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Sun Bathing - Chapter 3


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Sun Bathing, Chapter 3


I was again torn between having the most beautiful Boy God in all his glory and sharing him with his Uncle. I didn't know what to expect from his uncle. Billy hadn't told me anything about him other than his dick was smaller than mine, and he for sure didn't want to beat me up for molesting his Nephew. How could Billy be so sure of that though? It puzzled me why his Uncle would even consider sharing such a beautiful boy as Billy. I don't think I would if I had him all to myself. Was I really that selfish? YES.

I spent the afternoon cleaning and straightening up the house, especially my bedroom. I wanted to make a good first impression on Billy's Uncle. I put away most of my porn movies and made sure the upstairs bar was fully stocked. I also made sure there were fresh towels available in both baths and my nightstands were stocked with KY jelly, condoms, a few sex toys, and more fresh towels just in case. I also spent the afternoon with a perpetual hard on just thinking of Billy's cute little ass pedaling away on his bike in those thread bare shorts covered in my fresh load of cum.

He was in such a hurry to get back to his Uncle Bob that I didn't have a chance to even wipe the fresh load of my baby makers from his back, butt, and hair. I could clearly see it drying on his back as he pedaled away. It contrasted sharply with his deep dark bronze tan and I hoped he would clean up before his Aunt Sarah noticed it. The back of his head looked as though it had hair gel in it and was radically different from the free flowing golden locks on the rest of his head. I vowed to myself my next load was going up his tight little ass.

After straightening up the house I took a long cold shower to subdue my ever increasing libido. It didn't work very well as my cock stayed pretty much semi hard into the late afternoon. I decided to forgo formal attire entirely and to save time later, I went with a very skimpy pair of silky running shorts split up the sides with the inside pouch removed. What the hell, the kid already saw me in a similar black pair this morning and must have liked what he saw. I chose a bright red pair to remind him of the red g-string he first encountered me wearing. Barefoot and shirtless would add to the sexual atmosphere and I hoped his Uncle wouldn't object to my overt agenda.

It was nearly five thirty when my front doorbell rang. The late day sun was already casting shadows across the front lawn as I opened the door. There in all his glory stood the prettiest boy imaginable with his golden hair shimmering in the late afternoon sun. Much to my dismay he was totally clothed for the first time since I met him. He had on blue jeans, bright blue Nike's, and an Abercrombie and Fitch pullover sweat shirt the same color, topped off with a white DC cap. He looked absolutely stunning fully clothed. The bright blue sweat shirt brought out the radiant pacific blue of his eyes and I was in awe at just how beautiful this boy really was. He truly was the epitome of a poster boy and could easily grace the cover of any teen magazine despite his obvious preteen age.

I couldn't believe this gorgeous child was here at my door to have sex with me. I was so entranced by his sheer beauty that I completely forgot about his uncle and closed the door. I instinctively dropped to one knee and opened my arms to embrace him. He jumped into them with the force of a locomotive nearly knocking me over. He wanted this as much as I did and lost no time burying his tongue in my mouth. We kissed passionately with our tongues dueling back and forth for several minutes before we separated. Billy said his uncle would be here shortly, that his Uncle Bob had to go back to the tent to get the fishing poles and tackle box they had forgotten. That was their alibi to Aunt Sarah should she decide to check on them. They would simply tell her they were off somewhere on the lake fishing.

I suddenly felt severely under dressed especially since the head of my cock was making its own appearance over the waistband of my skimpy running shorts. A fact that didn't go unnoticed by my little scamp as he reached out and started fondling it, which made it want to come out and play all the more. We moved to the couch in the living room and were making out and petting heavily when the doorbell rang again. I hated the interruption but grabbed a throw pillow from the couch to somewhat cover my raging boner and went to answer the door. I tried tucking it back into the confines of my shorts but met with little success so I peeked around the door as I opened it exposing only my naked upper torso to our guest.

To my dismay there stood another young kid. I asked if I could help him and he asked if Billy was here. Trying not to show my anger with Billy I said "just a minute, I'll get him", and marched into the living room demanding answers. "Who else did you invite over here Billy?" I said accusingly. "No one" he shouted looking obviously worried. "Well there's another young boy at the door asking for you." "Damn it" he blurted, "that's probably my cousin Ben." He fools around with Uncle Bob and me sometimes and then he follows me everywhere. I thought I ditched him. "I'll get rid of him" he stated as he jumped up and ran to the front door.

