by Boi Kraz_e <>
Sun Bathing - Chapter 1


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This is only my SECOND story!
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Sun Bathing

I prefer my boys smooth, cut, and with a tan line, as skimpy a tan line as possible. Speedo tan lines are ideal. I hold myself to those same standards since I have a fit, well-muscled nearly hairless body as well. I never did develop much chest hair and barely have a noticeable treasure trail leading to my well-trimmed pubic bush. I usually start out in the spring with a speedo tan line and graduate to a g-string as the weather permits, but here in Northern Wisconsin that can be well into June most years.

It was one such day in late June when I was sun bathing alone on my private beach on the lake where I grew up. Not an unusual occurrence given there are few other gay people in this remote area, and fewer still that are openly gay. While no one would suspect I'm gay I don't hide it either. Most all my friends and all of my family know and accept it or they wouldn't be friends of mine. Anyway, I was there on the beach sun bathing in a very skimpy bright red g-string and I must have dozed off for a while. I woke to cat calls and women whistling from a pontoon boat that was slowly motoring by. I did my best impression of a rapper and grabbed my semi-inflated junk and shook it a few times eliciting even louder responses from the obviously horny women. I wish I could remember what I must have been dreaming about because I was half way to hard. The women could still be heard "wooo-hoooing" as they disappeared down the lake shore and out of sight.

It was then that I first noticed the very young nearly naked boy fishing from my dock. He wore only flip flops and old cut off denim shorts that seemed way too small for him. Since my dock is very near the beach I wondered how he got there without my noticing or without him waking me. I also noticed he wasn't paying any attention to his fishing pole or lure, but was more interested in my pole as he was staring directly at it. As I stood and walked towards him he went back to actually fishing. Casting his lure out on the water and reeling it back in like a pro. I attempted to rearrange my junk but you can only fit so much, or should I say so little, in the small pouch of a g-string. My feeble attempt didn't go unnoticed because he was again staring directly at my crotch as he reeled in his lure. I felt slightly embarrassed but only slightly because after all, this was my private property and he was trespassing.

His stare didn't help shrink the head of my now rapidly inflating cock that was poking its way above the pouch designed to encase a much smaller payload. I asked him what he was doing here and he responded I had told him he could fish from my dock any time he wanted to. Having made that statement to untold numbers of young boys, I asked who exactly he was. "I'm Billy" he said. "Billy Jackson, remember, Sarah's nephew." "oh", I said, not remembering Sarah even had a nephew, and certainly not one so young and cute. Now he was not only openly staring at the head of my exposed cock, but was administering ministrations to his as well. At first he attempted to just rearrange it and then just gave up on that and was openly groping himself.

By now mine had grown to a full blown hard on and the only thing hidden from his view was my balls and about the bottom two inches of my hard and now leaking adult cock. Well, at this point I was pretty sure he was interested because he was sporting a tent in his skimpy little Daisy Duke cut off shorts and was stroking it through the flimsy material. They were so short that half the pockets stuck out below them and I wondered how he kept his dick and balls from hanging out down there as well. Skimpy is an understatement. If the pockets weren't still there I'm certain I would see smooth boy skin all the way up to his waist. The waistband, zipper, and seams were the only areas that had any of the original blue denim color. The back side of them was almost nonexistent. Totally devoid of color and so threadbare they were transparent. They reminded me of a pair of ass less chaps I once admired. Except for the waistband and the seam that separated the two perfect spheres of his gorgeous ass, there was hardly any material left intact.

I asked if he wanted to come up to the house for a soda, water, or a beer I added with a wink. It worked, he laughed at the beer thing and said "sure". The awkwardness of my raging adult cock in full view momentarily forgotten, I motioned for him to lead the way up to my house. I followed closely behind him admiring the smooth globes barely encased in those tiny cut offs and I swear the bottom half of both cheeks were hanging out below them. They left absolutely nothing to the imagination. He may as well have been totally naked because they didn't hide anything. Those perfect boy mounds topped off his long coltish legs, and like the rest of him, were well tanned. It occurred to me then the ladies on the pontoon boat may have been whistling at him, not me.

When we reached the house he paused and turned towards me catching me red handed, staring at that fantastic ass of his. I blushed, then opened the patio door and let him enter first. I closed the glass door behind us and when I turned back around his face was practically touching my throbbing meat. Neither of our cocks had diminished in size in anticipation of what we hoped was to happen. He raised his hand and wrapped his little fingers part way around mine just below the head. With one finger of his other hand he swiped across my abundantly leaking head and brought it directly to his waiting mouth. "MMMMMMMM, you taste good he said."

