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I don’t know what was going on but next week dad gave me an even longer list of chores. I got a chance here and there to spend a few minutes with Parker but it was never for very long. That whole time all I could think about was how he’d made me feel. He became the only person I thought about when I jerked off.

On Wednesday, I sat down with dad to ask if I had all my chores done by Friday that he’d let me spend time with my friends on Saturday and Sunday. His answer was the typical “we’ll see” but that only made me mad.

“If I’d have known you’d be making me do THIS much work I wouldn’t have agreed to come.”

My dad didn’t have visitation rights so it really came down to whether or not mom agreed to it and she pretty much left it up to me. Dad knew if I called mom, I’d be gone as fast as she could come and pick me up.

“The whole point of me coming here for the summer was for me to be able to have some fun on the beach. If this is how it’s going to be I might as well go home.” Okay, that was really low.

“Part of the deal for you coming here was that you’d help me out with some of the work I need to get done around here.”

“I don’t mind helping but it’s not fair that it’s ALL I ever do,” I argued.

“Fine, get your chores done by Friday and you can do whatever you want on the weekend.”

I knew I’d made him mad because he barely said two words to me for the rest of the night.

I saw Parker on Thursday while he was practicing in the alley. I asked him if I could go with him again on Saturday morning when he went to ride with his friends.

“If you can, that would be great,” he answered.

“Yeah, dad said that if I get my chores done by tomorrow then I get to do whatever I want over the weekend.”

“Awesome! So you want to meet here at 9AM like we did last Saturday?” he asked.


I actually had everything finished long before dad got home from work on Friday. I also had dinner ready and waiting. Okay, yes, I was still feeling a little guilty. Okay, a lot guilty. As we were finishing dinner, I announced that I had all my chores done.

“So I guess that means you have plans this weekend?” dad asked.

“Yeah, if that’s okay.”

“That’s fine. I know you want to have some fun too. I appreciate you helping me out with these chores.”

“I don’t mind helping dad. I just want some time to enjoy my summer too.”

“I know that. I just want to be able to move to a nicer place and with you helping me get this place cleaned up it’s going to make it a lot easier on me.”

“You’re moving? When? Where?” I asked in a panic.

“Not till after the summer is over for sure and I’m not sure exactly where yet. It’ll be some place close to the beach. I know you like to be able to come here and hang out and surf. But I’d like to get a place that’s a bit nicer for you. That way maybe you’ll spend more time here.”

“Seriously? You’d want that?” I asked surprised.

“Of course I enjoy having you here. In fact, I know you want to hang with these new friends you’ve met but maybe next weekend we can maybe drive up to San Onofre or wherever and go surfing? You know like we used to?”

“That would be so cool.” I answered.

“It looks like I’ll have to work tomorrow and again next Saturday so why don’t we plan on going on Sunday. Deal?” Dad asked.

“Deal,” I agreed.

We finished dinner and cleaned up. Then we both sat down in front of the TV and dad started surfing the channels looking for something to watch. My mind started to wander and all I could think about was Parker.

I wonder what he’s doing right now? I thought to myself.

I must have been restless because dad turned to me and said. “You don’t have to sit here with me. Why don’t you go out and have some fun? Just be back by 11.”


I don’t even think it took me sixty seconds to get to Parker’s door and knock.

When Parker opened the door, he was talking to someone on his phone. He smiled at me and motioned for me to come in. He must have just gotten out of the shower because his hair was still damp. All he was wearing were some board shorts. I sat down on the couch as he paced back and forth. It sounded like he was talking to someone from work about some problem. He didn’t sound happy about it either. Finally, he ended the call and dropped heavily onto the couch next to me.

“Problems?” I asked.

“Always or at least that’s how it seems. But it’s Friday night and I don’t have to think about any of that until Monday.” He said with a smile. “Hi, Chase, great to see you again. I thought maybe you were avoiding me.”

Damn he has a great smile.

“Hell no!” I said smiling back. “Dad just has me doing a bunch of work so maybe he can move to a nicer place this fall.”

“It’s cool that he trusts you to help him out like that.”

“Yeah I guess.” I paused for a second. I could tell that he was still distracted. Probably thinking about work and whatever problem they had. “Is it okay for me to be here? I don’t want to bug you.”

“Are you kidding?” He reached over and put his hand on the back of my neck, giving me a gentle squeeze. “It’s great that you’re here.”

