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Chapter two: The lesson

The next morning was thankfully warmer, Josh noted as he woke to his watch alarm. He pulled himself out of bed, excited at the prospect of doing something new today. He again waited for his erection to subside somewhat before pissing. He pulled on a pair of board shorts, grabbed a piece of fruit and shot out the door. As he made his way to the beach he wondered if he should go back and get a T-shirt but decided that it was warm enough to go without. He tested the water temperature with his foot, it was cool but not bad. He scanned the bay mouth and then looked back at the dock across the water, wondering if perhaps he missed Mr. Watson.

Just then the kayak appeared, streaking toward its dock. Josh waved gleefully but got no response, maybe the man didn't see him.

Edwin saw the boy flailing his arms and flipped his paddle in greeting as he continued to stroke. He pulled the kayak into the shallows and stepped out. It was then that he saw the boy swimming across the bay. At first Edwin thought it an unnecessary display, as if the boy needed to prove his swimming ability but on the other hand he thought it impressive that he would swim across the bay as it must be at least 500 metres. Edwin paused thinking perhaps he should wait on the beach in case the youth was literally in over his head trying to impress the man and a rescue was required.

The boy stood up as he neared the shore. Edwin got his first look at him and was amazed at how fit he was for one so young. His chest appeared firm and his biceps were defined. He was a skinny boy with a flat belly and spindly legs, it was obvious that all he was doing for weight training was bench presses. He was well tanned though, clearly more of an outdoors boy that he gave him credit for.

"Hey Mr. Watson" The boy greeted.

"Good morning Josh" the man replied, resisting the urge to compliment the boy on his body, lest he take it the wrong way.

"Are we doing the kayak lesson today?" He asked excitedly.

Well at least he remembered what it was called, Edwin thought before he replied, "Yes, I'll get it"

Josh waited on the beach until Edwin returned carrying a blue kayak on his powerful shoulder. He had a paddle and life jacket in his other arm. He set the boat down in the water and handed Josh the jacket.

"I don't need that," the boy reported.

"Yes you do" The man replied sternly, gesturing to the one he currently wore.

"OK" Josh relented as put the vest on.

"You will always wear a life jacket in the kayak" Edwin commanded.

"Yes sir" Josh replied as though speaking to a teacher.

The man showed the boy how to get in to the kayak and then stayed in the water beside him as he took the boat into deeper water.

"Don't I need the paddle thing?" Josh asked.

"Not yet" Edwin replied, "Now kayaks are stabilized by your body position, it's easy to tip them but it's also easy to control them. It's all in the hips really."

Mr. Watson rocked the boat a bit, causing Josh to grip the sides. Once the boy released he tipped the boat quickly to one side then the back to the other. Josh instinctively leaned away from the tipping side.

"Good, use your body to control the boat" Edwin instructed as he let go.

Josh rocked back and forth, growing ever confident in his learning until he got too far over and there was no going back. He put his arm out, as though the water might stop his fall but over he went. Josh was wondering what to do as he hung upside down in the water just as a hand gripped his arm and pulled him back up. He looked sheepishly at Edwin.

"Now you know where the limit is," the man advised, "We'll go over getting out of the kayak when you're upside down"

The lesson continued beyond the basics to actually paddling and controlling the craft. Edwin was surprised at how well the boy was taking to it, clearly his upper body strength and balance were great assets.

"Ok, I'll get in mine and we'll go around the bay, don't worry about keeping up, just go at your own pace Josh" The man commanded as he got into his own kayak.

Josh found the kayak easier to control when in motion but keeping his mind focused on the rhythm of paddling and controlling where he went was the challenge. More than once he bumped Mr. Watson's kayak.

The man pulled his vessel up beside Josh and held on to it with his paddle.

"We'll rest a bit here, drift in the bay," Edwin instructed.

"This is awesome Mr. Watson, thanks for teaching me to use your kayak" Josh gushed.

"You're welcome dude" Edwin replied generating a broad smile from the boy. "You can call me Ed, we'll drop the Mr. Thing"

"That's cool" Josh replied.

"Ok, I'm going in, you can keep the kayak on your beach and use it when you want as along as you follow my rules" Ed said firmly

"That'd be great Ed" Josh replied.

"Always wear your life vest, stay in the bay and take the kayak well out of the water when you're not using it" Ed instructed.

"I can do that" Josh replied.

"Let me be clear, one violation means you loose the kayak and I won't be interest in any creative excuses" Ed advised.

"No worries Ed" Josh replied as the man separated the kayaks

"I'll be leaving at 6:30 tomorrow, I shouldn't be gone more than an hour so we can paddle around when I get back" Ed noted.

"I can't go with you?" Josh wondered.

"Not out into the lake just yet Josh, learn to control the kayak in the bay first" Ed replied as he began to paddle away.


"Shit I'm late" Josh said looking at his watch. He leapt out of bed and quickly off to the bathroom. This was the day that Ed would take him out on the lake, after four mornings of paddling around the bay he'd impressed the man enough to take the next step. Josh bolted out the door and got the kayak and equipment from beside the cottage. He scanned the bay frantically hoping that Ed was still there. As he got into the kayak he could see a small craft sitting at the bay mouth. Josh put his muscles to good use powering with each stroke, racing to catch the man. He arrived alongside, breathless.

