This story is a work of fiction and contains graphic scenes about a barely underage boy and a male adult engaging in sexual activities. If it is illegal for you to read this or you find it to be offensive material, please discontinue reading the story.

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The Swimmer's Desires -- Part IV

Royce looked at the exposed body in front of it. Everything there was exposed and ready of him to try. Royce slid his hands down Mike's chest, past his nipples and through his six pack. Royce was especially interested in Mike's nipples. They turned hard to Royce's touch, but Royce could not resist them. He had held back such lust for Mike until this very moment and he could not control himself. He placed his finger and circled around Mike's left nipple and maintained a firm grip on it. He then playfully squeezed and fondled the nublet while his penis was leaking precum. Royce felt even bolder as he reached his head down and began to lick the right nipple while fondling the left one. He first massaged only the tip of the nipple with the tip of the tongue, but slowly he used his entire tongue to massage the entire nipple. He savored the flavor of Mike's skin, circling his tongue around the nipple before placing his whole mouth over it and gently sucking on it.

Royce lifted his head up and realized that Mike had a huge bulge in his shorts. Royce was about to touch the bulge when Mike began to move and Royce was terrified. He quickly walked out of the room and ran all the way to his house.

When Royce reached his house, he immediately ran into his room and locked the door. He jumped onto his head, his mind rampant and confused about what had just happened. He had had his first sexual contact with the object of his lust and he relished every moment of it. Royce unzipped his pants and took of his shirt. He removed his throbbing and extremely wet penis from his boxers and began to beat it with his right hand, fondling his nipple with his left hand. He thought about how Mike smelled and how his body tasted and before he knew it, Royce groaned in extreme pleasure. His body contracted violently as 4 streams of cum exploded out of the purplish head of his penis and landed on his face and chest. He imagined the cum to be Mike's and licked his lips.

Royce lay on his bed panting. That was the best orgasm that he had ever had. He was drained of all his energy and didn't bother to clean up. That night, Royce slept one of the best sleeps of his 12th grade term. He woke up the next morning refreshed and energized. He peeled off the dried cum off his chest and washed up and got ready for school.

At school, Royce noticed that Mike was acting strange. Mike was acting awkward around Royce and this scared Royce a bit.

"Is it possible that he was faking his sleeping?" he thought. "Could he have been awake the whole time?"

The thought of engaging sexual activities with Mike brought another swelling into Royce's pants, but he suppressed it and continued on his daily routine in school.

It was nearing the end of May and Royce's graduation was arriving at a much faster date than he had expected. His mother was nagging him about what he was going to wear and who he was going to take to the prom. Royce didn't really care, especially about the Prom. He was going to go with one of his friends since he didn't want to go with any of the girls that eagerly desired him to go to the prom with them. What really saddened him was that he wasn't going to see Mike after graduation. Apparently, there was a better job opening at a private high school in another state and he was going to accept the job offer. After graduation day, Mike was going to leave for Rhode Island.

Royce thought about this many times in his head.

"Should I tell Mike how I feel about him?" Royce thought. "Would it ruin our friendship?"

Royce was overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. He desperately wanted to tell Mike that Mike was the only man that Royce has ever loved, but Royce was not sure that Mike felt the same way.

When Prom night came, Royce was surprised to see Mike at the Prom. He went over to Mike and greeted him in a very enthusiastic way. Mike laughed and said "Dude, are you sure that you're not high?" "Haha, shut up man! I'm just happy to see you" Royce replied. He and Mike had grown so close that they could tell each other about anything. This was when Royce decided to tell Mike. He pulled Mike into the boys' bathroom and made sure that only he and Mike were in there.

"Mike, there's something I need to tell you"

"What's that Royce?" Royce felt his throat become very dry, but took a deep swallow.

"Mike, before you leave, there is something I need to tell you. It may ruin our friendship, but I felt that if I didn't tell you this, I would feel a burden in me forever. Since I first met you, I felt a weird connection to you. I realized then that I love you Mike. I want to be with you and I really hope you feel the same way."

Mike looked at Royce in the strangest way and walked past Mike towards the door. Royce began to grow teary because he realized that he had just broken the friendship that he had built with such a great person.

Mike turned around and said "You're 17 and I'm 30." This can't happen between us." Royce heard the thing he dreaded the most until he heard Mike put in "yet."

"What?" Royce said, blinking a few times. "I said this can't happen between us yet" Mike said. He locked the bathroom door and ran towards Royce and implanted a deep kiss. Royce felt Mike's tongue enter his mouth and caress his mouth. Royce closed his eyes and they stood there kissing for what seemed to be an eternity. When their lips finally parted, Royce opened his eyes to see the smiling face of Mike.

"You turn 18 on graduation day right?" Mike asked. "Yes" said Royce. "Then that day, I will express the love I've suppressed for you." said Mike. "I may have been drunk, but I was still awake that night at the party." Royce's eyes widened in fear. "I'm so sorry Mike I-""It's ok" said Mike. "Believe me, I wanted to grab you and show you how I really felt, but for me to do that unless you're 18 would be illegal." Royce couldn't help smiling. "I promise you Royce. Wait until graduation" and with that, Mike gave Royce another kiss and left the bathroom, leaving a excited boy behind.

"Graduation Day" Royce though. "Finally, my desires will be fulfilled"

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