T-Squared Part 2

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After a month of driving the school bus with my sixteen fares every morning and afternoon the oldest of the group a junior in high school and one of my favorite students because Amy keeps all of the other kids on the bus in line and she watches the youngest of the riders like a hawk and like a big sister to Kevin the youngest at six years old and afraid of everything including his own shadow. Amy loaded Kevin on the bus and made sure his seat belt was fastened before she came back to the front.

"Mr. Casey I have been thinking, you are a cool and safe driver but you should think about the environment more. You drive us to school then drive home then drive to school in the afternoon to pick us up and drive us home again. I spoke with Principal Marsh and she said that if you would want a teacher's aide job then you and the bus would only have to make two trips instead of four trips every day. Mrs. Marsh said that the school has to pay for the fuel anyway so paying you something to be a teacher's aide would be the same as the cost of fuel".

I started to laugh "Thank you Amy, you are green through and through. I will speak with Principal Marsh and perhaps there is something I can do so I don't waste fossil fuels and save the environment. However I will not give up my Blazer and I will not buy an electric car. If me not driving the bus may save the environment but then your parents will be back to driving you to school I am semi-retired after all. Now please take your seat".

She went back to her seat with Kevin, a squirrelly little boy bad glasses and so skinny his ass is so small that he couldn't possibly take Timmy or Tommy's dick and no way he could take mine. I would give him a three on the boy scale but at least he is polite in his mannerisms. Every time he gets on or off the bus I wonder what cartoon character is hidden beneath the corduroy pants he always wears.

Kim and Kathy were the next to board the bus, both eight graders and Amy made sure they had their seat belts on while they talked about school and who they thought the cutest boy was at least for today because it seemed to change day by day. The next to load up was Malkie, yeah I know his real name is Malcolm but he thinks Malkie is a much cooler name something to do with Afro-American heritage but in reality his family has been in this country as long as mine and no one owned another human being but he touted the pains and agonies that his family had to endure to survive. It became apparent that his grandfather was a killer lawyer and his dad was born and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Malkie is no different, thirteen, not bad looking but the baggie jeans just don't strike a chord but I would have to give him a solid seven on the physique scale, personality wise I would only give him a three.

Timmy and Tommy loaded the bus along with Justin and Phillip right behind the twins. The rest of the kids loaded the bus so I started the route home. When it was just the twins, Phillip and Justin left I said "I am planning on taking the boys skiing this week end would you two like to join us? I will get a house right on the mountain. We can ski in and out"

Phillip jumped right on the offer Justin said "I'll ask".

The week went by quickly and I did talk to Principal Marsh about being a teacher's aide so I was in school every day with the twins. I also watched the kids at recess time outside. The kids got use to me tickling them at recess time.

We loaded up the Blazer with the skis and the toboggan on the roof and everything packed in the back. Justin, Timmy and Tommy had the back seat leaving the youngest of the group Phillip up front with me with his freckled face smiling at me.

I stopped at the base lodge to get the lift tickets before driving up to mountain side house I rented for the weekend. I made sure the rental house had a pool and a Jacuzzi and I was looking forward to see if Justin would join us in our sex games with Timmy, Tommy and Phillip. If not the other three boys have become excellent cock suckers.

The boys wanted to use the toboggan first so we suited up in the snow suits, Justin and Phillip had one piece snow suits and the twins had their two piece snow suits on. Justin took the front position on the six person toboggan, Timmy was behind Justin, then Tommy and Phillip sat in my lap with me holding his chest with one hand. My other hand finding its way between his legs to his crotch feeling him up through the puffy snow suit.

We got to the bottom of the hill and Timmy grabbed the rope to pull the toboggan up the hill. Timmy broke the subject with Justin "Hey man we have to let you know that we all mess around with each other and since you are with us this weekend I figured you would join us".

Justin said "What do you mean are you talking like jerking off together?"

Tommy said "Dude dad likes to suck and fuck little boys we all take his dick up our butts it feels awesome once you get use to it".

Justin said "Are you for real Mr. Casey?"

I said "Yes I am Justin. I am a boy lover and these three boys have given me full access to their bodies. The choice is entirely up to you though".

Justin said "Whoa, our bus driver and teacher's aide is a pedophile. I bet Principal Marsh didn't see that one coming".

Tommy said "Dude you can't say anything. He can get in big trouble and we all agreed to it like he said the choice is yours but you were going to find out anyhow so we had to tell you. And yes I want to see you naked and suck your dick".