Feeling his hand on my bare neck, I suddenly needed to have his arm around me again. I reached up and took hold of his hand and pulled it down around my chest as I slid down next to him. Resting my head on his bare shoulder.

He gave me a hug, pulling me tight against him.

I heard him sigh and then say, “I guess there are some things we need to talk about Chase.”

As he took a deep breath, I felt my guts start to twist into knots. This was where he was going to say I was just too young and we could be friends but that’s it. I went to pull away but Parker held me tight.

“I remember being your age and thinking I was gay. I wanted so much to be able to do something with another guy. But most guys don’t announce they’re gay so it’s pretty much impossible to find anyone. Well, except for the really flaming guys and that just never did anything for me. My first experience was horrible. He was a couple of years older than me and I guess he’d noticed me checking out the guys more than the girls. He wasn’t really interested in anything other that just getting himself off. But by the time I’d figured that out, I’d lost my virginity to him and was convinced that I never wanted to have sex again.”

As Parker shared his story with me, he gently rubbed his hand up and down my stomach.

“But my first year of college I met someone special. We started dating and I started thinking okay maybe I need to rethink this whole no sex policy. We started making out more and more often. He knew I’d had a bad experience and was so understanding. In the two years we were together, I don’t think we ever just had sex. It was always making love. He bottomed as much as he topped. Let’s just say I loved it,” he admitted with a chuckle and I couldn’t help but chuckle with him.

“So I guess what I’m getting at is that if and I mean “if” we decide to do anything with each other, it’s not going to be just about getting off. I mean I’m 26, Chase and I don’t want you thinking I’m just some old guy after some cheap thrill. I don’t want your first experience to be like that. Understand?” he asked as he gave me another squeeze.

The fact that he was 26 actually surprised me. He didn’t look much older than most of the high school seniors at my school. I mean I’d figured out he was older than that but I guess just not how much older. But really what did I care how old he was? He was super hot. He for sure cared about me.

“I don’t care how old you are.” I answered him. “I really like you and I know you won’t hurt me. And, yeah, I don’t want it to be just about sex either.”

Parker nodded at my answer and then continued, “Second, I know that you’re only here for the summer so whatever happens between us is only going to be a summer thing. Are you okay with that?” Parker asked.

I actually hadn’t thought about that. But he was right. In less than three months, I’d be going back home to Escondido. Sure I’d probably come back and visit my dad every other weekend. Well, unless dad had to work which he seemed to have to do a lot. And then there was this move dad was planning. Still there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to have sex… no … to make love with Parker.

“It’s going to suck when I have to leave but yeah it’s cool.”

Parker nodded like he approved of my answer then continued, “Third and this is very important. You only get one first time. Your first kiss. The first time you give or get a hand job.  The first time you give or get a blow job. The first time you top. The first time you bottom. You’re first time is something you’re always going to remember. Even when you’re 96 and can’t even get it up anymore, you’ll remember it. You need to think really hard about whether or not you want me to be your first for any of these things.”

“It’s all I’ve been thinking about.” I admitted.

“What? Have I been the subject of a few jerk off fantasies?”

“More than a few that’s for sure.” I could feel my face turn hot.

“You’ve crossed my mind a few times too,” Parker admitted.

“So what do I have to do to convince you that I want you to be my first for all those things?” I asked.

To answer my question, he moved me so my back was laying across his lap and my head was resting against the arm of the couch. He looked down at me and smiled. Then he gently ran his hand through my hair. His hand came to rest gently below my right cheek.

“Would you like to start with your first kiss?” asked Parker.

Suddenly I realized he wasn’t going to blow me off as being too young. That this was really going on. My heart suddenly started pounding. All I could do to answer him was nod my head yes.

His thumb came up over my chin and softly traced my lips. My heart rate doubled again.

“Do you have any idea how breathtaking you are?” Parker asked.

His hand went around to the back of my head and his other arm wrapped around my back. In one gentle motion he slowly bent down and pulled me up toward him. He placed his cheek against mine. Rubbing it ever so softly against my cheek. I could smell a strawberry scent in his hair. My arm went around his bare back. His skin was soft but I could feel his muscles rippling beneath my fingers. His face drifted lightly up until his nose pressed softly against the side of my nose. His lips hovered a hairs width above my lips. I couldn’t resist and reached up and pressed my lips against his. My whole body shivered as I felt his hand tighten around the back of my head, pressing our lips tighter against each other. His tongue flicked softly across my lips. I’m not sure but I think I actually moaned. I followed his example and did the same thing with my tongue. His lips parted even more and the tip of his tongue found the tip of mine and they started to play back and forth between our mouths. After what felt like forever he leaned back.

