Summer part 1&2

A story by Joe.

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. It contains sexual scenes between men and young teen males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on.

It was the summer of my 15th year that I came to loose my virginity. Little did I know then in the summer how my life would change from that one night of seduction I received from my best friend's uncle.

My name is Gary Anderson and I lived in small city in the Pacific Northwest. The time was in the mid 70's and the Vietnam War had ended not long before. My parents place backed onto a forested area and because we lived in that semi rural area, I became best friends with the only other boy my age in that lived around there. My parents also became good friends with my best friend Randy's parents. They would socialize at every chance; often playing cards and drinking till the wee hours of the morning on the weekends. That was my Dad's motto, `work hard and play hard', and he did both to perfection.

My dad was a lawyer for the only law office in town. He always strived to be a partner and to do this he took on as much work as humanly possible. As a result I rarely saw him during the week. He was different on the weekend however and sometimes spoiled me as I was their only child. I didn't mind this as I got a lot of freedom during the week. My mom was for the most part a stay home mom, however she did dabble in real estate when she was in the mood for it and opportunity presented itself. This also allowed me more freedom as you, the horny reader will discover in later chapters.

Randy and I had set out that spring to design and build the ultimate fort in the bush, with the help of Randy's 10 year old brother Shane. So with what money we had saved, we purchased and scrounged up enough lumber to build a completely dry spacious fort set comfortably away from Randy's house. The fort was completed just as school let out and so to christen it we asked if we could spend a night in it. Unfortunately for us there had been a cougar scare in the past week and our parents absolutely refused to allow us.

July 4th soon came and so did Randy's uncle Jim. Jim was an absolute hunk. He was the youngest brother of Randy's mom and in his mid 20's. When I first met him I had never really had that many sexual thoughts towards another guy, but his 6'2" frame highlighted by his piercing blue eyes, shoulder length brown blond hair and stunning smile gave me a strange new feeling inside. Jim had been in the Air force during the Vietnam War, but only in a supporting role. He had been in college training as an aeronautical engineer when things really started to heat up over there and so he decided to volunteer into the Air force, rather than get drafted after he finished. I had learned that Jim now worked in Seattle for a large aerospace manufacturing company.


The day began warm and sunny. My parents and I arrived over at Randy's shortly before Jim's arrival. Randy and I idly threw a football back and forth and talked about how great it would be to sleep in the fort. Shane soon joined us and we being older boys teased him by playing `pig in the middle'. Jim's arrival caused a brief pause in our game as Randy introduced us. Jim was very polite and cordial with me but left with the adults as they went back to their Bridge game on the back patio. We grew tired of playing football again and went to the fort to drink a soda that Randy's mom had supplied. An hour passed by and then we heard a voice in the distant bush.

"Hey where are you guys?"

Shane immediately exclaimed that it was Uncle Jim coming to find us and check out the fort. He bolted off to find him; while Randy and I shoved the `Playboy' magazines we had scrounged under the pile of sports magazines. Shane returned shortly with Jim in tow.

"Hey guys, I came to check out your fort."

"Cool!" Randy replied and opened the door completely to let him pass.

"Wow, you guys did a great job."

"Thanks." We replied in unison.

We showed him some of the more interesting details of our project and made a lot more small talk. We then started lamenting on how our parents would not allow us to sleep in it. He listened intently and I also noticed he kept sneaking glances at me while Randy or Shane was talking. After we had finished outlining our arguments for wanting to sleep in there, Jim sat back and thought for a few moments. He then suggested that he would volunteer to our parents to be our overnight protector. We of course thought that was a marvelous idea and headed off to sell it to our parents.

