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Summer Breeze: (M/B)

Chapter One: Grandma's cottage

Josh opened his eyes on the cool summer morning as he rolled over pulling the covers up seeking to extend his slumber. He wondered why the place was always cold it was the summer after all. Perhaps it was that the building wasn't insulated, nonetheless it was always too cold in the morning for his liking and as with most teens Josh was all about comfort. His efforts to regain his slumber were thwarted by his full bladder and stiff dick. Just past his fifteenth birthday Josh found himself frequently afflicted with a hard cock in the morning. It made no sense to him, as there were no girls around, nothing to excite him.

Finally giving in to his bladder Josh got up and waddled his way to the bathroom in only his boxers. He stood in front of the toilet and pulled his boxers down, his seven-inch cock sprang out. It was a good size for his age he knew, thick and uncut with a pubic bush to match. He wasn't sure if the few girls that had seen it were in awe of his cock or afraid of it! No matter, he was proud of it, the largest one in his class, not that he spent a lot of time examining other boys in the shower but a guy has to know where he stands on these things. Another mystery for Josh was that he couldn't piss, even though he clearly needed to, being erect was making it difficult but finally the stream began to flow and he sighed, both in relief as well as in pleasure. Pissing with a hard on wasn't going to make him cum but it was enjoyable.

Finishing up he looked out the small window before him, on to the still water of the bay. The sun was rising, reflecting off the water as it bathed the opposite shore in light. Against that he could see a small boat leaving the dock across the bay. Someone was paddling it with a double oar as the sleek boat cut through the water much more quickly than he thought possible. It looked like a man from what Josh could see, the paddle moving like a clock, sweeping through the air and then into the water on each side of the boat. As it left his sight he looked down to find his cock had wilted, thankfully. The morning chill sent him rushing back to his warm bed, as he slipped quickly under the covers and sought sleep.

Josh woke again, this time for the smell of bacon. Grandma was making breakfast, she didn't call him, she knew the smell was more powerful than her voice and it worked. Josh arrived having pulled on a T and his jeans. Within seconds he was presented with what had become his typical summer morning meal, bacon and eggs, with the obligatory fruit on the side and toast, slathered in butter. He didn't mind her cooking for him, in fact it was nice to have someone take care of him, but heck he was a man now, not the little boy she remembered. He devoured the meal quickly and got up to turn on the TV. It was a waste of time really, the stupid thing only got 5 channels up here.

"You want some more to eat dear?" Grandma asked.

"No thank you Grandma" Josh replied dismissively.

"Growing boy has to eat," She admonished as she took up the plates.

"Are you trying to make me fat Grandma?" He asked pleasantly. Josh was proud of his flat belly and he planned to keep it that way maybe he'd have to start exercising if she continued to feed him this way. Back home he had his friends to keep him active, they'd be out on their skate boards all day, burning off the calories they took in but up here, he was alone and bored.

After pointlessly flipping through the TV channels he got up and looked out the door toward the beach. He could tell that the wind was up as the waves lapped at the shore.

"Grandma, I saw I guy out in a little boat this morning, from the cottage on the other side of the bay" Josh reported.

"Oh that's Mr. Watson, he lives in the house on the hill, you can't see it from here because of the cliffs in the way. He goes out every morning, I'm surprised you were up early enough to see him" She advised.

"I had to take a ... use the bathroom, and I saw him going out," Josh explained.

The remainder of the day had been much the same boredom that he experienced since his arrival a week and half ago, when his mom had dropped him off. Josh did his little chores for his Grandma and then wandered around with nothing to do. He was trying to skip stones onto the water when she arrived with a large basket.

"Josh, would you like to come help me pick strawberries, I'll make pies tomorrow" She asked.

Josh shrugged and then followed her along the beach, it wasn't like he had any thing else do to during his purgatory. They went up the hill and out onto a field coved with small strawberry bushes. They spent the afternoon picking the berries, filling the basket. Josh could see the house that Grandma had mentioned now. It was larger than her cottage, clearly modern and meant for year round living.

