The Super's Apartment -- Segment 3

** Standard disclaimers, it's fiction and if you are too young leave now. Otherwise enjoy. RJ **

Since Chris and Jared are pretty much regulars downstairs in the super's apartment and with Chris babysitting Jared all the time now I got some extra building materials and made bunk beds for the boys. Nothing fancy just 2x4 bracing and posts and 1x4 for slats sitting in 2x6 frames. I got the mattresses from a second hand store, but I made sure the mattresses were clean and bug free before I would let the boys sleep in them. I had to move the wall out a couple of feet but now Dylan, Chris and Jared along with a spare bed for a another friend if they want each have their own beds to sleep in when they are not in mine. Since the time of the indoor camping adventure little Tommy likes to stay with the boys sometimes. Tommy likes to get his little two inch boy cock sucked by anyone but he has not let me take his tiny ass yet. He does give it freely to Chris, Dylan and Jared though and doesn't seem to mind my finger in his ass when I am sucking his tool.

Dylan and Chris were delivering the newspapers when my ex wife called from Europe. The bitch got herself knocked up over the summer and has decided to stay overseas with her new French beau. The screaming match started when she said Dylan was going to live with her and Jeanne in France. She said it would be a good experience for him.

I said `Over my dead body' was she going to take my son away from me. We yelled and screamed for over an hour about the custody of our ten year old son. It is bad enough that I only get him every other weekend except for the summer because her job took her to Europe. Now she wants to take him away from me for good.

My rage was beyond control. I screamed `You better get your ass back to the states and get your lawyer because I am going to battle you for full custody of Dylan again'. I hung up on her and punched a hole through the wall of the maintenance office into the apartment.

The boys came back carrying their bicycles down the stairs to the maintenance office. Dylan took one look at the hole in the wall. "Daddy what's wrong?"

I said "Your mother and I had another fight".

Dylan said "You are always fighting what it's about this time?"

I said "Chris will you excuse us I need to talk to Dylan alone for a while".

Chris started to object but Dylan cut him off. Dylan said "its okay Chris I will come upstairs or call you when we are done. If dad punched a hole in the wall you don't want to be around him anyway".

Chris departed with a look of concern on his face for the well being of his friend and pseudo brother.

Dylan asked again "Dad please tell me what is wrong?"

I said "Sit down Dylan". He decided my lap was as good of a seat as any other in the apartment. I wrapped my arms around his torso and took a few moments to collect my thoughts and how to address the issue of my ten year old son. I slid my hand under his t-shirt to rub his smooth chest and nipples as I ran the words through my head before opening my mouth. Dylan put his own hand under his shirt resting on top of my hand.

I finally said "Dylan your mother is pregnant and is planning on staying in Europe and wants to take you with her to live in France. I told her that I was going to go to court to get full custody of you. This is going to be an ugly battle for all of us but I need to know what you want. School is about to start in a couple of weeks so I don't have a lot of time to get things ready".

Dylan said "I am going to have a baby brother or sister? Is Jeanne the father?"

I said "Yes and yes".

Dylan went quiet thinking about the situation. He finally said "Dad I have friends here at the apartments, no I have more than friends here, Chris and Jared are like my brothers. Malcolm, Tommy and Carl are friends, but Chris and Jared are much more to me. I wouldn't have any friends at all if I moved to France. I can't even speak the language so if you want to know what I want then it is to stay with you. I don't want to go to France".

I kissed the top of his brown hair and hugged him closer to me. I said "We are going to have a tough battle to win but I don't want you to go to France either".

Dylan got off my lap and grabbed my cell phone and hit the redial for the last number. After another hour of crying and tears trying to plead his case to his mother telling her she is selfish and not thinking about what is best for him he curled up in a ball on his bed crying himself to sleep. I tried to comfort him but I was just as much to blame for his pain then his mother was. He pushed me away crying "Why can't you two get along? Why did you have me if you won't love me?"

I said "Dylan I love you and so does your mother". It was falling on deaf ears, the boy's world was crashing around him and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was about to put another hole in the wall but I stopped before I hit the panel. I left the boy curled on his bed to be alone with his thoughts and emotions. I went across the hallway to the laundry room to clean out and service the machines that didn't need it as I serviced them yesterday.

After two hours of keeping myself busy Dylan was still in a ball on his bed but at least he was asleep. I took my cell phone and took a picture of him to use as leverage with the court system for the custody battle. At least I thought it might be leverage, my ex's parents are very wealthy and powerful people, and according to them I was never good enough for their daughter, their family and never good enough to be Dylan's father but they didn't have much choice in that matter.

Dylan felt better by dinner time. Karen and Chris came down to the apartment for dinner. The boys played on the X-box while Karen and I made dinner.

Karen said "Are you going to register Dylan for school here or do you plan on keeping him at his old school?"

I said "I hadn't really thought about it but with the ex trying to take him to France and all. The school system is quite good where he lives. I think it is better to keep him in a good school system rather than one of the public schools here in the city".

Karen said "I know the schools aren't as good but Chris does alright. They wouldn't be in the same classes but they would be in the same school building. That would go for Jared as well. They all can be on the bus together".

I said "Maybe we should go the other way. Put Chris and Jared in school with Dylan. We can use the house as a residence for the school district. The boys would be together and in a better school. I can drive them and pick them up or they stay at the house. The house is plenty big enough for the boys and for you and Linda".

