' perfect male body as I pounded my way to orgasm deep inside Jake. I remembered how he tasted and how he smelled and most of how his hard body felt against me. I looked down at Jake and his eyes were closed and he was biting his bottom lip, a look of concentration and lust on  his cute face. 

Suddenly he grunted and begun to spew causing his anus to tighten around my raging cock and I joined him. I pushed in deep and fell down on top of him pressing his still squirting cock between us as I unloaded in his hot tight guts. He wrapped his legs around me and pulled me closer as his ass muscles squeezed me over and over milking out the rest of my cum. I crushed my lips to his and we kissed passionately until I finally slipped from his oozing hole.

He dropped his legs and I rolled off of him and snuggled up beside him placing my hand on his stomach. "'re all sticky," I teased.

"Mmmmm....that was good. guess you didn't get off with your friend?"

"No, in fact Mike found a nice piece of chocolate to suck on." Of course that was only half the truth, but this wasn't the time for the whole truth.

"Huh, really? I....that sucks. Boy, what nerve." I could tell he was relieved, and wondered how he would take the real truth when it came out.

"No, it's cool. I understood completely."

"Well, I'm sort of glad," Jake said nuzzling my neck playfully, "but I sort of have something I need to tell you."

"Can it wait till tomorrow?" I sighed, "I sort of have something I need to tell you too."

"Sure, I'm pretty beat."

We peed and cleaned up a little and piled back into bed and pretty soon we drifted off to sleep. I slept fitfully, but Jake slept like a log. A couple of times I woke up and just watched him sleep. As I listened to his slow even breathing and felt the slow rise and fall of his chest, his heart beating inside his warm boy body, I thanked God for creating such a perfect human being. He was perfect in every way and for the time being he was mine. What had happened with Dallas seemed like a dull ache compared to the way I felt about Jake. I knew I'd made a mistake, but I was only human and Dallas was so wonderful. I knew that in a different place and time I would have followed Dallas to the ends of the world, but my life was with Jake and the kids now and my time for trysts and flings was past. I supposed in a way this was my swan song, my last affair, and I was lucky it had been with someone as perfect as Dallas.

Tomorrow I would come clean and let the cards fall where they may. I didn't know how Jake would take the news, but I was confident that eventually he would forgive me and we'd move on. Would it be the same? I had no answer for that, but I would take as much of him as he would give. I leaned in and sniffed him and tears stung my eyes. What had I done? Had I just thrown everything out the window for one night of fun? I buried my face in his neck and inhaled his fresh boy scent and kissed his soft skin and that is how I fell back asleep.


Chapter Eight

Kissing and making up

and doing the nasty....

I felt like shit when I finally woke around ten o'clock. I was glad it was Saturday and that the kids were fairly self sufficient thanks to Evelyn's poor mothering. Jake and Joe had fixed breakfast of sorts, Eggos and nuked bacon and the kids had left me alone to sleep. I lingered in bed a bit longer then crawled out and stumbled to the bathroom to drain my aching bladder. A shower sounded good, but sniffing my pits I decided it could wait till I ate. My stomach was rumbling and I needed to replenish some of the nutrients my drinking had zapped.

As I wandered into the living room I was met by my boys. Sarah was still at Dakota's and remembering that brought on a new wave of anxiety.

"Morning dad, hungry?"

"Starved, did you guys eat anything yet?"

"Yep, want me to fix you some Eggos?"

I laughed, "No, I need some real food...some eggs and bacon...maybe some toast and jelly..and juice, lots of juice."

"Need any help," Jake said looking hopeful.

"Sure, you can scramble some eggs. I'll put some bacon on to cook, you boys still hungry?"

"I am daddy," Shawny said grabbing onto my leg, "I want some bacy."

"I'll cook extra, what about you Joseph?"

"Nope, I'm gonna go call Marcus. Hey, what time is Sarah coming home?"

"I'm not sure, they'll drop her off later I guess."