Soon after, with permission granted we were headed back to the fort to set up sleeping arrangements. There were still a good number of hours to go before dinner even and of course what we craved too, fireworks. Jim challenged us to a game of football, the three of us boys versus him. We had a great time and it was more like dog pile than football. Jim would set his own ball and then off he would go towards his goal line with us hanging off him. Occasionally we would drag him down and end up in a heap with the ball being pulled from one set of hands to another. Some of these times I would feel Jim's hand brush against my cock in my shorts or rub up and down my ass. Once towards the end of the game as we struggled to get the ball I felt his hand come to complete rest on my ass and he gave it an hearty squeeze. Randy and Shane were too busy fighting over the ball to notice. I looked at Jim's face and he gave me a smug smile. My cock began to harden in my shorts as he continued to squeeze my cheek. The whole episode didn't last more than 5 seconds but to me at the time it seemed like an hour. I peeled myself away and excused myself to go to the bathroom hoping no one would notice my problem. I got to the bathroom and opened my shorts to relieve my straining 5 1/2 incher. I sat on the toilet and thought about what had just happened, how Jim's hand felt remarkably nice as he squeezed my ass. I had just wrapped my hand around my cock and I felt my load shoot up and out. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life to that point. I had been jerking off for more than a year but only to the "Playboy" magazines we kept in the fort. Randy and I had jerked off in each other's presence before but I had never thought about touching him or him touching me.

After recouping I went outside again. The mom's were busy doing the final touches on supper in the kitchen. Everyone else was now in the back and huddled around looking at a large box. Jim had brought a huge box full of different fireworks and firecrackers. My own parents said that fireworks were inherently dangerous and never allowed me up till then to partake in one of the July 4th favorite activities. This year would be different as I was growing up and becoming more responsible. Jim fished out a brick of firecrackers each for Randy and myself and we took off to make some noise. Shane tagged along upset that he wasn't allowed to have any, but glad to be at least close to the mini explosions.

Not long after supper was called and we ate hungrily. It was now becoming dusk on one of the most gorgeous nights I can ever remember. Finally after the dishes were done, it was dark enough for the fireworks. My dad at first kind of hung back away from the setting up and launching detail. Before long he was in the box like flies on shit setting off various pyrotechnic devices. Jim noticed me standing back away in the dark not far but allowing myself a good view. He saddled up beside me and we small talked about the fireworks. He had gotten them from a friend in the Air force who was still stationed in the PI, much cheaper than local suppliers. We oohed and awed for a while and then I felt his hand on my back and then down to my ass. I looked nervously around and everyone was staring intently skyward for the next big explosion. I knew if he continued to rub my ass I would be having a big explosion too and it would be in my shorts. He bent down and whispered in my ear. "Nice, very nice." Then he gave me one final squeeze before rejoining the others at the box.

The show ended too soon but we still had plenty of firecrackers to use up. The adults went back into the house to refresh their drinks and restart their card game. About midnight we decided to head out to the fort and with Jim along for protection we arrived for the night. We had already set up the sleeping bags and I was to sleep next to Jim. Randy slept by the door because he said he would have to get up and piss during the night. Jim seemed to have no objections to the arrangements. Soon enough the lantern was turned off and I was headed for dream land. As I drifted off I could hear the others talking and giggling. The next thing I remember it was sometime during the night. Jim's hand was exploring my chest and belly, occasionally rubbing over my cock. I had only worn my tightey whiteys to bed that night as it wasn't cool to wear jammies any longer, especially on a sleep out. Jim's hand explored more confidently now and he slipped it under the waistband. His hand felt wonderfully hot on my hardened cock. He grasped it lightly and pulled gently on me up and down. Right away I felt my load build and he must have sensed it. He quickly bent over towards me and took my shaft into his mouth just as I released my load. He sucked silently as I emptied myself and then pumped and squeezed my cock to get the last of my boy cum out. He righted himself in his sleeping bag and pulled me closer to him.

"Ahh that was delicious." He whispered.

"Thanks." I managed to whisper back.

"Here, feel this." Then he took my closest hand and pushed it down towards his cock.

He was also wearing tightey whiteys, but his hard cock spilled out from the top by a good 3 inches. I laid my hand on top of his underwear; his meat pulsed under the thin material.

