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Kevin's young, lithe form lay naked on the bed before me... smooth and lovely... The curly-mopped head cradled in the crook of his well-formed teen arms... the broad shoulders slowly tapering down to the willowy waist, before breaking ground to rise in a sudden rush, two unblemished firm mounds, high and rounded, mouth-watering. The slender legs were already parted... waiting, patiently waiting for me, waiting for his punishment... and he knew what was coming.

I had noted the slight tensing of the teen body as I entered the room and slammed the door shut, and now, having discarded my clothes, as I climbed in between his legs, I felt him spread them wider, the ass lifting off slightly, as if desperate in its need to be penetrated... and then the uncontrolled quivering began.

"You've been naughty again," I said in a low voice as I got into position and gripped my flexing cock, "so, no lube tonight..."

I heard the whimper and saw the shoulders heave... but he knew he had no choice... and probably didn't care either, a slut bitch like him couldn't care less... and in all probability, even loved the tearing pain, thrilling in the brutal ravishment.

Shoving his thighs further apart I moved in closer, and Kevin lifted up his ass in submission, already trembling in anticipation.

Fitting the broad knob, and without any preliminaries, I slammed in... forcing the tightly clenched orifice wide... tearing into the smoldering cavern of his eighteen year old ass in one powerful motion.

He threw his head back and shrieked, the tender body writhing with the force of my entry... and then, almost immediately, biting down on his lips buried his face back in the pillow, the back arched like a stringed bow, the ass flexing violently in desperation as the thick root of my cock engaged the tight sphincter... I was in, and ready for the ride!

I began the delicious hunching and soon the boy was crying out for more, rocking his hips, slamming back his ass... the knuckles white as he gripped the pillow tighter...

Well, that's Kevin... my 18 year old surrogate 'son'.


I was 21, and just out after a year in a federal penitentiary, and as I returned to my two room hovel in the tenement that should have been impounded by the authorities a century ago, I noted that the empty apartment opposite mine was now occupied.

Well, a year spent at the bottom of the pecking order, hunched over a dirty bunk, servicing all manners of criminals and getting your belly filled with their filthy spunk can be traumatic, and exhausting, leaving one totally famished for a furry nest to plunge into... and so, that evening, when I got to meet my new neighbor, Grace, and was invited in, I went willingly... unleashing all my pent up hunger, repeatedly, till the eastern sky had turned pale. The big buzoomed, raven haired, 33 year old slut was equally ravenous, and soon we got into a regular routine... fucking up hell's fire each night in the corner that served as her bedroom, with her teenaged son on the other side of the flimsy 'wall' that they had built to separate the space, probably listening in on our unabashed, noisy mating and flogging his underdeveloped, prepubescent dick.

Grace had become pregnant on prom night, but had remained blissfully unaware of it... and only got to realize when it was already too late for termination. The father, a former classmate, disowned all responsibilities, claiming that he wasn't the only one to have labored between her legs that night, and therefore any of the other three guys could also be the father... and thus she was left holding a kid that she neither wanted, nor knew what to do with. She could not hold a job, nor manage the house or kid, and having drifted along through the years had finally moved to the big city, and my tumble-down tenement.

Kevin was a slender, sharp featured and curly brown-haired 15 year-old, on the threshold of a delayed puberty. Cute, in an earthy way, he was also very quiet, and stubborn as hell. He had caught my eyes from day one... but having just served a term, I didn't want to push my luck too hard, and kept myself restricted to baking my loaf in his mother's insatiable oven. I had caught him, many times, sneaking from behind the door as we groped and pawed each other in the kitchen before retiring to her bedroom... and had listened to the frantic rustle of sheets after Grace's squeals had died down. I had also heard the hurried footsteps as I came out of the bathroom after washing up from fucking his mother... and had caught the curious eye glued to the door crack as I walked past it, still naked... and instinctively knew that he was ready to be introduced to the adult way of life, ready to be taken... Only, I needed to be patient and let him turn legit... or...

And then, three months later, everything changed the day Kevin turned sixteen...


From my bedroom window I watched Grace cross the street, struggling with the grocery bags... and then heard her door slam shut. I waited for about ten minutes before walking out, my cock already engorged... And as I shut my door behind me I heard her shrill screams. Well, she must be railing at that kid again, I thought with a shrug, hoping that she would still be in the mood for a quickie, 'cause I was desperately in the need to relieve myself. It had been that way since morning and I had been impatient, waiting for her to return...

I rapped her door... and it flew open immediately, a very angry face staring at me.

