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Sudden Family
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter Nine

"Jake, someone's at the door for you," I yelled letting the scruffy looking teen who had showed up at the door into the foyer. I assumed he was one of Jake's school buddies, but I was surprised he'd never mentioned him.

"What? Who?" he said rushing in and screeching to a stop before the new arrival. "David, what are you doing here?" he said sounding a little angry.

"You said if I ever needed a place to stay...." the kid mumbled looking at Jake with hurt in his eyes.

"I...well, uh...I guess I did, didn't I?" Jake said looking at me for help.

"Come in David,  let's all sit down and talk for a bit. Jake why don't you get us a soda?" I said taking charge. I had my hackles up now. When David said he needed a place to stay, I immediately went into parent mode.

"I"m Rob," I said holding out my hand. The kid took it and shook it weakly and I noticed his skin was clammy and cold.

"Uh, David...oh, you already know that," he said blushing. "Jake talks about you all the time. Says you're a great dad....."

"Well, it's easy when you have great kids like mine," I said proudly, "Go ahead sit down."

He perched on the couch and when Jake returned with the sodas he sat down beside him almost protectively. I took a seat in my favorite chair and popped the top on my Mt Dew and took a swig before starting.

"So, David if I am going to help you I need to know a little bit about what's going on with you. Is that okay?"

He nodded and took a swallow of his soda then looked at Jake and gave him a worried look. 

Jake sort of shrugged and put his hand on the kid's arm in a reassuring way, "Tell him Dave, he'll be cool with it and nothing will leave this room., right dad?"

"I promise. Whatever you tell me is between the three of us."

"Well, it's sort of embarrassing," David said blushing, "but I just can't take it no more. I had to get out. See my mom and dad..well, drugs a lot and my dad...he...likes to hit me and I just can't take any more of the that shit. Sorry," he said looking about ten years old.

Well, it could be worse, I thought, he could've been sexually abused. Of course there was always the chance that he was, but was too afraid or too embarrassed  to tell us. But apparently Jake knew more than the kid was telling me.

"David, tell him everything. He won't freak and he won't tell anyone. I promise."

David sighed and pulled his head down into this body as if defeated, "He...uh, well...Oh God this is so bad," he said burying his face in his hands, ""

"It's okay, you don't have to say it," I said understanding completely. I got up and moved over to the couch keeping my distance because I didn't want him to feel threatened, but Jake felt no such need as he put his arm around the boy.

"I need to..." he said in a quivering voice, "I need to get it out, he...he...raped me." And with that he collapsed into Jake and began to cry.

I looked at Jake who was looking near tears himself. I know I had a few in my eyes, but mostly I was mad and outraged. I mean sure I was having sex with Jake, but there was no force, only love when it came to our sex. I had promised not to tell anyone about what was happening with this young boy, but damn if I didn't want to go over to his house and clean some clocks.

"David will be staying in your room tonight," I said simply. Why don't you find  him some of  your clothes and show him where he can take a shower?" I said hoping some sort of normalcy might calm the boy.

"Okay, dad. Come on Dave, it's this way."

When they were gone I sat and thought about what to do next. I was technically  breaking the law not reporting this, but considering I broke the law every night with Jake that didn't bother me much, but I did want to exact some revenge on someone. I thought about how I would feel if it were Jake or Joe who had been abused and I felt sick. I have to admit that I felt a little strange about my relationship with Jake, but the two things were so far apart and so different that it was hard to really compare them.

Now I knew why the kid had looked so scruffy. He probably thought if he didn't stay clean or fix his hair that he wouldn't be as appealing, but I was sure his abusive father only saw him as a thing to use and not a person, and certainly not a son.  He was a  cute kid though, I could see that even with all the pain he was going through and he had the kind of body that would certainly interest someone who liked male sex. But then, it probably wasn't even about attraction, rape seldom  was, it was about power and taking something form someone against their will.

I was glad the other kids were gone, Sarah at Dakota's, Joe at Marcus', and even Shawny who had a new playmate down the street had a play date today. I knew the kids would be supportive if they knew what was going on, but I had promised David that I'd keep his secret, so for now I supposed I'd explain his presence by saying he was one of Jake's friends and spending the weekend. Come Monday I'd have to think up something else...assuming he was still here.

As I sat there pondering things Jake and David came back by on their way to the bathroom and Jake gave me a nervous smile, but David kept his head down. A few minutes later I heard water running and was surprised that Jake hadn't come back out. I wondered if Jake and David were better friends than they were letting on, maybe even intimate, but that seemed unlikely. No, it was probably just a peer thing. Probably showered in gym class together or something and David just felt comfortable around Jake. Hell maybe he wanted Jake to hang around just in case I decided I wanted some of his ass too. He must be terrified, I decided, and I certainly didn't want to add to his terror by getting too close to him.

A half hour passed and when I heard the door of the bathroom open I watched as Jake led David down the hall and to where I sat. The kid looked and smelled much better and he'd combed his mop of hair making him look much less scruffy. I also noticed Jake's  hair was wet and assumed he had showered as well.

"I..just wanted to say...uh, thank you. I really appreciate this, but I don't want you to get into any trouble so if I need to leave just tell me."

"You're welcome to stay Dave. I don't think we have to worry about any one being in trouble. As far I know you're just a friend of Jake's who's spending the weekend." I said grinning and for the first time the kid smiled.

"Thanks, now I know why Jake thinks you're so great."

"Well, Jake is a little prejudiced, but when it comes to protecting kids, I'm a tiger."

"I need a tiger right now, "he sighed, "so....thanks."

"You're welcome buddy. I hope you like pizza cause it's Friday night and that's pizza night at our house."

"Anything is fine. I don't eat much, really."

I doubted that, he was a teenage boy after all, and teenage boys were like sink holes when it came to food, but maybe at home he didn't have much appetite or maybe his folks spent the grocery money on drugs. 

"We'll order the pizza around 6 and hopefully it will be here by 6:30, but if you get hungry in the meantime feel free to raid the fridge. I tell all my kids' buddies this, you are family when you're here and I expect you to act like it."

"Yes sir, I understand. I won't mess up, I promise," David said sheepishly, but I don't think he really did.

"No, you misunderstood. What I'm trying to say is you're one of us now and you don't have to ask about simple things like raiding the fridge."

The look on his face was priceless and I saw his bottom lip quiver. He nodded slowly and gave me a weak smile then turned to Jake who was grinning like a opossum.

"See, I told you. He treats all our friends just like they're his own kids."

Well, except I don't sleep with them, I chuckled to myself.

Shawn came bursting in about then and took one look at Dave and stuck out his bottom lip, "What's your name. I'm Shawn, only sometimes daddy calls me Shawny,"  he said smiling his little boy smile that could melt even the Grinch's cold heart.

"Hi, I'm David, but you can call me Dave. I'm uh...a friend of Jake's."

"Are you gonna stay all night? Cause if you are we can have some fun. Me and my brothers and sisters like to play video games or board games and watch movies and eat pizza," he rattled off without taking a breath.

I could see Dave relaxing more and more as Shawn talked to him and I smiled. The normalcy and love of our little family had affected more than one visiting friend since we'd come together.

"I guess I'm staying," Dave said smiling, "How could I pass that up?"

We all laughed and I left the boys to get better acquainted while I took care of some business at my desk. Joe got home around 5:30 and he was alone which was a surprise. Since he and Marco had done the deed (yes he actually bragged about it) they had been almost inseparable and took turns staying over at one house or the other almost every weekend.

"Hey," Joe said when he saw Dave and Shawn and I made the introductions. Joe is an easy going kid and didn't ask any questions but I could tell he was curious and would probably be quizzing me or Jake later about Dave.

Sarah called and asked if she could go to the movies with Dakota and his parents and when I gave her my permission she moved on to phase two and explained that it would be so late when they got back that she might as well spend the night...yadda, yadda, yadda. I just smiled and when she was through with the sales pitch I calmly gave her permission to stay over as long as I cleared it with Dakota's folks. I talked to his mom and she gave me the usual assurance that they would be chaperoned and I laughed. As if that would keep them apart if they really wanted to do the deed, but I supposed if they hadn't done it by now they probably wouldn't be doing it tonight.

"So, it's just us guys tonight," I explained when I hung up, "Sarah is spending the night at Dakota's."

Dave gave Jake a curious look and Jake quickly explained but I don't think Dave believed that any parent could be that trusting, or that naive.

I ordered the pizza and Joe and Shawn took their baths, but Jake said he had taken a shower with Dave just as I had suspected earlier. Again I wondered if there was more to their friendship than he let on. 

The pizza arrived right on time and Joe and Shawn ate in their underwear which seemed to surprise Dave, but after a while he seemed to relax and despite what he had said earlier he put away his share of pizza. When we finished eating I picked up our mess and carried it to the kitchen and Jake soon followed.

"Hi, I like your friend," I said grinning, "but I was come you never mentioned him before?"

"Well..uh, you see...." he sighed, "truth is...I was sort of afraid to tell you about him?"

"Oh, and why's that?" I said not making it easy for him.

"Well...don't get upset..but, we...well...we sort of messed around some."

"I see. I just have one concern. Did you use protection? After all if his father is..well..I mean he could have diseases..."

"We didn't do that. He....he hates that now that his dad made him do it, but he likes other stuff."

"Ah I see. And what are your feeling for this boy?" I asked trying not to sound as hurt as I was. Hurt because he hadn't told me, not because he had found someone else. I knew that was inevitable.

"We're just bros, that's all. I don't love him..if that's what you mean."

"How does he feel about you?"

"I..uh, well we never really talked about that, but I think he feels the same. He confided in me about his family and one thing led to another. At first I was sort of surprised...I mean after what his dad did I didn't think he'd want to do stuff with  a guy, but he actually started it."

"Maybe because he already had those desires and he trusted you. It could be that he likes you a little more than as a friend."

"You think?"

I shrugged, "I just don't want to see him hurt any more than he already has been."

"I hope you won't take it out on  him because I didn't tell you...."

I stopped what I was doing and grabbed Jake by the shoulders and held him gently and looked into his eyes, "You know I would never do that. I love you and if you love this boy, then I love him too."

"I...didn't say I loved him...."

I smiled, "Some things don't need to be said. I see it in your eyes and how you treat him."

"Dad," he said then leaned into me and rested his head on my shoulder, "I still love you just the same. If you want me to I will break it off with him."

"And undo what little good we've done? Besides I always knew you'd fine someone closer to your age someday. I guess someday came sooner than I thought."

"'s not like that dad. I still want us to be together....."

"Do you think that's fair to him?"

"I...uh, never really thought about it like that...."

"Let's just table this for now. Right now he needs our help to get him through what's been happening to him. I don't know exactly how we'll do it, but I have some ideas."

"Maybe I should sleep with you and let him  have my room."

"I don't think that's a good idea. He might get the wrong idea about you and I considering what happened with his own father."

"Yeah, I never thought of that, but I won't do anything but sleep."

I smiled, "You're a horny teenage boy, don't deny yourself on my account."

"I may be horny, but I can control myself when I need to and I think this is good time to do that."

I shrugged, "You know best. I trust your judgment."

"Are you very mad?" he said looking like a frightened little boy.

"No, not at all," I said kissing his nose, "I love you unconditionally and I want you to be happy...whatever that takes."

"I feel guilty now. You're so...wonderful and I don't deserve you."

"No, you do deserve me. We deserve each other, but we both knew this was not going to last forever."

"I...don't want it to end. As far as I'm concerned it's still the same with us."

"I hope we can still be close, but the other part of our relationship may be over."

"No, I don't want that part to end. We'll find a way to make it work. Please say we can try," he begged.

"Let's worry about David right now and put our own feelings on hold for now, okay?"

He nodded, but I knew this wasn't over yet by any means. 

We joined the others who had a movie picked out and as I sat trying to concentrate on the movie I thought about what the future would bring. I was a little sad, but  not surprised by this turn of events. I had known from the start that Jake would need someone his own age eventually. I just didn't know it would be this troubled abused teen sitting next to Jake on the couch. David looked relaxed for the first time since he'd showed up and that made me feel better about things. Again I noticed how cute the boy was and couldn't help but check out his lean teenage body. He was dressed in a pair of Jake's sweat pants and from the looks of things he wasn't wearing any underwear. The tee shirt Jake had loaned him was a bit tight and showed off his well defined chest and flat stomach and rode up just a bit to expose a crescent of bare pink flesh. 

I shook my head and chastised myself for perving on this poor abused kid, but he was lovely and I couldn't help but admire his beauty. Of course I had no sexual interest in the boy, especially considering what he'd gone through, but I could certainly see why Jake would have.

I was sitting in my recliner, with Shawn perched on my lap while Jake and David sat next to each other on the couch, not quite touching, but close. Joe had found some shorts and a tee to put on and was laying in the floor at my feet and I couldn't help but notice his cute rear end. I wondered if Marcus had been in there recently or if it was a one way thing with them. I knew Marcus was definitely the submissive one in the relationship, but I assumed Joe was as curious about getting as giving. I know I had been as a boy and even though I turned out mostly versatile, I was primarily a top.