"Go on grab it, feel how good it feels in your hand." He whispered.

I did just that and rubbed my hand over the entire length.

"Oh yeah baby, stroke daddies meat." He whispered to me.

I was a little alarmed at the way he was talking but loved the way his cock was throbbing in my hand.

"Just a minute." He whispered and then pushed his underwear down to his knees.

His entire cock sprung free in my hand and I resumed my attention on it. I could hear Jim's breathing getting heavier and heavier.

"Ok, just about there." I stroked harder now and his cock began to pulse harder and harder.

"Quick, bring your mouth down there like I did." He commanded in a whisper. I did as I was told again and as my lips touched the large flared head the first jet of cum hit my mouth and splashed by my tongue on the way to the back of my throat. That was followed by several more hard shots and then a couple more that just eased out of his slit. I swallowed as fast as I could not knowing or not wanting to know how cum would taste. To my surprise his cum, while salty was not that bad. He grasped his cock over my hand and pumped out a little more cum and fed it to me. His cock began to go soft then and he pulled me up right in my sleeping bag.

"Thank you, It's been a long time." He whispered and then did something totally unexpected then. He kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Mmmm. I love the taste of cum." He said. I realized I must have had some on my lips or face.

"Uumm your welcome, I guess." I said quietly.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked very hushed not wanting to wake the snoring boys beside us.

"Ahhh yeah, I guess I did."

"Good, cause if you keep quiet about this we can have so much more fun."

"OK, I guess."
"No guessing, it's either yes or no."

I thought about it for a second and then told him I wouldn't say a word. Jim thanked me and promised a lot more fun and pleasure in the future. We drifted off to sleep in a post orgasmic state and I slept very well till late morning.


Part 2

I had to go home the next day and help out with chores around the house and yard. It was part of my dad's moto that we all had to live by. After lunch I wanted to go back to Randy's early to hang out with Jim but just as I was about to leave the phone rang. Randy's mom had called to tell me that Randy had been grounded for throwing a firecracker at Shane and I wasn't allowed to come over. Of course my parents were allowed still and I prepped myself for a deluge of work while my parents took off for the day. To my great surprise, my dad only assigned me grass cutting and told me that it was due to it being the July 4th weekend. They soon departed and I set about to cut the grass before it really got hot. I had just put the lawnmower away and gone into the house to get a drink of water when I saw a semi familiar car pull into the driveway. I watched Jim get out of his car and slowly make his way to the front door. He knocked and I opened the door to see his smile. Jim explained to me that our parents were playing bridge and he had excused himself to meet up with a couple of old friends at a local tavern. Instead he came over to see me and I felt honored.

"You look sweaty. Your dad did say that were supposed to cut the grass, I see you did a good job too." He said.

"Yeah I have to otherwise he makes me do it again. I was just about to have a shower, do you want a soda or something. Can you stay?"

"Actually I have some beer in the car, you go ahead and shower and we can talk after."

We both turned at the same time and went our respective ways. I turned the shower on and got undressed. I had just started to wash my hair when a knock came at the door.
"Come in!" I yelled with shampoo running in my eyes. Jim stuck his head in.

"Sorry, I seemed to have had one too many beers and need to use the toilet."

"Go ahead." I said not worrying about him seeing me completely naked as the shower curtain covered most of the lower regions of my body. My mom had always prided herself on being up to style and right now mostly flowered shower curtains were in style. This shower curtain did have some clear patches but most of those were up high so one could look out too. I continued to rinse the soap out of my eyes and I heard the sound of a thick hard stream of piss hitting the toilet water. My eyes slowly opened and I peaked out and back to see Jim standing before the can, one hand holding his soft member and the yellow stream pouring forth. I couldn't take my eyes off his thick cock, even soft it hung out over his hand. I continued to watch him until the flow began to stop and I peeled my eyes off him and applied some soap to a wash cloth to wash my face. As I scrubbed my face I thought I could feel a slight cool breeze and the sound of the shower curtain moving slightly. I opened my eyes to see Jim's hungry expression and broad smile.