"Hey, what's the matter," I said with a smile, pecking her flushed cheek lightly.

"That boy," she spat, turning away and looking at Kevin, "I told him to get the place cleaned before I return, and just look at this dump, as dirty as when I left this morning!"

Kevin stood, his stance defiant, eyes fixed on me, watching...

"Well..." I started but couldn't finish as she strode across the room and smacked him on the face, hard. "You know what he needs?" she questioned, turning back to face me as Kevin stood his ground, sulky, rubbing his chin. "What he needs is a man's touch of discipline, to be taken across the knee and spanked till he gets his senses back!" she shrieked. "And I had told him, I'll get back early and cook his favorite dinner, and maybe also bake him a cake..."

"Well, what's the occasion, huh?" I ventured.

"He turns sixteen today," she snorted, "and at his age I was in school, wearing my ass out, studying!"

"Well, you forced me to drop out..." Kevin retorted.

"Don't you dare chat back," she snapped, lashing out her hand once more. Kevin ducked and bounded across the room, rushing out of the apartment.

"Bruce," Grace wailed, "you must do something about that boy, you have to do something..."

"Okay, calm down now and start your cooking," I said, passing a reassuring arm around the slim shoulder, my dick long gone soft, the urgent need for relief long evaporated. "And the next time he misbehaves, send him over to my place," I added taking her chin in my hand and softly kissing her mouth, my other hand brushing against her mammoth tits.

She pushed me aside and sniffled, "Well, I'll send him over tonight, and you better do something, talk to him, lock him up in a closet, or spank him, whatever, but I just can't handle the boy anymore!"

"Grace," I said softly, my mind already racing, "okay, you send him over, and I'll talk to him, but now calm down and start cooking that special dinner for his birthday."


During dinner Kevin had remained quiet and sulky, and later when his mother ordered him to go over to my place, he silently got up, looking at me. I gave him the key to my apartment and he slowly walked out.

Having finally sated my lust and satisfied Grace's voracious appetite as I slowly walked back to my apartment across the littered corridor, I could feel the rising heat and the renewed hardness... The very though of Kevin there in my room... alone, waiting for me... was sending all manners of nasty thoughts racing through my mind.

Well, sixteen is time enough to start learning, start experimenting... a perfect age for channeling the raging fire of the loins. But I hesitated... What if the kid freaked out... what if Grace found out and in spite of her regular whoring with me decided on complaining to the authorities?

I opened the door and walked in.

Kevin sat on the single chair, watching a late night movie. He stirred as I entered, looking up at me, his eyes large and questioning... with a tinge of fear of the unknown.

"Well, you heard your mother," I began on a serious note, "and I too have been noticing your behavior over the past three months..."

He sat still, eyes focused on me.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

He remained seated, silent...

"Well, you don't seem repentant," I said walking over to my bedroom door and opening it, "so, step in here and you'll get what you deserve."

Kevin stood up and I could see the slight tremor that rocked his slender form, slowly coming over, pausing near the door.

"Take off your clothes," I said, sitting down on the narrow bed.

He hesitated... his eyes studying my face.

"Take off those damned clothes," I snapped, bringing in a touch of steel to the tone.

He started, and then, lowering his eyes began slowly, very slowly, to unbutton his shirt. He took it off and looked around before dropping it on the floor... pausing for a moment before reaching for the buckle... he undid the belt and the button... slowly pulling down the zipper and dropping the pants, and immediately bringing his hands forward, covering his briefed crotch, but not soon enough for me to miss the desperate lump there.

He stood...

"I said, undress," I snarled at him, the voice stern, "and that means everything..."

He made a low, guttural sound and looked up briefly... but seeing the stern look on my face quickly lowered his eye and hooked his thumbs in the waist band of the brief, slipping off the last bit of garment... Dropping it at his feet, he straightened up, his hands pressing down on his pubes.

I sat watching... studying the just denuded body in front of me... Willowy, with just a hint of freshly developing teen muscles, Kevin stood at about 5'6". The chest was bare and smooth... the two nipples a dark, ruddy pink, large and pointed... My eyes travelled lower... over the flat belly... past the deep indentation... the smooth lower abdomen...

"Remove the hands," I snapped, and with a jerk he uncovered his treasure... His pubes too were nearly bare with just a hint of down... a delicate circle of light brown silky strands around the base of his teen dick. The cock was maybe under 4 inches tall, and astonishingly slim; rigid and pointing heavenwards... the tiny sac a tight knot at the base... The legs were slender and long... almost bare. The boy was prime meat... and all mine if I played it right.

