The Super's Apartment - 2

**Authors Note: I wasn't planning on adding another segment to the Super's Apartment but thanks to all the emails begging me to continue the story I will give it a try. This is still a work of fiction and all the standard disclaimers apply. If you haven't read the first segment in a while breeze through it for character recognition. You might have to cum back a few times to get the physical image of each boy as the summer progresses. Enjoy RJ**


Dylan and Chris were driving me crazy with their antics running around the apartment. It was raining so hard that I could not send them outside to get them out from under foot. My phone finally rang. "Duncan".

After a few minutes I said "Don't wreck the place I have to check on an air conditioner for the third time this week".

Chris said "Can we come with you?"

I said "Not this time. It's Wallace again complaining about the air conditioner, the idiot bought the unit too small to begin with and he expects me to pull a miracle so he can stay cool in this heat".

Before I left the maintenance office the buzzer rang. I left the two naked imps behind the sliding panel door of the apartment and opened the main door.

I said "Well hello Malcolm what can I do for you?"

The thirteen year old said "Mom sent me down with the rent check. Well what she can pay this week anyway. She said she will have to catch you for the rest next week".

I said "You know the rules the rent is due the first of every month. If you mother doesn't get caught up I am going to have to evict her which I don't want to have to do"

I took the partial payment check and wrote a receipt and a hand written letter warning his mother about overdue rent. Chris opened the slide panel still naked. Chris said "Oops I thought you were already gone Dad".

Malcolm looked at the naked twelve year old with a hint of curiosity then looked back at me. Chris closed the slider panel.

Malcolm said "Is Chris always naked when he is with you Mr. Duncan?"

I said "Chris and Dylan do what they want when they are with me in the apartment. I have seen you naked as well Malcolm if you remember the mud fight. There is nothing wrong with nudity or boys being boys".

Malcolm said "It was embarrassing to be stripped in front of everyone and you picking me up to rinse me off".

I said "You didn't seem too embarrassed to sport your woody in front of your mother and the others, but then again you had company with the other boys with hard ons as well".

Malcolm said "I can't help it. It seems I am always getting a boner anymore. I can't even believe I am telling you this but you seem to be the only guy around here to talk to".

I said "Chris is the same way, always curious, always horny. I don't mind talking to boys about things in life so if you have questions feel free to come down here. Right now I have to get upstairs to try to appease Mr. Wallace".

Malcolm said "Thanks Mr. Duncan. I'll tell my mom about the overdue rent".

I thought about the five foot two inch tall dark haired boy as I climbed the steps. Malcolm could afford to skip a couple of meals or all the snacks as he is a little on the thick side around the middle. Maybe he just needs to get more exercise up and down the apartment stairwell. Jared and Tommy were running downstairs.

Jared said "Are Chris and Dylan downstairs Mr. Max?"

I said "Yes they are in my apartment Jared nice to see you Tommy".

The seven year old squeaked "Hi Mr. Max". Two more trapped indoors from the rain. My place was going to be wrecked if they all camped out in the basement apartment but that gave me an idea. Use one of the painting tarps and some rope jury rigged in the apartment it would almost be like camping. The boys could pretend to be camping and keep themselves busy and hopefully not wreck my place any more than the two pent up imps already there. What was worse was the rain wasn't scheduled to let up for a couple of days so I needed a plan to keep the boys busy or I would be fixing all kind of mischief from the boys.

Since I had Dylan for the summer and Chris was now a regular and Jared came in as a close third. Add Malcolm, Tommy and I'm sure Carl wouldn't miss it for the world. Six boys camping out or at least pretending to camp out sans the fire of course and I would bet a week's pay, which isn't much but I survive that all the boys' mothers would be thrilled to get rid of them for the night. It would be chaos but at least a controlled chaos.

I already had a couple of sleeping bags for Dylan and I, throw some pillows and blankets around and the makeshift tent from one of the tarps and a lantern for authenticity and I had a few ghost stories up my sleeve I could pull this off, entertain the boys and never have to leave the building.

I dealt with Mr. Wallace in 4D with his so called air conditioner problem telling him that the unit he purchased did not have sufficient BTU's to cool the apartment and I would only come back to fix the air conditioner that was a through the wall unit that came with the apartment.

Malcolm's apartment was across the hall so I started there. I knocked on the door Malcolm opened the door with an obvious tent in his underwear trying to hide it.

I said "It's going to be raining through tomorrow at least. If you get permission then we will jury rig up a camping site in my apartment and the maintenance office for the boys to have a camp out. Bring a sleeping bag if you have one or bring blankets and a pillow the boys will be sleeping on the floor of my place".

Malcolm said "Cool, I'll ask mom as soon as she gets home".

I said "You might want to lose that before she does" pointing at his hard on. I said "You're the oldest boy so you round everyone up and make sure that everyone has permission. I figured boys only unless you want Sarah and Katelyn to join in. If your mom has hamburgers or hot dogs to add to the camp out I have an electric grill. I figure about six o'clock. Oh tell your mom that I am going to lock everyone in. Unless there is a fire no one gets out I can't be chasing six boys around the apartment building especially if they have hard ons filling their underwear".