Shawn sat down at the table and played with one of his action figures while Jake and I busied ourselves with breakfast. I scrambled extra eggs just in case because I knew boys were typically little eating machines and mine were no exception. I broke out the big griddle and put half a pound of bacon on to cook because all of us boys loved bacon. I took two Tylenol and washed it down with a glass of OJ and leaned against the counter. 

"Can we talk after you eat?" Jake asked looking anxious.

"After my shower," I said rubbing my aching neck. Jake nodded but I thought he looked a little unsettled.

When I sat the table Joe wandered back in looking happy, "Dad, can Marcus come over this afternoon?"

"Sure, no problem. Is he sleeping over?"

"Can he?" Joe asked sounding excited.

"If his mom says it's okay."

"She will...he said she has to work late anyway."

"Sure you won't have some breakfast with us?"

"Well, I might eat a little."

I chuckled and took  up the eggs while Jake put more bread in to toast. Shawn just ate bacon, but Joe and Jake helped me finish off the eggs and I toast. I felt a lot better after eating and my headache was almost completely gone by the time I pushed away form the table. Jake and Joe volunteered to do the dishes while I showered and when I returned a half hour later after taking care of the three S's I felt like a new man. If not for having to tell Jake about Dallas it would have been a perfect day.

"Marcus' mom is gonna drop him off on her way to work. He should be here any minute," Joe said excitedly.

"Want to use my room again?" Jake said grinning.

"Can we? Yeah...thanks Jake."

"I hafta sleep all by myself now," Shawn pouted.

"Well, buddy I promise I'll stay with you till you're asleep tonight, how's that?"

"Okay," he said holding his little arms out to me. I picked him up and he put his legs around my waist and I carried him on my hip.

"Dad...can we talk now?" Jake said sounding impatient now.

"Joe can you  keep Shawn company for a few minutes while Jake and I talk?"

"Sure dad. Come on Shawny," Joe said as I sat Shawn down, "you can wait with me for Marcus." Joe said taking his hand causing me to smile, they were such good boys.

We left Joe and Shawn and went back to my room for our talk and by the time we got there I was getting a little nervous. I had rehearsed in my head a hundred opening speeches, but when it came time to tell the tale I simply began with the truth.

"Jake, I love you more than anyone or anything in the world and I would never knowingly hurt you, but last night something happened and I need to tell you about it. I don't want there to be any secrets between us."

"But you said that you friend went back to his room with someone else."

"He did, and while we're on the subject of Mike, my original plan had been to go back with him and there was the possibility that things might have turned physical. As it turned out he met someone else...and so did I."

"Oh," Jake said sounding a bit disappointed, "You don't have to tell me you know. It doesn't matter. I know you love me and that's all that matters."

"I need to get this off my chest. If I don't it will always be there gnawing at one or the other of us until it causes problems. Do you understand?"

He shrugged, "I suppose, but it still won't change anything...will it?"

I shook my head, "No, I will still love you and still be here for you as long as you need me. And for what it's worth, it will never happen again."

"Okay, go ahead then...tell me," Jake said sitting down on my bed.

I sat down next to him and turned to face him. "There was this dancer. He was amazing...perfect really...not too muscular..just right with a little baby fat around his tummy. I kept stuffing bills in his skimpy underwear, but I never really thought I'd ever have a chance with someone as beautiful as he was. Anyway to make a long story short. He kissed me, yeah..I was as surprised as you probably are and later he came over to our table and invited us to a private party at the same hotel Mike was staying in. I'll admit, I never even once considered turning down his invitation, but I never thought things would go as far as they did."

"Did you...fuck him?" Jake asked in an emotionless voice.

"No, but I'll be honest...I wanted to."

"Why didn't you, was he a top?"

I smiled,  "It wasn't was....I just couldn't do it. I sucked him off...okay, more than just that. I kissed and licked every part of him first then sucked him off. I got dressed and left. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I think he understood when I told him why."

"What did you tell him?"