“You’re sure about this, right?” he asked looking me in the eye.

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my whole life.” I answered.

“Good because I really didn’t want to stop,” he admitted with a sigh.

Our lips met again and his tongue pushed deep into my mouth. So this was french kissing! The kissing became more and more intense. I realized I was holding my breath. I inhaled deeply through my nose and I was completely overwhelmed by the scent of him. It lit a fire inside my chest. My free hand went to the back of his head and pulled him hard against me. I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. It felt like I was getting drunk on the taste of him.

I felt my dick pulse and pump a huge load of precum into my boxers. I realized if I didn’t stop soon that I was actually going to cum from just us kissing. I had to roll my face away.


“You okay?” Parker asked all concerned.

“You’re joking right? I feel like I’m about to cum just from you kissing me.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed you were doing some pretty great kissing yourself,” he said with a huge smile on his face.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Hey, only one first is allowed per day!”

“Fuck, you’re joking right?”

“I don’t think we should move too fast,” Parker answered.

I groaned in frustration.

Parker chuckled, “At least you’ll have something new to think about when you jerk off tonight.”

He leaned back up and let me settle back down on his lap. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my upper arm.

“Feels like I’m not going to be the only one,” I joked and I pressed my arm against it and rubbed.

“Guilty as charged officer!” His hands flashed to my sides and he dug his fingers in and started to tickle me.

I started laughing, pressing my arms down to my sides, trying to protect my ribs from his fingers. Hell, he somehow knew just where I was most ticklish. I tried to squirm off the couch but he was way too strong.

Finally, when I just couldn’t take it any longer, “Okay! Okay! Stop! I surrender!” I pleaded.

Parker’s fingers stopped torturing my ribs and he rested his hand on the center of my chest right between my pecs. I could feel the weight of it as I worked at catching my breath. It felt warm and comforting. I looked up at him, meeting his gaze. I suddenly realized I might be falling in love with him. That had to be what I was feeling. I just wanted to stay here, close to him.

Parker smiled down at me and using his other hand brushed my hair off my forehead.

“When did you have to be home?” he asked.

“Before 11.”

“I hate to point out that you have five minutes to get home then.”

“What!” I exclaimed and sat up, looking for a clock, “How did it get so late?”

“Time flies when you’re making out I guess,” Parker chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess,” I admitted as I stood up and started straightening my clothes then finally running my fingers through my hair to straighten it.

“Tomorrow morning 9AM?” Parker asked.

“Definitely!” I answered as I started to head around the couch to the front door. Parker got up and followed me.

As I reached out to open the door, I felt Parker’s hand on my shoulder. He turned me around to face him. He pushed me firmly against the back of the door. Leaning down he pressed his chest against mine, pushing me hard against the door. Then his lips were against mine again. On pure instinct my tongue pushed past his lips. Parker’s tongue danced around mine as he started to suck my tongue deeper and deeper into his mouth. My knees grew weak and I started to slip down the door. But Parker pressed his chest firmly into mine and kissed me even harder. I could feel his firm pecs pressing against mine as he ground his chest against me.

Then suddenly he stepped back and the kissing stopped. I realized I had my eyes closed. When I opened them I had to reach out and take hold of Parker’s arms to stop myself from falling over.

“Holy fuck!” I leaned forward and rested my forehead against his bare chest as I struggled to catch my breath. “Does everyone kiss like that or is it just you?”

Parker just shrugged in answer, then, “You better run or you’re going to be late.”

“Fuck!” I turned, opened the door and dashed down the stairs. I could hear Parker laughing behind me as I dashed out his gate and into the alley.

As I pulled the door closed behind me, I looked over at the clock on my dad’s DVR and literally the time changed from 10:59 to 11:00 as I watched.

“Talk about cutting it close!” Dad said. Obviously he’d seen the same thing.

“Pure skill.” I said.

My dad actually chuckled. “You have a good time?”

“The best!”

“What did you do?” he asked.

If he only knew!

“Just playing some xbox. You know normal stuff.” I lied as I walked through our living room toward the hallway leading back to the bedrooms.

“You heading to bed?” dad asked.

