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Chapter Three: The sleep over.

It was hot that afternoon when Josh paddled back across the bay, at least the wind was some relief. His Grandmother was less than thrilled at the idea of him working for Ed. She had suggested that he was bothering the man and that he shouldn't be taking his money. She reasoned that the kayak lessons and the loan of the boat put him in Ed's debt already. Josh was undaunted he wanted the cash even if that meant upsetting the old lady. As he came around the house he could hear the sounds of Ed already chopping wood.

"Hey that's my job!" Josh greeted.

"There's a lot here to chop" Ed noted, sweeping his arm out to the pile of logs. "Watch what I do, swinging the axe is easy, just get the motion right and don't let it swing back and hit you" Ed instructed.

After a few logs he gave the axe to Josh and watched as the boy attempted to copy him.

"Stop, stop" Ed commanded as it was obvious that the teen didn't have control of the tool. "Let me help you" He suggested as he moved behind the boy and put his arms around the youth.

Ed gripped the axe, "You hold on too, feel the motions," Ed instructed as Josh thought he was handing the axe to the man. Instead they swung it together a few times, it seemed easy enough to the boy. Ed however was enjoying the contact, the boy's body right up against his. Ed released him and watched proudly as Josh mastered the swing and then began chopping logs.

"Now, I'm paying you to chop AND stack, if it's not stacked the job's not done" Ed advised.

"Yeah I got it" Josh replied.

Ed stepped back and watched Josh chop, making comments as the boy improved his skill. He sat down on a nearby stump and watched Josh's shirtless body move. The flow of his muscles along smooth skin was mesmerizing. With the afternoon heat it wasn't long before Josh began to sweat, causing his skin to glisten. Josh stopped at 21 logs, clearly tiring from the work.

"Ok, let's go inside, you shouldn't work with a tool like that when you're tired. You can stack and chop more in a bit if you want" Ed ordered.

Josh was surprised at how hard the work was and didn't put up any argument. Once inside Ed got the boy some water as his face was flushed red. He was going to suggest the boy cool off in the lake but didn't want his show to end just quite yet.

"Ed, can I use the computer to check my e-mail" Josh asked quickly hoping to catch the man in a good mood.

"Sure, fifteen minutes" Ed agreed thinking it best to set a time limit.

"Thanks Ed" Josh said before bolting for the laptop. He gave the man a friendly pat on the shoulder as he passed. Ed was happy that the contact barrier was broken he could feel more confident about touching the boy now.


Sure enough Josh wasn't done in fifteen minutes. Ed looked over still hearing the keys clicking on the computer. He gave it another five minutes before getting up. Ed walked up behind the boy, pausing as he looked down at his neck and smooth back. He rested his open palm on the boy's shoulder. It was warm and soft, the touch was electric for Ed, as it had been so long.


"Times up" He said softly.


"One sec" Josh replied.


Ed was happy that there was no objection to the hand on the shoulder. He was almost disappointed when the boy did get up, as it meant breaking the contact.


"I'll chop a few more and then I'll stack," he advised before going outside.


The work continued for a couple of weeks, with Josh chopping more each day. Ed still came out to watch him, under the guise of safety but in reality he really just wanted to watch. Josh had invited himself to watch TV with Ed in the evenings but his Grandmother would only permit it every second or third night.


Josh was about to head off to work when his grandmother said, "Josh dear, tell Mr. Watson you'll not be over for a few days. We've got to go to a funeral for my friend's husband"


"Funeral? How long?" Josh said confused by the sudden information.


"It's a bit of a drive, so we'll go for two nights," She advised.


"Will I know anyone there?" Josh asked selfishly


"No dear but I'm sure there will some of his grandchildren there" She replied.


"Can't I just stay here?" Josh suggested.


"Oh no Josh your mother wouldn't be happy with that arrangement" Grandma noted.


Josh thought it more likely that the old lady just didn't trust him, ok so he was a thief but he'd never been anything but respectful to her.


"Mr. Watson could watch me!" Josh suggested.


"Oh Josh he won't have time to come over here and keep an eye on you" Grandma dismissed.


"Ok, I'll see if I can stay at his place" Josh countered as he bolted out the door without waiting for a reply, which was surely to be negative.


Arriving at Ed's for work he banged on the sliding glass door at the kitchen to get the man's attention and then went around to the woodpile. Ed was out to join him as he began to chop.