Malcolm said "Sorry I told you that I get them all the time. Can we talk later? I have a few questions?"

I said "Yes Malcolm we can talk later". I bent down and got a whiff of him. I said "Take a long shower, you need one and I prefer clean boys in my apartment. If you don't take one up here I will make you take one down stairs and there are no walls in my bathroom or I will put you in the slop sink again. If you still have that boner when you come down stairs we might be able to do something about it as well. I am sure you won't be the only one sporting a woody on the camp out".

Malcolm said "Remember the mud fight?"

I said "How could I forget it took me two days to get the mud out of the maintenance office".

Malcolm looked at me and smiled. He said "I shouldn't say this but I think all the boys liked you touching us I know I did do you have time to take care of my boner now?"

I stepped into the apartment and closed the door behind me. I said "I don't have much time Malcolm".

He said "I never last more than a couple of minutes when I jerk off if you do it for me it will be even quicker".

He walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I followed. I pulled his white briefs down and he stepped out of them his five inch uncut cock was pointing straight up his body to his chin with a small patch of brown pubic hair above his cock. Malcolm faced the mirror and the sink. I reached for his cock and his balls and rolled the foreskin back running my thumb over the piss slit. Malcolm leaned back to me as I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked him a few times. I cupped his balls and sure enough his watery cum was shooting into the sink after only a minute of fondling him.

I washed my hands of any boy cum from him. I said "Remember to take a shower and clean all the spots I may want to taste some of that later. If you want a cock in your ass then there will be all sizes to choose from tonight, if you don't that is fine as well. No one will be forced to do anything they don't want to, tell the other boys the same thing".

"Okay Mr. Duncan my mom will probably want to talk to you before she says yes".

I said "She has my number or knows where to find me". I headed for the apartment door.

I went back down to the basement apartment to find the four boys sitting playing cards. Dylan and Chris had put their clothes back on at some point probably to answer the big metal door not knowing it was Jared and Tommy on the other side. Jared is easy to get naked now since Chris has been babysitting him for over a month with Jared's mom Linda Marlton fully aware that the boys mess around being boys. She hasn't found out about me sticking my six inch cock into Jared's eight year old ass yet like Karen Colton knows about Chris but then Karen goes a little farther into the dark side than Linda. As long as I can keep a hard cock for both of the mothers a couple times a week and keep their apartments up to par and give them priority call service status when something does go wrong both women don't ask or tell what goes on behind the slider panel of the super's apartment.

Seven year old Tommy isn't as easy and his mother is a lot straighter and tougher than the others but I suspect Tommy will be coming around to at least sucking boy cock before too long. As long as the boys are having fun with each other sucking each other off and the occasional boy dick and boy ass to grind against or into or comparing whose little boy cock might have grown a millimeter since the last time they lined up and compared length and width it's enough for me. With Chris and Dylan taking the enema bags and my cock on a regular basis and Jared on occasion do I really need to fuck every boy in the building?

I said "It's going to be raining for at least two days and I thought you boys might want to have a camp out. We can rig up things down here including a tent and a grill for cooking and I have told a story or two in my days. Chris, Jared and Tommy get permission from you moms, Malcolm is going to be working the building as well. I told him to tell everyone that if you boys spend the night down here it will be a lockdown. No parents in; no boys out, if I have to babysit you I don't want to chase you through the stairwells".

Dylan burst into giggles "Dad that is one of your favorite past times"

I said "Lockdown and camp out start at six o'clock bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows and if your mothers can add some food for the camp out that would be great as well".

The boys started jumping up and down full of excitement, something new and exciting to do on a rainy summer night. I said "Alright boys upstairs for now I have a lot of work to do down here to setup the campsite".


I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning things up and setting up a tent for the boys using scaffolding poles, rope and a tarp. I used one of the painting tarps to put a temporary wall around my waterbed and Dylan's living space. I left the bathroom alone so the boys would have to pee showing all. I moved the couch and TV away so the boys would have to rough it in the wilderness of an urban apartment building. I rigged up a propane tank to some metal works from the maintenance shop doing some quick welding to create a fire box so they could roast marshmallows and I could control the heat and the fire without burning the apartment building to the ground.

I took on the elements outside to make a quick run to the store for the marshmallows and a couple of packs of hot dogs and buns and some soda for the boys. What would be the point of an indoor camping trip without boys loaded up on sugar and caffeine?

Dylan was the first to return his mouth wide open when he opened the slider panel for the apartment. "Dad this is way too cool, we are going to have a blast tonight". My ten year old son ran and jumped into my arms wrapping his arms around my neck. "I love you dad".

I hugged him. "I love you too son, get your sleeping bag and your pillow everyone sleeps on the floor tonight except for me".

Dylan said "Dad you're not going to camp out with us?"