Shawn was leaning back against me now and felt so warm and soft. I squeezed him gently and he giggled and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. I kissed the top of his head and smelled his little boy smell and I felt better about things. I was first of all a dad and I had a responsibility to all my kids to make a good life for them. What Jake and I had was wonderful, but being a dad was wonderful too and I could look forward to that for a very long time.

Around ten I carried Shawn to bed and laid with him smelling his soft little boy breath and reveling at the feel of his soft warm body against me until I felt sleep start to overtake me. I unwound my self from his sleeping form and kissed his sweet face and slipped out of his bed and down the hall to my room. I peed and brushed my teeth and was just getting undressed for bed when Jake came in.

"Hi, sorry I pooped out on you guys, but I'm going to bed. I'm really tired."

"Oh, it's okay. Joe went to bed too and it's just me and David now," he said then blushed, "uh, we'll be going to bed soon. I just wanted to say goodnight and give you a hug."

I stripped off my jeans and held out my arms and Jake swarmed into them and hugged me as if he was afraid I'd try to get away. Then our eyes met and one thing led to another and we were kissing softly at first then more passionately as we went along. I could feel his hard cock against me and it had an immediate effect on my own as it swelled to full size. We pressed together desperately but eventually I pulled away breathless and held him at shoulder's length. He looked hurt and I was tempted to pull him back and continue, but I didn't want things to get out of hand.

"Whew, slow down. I think we should save this for another time. Right now David needs you."

"But...we have time....we could..unless you don't want to...." he said softly.

I took a deep breath and sighed, "What I want is not important. I think you know how I feel about you...about us, but right now we both need to concentrate on David and helping him."

"Okay, but you owe me," he said grinning sheepishly.

"Is my credit any good?"

"Very," he chuckled, "it's like ummm..a platinum card or something."

"Well, good. Now why don't you go see what David is up to and get him settled into bed. I bet he's exhausted."

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired too. Well, goodnight dad. I love you," he said giving me one last hug and kiss.

"I love you too son. Sleep well. I'll let you guys sleep as late as you like."

When he was gone I piled into bed and tried to sleep but it was well after midnight before I finally drifted off. I had only been asleep a short time when I was aware of movement in bed beside me. I thought at first that it might be Joe, who apparently  had bedded down in Sarah's room, but a quick tactile inspection proved that it was someone much larger, and of course I assumed it was Jake. 

I sighed happily and rolled into him and threw an arm around his slender waist and hugged him to me, but suddenly I realized something was wrong. Maybe it was his scent or the feel of his slightly slimmer body, but whatever it was it was apparent this wasn't my Jake snuggled up next to me. I pulled my arm back and sat up and turned on the bedside light and discovered not Jake, but David sleeping softly in my bed.

I was shocked to say the least. I would have thought the last place an abused kid would want to be was in a strange man's bed, but he seemed to be quite comfortable. I guess the light woke him because he rolled over and started rubbing his eyes.

"Hi, sorry if I woke you up."

"I..uh, well...I was a little surprised to see you here. Where's Jake?"

"He's asleep...I guess. I got up to use the bathroom and I guess I got turned around...."

I knew he wasn't telling the whole truth, but I didn't press him. "Do you need to talk?"

He nodded, "If you don't mind. I sort of came here hoping you were your room I mean. I...didn't really get turned around," he said blushing.

"How about if I get us some hot cocoa?"

"Okay, that sounds great. I gotta go pee anyway."

I was making the cocoa when Jake wandered in looking sleepy eyed and worried. I gave him a smile and pulled him into a  hug.

"If you're looking for your bud, he's in my bed waiting for hot cocoa."

He looked at me curiously then nodded. I don't suppose it ever occurred to him to question the situation. He knew me better than I knew myself and he knew that whatever was happening was innocent.

"I thought it was you at first," I said then explained what had gone on a few minutes earlier.

"I can't believe he'd climb in bed with you...after what happened with his dad."

"Maybe he trusts me. Maybe he sees me as a good person and realizes that not all men...not all fathers abuse kids."

"I didn't mean..."

"I know, want me to fix you a cup?"

He nodded, " careful," he said looking nervous, "he's not as innocent as he acts."

That was interesting news coming from my son, who was no innocent babe himself. 

"Would you like to join us while we talk?"

He frowned, "I think he just wants to talk to you right now. I'm just saying...don't let him get to you. He's kind of sneaky in some ways."

"Oh? I never would have guessed that. Thanks for the warning. What do you think he might  do that would be..ummm sneaky?"

"I don't know, just be careful."

"I will. Thanks for the heads up."

I poured the cocoa into thick mugs and dropped a couple of marshmallows in each one and handed one to Jake. He took a sip and came up with a frothy brown mustache. I chuckled and wiped it with my finger and sucked my finger clean.

He took in a deep breath and reached out and placed a hand on my chest and ran it down to my stomach, "That looks so hot. Better get out of here before I drag you off to bed with me."

I laughed, "Didn't you get enough earlier....with David?"

"I told you, we just slept...that's all."

"Sorry, well...goodnight again. If I need you I'll yell...real loud," I teased.

He rolled his eyes, "Goodnight."

I carried the other two cups to my bedroom and found David sitting up in bed. He was shirtless now, but I didn't know if he'd been that way earlier or if he'd just taken it off.  I handed him his cup and he took a small sip and gave me a grin, "S' good."

"I ran into Jake while I was making the cocoa," I wasn't sure why I needed to tell him that, but the news didn't seem to effect him any.

"Oh cool, he's a great guy...a really good friend."

"Yes, he is. You know he sort of came from a bad home too."

He nodded, "Yeah, he told me all about his mom and how you married her and adopted him and the rest of them. That was sooo cool."

"I love those kids as if they were my own and I only want what's best for them."

He nodded, "I guess you're really wondering why I'm your bed...aren't you?"

"A little, but I understand part of it. I make you feel safe, don't I?"

He nodded and the look on his face said I had hit the nail on the head, "I never felt that way at home......I was scared or hurting all the time there. Eventually things got so bad I just had to get out of there. I been living with this guy for a couple of weeks now, but he finally threw me out. That's when I came here."

"Oh, who was this guy?"

"Just someone I know...from the neighborhood. He's...a...well, truth is...he's a drug dealer," he said trailing off toward the end.

"You're not a user are you?" I asked point blank.

"Just some weed now and then, nothing major, but I promise I won't do that stuff here."

I nodded, "I will expect you to keep your word on that. I do not allow drugs in my home."

"I respect that. I guess you're wondering about me and Jake. We're just friends that's all."

"But very close friends....." I added letting him know I knew more than he thought.

He blushed, "He told you didn't he? I should have known, he said you two were close and had no secrets."

"Told me what?" I asked not making it easy for him.

"That we....uh, don't make me say it.....that we did...stuff together...not butt stuff, but other stuff."

He sounded like a little kid explaining sex. Butt stuff? Really, considering he'd been anally raped, butt stuff was sort of juvenile.

"You're both horny teenagers and I see nothing strange about that...except maybe that since you were abused...I would think you would shy away from sex altogether."

"I....just don't like the butt stuff, that's all. the other stuff and I've done it before..with other...ummm...guys my age and...even  older."

"Like the drug guy?" 

He nodded, "Except when I turned him down on the butt stuff he kicked me out."

This was getting deeper and deeper. I didn't want Jake having sex with this boy until they were both tested, but that would have to wait till Monday. There was a free clinic where no questions were asked and I'd take them there as soon as school was out on Monday.

"Okay, so you're experienced, that's no big deal. I was pretty experienced at your age, well actually a lot  younger than you. That still doesn't make what your father did acceptable. No means no, and if he raped you..he not only broke the law but he violated his duty as a father and I for one say good riddance to him."

"Yeah, and it hurt like hell too. I never want that to happen again. I still have nightmares about it," he said getting agitated.

"I understand. Sex should be consensual and it's best when an expression of love. No one should ever be forced to do things they don't want to."

He nodded, "I don't exactly know what love is, but I understand what you're saying. I sort of feel like....I don't know....I could love Jake, but I don't think he feels the same way too."

"Love doesn't just happen overnight (although it did with Jake and I).  So don't give up on him. He's a very sensitive and loving boy."

"I know he loves you a lot...." he said implying more than the words did with his eyes and expression.

I blushed a little under his appraising stare, "Well, I love him too....all my kids. Like I said I love them as if they were my own flesh and blood."

He nodded, "Wish someone loved me that way," he said sadly.

He looked so young and so sad at that moment that I couldn't help but pull him into a hug. He clung to me desperately and began to sob quietly and we sat that way for a very long time. Eventually I laid him down in my bed and stretched out beside him patting his flat tummy gently and soon he was snoring softly. He was a beautiful boy and I was not immune to his beauty or oozing teenage sexuality, but I managed to control my urges and channel them into constructive areas.

When I was sure he was sound asleep I got up quietly and went to Jake's room. He was still awake and when I slipped into bed with him he laughed excitedly, "Where's David?"

"Asleep, I've come to pay my debt in avoid interest charges," I joked, "Are you open for business?"

"Boy am I ever, that's me open 24/7 for that kind of payment," he said excitedly.

I didn't waste any more words as I began to undress him. He was wearing only boxers and a tee and when they were off I was all over him licking and sucking and touching every inch of him as if it were the first time. I tried not to think about the future and I concentrated on the present and from the sound of his moans and his labored breathing I seemed to be doing a good job of it. His skin was so soft and warm and his taste and smell spilled over into my senses and swept me away. I was lapping at him like a hungry dog with a bone and his bone was soon the object of my attention.

When I finally began licking his balls he cried out desperately and pulled my face between his legs, "Eat my ass then fuck me daddy," he moaned sounding desperate.

I felt chills go up my spine and I moaned as his words hit my ears. Nothing is quite as hot as someone begging you to fuck them and that it was this horny teenage boy that I loved so much made it even hotter. I was not about to be rushed however. I wanted some dick before I got to the main course and despite his whimpering and begging I continued licking his nuts and taint teasing him until he was near tears.

"Oh daddy, please...please...fuck me and make me come," he begged.

Well, a man can only take so much and who was I to deny my boy? So pushing his legs up high I tongue dived into his pink tight hole and began eating as if both our lives depended on it. He was thrusting back into me and moaning so loud I was afraid he might wake the others so I came up long enough to shush him and he quited down a little.

Once I had him good and wet I moved into position and placed the head of my wet cock against his pink bubblegum wrinkle and pushed. He grunted then pushed back into me as I slowly slipped inside his hot tight rectum. 

"Ohhhhhhh," I hissed, "You are so good. I love you so much."

"I love you too daddy," he said sounding far away, "Please daddy..fuck me hard..make me cum."

When I felt my balls brush his smooth ass I knew I was as deep as I could go. I pulled out almost all the way as he moaned softly then pushed back in slowly causing him to reach up and grab me trying to force me in deeper.

"Faster daddy...harder..make me come."

His dirty talk was having a profound affect on me and I knew I wouldn't last long if I didn't pace myself. But he was demanding, grabbing me and pulling me down and forcing his lips against mine and soon we were kissing and fucking like animals. The room was ripe with the smell of male sex, his wonderful ass smell and the sweat of our bodies, and the slap slap sound of my balls against his smooth ass was a symphony of sex and love and lust and all the things that made our love so good. 

I finally broke off the kiss and raised up just as I neared release and when I lunged forward planting my self as deep in my boy lover as I could I grunted and began to fill him with my hot man seed, breeding him and reclaiming him. No matter what happened from this day forth he was marked for life, mine forever, even if I never got to do this again.

Just as I began to fill him up his own cock began to spew, looking like an oil derrick that had just hit the mother load, shooting up a good three feet before falling back down and covering his chest and stomach with his sweet boy goo. Spurt number two was almost as strong and since he had grabbed his cock and directed it toward me, this one hit me square in the lips. I was laughing as I licked his delicious gift from my lips and then bent down to share it with him.

While we were kissing he continued to shoot covering my chest and stomach now and when I pressed against him we were cemented together with his love. We kissed as I cooled down and eventually my cock deflated a little and slipped out of his hole with a moist plopping sound. 

I let him lower his legs but I stayed on top of him kissing him and eventually moving down and licking his body clean savoring every drop of tasty cum and then sharing it with him as we kissed once again. Greedily and hungrily we kissed until we were hard once again. I wanted to fuck him again, to put what little seed I had left deep within him, but he had other ideas.

"Roll over on your tummy," he growled and I was smiling as I complied.

The only thing better than having a boy beg you to fuck him is having him take control and fuck the living daylights out of you. I rolled over and raised my ass and he lowered his face and began rimming me as deeply and enthusiastically as I had him. However he was anxious to get his cock up my ass and didn't spend as much time as I had. When he was sure I was wet enough he mounted me and planted his cock in me so fast I didn't have time to react. 

It felt wonderful having him inside me, his hot teenage cock throbbing as he growled like a hungry wolf. "Gonna fuck you hard daddy, make you come hard. Uhhhh...uhhhh..."

And fuck me hard is just what he did. OMG the bed was banging the wall and the springs were squeaking and I was almost sure someone would be coming to check on us soon, but fortunately Jake didn't take long to finish. After about five minutes he sped up and with one last grunt  he thrust into me hard and began to nut. I felt his hot seed fill me and was amazed at how much he could produce so soon after coming a fountain just a short time before. I never ceased to be amazed at the stamina of teenage boys.

