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Chapter four: The morning after.

Ed got up and went out for his morning paddle, leaving Josh behind. The boy's door was still closed so he left him undisturbed, he wanted the time alone to think anyway. His thoughts were all about how Josh might react to the prior evening's events. Ed struggled with the idea of confronting him, thinking he should just waiting for the boy to bring it up.

When he got back to the house Josh was up and watching TV, likely a typical morning activity at home.

"Good morning" Ed greeted as he prepared his breakfast in the kitchen.

"Morning" Josh mumbled in response.

He didn't come over and join Ed for the meal but rather stayed planted on the chair, his gaze fixed on the TV. After breakfast Ed worked on his laptop most the day, while Josh went outside intermittently to chop wood. Ed didn't bother to supervise, he wanted to give the boy his space and well Josh really didn't need a monitor.

Ed made chicken salad for dinner and in typical style Josh wolfed it down and returned to the TV. Ed stood in the doorway wondering what he might say to Josh when the boy spoke first,

"You're acting kinda weird Ed"

"Am I?" Ed was taken aback by the counter move.

"Yeah, I guess last night freaked you out or something" Josh advised.

Ed was tempted to remind Josh that it was him who ran from the room but he figured that letting the boy lead the conversation would be best.

"It was amazing Josh, I'm glad we did it" Ed noted.

"So I hope that means I'm getting another blow job tonight" Josh blurted with a smile.

`That little shit' Ed thought, he liked it too but was afraid to say anything.

"Well what are you going to do for me?" Ed countered.

"I'm not sucking yours, I'm not gay" Josh retorted.

"We'll how about a hand job" Ed suggested.

"Alright" Josh replied after giving it some thought. "But just a blow job, no touching my ass or trying to kiss me this time, I'm not gay ya know."

"I was just trying to hug you Josh, there's no reason for you to be afraid of me" Ed replied quietly.

Ed stripped off his clothes and sat down in the living room chair, motioning at his cock, "You first" he said.

Josh scurried over and gingerly took the thick cock in his hand and began to stroke it. Ed sighed and moaned softly, it was an amazing feeling having this fifteen year old touch him. He gripped Josh in a one arm hug, slipping his hand up the back of the boy's shirt and running it along the smooth soft skin.

"Touch my balls with you other hand" Ed instructed.

Josh gave him a look that conveyed his reluctance.

"It'll make me cum faster," Ed explained.

Josh fondled the man's large testicles as had been done to him the night before. "Don't cum on me Ed, when you're close you take over" Josh ordered.

"Ok" Ed sighed as his genitals tingled from the young man's attentions, it surely wouldn't be long. Ed pressed his hips forward urging Josh on, "Oh yeah Josh, that feels great". Josh wasn't sure that he liked Ed saying his name during sex it made it feel too intimate.

"I'm going to cum" Ed finally announced.

Josh practically leapt out of the way, as if he thought acid might erupt from the end of Ed's thick meat. The man unloaded onto his belly and chest in thick creamy squirts as he looked over at Josh, who was already getting naked.

Ed caught his breath and got up to fulfill his end of the bargain when Josh suggested,

"Get us a beer"

The man went to the kitchen to comply. As he put the can down on the table near Josh he knew the boy would consume most of it. Ed knelt down and went to work taking Josh's already erect cock into his mouth. The boy's back arched as he instinctively pushed his cock forward. Ed went right down to the boy's pubes, throating him deeply.

"Arrrgh, mmm, yeah, awesommmme" Josh moaned as he quivered in excitement.

Ed began to fondle his balls, being careful not to go near the boy's hole. His other hand roamed around the teens' chest, pinching his nipples as he went. Josh was lost in his own rapture moaning as the sucking continued. Ed could tell that the boy was close, his hips bucked up and down slightly as Ed went deep. Josh shuddered and moaned,

"Ohhh, yeah".

Ed quickened his pace working up and down as he squeezed the teenage testes. Josh grunted as he expelled his fluid. Ed took it all, still deeply plunging his lips up and down. Even after Josh had finished Ed kept licking and milking the boy's cock. Josh made noises that someone might mistake for torture save for his few coherent words.

"Yeah, oh god"

Finally Ed released him. As the boy recovered from his orgasm Ed caught his deep brown eyes and wondered if it was contentment or remorse he was looking into.

"You like that?" He asked.

"Yeah, it was awesome" Josh replied.

"Would it be alright if I hugged you Josh?" Ed asked cautiously.

He thought after a long pause that silence might be a negative answer but then came a hushed response, "Ok".

Ed leaned over the boy and crushed down on him, gripping the soft shoulders.