Timmy said "Me too".

The freckle faced boy said "Me three".

Justin said "This is like so gay four boys with an adult man".

I said "Actually Justin I am bi-sexual, I am attracted to women and pre-pubescent boys. I wouldn't mind getting to fuck a young girl either taking her virginity away for the first time".

Justin started to laugh "You mean like Cindy Connelly from the sixth grade I would like to get in her pants myself".

I said "Cindy Connelly is certainly a cute girl maybe she would let us both fuck her".

Phillip packed a snowball and fired at Justin hitting him in the side of the head "You wouldn't know what to do if she did let you in her pants".

War had been declared. Snow balls starting flying by all. "Get Mr. Casey". Justin jumped on my back wrapping his arms around my neck trying to knock me down in the snow. I pulled him around me falling on top of him and started to tickle him through the one piece snow suit with my weight on him he could not get away. Phillip, Tommy and Timmy tried to rescue Justin but I managed to get each of them into the snow and assaulted each boy.

The tickling ceased and we all got back on the toboggan this time Justin was in front of me. He took my hand and brought it to his crotch. He said "I have made up my mind I want to be like Timmy, Tommy and Phillip".

I said "Good for you Justin" as I rubbed his crotch through the puffy snow suit. Three more times down on the toboggan the boys were ready for some skiing so we put on our boots and skis and headed for the chair lift. It was a triple chair so Timmy, Tommy and Phillip went first and Justin rode with me.

Justin said "I promise not to say anything to anyone but you really are attracted to us aren't you?"

I said "Ever since Timmy and Tommy came to my house to shovel snow and now I started driving the bus I have rated boys on a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest which the blond twins have hands down. To me they are perfect specimens of boy, still hairless, circumcised their dicks are three inches when hard and for me that is perfect size on a boy".

"What about Phillip?"

I said "His freckles turn me on and his dick is the same size as the twins and he is circumcised as well which for me is a high note so I give Phillip an eight on the cute boy scale. He is very talented with his lips and his tongue as well and I like his tight ass around my cock".

"What about me?"

I said "Well I guess that will depend on when I can get you naked with me".

The twelve year old brown haired boy smiled at me "I am still hairless but I have a foreskin do you?"

I said "No I am circumcised like the others how does a seven sound?"

He said "I can live with that". His gloved hand found my crotch and gave it a good squeeze before the chair reached the top and we skied down the slope to the others.

I let the boys choose which trails to ski keeping them on greens and blues until I was comfortable that they could ski safely and in control before letting the four have at the black diamonds.

We skied all day until we caught the last chair to the top then skied down the trail to the rental house.

We put the skis away. I said "You boys are going to let me undress you out of those snowsuits right?"

Four heads nodded in agreement. The ski boots lined up near the door. "Who's first?" They all pointed to the youngest Phillip. I moved in front of the four foot three inch tall brunette with hazel eyes. I slowly unzipped the one piece snow suit taking my time to remove his arms and lowered the suit down his legs freeing his ankles from the suit. He stood in front with his red long one piece underwear the bulge noticeable. I unbuttoned the top button of the underwear then the next button and the next savoring the soft skin of his chest as I approached his groin undoing the last of the buttons. I pulled his arms out lowering the long johns off his thin legs. Phillip's boy cock pointing at forty-five degrees upwards from his hairless crotch.

I knelt down in front of him taking in his scent and beauty I grabbed his hips as my lips approached his neck kissing his neck at first then moved to his lips. His tongue pushed towards mine as our tongues touched and danced together. I broke the kiss to take his left nipple into my mouth sucking on it causing twitching from the boy. I moved to his right nipple also sending a wave of pleasure through the boy.

I ran my finger along the shaft of his cock and his tight hairless balls. I closed my lips on his shaft taking all of it in my mouth, my finger ran the length of his ass crack, then my finger found his boy hole pushing lightly against it as I sucked his cock. Phillip's hands reached for my hair to steady himself.

I released him before his climax sending the naked boy down the stairs to the pool.

Timmy was the next, first his gloves, then the puffy nylon jacket and unzipped the bottoms of his two piece snow suit leaving the boy standing in his two piece hot chili blue underwear. His socks removed I pulled the top of the long underwear over his head sticking my nose into his armpit as the top came off. The bottoms lowered with nothing else below. His three inch circumcised cock also taken into my mouth. I stopped before his climax and he followed Phillip down the stairs.