"Sorry" he panted.

"Lets go" Ed replied.

The man started off out into the open lake, the water was relatively still but a bit of wind rippled the lake. Josh pushed to keep up, padding his kayak just slightly off Ed's stern to one side. As they made for open water Ed powered up pushing Josh to his limit. When they reached an outcropping on the other side of the lake the water got shallow. Josh was concerned about bottoming but the kayak need very little water. Ed turned and bolted back across the open lake. Josh pushed hard to keep up but just couldn't. He could see Ed pulling away as the man kept up the pace. The teen settled back into a pace he could manage and caught up to Ed as he waited back at the bay mouth. Josh glided in alongside.

"Not bad for your first day, you've got strength but you lack endurance" Ed complimented.

"Wow... you do this everyday?" Josh asked exhausted at paddling for half an hour.

"Actually, I crossed the lake once already this morning before you came out, I usually do it twice, so you're lucky you caught me on the turnaround" Ed noted.

"Thanks for waiting for me, I didn't mean to mess you up" Josh replied. "I slept late didn't even have time for breakfast"

"I never eat before I paddle, you can come have breakfast with me if you want" Ed suggested, trying not to sound too eager.

"Ok, cool... race ya" Josh said as he pushed forward whipping his paddle around as fast as he could.

"Oh you wish" Ed replied as he turned his kayak and started after the teen. Josh got half way to the dock before the man overtook him. The both eased off as the came toward the shore, the race over before it started. Ed was out and up quickly, carrying his boat. Josh struggled, disbelieving that the old man was in better shape than he was.

By the time he got to the house Ed was preparing breakfast. Cereal, fruit and juice were out on the table. Josh sat down still shirtless, while Ed had pulled on a sleeveless muscle shirt. As they ate silently Ed could tell that Josh didn't like the bran cereal.

"You don't have to finish it if you don't like it" He advised.

"It's ok" Josh replied as he took a banana.

Ed got up and went to the cupboard, returning with a bottle of natural maple syrup.

"Put a little of that in it" He advised and Josh complied.

"Hmm... better" Josh reported.

"It's really nice of you to hang out with me Ed, my grandma said so too" Josh advised having filled his belly.

"What ever I can do to help keep you on the straight and narrow" Ed replied.

"What did she tell you" Josh asked his tone suddenly sullen.

"You had some trouble with the law," Ed said as he got up to prepare himself a morning tea. Josh's eyes followed him as he put the kettle on.

"You want to talk about it?" Ed said flatly catching the boy's deer in the headlights stare.

"Nothing to say, it's all bullshit" Josh replied in a more aggressive tone.

"Not your fault eh?" Ed offered, "Never is"

"I was just standing outside the store, I didn't do anything someone else stole the stuff" Josh blurted. Who the fuck was Ed to judge him he thought.

"Standing out side, eh, reading your bible I bet," Ed said smugly "You didn't even know those guys"

"What do you know," Josh snorted.

"I know good people make mistakes sometimes" Ed replied evenly as he took his tea out onto the deck.

It wasn't long before Josh followed him his head slightly down. He braced himself with his arms along the railing, looking out at the bay while Ed sat, now looking at his backside. It was a nice backside Ed decided, a young firm ass. The boy's lower legs were starting to get thick manly hair but above the waistline there was none, Ed noted as the boy turned to face him.

"Sorry Ed, you're the only one keeping me from going nuts up here" Josh said sheepishly.

Ed didn't reply, he just nodded and sipped some more of his tea.

"I can't believe my mom ditched me up here, I wanted to get a job this summer and make some money. That and hang out with my girl friend" Josh snorted. "My mom's fucked everything up"

Girl friend, well there was only a slim possibility of him being gay Ed knew but now it was gone. Even if he was, what are the odds he'd want some mature dick, Ed thought.

"There's no need to swear Josh. I'm sure your mother has done what's best for you" Ed admonished.

Things had become so comfortable between them that Josh hadn't even realised he had swore until the man mentioned it. It brought him back to the reality that Ed was an adult.

"You can work for me if you want" Ed suggested, resisting the temptation to add a sexual innuendo. That ship had clearly sailed.

"Really?" Josh said excitedly, recovering from his funk.

"I've got tons of wood to be chopped, I'll pay you a dollar a log" Ed suggested.

"How long does it take to chop one?" Josh wondered.

"You can split a log in four with three swings, and then you have to stack what you've chopped. Hmmm you might be able to do fifty logs in two hours, I'd bet you'd be tired by then" Ed reported.

"Can I do that everyday?" Josh asked.

"Sure, if you can, just chop what you want and I'll pay you for it" Ed advised. He had hired young workers locally before and knew that paying an hourly rate was a big mistake, piece work was far more motivating.

"I'll start this afternoon," Josh promised.

"Fine, I have some work to get done today, you drop by after lunch and I'll show you how it's done" Ed advised, thinking the boy might not be as ambitious once he gets into the real working part.


If there's any interest I'll continue with chapter 3 -- The sleep over.