by Boi Kraz_e <>
Sun Bathing - Chapter 2


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Sun Bathing, Chapter 2

After experiencing Billy's exquisite oral talents first hand I was torn between sharing them with his Uncle Bob and wanting them all to myself. I had no idea how often he and Uncle Bob "hooked-up", but Billy's talent was considerable, leading me to believe it must be quite often. I could easily utilize his talented mouth and tongue a couple times a day. I figured his uncle probably felt the same way, and I wondered exactly how many times a day Billy's mouth could accommodate adult cocks before losing interest or becoming sore. Turns out, I needn't have worried about that at all.

I could barely function the next few days awaiting the arrival of the weekend and the possibility of sharing Billy with his uncle. I had a perpetual hard on that required my attention several times a day. That wasn't hard to do, if I thought of just how talented Billy's mouth was, I was blasting out a load in record time. The hardest part was trying to sleep at night. All I could think of was that perfect little boy butt and how badly I wanted to play with it some more. He really seemed to enjoy my tongue back there and I wondered if his uncle had beaten me to that treasure. I surely hoped not, but I would soon find out.

I was also worried about how I would introduce myself to Uncle Bob. Do I just come out and say "Hi, I'm the perv that came all over your Nephew earlier this week", or a more subtle approach. I had no idea how much if anything Billy would have told him about our encounter. I had never shared my secret desires with another adult before let alone sharing the object of those desires. How do two adults share one horny little boy? Oh, the possibilities! That served as a welcome distraction from my worries and I was getting hard again just thinking of those possibilities. My mind was racing and before I knew it I was stroking a full blow raging hard-on to climax again. I shot so hard the first two squirts went right over my head and splattered on the head board, three and four in my face and hair, then subsequently coated my chest and six- pack, until they ended dribbling out around my hand. I guess the thought of sharing him with another perv was really exciting to me after all.

It was Friday mid-morning and I was mowing the lawn when Billy rode up on his bicycle. I was wearing my traditional mowing garb of skimpy silk running shorts split up the sides with the inside pouch removed so they leave little to the imagination, and sandles, no shirt. I felt my cock jump and I started to chub up at the mere sight of this young Adonis, with his curly golden locks glistening in the morning sun and partially covering one of those piercing blue eyes. He was wearing the same worn cut offs and flip flops as the day I met him. With the bike seat somewhat spreading his legs, I could see the beginning of his hairless little ball sack up the flimsy leg opening. He had cut the pockets off! Holly fuck, just when I thought his shorts couldn't be any sexier, he found a way. I could now see his entire upper leg all the way to his waist through what little material was left of those shorts. I wanted to kneel down and worship him right there on the front lawn.

While vehicle traffic is light on the winding road around the lake, occasionally there are a few joggers and people walking their dogs. so I settled for a quick grope of his rapidly expanding little spike. It's so much fun to feel a boy get hard as a nail in the grasp of my adult hand. I fondled him openly right there on my front lawn paying tribute to his smooth little ball sack and its contents as well. I fumbled with the two little marbles as my middle finger slid lower and messaged below them almost to his pink little rose bud.

The flimsy material of his worn shorts did little to hide his excitement so I suggested we go inside. He dropped his bike right there and again I had the pleasure of admiring the cutest little boy butt in the world make its way to my front door. This time I couldn't resist and I reached down and squeezed those superb melons through the transparent threads that contained them. Oh shit, how smooth and soft they were! Silky smooth like a baby's behind. Billy let out a loud squeal and he knew what I was after this time, causing him to scamper faster towards my door.

Once inside I didn't even bother to close the door before picking him up in a bear hug, with one hand cupping those magnificent orbs and shoving my tongue roughly into his mouth. It met no resistance and he parted those cute little boy lips allowing me full access to his soul or anything else I wanted. He was like modeling clay in my hands. There I was French kissing and groping the cutest boy in the whole world with my front door wide open and I didn't care who saw us at that point.

The effect this child had on me was astonishing. I was full blown hard again! When I finally broke our kiss, Billy leaned back from my mouth and said he came over to let me know his Uncle Bob was at Aunt Sarah's house and he wanted to meet me. My dick was poking above the waist band of my modest running shorts until that point. It quickly deflated as my worries returned. I let Billy down, closed the front door, and guided him to the couch in the living room. We needed to talk.