"Heavy" Josh mumbled. Ed knew it was over when Josh patted the man's sides. He got off the boy but neither was ready to move.

"Josh, you ever screw your girlfriend?" He asked gentling touching the boy's balls.

"Yeah sure" Josh replied confidently.

"You want to do that to me?" Ed suggested.

"No way man, that's too gay" Josh snapped.

"A holes a hole and I don't think your girlfriend is going to be eager to let you try it in her ass" Ed challenged.

"No" Josh replied flatly.

The next day Grandma returned and collected her charge. Gushing in gratitude she complimented Ed on how much he was helping Josh.

"Edwin, you've made quite an impression on him, he can't wait to come over to see you. A male influence has been good for him," Betty advised.

"I've enjoyed the company Betty and he's been a good worker, I'm well ahead on the wood chopping this year. He did mention his troubles back home about stealing from the store, I hope he sees the value of an honest days work now." Ed advised.

"Oh, that's not the half of it Edwin. He's disrespectful to his mother and he drove her car without permission, he doesn't even have a license" Betty explained. She wouldn't normally air family laundry but Ed deserved the information now that he was involved with her grandson.


Ed paddled out on his morning routine, pausing to see if he'd have a companion today. Josh had been joining him most days but not all. He could see activity on the beach and sure enough a small blue boat headed out towards him. The pair paddled into the lake, Josh keeping pace with Ed now. The boy followed him back to his dock and came up to the house, keeping eerily silent. It had been a while since Josh was last over for a blow job, so Ed figured he had sex on the brain and was thinking about how to bring it up.

"You want me to suck you off before breakfast?" Ed blurted as they reached the house.

Josh's head snapped up and he smiled as he made eye contact, as if you say, `you read my mind'.

"Actually, I was thinking about what you said about you know... Screwing and well... Maybe I could do it for you" Josh said.

The seed that Ed had planted didn't take long to flower and now he had to strike while the iron was hot.

"Ok, let's go up to my bedroom" He suggested.

"Now? ... naa I don't want to do it your bed." Josh began

"It's too gay" Ed finished the sentence.

Josh smiled, "Why can't we do it down here like we always do" Josh suggested, making it sound as if they were long time lovers.

"Ok, just a minute" Ed said as he disappeared upstairs.

Josh sat down, wondering what he'd gotten into and if he would go through with it but Ed's return shattered his thoughts. The now naked man threw some pillows and a blanket on the floor. He lubricated himself as he got down on all fours. Josh was slow to undress, still not entirely sure of what it was going to be like, fucking a man.

"Shouldn't I have a condom on?" He asked

"Yep" Ed replied throwing one at him, "Always be safe"

Josh was now naked as he put the rubber on and positioned himself behind Ed.

"Ok, just like with your girl friend, push in slow and then gradually pick up speed," Ed instructed.

Josh placed the head of his coated dick against the man's hole. He pressed in finding it surprisingly easy to penetrate. The feeling of the warm hole enveloping him was overwhelming. He began to pump in and out quickly as he gripped Ed's hips. It was obvious that Josh was enjoying himself and that this was the first hole he'd been in, despite his earlier claims. Ed wondered if Josh had ever done anything at all with his girl friend.

"Easy Josh, slow down, lets both enjoy it," He cautioned.

The boy's cock was wonderful inside the man. Ed loved the feeling of a natural penis rubbing his sweet spot. He pushed his legs back and lowered himself down flat, forcing Josh to lie down on him. Josh's body weight felt good as the boy's efforts were slowed in the new position. Josh came quickly but after a brief rest and some encouragement he went a second time. Ed was in heaven with the young man pounding him, it had been far too long since he last experienced it. He could tell that Josh was close again as he felt the boy's breath on the back of his neck. Ed gripped his cock and pumped, it didn't take long for him to cum. His anus squeezed Josh like a vice as the boy's thrusts pushed the man over the edge.

"ahhh, arrrgh, Josh oh Josh, fuck me, fuck me" Ed groaned as he urged on his orgasm. Both of them quivered as their joined bodies exploded in sensory overload.

Ed didn't even realise that Josh had pulled out, until he saw him going up the stairs.

The remainder of the day was quiet, Josh chopped a couple of times and then watched TV. Ed was content to allow the day to unfold as it might, he was satisfied that Josh would continue to seek sexual relief with him but he was under no illusion that what they had was love, it was teenage hormones and a sense of trust between them.

"You staying for dinner?" Ed asked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah sure I'll have to check with my grandma ... maybe we'll fool around again after" Josh offered as he lounged.