"That I belonged to someone else. Is that still true?" I asked nervously, "Can you forgive me?"

He gave me a weak smile, "That's not so bad. It would have been worse if you'd fucked him. I don't want you to fuck anyone but me. Is that selfish?"

I leaned in and kissed him, "No, it's not selfish. It's the way it should be. When you love someone you shouldn't need anyone else. But sometimes even the best of us slip a little."

"Yeah, I guess it happened to me too."

"Jake, what are you saying?"

"This might be worse than what you did," Jake said biting his lip and looking worried.

"I doubt that you could do anything that would disturb me Jake, but if you feel the need to tell me...I will listen with an open mind."

"It's like you said, we shouldn't keep secrets."

"All right. I'm all ears."

"It started out sort of innocently. I was just trying to help Joe figure things out."

I already knew where this was headed, but I didn't interrupt him. The fact was he had awakened some prurient interests that had until now lay dormant.

"He trusts me and thing led to another and pretty soon we were doing stuff."

"What kind of stuff," I asked in a husky voice.

"All of it...everything, hand jobs, blow jobs and...I let him fuck me Rob."

My cock was so hard it hurt, but I could see Jake was genuinely worried about my reaction. "Well, I don't know how you thought I would feel about this, but I'm not upset. Brothers have a special bond, especially you two, and despite what society thinks about incest I think it's pretty normal what you two did. Now, if it had been with your sister I would have been more concerned. Girls are different. I'm surprised he went that far considering how he's resisted Marcus, but I guess that just shows how close you two really are."

"'re not upset..mad, hurt...nothing?"

I shrugged, "Do you think you'll be doing it again?"

He made a face, "I don't know. I sort of suggested we do it again, but we probably shouldn't. Anyway I'm pretty sure he and Marcus will be doing stuff now."

I nodded, "I think so too. Well, here's what I think. You and Joe are very close and if at times you feel the desire and need to express your love for one another in a more physical way, all I ask is that you be discreet. I am not mad or upset or jealous and I don't need to know if it does happen again. As far as I'm concerned....this is between you and Joe. I do have one question though, do you think Joe is okay with what happened?"

Jake smiled, "I'm pretty sure he liked it...all of it and he didn't act upset at all afterwards. He was worried about you finding us in bed, but that's about it."

I nodded, "Then as far as I'm concerned the subject is closed."

"Okay, well...I wish I was as forgiving as you," he said eying me for my reaction. My shoulders sank and I must've looked sad because he couldn't keep the charade up when he saw my reaction, "Come here dad," he said holding out his arms to me, "I forgive you...but just don't do it again...okay?"

I smiled and kissed his sweet lips, "Never, it was my last fling. From now're the only one I sex up."

"I like that idea, but I still think you need to be care of this," he said pointing at hs crotch.

"Okay, but that's not punishment. That's pure Heaven."

"Well, then maybe you need a spanking," he said looking aroused.

"Oh, and do you think you're man enough to dish it out?" I sassed.

"Drop those sweats and we'll see," he said yanking at my drawstring.

I didn't resist as he jerked my sweats down to find I was naked. My cock was hard and he gave it a squeeze then used it to pull me to onto my stomach. I let him have his way because I figured it would help smooth things over between us and because it was a huge turn on to be manhandled by this sassy teenage boy. 

Once he had me on my tummy he squeezed my rear playfully and gave it a gentle pat or two. "Okay, are you ready? How many licks should you get?"

"Licks, with your tongue?' I joked, "Lots if that's what you're talking about."

"Don't make me have to go get a belt, now how many swats...with my hand?"

", that's how long his cock was."

" then and one for good measure," he said gritting his teeth. As forgiving as he had seemed I think he really did want to punish me.

His first swat hurt like heck and I wondered if it didn't hurt him as much as it did me. His hand was small and tired easily so by the fourth swat I hardly felt them anymore. Or maybe I was in shock....he he. At any rate when he announced the last one "number 8" I was glad it was over. My butt smarted a little, but my cock was rock hard and I wondered if I wasn't discovering some new kinks that I'd overlooked before.