I said "I will camp, cook, tell you stories and keep you safe. If I sleep on the floor my back will be out by the morning and I won't be able to do a thing, so a grownups prerogative is to sleep in my waterbed. With any luck and maybe some help from you and Chris I might get some company for a little while".

Dylan said "We'll see what we can do for you. If not everyone you can always have Chris and I. Chris has a plan to get all the boys naked by playing strip poker. I thought of `Dare' for the same effect".

One by one the boys showed up usually with a mother in tow carrying pillows and blankets, mom with some food to add to the party. I broke my own rule and I let the mothers' peak into the apartment area to see the campsite. Each boy's eyes wide and mouth agape as they entered the indoor campsite the younger boys Jared, Carl and Tommy already dressed in pajamas, Chris had his in his arms with his pillow and makeshift bedroll.

Once the mother hens were satisfied that the fire box would not get out of control and the boys would be safe for the night the hens departed for the apartments upstairs leaving their precious sons in the good hands of the building manager for an adventure they would remember.

I threw the dead bold and said "Okay boys the place is yours but my tools are off limits". I pulled Dylan's tee shirt over his head and his shorts followed so I could put him in his pajamas. I said "Chris, Malcolm are you going to join the pajama party for the camp out?"

Malcolm said "I don't wear pajamas I'm thirteen".

Chris said "I said the same thing not that long ago. I said I was too old to wear pajamas because I was twelve".

Malcolm said "I don't have any and what is your point?"

Chris said "Mr. Max likes boys in pajamas he set this whole place up for us so we can at least give him some courtesy and wear pajamas for him. You are bigger than me but my pajamas might still fit you. I will run upstairs to get a pair if you want".

Malcolm said "Why do you like boys in pajamas?"

I leaned to his ear and whispered "Why did you want me to jerk you off earlier? It got you all hot and bothered didn't it? Taking a boy's pajamas off gets me all hot and bothered".

Malcolm smiled and said "Okay Chris I'll borrow a pair of your pajamas for the night".

Chris dumped his bedroll and pillow grabbing his pajamas under his arm. "Come on Malcolm we can change upstairs. Make Mr. Max I mean dad wait a little while".

Malcolm said "Mr. Duncan is not your dad why do you call him that?"

Chris said "I wish he was my dad and I bet everyone here wishes he was their dad too. Come on and stop wasting time". Chris unlocked the deadbolt and Malcolm followed him out the door both boys laughing as the ascended the stairs two at a time as the big metal door closed behind them. Ten minutes later Chris banged on the big door with the secret knock so Dylan opened the door then threw the deadbolt behind them. Malcolm came in the apartment wearing a pair of blue cotton button down short sleeve and shorts pajamas that were too small for him. His belly stretched the cotton shirt and his thighs and ass pushed the limits of the material of the shorts. What material wasn't taken by his ass his semi-hard boy cock started to fill the rest of the material to its limits.

Chris came in wearing a green and white pair of satin pajamas that I bought for him. I bought the same style for Dylan long, loose lightweight sleeping pants with a draw string at the waist and that they flow at the ankles and a short sleeve top with small snaps to close the top. The pajamas are breezy open and comfortable. Dylan's are maroon with a yellow stripe on the sleeve and down the left pant leg. The three younger boys' pajamas were standard fare with a cartoon character on the top and the cotton/nylon material close and clingy to their small bodies. Jared's pajama shorts did open at the leg holes but he wasn't going to be the challenge to get them off of him. Actually I didn't expect a problem from any of them but I did plan on enjoying the act for a sick self centered pleasure moment as the pajamas came off the boys and the same feeling when I have to put them back on them in the morning so they could climb the stairs to the apartments telling mommy that they had the greatest times of their young lives.

But reality kicked in once again so I said "How about some hot dogs and hamburgers?" I got six pajama clad boys jumping up and down and cheering as my response so I fired up the electric grill.

After stuffing their faces with hotdogs and the occasional hamburger which in my opinion Malcolm ate too many and little Carl ate too few I fired up the propane tank and makeshift fire box and with wooden meat skewers the boys roasted marshmallows they all sat in a circle Indian style Chris started to deal cards. I figured I was going to join them for a while so I cheated and pulled a cushion off the couch to sit on which caused a ruckus among the boys but little Carl was quick on the uptake and decided my lap on the cushion was better than the carpet.

Carl said "I don't know how to play poker will you help me?" Chris and Dylan just smiled.

I said "I won't play but I will help anyone that needs it". Dylan passed out poker chips to everyone and they called penny ante so the color of the chips didn't matter. I helped young Carl with his poker hand for the first few hands, which cards to keep and which to draw on. My one hand held his waist my other hand started at his thigh at the opening of the tight pajama shorts. Dylan won a pot then Malcolm, then Jared. The boys laughed and told silly jokes as the cards went around no one really caring if they won or lost.