“Yeah I need to check my email and stuff and then I’ll probably hit the sack.” I lied again. I knew exactly what I was going to do and it wasn’t checking email.

“Okay, don’t stay up too late.”

“Night dad.”

“Night Chase.”

I pushed my door closed behind me and locked it. I leaned back against it, remembering Parker’s weight pressing against me. I traced my fingers over my lips, remembering the feel and taste of his kiss. I reached down and pulled my t-shirt off over my head. As I did I caught a whiff of his scent. Pressing my shirt against my face, I inhaled deeply. It was not as strong as when he held me but it was still there. The effect wasn’t as strong but I still felt my insides burn. My erection throbbed in my pants. I dropped my shirt to the floor.

I kicked off my shoes. Moving toward the bed I reached down and pulled off my socks, hopping from foot to foot to get it done. My jeans dropped around my ankles next then I kicked my feet out of the legs. As I dropped on my bed, I pulled my boxers off and they flew into some corner of my room.

I hadn’t turned the light on but there was plenty of light coming in through the window from the street light outside. I could see my erection bouncing up and down with my heart beat. I reached over and pulled a bottle of hand lotion from my drawer. I squeezed a good amount into the palm of my right hand and dropped the bottle onto the bed. I slowly spread the lotion over my dick and balls. I ran my left hand over my stomach then let it come to rest between my pecs where Parker had put his hand before. I closed my eyes and slowly started to stroke my throbbing cock. I was so hard it was painful. I realized just how close I already was to cumming. As much as I needed to cum, for some reason tonight, I wanted to take my time.

I brought the back of my left hand to my lips and softly started to kiss the soft spot between the back of my thumb and my hand. I imagined I was kissing Parker again. Remembering what his lips felt like. All the while, I continued to very slowly stroke myself from the base of my cock to the head. Slowly changing directions and sliding back down to my base. My whole body shivered. I was so on edge. My balls ached with the need to cum. I reached slowly down feeling my hairless balls pulled up tight against my body. I tried to stretch my sack but there was no slack. I spread my legs, letting my lotion covered fingers rub the spot behind my balls. A tremor ran up from my balls to the top of my head then back down to my toes.

Spreading my legs wider I ran my finger down lower. I started to think about what it would be like to have Parker’s cock inside me. My finger ran up my hairless crack and found my hole. Curiosity got the best of me and I gently started to probe the tight hole with my finger. It slipped in up to my first knuckle. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Parker between my legs. I pushed as much of my finger inside as I could then started moving in and out.

“Yes, please fuck me Parker,” I whispered so only I could hear.

In and out my finger went as I slowly finger fucked myself. My cock pulsing up and down with my heart beat. Precum dripping out of the hole in a steady stream. I pulled my knees up to my chest and was able to get my finger in even deeper. I continued to finger fuck my virgin hole and used my other hand to press down on my chest, imagining it was Parker’s weight.

I had to clench my jaw tight to stop from moaning out loud.

I pulled my finger out, let my legs drop back down on the bed, and wrapped my fist around my rigid shaft. Spreading the gobs of precum over my cock, mixing it with the lotion. Slowly stroking myself up and down, up and down, up and down. I had to go super slow or I knew I would shoot. I was SO very close.

“Fuck, my cock’s never been this hard before.” I whimpered.

Suddenly my back arched uncontrollably, thrusting my dick into my fist. My toes curled and I exploded. Cum arched high into the air coming to rest on the side of my neck right below my ear. I had to press the palm of my hand tight against my mouth to stifle a scream. My ass started to drop to the bed only to thrust back up to blast another load of cum. This one landing across my right pec. A third volley landed slightly to the left and about two inches lower. My ass finally came back down to rest on the bed as my next three shots ran down my hand and into my pubes. My cock pulsed a few more times trying in vain to push more sperm out that just wasn’t there.

I took a deep breath, gently stroking my still hard but super sensitive cock. My hips instinctively thrust forward again. The reaction making my whole body tremble. Finally, my body collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.

I jerked awake almost three hours later. My cum had dried where it had landed, making a sticky and flaky mess. I reached under my mattress and pulled out my cum rag and cleaned up as well as I could. As I stuffed the rag back under the mattress, I looked around for my boxers but when I couldn’t find them I shrugged and climbed under the covers naked.

As I curled up, feeling the cool sheets against my bare skin I wondered what my next “first” was going to be like.

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