Summer part 3 Jim and Beth

A story by Joe.

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. It contains sexual scenes between men and young teen males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on.

Jim did come back the following weekend with his fiancee Beth in tow. Randy's mom wanted them to stay at their house but Beth wanted some privacy for whatever reason. They ended up staying at the local Howard Johnson and for me that was a good thing.

The weekend started off the same as any other with the parents partying and us 3 boys left to our own devices. We could now sleep out in the fort at will as we proved our reliability and the cougar had been caught. Jim and Beth arrived Friday night for a late dinner and then took off back to the motel after the card game got rolling. Beth was a good-looking woman in her early to mid 20's. She wore a revealing tight halter-top that made both my dad and Randy's dad stare. This attention didn't seem to phase on Jim as I supposed he was used to it. Beth paid no attention and was more attentive to both my mom and especially Randy's mom. Before Jim left he caught me alone once and told me to come to their motel room #120 on Saturday afternoon. I could hardly sleep that night in anticipation of being with Jim. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out with Beth being around, but I knew that she was aware of his little secrets. Just how aware I didn't know and didn't care, as all I wanted was to feel his big powerful cock invading my backside. My ass was sore till Wednesday and I had bad diarrhea till the previous Tuesday, however all was well now. I had spent most of the week with a hard on thinking about what had happened and I jerked off every chance I got. I even talked Randy into jerking off with me out at the fort one afternoon when Shane had gone over to friends to play. We were looking at our favorite playboy magazines; I used it as an excuse but secretly thought of Jim's big cock squirting my mouth that night not long ago.

Luckily for me Mom had gone out shopping just after lunch while Dad had gone to work to catch up on an urgent case. I had been invited to go shopping but politely declined stating all the work I had to do around the place. Mom of course understood and left me alone. I blitzed around and soon I was wheeling my bike up to the motel were Jim and Beth were staying. Room #120 was at the far end of the complex, nice and secluded I guessed. I excitedly knocked on the door and waited. The curtain moved slightly and then seconds later Beth opened the door.

"Hi Gary, Come on in."

"Hi Beth." I walked through the door past her and looked around. Two double beds filled the room. TV in front of them and night stands with lamps on them beside each bed. Standard enough I suppose for the H.J. Jim was nowhere to be seen but I did hear the shower running in the bathroom.

"Where is Jim?" I enquired.

"Shower." Beth said cocking her thumb over her shoulder.

I nodded in understanding.

"Jim tells me your very talented. He never said that you were cute too."

"Errrr. Well thanks; I think you are very good looking too. So does my Dad and Randy's dad."

Beth smiled and told me that she loved getting that reaction from different men, but enjoyed getting attention from women more. I asked her what she meant but she said that Jim might tell me later. I decided to change the subject.

"What do you do? Jim said that you have to work some weekends."

"I work for a major airline as a stewardess."

"Cool. You get to fly all over the world."

"Yes, but to tell you the truth it gets a little boring. It is better now that we have the 747. More room you know."

"Cool, I want to be a pilot."

"Well good looking, you better get cracking on your training because now the war is over there are lots of jet jocks getting hired."

"Oh." I said quietly.

"Don't worry a good looking kid like you will get hired in a flash."

Just then the bathroom door opened and Jim walked out in a robe. He spotted me sitting on the edge of the bed and gave me a big smile.

"I trust you two were getting acquainted?"

"Oh yeah, Gary was telling me of his future ambitions."

"Yeah? I guess one day he could be flying you around the country." Jim stated.

"I might like that." Beth said.

We settled into some small talk about careers and flying and I was beginning to think I was only going to be there for a visit and nothing else. Beth got up and excused herself to the bathroom calling Jim with her. Jim returned after a second then went over to the dresser and opened a drawer. He picked out a couple magazines and handed them to me. One was an old issue of "Playpen" and the other was entitled "Bi boys" I quickly thumbed through the "Playpen" looking at several shapely naked women. I then opened the "Biboys" magazine and was treated to several pictorials of naked boys with men in various states of arousal and carnal coupling.

"You can keep those if you want, look at them later." Jim offered.

"Yeah, thanks." I said.

When Beth finally came out I just about spit. She was dressed in only a tiny bikini and wearing very tall high heels. Her breasts spilled out the sides of her top and she glided by me with her nice ass wiggling seductively. I immediately thought my dad would love to see this. She looked like a model in one of our Playboys. Beth glided up to Jim and sat sideways in Jim's lap never taking her eyes off me.

"Beth says she wants to see you suck my cock." Jim blurted out.

"I ahhh. I ahhhhhh." As much as I tried I couldn't seem to get any words out.

"Looks like we got his attention Jim." Beth said teasing and nodding to my shorts.

Beth then got up and came over to me. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off the bed. I was still amazed by her body as she pulled me towards Jim. I slowly looked towards Jim and his large cock now protruded out of his open robe. He parted his legs as he sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand from Beth. I obediently followed his non-verbal commands and knelt between his legs. His huge cock pointed strait up towards my face and I felt Beth's hands on the back of head pushing me down to it.