"Nice, Very nice, I knew I had good taste. Hurry up, I will meet you out in the kitchen." He turned and left. It was a good thing as my cock began to harden as the water poured over it. I toweled off and dressed. Jim was sitting in the kitchen with a cold beer in hand when I came into the room.

"I guess we should talk about last night huh?" He asked

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Would you like a beer?"

I was still thirsty from doing the grass so I agreed making him promise not to tell my dad. I never thought about why he would even tell, as he wasn't supposed to be here in the first place. He popped the top off a bottle and handed it to me. I took a tentative sip and decided I liked it, so I drank about 3 big swallows down.

"Hey easy, I want you safe and not puking." He told me joking.

"Yeah yeah."

"So, did you like it last night?"

"Ahuh." I said with a slight blush.

"Good, cause I did too."

I had a million questions for him and decided to blurt one out.

"I take it you have done that before?"

"Yeah, you could say that." He responded reflectively.

"Ever with Randy?"

"Nope. As much as I would like too, he rejects my advances."

"Oh, How often have you tried?"

"A few, not lately though. When he was younger and I got out of the Air Force."

"I see."

"Do you guys ever do anything?" he asked.

"We sometimes jerk off together, but we never touch each other."

"What about Shane? Does he join in?"

"No, never. We only do it when Shane isn't around."

I could tell that Jim was starting to get aroused, he squirmed in his chair and tried to get his meat straitened out. Finally he gave up and stood up.

"Now look at me, all this talk." He said as he pulled his cock up strait in his jeans. It wasn't its full length yet but it was thickening.

"So have you done that with a lot of guys?"

"Some, not a lot. I prefer my men on the younger side, as in your age."

"My age? Have you had many young guys?"

"Not many. Well not many here. In the PI the boys were a dime a dozen and eager to please for a price. Of course they were not allowed on base but we kept a hootch for our off duty times."


"Yeah, I wasn't alone in my taste for young men."

Just then an alarm went off in my head.

"Hey wait a second, my mom said you are engaged."

"Yeah all too true, my fiancÚ knows about my tastes and I let her have her own tastes."

"What do you mean?"

"Hell I will tell you about that some other time. Right now my cock is demanding some attention." I looked down to his jeans and his bulge was absolutely huge.

"Is there some place we can go?" he glanced around.

"Yeah, lets go to my room. Its at the end of the hall."

"Ok, great. I have to stop in the bathroom again. Never could handle beer."

I went to the kitchen to put the cans on the counter and Jim went to the bathroom up the hallway. As I passed by the bathroom door I looked in at him. A thick stream of urine poured into the toilet from his ample cock. He turned and looked at me with a wicked smile making no effort to conceal himself. If anything his cock seemed to grow as I stood there staring at him. Finally I broke my gaze and went to my bedroom to sit on the edge of the bed.

I heard his piss stream end and the toilet flush then the opening and closing of cabinet doors. Shortly he appeared in my bedroom door holding a bottle of my mom's baby oil and a towel.

"What's that for?" I innocently inquired.

"I thought after all the pushing of the lawn mower you could use a massage. I will show you how they give a massage in the Philippines. Would you like that?"

"Sure I guess." I had never had a massage.

"I am sure you will like this massage, peel off your t-shirt and lay down on your stomach."

"Ok." I agreed and threw the shirt on the floor.

As I lay there I heard him squirt some oil on his hands. He began rubbing my upper shoulders and arms slowly working lower and lower. Occasionally he would stop and reapply oil to his hands and then begin working on my shoulders again. He massaged for about 5 minutes then reached under to undo the button on my shorts.

"I don't want to get oil on your shorts, your mom will wonder about that."

"Yeah, good point." I agreed and helped him pull my shorts and under wear down. I had only planned on pulling them down to my knees but Jim continued yanking them right off and then throwing them with my shirt.