He fell down on top of me then and just lay there breathing hard as he nuzzled my neck and whispered little love notes into my ear. I was vaguely aware of wetness beneath me and suddenly realized I had come while being fucked. I chuckled to myself and closed my eyes. Soon I was asleep. I awoke some time later snuggled up to Jake's soft behind and when he stirred and pushed back into me I planted my bone in his wet willing hole and fucked him gently and slowly until I blasted inside him once more.

I awoke first stretching and yawning and feeling very much alive. I rolled over onto my side and watched Jake's sleeping form and my heart swelled with love for him. He was beautiful awake or asleep, but like most kids he was almost angelic when he slumbered. I brushed his soft cheek with my hand and he sighed and his eyes fluttered open and he smiled that smile that had won my heart at the very beginning.

"Hi sleepy head," I said nuzzling his neck, "did you sleep well?"

"Like a rock...after I got my rocks," he giggled.

"Ummm me too, I am gonna miss this," I said without thinking.

He frowned, "No, you are not gonna miss this, cause it aint gonnna end. I done some thinking last night. I don't want to ever lose you and if it means know being with anyone else, then that's what I have to do."

I frowned this time, "No Jake. I can't hold you back or keep you from finding someone else. If it's David,  or someone else, you deserve to be able to love who you want."

"But I already found the one I love, it's you daddy."

"Our love is...well, different. We both knew it wouldn't last forever."

He looked agitated and grabbed my hand then and placed it over his heart. I could feel his warmth and the thump thump thump of his heart beating in his chest. "It will last forever. No matter where I am or who I'm with...I will always love you cause I loved you first," he said sounding ready to cry.

"I didn't mean we wouldn't love each other," I said patting him gently, "I meant this....the sex, the intimacy."

"Well, it's not over yet or any time soon. So just relax daddy, cause I'm horny and I want you to fuck me again."

"Now? Three times in one night?" I said chuckling.

"Now, right here and if you don't I'll jump on you and sit on it," he said grinning.

I had the most severe case of morning wood I had ever had and supposed I could put off peeing long enough to fill his wish list. Why can't all erections be as big and hard as morning wood? I wondered as I moved into position. He had thrown back the covers and as he raised his legs high and his pink pucker came into sight my cock grew even harder if that was possible. I didn't waste any time with prep work. Spitting on my cock head and then my fingers and rubbing a little into his hole I pushed against him and planted the head.

" big," he gasped as he grabbed my arms and looked into my eyes with lust painted on his face.

"Daddy is gonna fuck you good son,"I said suddenly feeling aggressive and dirty.

"Oh please and  hard," he cried out, "make me come too."

I rode him hard and fast for the next ten minutes and when I finally came I literally saw stars. His cock throbbed and squirted almost in sync with mine and when we were dry we fell down in a pile of stickiness and rested. Soon my aching bladder reminded me what morning wood was all about and I found my boxers and slipped then on and tip toed to the bathroom. I still had Jake's cum on my chest and belly and I hoped I wouldn't run into one of the boys but I made it safely to the bathroom and no sooner did I get my cock out did the river begin to flow.

My cock deflated as the piss drained out of me leaving me weak kneed and very tired. But I was happy and sated and more optimistic about the near future than I'd been twelve hours ago. As long as Jake wanted me, I'd be there and when it was finally over I'd take it gracefully and cherish the memories of what we had and last  night and this morning were certainly memories that I'd include. I was smiling as I washed up a little then slipped into my bedroom on the way to the master bath.

David was just a lump under the covers and didn't stir as I grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower. I had only been in there for a few minutes when I heard the door open and I felt a draft as it closed.

"Good morning. Sorry, had to pee," David said yawning.

"Just don't flush," I warned, "or I'll get scalded."

He giggled, "Yeah, I won't. Uh...where'd you go last night? I woke up and you were gone. Did I do something wrong?"

"I thought you deserved a good night's sleep so I bunked with one of the boys."

"Ummm...which one?"

"Jake, he has a bigger bed," I said as I rinsed my hair.

"Ummm thought so." He didn't sound accusing, just curious. "Wish I had a dad I could feel safe in bed with."

I thought about that for a minute then blushed. I was glad he couldn't see me. After all I'd fucked Jake twice last night and once then morning. What would David think if he knew that?

"Well, not all dads are bad you know."

"Not all dads rape their sons either," he said sounding angry. "But some dads make love to their sons," He added softly causing my skin to crawl with fear.

"What do you mean?" I said trying not to sound as worried as I was.

"I came looking for you last night. It didn't take long to find you," he said as I heard the toilet seat go down and the sound of him plopping down on it.

"Well, I told you...."

"Uh uh...just let me talk," he said causing new fear to rise in me. If he told what he had seen, Jake and the others could be orphans again.

"It's cool. I don't care what you guys do as long you both want it. I could see it wasn't rape or nothin. He was...he was begging you the butt stuff. I never knew anyone actually liked that and then...and then when he did you..oh wow, that blew me away." He added sounding...actually excited.

"I'm sorry you had to witness that," I said shakily.

"S' okay. I don't mind. It's your house and your rules," he said sounding passive once more.

"I hope you don't think that I' know, try that with you or anything...." I stammered.

"Naw, not really. You seem like a nice guy. I guess I kind of see why you two are so close now though."

"You understand that it's about love and not sex," I said desperate for words.

"Sure, I get that. I can see how you guys look at each other. At first I thought it was just a dad son thing, but I never had anything like that so I wasn't sure."

"I don't know what to say. After what you've been through this must seem very disturbing. I hope you won't let this affect our trying to help you."

"Naw, anyway...I got nowhere else to go."

"Well, I need to get out and dry off...." I said hoping he would take the hint and go. I didn't need the complication of him seeing me naked...again. 

"Oh sure, but I don't mind if you come on out. I aint gonna freak or nothing. Just us guys...right?"

"I think I'd like some privacy. Why don't you go find Jake and see what he's up to."

" problem. See ya later," he said getting up, then as he headed out the door he laughed nervously, "Nice talk...thanks."

I waited till I heard the door close then stepped out and grabbed a towel and began drying off. I felt awful, terrified actually. How could I have been so weak and so stupid? Why had I taken such a chance with a strange boy in the house? I hadn't even locked Jake's bedroom door, but I wasn't sure if David had actually seen us or just heard us and no lock could have quieted our voices while in the throes of love.

As soon as I was dressed I went looking for the boys and found Jake and David fixing breakfast while Joe and Shawny watched TV. I stared in disbelief at the normalcy of the scene unfolding before me but was quickly stirred out of my stupor by Shawny attacking me and practically climbing up my body trying to get my attention.

"Daddy!" he cried excitedly as I picked him up and sat him on my hip, his little arms encircling my neck.

"Hi baby boy," I cooed, "Did you sleep good?"

"Oh yeah...real good. I dreamed about going to the zoo. Can we daddy, can we go?"

I gave him a quizzical look, "The zoo? Well, if the others don't mind, I guess we could go."

"Yeah!" Joe said looking up, "And maybe Marcus could come...."

I laughed, "I'm gonna have to get a bigger car, maybe a mini-van if I keep collecting kids like this."

"We don't have to go dad," Jake said from the kitchen, "we could stay here if there's not room."

 I did a quick count and frowned. My brood and me made five, David make six, and Marcus would make seven. One too many for my family sedan, a mini-van was definitely not out of the question assuming I stayed out of jail or prison after what happened last night.

"We'll see," I said sitting Shawn down and heading to the kitchen, "What are you boys cooking up in here," I said sniffing the air.

"Bacon and pancakes. David is a really good cook," Jake offered, "Why don't you relax and let us do this. You work so hard taking care of us, let us take care of you for once."

I gave Jake a quick a quick hug, but David didn't seem bothered by it, in fact I saw a little smile creep across his face. I went back into the living room and piled down in my recliner and Shawn took his usual place in my lap leaning back and touching my face with his soft hand. He sighed softly and wiggled his little rear grinding it into my cock and it stirred a little but he didn't seem to notice.

When breakfast was ready I carried Shawn to the table and sat him down in his place and took mine. Joe stopped by my chair long enough to give me a hug and a smile and I felt much better about things.

"What was that for?" I teased.

"Cause you're like the awesomest dad in the whoooole world and I love you lots."

I tried not to cry, shaking my head to fight back the tears, then managed to say, "And I have the awesomest kids in the whooole world too."

I saw David staring at us from the kitchen and I saw raw want and need in his eyes. Is this the kind of family he had prayed for every moment of his life? Would he fit in if it came to that?  Would it mean the end to Jake and I if he did? I finally decided I was getting way ahead of myself. First I had to find out if all that David had told us was true and if so figure out what I could do without endangering any of us.

The boys giggled and talked during the whole meal as I watched them with loving eyes. I was always amazed at how well my little family got along with others. David had been there only one day and Joe and Shawn were already treating him like family. Maybe if it did come to bringing him into the family it would be easier than I had thought. But that was just conjecture until I knew all the facts.

Sarah called around noon and begged to stay one more day and though I missed her terribly I agreed since I had David's problems to deal with at the moment. The bonus was now we had plenty of room in my car for all of us to go to the zoo. Despite being cool about it earlier once Jake saw that there wasn't a transportation problem he was all over the idea of going to the zoo.

I cleaned up the mess while the boys got ready and around one we loaded in the car and headed to the zoo.  Joe had called Marcus and invited him, but his mother said they were going shopping and despite his disappointment Joe put on a happy face and seemed eager to go. It was cool but not cold and a light jacket was plenty for me. The boys wore hoodies but I knew they'd probably be sweating later since they were so active. I paid our admission then led the way to the Bear Sanctuary and of course Shawn headed to the polar bear tank immediately.

It's amazing how animals recognize human young ones and the big momma bear swam right up to the glass as Shawn giggled and patted the glass. "She thinks I'm her cub," he said excitedly, "She loves me and I love her."

I smiled at his innocence and felt suddenly very humble to be a part of his life. He was my baby boy and that was the most awesome feeling in the world. Unable to deny myself of him one moment longer I picked him up and stood holding him as he and the momma pear communed on either side of the thick glass. 

Eventually momma bear swam away and we moved on, but it would be hard to beat the little show that went on between those two. After about an hour we stopped for popcorn and drinks and rested before moving on. David and Jake wandered over to the seal exhibit and were leaning against the rail and chatting quietly glancing back at us occasionally as if they were talking about us..or about me and didn't want to get caught. I trusted Jake, but I realized I should have warned him that David was on to us, but I  assumed he'd find out soon if he didn't already know by now.

We finished our snacks and joined them and for a while we watched the seal show before moving on to Monkey Island. As much as Shawn loved the bears, the monkey were really his favorite. I knew he would be talking about them for day to come and I decided to take a few pics of him in front of the enclosure for our photo album. He was grinning and acting like a monkey himself as I took the pics and when I was done I showed them to everyone and we all laughed. He was so cute and so photogenic and a little ham when a camera was around.

I took pics of the others as well and then a group pic and finally setting the timer I managed to get a decent picture with all of us. I wished Sarah had been with us but I knew she was having  a good time where she was and didn't begrudge her her fun. We eventually wound up at the train station and rode the miniature train back to the front gate and reluctantly headed to the car. 

It was nearing four o'clock. I couldn't believe we'd been gone that long and wondered what time Sarah was due back. I had Jake call her on my cell since I didn't like to drive and use my phone and she said they'd be bringing her home around five. That gave us plenty of time to get home even with a stop at the Colonel's for a bucket of chicken and few other items to feed my hungry crew.

We got home just in time and had only been there a few minutes when the doorbell rang. Joe answered the door and led Sarah, Dakota and his mom into the living room and we all joined them. I made the introductions, referring to David simply as a friend of Jake's from school, and after the usual pleasantries and thanks Dakota and  his mom left.

We ate soon after and I found out just how much David liked chicken. I mean that boy gnawed the meat off till there was nothing but glistening white bone left. I was glad I had bought extra but even at that there was only a couple of pieces left when the locust stopped stripping the crops

Jake helped me clean up while the kids went  in to watch TV and when we were alone he leaned into me and sighed, "Why didn't you tell me he knew about last night?"

"Sorry, I guess I was sort of embarrassed and scared, "I figured if he didn't bring it up then I'd tell you later."

"Well, he brought it up all right. Wanted to know what it was like and if I really liked it as much as it sounded. I was freaked out at first then after a while I just went with the flow and told him what he wanted to know."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"That I loved getting fucked, especially by your big ole dick," he giggled.

"Oh, god I can see it on the evening news now. Local father arrested on sodomy charges."

"Relax, if he didn't turn his dad in he's not gonna turn you in. He's...well, sort of interested in what we have going."

"What? How, I mean in what way?"

"Dunno dad, but your charm is pretty hard to resist," he teased giving me the elbow, "Who knows maybe he always wanted some daddy love, but just not so rough."

"Please, I have enough trouble without adding that to the load."

"Oh, so I'm trouble," He said grabbing me and tickling me hard causing me to drop the fork I was holding, "And I got a big load for  you right now."

David wandered in about then, took one look at  us, and cleared his throat to make sure we knew he was there, "Sorry, I was wondering if I could have something else to drink. I'm really thirsty."