Chris won a hand. He said "Dad, uhm Mr. Max since you practically have your hand inside Carl's shorts why don't we make the game more interesting and play strip poker. The one of us that has the worst hand has to let Mr. Max remove any piece of clothing he wants, everyone willing to play?" Yeses and nods around the circle.

Dylan put his plan to work as well. He said "Since we are only wearing pajamas if you lose all your clothes and still lose at poker then you have to take a dare from the winner of the hand, Okay?" More yeses and nods.

My hand went further into the chocolate skinned six year olds pajama bottoms until I found his underwear covering his little nuggets and prize. Carl looked over his shoulder at me as I fondled his little package through his undies and smiled then returned his attention to the five cards he was holding in his tiny hands.

Malcolm was the first one to lose with not even a pair in his hand. Malcolm stood from the circle of boys and came to me. I pulled my hand out of Carl's bottoms and moved him off my lap and put him down beside me. Malcolm was wearing Chris's pajamas so I took my time to remove the pajama top freeing the chunky boy from the restraints of the material. Malcolm returned to his position in the game and Carl returned to my lap. My hand returned to his shorts this time going into the leg hole of his underwear to fondle his tiny package as another round of cards was dealt.

Jared was next so I took his bottoms off leaving him in his top and his two inch boner sticking out. All the boys giggled as the strip poker game continued. Malcolm lost again and his tight fitting bottoms came off leaving him naked and his five inches of boy cock growing to full mast. Carl lost so I pulled his top over his head while he remained in my lap. The card games went quickly and so did the clothes. My hands roaming a boy's body as the thin lightweight material was removed.

Carl lost and he was left in cartoon underwear but not for long he lost the next hand as well. The three foot six, lightweight black boy returned to my lap offering his less than two inch circumcised boy cock to my hands as they roamed his body.

Jared lost twice so he was the first that had to take the dare. Malcolm was the winner. He said "Jared I dare you to lick my dick". Jared got up from the circle and knelt between Malcolm's legs and brought out his tongue to the five inch boner and licked the entire length of the bottom of the shaft then returned to his seat satisfied with himself that he took the dare.

Dylan said "Okay Jared you did great but we should get dad more involved he still has his clothes on. How about the winner gets to undress dad so he is naked with us?" Everyone nodded their heads. Dylan was the last of the boys to lose his silky pajama bottoms, and it only took a couple of hands to get me naked with them now all six boys sitting around naked all with hard ons and smiles on their faces, little Carl still on my lap with my cock between his legs, my hands playing with his non-existent nipples.

Chris said "Okay Tommy, Malcolm and Carl are you in for anything goes tonight and we never tell our parents. What happens down here stays here".

Malcolm said "I'm in Mr. Max already jerked me off earlier".

I said "Boys only do what you want to and feel comfortable with".

The other two boys nodded and another hand of poker was dealt. Carl caught garbage with only a ten high. Dylan had a pair of kings to take the pot. Dylan smiled at me and Carl and said "Carl wrap your hands around daddy's wiener, daddy can hold your cards for you". Carl tossed his losing hand to the pile and it is not like I am huge in the dick department but it did feel good to have his small black hands wrapped around my cock as the next hand was dealt.

I had a pair of aces and drew the third ace, Malcolm thought he was hot shit and a pat hand, so he raised and then I raised until he finally said `call'. I said "Since everyone else folded this dare is between you and me Malcolm, fair enough?" He said "Yeah" still thinking he had the hand. He had two pair tens over eights. I dropped the trip aces on top of his cards. Malcolm cried out in disgust, Chris, Dylan and Jared cheered throwing cards in the air.

Chris said "What are you going to make him do daddy?"

I said "Malcolm I dare you to suck, not just lick but suck so your mouth must go over the entire dick of each one of us. If you don't know how to do it then Chris, Dylan or Jared can help you. Start with Carl and go up by age".

Malcolm stammered "I can't, I can't take that dare".

I said "Very well I said do only what you want. I called the dare so therefore I will take the dare for you. You boys have to come to me though. Malcolm did you wash yourself like I asked you to?"

"Yes everything is clean".

I lifted Carl off of my lap and stood him on his feet. I turned him around and lifted his small body by his waist bringing his mid section to my face. His tiny thin inch and a half circumcised boy cock disappeared into my mouth. I bobbed on him for about fifteen seconds then put him back on his feet. Seven year old Tommy got off the floor for his turn. I said "Did you wash your penis Tommy?" "No". I said "Chris take Tommy to the tiles and wash him, make sure you pull back his foreskin to get him good and clean for me please".

Chris said "Yes dad, come on Tommy let's get you clean anyone else need to clean up? Don't worry you will get your wiener sucked for the dare". The twelve year old led the seven year old to the bathroom without walls and started to give him a sponge bath from head to toe taking extra time and preparation with his small boy cock, balls and his ass.

I said "Come here Jared, I can do you while Chris is taking care of Tommy". Jared got up and ran to me knocking me backwards knocking my head to the carpet so my back and head were on the carpet with my ass and legs on the sofa cushion. Jared burst into giggles, he didn't hurt me but he upset Dylan in the process. Dylan yelled at him and then got up and brought the other cushions from the couch and a couple of pillows for my head.