"Oh baby, you are so gorgeous. You have such a nice bum, a lot nicer than the boys in the PI."

"Thank you." I said contently as his hands worked their magic.

He worked lower and lower down my back and before long he was pouring the baby oil right over my upturned cheeks.

"Here baby. Put the towel under you so the oil wont stain the blanket."

I lifted my hips and helped him place the towel. My stiff cock briefly exposed was quickly massaged by Jim's hand before I lowered my hips down again. He poured more oil over my backside and began to rub harder I felt the oil run down between my crack and over my balls.

"Just a second." He panted. I felt him get up from the edge of the bed and I heard his zipper. Then he was kneeling behind me on the bed rubbing my back with both hands all the way up and then all the way down over my ass. He then applied more oil, but this time right to the crack of my ass and I felt his fingers slide down between my mounds. He tentatively touched his fingertip to my hole and rubbed around in circles with out penetrating. I assumed he was looking for a reaction on my part and when he got nothing he took it for a good sign. I then felt his finger push slightly inside. He moved it about before withdrawing it. More oil was applied directly to my loosening hole and then his finger was reinserted, this time with more force and a lot deeper.

"Oh!!!" I gasped almost shocked.

"Don't worry baby, I wont hurt you. Soon you will be enjoying this so much."

He worked his finger into me and began to pump at my hole with it. I guess then he was satisfied I could take another finger and he added another. I couldn't believe how tight it felt, but little did I know that it was only a little of what was to cum. He slowly fucked my ass with his fingers telling me how nice it looked and how good it was going to feel. At that point it already felt nice, especially when he hit a certain spot up higher. He then pulled his fingers from me and asked.

"How are you doing baby? Are you ready for the rest of your massage?"

"Yeah, its nice." I said not knowing what was to going to happen.

"It sure is!" he agreed breathing heavily.

I felt him move up slightly behind me and then felt the heat and large girth of his meat between my ass cheeks. I then realized what he meant to do. I guess all along I knew he wanted to do this but feeling the size of his cock pressing between my cheeks, I began to panic.

"Don't worry baby. I will be all over soon, just relax and it will go in easier."

"No!!!!" I tried to crawl out but his weight had me trapped.

`Oh yes Baby, one way or another. Like I said relax and in no time you will be loving it."

I guess I now realized that I was like a trapped animal and succumbed to his will. I tried to relax as I felt him adjust his aim. He pushed his cock head around until I felt him find my hole. He knew it too and he pushed ever so slightly. So far so good and it wasn't any more painful than his fingers at first. Then he pushed a little harder, and his cock head slid through my opening. Pain seared through my bottom and he hissed with delight.

"Oh Baby, there is nothing like a virgin ass. Relax ok?"

"Ok." I sniffled through my tears.

He held his cock in the same position until almost all the pain had subsided. Then he grabbed my hips and slowly began sliding his way down my velvet chute. My ass opened for him without too much more pain and as the giant head of his cock slid past my spot I almost cried out in pleasure. At last I felt his pubes resting against my ass and he sighed with pleasure.

"Yeah baby, daddy has got you now. I'm going to fuck you now, and soon you will be beginning me not to stop." He never waited for a response and pulled his thick cock out so only the tip was still in me. He plunged it back in deep and slowly began picking up speed.

"Fuck Baby, you have got one nice little boy pussy, tighter than those little flip pussies. I'm going to keep you all to myself and have your ass anytime I want." He moaned as he fucked me. He drove me harder and harder into the bed making the springs squeal in protest. He was right and soon enough I was beginning him to fuck my tight hole harder.

"Baby I'm going to spray my huge load up your tight little boy pussy and grease up your insides. Daddy is going to make you mine." He hissed as he fucked into my ass.

"ohhhh yeah baby!!!... Daddy is going to cum!!!" he grabbed my hips again and this time he drove all the way deep inside me and held it there. I felt his cock pulse like the night before when he came in my mouth. This time however he screamed in my ear as he shot his entire load up my hot ass.