Slowly, I stood up, shedding my clothes... watching his face, seeing those eyes devouring me... dropping the jeans I debated for a moment and decided against taking off my boxers, now tented with my engorged phallus, and as I sat down on the bed once more, I saw the disappointed look in his eyes, glued to my crotch.

"Get here," I snapped my finger and barked, and he came on unsteady feet, the erect cock swaying as he walked... "Bent over on my knees," I commanded, and slowly, avoiding my eyes, he lay down on my lap, his ass sticking out, his throbbing teen cock pressed hard against my right thigh.

I slowly ran my right hand over those perfect globes... caressing the twin orbs, feeling the taut, smooth skin... relishing the warmth... and then without warning lifted my arm high and brought it down...

The room resonated with the loud smack, and Kevin let out a wail of shock, his body jerking, the firm cheeks clenching as he ground his pubes against my thigh. I raised my hand again... and again... bringing it down with force, watching the pale skin quickly turn a bright crimson, feeling the rising heat of the smarting flesh.

Kevin was now crying, his body wracked by the loud sobbing... but I could still feel the rigid heat against my thigh... flexing urgently.

About ten sharp slaps later I paused, slowly running my palm over the throbbing mounds... roughly kneading those full cheeks... and as he moaned in response, I traced his ass crack... running my fingers tips along the deep cleft... reaching lower... under him. The legs parted automatically and I touched the tightly knotted balls, groping the lump and heard him groan, his hips grinding unabashedly against my lap.

And then quickly I pulled away my hand and began the process once more. It took him by total surprise and his body jerked back, arching high as he let out a gasp of shock. Another ten paddling and once more the caress, the kneading... and then back to spanking the welted bottom... He was continually moaning now, his ass humping wildly, the stiff teen cock grinding against my thigh... his hands gripping the side of the bed.

Again, pause, and I reached in this time, into the crack... tracing my fingers along the moist furrow... feeling the smooth, hairless groove... rotating my thumb over the tight nub of his nether portal, clinched shut... I played around the orifice for a moment and then reaching lower tugged at his wrinkled sac, feeling the tiny testicles, rolling them between my fingers.

"Nnnnnnnh...." he responded, his hips rotating, his head buried in the sheet.

My thumb was back at the tight opening... pressing down with the ball of my thumb. And as his breathing got harsher, I withdrew the groping hand and lifted it high... The slap this time was lower down the butt, closer to the beginning of his thighs, and more forceful.... Kevin let out a yelp, his whole body wracked with an uncontrollable spasm, and then he went stiff, letting out a loud groan... his pubes pressed hard against my thigh... the ass cheeks flexing like crazy... and that's when I felt the sharp, hot splash against my left inner thigh... spurt after powerful spurt. The fucking kid was cumming!!!!

I quickly reached in and grabbed his balls, squeezing them, my left hand kneading his awesome cheeks. He groaned once more and then went limp, sagging down, panting.

"You dirty little bastard," I growled, standing up, dropping him to the floor, "look what you've done..." I thundered.

He cowered, staring back with glassy eyes, totally shamed.

"What a mess..." I continued, "and who do you think'll clean up your miserable spunk, huh?!"

Tears of confusion rolled down his face as he kept staring up at me, totally baffled, completely unsure...

"Get up, you dirty little piece of shit, and get your mouth to work," I snarled down at him, "lick up the ugly mess you've made!"

A little light shone in his puzzled eyes, and then quickly he got up into a kneeling position before me... his hands gripping my solid thighs, his mouth on my left calf... lapping up the rolling semen... licking his was up... past my knee... higher... happily slurping away, getting his own cum off my leg.

His hands crawled higher... well inside my boxer legs, and the willing mouth had done a commendable job of licking of the teen goo... he paused... maybe waiting for my next instruction and when nothing came he looked up, his eyes questioning, expectant.

"Well, hope that taught you to be more decent, and respectful towards your mother," I said in a low, harsh voice, "and now you can pull on your dirty clothes and get your miserable self out of my place."

He remained on the floor, his eyes confused, staring up at me.

"Get the fuck out of here..." I shouted, and he quietly got up, going over to the pile of his clothes that lay on the floor and quickly pulled them on. "And you misbehave again; know that it won't be this easy the next time..." I added.

He snapped the belt in place and turned to go.

"I said something..." I said, stopping him.

He turned his head, questioning.

