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The Swimmer's Desires -- Part II

Royce's first day in school was going great. His friends were acting hilarious and his teachers were all nice and great teachers. His only concern was how the new Swimming teacher, Mr. Michaels would act.

"I'm sure he'll be nice" said one of my girl friends.

"I'm not looking for nice. I'm looking for someone who will motivate me and help me so that our team can win the championship this year" I replied.

It was finally 6th period. For the next three periods, Royce would be swimming in his school's pool, taught by either a great teacher, or a horrible teacher. He took a deep breath as he entered the familiar locker room and went to his assigned locker.

"Locker 208" he muttered as Royce looked around the locker room for his locker. Eventually, he found the locker and realized it was right next to the coach's office.

"Just great" he thought to himself. "If this coach ends up being an ass, I'm gonna be stuck with him nearby, breathing down my fucking neck"

Royce pulled off his shirt, pants and boxers and slid into his black speedos. He loved these, as they were tight and not afraid to show off every bump and curved of his body. Royce was not shy about showing off his body and would even flaunt and jiggle his butt at the girls who were watching the pool through the main window. Royce didn't even care that guys were looking at his penis and comparing it to theirs. Royce did not think that his penis was big, but his team mates sure seemed to think so. He had a 4-1/2 - 5 inch penis when flaccid, but it could expand to a nice thick 7-1/2 inch when fully erect. He was circumcised when he was in 8th grade due to problems with his foreskin.

As Royce entered the pool, he was greeted by a man with tank tops and swimming shorts. The first thing Royce noticed about the man was that he seemed to be pretty young, in his late twenties to his early thirties. He had light brown hair that was naturally spiked up and sand-colored skin. The man walked up to Royce and stuck out his hand:

"Hi, I'm Mr. Michaels, or you could call me Mike." He said. "Hi, I'm Royce" was all I managed to mumble out. "Royce? Royce Baggins?" he said with a startling expression on his face. "Aren't you the swim team captain?" "Yea" I said sheepishly, turning red. "I was promoted this year." "That's great" said Mike, still maintaining a firm shake on my hand. "I'm also your new swim team coach." "What? Really?" was all I could say. "Yep." "I think you and I are gonna have an amazing year together." Mike said as he gave me a playful slap on the shoulder and began to announce his presence to the arriving classmates.

Royce just stood there with a bewildered look on his face. Why was he blushing and turning red?

"It's just another teacher... right?" he thought.

But Royce definitely knew that his feelings for Mike were not ordinary. It was something that he had never experienced before. Talking to Mike sent adrenalin pumping through his veins and made his heart thump faster. He had an urge to impress Mike with his swimming, to make Mike LIKE him. Royce spent the next 2 hours swimming with all his might, beating everyone in laps and even overlapping some people. By the time the class was finished, Royce was panting hard and his lungs felt like they were going to explode.

"That was an amazing job you put out there today." "I'm not surprised that you were chosen as the team captain." Royce looked behind him and saw Mike stand right behind him.

"Really? You think so?" Royce panted. "Absolutely!" said Mike. "It looked like you were training to compete in the Olympics." Royce blushed red at this comment. "Thanks" Royce said, and with that, Mike went into his office. Royce sat near the edge of the pool for a few minutes before getting up to go change.

By the time Royce had entered the locker room, the rest of the class had already showered and the last of his class walked past him, saying a quick "bye." Since swimming was the last class of his day, Royce took his time to shower and put his clothes on. Before he as about to leave, he decided that he would ask Mike if he would help him with his laps after school to improve his time. He stood up and knocked on the door, since Mike's office was next to his locker.

"Come in" was the reply on the other side of the door, so Royce pulled the doorknob and opened it. What Royce saw amazed him. Mike was wearing only his briefs as he was changing into clothes. Royce observed Mike's body. Mike had a hairless smooth chest with a bulging chest and a six pack that was clearly visible, although it was less defined than those of Royce's. Mike's legs were finely dusted with hair and he seemed to have been gifted with a larger than average penis from the way that the briefs seemed to stretch to the ground. Mike was holding a tight wife beater in his hands.

"Hey Royce. Anything I can help you with?" Royce turned bright red and managed to mutter out "I derin u'd elme wiprac ice terschool." Mike looked at him strangely and said "I'm sorry. I didn't catch that. You were wondering what?" Royce swallowed deeply and said a bit more clearly "I was wondering if you'd help me practice swimming after school." Royce heard Mike laugh and say "Why of course I'd help you! There's no need to be embarrassed to ask for help" and with that, he laid his arm on Royce's shoulder. "Is 4:30 pm ok for you Royce?" Royce breathed a sigh of relief as he said it was fine and said good bye to Mike. He walked home that day feeling very giddy.

Royce lay in bed that night, thinking about the sight he had seen when he entered Mike's room. He re-visualized Mike's body and was extremely surprised when he felt his penis fill up with blood and become fully erect within seconds.

"What's wrong with me?" he thought. "Am I really gay?" He brushed off this feeling by saying "It's probably just a child-hood crush kinda thing."

With that, Royce ignored his throbbing penis and he desperately tried to sleep. After 30 minutes of struggling to keep his penis under control, Royce finally dozed off. In his dream, Royce dreamt that Mike had entered his room. Mike was naked besides his briefs, which were stretched outward because of an erection. Royce gasped as Mike took off his briefs, releasing his 8-inch monster that pulsated with each step that Mike took towards Royce. Royce sat up as Mike stood at the edge of Royce's bed, Mike's penis just inches away from Royce's face. Royce reached over with his hands and slid them up and down Mike's biceps and squeezed his chest. He leaned over and licked Mike's six pack and removed his clothing as well. He lay naked on the bed as he felt Mike position himself over him. Mike gave Royce a passionate kiss and made his way down, licking his neck and fondling his chest and he reached Royce's throbbing penis. He lowered his head and licked the tip of the penis when Royce moaned loudly and stream after stream of cum shot from his throbbing penis.

Royce woke up at 6:00 from his dream. He looked down the sheets and saw the mess he had made. Luckily, Royce usually sleeps naked, so only the sheets needed washing. He sat up, thinking to himself:

"I just had a wet dream to a guy who was about to give me a blow job" "Wow... I think I might actually be gay."

Royce pondered this thought in his mind for half an hour, before emerging from his bed to clean his sticky mess and prepare for his second day of school.

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