I repeated the procedure for the other twin then finally Justin stood before me. Four foot six inches tall, brown hair over his ears, hazel eyes staring at me as the one piece snow suit was removed, then the white long underwear top over his head, his socks removed and the white bottoms lowered down his legs. Justin had on a pair of tight white briefs below. I put my thumbs into the waistband and lowered them down his legs. Justin's four and half inch uncut cock pointed straight up to his chin along his stomach.

I reached for his foreskin to roll it down to reveal his crown. My own snow suit came off. Justin removed my undergarments my six inch cut cock and hairy balls pointing at the twelve year old. I held out my hand for Justin. He slipped his hand in mine and we descended the stairs together.

Phillip and the twins were already in the pool Justin didn't wait for an invitation and dove in to chase the others around the pool. I had to admire their four asses as they surfaced for air then dove deep chasing each other. My cock still straining and my mouth watering I dove in and in one motion I grabbed Phillip by his waist and set him on the ledge of the pool and spread his legs so his boy meat was mine for the taking. I engulfed his thin three inch shaft and wasted no time going for his tight little nuggets making the boy explode with giggles as he neared his dry orgasm. As I sucked his boy cock I knew he was approaching so I reached up to his arm pits with his dick in my mouth and hit his most ticklish spots on his small framed body sending the boy over the edge crying out as he climaxed. Phillip just lay back as I went for Tommy in the water with his bracelet on his right hand so I could tell the twin apart from his brother. I put Tommy right next to the now resting Phillip. Timmy knew he was going to be next so he swam to us and lined up next to his brother both with their three inch cocks pointing to the ceiling.

Both boys lay back and pulled their knees and ankles high in the air spreading their legs as far as they could. Their three inch cut cocks, hairless tight balls and their asses were mine for the taking. I love my boys because they both know that I like clean boy holes and they always keep them clean for me. This time a little more chlorine than I prefer but it is a rental house so one can't be to choosy when driving my tongue into each blond boy's asshole, sucking the boy cocks and balls until both climaxed together.

Justin swam over to watch, I said "Are you ready?" He said "Yes but no butt thing that's gross".

Timmy and Tommy both picked their heads up at the same time "You have no idea what you're missing. It's Awesome Man".

Justin wasn't buying it "Seriously no butt thing or I'm out of here".

I picked the twelve year old up and lined him with the others. I rolled his inch of snorkel foreskin down to get to his crown. I ran my tongue around his glands then took the four and a half inch cock into my mouth. Despite all the boys' ages, ten, eleven (x2) and twelve I have to admit Justin definitely has more going on, most likely because he either has or is imminently approaching puberty, his right ball sac hanging just below the left nut and showing signs of a couple wispy yet still baby fine hairs at the base of his cock. Justin moaned out his head rolling side to side as I sucked his cock and gently played with his hairless balls leaving his ass alone until his hips shot up his back arched to what had to be his first climax based on a blow job from a forty-seven year old adult male that likes little boys. The best part of his climax for me was the drop of boy cum that came from his dick into my mouth. I didn't let him go and continued to suck and play with his cock until he finally begged me to stop.

Tommy said "Now it's your turn dad".

Phillip said "You guys get him all the time if Justin wants him that is fine otherwise can I have him for the weekend. It's not like my dad or my little brother wants to play with my dickie or my butthole".

Justin said "You can have him I don't think I could do what he did to us"

Tommy said "How about with us?"

Justin shrugged his shoulders with a "Maybe".

I was desperate for relief of my own so I climbed out of the pool sitting on the ledge. Phillip pushed my chest back so I was laying on the tiles my cock pointing to the ceiling. Phillip got on his knees between my legs and brought his tongue to the crown of my cock and with flicks of his tongue that reminded me of a snake Phillip worked his way around the crown several times before running his tongue down the bottom of my shaft stopping at each of my hairy balls licking all around the orbs. Phillip pushed my legs further apart and used his hand to lift my balls out of the way so his tongue could get to my perineum with his tongue then continued with his tongue the length of my ass crack. His tongue traced the outside of my ass cheeks and my inner thighs before his tongue returned to my ass crack and eventually his tongue probed my asshole sending pleasures throughout my entire body. Phillip reversed his path from my hole to my crack then gently took each of my balls into his mouth sucking on them with his soft lips and tongue. I was getting lost in the pleasures of the boy and closed my eyes, splash 1, splash 2, splash 3. My body belonged to Phillip alone.