"You've tasted that before" I asked. "Yea" was his response, "with uncle Bob". Then he repeated the process two more times licking his finger clean each time. Apparently clear that I was ok with it, he stuck his tongue out and flicked it across the end of my engorged cock. I moaned loudly, which only encouraged the little scamp to actively slurp up all that was steadily flowing now. Five or six swipes of his little tongue on my throbbing head was about to make me shoot and I wanted more so I tried to push his head away. He came back at it with a passion and engulfed my entire head. At that point I had lost all reasoning and let him continue. After all, he knew what he wanted, and apparently had done this before.

He worked over the head of my cock like a pro, giving me the sense that he and Uncle Bob had done this many times before. He licked all around the head and under the ridge, stuck his little tongue in my piss slit, and then sucked on the entire head before repeating it over and over. This kid was fantastic. I was quickly approaching blast off and when I told him I was about to cum he surprised me by swallowing the head and several inches of my throbbing adult cock. That did it. I blasted the most intense barrage of baby batter I've ever had directly down his throat. Oh fuck, Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, was all I could incoherently mutter. One, two, three, four, five, six full shots before the force diminished only slightly. Seven, eight, nine, then subsiding to dribbles the kid couldn't keep up. I had filled him to overflowing and he couldn't swallow fast enough. My warm jizz covered everything below his eyes including his bare chest and stomach. I nearly collapsed.

The sight of this exquisite young boy with my fresh load covering his entire upper body was a sight to behold. I wish I had thought to snap a pic with my phone but was barely coherent. I raised his head with both my hands and kissed him full on the lips tasting first-hand the fruit of my loins. He was right, I did taste good, but not as sweet as his lips and tongue tasted. Our tongues battled first in his mouth, then in mine. Back and forth we kissed for what seemed like hours until we both noticed what a sticky mess we had created. We broke our kiss and I found my hands were already engaged in undoing his tiny shorts and messaging the hard little spike they barely covered. As I unsnapped them they fell freely to the floor exposing for the first time the object of my desire.

Slapping up against his pubic bone was the most perfectly shaped boy boner I had ever seen. The tiny pink head pointed to the stars and was in perfect proportions to the rest of his equipment. Slightly over three inches of gorgeous boy cock topped a totally flawless set of almonds encased in a magnificent hairless little nut sack pulled up tight against it. I was in awe of this little guy and his equipment. I pushed him backwards onto a loveseat and as he flopped down on it he instantly spread his legs to give me full access to all his equipment. I wondered if this is how loveseats got their name.

I administered the same attention to his cock and little nut sack that he had to mine and went a few steps further. I licked up and down his little stiffy and around both his nuts, even under them and would swallow all of them whole. All three fit easily in my mouth and it was driving him into a frenzy of sexual bliss. His head was thrown back and thrashing from side to side with his eyes closed and his mouth wide open. I knew he couldn't take much more of this and sure enough, he started moaning and shaking all over as he experienced the most earth shattering dry cum I have yet witnessed. He actually yelled out obscenities as he shook violently.

Eventually his orgasm subsided and he pushed my head away from his still hard little spike saying it tickled too much. So I moved on to different territory. Dropping below his ball sack to that area between his balls and rose bud, I continued to lick thoroughly. I ventured still lower raising his legs with both my hands. His little cock jumped and he moaned loudly again when my tongue found its target. I slathered all around his pink little hole and delighted in the fact that it was totally hairless. Between my slurping and his moaning the room was filled with the noises of sexual exploration. He was on fire again and when my tongue penetrated his tight rose bud, he went off again. I am always amazed by young boys who can have multiple back to back dry orgasms. After this one though, he had to stop. He was totally exhausted even though his cock said otherwise. He was still rock hard but I honored his wishes and dropped his legs down to the floor again.

I offered him that soda or water again and he said "I'll have that beer instead" then laughed. "Nice try" I responded. He said water would be nice so I headed over to my downstairs bar refrigerator and returned with two ice cold bottles of water. We sipped them and I asked several questions about how long he was going to be here at the lake and where exactly Uncle Bob was. I learned he was staying the entire summer alternating between Uncle Bob's and Aunt Sarah's places whenever he wanted to. Lucky for me his Aunt Sarah only lived four homes away right on the same lake. He went on to add that Uncle Bob sometimes stayed here on the lake with Aunt Sarah as well. That he and Bob were planning on camping out in a tent this weekend near the shoreline of the lake so they could fish all night and not disturb Sarah or her family. He went on to invite me to join them if I wanted.

I wanted! I wanted!


I am definitely open to suggestions for new stories or to hear what you think of this one so far, so do not hesitate to contact me, at Don't forget the underscore.

Flames will be ignored so don't waste your time.