Karen said "Are you suggesting that we move out of the apartments?"

I said "Not necessarily, it's just the house has a nice piece of property and is paid off. It was a wedding present from Kim's parents to her. She may want to sell it though if she goes through with living in France. But in the mean time the boys will benefit from the school system. If I lose the custody battle then Chris and Jared would have to change schools. If I win Kim isn't stupid enough to jeopardize where Dylan goes to school. She would have to agree that Dylan stays in his own house so that means I get the house again".

Karen said "We will have to talk to Linda, come on boys its dinner time".

Dylan and Chris left the X-box and came to the table giggling and being typical pre-teen boys.


Since Karen has gotten use to the fact that the apartment doesn't have walls in the bathroom she stripped the boys for showers after dinner. She knew the boys would get her wet so she stripped herself as well. Both hairless boys' three inch circumcised boners immediately sprang to life as the thirty-one year old blond led them into the shower stall and closed the glass door behind her. I finished putting the dishes away and then went onto the tile floor to watch how far Karen would go with her twelve year old son and my ten year old son or would she wait for me to have fun with the naked boys.

Karen started to wash Dylan first from head to toe, front to back spending time washing his ass clean then moved to Chris again from head to toe and front to back. She then washed herself making sure her pussy was clean. She let the boys out of the shower to be dried off by me. My hands roaming the blond and brunette fondling their small hairless cocks and balls, running my fingers up the cracks of their asses as Karen stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel for herself.

She said "Are they sleeping with us or in their bunk beds tonight?"

Chris reached out to my cock in my shorts and squeezed. He hooked his thumbs into my shorts and pushed them to the floor for me to step out of. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and dropped it on the tile floor joining them naked. Chris wrapped his hand around my growing cock and brought his face to my cock and started to lick the crown and the piss slit.

Karen chuckled as her son started to play with my cock and said "I guess that answers that question".

I smiled back at her and said "Would you prefer to have Linda or Sarah tonight or are you willing to share our sons?"

Karen said "No I will take the men and the boys tonight, the girls are planning to have some fun tomorrow. Sarah said she has a friend that she wants Linda and I to meet, another girl from the Girl Scout Troup. Sarah says she is twelve and completely bald around her pussy. You should have seen the look on Linda's face when Sarah said that".

I said "You know you turn me on when you talk little girl lesbian talk with me".

Karen said "Yes, it turns me on as well. Just like when you do your man on boy thing, sucking them or fucking them. As for fucking would you please take me to your bed, I will be dripping wet if you don't put your cock into me".

I didn't waste any more time and led them to the king size waterbed. I positioned myself so I could fuck Karen in a flying cross position, me on my side ninety degrees to her pussy. I positioned Chris so I had free access to his three inch circumcised boy cock, his balls and his ass to my face. My cock went into Karen's wet pussy and I took Chris's cock into my mouth. Dylan sucked Karen's tits as my cock slid in her completely. I licked and sucked at Chris my tongue buried into his ass. Karen moved Dylan to her face so she could suck him at the same time that I sucked Chris. I inserted a finger into Chris's ass and twisted it around bringing the twelve year old to climax. Karen was doing the same to Dylan. Both boys climaxed, Chris giving me his watery drop of boy cum. Dylan's body shook when his climax came for Karen. I continued to fuck Karen until we both climaxed together. The four of us got comfortable and fell asleep for the night.

In the morning Karen left Chris behind with Dylan both boys woke up late and had their normal morning hard ons as did I. Chris lowered himself onto my cock riding my shaft. Dylan straddled my face so I could enjoy his cock, balls and his ass on my face. Dylan leaned forward down my chest to wrap his arms around Chris's waist so his mouth could take the three inch boner of Chris. Dylan rose up and down giving Chris a blowjob at the same time Chris fucked himself on my cock. I went from Dylan's cock to his balls to his ass and repeated the process until his three inch circumcised boy cock twitched in my mouth. Dylan continued to suck Chris until he gave up his juice. Chris rode me until I filled his ass with my cum.

Chris giggled as the two got ready to deliver the newspapers. Chris decided it would be more fun riding the bikes on the paper route with my cum dripping down his legs. He wondered if his clients would notice and he didn't seem to care. The boys grabbed the newspapers and the bikes and headed out the door.

Chris and Dylan came back from the paper route and wanted to go to the public pool. Chris went to get Jared to come along. I did make Chris change out of his cum stained shorts before I took them to the pool. After four hours of dunking and splashing, boy grabbing and boy tossing I was ready to call it quits and head back to the apartment. I rounded them up and headed for the locker room for a shower to get the chlorine off of us. I stripped the little red head of his swim trunks along with mine and headed for the shower room. Dylan and Chris stripped their suits off and followed behind. The shower room is an open room with eight shower heads, no curtains and no privacy. Most of the boys that would shower there would keep their bathing suits on in the shower.

I had Jared in the same shower as I and started to wash Jared with the liquid soap including his red hair. I washed down his body and as soon as I got close to his hairless boy dick it popped to its two inches in length. Dylan and Chris were right behind him sporting three inch hairless circumcised boy cocks.

Two Latino's walked into the shower room, the older one I figured to be in his young twenties or even maybe late teens. The younger one I figured to be around eleven or so. They kept their bathing suits on but the older one could not keep his eyes off of the three naked boys and was doing a poor job at boy ogling and not getting caught. The younger Latino also kept an eye on the boys with boners.

