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Chapter five: Missing Josh

Ed's rest was fitful that night, it hardly seemed worth going to bed at all but in the end he did get a few hours sleep. He decided to skip his morning paddle, he was simply too zoned but after a cup of tea he figured he'd try once across the lake. In the back of his mind was the desperate hope that Josh would be out in his kayak as if nothing had happened. Much like the first night they had sex, he hoped the boy would be far less affected than Ed feared. The boat seemed heavier when he carried it down to the beach, he was tired and distracted so Ed knew that he needed to be focused on the task at hand. As he paddled out he wanted to see Josh out there waiting for him, but each fleeting glimpse turned out to be false hope.

After his single lap across the lake Ed drifted as he entered the bay, still wishing the little blue boat out onto the lake. He allowed himself to glide toward Betty's cottage in the hope Josh would see him, if the boy was even awake at this hour of the morning. Before he got embarrassing close to shore Ed began his short paddle back to his dock. He put the boat away and went about his routine.

After lunch Ed still half expected Josh to show up, ready for wood chopping duty but gaze out the window as he might, Josh wasn't going to appear. He gave some thought to going over to see him, but what could he possibly say? `Sorry I tried to rape you're grandson' didn't seem to work.

Josh could see Ed's white kayak, slowly move along the bay toward his own dock, out of the bathroom window. It had been 3 days since the teen had run from the man's house in the night. Thankfully Grandma was already reading in bed, so that Josh was able to get into his own room without being accosted. Josh was initially angry with Ed but within a couple of days he was blaming himself mostly. He should have kept his experimentation with the man to just blow jobs. The teen shivered as he recalled the pleasure that Ed had given him, still holding onto his dick well after his pissing was done. While he wasn't gay Josh did have other sexual experiences with boys when he participated in a couple of circle jerks while at camp last summer. It was different with Ed though, it was more personal, more intimate. Josh was mad at himself for trusting the man, he should have never let him go near his ass, as it was only going to lead to where it did. Now he'd wrecked that and the money Ed was going to pay him, he needed to find away to get his cash some how. His experiences with men were rather spotty, from his mother's occasional boyfriends to his teachers and of course the cops so he was going to have to give this situation some thought.

Ed was enjoying his morning tea out on the deck when he noticed movement on the opposite beach. He strained his eyes to see what was happening and then went inside as quickly as he dared to get his binoculars. He sat back down and used them to look across the lake. There was Josh, wearing his board shorts and a tight blue T. Ed's heart then suddenly began to thunder in his chest as he saw Josh getting the kayak. He watched until the boy left the shore and began to paddle, clearly headed in his direction. Ed put the binoculars down, no that wouldn't due, the boy might think he'd been spying. Ed got up to take them back inside, he stopped and then took his teacup, `yes another cup of tea that's why I'm going in' he thought. As he quickly refilled his mug he was excited and afraid at the same time, Josh was coming!

As the man returned to the deck, trying to appear nonchalant, the boy reached the dock. Ed watched as the young man carried the boat up to the shed and put his life jacket and paddle down. This wasn't good, Ed thought, he's returning the boat. `I'll just sit here and be non threatening' the man's mind raced, `no that's no good I should greet him, I know he's there'. Ed got up and casually stood at the railing giving a small wave as the boy approached. Josh stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked up.

"I brought the boat back," He reported, pointing nervously at where it was, as if Ed hadn't seen it.

"Oh Yeah" Ed replied unable to form a coherent sentence.

"You owe me some money" Josh got right to the point of his visit. "For the wood chopping," He continued when Ed didn't reply.

"Oh, yes, right, right of course. Ah I lost track how much do I owe you," He stammered.

"I musta chopped close to two hundred logs, maybe more I think" Josh replied. In reality he had no clue how much he'd done, it never occurred to him to come over with a dollar value in mind that was stupid.

"I'll get you some money" Ed replied and disappeared into the house. When he returned Josh was still firmly planted in the same position at the bottom of the stairs. Ed had hoped he would have come up so he could offer him something to eat or drink or anything.