"Ed" Josh began

"Yes" the man replied, expecting a question.

"Could I stay with you a couple of days, my grandma has to go to a funeral and she won't let me stay alone" Josh asked, making no reference to him going with the woman.

"I suppose that would alright," Ed said calmly while he jumped for joy inside.

"Cool" Josh replied

"You really should take your shirt off, you'll only get it all sweaty" Ed suggested.

Josh thought it a strange suggestion, Ed chopped in his T or muscle shirt but he complied, the last thing he wanted to do was question Ed after getting his agreement to stay over.

Ed was thrilled when Josh ripped off his T. His afternoon's entertainment would continue and hopefully the boy would get the idea that wood chopping was a shirtless endeavour.

When josh got back he told his grandmother of the plan. She wasn't happy with it but Mr. Watson had already agreed, even thought Josh didn't have permission to ask, it seemed rude to decline the offer. After making Josh promise to behave, he was released with his bag packed for a 2 or 3 night stay.

Josh was led upstairs to the second bedroom. He had never been upstairs in Ed's house before but it looked much like the downstairs as he expected.

"You can set-up in there," Ed commanded as he guided the boy into the bedroom with a gentle hand in the small of his back.

He watched as the boy threw his things into a draw and turned around with an impish grin.

"That's it? You're unpacked?" Ed asked.

Josh nodded vigorously.

"Ok then, let's get some BBQ going" Ed suggested as they returned to the main floor.

After dinner, they each took a chair in front of the TV. Josh took the remote and flipped around until he found some action movie. Ed got himself a beer and watched it with the boy. He wasn't really interested in the film but Josh seemed to enjoy prattling on about it.

Ed got up to answer the phone, leaving Josh to his own devices. The call was from Ed's brother and lasted half an hour. The man returned to the living room to find Josh had found a new movie to watch. It featured a moaning woman with prominent bare breasts. It was obviously soft core but it was still porn.

"I'm not sure your Grandmother would approve of that Josh," He said passing the blame as he entered the room.

"Come on Ed, we'll just watch if for a bit" Josh pleaded.

"All right, but this never happened" Ed acquiesced, thinking the boy had been watching it for a while anyway.

He sat down and picked up his beer to find that it was empty. Ed looked over at Josh, waving the can.

"There was three quarters left when I got up for the phone" He accused.

"Yeah" Josh said smiling.

"You stay away from my beer" Ed said sternly with his parental finger pointed.

"Yes sir" Josh replied turning his attention quickly back to the porn.

Once Ed settled back in he noticed that Josh had a tent pole in his shorts from watching the film. It excited him immediately to think that Josh was aroused. The teen shifted around several times and occasionally touched his cock through his shorts. Ed decided that it was worth taking a chance given how far in he was already with the beer and the porn.

"Just take it out and beat off boy," Ed said as jocularly as he could,

Josh took his gaze off the TV long enough to give Ed a puzzled look, finally saying, "That's gay"

"Jerking off is gay?" Ed chuckled.

Josh didn't respond and turned his attention back to his movie. Just when Ed though the issue was dead, Josh yanked down his shorts and out sprang his erection. It was beautiful, Ed thought, long and thick, much bigger that he thought it would be. Josh didn't look over he just quickly spit in his hand and began to pull on himself. It was a situation that Ed could only dream about, this hot straight boy beating off in front of him. He wanted so badly to go over to him and take the cock in his hand and feel the teen in his moment of arousal.

"Take your shirt off, you don't want to get cum on it" Ed suggested so that he could see the rest of the boy's body. Josh complied, he didn't think, he didn't take his eyes off the porn. The T-shirt landed on the floor in front of the TV as Josh's breath quickened. The woman on the screen was giving oral pleasure to her partner. She was sucking slowing along the shaft and it was affecting Josh as he trembled with excitement. Ed was also excited his cock straining to be released.

"You ever get a blow job?" Ed asked seeking to engage his guest.

"Yeah, for like four seconds, my girlfriend thought it was gross" Josh replied, while still staring at the TV.

"What do girls know about cocks anyway," Ed suggested, causing Josh to laugh. "I could help you with that" He continued boldly.

That did break Josh's gaze as he looked over at Ed, his face still flushed from his masturbation efforts. It took a couple of moments for him to process what the man had said in his current state.