"Remember the deal," I said as I pulled away from octopus boy, "You don't have to ask, help yourself. There's soda, juice, and tea or good old H2O if you're bent that way."

"Uh, soda is fine," he said walking over and opening the fridge. He dug out a Mt.Dew and popped the top then took  a big drink, obviously in no hurry to leave us. He watched us as we continued to clean up then took one more drink and sighed, "You were talking about me...weren't you."

"Yeah, and it was all bad," Jake teased, but his face gave it away and David laughed.

"No really, I mean it was about last night...wasn't it. I got to thinking about it and I was wrong to hang around and listen," he said frowning.

"And what else did you do.?" Jake said grinning.

"Uh...uh..." he stuttered as his face turned red, "Did you tell him?"

"Nope, but you should."

"I can't," he said covering  his face with his free hand, "It's too embarrassing."

"But telling him you listened to us making love wasn't?" Jake said rolling his eyes.

He sighed, "You won't let it go will you?"

"Nope, if you don't tell him I will."

"Okay, okay...I beat off while I was listening," he rattled off quickly then lowered his head.

"Oh, is that all?" I said relaxing a bit, "I thought it was something weird."

"Wait! You don't think that's weird?"

"Not really. First of all you're a teenage boy and second of all you were listening to live porn."

"Yeah, I guess, but I still feel weird about it. That's why I didn't tell  you this morning."

"Well, if it's any consolation, your secret is safe with us."

"So, have you figured out what to do about my dad and stuff?" he said obviously trying to change the subject.

"Some, I want to sit down with both of you and talk some more as soon as I'm done here. Some where private, I don't want the younger kids involved if I can help it."

"I'm ready when you are."

"Yeah, me too dad. Let's do it now."

We dried our hands and headed to my bedroom stopping only long enough to tell the kids we didn't want to be disturbed. Shawn gave me a pouty face, but the other two simply nodded. They knew something was up, but they knew I'd fill them in if and when the time was right.

Jake and David took a seat on my unmade bed and I pulled up my office chair a few feet away and leaned back locking my hands behind my head.

"Okay, first of all....where do your folks think you are right now?"

He shrugged and looked uncomfortable under my stare, "Not sure but I'm sure they don't care...except maybe my dad. He might want some butt stuff."

There was the butt stuff again. He seemed to revert to a little kid when he mentioned that subject.

"Would you have any objection to my calling them or going over to your house?"

"Are you crazy?" he said jumping up and pacing around, "Then they'd know where I was and he might come and take me back home."

"Whoa, settle down. I wouldn't tell him where you were. I just want to make sure that...well, things are what you say they are."

"So. that's it. You think I'm lying..right? You're just like all the others," he said giving me a go to hell look."

Jake was up and hugging him in a minute, "Stop it, you know better. Don't say bad things about my dad. He just wants to help you. He has a right to check things out before he get involved."

"I know, I'm sorry," he said letting Jake lead him back to the bed. "I just feel, like I have no control and if I have to go back there I'll kill myself...I swear."

"How about this idea....I call your folks but I don't let them know who I am or where you are. As far as they will know I'm just a concerned parent who's son knows their son."

"I guess...if you think it will help," He said sounding less agitated now.

"I'll use the land line and turn off the call trace so they can't call back."

"Yeah, I never thought of that," he said chewing on his bottom lip, "You must know what you're doing."

"I think I do. Will you trust me enough to give me your home phone and your parents names?"

He nodded and I handed him a notepad and a pen. He gave me one last look then began writing and when he handed me the pad I looked at it and smiled. In the most beautiful handwriting I had ever seen he had written his number and Daniel and Janice Taylor. I thanked him and grabbed the cordless phone out of the cradle and dialed he number.

"Now? You're calling them now?" he said then sort of moaned and  pulled into himself as Jake put an arm around him.

A man answered on the third ring and before I could speak he blurted out, "I told you I don't have the money yet. You gotta give me a little more time."

"Mr. Taylor?" I said before he could go any further.

"Huh, oh yeah...who's this. I thought you were...ummm...a bill collector."

"No, my name isn't important but I was calling about your son David..."

"What's the faggot done now?" he said cutting me off.

"Well, I'm not sure what you mean but I am concerned about some things he has confided in me about. You see he's a friend of my son and he told my son some very disturbing things...."

"He's lying, I never touched him," he volunteered before I could hit him with the accusations.

"Oh, I never said he did," I said letting him stew a minute, "but I find it interesting you would say that."

"Huh, what do you mean. What has he told you? Who is this anyway?"

"Any way...what I mean is that you forced your son to leave his home because of your constant abuse, both mental and physical."

"I don't know who told you that, but if it was him...he's lying. I caught him with one of his little gay buddies sucking dick and I kicked them both out of here, that's all."

This was news and I suddenly didn't feel so confident. Had David lied to me, was this revenge on his part for his father breaking up his suck fest?

"So he's welcome to come back?" I asked poking in the shit pile I'd stirred up.

"Hell no, I don't want that little faggot back in MY house. If he's with you then keep him. I don't care what happens to him. Do you hear me, he is no son of mine any more."

"So what you are saying is you are giving up your parental rights?"
         "Yeah, whatever that means. If that means I aint his father any more than,  yeah..I give up my parental rights."

"And what about Mrs. Taylor, how does she feel about this?"

"She does what I tell her. The bitch don't care what happens to the little fucker either. Besides she's not his real ma, his ma died when he was a ten."

More information that I wish I'd had before making the call. David and I were going to have to do some talking when this call was over.

"Just the same I'd like to talk to her," I said stubbornly.

"Janny! Some guy on the phone for  you," I heard him yell, then, "it's about Davie the faggot."

"What?" I heard a women say in a slurred voice, then to me, "Uh...hello," she said sounding drunk or stoned.

"Mrs. Taylor I'm calling about your son David."

"Aint no son of mine, he's Danny's kid. Hey, who is this any way?"

"That's not important. David has made some allegations concerning your husband and his home life in general...."

"What...oh..about that...I didn't know anything about that. He just got drunk and...."

"Shut up you stupid bitch!" I heard him yell as he yanked the phone away from her.

"Look whoever you are if you know what's good for you you'll forget what that little faggot told you and stay away from him. He's bad news I tell you. Rotten to the core, just like his momma was."

"Sir, are you threatening me?" I said trying to keep my temper under control, "This call is being recorded (a small lie) and the police do not take threats of this nature lightly, especially in light of the allegations your son has made."

"Look, I don't want no trouble," he said backing down as I had hoped, "Whatever he told you, it's a lie and I can prove it, but you don't want to put him through ya buddy?"

"No, I do not want that boy to suffer one more minute than he has to, but I need to make sure you are out of his life and that he can be taken care of as he should be."

"Whatever you want mister, I'll do whatever you want. If you want him, he's yours. I won't cause no trouble."

"I will hold you at your word, but remember this...if we went to the police with this information, your next wife will be a big guy named Bubba, and child molesters aren't very popular in prison from what I've heard."

"I told you, I didn't do anything, but I won't cause no trouble for him." He sounded defeated and I almost felt sorry for him..almost but not quiet. He had hurt the very person he was supposed to love and protect and what I really wanted to do was rip his dick off and shove it up his own ass.

"I will be in touch. I need to contact a lawyer and see what we need to do to end your parental rights and transfer them to someone who will love and protect David."

"Yeah, call me..if I'm still alive that is," he said sounding worried.

I didn't ask, I assumed it had something to do with the way he had answered the phone. Maybe he was into some drug dealers for big bucks and worried he'd get whacked. Maybe David could shed some light on things once we had our long talk.

"Good day Mr. Taylor. I will be contacting you soon."

He hung up without saying goodbye and I placed the phone back in the cradle and sat back down.

"So? What did he say?" Jake asked excitedly.

"Well, he brought up a few interesting points I'd like to discuss with David."

"Uh...okay, but he probably lied....."

"He says he caught you with another he put it..sucking dick, and that he kicked you out."

"That was a long time ago and we weren't sucking dicks. We were just..uh checking each other out and he practically broke the door down. He just sent my friend home and gave me a lecture about how no one likes faggots and then the next night he....well, that was the first time he raped me."

"I'm sorry, I'm  sorry I had to make you relive that. There's one more thing. He says your real mother is dead and that Mrs. Taylor is your step mother."

He nodded and looked sad, "Yeah, my mom died when I was like ten. She was wonderful, not like my step. And my dad was different back then too. He didn't do drugs till he met Janice and then the trouble began."

"Your father thought I was someone else when I called, someone he owed money to. Do you know anything about that?"

"Yeah, the guy I stayed with, Marty. He sold them some drugs and they never paid him. He gave them a break cause....umm, cause of me, but once I was gone he probably called in the debt."

I nodded, "One more thing, your father has agreed to give up parental rights. Do you know what that means?"

David nodded and looked sad. Even though he had been mistreated it still had to be hard to know his father was willing to give  him up without a fight. " means I'm on my own."

"Not on your own exactly, you have us," I said getting up and sitting on the other side of him and putting an arm around him.

He sighed, "Can I stay here...just till I find a place to go?" he said in a voice so small and forlorn my heart broke for him.

"You can stay here as long as you like," I said smiling, "and if I can arrange it and you're willing...for a very long time."

"Really?" he said giving me a weak smile, "You won't be sorry. I'll be a good son and I won't cause no trouble."

My heart was breaking for him, "I know...son. Now, why don't you two go take a shower. You can use my bathroom. I'm going to go round up the others and get them cleaned up and ready for bed, even though they will be up for hours."

I left them to shower and went to find the rest of my brood lounging on the couch. I scooped up Shawn and threw him over my shoulder and carried him to the bathroom and began running his bath water while he undressed. He was growing up so fast, but he still had that baby look about him and his body was still rounded and pudgy in some areas. Not that he was fat, not by any means, but he was soft and round looking and of course smooth as a baby..cause well...he was a baby, my baby and I loved him with all my heart and soul. 

When the tub was full I checked the temp and picked him up by the arms and lowered him into the warm water. He made a little ah sound as the warm water enveloped his little body. He reached over and grabbed his tub toys and I left him to entertain himself while I checked on the other two.

"Did you have fun at Dakota's?" I said teasing my baby girl.

"Yes daddy, we went to the movies and we played miniature golf today."

"If I don't watch it they're gonna adopt you and take you away from me," I teased.

"Oh daddy, I'd never want to leave you and my brothers. I just...I just like being with Dakota, that's all."

"Cause she's in love," Joe giggled.

" are too," Sarah said grinning, "and we both have boyfriends."

Joe smiled, "Yeah, we have that in common, we both like boys."

"Seems to be the trend in this family," I chuckled.

Joe would you mind sharing a bath with Shawn. I'm afraid he'll just play the whole time if someone doesn't help him wash."

"Sure dad, I'll wash his little dinker for him," Joe teased, "and  his dirty butt."

"That's my good boy. Not afraid to tackle even the stinkiest jobs." I said swatting his rear as  he got up, "And while you're at it, wash your own stinky butt as well."

"I...don't...stink," he said with mock indignation, "I smell good."

"To Marcus maybe," I teased, "but he thinks your poop don't stink either."

"It don't," Joe said sticking out his tongue then running off to join Shawn.

"So daddy," Sarah said scooting closer to me on the couch, "what's up with David?"

I sighed, "For now let's just say, he's a kid in need and we're helping him out."

"Okay, but I know something's going on with him. He seems so sad inside."

"Yeah, well I'm hoping we can change that....and soon."

"If anyone can, it's you dad. Look what you did for us."

"Yeah, well I had a lot to work with princess."

"Oh daddy, you  haven't called me that in forever," she said leaning into me. 

I kissed her soft hair and she smelled lovely, different than my boys, but still intriguing. Not in a sexual way, but like so many parents I could easily tell my kids apart simply by smell. Each was unique and so was their smell. Shawn was spicy and sweet smelling, much like Sarah, then there was Joe who was less sweet with an hint of musk, and lastly Jake who's smell was intoxicating. His smell was earthy and strong and mixed with his pheromones it was an aphrodasiac for me.

"Ummm...I missed you today at the zoo."

"Really, I'm sorry daddy. I'll try to spend more time with you guys."

"Okay, baby girl. You can always bring lover boy with you too. He's welcome  any time."

"He likes it here daddy and he loves you as much as I do."

"Really, cause I'm so easy?" I chuckled.

"No, cause you treat him nice and not like he's trying to take me away from you."

That was very perceptive for a kid her age, but true. As much as I hated to think about my baby girl leaving me, if she had to go I'd be happy to give her to a sweetie like Dakota.

"When you and Dakota are married will you let me babysit the grandkids?" I teased.

She laughed and slapped me playfully, "We haven't even had sex dad. We're not gonna get married for a long time."

"Save it for marriage," I suggested, "I hear it's best that way."

"Did you?"

"Well,, but I heard it's good."

She laughed, "Who knows I may. I'm not in any hurry and neither is Dak."

"Dak? Oh, Dakota. What's his pet name for you?"

"Promise you won't laugh daddy."

"I swear."


"What, why? Oh, I guess that's sweet."

"He calls me that cause I laughed so hard at the Jeff Dunham character Peanut."

"Oh, I get it now. Well, maybe I should start calling you that too."

"Uh, I'd rather you'd call me Princess," she said grinning.

"Yeah, its more appropriate.."