The next morning Grandma was in baking mode and so Josh stayed clear of her kitchen, instead he walked around the forest and ended up on the lakeside shoreline. The lake it self was rough, the waves crashing down onto the rocks. It was much calmer in the bay where his Grandma's cottage faced. The wind was up he noticed as it blustered his shaggy shoulder length brown hair. It was rarely kept neat but now it was like a tornado had gone through it. Josh retreated to the cottage finding his T-shirt insufficient protection from the wind.

Grandma had finished her baking, when Josh reappeared, he could see a dozen pies were cooling on the table.

"Oh there you are, Josh darling would you take two pies over to Mr. Watson?" She instructed before Josh had a chance to even sit down.

"You bake for him Grandma?" Josh asked wondering just what the relationship was between this man and his Grandmother. He didn't think about her having a boyfriend at her age but now he considered the possibility. `Yes I want to meet this Mr. Watson' Josh thought.

"Well the strawberries actually grow on his land, so whenever I make pies I make sure to take him some" Grandma replied as she got two pies wrapped up.

"It's windy out, I'm getting my hoody" Josh explained as he passed through to the bedroom. Returning with the sweater on, he accepted the baked goods and headed out up the hill. As he came over the rise and descended the moderate grade from the cliffs he saw the house completely. It was indeed modern with large windows and a deck facing the lake. He climbed the steps up to the sliding glass door and peered into the building. He was looking at the kitchen as he knocked on the glass. There was no immediate answer as he paused. Josh could see into the open living room and what caught his eye was a big screen TV, it looked like it was perhaps a plasma or LCD. Surely it wasn't there just to get a few channels, this guy must have a satellite receiver and that might just make him Josh's new best friend.

Edwin Watson put down his axe, he'd done enough wood chopping for the day. It was both good exercise and necessary for his wood stove, used to heat his house during the winter. He entered his house through the front door when he suddenly noticed a face peering into his kitchen. It was a young man in a hooded sweatshirt, perhaps a couple of inches shorter than him self, maybe 5 foot 8. His face was young though so perhaps he was 16, the man thought as he made mental notes for the police. Cottage break-ins weren't common around here but he knew that his house would be a good target with the satellite dish on the roof. They must have arrived by boat he figured, he would have heard or seen a vehicle on the road. It would seem that they had sent the young one up to check things out and claim he was looking for the party or something when he found people at home and if not, then he'd signal his accomplices for the theft.

Edwin exited through the front door and rounded the house. There was no boat visible at the dock as he looked around. He stepped up quickly and startled the boy on the deck.

Josh's face showed surprise when the man suddenly appeared, he wasn't what he expected at all. The man was a bit taller than him self and built. Stocky with bulging biceps, Josh figured the guy must work out a lot. He was younger too maybe in his forties, a lot younger than his Grandma. That sly old woman was eying up a younger man, well good for her, he thought.

"Mr. Watson?" Josh asked tentatively.

`He knows my name' Edwin thought as he stood before the boy, face stern, his posture aggressive, lest the lad think to try anything with him. Fat chance, he thought, they're all tough in a group but when alone they've got nothing. He noticed the boy, and a boy he certainly was, Edwin decided on seeing his young face close up, was holding two pies. Edwin then realised it was Betty's grandson. She had warned him that there was going to be a hooligan about this summer. His mother had sent him here to keep him away from his `friends' in the city as she just couldn't keep him on the straight and narrow. Young people were so weak these days, he thought, they gave into temptation so easily. In his day having police involvement was shameful, now it seemed it was a right of passage or something.

"Yes" He replied warily.

"I'm Josh, my Grandma sent me... to give you these" He said holding up the pies, clearly taken aback by the man's posture. Well good, Edwin thought, let's make sure he knows who the alpha male is on this side of the lake.