The kid was a little hottie from what I could see around the door. Longish Brown hair, like so many kids are wearing these days thanks to Justin Beiber and Percy Jackson. Cute face still retaining a few freckles and about the same age as Billy maybe a year or two older. I heard the door open and indistinct chatter and assumed Billy was getting rid of him as promised. Then the door closed and I could still hear them talking quietly. What the hell? I almost stormed out there to find out what was going on when I remembered my poor state of undress. Although my dick had shrunk some it was still tenting out the front of my shorts considerably. I reached for another throw pillow just in time.

Billy entered the room with the other kid in tow like it had been planned all along. The first words he uttered floored me. This is my Uncle Bob and he thinks you're cute. WHAT DID YOU SAY! I rose to my feet forgetting all about my Woodie and the pillows. I must have looked the fool with my jaw on the floor and my mouth wide open. How could this be? I was in shock. "This is your Uncle Bob" I questioned. Yep, he's only eleven but he's my Aunt Sarah's youngest brother. Well, I'll be damned. Now everything started to make sense. Why Billy laughed so hysterically when I thought his uncle wanted to beat me up. Why he said his uncle's cock was way smaller than mine. It all made sense now. Wow, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I needed to sit back down.

"See" Billy said to his Uncle Bob. "I told you he had a big one", as he sat next to me on the couch. I had little time to recover from my shock when little Uncle Bobbie knelt down in front of me and started feeling me up. "Boy, you weren't kidding" he stated as he freed the top couple inches of my cock while lowering my shorts some. At the same time Billy turned my head towards him with both his hands and was once again forcing his tongue into my still gapping pie whole. Billy was such a great kisser I soon forgot my surprise and started to enjoy the fact that I was now in the company of not one, but two hot boys. The fact that his uncle was now licking all over the head of my fully erect penis also helped.

Like his Nephew, Bobbie had an overwhelming need for adult cock and was soon pulling at the sides of my shorts in an attempt to lower them. I raised slightly off the couch allowing him to snake them down and completely off over my bare feet. "Wow, it's so big" he exclaimed. Then lowered his head back into my lap and fully engulfed the slick mushroom head and almost half of my throbbing shaft. I let out a loud extended moan to his delight and he looked up at us with a twinkle in his eyes. He obviously enjoyed pleasuring men.

This kid was an accomplished cock sucker with the skills of a street hustler and soon had me at the threshold of ejaculation. I thought of warning him but decided he already knew it because of his renewed vigor at bringing me off. He was bobbing faster and further down my dick when I exploded into his boyishly tight little maw. I broke my kiss with Billy to let out a guttural growl of release that surprised all three of us. Never had I had a blow job of that caliber and rewarded Bobbie for his efforts with one of the largest loads I have ever produced. Like the expert he was he swallowed every drop saving only the last mouth full to share with his Nephew Billy.

Billy slid off the couch and dropped to his knees next to his uncle and they shared that last mouthful of my baby makers in a prolonged deep kiss making me wonder how many times my sperms changed mouths. When they finally broke their passionate kiss they both took a side and started to clean my still hard cock of any remnants of the best orgasm I have ever had. They licked up and down my shaft and when it was devoid of any nectar directed their attention to my sagging ball sack. I couldn't believe it when they simultaneously each sucked one of my balls into their sweet little boy mouths and rolled them around sucking on them like a lollypop. I was in heaven all over again and my dick proved it by regaining its full glory throbbing above their cute little boy faces. Never had I recovered that quickly from eruption but the sight of these two boys working over my adult equipment with such skill had the desired effects they were obviously hoping for.

Both boys were still fully clothed and I desperately wanted to remedy that. I reached under Billy's arms and lifted him to a standing position while I removed his shirt and started to unbutton and unzip his jeans. Bobbie wanted to help and untied Billy's shoes and socks removing them one at a time and helped slide Billy's jeans down and off completely while still slathering up and down my engorged member. I then reached to raise Bobbie to his feet and repeated the process with Billy's help and soon had both boys completely naked. I was in boy lover heaven.

Bobbie was the first to suggest we go to a bedroom and continue our escapades. I love these boys!


I am definitely open to suggestions for new stories or to hear what you think of this one so far, so do not hesitate to contact me, at Don't forget the underscore.

Flames will be ignored so don't waste your time.