This story is a work of fiction and contains graphic scenes about a barely underage boy and a male adult engaging in sexual activities. If it is illegal for you to read this or you find it to be offensive material, please discontinue reading the story.

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The Swimmer's Desires -- Part I

Royce was looking forward to returning to his high school next week. He was eager to meet all of his friends and examine how each other had changed during the summer. The only change in Royce was that his body was lightly tanned from going to the beach nearly every week. Not only was he excited to return to school because he missed his friends, but also because of the attention that Royce receives from the girls of his grade.

Since 9th grade, Royce has been a respected member of his high school's swimming team. Through dedication and long hours of strenuous practice, Royce was not only promoted to team captain of his team, but his body had developed into an Adonis of a Greek god. His arms and leg muscles are clear and defined because of the constant exercise they receive from the swim practices. Royce also exercises and weight trains in his spare time, so his pectorals and abdominals were nothing to scoff at either. He has a solid six pack that he was especially proud of since he had to give up all sweets and constantly do crutches to obtain it. Being physically fit and having such a high status in the athletics team made him become the recipient of every girl's desire, and every guy's envy.

However, there was one problem that Royce was constantly struggling with. There was a problem with his sexuality that Royce could not understand. Even though Royce was popular with the girls, and had even had sexual relations with his former girlfriend, Royce did not seem to be sexually motivated. He was troubled at the thought that he may be asexual. He even went to a pornographic website in an attempt to masturbate to the pictures of naked girls, but his orgasm was not as amazing as other guys describe it to be. What was his problem?

Royce thought he would never fall asleep the night before school started. He closed his eyes and imagined the hallways that he has walked through since ninth grade. He suddenly felt a wave of sadness wash over him. He was going to return to his high school for the last time as a senior. This was going to be his last year in school and he was determined to make it the best year of his life. Within a few minutes, Royce's eyelids began to take on weight as they drooped down and Royce was sound asleep. Royce was walking through his usual locker room outside the school's indoor pool. He was greeted by his swim team, but to his surprise, they were all naked and they all were sporting erections. The team circled Royce as he bent down to one of the more muscular swimmers. He grabbed his erection by the base and leaned his head to bring the head of the penis into his...

"Damn it Royce, Wake up! You'll be late for the first day of school!"

Royce gasped as he woke up and reached over for his alarm clock. "Oh shit" he thought as he saw the alarm clock show 7:25. His school starts at 8:10 and it takes Royce 25 minutes to get there. He blew the covers off of his bed as he ran into his bathroom to take a quick shower and wash up. He quickly wore his best clothes and before leaving the house, grabbed a buttered toast.

He looked at his watch. "Phew, it's only 7:40. I can walk to school rather than running"

As he walked to school chewing on his toast, Royce was troubled yet again. Why did he have this dream? Surely Royce wasn't gay. He had never previously thought anything sexual about any male in his school. He has seen nearly everyone on the team naked before, but he never felt this way before. Royce also remembered how when he woke up, his penis was tenting his boxers painfully, and the tip of his penis was oozing precum. Because of his hurried state, he ignored his throbbing organ and it settled before he could properly take care of it. Nevertheless, Royce was freaked out by what he had dreamt.

"It's impossible. I CAN'T be gay" he thought. "It's probably because I haven't jerked off in a while and like all pubescent teenagers, when you get horny, you want to relieve yourself to anyone"

At school, Royce was greeted excitedly by all his friends and even some teachers. All the girls flung themselves at him and hugged him tightly until Royce began to turn red. Even a few girls that Royce didn't know boldly offered their hands to shake. Royce waited in homeroom with his friends as they waited for their schedules. Because he was a senior, he was able to choose all 6 of his classes for the year. Royce chose Calculus, AP English, Physics, AP European History, AP Spanish and Swimming. Royce was looking forward to swimming especially since he loved to swim.

As his name was called, Royce stood up to receive his schedule. He scanned the schedule with eager eyes.

"Calculus: Ms. Sanders. English: Mr. Hartman. AP Euro: Dr. Mills. Physics: Mr. Sanders. AP Spanish: Mrs. Rodriguez. And Swimming... Mr. Michaels?"

Royce lowered his schedule with a confused look on his face. Who in the world was Mr. Michaels?

"Oh, I heard that he's a new teacher that can actually teach, unlike our current phys. Ed teachers."

Royce felt happy when he heard this. His previous teachers were all balding, overweight men who sat on a chair and blew whistles angrily at kids.

"Hopefully" he thought, "Hopefully he'll be a great teacher"


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