Josh paddled the boat back and sought permission to stay for dinner before walking to Ed's house. At dinner the boy began the conversation,

"I hated being up here at first but I really like being with you Ed, I can relax and not worry about anything" Josh started

"Oh yeah"

"My mom's a bitch and my little sister is annoying. I'm the only man in the house and I don't get any respect from either of them," Josh continued.

"What happened to your father?" Ed asked.

"Never knew him" Josh replied sombrely.

"I've never had a son," Ed countered

Josh looked up from his dinner,

"You're not my dad Ed, you're like my favourite uncle or something" Josh offered.

After dinner they return to the TV. Ed wondered how he could bring up Josh's offer to have another go without sounding too eager, he knew that the boy felt more comfortable when it was his idea.

"You getting horny yet" Ed asked neutrally.

"I'm always horny" Josh replied. The boy turned to face him, "Ed, why does it feel so good to get fucked? You were totally gone when I was doing it to you."

"It's difficult to explain Josh, if you want I'll show you with my fingers, it won't hurt at all" Ed offered.

"Naa, I just wondered is all" Josh countered.

After a beer and another TV show, Ed expected Josh to be ready for his blow job. He got up and went over too the boy, he looked down at the hot beast and smiled.

"Ed, get me another beer and then you can do it with your fingers, like you said" Josh offered.

Ed was wary of going down the more beer route again but his judgement was overridden by his desires. Josh gulped down his drink as Ed positioned the naked teen. He lubed up a finger and eased it in.

"Breath and just relax" He instructed.

Josh tightened to the intrusion but then relaxed. Ed moved his finger ever deeper feeling the warm insides of the young anus. It wasn't long before Ed found what he was looking for as Josh's surprised look told him that he had hit the spot.

"That's it Josh, the prostate" Ed informed as he moved his finger along it.

"No wonder you like it" Josh moaned as he rolled his head.

Ed began to pump in and out sending shivers through Josh's body. He eased a second finger in and began to finger fuck the teen faster, as he pulled on the boy's erect cock. Josh leaned back, bracing himself as he grunted.

"You like that" Ed said lustily.

"Yeeeah" Josh moaned, as Ed pumped with one hand and fingered his hole with the other.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me," Josh moaned.

"You want it?" Ed asked.

"Yeah, fuck yeah" Josh said as his body quaked with the new pleasure.

Ed withdrew the fingers and placed his thick cock head at the entrance to the boy's chute. It wasn't exactly what Josh was thinking he wanted more finger action.

"Ready?" Ed asked.

"Ok" Josh said softly, unsure but hopeful of even better sensations. Ed had given him pleasures he didn't even realise existed and so he trusted him.

The cock head parted the boy as Ed pushed in.

"Hurtssss" Josh hissed as he gripped the chair firmly.

"Once it's in a bit it'll be good" Ed consoled as he pressed firmly, "Just relax".

"Take it ouuut" Josh moaned.

"Just a little deeper" Ed soothed as he pushed it in further. He knew the boy needed a little more time to get used to it, Josh certainly wasn't his first virgin but he was the youngest.

"Take it out!" Josh shouted as he pushed on Ed's chest. The man was at a cross road, he could hold the virgin and break him, hoping it would soon lead to a pleasurable experience but the boy was clear, he wanted him to stop.

Ed eased back and allowed Josh's struggles to free himself. The boy popped out of the chair and put some distance between himself and man.

"Sorry Josh I moved things along too quickly there" Ed consoled.

"Fuck you!" Josh shouted as he grabbed for his clothes.

"Ok, let's do that, use your angry energy, and pound my ass" Ed countered hoping to turn the boy back to him.

"I'm outta here," Josh reported as he dressed.

"Josh, buddy come over here, I'll suck you off and then we can relax and talk" Ed said softly hoping to diffuse the situation.

Josh was getting his shoes on when a firm hand gripped his arm.

"Lemme go!" Josh shouted.

"Easy Josh, sit down, watch some TV" Ed requested.

"I wanna go!" Josh shouted almost crying in fear.

Ed gripped him firmly around the waist and put the boy on the floor. He spoke softly into the Josh's ear,

"You can't go back to your grandma's you've had too much beer and you're too upset" Ed tired to reason. "I'm going to release you, then you can go to any room in this house and I won't follow you" Ed offered as the boy continued to struggle.

Ed wanted to wait until the boy stopped fighting, he should have waited but it seemed that holding him was just scaring him more and so Ed got off him. Josh bolted for the door in a flash and was gone into the night.

Ed thought to chase him but figured that would be pointless now. Standing against the glass he thought to himself `fuck me indeed'.