"Yes, thank you" he replied taking the pies as he slid the glass door open. He entered and the boy followed. As he put the pies on the counter he thought it rude of the boy to enter is house without being invited. It didn't matter how cute he was, with his deep brown eyes and thick lips, it was still rude, but it had been along time since a young male had crossed Edwin's threshold.

"Did someone invite you in?" Edwin snapped

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry Mr. Watson" Josh said flustered as he backed toward the door.

"Well next time wait til you're invited" Edwin suggested as he motioned the boy in.

"This is an awesome house Mr. Watson, you got satellite TV?" Josh gushed as he moved things right along.

Edwin could see the boy more clearly now that he'd lowered his hood, his shaggy brown hair outlined his angular face. The boy's voice was deeper than he expected from the young face but the boy was clearly stupid, of course he had satellite TV there was a dish on the roof.

"Yes, 500 channels and nothing worth watching" Edwin half joked.

The boy chuckled, "Grandma gets like five!"

Josh kicked his shoes off and headed into the living room. `I guess he's staying a while' Edwin thought.

"You're kinda young to be my Grandma's boyfriend" Josh said boldly from the other room.

Edwin stood at the edge of the kitchen and replied curtly, "I'm 53 and I'm not your lovely Grandmother's boyfriend"

"Really? I thought you were a lot younger" Josh replied.

"Why, because men in the fifties are supposed to be overweight and bald?" Edwin retorted.

Josh shrugged, "You must work out all the time, those are awesome pipes" He complimented meaning the man's biceps.

"Wood chopping and kayaking are all I need to keep in shape," Edwin announced proudly.

"Yeah I saw you in your little boat with the double oars" Josh reported.

"It's called a kayak" The man replied finding it interesting that the teen was up early enough to see him.

"You only go out in the morning?" Josh asked.

"Yes, the water is smoother, it makes paddling more enjoyable" Edwin explained.

"Maybe I could go with you some time," Josh asked hopefully, seeking to break his boredom.

"It's a one person boat," Edwin advised growing tired of the whelp's questions.

"Oh ... Could you teach me to drive it?" Josh asked as he looked around the room.

"Paddle it, it's all human powered. Yes I could teach you" Edwin replied thinking the boy wouldn't put the effort in anyway.

"Today?" Josh asked his face lighting up.

"No, it's too windy, when I get back tomorrow morning I'll get out my old kayak and see if we can get you going in that, if you're on the beach I'll bring it over" Edwin suggested, thinking there would be no follow up regardless of the boy's response.

"That would be awesome" Josh beamed unaware of how needy he was appearing to be.

"Are you a good swimmer?" Edwin asked concerned that he might actually have to follow through.

"Oh yeah, no worries there dude" Josh replied confidently.

`So now I'm a dude' Edwin thought.

"You have internet here?" Josh blurted as he discovered the laptop sitting on the dinning room table.

"Yes, it's for my work" Edwin said hoping to avoid the next question.

"Can I use it?" Josh asked

"It's not a toy," Edwin advised.

"I'll be real careful ... I just wanna check my e-mail dude" Josh continued.

"Mr. Watson" the man stated.

"Huh?" Josh wondered why the old guy was saying his own name

"You may call me Mr. Watson, not dude," The man corrected.

"Oh yeah, sorry, so what kind of work do you do" Josh said moving right along.

"I'm a consultant, I used to work for the government but I retired and started my own business so now I get to set my own hours and work as much or as little as I want" Edwin explained.

"So can I use it?" Josh asked returning to the original topic

"We'll see" The man replied in adult speak.

Josh took the hint and returned to the door to put his shoes back on.

"See you tomorrow" Josh said as he leapt off the deck on his way back to his grandmother's cottage. Edwin watched as the boy trotted up the hill in an excited gait. Josh's friends back home might be horrified to see his outward expression of excitement over a boat ride, Edwin thought as he sighed.