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Summer Camp To-Do List




The Flight


Number 47 -

Fuck Robbie's way into the Mile High Club

Compton sat in the aisle seat of the plane. His left hand was keeping warm as it held a complementary blanket over himself and his pal Robbie Meeks beside him. His right hand, however, was keeping warm between his friend's legs.

As the non-stop flight to Hawaii roared its way
across the country, Robbie sat by Compton in the window seat of the plane and tried to relax for his class trip to England. But it was difficult for him to keep his composure as his friend wiggled his finger in and out of his sphincter, rubbing mercilessly on his young prostate after each time it jerked against his rim.

It was no surprise that by the time the in-flight movie started rolling, Robbie's hair was already matted with sweat. His friend expertly manipulated his simmering body, teasing him to a nervous state of hyper-arousal. Letting out a small gasp, the moaning Meeks boy leaned his head against Compton's shoulder. There was no consolation to be had, however, because the hand he was sitting on began to move with greater intensity.

Compton grinned. As a conditioned response from all their prior horseplay, Robbie arched his back and shifted his weight so that the invading digits could have more access to his soft hole. The fingers targeted Robbie's prostate with a familiar precision. Compton's hand jerked up and down in the space provided between his friend's ass and the plane cushion. The armrest had been strategically lifted when they got on the plane, and Compton essentially had full reign over his friend's youthful body. The devious trickster was exploiting the hole he had snipped in Robbie's pants and underwear the night before. What a surprise it had been for Robbie when he felt Compton's finger slide right into his anus during takeoff!

Robbie sat in his seat and tried to appear inconspicuous. Many of his classmates, like Danny Singer, Katie Silverman, and even his little brother were on this flight with him. He would be mortified if any of them found out about the sexual subterfuge in his rump. But Compton worked his knowing fingers deeper and deeper of him each second. This whole thing was just so... hot. Robbie simply couldn't help but let out the occasional moan - and not always so quietly either.

Robbie pretended to look out the window. He tried as hard as he could to keep his traitorous body in check. But he knew the extent of Compton's dominion over his body. That boy had hatched a plan to fuck him since the first day they met, and took his cherry in less than a month. Robbie was scared, even more so, by how easily Compton managed to groom him into a sexual pet during the rest of the school year. It was pointless to think that he could resist the mounting sexual tension burning within him, a tension magnified at least threefold by the constant risk of exposure.

Unfortunately for Robbie, the sensations that promised him an earth-shattering release ultimately provided nothing short of immeasurable frustration when Compton cruelly withdrew his finger and let his breathless young friend squirm needily and helplessly beside him.

Compton knew him too well. And by now, Robbie knew Compton fairly well too. The crafty boy always talked about his "To Do Robbie" list - a list of sexual fantasies and kinds that Compton wanted to do to Robbie. It was obvious that joining the mile high club was on that list. But part of Robbie couldn't help wondering if there wasn't some extra spur of the moment spice or twist that Compton had in mind. He almost always did.

Maybe this was the time when Compton would finally get Robbie caught for having sex. He was always talking about it, saying that one day he would make Robbie cum loud enough so that a grown-up would catch them. It really made Robbie feel the risk whenever they fucked in public, and it turned him on something rotten.


Robbie bucked his hips in desperation, but the seat belt restrained his body so that all he managed to do was draw strange looks from a passing flight attendant. As he pressed his feet in anguish against the base of the chair in front of him, the slender boy fought to keep himself under control.

Robbie glanced at his watch. 3:45, nearly two painstaking hours since they had taken off, with many more hours left in their flight. Robbie had been locked in a state of perpetual arousal ever since the plane had left the tarmac. Not that Compton hadn't done his fair share at the airport. Compton had Robbie suck his cock in a bathroom stall until the plane was ready for boarding. There was already a load of Compton's sperm in Robbie's satisfied belly; the product of a perverted and thrilling sex game. Robbie knew, deep down inside, that he was hooked to Compton's twisted mind, but sometimes it was just too much for his young little body to handle.

A glance at his friend's eyes told him that it wasn't going to get much better. There was a look that told Robbie that he was about to have his mind blown away.