"Fuck Yessssss!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Babbbyyyy!!!" he panted and moaned and he shot glob after glob into me.

He then collapsed on top me, squishing the air out my lungs. After a few moments I could feel his cock shrinking in my sore hole. Jim then pulled out and lay down beside me caressing my back and bum.

"I hope I didn't hurt you." Eyeing me for some expression of pain.

I tried to squeeze my ass closed but the muscles were too stretched and tired at that point. Instead I felt his cum begin to ooze out and down over my balls.

"I ah, I think I am leaking."

"Oh shit, yeah here let me help you." Jim reached under and pulled up some of the towel and used it to plug me up.

"Thanks." I offered.

"No, Thank You!" he said smiling at me.

"You're Welcome."

"I mean it. Its not every day I get a virgin and you really are very good looking."

I smiled at him and lowered my head back to the pillow. We lay like that for a while, with him caressing me and me trying to get my butt to close up. I felt him move suddenly and looked at him. He was looking at his watch.

"I guess I should get going. I'm supposed to meet an old school buddy at 4 pm."

I was actually getting nervous that one of my parents would come home to check up on me regardless.

"Oh. OK."

Jim sat up and then stood up with his cutt-offs still around his ankles. He had a nice muscular ass that flexed as he walked and I could see his large balls swaying between his legs. I looked at his cock and even though it was in a semi soft state I was amazed at its size. It swayed back and forth before him looking like a spear or club. Then a revelation came over me and I realized that I had had that monster inside me. I became quite proud of myself for the accomplishment. After a couple moments, Jim came back into the room and smiled at me again.

"Nothing sexier than a freshly fucked boy. You should get up though and have a bath, It will make everything feel soothed."

"Ok." The idea really appealed to me. He came over and helped me to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet while he ran the bath water. After leaking a bunch of his cum into the toilet I settled into the bath. The hot water felt marvelous and he washed the baby oil off my back for me.

"I hope you aren't mad at me now, you seem kind of quiet."

I sat there for a moment thinking about what had just happened.

"Its just I have never done anything like that before."

"Yes I know, it's understandable. The first time it happened to me I felt bad for a week."

"How old were you?" I asked.

"I had just turned 12 when I got popped."

"Wow! How?"

"It was with a truck driver that used to pick up our milk when my dad still had the dairy farm."

"And?" I pushed him.

"He had to pick up the milk every second day as our storage tank wasn't very large. We were last on his route and got there after school was out. Dad gave me the job of helping back the truck in, and hooking up. He was always really friendly and liked to tell me jokes. We had time to kill while the truck filled so we would hang out and talk and watch the cows. My dad had one bull he used to service the cows and the guy would always comment on how big the bull's cock was. Over time he would always talk more and more about how the animals did it and how good it made the bull feel. One day my dad had gone into town for supplies. He commented on the bull again and then told me that he was almost as big. I told him he was full of bullshit and told him to prove it. We were all alone in the barn so he unzipped himself and pulled out his cock. Although he was no were near as big as the bull's cock he was still very big compared to my little stiffy at the time."

"What do you mean? You have a big cock." I told him interrupting.

"Thank you, but I was only 11 at the time and it never grew until I was older. Anyway I looked at his cock closely as he slowly stroked it to its full hardness. I watched as a small drop of precum formed at the opening. He asked me if I liked what I saw. I told him I had never seen anything so large except on the bull. He asked me if I wanted to touch it so I did. Before I knew it, I was stroking it and he shot his cum over my face. On his subsequent visits when my dad was out in the fields or not around he would make me jerk him off. Finally one day he had me suck him off. I was shocked at the taste at first but then grew to like it. After that it was a regular ritual, as the truck loaded he unloaded into my mouth. He told me that this was his favorite stop. I don't understand why?" Jim asked rhetorically.

"Wow, that's amazing."

"It gets better. Do you want to hear the rest?"