"Now, since you're on your tummy, I'm gonna fuck you," he  growled.

"Yes sir..okay, whatever you say sir."

"Shut up, no talking...only moaning from now on," he said slapping my butt again.

He spit on his hand and rubbed a little into my hole then fingered me till I was loose then without fanfare he pushed his almost five plus inch cock into me in one thrust. My cock remained hard the whole time during his rough entry and pretty soon my prostate was screaming out in pleasure as he began to fuck me for all he was worth.

"Take that you bad boy," he teased as he fucked me harder, "gonna make daddy's butt sore inside and outside."

Since I was only allowed to moan I did so loudly and theatrically never once thinking that Shawn and Joe might hear us fucking like rabbits. I was lucky though and the boys had gone out front to wait for Marcus. 

Jake didn't last long, in fact I think it was his quickest orgasm to date but he came hard. When he began to unload he jammed in deep and fell down on me and wiggled around like he was trying to swim up my ass or something. I didn't come, but I was close and if I could have reached my cock I would have finished it off. Instead I just lay there while Jake filled me up with his boy spunk and pressed his hot teenage body into mine. Okay, I'm not complaining. What had just happened was like some sort of Nifty fantasy come true and I was so turned on I couldn't even think straight.

Fortunately Jake was in charge and as soon as he was through filling me with  his hot boy spunk he slid off me and coaxed me to roll over. My hard cock sprang up like a car antennae and he grabbed it and game it few jerks before going down on me. At first I thought he was going to suck me off but he was just getting me ready for something more intense. 

Climbing up on the bed he straddled my body facing me and reached back and found my cock and slowly sat down as he worked it into his tight boy hole. I hissed like a snake as he bottomed out and for a few minutes he just sat there looking at me with a mischievous grin on his face then all hell broke loose as he began to move.

He looked like he was doing squats as he braced himself on the bed with one hand and my hip with the other moving slowly up and down and giving me the second best fuck of my life. The best one of course being my first...with Jake. It didn't take me long, though I did last longer than Jake and when I came he moaned almost as loud as I did. He threw his head back and damn if his cock didn't squirt a little.

"Damn son, you must me dry after two in a row I said later when we were cuddling.

"Hmmm...naw...I could go again, but I'm saving it for tonight."

"Oh, gotta  big date?"

"Maybe....just kidding daddy. It's for you," he said kissing my cheek.

"So are we good. No hard feeling about Dallas?"

"Nope, all better. I'm over it completely. It's done..history..and now there's just you and me....forever."

"Well, I don't know about forever...I mean you might get tired of me, but for as long as you want me I'll be there."

"Always then," he said defiantly, and I didn't argue.

We showered together and got dressed and shortly afterwards Martha brought Marcus. I was glad she hadn't brought him during the moaning match we'd had during my orgasm, but I still felt a little guilty as I opened the door.

She only stayed long enough to make sure it was all right with me for Marcus to stay over then she kissed him goodbye and she was off to work. Joe drug him off to Jake's room and we didn't see them again till dinner time. Sarah arrived home around 4 and Dakota's mom lingered for a moment to assure me that everything went well and the kids had a good time. I was glad they had a good time...but not too good a time, and thanked Dakota and his mom for having her over. Dakota surprised me by giving me a shy hug and for the first time I looked at him through the eyes of a boylover and not a dad. He was a beautiful boy and maturing nicely. He and Sarah were both 12, but their birthdays were only a few weeks apart and soon they'd be teenagers. 

I felt Dakota's hard body as he gave me a full body hug and his warmth and boy scent was intoxicating. When he broke the hug I shook my head to clear it and hoped no one noticed the spell that Dakota had cast on me. His mom seemed oblivious but I noticed Jake giving me a sly smile and I wondered if he hadn't picked up on Dakota's heat too. 