Unbuckling his seat belt and feebly standing up, Robbie decided that his fragile psyche might not be ready for another world shattering orgasm today. He staggered weakly towards the bathroom in an attempt to salvage a semblance of privacy. But the wiser friend followed the na´ve boy, and much to Robbie's distress, Compton accompanied him inside the small airplane restroom and closed the door behind him.

With a gulp, Robbie retreated towards the metal sink. His penis was aching, his ass was hungry, and his mind just wanted more of that cock he had sucked for an hour straight. Robbie looked nervously at the taller boy, who had a lustful grin as he unzipped his jeans.

"Not on the plane!" he whispered in vain. Compton ignored him, and put a finger to his lips.


Compton turned him around and plowed through the hole he had cut to thrust his proud erection as deep as he could inside of Robbie's defenseless anus.

The scandalized youth couldn't help but let out a loud moan. His body was electrified by the perfect specimen of meat that glided fully in and out of his most secret place and melted him from the inside out. He grunting slightly as Compton reached over and freed Robbie's own smaller erection.

Compton smiled again and bent his horny boy property over the airplane sink as he ravaged the the tight hole. Looking at the mirror, he saw with surprising clarity the look of sheer lust on Robbie's face. The beautiful boy closed his eyes and opened his mouth to let out a whimper, which Compton with an increased pace of fucking.

"Ohh... mmmmh... nngh..."

The long cock that pistoned in and out of Robbie's asshole began to pump faster and faster, yielding a series of shameless squeals that mirrored the raw sexual pleasure coursing through his sexed up body. Moaning again, Robbie drooled slightly with each of his friend's powerful, measured thrusts that would throw his body out of control.

Robbie's hands clutched and scratched at the bathroom walls, his mind trying to ground itself in reality while it was overwhelmed by the presence of dominant boyhood in his most secret place. There was nothing Robbie could do to make the thrusting stop. He had no control over its speed, over its girth, over how deeply it liked to pump inside him. Robbie could only grasp at straws, trying in disbelief to come to terms with the cock now proudly overpowering his slender body. 

Robbie's moans grew louder. It was beginning to be audible over the roaring of the plane's engines, and his screams of "OHH my GaaaAAAhhAAAhhddd!" became more and more noticeable as sexual pleasure overrode his ability for rational thought.

However, Robbie's preoccupied mind was still vaguely aware of it when a female flight attendant opened the unlocked bathroom door. She looked on, shocked at the two boys rutting before her. But instead of humbling the small cock-filled angel, the utter humiliation of the scene pushed Robbie over the edge as he came explosively. His penis spurted thin jets of cum onto side of the metal sink. The flight attendant was close enough to hear Robbie's guttural moan of sheer animalistic lust. In return, Robbie could only stare helplessly at the shocked lady beside him. Even in his post-orgasmic return to earth, there was nothing he could do while impaled on Compton's cock, which throbbed noticeably as it pumped him full of the perverted Casanova's own white-hot sperm.

As soon as Compton felt his seed flooding Robbie's rear channel, he winked confidently at the horrified flight attendant. He pulled out of the hole in Robbie's apparel with a small pop and chuckled when he saw that it was barely noticeable that Robbie's fully clothed rump had ever been fucked.

Compton lightly swatted Robbie's round buttock and tucked in Robbie's soft penis, which was starting to slowly grow stiff again. What a slut! Robbie was a boy who could simply not get enough cum inside his body... he acted like a real golden child for the grown-ups, but behind that facade Compton knew that Robbie was a first class cock-hungry bitch.

Compton rewarded Robbie's enthusiasm by sliding his own erection back into the whimpering boy. The flight attendant was still watching. This unabashed initiation of sex elicited a series of lustful squeaks from a furiously blushing Robbie. Compton then picked up the humiliated bottom boy by his legs and walked past the frozen stewardess, carrying Robbie back to their row.

None of the passengers even looked up, but even a discerning eye may have missed the sliver of cock that would occasionally flash out between their two clothed bodies.

The two of them took a seat. Robbie was held against his friend's lap, impaled on his pulsing member. The panting, impaled youth could only imagine what would happen to him for the duration of the remaining voyage.

All the boy knew was that it was going to be a long, long flight.


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