The boys wandered in then looking fresh and clean and I sent Sarah off to take her shower and get ready for bed. Jake and David were dressed in sweats and tees and Joe and Shawny in sleep shorts and tees but all four were barefooted. As David sat down next to me I noticed his feet for the first time. They were smaller than Jake's but still sturdy looking and not skinny at all. His nails were trimmed and clean and there was none of that disgusting hair on his toes like some teens get.

Jake sat down on the other side of me and leaned into me. Even beneath the soap and shampoo I could smell his sexy musky smell and I wanted to drag him off to the bedroom for a repeat of last night but I supposed that was out of the question, now or later. After a while I noticed I could smell David too and his aroma was even stronger than Jake's. Was it my imagination or was the boy in heat? I had smelled that smell many time coming from Jake and it always led to a vigorous romp in bed. Could it be David needed a romp too? If so maybe I should suggest Jake give it to him.

"Well kiddos we have one more free day till it's back to school. Anyone have any ideas about what to do tomorrow?"

"A cookout sounds good dad," Sarah said as she joined us, "if it doesn't rain."

"Any one object to a cookout? I could make a cake like before and we could play badminton and croquet or something."

David was watching each of us closely and I could tell he was intrigued by how our family functioned. I wanted him to see what a family should be like and to include him as much as possible and with that in mind I asked him what he thought about the idea.

"I...uh, well, it sounds nice..uh awesome really, but anything is fine..really."

"Anyone else?"

"A cookout sounds good to me," Jake said happily.

"Yeah, me too," Joe added.

"Yah" Shawny shouted excitedly. "Can I help make the cake again daddy?"

"You bet buddy," I said pulling my baby boy into my lap as David watched almost enviously.

So it was all set, our day was planned and now I could relax and enjoy my family and guest for the rest of the evening.  I moved to my recliner carrying Shawn along with me while the kids found a movie on cable and I settle back with my favorite little boy on my lap and luxuriated in the warm feeling of family.

About an hour into the movie Jake got up to go to the bathroom and soon afterwards David followed him. I didn't give it much thought at first, but when they hadn't returned fifteen minutes later I figured something was up and it was probably two boy I didn't begrudge them their fun, after all I had my share of fun too, but I did feel sort of sad that all that might be ending soon. Shawn stretched and rubbed my face with his soft hand and stretched up and planted a kiss my chin.

"Thank you for the sugar," I said giving him a squeeze.

"Are David and Jake playing hot dog games?" he asked softly, "they been gone a long time."

"I don't think so," I stuttered, "they just have some things to talk about, that's all."

"Like wieners," he giggled.

"Shawny be good," I scolded.

"I am good daddy," he giggled as I tickled him.

The boys returned shortly and looked no worse for the wear. They weren't red faced and their clothes weren't on backwards so I decided they hadn't been playing hot dog games  after all. They sat down on opposite ends of the couch and Sarah got up from the floor and sat next to Jake who gave her a smile. I noticed David watching her too and I wondered if he was attacked to her physically or if he was strictly gay. Whatever the case, my baby girl was off limits to him or any boy besides Dakota and I certainly intended to keep my eyes open.

The movie ended and they decided to play video games for  a while and I grabbed my tablet and did some reading while the kids took turns with the gamer. I was reading an especially good story at Nifty when Jake stood up and stretched showing off his lithe teenage body. I couldn't help but look and when he caught me looking he grinned sheepishly before plopping down on the couch and slinging a leg over the arm.  I tried not to look, but it was obvious David was putting on a show and eventually I began to give him little looks trying not to be too obvious.

His junk was prominently on display between the soft fabric of his sweats and from the looks of it he wore no underwear to hold them in. Was he hard or was he just especially well endowed? He shifted and I could actually make out the outline of his cock head and if I wasn't mistaken he was uncut. That's how clearly I could see it. I looked at the others to make sure no one else was seeing what I was, but they seemed to be immersed in the game being played by Joe and Jake.

He reached down and adjusted himself, but all that did was make his cock more prominent. I wasn't sure what his motive was, but it was obvious this little show he was putting on was intended just for me. It seemed strange considering what his father had done to him that he would flirt with me, but who knew what was going on in his mind. Maybe...just as Jake had at first, he thought he owed me sex for helping him. I frowned at that thought. Why was it these boys seemed to want to pay for everything with their bodies? 

I finally made myself turn back to my story and I quit sneaking looks and that didn't go over well with him at all. The couch is at a slight angle to my chair and there is a small end table in the v but the arms are only a about a foot apart. So without too much difficulty he was able to raise his leg and touch mine with his foot. At first I thought it was accidentally and I ignored it, then when he kicked me the second time I looked over at him and he was grinning mischievously.

I smiled back but was at a loss as to what to say or do. He was making me very nervous and Jake was too engrossed in his video game to be of any help. I finally laid my tablet down and started watching the boys play their video game purposely ignoring David. He gave up the footie play and finally fell back down in the floor and took a place beside Jake and soon he took his place playing against Sarah.

Jake scooted back till his back was against my recliner and he reached up and grabbed my foot and tickled causing me to jerk it away. He giggled and made a play for the other one but I was too fast for him and he finally gave up. I watched David and Sarah play for a little while then went back to my tablet and finished my story. When I was done I got up and went off to my bathroom to take a shower and get ready for bed.

I hadn't been in there long when I heard the door open and then Jake's voice. "Hey dad, want me to wash your back for you?"

"Umm, yeah, but better latch the door...just in case."

"Already did. I didn't think you'd say no," he chuckled.

As he was talking he had been undressing and when he slipped in beside me he was already semi-erect. I grabbed his cock and gave it a couple strokes and it went to full alert. "What's this?"

"My wiener sir. Want to suck on it," he said in a silly voice.

"Mmmm...would I ever." I said dropping to my knees and lifting his beautiful cock so I could get to his balls. I gave them my undivided attention for few minutes before I began licking his cock head causing him to moan softly.

"Oh gawd, that's so good. You really know how to suck dick dad."

"I'll take that as a compliment," I said between licks.

"It one suck cock as good as you...not even, uh...David."

"Oh?" I said perking up at that tidbit of info, "So he sucks dick?"

"Sure, we 69ed a couple of times."

"Not in his house I hope."

"Naw, not here. Until now he's never been here before."

I nodded, "What do you really know about him, besides what he has told you?"

"Huh, oh...well, I like him. He seems nice..if that's what you mean."

"Do you think he's a bit...flirty at times?"

He laughed, "Did he come on to you dad?"

"Well, not exactly." I filled him in on what had happened earlier and he listened with a sober look on his face.

"Well, I can't say I'm shocked, but I am surprised. I mean you're hot and all that, but it just seems weird considering what he's been through."

"That's what I thought..minus the being hot part," I laughed, "But after talking to his father I'm pretty sure he was telling us the truth about how things are at home so....maybe his actions stem from something deeper."

"Yeah, like he wants a daddy to sex it up with," Jake suggested with a straight face, "I know I certainly am enjoying my daddy."

"I don't know, I think there's more. I just hope it doesn't interfere with us helping him."

"Like how?"

"Well, let's just say that the last thing I need is another teenage boy offering sex," I  chuckled.

"Bull, I bet you'd like to get in his pants and see that big ole uncut cock of his," Jake teased.

So he was uncut. "Jake, do you think I'm really that shallow?"

"No, just're a sexy guy and you appreciate fine young cock."

I laughed, "Well, I can't deny that, but I need to keep my desires under check if I'm to help this young teenage...cock."

"Want me to talk to him..tell him to lay off?"

"No, that might embarrass  him, but just keep an eye on him and try to stay close if he's around so we're not alone together."

"So you can't keep your hand off him huh?" he teased.

"I can keep my hands off, but can he? That's the question."

"Dunno bout him, but I can't," he said hugging me close and jabbing his hard cock between my butt cheeks.

"Ooooo, what's that knocking at my back door?"

"It's the wolf. Open up and let me in or I'll huff and buff...."

"Save the hugging and puffing for my cock, the door is wide open," I said bending over and bracing myself against the cool tile of the shower wall.

He entered me quickly and roughly as I grunted out my pleasure and when he began to fuck me he seemed desperate to get off. This was one of those times when he fucked me rather than making love to me, but I didn't mind. A good fuck once in a while was not only exciting but satisfying.

He didn't take long to get to the home stretch and reaching around to grab my cock he pounded me hard and fast for three or four strokes then began to unload deep inside me. I reached back and pulled him closer driving his cock deeper and held him long after he had emptied his nuts. 

When I finally let him go he gave me one last hug then pulled out with a noisy plop. "Wanna fuck me now?"

"Hmmm..let me think. YES! and I'm gonna pound you like you pounded me. My ass will be sore for a week."

"Oh, stop complaining. You know you like it rough."

"Well..yeah and I hope you do too, cause here it comes," I said as I grabbed him and spun him around and pushed up against him. My cock slipped in easily and despite my intent to fuck him hard I just couldn't. Instead I made love to him slowly and gently though with determination and took my goo slow time coming.

" that all you got?" he cooed, but I know he was loving it.

"I just can't fuck you right now. I love you too much," I whispered.

"Okay, but now you make me feel bad."

"No, it was okay..what you did. I loved it. It makes me feel needed and naughty when you fuck me like that."

"Well, I guess we're a perfect match then..huh?"

"Made in Heaven kind of match. Now shush so I can finish making love to you're sweet behind."

He giggled, "Okay, okay..I'm shushing."

I lasted longer than he did but not by much. His ass is the most wonderful feeling thing in the world and when it's wrapped around my aching cock it's like being enclosed in a hot velvety glove and orgasm is inevitable. I pulled him close as I began to come and  he grabbed my hand and began sucking on my finger like it was a lollipop and if you've never had your finger sucked while dumping a load in a hot ass I highly recommend it. I shook and gasped and went weak in the knees and if not for him supporting me I might very well have dropped to the floor.

I stayed in him for a long time as I kissed his neck and held him tightly and when I finally pulled out I was almost too tired to finish my shower. Fortunately Jake was there to wash me and rinse me with his soft strong hands. 

Afterwards we dried off and he followed me out to my bedroom. As I got dressed he lounged on my bed and watched me looking tired and sated.

"What are you gonna wear now?" I teased, "You didn't bring clean clothes."

"I got my birthday suit. Like it?"

"It fits you well enough, but there are a few wrinkles..mainly on that sack between your legs."

"Oh these," he said lifting his ball sack, "they usually straighten out with a little licking."

I chucked, "Are you horny again?"

"Hey, I'm a teenager. What do you expect?"

"Aww..yeah, there's that. Well, move over and I'll see if I can lick them into shape."

He scooted over and laid flat opening his legs for me and I took my position on hands and knees and began worshiping his boy stuff. His balls were soft and hairless and even after a shower he tasted wonderful and  uniquely Jake. I worked his balls over good swallowing them one at a time as he moaned and sighed and by the time I reached his cock it was  hard and wet with pre-cum. I swiped the head with my tongue and he hissed softly and grabbed my head and guided me onto it. I took him to the root until my nose was pressed against his pubes and as I worked my throat muscles he moaned louder and pushed me down harder.

I gagged a little and he let up and I grabbed a breath of air then went back down again slowly filling my throat with his hard throbbing cock then rising back up letting it almost slip out as my tongue bathed the underside of  his sensitive head.

"Oh, God....have you been practicing on deep throating?" he panted, "that is the best...awesome...mmmm."

I couldn't very well answer, instead I just continued to give the best head anyone ever gave and was rewarded a short time later by a tasty load of Jake's hot gooey boy cum. I gobbled it down greedily and licked him clean then scooted up and shared it with him as we kissed.

"To..answer you question," I said between kisses, "I have not been practicing, except on you. It's just that I'm inspired by your smell and your taste and mostly by your reaction. When I'm pleasing you I just want to do more and more and make it better and better."

"Well, you've succeeded," I blasted my nut in record time..even after nailing your hot ass back there in the shower."

"And it was a tasty one I might add," I sighed, "Sort of nutty tasting," I teased.

He yawned widely and looked sleepy-eyed as he spoke next, "Long as I'm already in here and since the cat is out of the bag bout if I stay and let David have my bed all to himself?"

"That's fine son," I said giving in easily, "No need in hiding it I guess."

"Good, let me go tell  him what's up and I'll be right back."

"Don't get too graphic. No need to tell him we just dicked each other," I reminded him.

"I got this, relax daddy," he said sticking out his tongue as he jumped up.

"Uh...forgetting something?"

"Oh..oh, clothes...yeah," he laughed, "I'll borrow some of your shorts and grab some clothes when I get to my room."

He was gone about fifteen minutes and I was beginning to doze off but when he returned I roused quickly, "Did he take it okay?"

"Yeah, but he wanted to talk first. I finally managed to get him in bed and I snuck away."

"I hate to bring this up at the moment, but....Monday I'd like to take you and David to the clinic and have you tested for STD's."

"What? Why? And shouldn't you get tested too?"

"Good point, all three of us. My concern about David is because of his admitted sexual relations with that drug dealer. Not to sound judgmental, but most drug users aren't too picky about who they have sex with."

"Wow, I guess I never really thought about stuff like this before. I'm really sorry dad that I may have exposed you to something....."