I fixed chicken nuggets and tater tots and we ate in front of the TV while watching a movie on Netflix. Marcus was bubbly and kept cracking us up with his wicked sense of humor. I noticed he and Joe sat a little closer than usual and didn't even bother to hide their hand holding. I wondered if they'd already done the deed or if they were waiting for bedtime, and if I'd be able to see the change in them when they did. 

Sarah seemed happy and what little talking she did quickly turned to Dakota and how much fun they'd had. She looked absolutely radiant as she sat there delicately eating her food and I noticed Marcus smiling at her a few times. Was Marcus AC/DC or just envious of her girly charms?

The movie ended and the kids decided to play a board game, which was a welcome change from the usual video games they played. I remembered when I was a kid how we'd sit around and play Sorry, or Monopoly for hours and I think we had just as much fun as kids today with their video games.  Jake took Shawn under his wing and they played as a team and of course Joe and Marcus were a team whitch left Saran and I as the odd men out. 

We played Clue first and I think we had as much fun joking around as we did actually playing. I don't even remember who won, but there were no sore losers that night. Shawn switched to my lap for the next game and before too long he was yawning and eventually fell asleep. I held him as I finished the game then carried him to his room and laid with him for long time. He was a little snuggle bug even in his sleep and I had trouble unwinding myself from him when it was time to go.

The kids had broke up and Joe and Marcus had gone to Jake's room and Sarah to hers while Jake channel surfed on the couch. "I thought you had fallen asleep in there. What took you so long?"

"I just been missing my baby boy and I wanted to snuggle with him. He's my baby and he's growing up so fast," I said getting all misty eyed.

"Okay, okay...I guess I see that. Come sit by me," he said patting the couch beside him.

I sat down next to him and he grabbed my hand and just held it as we sat there watching South Park. It was nice to just relax for a change. I enjoyed our time together but it seemed like most to the time it was consumed by sex. When he moved closer and cuddled I inhaled his spicy boy scent and I was in Heaven. He felt so warm and solid and my heart skipped a beat as he gazed into my eyes. Our lips met and it was magic. It wasn't about sex or arousal, it was about love and caring and sharing our lives together. In a way it was a lot like a marriage. We were a family, albeit not your normal family, and Jake and I were sort of the parents in a way. He had been mothering his little family long before I came along and now we shared the responsibility and it had brought us together and made us both better people in the process.

Eventually Jake stood and pulled me up and we went off to bed. Without discussing it we fell into bed and snuggled up close. We kissed and touched each other but we didn't have sex. It wasn't that we were too tired or not aroused by each other, it was about not wanting to mar what we had at the moment. We had found something in each other that few people ever find in life, a soul mate  and we understood each other completely. We drifted off to sleep spooned up just as I had found Jake and Joe the night before and when I awoke the next morning I was still snuggled against my boy's soft warm backside.

Joe was sweating bullets as he led Marcus off to Jake's room that night. He had already decided that tonight was the night, but he was saving the surprise for bedtime. He wanted them to be completely alone and to have the entire night to do the things Jake had taught him. He hadn't just been holding out because he was shy or because he thought sex was wrong, he had been holding out because he didn't know what to do and he didn't want to embarrass himself. He wanted to look strong and confident and lead the way. He had picked up early on that Marcus was more experienced and though he didn't know the exact word for it until recently, submissive. Marcus wanted Joe to be in charge and Joe was scared that he wouldn't know what to do and Marcus wouldn't like him anymore. But now armed with his newly acquired knowledge he was confident he could make Marcus happy.

Marcus had showered at home and Joe had showered earlier in the day so they were still relatively clean, not that Joe was worried much about hygiene at this point. Once the door was closed and latched behind them Joe felt the tension and expectation rise. Smiling nervously he took Marcus' hand in his and led him to the bed. 

Kissing had always been easy and fun for them and that's how they started. Joe pulled Marcus against him and wrapped his arms around him as their lips met. But this time Marcus knew something was different. Joe seemed more relaxed and more into the kissing. He could feel Joe's erection pressing against his own and it felt wonderful. 