"The next time will not be this easy..." I repeated, my voice low, icy.

He nodded and was gone.

I lay back and pulled off my boxers, releasing the spring loaded monster and letting out a sigh... I'd have him; it was just a matter of time now.


He was back at my place exactly three days later, around noon, sent over by his mother.

"She asked you to spank me..." he said, his eyes shifty, the voice timid.

I watched him silently for a moment, wondering, and then ordered him to strip. He came over and took his position and soon was splashing my thighs with his teen cum, twisting and groaning as he humped his dick against me.

And then it became a regular affair, practically every second day. There was always something or the other - the undone dishes, the dirty rooms, too much TV or rude retorts... and he was just sent over... He didn't wait anymore, he shed his clothes and took his position... and ten or fifteen hard smacks later went wild, groaning and moaning as he splattered me with his spunk... and each time he cleaned up the mess, licking up from my feet, along the calf and the thigh... the tongue bolder with each passing day, trying to reach in beyond the edge of my boxers. But that's where I always stopped him, and each time noted the frustrated look on his face, his eyes burning, pleading.


Her screams had pierced my fretful slumber since late morning... and Kevin's persistent knocking had finally pulled me out of bed, still groggy from the wild night with the boys, and still naked...

I undid the bolt and he slipped in... staring at my naked form, his eyes wide.

"Now what?" I asked in an irritable voice.

Grace had a terrible hangover from the previous night, and Kevin had refused to quieten down; and so, she had sent him over - for another session of disciplining. "She asked you to spank me," he said matter-of-factly, his eyes fixed on my crotch, his lips moist from the constant licking.

"Ah," I waved an impatient hand at him, "what do you think, I'm your fuckin' dad or what, to spank you each time you upset your mom, huh?"

He stood silent.

"Now, get out and get back to your room," I said with a finality, turning away, heading back to the bedroom.

"But... but she's locked me out..." he croaked.

"What the fuck," I stopped, turning to face him once more, "You do it on purpose, don't you? You loved getting spanked, huh?" He remained silent, eyes downcast.

"You want to bloody get paddled so that you can rub your miserable dick against me and shoot your wretched scum, and then lick it clean in the hope that I'll allow you to suck my dick, you dirty little pervert!" I thundered, and then stopped, something stirring deep within me, "Oh, well," I said with another wave of my hand, "I need my sleep now, so just keep yourself busy and I don't want a single squeak out of you."

He nodded, relieved.


I woke up to the gentle squeaking of the bed springs... and even before I became fully aware, I felt the moist heat surrounding my cock... It was hard, flexing with that mighty vigor that normally precedes the final pulse before orgasm strikes... And as my mind gradually focused and I blinked my eyes open I saw the curly brown head bobbing over my middle... the hot, wet mouth creating a suction that was both incredible... and highly pleasurable.

I reached out and grabbing the head pushed it down... holding it steady as I pumped my ass off the mattress, stuffing the slobbering cavity with my man meat.

The head struggled for a moment, the gentle slurping replaced by a steady whine... I continued to fuck the mouth, slamming in and out of the gripping trachea with all the force I could muster, feeling the maddening tremor in my gut... and then with a final spasm, my balls launched, shooting gallons of thick, sticky cum down the chocking, gulping boy throat.

I slumped back and released the head and immediately it shot back, the boy coughing and gasping...

"Where did you learn to do that, huh?" I asked as I caught my breath.

He went on gasping for a long while and then slowly fell silent.

"I asked you something," I repeated.

"I've watched mom suck the guys she brings home," he mumbled.

"And you always wanted to try that out, eh?"

He remained quiet for a moment and then looked up at me, his eyes unsure, a bit apprehensive, "You... you liked it?" he asked timidly.

I nodded, "Much better than what your ma can ever manage," I grinned.

His face glowed and he smiled... for the first time since I had met him, over six months back... a very winsome smile.

"Come here," I said, extending my arm, making room on the narrow bed... and he came, shivering like an aspen. He melted in my arms as I kissed him on the mouth... groaning lustily as I shoved in my tongue, tasting myself in that hot cavity.

He was already engorged, rubbing himself against my abdomen, the tip sloppy with the leaked passion. I ran my fingers through his curly locks and caressed his face as he clung on, desperate, desperate for affection.