The older Latino said "Come on Miguel we need to go see that Greyton apartment today".

I said "Excuse me I happen to know the building manager of that apartment building is not there at the moment, but he should be back in about an hour. The maintenance office and the rental office are in the basement".

He said "Huh?"

I said "I am Max Duncan, I am the building manager of the Greyton apartments there is one apartment available for rent. First and last month's rent due at signing plus a safety deposit. I also run a credit check".

He extended his hand "I am Carlos Rivera that is my brother Miguel".

He still couldn't get his eyes off the naked eight year old red head in front of me. I said "These are my boys Chris, Dylan and Jared".

Carlos stammered "Uhm nice to meet you".

I said "Come on boys let's get going I guess I will be seeing you two in a little while".

Chris turned off the water and so did I to get dried off and dressed. I dried off Jared, Chris and Dylan dried themselves. Carlos and Miguel came out and shared the bench with us dropping their swim suits. Miguel indeed had popped a boner in the shower, so had Carlos. Carlos standing about five feet six inches tall with dark hair and the expected Latino skin color showed off about five inches of uncut cock with his balls offset the left nut hanging lower than the right one. Carlos showed no signs of hair on his chest. His little brother stood about four feet six inches tall also with dark hair and complexion sporting a hairless two and a half inch uncut boy cock with his balls still high and tight to his body. Everyone took a peek at each other trying not to get caught before the clothes went back on and we left the public pool.

Chris was the first to say anything when we got in the truck. He said "Too bad they weren't circumcised like us but I think the older one is a boy lover like you dad, he couldn't take his eyes off of us in the shower".

I said "Yeah I noticed that as well. How about we get haircuts for the start of the school year?"

I drove them to the barbers and the blond, brunette and the red head all got the exact same haircuts, short over the ears a little longer on the top and parted to one side so you could see their eyes and their smiles.

When we got back to the apartments Carlos and Miguel were waiting outside the office door.

I said "Do you want to see the apartment first or do you want to fill out the application first?"

They opted to see the apartment so we climbed the four flights of stairs and I opened 4A. The two walked around looking at the two bedroom apartment.

Carlos said "I should have asked before, how much is the rent? The place is bigger than I expected".

I said "Seven twenty-five a month due on the first of every month. Like I said first and last month's rent due up front plus security deposit so you are looking at twenty-one seventy-five to move in".

Carlos said "Can we add someone else on the lease my cousins may be looking to stay with us so that would be four of us in the apartment".

I said "As long as the rent is paid on time and who ever signs the lease is an adult and can pass the credit checks".

He picked up his cell phone and made a call in Spanish. He said "Our cousins will be here within the hour".

I said "Okay let's start the paperwork".

We went back down stairs to the office. I gave him the application. I said "Can I see some id please?" Carlos handed me his driver's license he was only twenty years old. His cousins showed up to complete the application.

Carlos said "This is my cousin Hector and Julio Hector will be signing the lease with me". I looked at the new Latino's Hector could have been Carlos' twin brother about the same age and build. Julio looked the same as Miguel, same height, thin build and about the same age.

I said "It's not my business but you look like you could be twins, not to mention young to be renting an apartment".

Carlos said "Our parents were twins and killed in a car crash. We have to take care of our little brothers now. I know we look like brothers. If you don't mind you said Chris, Dylan and Jared are your boys but they don't look like brothers".

I laughed "Different mothers, two of which live in the building 3C and 1D. There are three other boys and two girls that also live here about the same age as Miguel and Julio. Well I should say Carl is six, Tommy is seven and Malcolm is thirteen. There are a couple of younger kids as well, two or three in age. My three are twelve, ten and eight. All the boys seem to get along".

Carlos and Hector shot each other a look, so did Miguel and Julio. Miguel said "I'm eleven, Julio is ten". Carlos and Hector finished the paperwork and wrote a check for the apartment. I made copies of the lease agreement and a copy of the check for their records.

I handed them a set of keys. I said "I will replace the locks on the apartment before you move in. I hope you young men will not be trouble".

"What do you mean?"

I said "The walls are thin and some neighbors may call the cops before they call me if you are into drugs or loud parties, that sort of thing".

Hector said "Noted we will try not to disturb anyone. We will start moving in as soon as possible, please have the locks changed as soon as possible".

I nodded and watched the four Latino's leave looking at the boys' asses. The older two weren't bad looking just too old for my tastes.

I opened the slider panel to find my three ease dropping on what was going on in the office. All three giggled and ran around the apartment. I caught each one and gave a good tickling to each as I tossed them onto the waterbed.

I started with the red head pulling his shirt over his head and pulled down his shorts and underwear. Jared giggled and cooed as I sucked his tiny nipples before I moved down his body to his two inch circumcised boy cock sucking him into my mouth with ample licking of his tiny nuggets and the insides of his thighs before I returned to his boy cock. Jared grabbed my hair as he pushed his little dick further into my mouth and his body started to shake as he dry climaxed.

At the same time that I had Jared sucking and enjoying the smooth body of the three feet seven inch, fifty-five pound red head, Chris started to suck on Dylan's nipples and moved down to the three inch, never goes soft missile to bring his younger `brother' to climax as well. Dylan started to return the favor for Chris.

Jared said "I guess that means it's my turn daddy, do you want to put your wiener in my butt or in my mouth?"