Dylan said "Don't do that again Jared you could have hurt dad". I sat up and the two boys arranged the cushions and pillows so I had a makeshift recliner sitting on the floor.

I grabbed the red head by the waist and gave him a good tickling before bringing his two inch circumcised boy cock to my mouth with him straddling over me. I took my time with him sucking his little cocklet and his balls. I released him after a few minutes of enjoying his boy flesh. I didn't want to have the other boys thinking I was playing favorites there was still time to get to suck each boy to climax later. Chris was still busy with Tommy so Dylan took his turn, now if I was going to play favorites it would be with my ten year old son. Dylan brought his three inch circumcised boy cock to my face, I had to lean forward some because Dylan is taller than Jared, the boys caught on real quick and grabbed other pillows to prop me up further so Dylan could stand up straight and my mouth was at the perfect height to suck his wonderful boy dick.

Dylan started to fuck my face and said "Daddy please give me the tingles. Put your finger in my butt". I released his cock and turned him around, my tongue penetrated his boy hole first driving him wild before I turned him around again to take his cock and balls with my finger easily going into his ass and twisting it around inside him as he continued to fuck my face. Dylan lasted about seven minutes before his knees gave out and his body was shaking from his dry orgasm. Dylan collapsed on my chest breathing hard. I looked over to the tiles of the bathroom and Chris had just stuck an enema bag into Tommy's ass.

I said "Chris, Tommy are you ready yet?"

Chris said "Go ahead and do Malcolm. I will shower with Tommy so he is clean for you. We will take our turns after Malcolm".

Dylan slid down my body and took my cock into his mouth. Malcolm came over with his five inch uncut cock. Jared and Carl got behind me pushing the pillows up and holding them in position so my mouth was at the same height as Malcolm's cock. I rolled his foreskin down and started to lick his piss slit and then down his shaft. I licked his still hairless balls then took his entire shaft into my mouth. Too bad for Malcolm that he is a quick shot, he only lasted a minute before going into spasms feeding me his watery boy juice. I sucked him dry and he collapsed on to the carpet laughing hysterically.

Malcolm said "Well that answers one of my questions, that sure beats jerking off in the bathroom when mom isn't home".

I said "What other questions do you have? Or you can ask me in private if you want".

Malcolm said "I'll let you know if I have any questions after tonight. I have a feeling that most of my questions will be answered by the morning. I was going to ask you about girls but I think boys are just as much fun".

The shower was running with Chris and Tommy inside. I said loud enough over the water running "Are you two going to join the dare or should we leave you alone?"

The water stopped. Chris said "We will be right there".

Malcolm came down from his high and took the place of Carl and Jared as a backstop on the cushions propping me up. Chris and Tommy were drying off so I grabbed Carl to give him more attention than the original fifteen seconds the first time. Being six he probably wouldn't experience the tingles but I enjoyed sucking his little black tool and balls making him squeal with pleasure, laughter and delight. Dylan continued to suck my cock bringing me ever closer to blowing my load.

I released Carl after I figured he had had enough at least for the moment. Chris and Tommy came out of the `bathroom' to join the rest of the group.

Chris said "Dylan is daddy close to shooting yet?" Dylan mumbled `Uhmm' with my cock still in his mouth.

Chris said "Let's show the others what daddy does to us, I'll take over, he can suck Tommy at the same time". Dylan released my cock leaving plenty of spit behind on my cock. Chris pulled his ass apart and squatted on my cock lowering himself down my shaft, with all the spit left behind from Dylan and Chris freshly showered there was no need for any other lubrication. Chris moved Tommy in front of him, Tommy's little boy cock ready for the sucking. Chris rose up and down taking all of my cock inside his cute little twelve year old ass. I lifted Tommy to my face and sucked his two inches of circumcised boy cock into my mouth.

Since I had Tommy off of the floor he was the perfect height for Chris and I both. Chris continued to ride my shaft as I sucked Tommy. Chris came forward and started to lick Tommy's ass at the same time. Tommy was about to faint with the sensations running through his young body. Tommy started to quiver as he got his first blow job and ass rim at the same time, Chris pounded my cock in his ass until I couldn't hold out any longer. Dylan sensed the orgasm coming from all of us and put his mouth on Chris's cock to take whatever Chris would offer, sometimes dry sometimes a drop or two of sweet watery wetness. Jared, Carl and Malcolm watched the four-way fucking and sucking as I filled Chris's ass with my full load of cum. Tommy had his fists tight in my hair as his body went from quivers to convulsions for a full blown dry orgasm. Chris ejaculated into Dylan's mouth as soon as he felt my cum starting to fill his anal cavity.