Parting my lips I took his cock head in so the tip was resting on my tongue. I heard Jim sigh from above.

"That's it, suck Jim's big cock, and make it all nice and slippery." Beth hissed in my ear.

I pulled off slightly and tried to go deeper but all I could do is gag.

"Come on boy, suck it deeper. Gulp at it while you are pushing it down." Beth coached some more.

I did as I was instructed and to my surprise it worked. I felt the big meat slide farther down.

"Pull off and get it wetter." This time it was Jim coaching.

Again I did as I was told and lubed it up with a bunch of spit that I couldn't swallow.

Beth had worked her hand down between Jim's legs and was playing with his balls. I went back down and this time I worked even deeper. I reached up with my hands and felt about half of his cock in my mouth. Working my mouth around I managed to put down another inch but after that I was stuck. He began to thrust his hips in towards my mouth and trying to drive it deeper. I let him face fuck me for a while and felt his cock pulse once.

"Ok, that's enough." He commanded and pulled my head away.

"Did you enjoy it baby?" Beth asked him.

"Oh yeah, he is a natural born cock sucker."

"MMMmmmm good." She purred and stroked his chest.

"Now I want to see you fuck his little ass off. I mean I really want to see you ream his tight little boy pussy until he squeals."

"You're wish is my command. Come on kid get up here on all fours." Jim commanded

I slowly got up on the bed and they peeled off my clothes. Both of them ran their hands over my body, with Beth concentrating on my protruding cock. I felt Jim move around on the bed behind me and then his hands spread my ass cheeks. He kissed his way around my butt before centering on my crack and then down to my rosebud. After a couple kisses I felt his tongue touch me and work its way around my hole. He licked and prodded me before finally pushing it in. Beth in the mean time had slid underneath me and was sucking at my straining cock. She was very good at sucking cock, but to that point I had only had one blowjob before. Regardless with Jim tonguing my ass and Beth sucking my cock I started to blow my load. Beth's sucking mouth took it all as I dumped shot after shot into her. She then pulled off her mouth and quickly moved around to where Jim was still playfully working my hole with his tongue. They must have had some master game plan because as soon as she moved back there, he repositioned himself so his cock was placed at my ass. Beth then deposited my cum she had kept in her mouth over my ass and Jim's cock. Jim then worked his cock through the slimy fluid and over my hole.

"As good as you're cum tasted Gary, You are going to need it for lube." Beth explained as she licked off her lips.

It was then Jim began to push his cock into me. Right away I remembered how it felt the first time and braced myself to accommodate my lover's cock.

"Do it, slam his pussy!" Beth yelled.

Jim did just that and pushed as hard as he could. My arms went weak and he drove us both to the bed with me buried underneath.

"Oh no, I want you doggy!" Jim said pulling my hips back up. His cock was still in me as he dragged me back.

"Come on Jim, fuck his little pussy. I know you like it. Fuck his ass like you fucked mine last night!"

I looked back at Beth who was now kneeling beside us watching Jim's cock disappear into me. She looked at me and gave me a nod like I was doing all right. Jim started to grunt as he picked up his momentum, filling me and then pulling himself out. One of Jim's hands left my hips and I heard Beth moan. He had his hand down her bikini bottoms and was busy playing with her pussy. As I looked back Beth put her hand on his ass and was pulling him driving him deeper and harder into me. Suddenly Jim slowed and I heard him gasp and sigh.

"Yeah Baby, finger my ass while I fuck this boy bitch."

Jim then picked up speed again and was really driving his cock hard into me. My prostate was in overdrive and my cock hardened quickly again. It bounced up and down with Jim's rhythm. He fucked me with reckless abandon for the next 10 minutes. He was lost in total concentration as he pounded at my hole. I slowly began to push back against his thrusts and this seemed encourage him even more. I felt Beth swing off the bed sometime during his assault and heard her doing something behind us. I didn't care at that point what she was doing as I was enjoying being serviced by the man's big cock. Most of the time Jim was telling me what a good little pussy I was and how nice and tight it was. He grunted and moaned behind me while holding my hips. That was something he didn't have to do, as I had no intention of going anywhere.

"Oh yeah baby! Going to cum, going to cum way up inside your ass! Feel my hot fucking cum as I unload into you!" Jim yelled.

"Do it, Do it cum in his tight little ass. I've got your little present all ready for after." Beth told him from somewhere behind us.

"Really?" Jim asked.

"Oh yeah." She said.

This made Jim slam into me all the harder and then he grunted loudly and held his cock inside. I felt it grow slightly; twitch and then he released his hot cum into my bowels.

"Ohhhhhh Fuckkkkkk Yesssssssss!!!! I'm cumming!!!" He tried pushing his cock deeper. The force was too great and we collapsed onto the bed again, his cock pulsating and empting its huge load. We lay there for a moment and then I felt Beth climb on the bed. Her feet went astride of our sweaty bodies and then I heard Jim gasp.