I said "You decide Jared, if you want to suck me remember you don't have to swallow if you don't want to".

Jared said "Chris and Dylan can swallow all of your stuff I'll try not to choke on it this time".

I rolled over on my back and the eight year old got between my legs and wrapped his small hand around the base of my shaft. He brought his mouth to the tip of my cock and his tongue came out to lick all around the head and up and down each side of my cock. He put his small lips over my cock head pushing more into his mouth. My cut cock is only six inches long but it fills Jared's mouth with room to spare. I could feel the back of his mouth with the tip of my cock. Jared removed his hand and pushed his face further onto my cock. He hesitated so he wouldn't gag or choke but he continued to open his throat to take another small amount of my cock. Jared bobbed up and down leaving as much spit behind as he could. Each stroke of my cock on the downward move Jared took more and more into his throat.

Chris said "Dylan hold off Jared is going to take it all this time".

Dylan pulled off of Chris's dick both boys started to cheer Jared on `Go for it Jared', `you can do it' `Give daddy your best'.

Jared was smiling at his `brothers' even with a mouthful of man cock. I said "You're doing great but don't go too far if you don't want to".

Jared got a determined look in his eyes and went for broke pushing my six inches down his throat, his nose buried in my pubic hair. He breathed through his nose on the up stroke and kept his teeth away from my cock then drove his face down taking everything I have to offer.

Chris and Dylan got on either side of me and started to suck my nipples as Jared was determined to take my load.

I said "You boys are driving me crazy, Jared you are doing great, if you don't want it down your throat then back off now".

All three sucked harder on my flesh. I grabbed a handful of sheets in each hand and on Jared's downswing his nose touching my abdomen, my balls erupted and my cock exploded like Mt. St. Helens spewing cum strait down Jared's small throat. Jared continued to suck and swallow everything I had.

As soon as Dylan and Chris knew I was climaxing Chris stuck his dick back into Dylan's mouth so he could get his rocks off which didn't take much time at all.

The boys recovered and took on the X-Box all sitting on the floor still naked. I put my clothes on and grabbed my tools to change the lock on 4A.

Days later I walked into the apartment to find Dylan on the phone crying his eyes out again. I started to say `what is going on' but Chris jumped up and gave me the shhh sign. My blood started to boil but I listened quietly as Dylan was pleading his case about moving to France with his maternal grandparents. I stayed quiet knowing how much they didn't like me. To my surprise Dylan handed me the phone and said "Nana and Grandpa want to talk to you". As soon as he handed me the phone the tears dried up and a huge smile on his face brightened the room. Dylan hugged Chris and both boys smiled at me. I gave them both a questionable look as I took the phone.

Without having to raise my voice and argue with Nana and George, Kim's parents, they said Kim was wrong to try to take Dylan away. Apparently they had just gone to France to meet Jeanne Pierre and their opinion of him and their daughter's choices in men was going from bad to worse and did not want Kim to be with him and did not want their grandson to be with him for many reasons. George choked on his words but said Dylan was better off with his natural father.

I said "With Kim's decision to take Dylan away I am re-opening the custody case. I have been in contact with my lawyer to file for full custody of Dylan".

George blew me away when he said "Max you had or have a shitty lawyer that is why Kim got full custody of Dylan. Now I think she has totally lost her mind. We will talk to her and try to get her to reconsider this France craziness but if she is set on this then I will give you access to my lawyers. My daughter is wrong and Dylan should be with his father more than every other weekend. Nana misses him and so do I".

Nana said "Dylan is a great boy and has told us about his friends that he calls brothers and everything that they do together. Why don't you bring Dylan and the other boys up to the house for the weekend? We would love to meet them."

My jaw hit the floor. Dylan and Chris smiled even more, I had no idea what these two imps pulled off but it was working. I said "We can do that, would you like to meet Chris and Jared's mothers as well. We will make it a day trip only".

Nana said "You will all stay for the night at least there is plenty of room as you know".

We finished the call and I hung up. Chris and Dylan started to jump up and down and then tackled me to the floor. All I could do was say "What the hell was that about?"

Dylan lying on top of me said "It was Chris's idea to call Nana and beg her that I don't have to move to France".

Chris said "Dylan should be an actor, the croc tears on demand he was great, the whole `Oh I don't want to go', `I will miss you and I love daddy so much' ".

I pulled both boys closer and gave them both bear hugs and kissed them on the foreheads and then on their lips. I said "I love both of you".

Chris said "You better love Jared too".

I said "I love your little brother as well. You pulled this crazy stunt, go get your mom and bring Linda and Jared as well".

We all put the plan in motion and everyone agreed to the weekend.

I had to go up on the roof to clear the debris out of the storm traps so I climbed up the fire escape on the east side. I could have used the inside access hatch but that would mean carrying a ladder up four flights which I decided against. The new tenants, the cousin twins as I called them had moved in but did not have any window coverings up as I went past the windows to get to the roof access ladder. I happened to look in not trying to be nosy but I noticed how they set up the apartment. Two twin beds in one bedroom, a double bed in the other bedroom and a double bed in what should be the dining room area meant for a table and chairs.

The windows were open and on the bed of the dining room was Carlos laying face down his arms wrapped around a pillow with Hector behind him fucking his ass. As the two looked so similar the only distinction I could tell between them was Hector shaved his pubes and his cousin didn't, or it could have been Carlos and he decided to shave. Either way whoever was doing the fucking saw me passing the window and smiled.