"Get me another beer" Josh replied.

Ed got up to comply, on his return he countered, "We'll share it"

Josh took the can and guzzled it down as Ed knelt down in front of him. The man gripped the boy's cock at the base as Josh released it. He put his head in position and pressed his lips over the head going half way down the shaft.

"Ahhh, ahhh" Josh said in a high-pitched voice, causing Ed to pull back off.

"It's good, it's good, keep going" the boy said frantically.

Ed went down on him again and got much the same reaction. He had sucked a fair amount of cock in his days but never gotten a reaction quite like that. It was likely that Josh was over stimulated already and not used to anything like this, save for the little licks his girlfriend must have given him.

"Fuck she never did it like that" Josh said as he continued to moan his pleasure. Ed took his time, keeping the boy on edge as long as he could.

Ed stopped to pull off his shirt and pants finally giving in to his own needs. His cock is hard and dripping as he stroked it.

"What are you doing?" Josh whined.

"I've gotta get off too" Ed explained before going back down on the boy.

"Ahhh, fuck, yeah" Josh moaned.

Ed sucked him hard, bringing the teen back to the edge. He caught Josh's pleading eyes he clearly wanted a release.

Ed stopped and stood up. He leaned over and pressed his cock against Josh's and began to hump the boy, mashing their cocks together. He pushed his head in to Josh's neck and licked, lapping up to his ear, as he was lost in own lust.

"Ed! Stop, that's too gay" Josh shouted as he pushed up on the man's chest.

Ed got his senses back as he stood. Josh took his cock and began pumping as fast as he could. Ed leaned down and put his mouth over the head as he did it.

"Arrgh, hmmmm, ohhagh" Josh mumbled incoherently until Ed tasted the warm fluids gush up from the teenage cock. Ed swallowed the milky cum as quickly as the boy produced it.

Ed pulled off and began stroking him self as he too was close. Josh was coming down from his high and ordered,

"Ed, don't cum on me" As he could see where the man was aiming. Ed turned and fired his load onto the floor in long jets. Ed panted and quivered as he had his best release in years. He reached over for the beer and took a drink, Josh followed suit taking much more. The teen belched loudly and giggled. Ed sat back down on the floor and took Josh's wilted cock back into his mouth.

"Ahhh, ohhhh, fuck" Josh moaned as his sensitive organ was pleasured, but he made no attempt to stop the man. Ed moved down and began lapping at Josh's balls, taking them into his mouth and suckling on them. His tongue then found the spot behind his balls, causing the boy to lift up.

"Oh fuck, yeah, argh," Josh panted.

"Josh" Ed said seriously

"Don't stop now," Josh pleaded.

"Could you please not swear so much, it's a big turn off for me," Ed asked.

"Yeah, yeah, sure" Josh confirmed frantically.

Ed went back to work, his tongue going ever lower until it hit he anus. Josh pulled back in the chair but Ed dove his face in, pressing his tongue on the adolescent hole. He lapped frantically.

"Oh fff, yeah, oh, hmmmm, hmmm, wicked" Josh continued to pant as he stroked himself quickly. Ed left the hole and returned his mouth to the head of the boys' cock, thinking another load would soon be on offer. He let Josh stroke himself to climax as he kept sucking the head while running a finger around the outside of the boy's hole, pressing slightly but never entering.

Josh bucked, "argh, hmm, argh," he moaned as he had an even more powerful orgasm, it wasn't just a sexual release this time. His whole body contorted as this semen was expelled into the waiting mouth. Ed swallowed it all, but not as much was produced this time. He touched the still hard cock as the boy was catching his breath. He rubbed his hand along the flat sweaty belly and up to the face he caressed the soft cheek and then leaned in to hold the boy in a hug. Josh pushed up hard on Ed's chest, surprising the man.

"Nooo" He pleaded in a low voice.

Ed sat back on his knees as Josh got up and went directly upstairs. At first Ed thought the boy was off to the bathroom but it soon became apparent that he wasn't coming back.

Ed cleaned up their mess before ascending the stairs. He could see that the bedroom door was closed and paused in front of it. He wanted to check on the boy, to see if he was still upset or hopefully lost in slumber but he thought better of opening it. Ed washed himself and then went to his own bed, wondering what the results of his night of passion might be.


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