I asked him exactly how much he had told his uncle about me and what we had done. Billy said he told his uncle everything about me and all we had done and his uncle couldn't wait to meet me. My heart sank and I suddenly felt nauseous. Did his uncle want to hurt me, maybe even kill me, or worse, have me arrested? Billy must have read my mind because he immediately went into defense mode and said he waited until they were setting up the tent down by the lake so they wouldn't be over heard by anyone else talking about this stuff. I said "no Billy, it's not that, although I do appreciate your taking those precautions". He said "what then?" I explained my concerns that his uncle may not appreciate what we did together and may want to beat me up or something.

Billy burst out laughing hysterically and I was stunned. He was bent over laughing so hard he was practically rolling on the floor. My jaw hit the floor and my mouth was wide open. My eyes were as big as saucers. How could he laugh at me getting beat up, or worse. I never heard a kid laugh so loud and so long as Billy did then. I wanted desperately to laugh with him but just didn't understand what he found so funny. Then it hit me. His uncle couldn't want to hurt me or he wouldn't be laughing like this. I asked "your uncle doesn't want to beat me up?" Billy still laughing uncontrollably shook his head no violently as he was unable to talk in full sentences just muttered "no".

"Whew" what a relief. I felt so much better and actually started laughing a little bit myself at how foolish I had been. Billy still laughing finally managed a full sentence and said "he really wants to suck your big dick too". Billy said he told his uncle how sweet my cum tasted and he can't wait to share it with him. And that his uncle intended to ask me if I would maybe fuck him too. Well that didn't sound like someone who was angry, horny but not angry. Billy was still laughing softly when I hugged him to me again.

My cock started to grow again the second his smooth chest touched mine and I found my hands once again groping his sweet ass. We kissed passionately with our tongues once again doing battle alternating between his small mouth and mine. His arms were around my neck and his legs wrapped around my waist with my hands supporting very little of his meager weight. I cupped his sweet butt in one and let the other explore the tight hairless crack between the two perfect globes. Moving my middle finger deep into that crevice through the thread bare material of those cut offs was an easy feat. I didn't even need to remove them. With that his breathing became more rapid and it had the desired effect as I could feel his little stiffy against my chest even through his shorts.

My skimpy running shorts did little to contain my engorged rod and the head was again poking above the waist band and almost rubbing against his little ass. I lowered him a little more so it was now resting between his cheeks. "OOOOOHHHHHH" escaped his mouth and he drew in a deep breath as though he expected penetration. My head was leaking profusely at the thought of him wanting to be impaled on it. As I moved him around on my throbbing pole making his entire ass slimy with pre cum, I asked if he had ever been fucked. I almost shot all over his butt when he answered "yes". He paused, then added, "but only by Uncle Bob and his cock is much smaller than yours is."

A normal boy lover would have dragged Billy to the bedroom and fucked his brains out but I was on fire and Billy did something unexpected. As I was dry humping against his ass he reached back and guided my hard cock through a hole in his shorts and it was now rubbing directly between his smooth boy cheeks skin to skin. Then with his hand he kept pressure against my dick so it was forced against them even more. OMG! I was in boy lover heaven. I was smearing my pre cum all over his smooth ass cheeks now. Every nerve in my body was twitching as I unloaded all over his butt, back, and even up in his hair without warning. Shot after shot of hot volcanic love juice. I can't explain how I could shoot such a huge load with no advance warning. It's like my dick had a mind of its own. It just started erupting violently without notice. I can't ever remember shooting that much cum in one orgasm. As I set Billy down to stand on his own I nearly fainted from the intensity of it.

As soon as his feet hit the floor he fell to his knees and was all over my quickly deflating cock. He licked my semi hard cock clean of any remnants and then swallowed most of my cock whole. In this state he was able to get almost the whole thing in his tiny mouth but I had to stop him because it was entirely too sensitive. He then went to work on my ball sack as there was plenty more of my baby batter coating them. After licking and sucking them clean he came up for air and we kissed, long and passionately.

I wanted desperately to return the favor and again taste his little boy cock and balls, but Billy had other plans. As he broke our kiss he said he had to get back to Aunt Sarah's. He asked if it would be ok for him to bring Uncle Bob over later to fool around here instead of in their tent because the tent was too small and it would be much safer here. If Aunt Sarah decided to check up on them she would just think they were off fishing somewhere on the lake. The little urchin had planned this all out and only needed my approval. Of course he knew already I wouldn't say no. I agreed and he gave me a quick peck and was out the door with me admiring his sweet little ass all the way down the walk as he scampered away and jumped on his bike. The only thing more sexy than watching his perfect little ass was watching it gyrate as he peddled his bike away. Damn it! I was getting hard again just watching those globes rise and fall so erotically.


I am definitely open to suggestions for new stories or to hear what you think of this one so far, so do not hesitate to contact me, at Don't forget the underscore.

Flames will be ignored so don't waste your time.