I said "Sorry but I need to get to the roof".

The fucker said "No problem, we are not disturbing you or making too much noise are we?"

The twin getting fucked looked up and out the window and said something in Spanish the fucking twin said "Maybe later" in English.

I didn't say anything and moved on towards the ladder, I heard `He is cut and so are his boys we saw them at the pool in the shower the young red head is the cutest', the other answered `we should invite them all to go swimming you know good neighbors and Miguel and Julio can have new friends before school starts'.

I smiled as I climbed the ladder to the roof Chris was right they are into boys and gay or bi as well. When I went over the ledge onto the roof I saw Miguel and Julio leaning over the ledge looking down to the street on the front of the building. The boys were shirtless and only had shorts on.

I said "You boys shouldn't be up here on the roof".

They turned around with a look of shock on their faces. Miguel said "Sorry we were just looking around".

I said "Maybe you were leaving your brothers to some privacy".

The two young Latino's looked at each other knowing that I had seen their brothers and weren't sure what to do.

I left them off the hook I said "It doesn't matter but like I said you boys shouldn't be up here be careful when you climb over the roof ladder I would hate for you to break your necks up here. I can help you down if you give me a few minutes to complete my checks".

Both nodded their heads. I finished the roof checks in a few minutes.

I said "I will go over the roof ladder first then one of you can come over until we get down then the other can come over alright".

They nodded again. Julio was the first over and I held him steady and told him to hang on with both hands to the ladder. I slid my hand down his back to hold his small ass as I descended the ladder below him. I looked up the leg of his shorts to see he had no underwear on showing off his hairless boy cock and balls.

I said "Okay come down to me I will grab you". Julio descended I kept my hands sliding up his legs into his shorts to grab his waist to pick him up and put him down on the fire escape. As I put him down my hand brushed against his hairless cock and balls. Julio didn't seem to mind the brushing. I went up a few of the rungs to the roof and Miguel came over the roof and repeated the process being lowered and guided to the fire escape my hand also inside the leg hole of his shorts fondling his boy hood.

Hector and Carlos were still at it as Julio and Miguel crawled in the window of the apartment again showing me their hairless crotches from the thin flowing material of their shorts sans underwear.

I said "If you boys are interested I plan on taking my boys swimming a little later would you like to come along?"

They all readily agreed to the swimming invitation.

I also said "I might have some curtains floating around from previous tenants to give you some more privacy you never know who might look through your windows".

Carlos, Hector, Miguel and Julio agreed to ride to the pool with us everyone in the back of the truck except for Jared who sat next to me in the cab. We all changed into our suits with everyone checking out what everyone else had. In the pool the five boys all wanted to get thrown around the pool so Carlos, Hector and I all took turns throwing the boys into the water. My hands groping each boys package as they were tossed. I saw Carlos and Hector grabbing and groping the boys as well. I couldn't tell which of the Latino boys swam between my legs underwater and reached up and squeezed my cock then swam away. When Miguel and Julio came to get tossed again I squeezed their little hard ons in their shorts only to get giggles and laughter from them. Chris, Dylan and Jared were doing the same thing with Carlos and Hector.

Carlos swam over to me. He whispered to me "As you have seen my cousin and I are gay would you like to join us in sex?"

I said "I think you are boy lovers as well as being gay".

Carlos said "What makes you say that?"

I said "Your eyes gave you away the other day when we were here you couldn't take your eyes off of my boys or my cock in the showers".

Carlos said "You are right I would love to suck you and your boys off sometime".

I said "They might even let you fuck them, sucking their cocks will be easy, they all love to get sucked and they all suck cock very well. Are your little brother and cousin into such things as well?"

Carlos said "Yes they are, the first time I fucked Miguel he was eight Julio was even younger I think he was six when my uncle, his father fucked him for the first time. I don't know why I am telling you this or feel comfortable to tell you these things, but my uncle Juan, Hector and Julio's father fucked all of us when we were young. I was nine when he came into my room one night and took my pajamas off".

I said "I have taken each boy for their first time. If they want you to fuck them then you must wear condoms. If I get to fuck Miguel and Julio I will wear a condom as well. It will be safer for the boys if they do not have unprotected sex with any other adult but me. If a boy says stop it means stop do I make myself clear?"

Carlos said "Yes very clear, but you didn't answer me would you join Hector and I?"

I said "I prefer adult women and boys their ages, no offense".

Carlos said "I understand, perhaps you will indulge us sometime and let us suck your cock perhaps as you have your way with our little brothers".

I said "I don't know if you are into large men's cocks or average sized cocks but I have a friend that I went to school with that is gay and prefers adult males that are barely legal of age which I would consider you and Hector to fit his requirements. We call him `Moose' he is six foot six, and his cock is huge, fourteen inches long and very thick".

Carlos' eyes lit up. He said "That might be too big for me but Hector would enjoy getting fucked by him. I know that I disappoint him sometimes because my cock does not penetrate him like he would like to get it, I prefer a more average sized cock much like yours is".

I said "Why don't we get out of the pool, get showered and head back to the apartments".

Carlos said "Good idea". He dove underwater again to grab each of the boys' crotches before herding them to the locker room for a shower.