I pushed back on the pillows Malcolm realized what I was doing so he let the pressure off lowering my back to the floor on the cushions. I brought Tommy with me to the floor, him straddling my chest as he started to subside from his climax. Chris stayed attached to my cock squeezing his ass muscles trying to get the last drop of cum out of my cock. After our breathing returned to normal I rolled Tommy off of me, Chris fell forward to my chest taking the place of the seven year old boy, my dick softening but still in his ass.

Chris whispered "I love you daddy".

Malcolm must have grown a hair on his balls in the time it took to make all six boys climax, including me making seven, since he couldn't accept the dare in the first place because he moved to Jared and took the eight year olds dick into his mouth, Jared yelped. Jared, Chris and Dylan all said "Don't use your teeth" at the same time. Malcolm adjusted and continued to suck on the boy's dick giving Jared a huge smile on his face. Jared started to fuck Malcolm's face holding the back of his head for another boygasm. Dylan wasn't done yet either so he took on Carl again to see if he could make the young boy tingle.

My dick softened enough that I slid out of Chris naturally. Chris stood up, turned around and said "Hey guys check this out". The boys sucking gave it a rest for a moment looking at Chris. Chris spread his ass cheeks and bent over to show his asshole with cum dripping out and down his inner thighs. Chris said "It's the best feeling in the world".

Dylan said "Yeah it is" and returned to the little black boy cock in front of him.

Carl squeaked "I'm too small".

Dylan released him and said "Not for long Carl, even if dad gets a new job and you get older you still can experience the fun and the pleasure, Right Jared?"

Jared still pushing his waist into Malcolm's face said "Yeah, I was scared at first but Chris and Dylan taught me how before daddy took me to his bed with my brothers. I am still small but I can take it too. Daddy doesn't hurt me, only loves me".

Dylan returned to the little chocolate dick and Carl smiled with the look on his face that he too would grow up and be just like his older friends from the building.

After a few minutes of enjoying the boys figuring things out I rolled to my belly with Tommy in front of me, my hands roaming his small chest as I took his small boy cock into my mouth again. Tommy giggled that I was tickling him Chris spread my legs apart bringing his face and tongue to my ass crack licking my crack and driving his tongue into my asshole sending waves of ecstasy through my body. My mind focused on Tommy's dick and balls the noise of the other boys' giggles, squeals and laughter faded away. Chris drove his tongue into my asshole until he shifted positions to aim his three inch cut cock to my ass. With all the spit he left behind his cock entered my ass and he pounded away giggling `Hi Ho Silver'. He must have been referencing the cartoon version of the `Lone Ranger' because I only saw the re-runs of the old black and white version when I was his age. I thought about it in dream world as he fucked my ass and I sucked the seven year olds little dick.

Tommy climaxed again, his little dick twitching in my mouth. Chris didn't last long either and came in my ass. Malcolm finished off Jared and Dylan finished Carl. Carl let out a big yawn that he tried to hide but he couldn't help himself.

I picked up the six year old and tucked him into his makeshift bed. Jared and Tommy went down next to Carl. Malcolm, Chris and Dylan wanted to stay up longer but soon all the boys gave into sleep mode and climbed into the makeshift tent. I put the cushions back on the sofa and climbed into my own waterbed for the night.

In the morning I fed the boys bacon and eggs that I cooked on the grill. The rain hadn't let up any so the six boys were stuck inside again. They all ran around the apartment still naked.

Chris said "Tommy would you like to learn to do what Dylan, Jared and I do?"

Tommy said "What do you mean Chris?"

Chris said "I want to put my dick in your butt. If you get use to me in you then it won't hurt so much when Mr. Max does it to you".

Dylan said "Yeah Carl, if you want to do the same thing I can put my wiener in your butt so you can get use to it as well".

The two younger boys looked at each other then back to the older boys offering to take their virginity away from them, all with the best of intentions so `Dad' wouldn't hurt them when I was going to be allowed to stretch their small assholes to fit around my six inch cut cock.

I said "Don't do anything you don't want to boys. If you want then we will use the K-Y jelly to lubricate you up so it doesn't hurt as much. We did the same thing for Jared when he tried it. How about you Malcolm are you ready?"

Jared said "I love having Dylan's, Chris's and dads wieners in my butt. Malcolm you can put yours there too if you want, so can you Tommy and Carl".

I said "Well you boys think about it. If Chris and Dylan are going to do Tommy and Carl Malcolm can lose his virginity with Jared and myself at the same time".

Tommy and Carl looked at each other again then back to the older boys. Tommy said "Okay Chris you can put your wiener in my butt, I'm ready".

Carl squealed and giggled "I'm ready too Dylan, I want to be a big boy too".

Malcolm swallowed hard, he said "I guess I don't have much choice, I am the oldest".

I said "You always have a choice all of you do".

Malcolm said "What do you want me to do?"

I said "I figure these four can figure out what they want to do. You, Jared and I will use the bathroom for now. I will start you off with an enema bag then use my finger to loosen you up with the K-Y. We will lube Jared up as well. You can enter him from behind and I will enter you from behind. Since Jared is shorter than you and you are shorter than me I will put him on two paving blocks in the bathroom and you will be on one paving block. That way our dicks will line up with each other's ass. Jared already can take my dick so you should really enjoy being inside his ass".