"Here it comes baby. I know you like this!" She whispered.

Jim grunted again and then more weight was added on top of us.

I managed to wiggle my way out from under the two. As I rolled over, Jim was now laying on his stomach with his ass pushed up in the air. Beth was wearing some kind of harness around her waist and a large plastic dildo was attached to it. The dildo was now partly imbedded in Jim's ass as Beth made slight fucking motions to drive it in deeper. With every inward push Jim would grunt louder and louder. My stretched ass began to give up its contents so I ran off to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I could hear the pair in the other room and things sounded like it was getting hotter and hotter. The headboard was rattling against the wall like Jim had just done to me. Beth was telling him what a bad little boy he was for fucking my nice little boy pussy and he deserved this punishment. I finished my business and with a full hard on again I went back to the bedroom. Beth spotted me and my hard on.

"Come here Gary!"

I slowly walked over towards the pair. I was amazed at how deeply she was driving the dildo up his ass.

"Get up there and make him suck your cock. My little boy bitch needs his cream."

I looked uncertainly at Jim. He half nodded at me with his eyes closed. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself in front of his mouth. He quickly slurped me between his lips and sucked hungrily. Beth's thrusting movements drove my cock down his throat but that didn't seem to bother him. In no time I felt my load build and then it burst out, splashing the back of his throat, he worked his throat and tongue milking my cock dry. I withdrew my softening cock from his mouth. Beth smiled at me and kept on ramming his ass. I figured Jim was going to have a sore bottom tomorrow if it wasn't already sore. I sat on the edge of the bed for a couple minutes watching the pair. Beth's bikini top was now pulled aside and her ample breasts swung as she thrust into him. Jim then reached back behind him and patted his cheek. I assumed this was a signal as Beth gave on final push and drove the dildo deep into his ass. She then reached behind her waist, unfastened a buckle and the contraption fell free from her waist. The dildo was still buried in Jim's ass as Beth moved around in front of Jim.

Jim opened his eyes and smiled at me.

"Gary, would you mind leaving? I don't mean to sound rude, but Beth and I are going to have some time together."

"I guess so." I agreed.

"Thanks Gary, you are a good sport, and a great piece of boy ass. I promise to make it up to you."

"Its ok." I didn't really mind, as I should be getting home before my mom got back from shopping.

Beth was now lying on her back and had removed her bikini bottoms. She spread her legs suggestively to Jim and beckoned him to climb on. I had never seen a real woman's pussy before and hers was just as nice looking as the playboy models. Jim crawled up to her on all fours, the dildo still stuck in his stretched ass and his massive revitalized cock swaying underneath. I watched as I dressed and he penetrated her pussy slowly. She squealed with delight as he buried himself into her balls deep. I felt a little jealous of her and how good that cock felt as it slid home.

I reluctantly moved to the window and peaked out. No one was around so I opened the door slightly.

"Bye you guys."

"Bye Gary! Thanks!" they said in unison.

"Yeah, ok.' I replied and took one last look back at the rutting pair. I grabbed my magazines and closed the door with a sigh and took off for home as fast as my sore bottom would allow.

Beth and Jim came over to Randy's house later that night. Jim moved a little tentatively and Beth was now dressed in a short mini skirt and tight shirt that showed off her breasts. They both smiled at me secretively when it was safe to do so, but nothing else was said. Tonight for some reason my dad didn't seem that interested in Beth, but that was something that I really didn't pay much attention too either.

The couple left for Seattle the next morning and I only seen Jim a few more times that summer. Once he showed up one hot Saturday afternoon. I was mowing the lawn and dying for a break. Dad was at work and mom was showing a house, so I really didn't know how much time we had. This didn't seem to bother Jim at all and he took me into my Dad's workshop. He bent me over a stool, spit all over his cock and licked my hole and fucked me hard. He came hard and fast and it was a good thing because I no sooner got my cut offs pulled up and my mom arrived home. That was the closest we ever came to getting caught. One other time he phoned me and was at Randy's. Randy wasn't home but I was to meet him at the fort. When I got there he was sitting in the door way waiting. He said that doing it in the fort was too dangerous but he knew of a clearing in the bush we could go. I followed him and after a 5-minute walk we came upon a small opening with a moss covered ground. This time he produced a small tube of lubricant he called KY. This was also the first time he fucked me while I was on my back. I enjoyed watching his facial expressions as he entered me and then as fucked me and finally as he came. He was extremely passionate this time too and kissed me constantly as he played with my nipples. The last time, was just before Labor Day and he was staying at the H.J. again. Just him this time, he fucked and we sucked for hours on that Saturday. I don't know why but Jim never allowed me to fuck him. I could finger his ass all I wanted but I was never allowed anything more. I assumed it was because I was his little boy pussy. I did see Jim on occasion after that summer, but we never seemed to click like that special time in my life. Never the less, he did awaken my sexuality in a way I had never thought possible and opened my future, not to mention my ass. I am a rich man today because of him and how I got to be wealthy will come in future stories.

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