Hector led Jared to a shower head to rinse and wash the red head. Carlos led Dylan to a shower head as well. Chris didn't need coaxing and shared his shower with Julio leaving Miguel for me. Eight hard cocks willing to be touched and fondled to the point of almost getting arrested in a public place. Carlos and Hector sat in the back of the pickup with Dylan and Chris sitting between their legs and the older boys hands inside the legs of their shorts. Miguel sat next to me in the cab Julio sat next to the passenger door with Jared between his legs. When my hand wasn't on the stick shift it was inside Miguel's denim shorts that he willingly opened the button and the fly so I had access to his two and a half inch uncut boner pointing at the roof of the cab. I stroked his foreskin up and down lightly as I drove back to the apartments.

I stopped at a convenience store and pulled Miguel's shirt over his crotch to hide him if someone walked by the truck. I bought three packs of medium sized lubricated condoms and drove back to the apartments.

Carlos said "Do you want to come upstairs?"

I said "I have a better idea. Come downstairs with us".

I opened the maintenance office and then opened the slider panel to reveal the open no walled apartment. The four new comers looked around after asking permission.

I said "I like my boys clean, Miguel, Julio have you ever had an enema bag in your butts?"

Both boys shook their heads `No' so did the older Latinos.

I said "I would like to clean you out before I stick my tongue in your butts then I will stick my cock in there if you will let me".

Carlos said "I guess I will ask the same of your boys but I have never put my tongue in a boy, it seems gross".

Chris answered "It is the greatest feeling in the world. Jared, Dylan and I all used the enema bags earlier we are as clean as we will ever get".

Dylan said "Dad why don't you let us get Miguel and Julio ready?"

Julio said "I think I would be more comfortable with the boys".

Miguel nodded his head so I nodded mine. The five boys had their shirts and shorts off in seconds with Chris leading the two smaller Latino's to the no walled tiled bathroom to give them their first enema bags. Jared went with them for moral support. The two older Latino's were curious enough to follow the younger boys to the tiles and watched in wonder and awe as their little brothers and cousins had a probe and a warm water solution pumped into their asses and the foul matter ejected from their bodies.

I called Moose and told him that I had new young Latino tenants in the apartment building both being gay and one of them would like to take his huge cock up his ass. Moose said he would be over to the apartments in an hour or so which would be plenty of time to fuck the boys before Moose showed up.

Chris and Dylan finished with Miguel and Julio so I stripped waiting for the boys. Chris held out his hand to Carlos choosing his partner. Dylan walked over to Hector another pair was chosen.

I said "Miguel or Julio which one of you would like to be with me or Jared?"

Miguel smiled and said "I will be with you Mr. Duncan". He put his hand in mine.

Hector led Dylan to the couch. Dylan sat on the couch and Hector knelt on the carpet between his legs. Dylan spread his legs apart with his three inch boner pointing to the ceiling. Carlos led Chris next to Dylan and knelt beside his cousin. Both older Latino's started to lick and suck the three inch boy cock in front of them. Chris and Dylan ran their hands through the dark hair of the Latino's as they got their cocks sucked.

I said "You boys can share my waterbed if you like".

I led Miguel to the waterbed and Jared and Julio were one step behind us. I picked each boy up and tossed them into the waterbed getting squeals and giggles as they landed in the waterbed. I crawled into the bed with them and decided to suck on each of them before I took Miguel. I started with Julio licking his two and a half inch hairless uncut cock and his hairless balls. I spread his legs apart and licked his ass crack then pushed my tongue into his clean asshole. Julio giggled with joy as my tongue probed his ass. I moved to Miguel rolling his foreskin down his cock sucking his two and a half inch boy tool. I sucked each of his balls into my mouth then probed his ass with my tongue as well. I moved to Jared to suck his two inches of cut boy cock and his asshole before I returned to Miguel.

Julio put his mouth into action with Jared. The red head held Julio's head as the ten year old started to bob up and down on the naked eight year old.

I returned my attention to the eleven year old Latino sucking his nipples and using my tongue down his hairless chest sticking my tongue into his inny bellybutton causing him to squirm and giggle. I took his boy cock into my mouth and licked his balls and ass. I took his cock again in my mouth and started to push my finger into his ass twisting it inside him to hit his prostate gland. Miguel moaned and panted raising his ass off the waterbed trying to push more of his young boy cock into my mouth. Miguel clutched at the sheets as his dry orgasm went through his young body.

I looked over at the couch and the boys had moved positions Chris and Dylan were leaning over the arm on both sides of the couch with their legs spread apart. Hector and Carlos were behind them both shoving their condom covered cocks into the asses of the boys.

I put a pillow under Miguel and rolled him over so his ass was off the mattress. I rolled the condom down my cock and added some more K-Y to the condom and Miguel's ass. Jared rolled over offering his small ass to Julio.

I said "Julio can you cum yet? If you can you should wear a small condom as well".

Julio said "No sir"

I figured `Oh well' and let him fuck Jared without a condom on.

Miguel spread his ass cheeks apart for me and my six inch cock slid into his ass cavity with no problem. His ass was warm and tight for me as I fucked his hole, it did feel different with the condom on but it was a good rule since the boys had been fucked by others.

The noise from the couch was getting louder as Carlos and Hector fucked Chris and Dylan. Miguel was also moaning loudly as I fucked his ass on the waterbed. Julio pounded Jared until his back straightened up as he dry climaxed inside Jared. I heard Hector climax inside Dylan and then Carlos did inside Chris. I was the last to climax inside Miguel. I pulled my cock out of him and took off the used condom. Miguel and Julio both licked my cock clean of any cum.