He released my balls and brought his tongue up the bottom of my shaft circled the crown of my cock again then continued up my chest to my nipples first licking each nipple then a little nibble and a good hard suck on each nipple. Phillip used his fingernails from my arm pits down to my waist as his face approached my engorged cock again. Once again the boy taunted me with a swirl around the crown, tongue down the shaft to my balls and my asshole. He was driving me mad because he was pleasing me but would not engage my cock with his lips. He came back up sucking each ball again, the base of the shaft and then the swirl around the crown. His tongue darted at my piss slit then his soft lips finally took my crown into his warm moist mouth. More splashes and boys yelling but Phillip and I were one his mouth and my cock.

I tried to edge him by pushing his head but he just moved my hand away and slowly sucked my crown not taking any more of my cock until he was satisfied that he was causing agony and ecstasy to me at the same time. His lips took another quarter of an inch his head twisting around leaving as much spit as he could as he continued to pleasure me. Phillip tortured me a quarter of an inch at a time until my six inch cock was finally pushing against the back of his throat I could feel the pressure in my balls starting to mount, Phillip changed gears from first to fifth in a second and his head started to bob and turn sucking my cock with veracity knowing I was going to give him my seed.

I was in bliss and had no idea the other three were out of the pool until I felt the water droplets falling on me from their wet hair and bodies. I opened my eyes to see Timmy and Tommy lining up their mouths to my nipples and Justin stood near my head. As the twins engulfed my nipples Phillip aimed two of his fingers at my asshole while his lips pounded my cock.

I couldn't take any more and I pulled Justin with his still hard boy cock to my face just in time for my balls to explode. I arched my back forcing more of my cock into Phillip's throat and shot volleys straight down his throat he just kept swallowing and sucking me for more. Phillip wouldn't stop until he had every drop of my cum. The twins assisted and Justin gave me another drop of his nectar for his second cum.

(At dinner I found out it was his third, the twins double teamed him at the other end of the pool while Phillip engaged me.)

The boys finally released me leaving me to catch my breath. Justin and the twins dove back in the pool, Phillip sprawled out on top of me his head at my neck his chest on mine, his cock in my stomach he hugged me and I wrapped my arms around him.

I said "That was fantastic Phillip".

He moved his head to give me a smile then returned to the position of just laying on my chest his head to the side. His body raised and lowered with my breathing, my hands moved down to find his small orbs of his ass.

I finally had to take a piss so I stood bringing Phillip with me he was clinging to me with his legs around my hips and his arms around my neck so I grabbed his waist and pried him from me lifting him over my head, the boy was nothing but giggles as I launched him high in the air towards the pool, his arms and legs flailing before he hit the water with a huge splash. Justin and the twins saw it and wanted in on the action. I ran upstairs as fast as I could to relieve my bladder with four boys chasing after me.

I said "Enough for now get dry and get dressed I'm starving let's go get pizza, there is a place that makes everything fresh in a wood burning oven". The four tweens stopped dead in their tracks, I guess pizza and sodas was worth stopping the attack for.

Timmy put on sweat shirt then pulled on his socks and his snow pants getting attention from everyone including me. He just grinned at us and said "Who is going to know besides it will be quicker to get naked again later".

Phillip jumped into the game "Mine is a one piece suit I'll just wear it".

I said "The place has a roaring fire place if all you wear is your snow suit you will cook yourself or everyone on the mountain will know you are naked and would be looking at me for answers. Tonight underwear is optional but put your jeans on that goes for all of you".

Justin got an evil grin on his face "Do they deliver? If not why don't you pick it up and we will be waiting in our snow suits with nothing on underneath".

My little head jumped at the prospect but my big head prevailed at least for the moment. "No they don't deliver or even have take-out or take reservations its first come first serve".

My argument was pointless Phillip unzipped his snow suit and put on a sweat shirt and then tied the arms of the snow suit around his waist and held his arms out at length with a huge smile on his face that radiated a `SEE' look. Justin and Tommy followed suit. The four boys climbed into the blazer Justin up front with me. The fact that there was only boy flesh beneath the nylon snow suit sitting next to me my cock was rock hard again.

Once we got a table Timmy and Tommy removed the coats of their snow suits, Justin and Phillip tied the arms around their waists. We were seated right next to the roaring fireplace. I had to smile an evil smile myself knowing that the boys were literally sweating their balls off in the snow suits. It got worse for the boys when a woman and a boy approached our table and said "Would you mind if we shared? We have been waiting for almost an hour". I looked at my four then motioned the new comers to take seats at our table.