"I blame myself for not teaching you about safe sex. I guess I just got complacent. As long as we were monagamous there was no danger and I just assumed..."

"Oh, God now I really feel awful. If I had told you before...."

"Well, what's done is done. Monday we'll get the tests and in a week or so we'll know for sure. Until then I would prefer you practice safe sex with David."

"Oh don't worry. I'm practicing no sex with David. I've made up my mind. I'm not giving up what we have for someone I'm not even sure of. Before you say anything let me finish. I may find someone at some time and fall in love, but until then...I want things to be just like they were."

"I don't know what to say. I'm touched but I hope you're not doing this out of pity for me...cause I'll be fine either way."

"Nope, not pity. I just thought about what's I'd be losing and then I thought about how I really felt about David and I realized that it was more about sex than anything else. I was sort of flattered that he wanted to mess around and know how horny I get," he said grinning, "but it really wasn't all the great any way."

"How do you think David will feel about that?"

He shrugged, "I'll break it to him gently. Any way right now he's sort of got other things to think about."

"Ahhh but sex is a great stress reducer."

"Are you saying I should have sex with him?"

"No, certainly not if you don't want to, but just keep in mind that he may not give up on you so easy."

"Man, I'm tired and tired and all this talking is wearing me out. Can we go to sleep now?"

"That my young son sounds wonderful, especially with you spooned up to my backside."

Chapter Ten

No good deed goes unpunished.

Monday after school I picked up the kids and dropped the younger ones off at Marcus' house. I'd explained to Marcus' mom that I needed to take care of some business with Jake and David and she didn't ask any questions which was fine with me. I knew Joe was happy with the arrangement but Shawn gave me a pouty face as I hugged him goodbye. My little Princess Sarah took him in tow and I knew she'd take good care of him while I was gone.

I was as nervous as the boys as we entered the clinic but fortunately they weren't busy and we got in right away. I'm sure the guy who checked us in must've had some questions about why an adult and two minors were getting checked for STD's but that's the great thing about these free clinics, they don't ask questions.

The HIV tests were immediate and thankfully negative, but we'd have to wait a few days for the rest of the results. The boys were somber as we got in the car and  I had to admit I wasn't in the rosiest mood myself. I tried to take their mind off of things by talking about school but I wound up doing most of the talking.

When we got to Marcus' house I went in while the boys stayed in the car and of course Shawn jumped me as soon as I walked in.  I picked him up and cuddled him and felt a 100% better. How can you be unhappy or worried with a soft squirming boy in your arms? I thanked Marcus and his mom and sent the kids to the car so I could linger a minute and talk to Martha. Marcus had followed Joe out to the car and it was just us two.

"I suppose you're wondering about David," I said sighing.

"I'm curious, but I knew you'd tell me if you thought I needed to know."

I nodded, "I appreciate your trust in me. Well, here's the deal. David ran away from his home because he was being abused...physically and emotionally."

"Oh my God, that poor boy. Have you contacted the police?"

I frowned, "I know that's probably what I should do, but I don't think that's best for David. I don't want him to have to go through the emotional trauma of telling his story a hundred times to people who probably don't really care as much as they should."

She nodded, "I know what you mean. Sometimes the courts abuse the victims as much as the abuser. So..what's your plan?"

I filled her in on my phone call to David's parents and she nodded, then looking thoughtful she suddenly butted in, "I know a lawyer...he specialized in children and family law. His name is Mark Hall and I can give you his number if you like."

"Thanks that would be great. I have an attorney but he doesn't handle this type of thing. I was going to ask him for a referral but this is even better. I'm hoping to get David's father to give up his parental rights and get the court to allow me to keep him as a foster parent. And if it works out to eventually adopt him."

"My, you must have the biggest heart of any man I've ever known. And you've only just met him. I hope you don't let your big heart cloud your good judgment."

I blushed beneath her stare, "I may not know everything about this boy, but I do know that he's been hurt and that he's basically a good person. My philosophy is simple, kids need love and a stable home. If you give them that 9 times out of 10 they will respond to it and turn out to be good and decent adults."

She smiled and took my hand in hers, "Your kids are so lucky and we're lucky knowing you. You have made Marcus feel as if he's part of your little family and he talks about how much he likes it at your house. Sometimes I think he'd move in with you and leave me behind if he could get away with it."

"I doubt he'd want to leave you behind, you see he talks about you all the time too. It's a shame we can't just move all of us into one big house and have  it all," I teased.

She laughed, "Wouldn't that be a hoot? Well, let me get you that number," she said finally dropping my hand.

She found her cell phone and texted it to me so I'd have it on my phone (isn't technology wonderful?) and we said our goodbyes and I headed out to the car. Marcus gave me a shy hug then waved at Joe and bounced away smiling. I suspected that he and Joe had found some alone time and made some whoopee because Joe seemed in good spirits too.

I was too tired and upset to cook so I stopped at Panda Express and got takeout, including lots of egg rolls.  It was earlier than we usually ate, but everyone seemed to have a good appetite and even Jake and David ate their share. I ate my egg roll and some fried rice but left the orange chicken I'd ordered for the hungry vultures to finish off. The older boys divided it up and so nothing went to waste.

I excused myself to change clothes and when I got back to the others they had cleaned up the mess and were lounging in the living room watching TV. I plopped down in my recliner and my little lap sitter climbed up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I hugged him to me and wallowed in the wonderful feeling of his soft love. No matter how bad I felt ten minutes with my baby boy could put a smile back on my face. For that matter, ten minutes with any of my brood had pretty much the same effect. If there was one thing I was sure of it was that I was loved and needed and that was enough to make any man count his blessings.

Jake and David went out into the back yard after a while and I figured they had things to talk about so I kept the other kids occupied in inside. I hoped Jake would be gentle and that David wouldn't be too hurt but I intended to stay out of it as much as possible. I guess I should have been worried about David betraying us out of spite if Jake hurt him, but David just didn't strike me as the vengeful sort. 

They came in after a while and both seemed to be happy and that was a good sign. Maybe David had only been clinging to Jake because he was all he had and now that he had us...the whole family, he didn't mind letting go. Who knew what went on in the mind of a teenage boy? I had some insight, but I was still surprised every day by some of the things Jake came up with.

We retired around 9:30 since it was a school night, but no one complained and Shawn was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. I laid with him a few minutes then went over to tuck Joe in. He pulled me down and I snuggled with him a minute wondering what was on his mind.

"Dad, is David going to live with us? Is he gonna be our brother?"

I smiled, "Would that be a bad thing?"

"Noooo...not bad at all. I was just wondering, that's all. His folks hurt him, didn't they?"

I nodded, "Yeah, and now they don't want him back. I'm going to try  to see what I can do to make sure he has a good place to live. But I suppose I should have talked to you and the others before I started making plans for him."

"It's okay dad, we don't mind. We'd be happy even if you adopted six more kids."

"Well, we'd need a bigger house if we did that," I chuckled, "but one more might fit." In fact I had already began to plan for one more. There was space in the attic for a small bedroom and it wouldn't take much to finish it out and make it livable.

He yawned and placed his small hand on my chest, "I'm really sleepy daddy, Marcus and I had fun," he giggled, "Will you lay with me for a while till I fall asleep?"

How could I say no? "Sure, buddy. Just rest now....." I whispered as I patted him gently. Soon his soft even breathing told me he was asleep and I quietly slipped out and to my own bedroom.

I found Jake under the covers almost asleep but he sighed and turned back the covers for me, "I thought you'd never get back. Did you have to rock him to sleep?"

"Nope, Shawn  went out fast, it was Joe who needed me tonight."

"Oh, what's lover boy up to?"

"He's just curious about what's going on, probably feels a little left out. I filled him in without going into too much detail. I think he's good now."

"Yeah, well I had a talk with David. I think he's okay with things too. He said having to get tested for STD's was sort of a wake up call and that he didn't think he'd be having sex for a while."

"I'm sorry if I scared him off of sex, but I just couldn't take the chance. I had to get us tested."

"He understands, I understand, but I hope that doesn't mean we can't...ummm, have sex."

"Well, I think it's too late to worry about that right now. If David did infect you with anything I'm sure I've already been exposed to it...multiple times, so....."

"Mmmm...good, but not tonight...I'm too tired," he said sleepily.

"Good, cause am I. I think snuggling up will be enough for tonight."

I was the big spoon and he was the little spoon and we slept that way most of the night.

I called the lawyer the next day but he said he would need to do some research and talk to David's father before he could promise anything. In the meantime I took David clothes shopping and he and Jake picked out a few outfits for school and a new pair of shoes. I supposed eventually we'd try to get his things from his parents' house, but I was in no hurry to put the boy through that any time soon. 

David seemed to adjust to the family as well as we adjusted to him and by the end of the first week it was if he had always been there. Joe and Shawn wrestled with him on the floor and Sarah treated him in the same easy way that she treated her other brothers. I was proud of all of them for getting along so well and was really beginning to thing this could work out. Then all hell broke loose.

It began the second Friday after we'd brought him into our house. When Jake got home that afternoon he was alone and looking panicky. 

"Is David  here?" he asked sounding desperate.

"No, I thought he'd be with you. When was the last time you saw him?"

"At lunch, we had lunch together then went off to class. We don't have any afternoon classes together so I waited for him like I always do by the bus stop but he never showed up."

I called the school but they weren't aware of anyone picking him up though they did show him as absent in his last  hour class.  I called his dad's house next but no one answered and for some reason that worried me a lot. What if they had scooped David up and left the state? There was no way I could ever find him without hiring an expensive private detective and I couldn't afford that.

"Did  he seem okay at lunch? Was he happy, sad, troubled?"

"He seemed fine, said he was looking forward to pizza night and playing board games. He said it made him feel like he belonged to a real family."

"My heart was breaking as Jake laid that on me, the poor kid was just starting to feel normal and now this. What could have happened to him? Then I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. What if Marty the drug dealer abducted him to use for ransom for David's parents' drug debt?

"What can we do dad, where can he be?" Jake said near tears.

The other kids arrived shortly after that and they knew something was up right away. I explained to them as calmly as possible what we knew, but they could see I was really worried. They even offered to comb the neighborhood for him, but I knew he wasn't anywhere close by.

"Should we call the cops dad?" Joe asked looking serious.

As much as I wanted to do just that, I was reluctant to let them know I'd been keeping David at our  house for a week, especially considering the allegations against his father.  No the police would be our last resort. 

"Do you know where this guy Marty lives?" I asked Jake as he sat looking ready to bolt.

"In an apartment near the school is all I know. Not sure which one, but I know David walked to school from there when he was staying there."

I went to my computer and pulled up Google maps and quickly checked the area. Within a one mile radius of the school there were only two apartment complexes and one was a gated community which I doubted allowed drug dealers. The other one was what I considered the perfect address for a sleazy drug dealer and loading the kids in the car I drove that way.

Fortunately we didn't have to go the whole distance. About two blocks from the address I noticed someone running toward us as if Satan himself was chasing him. The boy was looking backwards when I first saw him but as I watched he turned his head and lowered it and ran as if he were trying out for the Olympics.

"There  he is!" Jake shouted. 

I'd already made the ID and was braking and pulling over as the kids shouted excitedly and pointed. David didn't see us at first but when he looked up I saw a look of recognition in his eyes and he sprinted toward us even as I screeched to a  stop against the curb. Jake was out of the car almost before it stopped and running toward David waving his arms.

I saw him grab David and hug him to a stop but David's forward momentum forced them to the ground and they wound up in a tangle of teenage arms and legs. I rushed to them and squatted beside them as the others flooded out of the van and surrounded us.

"You guys okay?"

"Fine, great," Jake moaned sitting up slowly.

David stayed down panting like a race horse and rubbing a stitch in his side, "I'"

Looking back down the sidewalk I saw no one despite the fact that David had appeared to be fleeing from someone or some thing.

"I don't see anyone. Let's get you in the car and get you home. Then we can talk."

Jake helped him up and into the front seat and then scooted in beside him as we took our places in the six seater. I could smell David's sweat and fear and  feel his heat and I wondered how far he had run and what would have happened if we hadn't happened along when we did. He seemed too winded to talk so I saved the questions till we got home but as soon as we were inside and seated I began my interrogation.

"Who were you running from and where did you go? Jake tells me he saw you last at lunch and the school says you skipped last period."

He was visibly shaken and I noticed he had a nasty scrape on his arm, I guessed from the collision with the ground, but he didn't seem to notice it..yet.

"I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. He came to the school and they let him pull me out of class...."

"I assume you mean your dad," I said with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

He nodded, "When I got to the office he grabbed me and whispered that he would tell everyone at school what a little faggot I was if I didn't go with him."

I wondered why the school hadn't told me he'd been picked up by his father, but there was no time for that now. "Where did he take you?"

"To Marty's so he could collect his payment," he said in a voice so low I could barely hear  him.

I knew what he meant without any further information and I wanted to spare the young kids the details, but I had to know what happened. "Did he? Collect, I mean?"

He shook his head, "No,  when he went to answer his phone I ran...I ran like  hell. I was sure he was chasing me, but I guess when he saw you he gave up."

Well, at least Marty hadn't got to collect, this time, but he was still out there and David was a prime target unless I put an end to this.

"Man, I would like to go over there and pound that guy," Jake said angrily, "and your dad."