After a few minutes to rest Chris changed partners with Dylan and soon had the other Latino's cock in their asses. My hard-on remained intact so I put another condom on and Julio lowered himself down my shaft. Miguel and Jared both offered their hairless cocks and balls to my mouth as Julio fucked himself on my shaft. I finger fucked Miguel and Jared as I sucked them off to another dry boy climax each. Julio also climaxed as my shaft went deeper into his cavity. The activity on the couch also created four more orgasms.

No one paid attention to the time and there was a banging on the big metal door of the maintenance office. I said "That has to be Moose, boys get dressed".

Everyone quickly got dressed and the used condoms were disposed of. I opened the slider panel and the office door. Moose stood there smiling at me. I shook the monsters hand and let him in the apartment.

I said "Boys why don't you go outside and play for a while. Moose this is Hector and Carlos Rivera and their little brothers Miguel and Julio".

The six foot six two hundred and sixty pound man shook each ones hand and did not crush the hand but could have easily. The five boys departed the apartment Hector and Carlos remained with Moose and myself. After a few minutes of casual talk Hector got down to business.

Hector said "Moose, Mr. Max has told us that you have a huge cock and that you are gay is that true".

Moose just smiled and undid his jeans and his fly fishing out his huge horse cock. Hector and Carlos dropped their clothing as well. Moose shed all of his clothes on the floor and his cock swelled to its full size of fourteen inches long and almost as thick as a tennis ball.

Carlos said "There is no way I can take that up my ass you will rip me apart. If Mr. Max wants to fuck me he can or I will just suck your cock if you want".

I didn't want Moose to know about the boys just getting fucked a little while before. I said "You can suck my cock if you want to Carlos I'll pass on the ass offer".

Hector didn't pass on the ass offer. Hector tried to swallow as much of Moose's cock as he could but Moose was too big for his mouth. Moose greased up his cock with K-Y and started to push the monster cock into Hector's ass. I let Moose and Hector have the waterbed and Carlos sucked my cock and my balls on the couch. Hector moaned as the huge cock was pushed further into his body. I don't know how he took it I have seen Moose make a woman scream in pain from taking his huge cock in their pussies when we were in college together.

I blew my third load of the day down Carlos's throat. Moose was completely inside Hector's ass with his big hairy balls pounding away at Hector's ass. Moose wasn't wearing a condom when his huge balls exploded inside Hector. I had to laugh when Moose pulled out of him. Hector had cum dripping down his legs. The two of them headed for the tiles of the bathroom to clean each other up. Carlos joined them in the shower Hector's ass was red from the fucking.

The boys came back into the apartment earlier than I expected. All of their eyes went wide open when they saw the size of Moose's cock. Moose always was an exhibitionist so he didn't try to hide his cock from the boys.

Chris said "Can I touch it?"

Moose looked at me with a strange look. I said "We have been friends for a long time. What happens here stays here agreed?"

Moose said "Yeah Max what happens here stays here". Moose nodded his head to Chris.

Moose sat on the couch and Chris approached the big man. Chris couldn't get both of his small hands around the huge cock. This became a game to the boys Chris wrapped his hands around the base of the shaft. Dylan came next and wrapped his hands above Chris's. Miguel, Julio and finally Jared all had their hands around the big shaft and the head. Moose just sat back relaxing in the feeling of five sets of small hands around his cock. The five hands were replaced by the lips and tongues of Carlos and Hector trying to take him again. Miguel and Julio took my cock into their mouths sharing my cock as the other boys watched. Moose shot his second load into the mouth of Carlos; I shot my fourth now watery load in the mouth of Julio.

Moose, Hector and Carlos departed leaving me with the five boys. I sucked each boy off to another dry climax including Chris this time he didn't have anything left in his small balls to produce cum. Miguel and Julio departed for their apartment. I dressed the boys and we headed upstairs to Karen's apartment for dinner.

Karen and Linda were in the apartment with Sarah and another cute girl Katie. It appeared that the ladies and girls had just as much fun for the day as the men and boys did.

The weekend came and we packed the boys up for the trip to the ex in-laws. The boys rode with me in the truck with their bikes in the back with Linda and Karen following behind. We drove to Dylan's house first to show Karen, Linda and the boys where they would call home if we put them in the school system. There were plenty of bedrooms for everyone. We left and headed to George and Nana's. I wasn't sure how the weekend would go but Nana doted over the boys and made Karen and Linda comfortable as well.

George surprised me when he asked me into his study. He had contacted his lawyer and had two sets of legal documents drawn up. The first set was if my ex wife Kim decided to return to the states Dylan would be with Kim Monday through Friday because of the school system. I would have him on the weekends and every Wednesday night dropping him off at school for Thursday morning. The second set of documents gave me full custody of Dylan until Kim returned to the states with George and Nana getting him for a weekend a month. I signed both sets of documents handing them back to him wondering if the ex-wife would go along with either scenario.

We spent the weekend with the boys riding their bikes around the big property and in the pool. Chris and Jared turned on their charm giving Nana plenty to do as a grandmother would do. Even George enjoyed being a grandfather figure to the boys showing them how to fish.