"Right, I've got two hundred and sixty, it's all the cash I have in the house". The man said as he descended the stairs and handed the bills over to the boy. Josh looked at him perplexed, he had just asked for a hundred. "Is that enough?" Ed asked, thinking he'd pay any `fine' to make things right between them.

"Yeah ok" Josh replied and then turned, walking away.

Ed wanted to say something but couldn't come up with anything before the boy ascended to the top of the cliff and was then gone.

Josh was happy with himself for getting the money, at least he had something to show for this summer. He was disappointed though that Ed was so weird about it all, he had hoped the man would invite him in but he barely even spoke to him.

A couple of days later Josh got up mid morning, back to his typical routine but today was different. There were no sounds in the cottage, no smell of anything cooking. Josh entered the kitchen and looked around, she must be out and hadn't even left him anything to eat. Josh got some bread out to make toast and then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his grandma lying on the floor by the sink.

Ed was reading his e-mail when his world was shattered as the sliding glass door flung open and a boy rushed in wearing only his boxers and his shoes. The teen yelled incoherently as he pointed to his grandmothers' cottage.

Ed was instantly defensive, "I didn't mean to hurt you Josh" he blurted, thinking some how Betty had found out what was going on.

"What the fuck! My grandmother is lying on the floor, she's fallen or had a heart attack or something" Josh repeated slower this time.

"Is she breathing?" Ed quizzed now understanding the situation.

"I don't know!" The boy blurted in distress.

"Ok, ok, you go back and I'll drive around, we'll have to take her to the hospital" Ed replied gripping the frantic boy by the shoulders.

"Shouldn't we call an ambulance?" Josh asked.

"We will, we'll meet It out on the highway, go.. go" Ed commanded.


"Well she's had a stroke, we're not sure what the long term prognosis is but she's stable, the next couple of days will be crucial," the Doctor reported to the pair.

Josh leaned into Ed as the physician left them. Ed put his arm around the teen's shoulder and gripped him. Josh moved closer on the couch and pressed his face against Ed's chest as he started to cry.

"It's going to be all right" Ed consoled as he held Josh close

"You don't know that" Josh whined as he gripped Ed around the torso. He could never be this emotional around his mother, Ed was the man here and now Josh could be a boy.

Josh's mother returned Ed's call on his cell phone as the boy was collecting himself. Ed gave the report and then handed to phone to Josh. After the call they headed out to Ed's truck.

"Did your mother tell you the plan?" He asked.

"Yeah I'll stay with you until she comes up on Saturday" Josh reported still teary eyed.

"Are you ok with that? It's only a couple of nights, you could stay at the cottage by yourself" Ed suggested given the recent past.

"No it's fine" Josh mumbled as he got into the vehicle.

It had been a long day for both of them. Ed fixed a light dinner that Josh barely touched and after a bit of mindless TV watching they were off to bed. Ed slept well, the stress of the past week had been all too much and now that he'd been able to help Josh, he felt in some way that things were ok between them again.

Ed woke the next morning to a feeling that he hadn't had in a long time, the warmth of another body next to his. Josh was in Ed's bed sleeping soundly on his side with his back to the man. Ed rolled over to face the boy. He gently touched the soft beautiful face, moving the long hair out of the way. Ed put his arm around the boy and pulled him in spooning with the boy. Josh moved his hand up to hold Ed's wrist as he moaned, shifting slightly.

"Ed, I'm really sorry about running away and all that," Josh said breaking the silence.

"Josh, I'm the one that should be sorry, we went way too far, way too fast" Ed replied disbelieving that Josh felt guilty.

"I liked sex with you" Josh mumbled, "You're the first one that gave me a blow job, the first one I've screwed ... maybe I am gay"

"Josh, lots of boys fool around with other guys and then go on to get married and have kids, don't worry about it" Ed consoled.

Later that evening Ed was working on his laptop when he felt a pair of strong hands start to massage his shoulders. Josh then moved up and pressed his thumbs along the man's neck.

"hummmm, you're good at that" Ed moaned.

"I do it for my mom sometimes" Josh explained.

"When you want something I bet," Ed replied.

Josh giggled.

"And so what do you want?" Ed wondered.