Nibbling on his lips, I let my hand wander... over his twitching shoulder and down the taut back... going lower... along the slim waist, over to those perfect bubbles... caressing the smooth mounds, that amazing teen buttocks that had caught my eyes the very first night that I had set my eyes on him... He pushed in further, as if intent on fusing our two bodies together. I kneaded the twin globes, continuing to kiss him, exploring his willing mouth... the fingers meanwhile tracing the inviting cleft... running lower... between the thighs, and Kevin lifted his upper leg, making way for my hand to reach in, touch him, touch his most intimate orifice. And I didn't disappoint...

Maneuvering my other hand that was trapped under him, I reached lower and grabbing the cheeks with both hands, pulled them apart, exposing the tiny boy hole, slowly and gently caressing the tight doughnut opening. I circled my finger tip around the pouting mouth... pressing down lightly at the center and he gasped in my mouth, and let out a nasal whine, his hips rocking, the heated teen rod smearing my stomach with its slimy emission.

Withdrawing my right hand I pulled my mouth back and offered him the middle finger... he looked at me and then took it in his mouth, sucking on it, and once it was wet with his saliva I reached down again... wiggling it around the orifice before shoving it in with a determined force.

He jerked and then stiffened, his face buried in my shoulder, the hips crazed as he pushed down... taking more of the probing digit... savagely grinding his pubes against my abdomen. I felt the swollen lump deep inside and pressed down... and almost immediately he let out a wail, his whole body stiffening as he ground into me, his cock splashing my torso with his cum.

And soon this became a new game... but there was a condition... he would get to suck me and swallow my seed, and I would even let him sleep with me, on my bed... and bring him off with my fingers... but he had to improve his manners, and if ever his mother complained, he wouldn't be allowed into my bed!

He looked disappointed, but quickly agreed. And soon he was writhing the afternoons away in my arms, while I warmed his mother's bed during the nights.

And now there were less yelling and no more fights... the house was cleaner and peace reigned!


I had just returned to my unit after a very satisfying session with Grace, and as I threw off my clothes, ready to crawl under the sheets, I heard the soft knocking.

"And what did you do now?" I asked in surprise as I opened the door and found Kevin standing there.

"I... I went to the kitchen to fix myself a sandwich..." he trailed off, his eyes devouring my naked form.

"Okay, get in," I said, stepping aside.

He came, gaze fixed on my crotch, eyeing the cock, still slimy from the recent visit to his mother's snatch.

"It's late buddy, and I'm in no mood for your spanking game..." I said.

He looked up, into my eyes... pleading.

"You want it kiddo, don't you?" I asked, seeing the animal hunger, "besides, I really don't think you have been bad lately..."

He kept staring back, nostrils flared, the face a bright crimson...

"Okay, maybe I'll reward you, for being good," I said with a sudden smile, "now, make me hard and I'll fuck you tonight."

His eyes widened and his jaws dropped, and he immediately dropped down on his knees, scooting between my legs... and I soon felt the moist heat as he took me in... licking the fast hardening shaft... licking the residue of his mother's and my combined juices... slurping away.


Three seems to be a vital number in my life... at least after my return from prison and my meeting Grace and Kevin.

After that night I had been regularly fucking both mother and son... Screwing the kid during the day, whenever my cock desired a warm hole to burrow in to; and the mother during the night. And Kevin sometimes returned with me after his mother had dozed off, already horny from listening in on us... and I never seemed to tire, ever ready to satisfy the rapacious lust of the slut pussy-boi. And he was there when I woke up in the morning, ready with a willing mouth or a tight hole to please my raging morning woody.

And then, another three months later, as I walked back to the tenement, I saw Kevin sitting on the steps... a lost look on his face and a note in his hand.

"What's the matter, buddy?" I asked with a smile.

He handed me the note.

It was short and crisp: 'I'm leaving for the south, stay with Bruce ~ Mother'

I stood rooted to the spot, stunned... my head whirling as I tried to grasp the import of the words.

"Can I?" I heard the tentative question and looked down at the curious face.

I nodded and saw him smile, the dull eyes finally brightening and together we walked up.

Well, that was over a year and a half back, and now, I'm 24 and Kevin is all of eighteen... and we are still together. There had been just two post cards from Grace in all that period, an illegible scrawl and nothing more.


I wrenched out my dick and heard him yelp in pain... and flipping him over, spread his legs wide, crawling in closer between the stretched thighs... He stared back at me, the eyes glazed, the long lashes still wet from the unshed tears... I rammed into the waiting hole and felt the tight clutch of his ravished colon surround me once again, stifling hot and moist...

He groaned and pushed back at me... his arms tightly wrapping around my broad shoulders... his head thrashing as I recommenced the ritual of mating...

The End

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