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The Swimmer's Desires -- Part III

Royce's year seemed to be passing much quicker than he expected. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. He had been practicing nearly every day after school with Mike on his time. Thanks to Mike's determination and encouraging support, Royce's time was 2.34 seconds faster as his team's competition drew closer. Royce has accepted that he was for now, gay and frequently had wet dreams about Mike every week.

Royce and Mike's friendship developed beyond just a student and his coach, but rather as friends. Mike was single, so he and Mike and a couple of the members from the team often went out on Saturdays to watch a movie, or even play another sport like basketball. Mike not only became a lustful fantasy to Royce, but also became a male role model that Royce never had. Royce's father had left Royce and his mother when Royce was just 5 months, so Royce never known his father nor had much male influence in his life. Thanks to Mike, not only had Royce's swimming improved, but his mother was happy that Royce's grades had improved as well.

It was finally March 10th, and the state-wide swimming competition had begun. Royce believed that he was ready since Mike was there to help him. On the first round, Royce's team had beat the opposing team by more than 5 seconds in the team race. Royce was so happy and proud of himself and the team. He felt so glad when Mike jumped up and down and screamed words of encouragement as each of us swam our hardest.

The next day, it was individual racing. Their team score total score was very close to the opponent's score and it had come down to Royce and the other swimming team's captain. When the signal for "go" was shown, they both dived into the water and swam as fast as they could. Royce could hear Mike and his team screaming out words of encouragement to him each time Royce came up for a breath of air. Suddenly, Royce felt an intense shooting pain in the leg and swallowed a mouthful of water. He began to choke as the pain in his leg intensified. Mike knew that something was wrong and instantaneously dived into the water and pulled Royce out. Royce was coughing out water as he grabbed his right leg and cried in pain. The nurse was called and she quickly came to his aid and soon, Royce's leg was numbed by medicine. She said that Royce was dehydrated and as a result, his leg began to firmly contract and cramping occurred. She said that it would take 2 days to fully heal.

Those words shattered Royce's heart. Not only did he lose this round for our whole team because he didn't take care of himself, but Royce wouldn't be able to compete for the final round tomorrow. Royce could sense the disappointment in his teammates' eyes, hidden behind worried expressions. He sat there and began to cry, tears of anguish streaming down his cheeks. As everyone left to go shower and change, Mike helped Royce stand up and walked him to his locker. Tears were still streaming down his cheeks as Royce reached the lockers.

"Hey there sport, it's ok. We can still win this." Mike said as he wiped off Royce's tears with his thumb. "It's all my fault" Royce said in between more streams of tears. "It's my fault that we lost today, and it's going to be my fault if we lose tomorrow." Then he lost it. Royce began to cry uncontrollably and Mike did the unthinkable. He grabbed Royce and hugged him tightly. Royce felt the warmth of his body as he began to stop his sobbing. "It's going to be all right" he said. "It's not your fault. We're still gonna win. So you just have confidence in your team. Okay?"

Royce sniffed and nodded. "That's the way to think!" Mike said with a big grin on his face. He helped Royce leave school and drove him to his house. There, he explained to Royce's mother what had happened. That night, Royce slept as soon as his head hit the pillow. He has endured so many emotional and physical obstacles that day. Yet even with the extreme pain in his right leg, Royce went to sleep quickly when he thought about Mike.

The next morning, Royce woke up and slid out of his bed. His right leg was still extremely sore from the previous day, but he stumbled out of bed and slowly began to prepare for his miserable day. His mother forced him to take a bottle of water and scolded him that he must drink lots of fluids.

Royce's day in school went by very slowly, as he responded nonchalantly to the numerous people who asked if he was ok. His face only lit up when he met mike.

"Hey, how you doing sport?" he said. "I'm alright. A little sore though." Royce replied. "Well, it's ok Royce. We can both cheery for our team in this final round. A little encouragement can go a long way" he said as he playfully punched my arm. "Hahha... sure" Royce chuckled as we made our way to the pool.

Royce screamed his lungs out at the pool with Mike. He cheered out on his team as they swam the final lap with their opponents. It was an extremely lose race and Royce's heart nearly skipped a beat when the judge said that their team had won by .4 second. In that split second, Royce decided to take advantage of the situation by tightly hugging Mike and screaming "We won! We won!." Mike replied by screaming "yes we did Royce! Whooo!"

Everyone in the lockers were very excited as everyone congratulated each other. In the midst of the excitement, Mike cleared his throat and everyone grew silent.

"That was an amazing job everyone!" Mike said in a jolly voice. "To celebrate our victory, I will be hosting a party for our swim team at my house this Saturday. You will need your parent's permission." He said and was greeted with groans. "I have a warning though. There will be SOME alcoholic drinks offered such as beer, so I will only allow students who are 18 and older to drink." At this Royce groaned loudly with a few other kids as the rest of the team laughed. Although he was in 12th grade, Royce was still 17 until June, so he was bummed out that he couldn't drink. Royce was however, looking forward to the party.

When Saturday came by, Royce's mother drove him to Mike's house and waved him goodbye. When he entered, Royce noticed that there were already more than 10 guys, all talking and laughing with Mike. Only 6 or 7 of them had a cup of beer in their hands while the rest had soda. Mike saw Royce enter and shouted "Hey Royce! Over here!" and greeted Royce with a cup of soda. He looked around and was impressed at how large Mike's house was. His living room was almost half the size of Royce's apartment! Royce sat down amongst the others and they all had a great time laughing and talking.

3 hours later, it was evident that Mike had drunk enough to start becoming woozy. The rest of the team mates said their goodbyes and left Mike and go home. Royce stayed behind to help Mike clean up. By the time Royce had finished cleaning up, Mike was nearly asleep. He helped carry Mike up to his room and Mike fell onto his bed and fell asleep nearly instantly. Royce looked at Mike as Mike slept on his bed and Royce began to feel a bulge develop in his pants. "Umm... Mike?" Royce said, seeing if Mike was asleep. Mike did not reply, but faint snoring sounds began to emanate from his body. "Mike?" Royce said again, but there was still no answer from Mike.

Royce began to feel bold and wanted to observe Mike up close. Royce slowly descended next to Mike's bed and watched in him amazement. Mike was sleeping with his hands under his head so that his arm pits were totally exposed. Royce slowly lowered his head to Mike's armpit and took in a deep whiff. It smelled like a mixture of sweat and cologne, but it gave a jolt to his throbbing penis. He liked this manly smell as he continued to explore Mike's helpless body. Royce also noticed that Mike's tank top was unusually loose, such that it exposed a part of his chest as it drooped to one side. Royce moved himself over to the exposed chest area and with his hand, lightly rubbed Mike's chest and even grazed Mike's tender nipple. Royce felt bolder as more adrenaline rushed through his body. He tenderly lifted up Mike's shirt so that the hem of the tank top was over his chest, so that all of Mike's upper torso was available for Royce to sample.

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