"Blow job" Josh said as he hugged Ed from behind, resting his face on the man's neck. Some of his friends had dads, he had always counted himself lucky not to have one as they seemed to be pains in the ass for the most part but in this moment, he was jealous of what his friends had.

"I don't know Josh" Ed replied warily.

"My mother will be here tomorrow and who knows when I'll get you see you again" Josh countered.

"I just don't want things to end badly between us ... Again" Ed indicated.

"Ok, suck my cock, stay away from my ass and no kissing" Josh suggested.

Ed stood up and faced Josh pulling him in for a big hug. He found it reassuring that the boy hugged him back just as strong. As they broke apart Ed kissed him lightly on the nose and said,

"Ok, starting now"

Josh waved his parental finger at the man in a role reversal as he started to undress.

Ed followed Josh over to the chair and gently ran his hands all over the boy's body. Josh didn't need much encouragement to become excited but Ed liked doing it. Ed took the cock into his mouth and slowly began to suck.

"hmmm, ohh, gaa, yeah" Josh moaned.

Ed rubbed the boys' soft thighs with his hands as he took the young cock deep. Ed pressed right down to the pubic hair seeking to give Josh something to remember him by.

"hnnn hnnn, yeah, yeah" the boy whined.

Ed left the cock, lest he bring him off too quickly, and moved his tongue along the boy's belly to his chest. Finding a nipple Ed sucked on it.

"Tickles... tickles ... tickles!" Josh noted increasingly louder. "Ouch! Hey no biting" Josh ordered as Ed nipped at his nipple.

Ed chuckled as he moved over seeking its companion but found it protected by a hand.

"Lick my balls" Josh commanded aggressively.

Ed moved back down and lapped at the orbs as Josh stroked his cock. It was obvious that Josh was enjoying himself, moaning and rolling his head from side to side.

"Lick my ass Ed," He pleaded.

"We're not doing that Josh, remember" Ed countered before licking up and down on the shaft of the rigid teenage rod.

"Please Ed, no one will ever do that for me again" Josh argued.

"I will, when you come visit next summer," Ed countered before swirling his tongue around the boy's cock head.

"hmmmn faaa , oh , I'll come.. oh yeah, back next summer if you dooooo" Josh said reacting to the stimulation of his cock.

"Ok, let's do it right then" Ed replied as he pushed Josh's legs up, "Hold on to these"

With the boy's ass splayed wide-open Ed parted the cheeks with his hands and dove in with his tongue. He quickly found the warm hole and started lapping.

"hnnna, fuck, mmmm, oh god Ed that feels so wicked" Josh moaned as he quivered.

Ed stopped and let the boy's legs fall down. He could see that Josh was leaking precum and was ready for his orgasm. Ed went down deep, quickly pumping the cock with his mouth. He allowed his hands to roam freely over the boys' chest and belly. Josh to was active pushing his hips up when Ed went down. It wasn't long before Josh felt his body go all numb as a warm tingly feeling washed over him. Then he suddenly exploded, his cum firing up into Ed's mouth as he grunted. Ed stayed on the cock sucking and rubbing the boy's body until Josh told him to stop.

This time thought the boy stayed and allowed Ed to continue to rub his body. Josh seemed to enjoy the afterglow of his orgasm as the man's strong hands stimulated his sensitive skin. Ed took out his own tool and gave it some attention. He was very excited himself as he pumped furiously while touching the adolescent body. Josh reached down and touched the man's cock, taking over the pumping for him. Ed watched the young hand stimulate him as his release neared. The other hand was down below his balls gently touching just as he fired thick creamy streams. The boy didn't stop until Ed told him too.

"Look at the mess you've made" Josh said holding out his cum covered hand.

The next morning Josh's mother arrived and collected him. Ed was surprised to get a full on hug from Josh, right in front of his mother. After thanking him for his assistance with her son and mother, she took Josh away.

For a while, Ed and Josh kept in touch by phone and e-mail; they even made
plans for Josh to visit the following summer, but as time passed contact
between them grew less and less. In the end, Josh drifted off, having just
passed through Ed's life like no more than a summer breeze.


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