Joe's hands wandered down Marcus' back as they kissed till they came to the swell of Marcus's cute rear end. He had wanted to do this for so long, but now he had the knowledge and experience to do it right.

"Mmmmmm," Marcus mumbled into his mouth, "that feels nice."

"I like your butt," Joe said grinning, "Why don't we loose these clothes and get in bed?"

Marcus didn't waste anytime getting undressed the whole time watching Joe as he peeled off his sweats and finally his underwear. A little gasp escaped from Marcus throat as he saw Joe's cock standing proud and bigger than he remembered. Had it grown or was he just more excited than usual? He wondered.

When they were naked Joe pushed Marcus down on the bed and straddled him kissing him almost roughly and Marcus responded eagerly. It was like Joe was a different boy tonight, so passionate and sure of himself and it was a huge turn on for Marcus. When Joe began to grind his hard cock into Marcus the cute black boy reached up and put his hands on Joe's waist and began to move against him in perfect rhythm.

"Ummmmmm," Marcus moaned, "that feels nice."

"Want to do some more stuff?" Joe asked sounding a little uncertain for the first time that evening.

"Oh yeah....anything you want to do. You know I like this stuff," Marcus gasped. Was it really going to happen this time?

Joe gave Marcus one final kiss then slid down to his neck and nuzzled it playfully before sliding on down till he could reach his little nips. He sucked and licked them causing Marcus to moan as he grabbed Joe's head and pushed him against them. Joe gave them a good workout before scooting on down and licking Marcus flat brown  tummy till he purred like a cat.


Joe smiled, he was glad he was doing things right and that Marcus liked it. The real test would come soon. Sliding down further Joe came face to face with Marcus beautiful cock. It was uncut and though not as large as Cody's it was above average for a boy his age. It stood perfectly straight, the head peaking out of the caramel colored sheath and Joe thought he had never seen anything as lovely or exciting in all his life. Marcus balls were large also and clung tightly to his body in a wrinkled sack that looked soft and inviting. 

Burying his face in Marcus crotch he inhaled his heady boy odor and sighed. He smelled different than Cody, stronger somehow and oh so sexy. So sexy it made his own cock throb as he inhaled the boys' aroma. He wasted not time licking and sucking on Marcus' balls as he grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin back exposing the pink wet head.

More aroma was released as he pulled back the foreskin and Joe was crazy with lust now. Plunging down on Marcus's cock he took it all in until it touched the back of his throat causing him to gag a little. He pulled up some and used his hand to keep from going too deep and soon he had a nice rhythm built up. He knew to cover his teeth with his lips and to use lots of spit and before too long Marcus was gasping for breath and warning him of his impending release.

"Gonna cum...better pull off....uhhh..oh...oh...oh....too.....late," he cried out but Joe had no intention of pulling off. He wanted to taste Marcus' cum and when it hit his tongue he was pleased to find it tasted as good as Marcus smelled. It was sweet and not too thick and there was plenty of it. Now he knew why Marcus's balls looked so big, it was because they were so full.

When he had finally swallowed all of Marcus' tasty cum he pulled up and licked the head clean as Marcus moaned softly. Eventually Marcus' cock became too sensitive but he was reluctant to push Joe away. He didn't want to hurt his feelings or ruin any chance of a repeat or Joe letting him return the favor. Fortunately Joe moved up a few seconds later and kissed Marcus wetly on the lips. Marcus could taste his own spunk, and he licked at Joe's lips as if he were starved.

"Thanks," Marcus sighed, "but now I wanna do something for you."

"O...kaaay," Joe said trembling a little. Was this it? Was he finally going to go all the way with Marcus?

"Roll over on your back," Marcus said softly, giving him a little tug.

This time it was Marcus straddling Joe and when they kissed it was Marcus doing the grinding. His spent dick had quickly recovered, one of the advantages of youth, and it felt wet and hot against Joe's throbbing prong. Marcus wanted it all, but he didn't want to push Joe too hard. He had been waiting for this day for a long time and he didn't want to mess things up but Joe was so sexy and it was easy to get carried away. 