We packed up Monday morning to return to the apartments and work. I went to the elementary school first. The adults and the boys went into the school office to see if we could get the boys registered for school using the house as the local address. I found a job posting on the bulletin board for a part time Phys Ed teacher. I spoke with the principal about the position, even though I don't have a teacher's degree she agreed that my engineering degree would suffice and she would take my application to the school board to see if they would accept me for the position. Dylan, Chris and Jared thought the idea of having dad around all day at school was going to be a very cool thing, Karen and Linda had to agree with the boys.

The week passed and it was good news on all points. I was hired as the PE teacher and my ex-wife was staying in France but she did sign the custody documents so that Dylan would stay in my custody. She even agreed that Dylan and I should stay at the house so Dylan was in a better school system. I didn't bother to tell her that Karen, Chris, Linda and Jared would also be living in the house some of the time and I left the part out that I would be fucking everyone in her canopy king sized bed.

The first day of school started, Karen and Linda had to work so I took the boys to school for the first day. Jared in the third grade, Dylan in the fifth grade and Chris starting Junior High in the seventh grade in the building connected to the elementary school. The High School was across the street and I would be working there as well.

The gymnasium, locker rooms and my office were in the Jr. High. The elementary level kids were escorted by a teacher or a teacher's aide through the connection corridor to the gymnasium for PE class. The running track, the football, soccer and baseball/softball fields were behind the two schools. I had spoken to Principal Whiting about proper gym attire and that the boys would be required to wear jock straps, girls would wear bras if appropriate, gym shorts and t-shirts, socks and sneakers. She told me that Phys Ed was now my responsibility and she would support my decisions in the matter. I continued and said that the students would also be required to shower after PE. She gave me the same response that she would support me.

My first class was third period with seventh graders, blond headed Chris among them. I said to the class "Today is the only day that you will not be required to have proper gym clothes on". I held up gym shorts, t-shirt and the jock strap. Most of the boys and even the girls giggled at the sight of the jock strap. I said "If you are not properly dressed for this class you will not pass the class. If you do not shower after PE you will not pass this class. Do I make myself clear?"

"YES Mr. Duncan".

I sent them running around the track and then soccer practice. All the other classes were the same routine. The younger boys from the elementary side didn't like the idea of jock straps or the shower.

Chris, Dylan and Jared came to my office after school. We went to the house for our first night. The boys sat at the kitchen table doing homework before I would let them out and play in the big backyard. Linda and Karen came in time for dinner both carrying grocery bags to stock up the kitchen and refrigerator. After dinner the boys were allowed to play the x-box until Linda marched them upstairs for baths or showers, pajamas and bedtime. School was in session so the summertime games of sucking each boy off before bed was now only allowed on the weekends.

That wasn't the case for my bi-sexual single mothers who thought it would be funny to tie me up to my ex-wife's poster bed, my wrists and ankles tied to the four posts of the bed, my cock pointing to the canopy as the naked blond and redhead sucked each other's tits and finger fucked each other over top of me making me beg them to either untie me or take care of me. I did comment to them that I thought I would take down the canopy cover on the bed and install a mirror on the ceiling. Linda finally lowered her now shaved pussy to my cock while Karen sucked our tits and my balls and licking Linda's pussy as she fucked herself on my cock.

Little Jared walked into the master bedroom with Linda still on top of me.

Karen said "What's wrong sweetie can't you sleep?"

Jared said "It's Chris he keeps farting stinking up our room".

Karen got off the bed and said "Well then you will have to sleep in Dylan's room tonight". She led the little red head down the hallway and didn't come back. Linda finally untied me after we both had our orgasms.

In the morning Karen and Linda got the boys ready for school and left for work. I dropped the boys off to each of their classes and headed for my office. The first PE class was the seventh graders again with Chris.

I said "Okay boys I will show you how the proper way to wear the jock strap is. Chris can I use you as a volunteer?"

Chris said "Yes dad".

Another boy in Chris's class said "Mr. Duncan is your dad? But your last name is Colton?" Chris just smiled as he took off his clothes in front of everyone in his class. He stopped at his fruit of the looms figuring the jock strap would go over top of the underwear.

I said "The jock strap is to replace your underwear Chris that goes for all of you boys. Leave your underwear in your lockers with your street clothes. Put them back on when you have finished your shower".

Chris lowered the looms and waited for the instructions on what a `proper fit' of a jock strap was. He stepped into the strap and let me pull it up his legs and made sure that it was in the correct position and would perform the necessary safety requirements that it was designed for. To my amazement seven other boys in Chris's class also needed hands on guidance on the proper fitting of the jock strap. Only one boy in Chris's class showed pubic hair but I found out later that he was thirteen and left a year back. Reluctantly boys dropped their clothes and suited up for gym, usually facing the locker. The same was true for the showers, boys getting naked and heading to the shower stalls. Now the boys' eyes roamed more freely to see what the boy next to him or across the shower stall had to offer. Of course for me as a good PE teacher I couldn't leave the shower area incase a boy might accidently slip and fall in the showers.

The rest of the day was the same eighth graders down to third graders with Jared in my class, first and second graders are exempt from PE they just get recess time.

By the time the day was over with about two hundred boys going through PE for the day one of if not all three boys was going to get fucked before Karen and Linda showed up for dinner but they did have to do homework first. Chris was the winner of my cock, Dylan and Jared kneeling on either side of my face to have their little cocks and balls sucked. My mind wandered to the school day to see if I could put names to the faces and the mostly hairless boy cocks that were now in my charge, well at least for part of the day.

Later. RJ

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