"You don't want to mess with Marty, he has a gun," David said with agitation, "It's no use, I should have just stayed with Marty and did what he wanted me to."

"No, you shouldn't have. You did the right thing, both times. Your survival instinct is right on the money. Why don't you go take a shower and change and I'll see about that arm when you get done."

For the first time he seemed to notice the abrasion on his arm and he grimaced as he touched it. Then he nodded and started to get up. Jake was right by his side and the two of them went off to the bathroom. I heard the shower running a few minutes later and I sat there and thought about what to do next.

The other kids sensed my mood and Joe led Shawn off to play while Sarah excused herself to go do her homework. I steeled myself for what was to come next then went to my room and called David's house. The phone rang and rang but no one picked up. I hung up and redialed, hoping persistence might get results, but still no one picked up.

I slammed the phone down and pulled out my cell and called the lawyer Martha had recommended and told him we needed to act quickly without going into too much detail. He said he had contacted David's father and he was agreeable to giving up parental rights but that it would be up to the court to decide what happened to David. That was bad news, but he assured me that he would do everything possible to make sure I got first shot at fostering him. He said he had a friend at Child Services who owed him a favor and if we were lucky to pull the right judge he thought we had a good chance of pulling it off.

A little hope is better than no hope and I actually felt a little better when I hung up. I found Jake and David in the Family room playing video games and when I came in they looked up and nodded almost as one. I guessed the video games took their mind off David's problems, but it wasn't that easy for me.

"How's the arm?" I said sitting down near them.

"Jake sprayed some stuff on it and it feels okay now."

Jake to the rescue again. I was glad he was so helpful but I felt about as useful as booties on a snake. 

"I tried to call your house but there was no answer," I offered after a while.

"Probably moved already. That's probably why he did what he did, cause he figured no one could find him afterwards."

"Think Marty will go looking for him?"

"Huh, Marty isn't his biggest worry right now. It's Mary's boss that's gunning for them. Marty was gonna pay the debt if I...well, you know."

God I felt sick just thinking about it, but David seemed unusually calm.

"Well, that deal is off...forever, so no one is gonna have to pay that debt."

"I hope they snuff his stupid ass and Janice too," David said angrily.

"David, you don't mean that."

He shrugged, "I don't know any more. I got no feelings for either of them. I just want them to leave me alone...all of them."

"Well, from now on..just till we get things figured out, I'll be picking you and Jake up from school and I don't want you going anywhere on your own."

He nodded, "Fine by me, but if Marty really wanted me....he'd just take me."

"I may be an old guy, but I'm not a wuss. Besides, the last thing a drug dealer wants is trouble with the law and believe me if he tries anything that's what he'll have."

"Yeah, I guess that's true. So what now?"

"I talked to the lawyer and your dad has agreed to give up parental rights. Now we just have to get the court to place you with us."

"If they don't I'll run away."

"I know how you feel, but running away is not the answer. I won't give up on you so don't give up on yourself. If it doesn't work the first time we'll keep trying."

He looked up at me with wet eyes, "You'd do that for me?"

"Yeah, I would. So...until we know for sure, don't give up....okay?"

He nodded unable to speak as he wiped at his eyes. Then he lost it for a minute and Jake pulled him into a hug as he cried softly. I scooted down on the other side of David and joined the hug and when he was all cried out I got up and started dinner. I wanted things to seem as normal as possible and even if David didn't have much appetite I knew the others would.

I made spaghetti and meatballs and tossed a huge salad and buttered and browned a loaf of French bread. By the time it was ready I had Shawn hanging on me and Joe and Sarah sniffing around like hungry dogs. I had the kids set the table and called Jake and David in and we sat down to dinner.

It was Joe's turn to say grace and he had us all teary eyed before he was done.

"God thank you for my family and this yummy food and for our new brother David and please watch over him and keep the bad guys away from him and...ummm make the judge let him come live with us...amen."

I wiped at my eyes and noticed David and Jake had tears streaming down their faces. They sniffed and blew their noses on a napkin and attacked their plates as if they were starved. The conversation turned to school and sports and video games and not one negative or sad thing was brought up the rest of the meal. 

The older kids insisted on clearing and washing dishes so Shawn and I retired to my recliner and watched The Simpsons on Netflix. He was laughing so hard I thought he was going to pee on me, but I was laughing pretty hard too.

When the kids joined us they looked as if they had something to say and I lowered the volume and waited.

Joe was obviously the spokesman for the group and I was proud that he was willing to stand up and lead the way. "Ummm, well dad..we umm been talking and we want you to know that all of us, Jake and Sarah and me....are all for David becoming our brother."

"Me too!" Shawn said excitedly, "Daddy can he sleep in my room?"

I laughed, "Well, now if you guys can just convince the judge....." And I suddenly had one of those "OH" moments. What judge could resist four cute kids begging him to give them another brother? If we got that far the kids might very well be the ones to make all the pieces fall into place.

"Yeah, we'll tell him daddy," Shawn said making a cute face.

"You guys are something else," David choked out, "I already feel like you're my family. Thanks...all of you," he sniffed.

"I think this calls for a group hug," Jake said grinning, "come on dad jump in here."

I got up and carried Shawn over and unloaded him onto David's back and he held him while we crowded around and gave him pats and hugs. It was sort of like an initiation and David ate it up. From that moment forth he was like a different boy, optimistic and happy even when things weren't going his way.

 The days passed slowly, our lawyer finally caught up with David's father and got his signature on the documents and he submitted them to the court. Our hearing was set for the following Monday and I promised our attorney we'd be there.

I did some research online and found some cases similar to David's and the ruling seemed to be about 50/50. Of course things varied from state to state and as I had learned from our attorney, depended a lot on the judge and the recommendations of Child Services.

We had two things in our favor however, David's father had been arrested for drug possession shortly after signing the documents giving up his parental rights and in the course of interrogation had spilled his guts about trying to sell David's ass to Marty to clear his debt. This resulted in Marty's arrest and upon further investigation the cops discovered child porn on Marty's computer and it looked like Marty would be off the streets for a very long time.

Of course after David's dad spilled the beans, the authorities questioned David but referred the disposition of him to Child services who ruled that in the best interest of the child David should remain with us until such time as a judge could make a final ruling.

David saw this as a promise of things to come, but I was still a little nervous as we walked into court that day. I admit I had always felt a little panicky around the  authorities and considering the kind of relationship I had with Jake, I had good reason to be. 

As we filed in I spied Mark, our attorney and he came forward to where we stood and offered his hand.

"I have more good news guys. We drew Judge Abrams for today's hearing and in light of the charges against David's father and Marty Wheeler, I think I can say without a doubt that the judge will rule in our favor. He won't make the final decision but he can rule to allow David to stay with you and your family until the court makes it final ruling which...could take up to a year as clogged up as the courts are."

David sat with Mark up front while I took a seat just behind the rail where I'd be close by if the judge wanted me. It was actually pretty boring. The judge read the documents and asked the attorney a few questions about where David was staying now and if he was in a safe and nurturing environment and then he asked David to step into his chambers so they could talk.

I was terrified at this turn of events, but Mark assured me it was standard procedure and that it was actually a good thing. They weren't in there long but when they came out David was smiling and the judge seemed in good spirits as well.

"Mr. Miller would you come forward please", the judge said motioning for me and I wasted no time getting there.

         I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself, Don't screw this up!, I said to myself, then I began. "Your honor I have only known David a short time and in that time I have found him to be a kind and loving young man who has been through more in his young life than anyone should have to endure. He has endeared himself not only to me but to my four adopted children and we feel like he is already part of our family. I know you aren't making the final decision about where David will wind up, but for right now he has a home with us..if you are willing to let him stay there and I..uh, we will do everything we can to make sure he is safe and loved and well cared for." I was exhausted after my little speech but I noticed David and several of the others present in the courtroom had wet eyes...and well, mine were pretty wet too.

"Thank you Mr. Miller, you may return to your seat," 

As I mentioned I had tears in my eyes but it was hard to read the judge. I mean he had probably seen everything in his career on the bench and this was just one more abused child to him, however..when he cleared his throat and began I knew David's plea and mine had not gone unheeded.

"This court rules that in the best interest of the child that  David Taylor  be allowed to remain in the custody of Robert Miller until a final ruling can be made. The next court hearing will be...umm July 15th at 10 am. Until then I wish both of you the best of luck."

We thanked Judge Abrams and left but once in the hall Mark pulled us aside and with a big smile he said, "I told you he was a softie. He really cares about kids and once he found out you had adopted four kids already there was no way he was going to deny temporary custody. And...if he has anything to do with I'd be willing to bet that David will soon be a permanent member of your little family."

"I can't thank you enough," I said pumping his hand, "you don't know what this mean to us..." I said suddenly feeling very emotional.

"I was glad to help.  I'll keep in touch, but until the next hearing there's really not much to do. Just relax and enjoy your time together and pray for the best."

David thanked him next and actually gave him a shy hug,. At first Mark looked surprised then he hugged David back and gave him a reassuring smile, "I'm sorry things turned out like they did with your real folks, but you're a lucky young man to have found someone like Rob who really cares about you."

"I know sir, thank you for all you've done."

"You're so welcome buddy. Well, I'd take you guys out to celebrate, but unfortunately I'm due back in court in an hour so...I better get a move on."

I took David out to Chili's for lunch and we celebrated just us two. I tried not to think about the future, as far as I was concerned David was part of our family already and I intended to treat him that way.

David bubbled over with enthusiasm as he wolfed down his burger and talked about school and his likes and dislikes and I found out some very interesting things about him. I discovered that he played guitar and had one of his own until his father pawned it. He said he played in the band at school and that was the only time he had access to a guitar and he missed having his own. 

I didn't think he was hinting for me to buy him one, but as soon as I could talk to Jake about it I was going to do just that. I always supported and encouraged the kids when they found something that interested them and now that David was one of the kids, I would certainly do the same for him.

We lingered over dessert and David turned to me with wet eyes and in a husky quivering voice he told me that he had never known anyone as nice as me and that living with me and the kids was like a dream come true.

"It's pretty nice for us too," I said reaching across the table and patting his hand, "When I was married I always wanted a house full of kids, but as things worked out my wife was only able to have two. Now, I have that house full and one more is just icing on the cake."

"I'll earn my keep," he said looking serious, "I'll take out the trash and wash dishes..whatever you want me to do. You won't be sorry...I promise."

"I know, you're a good kid and I think you'll fit in just fine. The others already like you and I appreciate the way you treat them, even the younger ones. Shawny already loves you like a big brother."

He choked back tears and nodded, "I love him too...all of you."

"You ready to go son?" I said hoping to get us out of there before we both broke down and made a spectacle of ourselves.

He nodded, "Thanks for lunch, I really enjoyed having you all to myself."

I paid the check and tipped the waitress nicely and we headed out to the car. Light rain had begun to fall and and the temperature had dropped a few degrees, but nothing could dampen our spirits that day.

We talked more in the car and I learned that he had a birthday coming up soon. That was good information and I filed it away for later. That guitar was closer than he thought.

We stopped at the grocery store for a few things and David pushed the cart as I loaded it and it all felt comfortable and homey. My feelings for David were something new. With Jake I had loved him body and soul but with David it was more like the love I had for Joe and Shawn and Sarah, a father's love. Maybe it was because I loved Jake so much or maybe I was learning to control my feelings better.

We swung by and picked up Jake and then picked up the younger kids and headed home. Of course we had to tell the story twice but David was so excited he really didn't mind and I got into the spirit of things pretty quick. 

"We should go celebrate at Pizza World," Joe suggested and I bet Marcus would like to congratulate David too."

I laughed, "And I bet Dakota would too, right Sarah?"

"Well, it would be nice to  have the whole family together," Jake added laughing.

"I like the idea of a party, but what if we have it at our place, I could order a cake and we could have pizza or finger food and if we could even play some games."

"Yeah, maybe even have a sleepover...." Joe said raising his eyebrows comically.

We all laughed but I certainly had no problem with anything the kids wanted to do. When we got home we discussed it some more and finally decided on the coming Saturday night for the party. Joe called Marcus and Sarah called Dakota and as expected they were on board.

I fixed stuffed baked potatoes for dinner and later while the kids watched TV I went online and ordered a cake for the party and got some prices for catering the party. I finally decided on a local deli and told them I'd pick up the food at five on Saturday. 

I took a shower and was dressing when Jake wandered in and shut the door behind him, got naked and joined me.

"Well, hello there," I said grinning.

"Hi, want someone to wash your back?"

"My front, my back and everywhere in between," I said handing him the poof.

"Okay, deal..but you gotta wash me too."

"Okay, no problem, but me first."

I relaxed as he worked on me, running his soft hands over my body and washing away my sweat and tension. I sighed contentedly as he soaped up my backside and when his hand went between my butt cheeks I  bent forward and offered him better access.

As the scratchy poof moved across my pucked I moaned with pleasure, "That feels nice. You got any plans for that?"

"Mmmm....yeah, he said nuzzling my ear, here or in bed?"

"Here is fine, then I won't have to shower again afterwards."

"Good call, cause this is gonna be messy," he growled into my ear as he grabbed my hips and positioned himself.

"Whoa, a little lube please, some conditioner maybe..."

"Oh yeah," he said sheepishly.