Chris said "Dad why don't you stay with us, it would be more fun if we are all together".

I said "Okay Chris, get some paver blocks for Malcolm and Jared, there are some in the maintenance shop I want to get Malcolm and Jared on the enema bag or do you want Tommy and Carl to use it too?"

Chris said "They can use it later, it's not like Dylan and I can really fill them up like you can. Oh Malcolm if you don't want dad to fill your butt with his cum then just say so, it's no big deal we were all scared the first time. Dylan and I like dad to pull out just before he is going to cum and shoot all over our faces and bodies. He makes a mess of us then we all have to get cleaned up. Jared likes it in the butt".

Jared said "If you don't want dad to cum in you he can cum in me instead". Well the thought of Malcolm cuming first inside Jared didn't exactly give me a warm fuzzy feeling because I am not into sloppy seconds but I have seen how much or actually how little the thirteen year old can produce so I left the comment alone and would take things one at a time.

I filled the enema bag with Malcolm looking on intently. Jared said "Watch Malcolm it's easy I will show you how". The eight year old red head bent over like a pro to take the probe and hold the contents for as long as he could before releasing himself in the toilet. Three more times and Jared was sticking the probe into Malcolm's ass telling him to hold it and release. With a quick wiping of both boys the three of us returned to the camp site all with anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Chris and Dylan got a couple of cushions from the couch for Tommy and Carl to kneel on. Both smaller boys knelt on the cushions with their little asses pointing up. Jared stepped up on to the second level of paver blocks that the boys put in front of a dresser so he would have something to lean against. Malcolm got on the lower level of paver blocks. My plan worked both boys were at the correct height. Chris got behind Tommy and Dylan got behind Carl. I brought two tubes of K-Y from the bathroom.

I said "Okay boys is everyone ready, you can say stop at anytime and we will".

Malcolm, Tommy and Carl all agreed that they were ready.

I said "Okay, we will do this together. Malcolm you follow along with Jared for practice, you won't have to open him up like Carl, Tommy and yourself. We will start with a middle finger with the K-Y on it and spread it into your anus slowly pushing into your anal cavity and twisting our finger inside of you. Remember you can say stop at anytime and that is the end of it".

I squeezed a fair amount of K-Y onto Malcolm's finger and then my own. Chris and Dylan shared the other tube getting ready for the small boys. I ran my middle finger through Malcolm's ass crack and he followed along with Jared in front of him. Chris and Dylan mimicked my moves with Tommy and Carl. Tommy and Carl squeaked out a surprised yelp as they had the fingers greasing them up. Jared moaned lightly as Malcolm's finger found its way inside the red head. I pushed a little at Malcolm's asshole and my finger went in up to the second knuckle fairly easily. I started to twist around, Chris and Dylan did the same to the younger boys. I let Malcolm get adjusted before pushing more of my middle finger inside him. Chris and Dylan kept pace with me but making sure the boys still wanted them to continue. After about ten minutes of finger fucking Malcolm I pulled my middle finger out and it was joined with my index finger. I twisted around inside him more stretching his anus as I continued. Malcolm was enjoying what was happening to him. From the smiles from the younger boys they were too. I gave him another five minutes worth of fingering his hole. I pulled my fingers out of him and squeezed another inch of K-Y into my hand. I said "Are you ready?"

They were so I spread the K-Y on Malcolm's five inch cock first rolling his foreskin back then I greased my own six inch cut cock. Jared was ready so he spread his ass cheeks and I guided Malcolm's dick to the hole. As soon as Malcolm was inside Jared, Jared put his hands on the dresser to brace himself. I lined my cock up to the chunky boy's ass and applied some pressure. With a constant force against his anus ring and pulling his hips to mine Malcolm's ass opened further until I managed to hit bottom, my pubes rubbing his ass. I saw that Chris and Dylan had entered Tommy and Carl and started to fuck the younger boy on the cushion. I moved Malcolm's hands around Jared, one hand on the dresser for support the other hand wrapped around Jared's little three inch cut boy cock so he could enjoy this as well.

Dylan used his K-Y hand on Carl's tiny boy dick and Chris did the same for Tommy. With my hands on Malcolm's hips I could drive the pace for both of us fucking. I would pull almost pull out of him before pulling his hips to mine. Malcolm stopped before he fell out of Jared. When I pushed back into his ass Malcolm was forced into Jared as far as he could go. I controlled the rhythm of Jared and Malcolm both boys moaning loudly.

Malcolm didn't last three minutes inside Jared's ass before he arched his back into my chest as he shot his load inside Jared. When Malcolm climaxed his ass tightened around my cock even more. Breathing heavy Malcolm fell out of Jared's ass so Jared climbed off the paver stones.

Malcolm panted "Mr. Max I never knew this could feel so good, please don't stop I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel like Chris did last night".

