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The Swimmer's Desires -- Part V (Final Chapter)

Graduation day seemed to rush by for Royce. He had gotten into Browne University through an athlete scholarship, which made his mother cry in joy. Although going to college was very exciting to Royce, he was looking forward to graduation day. Royce and Mike had chosen a hotel to stay in, and Royce had informed his mom that he would be sleeping over a friend's house after their graduation.

On Graduation day, Royce received his diploma and also many presents from all his friends. He felt extremely happy and released one or two tears of sadness when he realized how much he will miss everyone. He spent an hour after graduation to write down phone numbers and saying his final good byes to all his friends and congratulating each other. After that, Royce was nervous but very excited as he headed towards the hotel.

It was around 8pm when Royce arrived and it was fairly dark. He knocked on the door of the hotel room and Mike opened it.

"Hey there Royce." Mike said. "Hi" Royce stammered nervously as he made his way in. There, Mike sat Royce down and said "Royce, I want you to make a decision here. Are you sure you want to do this with me? I will not force you but will only show you my love for you only if you allow me to." Royce looked Mike in the eyes and saw compassion and absolute truth so he nodded yes. Mike smiled and said "In that case, Happy Birthday Royce."

Mike stood up and removed his clothing until he was naked. Royce did the same. They stood in front of each other and Royce slid his arms around Mike's body. Mike slid his hands up and down Royce's satin smooth skin and enjoyed the curves of Royce's firm butt. He squeezed Royce's butt cheeks a few times and even put pressure on Royce's pucker, which sent Royce squealing in pleasure. Mike laid down on the bed as Royce hovered above him. Royce kissed Mike deeply and nibbled on his neck. Royce descended lower, sliding his tongue up and down against Mike's erect nipple, and occasionally sliding his tongue into Mike's armpit. Royce sniffed the armpit deeply and tasted it and went back to Mike's nipples. He loved the way Mike's nipples tasted and wanted to bring some pleasure to his own nipples. Royce put his chest against Mike's so that their nipples were lined up and he began to slide up and down so that their nipples slid against each other. This caused a shudder of pleasure for both Mike and Royce as their hardening penises also slid up and down each other. Royce then kissed each of Mike's six packs and was finally facing what he desired for so long. He smelled the public hair and licked Mike's ball sac. He cupped it with his hands and Royce gently squeezed and pulled on Mike's balls, which made Mike's penis squirt out some precum. Royce grabbed Mike's penis by the base and began to stroke it. He took some precum from the tip of the penis and spread it around the penis so that it was lubricated. As Mike's breathing grew heaver with each stroke, Royce lowered his lips and sucked on the head of Mike's penis and slowly began to receive all 8 inches of Mike into his mouth. The first few attempts gagged Royce, but he was determined to pleasure Mike. He swirled his tongue around the shaft and licked the frenulum and his hands explored Mike's nipples and his ball sac. Royce felt Mike's body tense up and he felt a Mike's penis contract in his mouth. Mike moaned in pleasure as he shot 5 streams of pearly liquid into Royce's mouth and Royce tried to swallow all of the nectar that Mike ejaculated. When he felt Mike's penis soften in his mouth, he removed it and slowly moved back up to Mike. A drop of Mike's cum fell from Royce's mouth onto Mike's left nipple, which Royce lapped back up. Royce gave Mike another deep kiss as Mike got to taste his own nectar. Then Royce laid down next to Mike and Mike got up and decided to pay Royce back.

Mike explored Royce's body with his fingers and his tongue. He licked Royce's nipples which sent electrical shocks through Royce's body. He then went to Royce's throbbing penis and put the entirety into his mouth. Royce nearly passed out from pleasure when Mike began to suck on the penis, slowly at first, then faster. Royce thought that he could not feel any better until he felt a slippery finger penetrate his anus and rub up against the nerves of his rectum. His eyes fluttered and he began to thrust his hips into Mike's mouth. Royce grabbed the sides of the bed and made a surprisingly loud moan as he felt himself releasing all the lust and tension he suppressed for Mike into Mike's mouth. Mike felt streams of warm young boy cum filled his mouth and he eagerly swallowed this nectar. When Royce was panting, Mike slid his finger out of Royce's anus and lay down next to him. They exchanged a tender kiss and fell into a nap next to each other.

When Mike began to slowly wake up from his slumber at 10 pm, he immediately felt his penis stiffen in pleasure. He looked down and saw that Royce was nursing Mike's nipple with his tongue. Royce's tongue was sliding up and down, bathing Mike's nipple in cum-stained saliva. He then firmly gripped the nublet between his teeth and sucked on it, making Mike shudder. When Royce saw that Mike was awake, he leaned towards him with a smile.

"Hi Mike" said Royce with a tender smile. "Hey sport, you okay?" "I'm feeling great Mike. Thanks. I love you Mike" Royce replied. "I love you too Royce" Mike said. They kissed for about a minute until Royce pulled back and said "Mike, I think I'm ready to accept you and to give up my virginity to you."

Mike nearly shot his load when he heard that. "Are you sure?" he asked. "I'm sure" Royce said and with that, he laid down on a position where his butt was exposed to Mike. "If it hurts, tell me and I will stop" said Mike and he began to rub Royce's body. He spread open Royce's butt cheeks and exposed his pucker. Mike leaned forward and took a deep whiff of Royce's sweet cherry hole before sticking his head in and penetrating his anus with his tongue. Mike could hear Royce moaning in pleasure and masturbating to the sensations. Mike removed his head and took a bottle of lube and poured some of his penis and some of Royce's pucker. Royce sucked in air as he felt the tip of Mike's penis make contact with his anus. Mike slowly inserted the penis until the entire penis was in. It was so tight that Mike was also moaning in pleasure. He slowly took out the penis up to the head, and re-inserted it. He did this slowly a few times to allow Royce to adjust to the expansion of his rectum, which Royce seemed to be doing surprisingly well, despite a few gasps of pain. Mike began to thrust faster and both his and Royce's breathing grew heavier and each one tried to make the pleasure last as long as possible. Mike and Royce nearly had their orgasms at the same time. Royce exploded and cummed all of his chest while experiencing Mike's warm cum explode in his tight hole. They both lay there in the positions until Mike's penis softened and it removed it from Royce's penis with a small "pop" sound. He laid on top of Royce, their chest rubbing against each other and sticky because of Royce's cum that he shot. He both laid there until Mike slid over and they slept like that through the night.

When Royce woke up the next day, Mike was nowhere to be seen and there was a letter on the foot of the bed. Royce looked at the clock. It was 11:29 am. He scraped off some of the flaky dried cum as he reached for the letter. He opened it and it said:

Dear Royce,

I can't express how much I enjoyed last night. When I woke up this morning, I was going to wake up you but I saw you sleeping. You were sleeping so beautifully and peacefully that I decided to leave you in your sleep. I'm sorry for leaving, but do know that I love you. I've had an attraction to you since I first saw you walk into the pool and will always love you. Below is my cell phone number. If you ever need to talk to me, call me and I will always be glad to help you.

~ Love Mike

As Royce read this, his eyes filled with tears and he broke into a sob. He wiped his eyes with his arm and looked out the window. He sun was shining brightly and it was a beautiful day. He sighed deeply and stood up. He stretched his young body towards the sun and said quietly, "I love you Mike, and I'll miss you."

The End

Sorry Guys if this was a crappy series. This was my first time writing an erotic story so I hope I didn't bore any of you.

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