Marcus' little hole was twitching and he knew what it needed. It needed Joe's hot hard dick in it stretching him and filling him until he shot his load deep inside. He was shaking as he slid down and began licking Joe's nipples just as Joe had done for him. Joe responded as expected, moaning and grinding against him even harder. He was breathless as Marcus slid down to his crotch and began to lick and suck on his balls.

Marcus looked up at Joe and seeing the look of pure bliss on his face he swallowed his slender boycock in one gulp. Unlike Joe there was no gagging. Marcus knew how to suck a cock deep and Joe was in Heaven as he continued to work his magic on his cock. But Marcus had no intention of bringing Joe to orgasm yet, not like this anyway. He wanted more and if this was his only chance to get it he was not going to mess it up.

Coming up off Joe's cock he decided to take a chance. Rolling over he got up on all fours raising his ass high and wiggling it seductively. "Please Joe?" He begged as his heart beat fast in his little chest.

Joe smiled, he knew that was what Marcus had wanted all along and now he was ready to give it to him. Rising to his knees he scooted over behind Marcus and lowered his face to Marcus' cute ass and began rimming him like Cody had done to him. At first he was afraid he couldn't go through with it. After all butts were dirty and he was surprised to find that not only was Marcus clean back there but that he tasted and smelled wonderful. He was enthusiastically tonguing his hole now and Marcus was moaning in appreciation.

" there," Marcus begged.

Joe know what Marcus wanted and he wanted it too. They'd both waited a long time for this and at last he was ready to make it happen. He knew he needed a little lubrication so he spit into Marcus hole then raised up and spit into his hand and rubbed it all over his flaring cockhead. 

This is it. He thought to himself. It's now or never and I hope I don't mess up. But when he placed his cockhead against Marcus' hot wet hole he was amazed at easily he slid inside. It was as if Marcus anus was swallowing him inch by inch until all of him was nestled inside his hot tight velvety smooth insides.

Marcus sighed, Joe sighed and then Joe began moving and the sighs turned to moans of pleasure. Since this was technically only Joe's second time riding a rump, he still had a ways to go as far as technique, but what he lacked there he made up in enthusiasm. He really liked Marcus, maybe even loved him and it was more than just putting his dick in his butthole. He liked how Marcus felt against him and as he snaked him arms around the boy's slender waist Marcus sank to the bed pulling Joe down with him until they were stretched out flat with Joe's front pressing against Marcus' back.

There feet were entwined as Joe reached up and snaked his arms underneath Marcus's pits and began rocking back and forth in and out of him slowly and lovingly. It was more than just sex, it was magic and they both felt it. It was slow and wonderful and something Joe would remember for  along time. Near the end he raised up again and began moving faster and soon he was nearing orgasm. When it came he shoved in deep and fell down on Marcus and began grinding against him as he released his balls into his young lover.

With their hearts beating faster and their bodes covered in sweat they wrestled together each taking and giving in an act as old as time itself. It was wonderful, magical, and beautiful and when it was over, both spent and their young bodies desperate for rest, they pulled apart and cuddled until they fell asleep.

It would not be the last time that  night that they made love, but the first time is always special and they would forever compare all future couplings to this one. Before the night was over Joe would make love to Marcus twice more and bring him to orgasm with his mouth but when he offered to let Marcus make love to him, Marcus balked. He was the bottom and though he couldn't yet verbalize how he felt about it, he knew being on top was not for him.

Fortunately Joe didn't mind. He had wanted to try that aspect of sex, but he was in no hurry. If Marcus never wanted to do that he was confident he could convince Jake to do it and that was fine with him. His eyes had been opened to the joy and magic of sex and there was no turning back now. He was grinning as he poked Marcus and rolled him over for another go at his cute rear end.

End of Chapters 7 and 8

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