"Yeah." I agreed relaxing in the hot water. My cock regained its hardness it had lost when Jim first entered me. Jim noticed, grasped it and slowly stroked as he told me the rest of his story.

"Just after my 12th birthday, it was in the summer and both my parents had taken Randy's mom into town shopping. I was home alone doing chores when the guy came rolling into the yard. He told me that he had to make a special pickup in the area and thought it would be convenient to get our milk too. I told him that it wasn't a problem and we hooked up the truck. I told him I had just had my birthday and he congratulated me. Then he looked at me with a mischievous grin and proclaimed I was now old enough. I told him I didn't know what he meant. He said that I would know soon enough. He then went to the cab of the truck and got something out. He then led me to the hayloft in the barn were I had sucked him off many times before. I had no reason to believe anything would be different that day, was I wrong. We no sooner got into the loft and he pulled my shorts down pushing me head first over a bail of hay. He ran his hands over my bum briefly and then I felt something cool being applied to my hole. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was going to be the bull and I was going to be his cow. Then I knew what was going to happen. I told him I didn't want to do that and tried to get up. He forced me back down with one of his big meaty hands. I then heard his zipper and the sound of his pants being lowered all the while he held me down with his other hand. Then I felt the heat of his massive cock head as he probed around between my cheeks until he found my hole. He told me to hang on to something cause the bull was going to get his cow. He grabbed my hips and it came in one hard massive push. I screamed as loud as I could as he split my ass. In one fast motion he buried his meat inside me and I continued to scream and cry. He held it there telling me that it was the only way to do it for the first time. He lustily panted in my ear as he waited for me to settle down. After a few minutes the pain subsided so he started to fuck me. He grunted behind me and started to sound like the bull, and then I realized that it was beginning to feel good. Just as that happened though, he grunted, cried out he was cumming and I felt my insides get really warm."

Just then my own cock spasmed as I was so turned on by his story. I shot my load, hitting myself in the chin and over his hand. Jim stopped talking and lowered his mouth to my gushing cock and sucked the rest of the cum out of me.

"I see you liked my story."

"Yeah." I said as I settled down.

"Maybe I will tell you the rest someday." He said.

"No, No finish it. I want to hear the rest." I pleaded.

"Ok, Well after he came, he told me I was his cow now and I was only to breed with him. He wasn't the least bit apologetic or regretful and told me that he would give me a week to heal up before he would service me again. The next week he only made small talk with me on his pick ups and he never even had me jerk him off. I asked one day why not and he told me that he was saving all of his bull juice for the next time I was to get serviced. True to his word and a week to the day he told me it was time. However my dad was hanging around and we couldn't be alone. Undaunted though he told me just as he climbed into the truck to meet him down at the cow's watering hole in our south pasture. It was only a short walk from the road and completely treed offering complete privacy. I met him like I was told and this time he fucked me long and hard along side the creek with a bunch of the cows watching. We had many afternoons of fun down there that summer and fall. Whenever dad wasn't around we did it in the hayloft. Me always on all fours and him behind me grunting and sweating. I eventually learned that he was married with children but lived in the next town over. One day the following winter he stopped coming around with a new driver making the pick-ups. I asked where the other guy was and he smiled at me and told me that he had moved down to California. That was my first great love and sex experience. I went without for a long, long time after that."

"Wow, that was amazing."

"Yeah, I really did enjoy being with him. Just like I enjoyed being with you. So do you think we can do it again soon. Say in about a week?" He smiled at me.

"I don't know, let me think about it." I responded, but already knowing I wanted more.

"Ok good, I have to go back to work tomorrow but I can come back next weekend, it's only a couple hour drive."

"Let me think about." I repeated.

"Fair enough. I'll come back anyway just to see you, but I may have to bring Beth with me. She is off next weekend. Shit, I better get going." Jim said looking at his watch.


"If I don't see you again this weekend, Thanks." He offered and kissed me on the cheek. Then he got up and left. I never did see him again till the following weekend.

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