Once we were lubed up he entered me quickly and began slowly moving in and out as he held me tightly by the hips. His cock felt great inside me as I started working my cock slowly trying to keep pace with him. He was growling into my ear and suddenly he shifted his position and began hitting my prostate with each forward stroke.

"Oh, that feels wicked, I think I may just be able to get mine without touching it any more," I moaned.

"I'm pretty close, trying to hold back feels so good hot, so tight...ummmm."

He managed to keep it up for about five more minutes but that was long enough to get me off simply from his internal stimulation. I began to spew and as my ass clenched around him he joined me, growling deep within his throat and burying himself in my hot spasming ass. I could feel his hot thick cum squirting out like a hose and he was was messy. He shot at least five times then dribbled until my ass was filled to capacity. When he finally pulled out I felt his jizz running down my leg and watched the mixture of condition and jizz run down the drain between my legs.

"Whoooo...that was a gusher," I said as I regained my composure.

"Told ya it would be messy," he said pulling out slowly. He was still semi-erect and I knew he could get it back up in heartbeat if we tried hard enough and I was just  horny enough and happy enough to want to. I spun around and dropped to my knees as he watched me with interest.

"Let me clean that up for you," I said as I knelt on the shower floor and grabbed his cock which sprung to attention immediately. He gasped as I swallowed him whole and grabbed my head and guided me along as I deep throated his tasty cock. The conditioner was sort of a bummer but after pausing long enough to spit the bubbles out I continued and tasted his true flavor mixed with my ass. Sick huh? No, it was awesome. Love makes you do strange things, things that out of context might seem gross or weird, but in the throes of love were awesome.

I finished him off rather quickly and was surprised to find I was hard and leaking myself. As I stood his eyes grew wide with surprise and without a word he dropped down and began sucking me then when I was fully hard and wet he bent over and offered me the back door tour. I used spit and my pre-cum and got in pretty easily and that fuck was maybe one of the top ten of my life. I lasted a good ten minutes and despite coming earlier I managed to produce a decent amount of baby batter to breed my boy with. He grunted and pushed back as I came and I realized he had had a mini-gasm as I rubbed against his prostate. So the score was me 2, Jake 3, not bad for shower sex.

I felt guilty when we rejoined the others in the living room, but no one seemed to notice us except David who gave Jake a curious smile. I sat down in my recliner but Shawny was busy rolling around with Joe in the floor and didn't jump me till later. There was something very comfortable and familiar about all this and David seemed to fit in just fine. He was sprawled on the couch looking very cute in cut off sweat shorts and a baggy tee and I noticed his feet again. What was it with boy feet and me? I laughed to myself. I actually believed that I could get off just loving boy feet if I kept at it long enough, but except for Jake I didn't get much opportunity.

The kids took their bath or shower one at a time and by bedtime everyone was ready to get some rest. Jake and David went into Jake's room and I followed Joe and Shawn to their room to tuck them in. Shawny was tired and didn't beg for me to stay and after kissing Joe goodnight I went in and tucked Sarah in and headed off to my bedroom. 

I felt kind of lonely, but I knew it was important to keep up appearances especially with David's future hanging in the balance, but when I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth Jake was laying in my bed under the covers and grinning like that stupid cat in Alice in Wonderland.

"What about David?"

"He's cool with it. I mean what's the use in hiding it. He already knows and it's not like anyone is gonna bust down the door and catch us."

I shrugged, he had me there. "Well, I suppose as long as we're careful. I wonder though how David really feels about us...about our relationship..."

"Huh? He's jealous...that's how he feels," Jake laughed.

"What? No, no way. He was abused by his father. I would think the last thing he would want was a man....uh, know."

"What his father did and what we do is two different things and he knows it. He's not stupid. He know the difference between love and sex."

"Did he tell you this, or are you just assuming all this?"

"We talked about it. He says I'm lucky and that his dad had been like you that he would have done anything he wanted."

That made me feel sorry for David and a little uncomfortable about my own situation. I knew what Jake and I had was consensual, even if not legal, but sometimes it still bothered me. I had talked to a few dads over the years online and I knew dad/son relationships were more common that most people might think, but it was still taboo and illegal as hell and that bothered a lot of us dads.

"His father is a rapist and a drug addict, but he is still David's father and I suppose deep down inside there is a certain amount of love in David's heart for him.

"Dunno, I guess, but I do know that he already considers you to be his dad."

"That makes me feel very good inside. I feel like he's my son."

"Whoa, not gonna replace me with David are you?" he teased.

"Naw, I'll just have two sons," I joked.

His eyebrows shot up and then he grinned evilly, "I bet he'd like that and well...I wouldn't mind it either. It might be fun."

"Bite your tongue. That's all I need is another horny teenager in my bed, especially one I'm trying to adopt."

"Well, you started it. But seriously...if you could do it and get away with it..would you do him?"

I blushed bright red and by the look on his face I could tell he could read me like a book so no need to lie, "Yeah, I can't lie. He's one sexy boy and if the situation was right...well, I could see myself enjoying his company in bed."

"Do I need to worry?" he teased.

"No, not at all. We have no secrets and I can assure you that I won't indulge my fantasies without you knowing it...ever."

He nodded, "So...what you're saying is if I agreed we could all three..."

"No!" I said frowning, "That's not what I said. I said I would never do anything behind your back, that's all."

"Okay, okay..come to bed and snuggle up to me. I'm too tired to do anything after that workout in the shower, but I wouldn't mind making out some."

Well, making out with a horny teenage boy, no matter  how tired he says he is, usually leads to something more and that night was no exception. Before too long we were grinding together and he took control and rolled me over on my tummy and mounted me like a dog in heat and did his thing. I was too tired to fuck, but he gave me one of his righteous blow jobs and I fell asleep a very satisfied dad.

The party was a huge success and Marcus spent the night, though I drew the line at Dakota sleeping over. He did manage to stay until almost midnight and when I drove him home he seemed quiet and thoughtful. It was just us two, I had sent Sarah to bed and the boys were all bedded down on pallets in the living room, and though I hadn't planned on having a talk with him, it just happened.

"Can I ask you something sir?" he said after  a while.

"Sir?" I laughed, "I appreciate your being respectful but sir is so formal, call me Rob or dad," I chuckled.

He smiled, he was such a sweet and cute boy. "Dad2," he giggled, "It's about Sarah and me."

I nodded, "Oh, and what about you two?"

"You know we're in love...right?"

"Well, as much as two kids your age can be I guess."

"So anyway," he went on ignoring my comment, "you know she's been sleeping over at my house sometimes."

"Uh huh," I said worried about where this was headed, "and your parents assurred me that you were well chaperoned."

"Oh, we have been. I mean we haven't done anything but kiss and stuff," he said quickly.

" want to do more?" I guessed.

He nodded, "I know we're not supposed to do that stuff..and God, this is sooo embarrassing, but I just get"

"Horny," I finished for him, "I'm not so old that I don't remember what it was like to be a horny boy. Look there are ways to take care of that without going all the way. I mean for you it's different than with Sarah. Once she does the deed she's changed forever. You know about the hymen and all that...right?"

He blushed but nodded, "We learned about it in Health Class. So...what can we do?"

I thought a moment before replying. I felt like I should be talking to Sarah as much as Dakota about this. "Well, stroking and oral sex are good substitutes, especially oral. Most guys really like that...and girls do too once they are comfortable with it."

He blushed deeper red and looked so adorable, "'d be okay with Sarah...ummm..doing that?"

"I would prefer that to intercourse. She would still be a virgin that way, but it's really up to her. I don't know if she would like to do that or not. You know her better that way than I do. And then there's pleasing her. Would you be willing to please her that way or to...(what was the proper name for finger masturbate her?"

"God, this is so embarrassing," he repeated, "but yeah, I'd do anything for her....even if she didn't want to do it back."

"You must love her then," I chuckled, "Have you discussed this sort of thing?"

He nodded, "Yeah, she said I should talk to you about it."

"So she set me up," I laughed, "Well, in the end what you two do or don't do is really your business and I'm smart enough to know that no amount of chaperoning can stop you from doing what you're gonna do, but....if you want my opinion then I say you are too young for full blown sex. However, petting and the things I've mentioned might be a good alternative."

He nodded, "That would be fine with me. I don't want to do anything that Sarah doesn't want and I'm pretty sure she wants to save virginity for the right boy. I hope it's me, but I don't want to take that chance away from her."

I reched over and rubbed his shoulder, "You're a good kid, you know that? I'm proud to know you and I hope you and Sarah stay together and eventually you become my son-in-law, but that's a long way off."

"I hope so," he said grinning, "Thanks for the advice. I really can't talk to my folks about this kind of stuff."

"Really, they strike me as so open and progressive...."

"Oh, they are. In fact I think they wished I was gay so they could brag to their friends and tell them how progressive they are," he laughed, "They'd be cool about it, but I'd die of embarrassment."

"Well, I'm glad you can be honest and open with me and I'll try to be the same way with you."

He nodded, "I trust you a lot. I know you're a good guy and you care about all us kids."

I nodded, "I'm a softie for kids, especially kids in trouble."

"Like David?"

"Yeah, like David....and my own kids."

"Yeah, sometimes it's hard to believe they used to live next door and didn't have food most of the time."

That hurt just hearing it rehashed, "Well, fortunately I found them in time. Well, here we are," I said pulling up in his drive.

"Thanks dad two," he said opening the door and giving me a big smile, "See ya later."

"Yeah, and Dak, don't wear it out tonight dreaming of Sarah," I laughed.

He was giggling as he closed the door and headed up the drive.  I watched until he was safely inside then drove home a little aroused thinking about what was soon to come between him and my baby girl.

I let myself in and checked on the kids and found Sarah had joined the boys in the floor. They treated her just like one of the guys usually, except they were very protective of her, and I decided it was no big deal for her to sleep in the floor with them. Shawn had already crashed and the other boys were playing video games but they paused it long enough for me to say goodnight and give out hugs and kisses.

"I'll come see you later," Jake whispered as I bent down to kiss his cheek and I my cock jumped a little at the promise of what was to come. (cum?)

"Goodnight kids, stay up as late as you'd like. I'll let you sleep in and we'll have brunch when you finally wake up."

I hadn't been in bed more than a half hour when Jake showed up and as he stripped off his shorts and climbed into bed he smiled. "Well Joe and Marcus slipped off to my room for some nookie and David and Sarah are playing Halo so I thought I'd come visit. I have to go back later, but I have time to play."

And play we did. First we made out, and I was so aroused from my conversation with Dakota that I couldn't wait to get off. I sucked Jake to a glorious orgasm then lifted his legs and rimmed him deeply and wetly before mounting him. I was fucking like a porn star and bouncing Jake around so hard that his head was banging the head board. In addition we were both pretty noisy and I finally bent down and kissed Jake to shut him up. We moaned into each other's mouth as I fucked him hard and deep and when I came I jammed in all the way and just stayed there kissing him and emptying my balls into his hot tight bowels.

"Wow, what was that all about?" Jake said as we lay there cuddling, me basking in my afterglow.

"Well, since we have no secrets...." I said and then filled him in on my little talk with Dakota.

"Oh...My...God, you told him to have Sarah blow him?" Jake laughed, "Boy, every kid needs a dad like you."

"Well, it's a better alternative than fucking," I said trying to redeem myself, "and believe it or not, mothers have been instructing their daughters on how to please a boy and not loose their cherry since the beginning of time."

"Yeah, it makes sense. I guess I never really thought about what it's like for a girl. I mean for a boy it's no big deal. In fact it's sort of expected that we lose our virginity early."

"But gay boys lose their cherries too," I reminded him.

"Oh, yeah, but no one can tell...can they?"

"Well, unless you're getting fucked by twelve inch cocks the girth of a coke can."

"Ouch, or getting fisted."

"Gross, that is one thing I will never understand. I gives me chills every time I think about it."

"Yeah, that is pretty sick. Why would anyone want a fist up their ass?"

"And how would anyone fucking them get any friction afterwards. It would be like throwing a hot dog down a well...."

We both laughed. "Speaking of hot dogs...roll over daddy...I got a hot dog for your well."

"More like a water pipe, but go ahead..plug it up."

Jake took his time and shifted postions twice before finishing up with us face to face and me on my back. He said he liked that way best cause we could kiss and he could see my face and tell if I was liking it or not. Of course I always liked it and sometimes I wondered what sort of faces I made while getting fucked. Some day I'd have to video the whole thing.

Jake cleaned up and got dressed and slipped back out to join the others and laid back and relaxed.  I felt happy and more alive than I had in years and I knew it was all because of Jake and my little family. I wondered what was going on with Joe and Marcus and then I thought about Dakota and pictured him whacking it while laying buck naked in his bed and damned if I didn't get a boner again. I was turning into as much of  a sex hound as my boys, but I managed to keep my hands off of it eventually drifted off to sleep.

End of Chapters 9 and 10

More to come

Wow, a new member of the family? Well, only if the court rules in their favor. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile Jake and Rob continue their dad/son love affair despite David's presence. As David fantasizes about what goes on in Rob's bed, Rob and Jake have some fantasies of their own. And after his little talk with Dakota Rob has some major fantasies to deal with. Sorry it took so long to get these chapters out but I've been really busy. 

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