Chris and Dylan both arched their backs about the same time causing at least one dry orgasm from Dylan and sometimes a dry, sometimes a minimal amount of a wet climax from Chris. Dylan and Chris both rolled to the floor pulling the smaller boy to their faces so they could kiss.

I picked up the pace standing behind Malcolm pulling him harder and faster to me. Malcolm had both hands on the dresser pushing his way back to me to meet my thrusts my balls slapping his chubby ass harder and harder as we approached climax. My hand still lubed from before I grabbed his cock head again rubbing the tip of his cock as I started to pound his ass. Malcolm couldn't take it anymore and shot another small load of cum into my hand and onto the carpeting. I returned my hand to his hips and pounded his ass even harder until I blew my load into his ass.

Malcolm dropped to the carpet panting like a dog. Jared climbed on his chest to give him a kiss on the cheek. The boys got up and started to high five and congratulate everyone, Carl, Tommy and Malcolm beamed that they have now been brought into the fold as the newest members of the building manager's apartment gang. I headed to the tile floor of the bathroom and started the shower. In pairs the boys came in to shower. Jared and Malcolm went first giving Chris and Dylan time to use the enema bag on Tommy and Carl. I joined Dylan and Carl as the last set to shower.

I dried each boy my hands roaming freely over each boy playing and touching anything I felt like. I finally dressed each boy back in their pajamas except for Dylan who opted for a pair of shorts and a tee and sneakers as he and I would take on the elements outside anyway and run some errands. The boys packed up their sleeping bags and bed rolls. I got a huge hug at least if not a kiss from each of them claiming that they had the greatest time and wanted to know if we could do it again sometime which of course I agreed to.

As I led the boys up the stairs to their respective apartments we stopped at Jared's first which meant Chris and Dylan stopped as well. Malcolm said he would escort Tommy and Carl home so I didn't have to climb all four flights to deliver the boys home. Jared didn't have his door key so I knocked before I opened the door with the master key. Everyone was surprised to find Jared's mother Linda Marlton and Chris's mother Karen Colton sitting on the couch with Sarah Conner.

I said "Oh, I'm sorry Linda I didn't hear a response so I used my key".

Linda said "it's okay Max. We thought you would have the boys longer".

Chris looked at Sarah sitting on the couch between the women and said "Are you trying to steal my babysitting job Sarah?"

Linda said "No Chris, your mom and I were just talking when Sarah knocked to sell Girl Scout cookies, your job is safe. We were just talking". Chris settled down, but he did have valid concerns, he being twelve and Sarah was at least thirteen if not already fourteen. Sarah sat between the women in her green top and her darker green skirt almost a mini-skirt. She seemed nervous about something, for that fact so did Linda and Karen. Sarah has mid length sandy blond hair and her chest is starting to form behind the uniform blouse. I sensed we walked in on something.

I said "I can keep the boys if you want. I was going to take Dylan for some errands and maybe over to the mall and the arcade. Do you want me to keep Chris and Jared with me?"

Karen cleared her throat and said "That would be great Max, keep Chris with you as long as you want".

Linda said "Yeah, Jared has permission to go with you".

I said "Okay I will get Jared dressed then Chris. We will see you later".

The boys and I walked down the hallway to Jared's room. I took off his pajamas playing with him but keeping him quiet. I dressed him in a pair of shorts and a tee like Dylan but I intentionally left his underwear off, the three boys smiled knowing more fun was to come.

When we came out of Jared's room Karen and Linda were sitting very close to Sarah on the couch. I don't think the boys noticed but I did. Sarah had her knees open a little too wide and her panties were on the floor under the couch. We did walk in on them. Linda and Karen were doing or about to do to Sarah that I did to all the boys last night and this morning. I took another glance between the knees and up the skirt. Sarah showed a few blond pubes above her small bald pussy. I think she caught me looking and knowing that she didn't have her panties on. She closed her knees before the boys could look up her skirt.

Linda and Karen knew that they had been caught in the act. Linda said "Uhm Max, Karen and I were talking about making dinner tonight would you and Dylan like to join us?"

I said "Dylan and I except, I'll bring the wine. Come on boys let's leave the girls to their cookie shopping".

I led the three boys upstairs to Chris's apartment so he could get his clothes on so we could go to the mall. I removed his silky pajamas and tossed him on the bed along with Dylan and Jared. I pulled the shorts off the other two and took my time enjoying sucking their hairless cocks and balls, licking their asses bringing each boy to a climax before I moved to the next.

As Dylan took my load down his throat Chris said "Jared do you think your mom and my mom slept together last night?"

Jared said "I don't know, if they didn't last night they sure will tonight. We better take it easy on daddy today otherwise they will get upset at us for stealing all of daddy's cum and energy".

Dylan pulled off my cock and said "They plan on using up their own energy, Sarah didn't have panties on and I bet by now her skirt and top are under the couch as well".

Oh out of the mouths of babes!

Thanks to the huge hits of emails for this one I added this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.