I couldn't help myself when Phillip said "Why did we have to sit next to the fire pit it's hot in here".

When the little boy said "Why don't you take off your snow suit then?" The four tweens all started to blush beet red, Timmy and Tommy were seated next to me and I could see the bulge in the front of their snow pants so Justin and Phillip had to be in the same condition on the other side of the table.

I just added insult to injury and said "Yes boys by all means take your snow suits off. This is a family friendly resort and restaurant I don't think anyone would mind".

I got a response of "DAD!" from the twins and a pair of "MR BILL" from the other two and a strange look from the mother of the young boy who I figured to be about seven or so. I burst into laughter and couldn't stop myself. What made it even funnier was Jonathon the seven year old thought my idea was a good one and stripped his snow suit off and sat at the table in his long underwear and ski sweater waiting for the pizza's to arrive. When the youngest questioned the older boys why they wouldn't take off the snow suits all the younger boy got as a response was "WE CAN'T". I laughed even harder.

Marie (the mother) asked "You seem to find this situation very funny but boys tend to be shy sometimes about their bodies Jonathon is still young but he may become more reclusive when he gets older". She looked at Justin with a knowing smile that he was the oldest and on the verge or has already entered into puberty when a boy is either most shy or most curious what is happening with their body and the bodies of others their age.

I said "There is nothing reclusive about these boys" with a smile on my face.

The pizza's came and the boys devoured the pizza. The boys laughed and joked and included the seven year old in all their gags. Jonathon moved over to me so I wrapped my arm around his small waist he didn't seem to mind when my hand found its way to his crotch feeling his small package through the long underwear his mother didn't notice that I fondled her seven year old. I excused myself from the table and went to the men's room. Jonathon followed and stood next to me at the boy urinal pulling out his little circumcised cocklet that was about an inch long and his tiny balls still tight to his body.

When we returned to the house I stripped the boys out of their snow suits. Timmy, Tommy and Justin jumped on the couch reaching for the game controllers I said "Don't stay up to late boys". I extended my hand to Phillip he smiled at me with his freckled face and slid his small hand into mine.

"Later guys, I really thought you were going to invite Jonathon and Ms. Marie back to the house tonight, you were fondling him pretty good at the table".

"Have fun Phillip don't do anything that we wouldn't do" the twins chimed.

The freckled smile returned "I am going to do more than Justin will do".

Justin said "Pussy".

Phillip's smile only got broader "That is boy pussy to you at least I'll admit that I like man meat up my butt not crying `no butt thing' like someone I know".

Justin was about to respond but left it alone, since the twins had the game controllers Justin's hands moved toward the blonds' crotches and the hardons pointing at the ceiling. Phillip turned with me toward the stairs. I released his hand and scooped him off the floor bringing his face to the same level as mine. He wrapped his legs around my waist, his arms around my neck his little woody rubbing my rib cage as I carried him upstairs like a toddler would be carried. He put his head on my shoulder we both were going to enjoy this.

Phillip said "I have to poop first".

I said "Then we need a shower because I want your behind nice and clean for me".

Phillip did his business as I got the shower warm for us. He stepped into shower I stepped in behind him. I kneeled down so my face was at the same level as his I pulled him to me grabbing his cute little ass as our lips touched he opened his lips for me and he met my tongue we twirled our tongues together in a passionate kiss. He started to grind his three inch boy cock at me. I released him only long enough to grab the soap gel from behind him then started to soap him from head to toe down his front then turned him around and took my soapy hands to his ass crack. Phillip leaned forward balancing himself with his hands on the shower wall. My middle finger found his rosebud then my second finger and finally a third finger entered his boy hole.

Phillip moaned with pleasure as my fingers twisted inside of him. I removed my fingers and quickly soaped myself making sure my ass was also clean. I grabbed for the shower head and rinsed us both off and turned off the water. I grabbed a towel for him and dried him then myself. I picked him up like a toddler again and brought him to my bed and tossed him to the middle of the bed with a giggle from the boy. I climbed into the bed to join the brown haired freckle faced boy. I started sucking on his ears and his neck then took each nipple in my mouth. I ran my tongue down his chest to his belly button and stuck my tongue into his innie belly button getting a combination of giggles and moans of pleasure from him. I stuck my tongue into his armpits causing him to jump from the ticklish spot on his body. I moved back down to his inner thighs avoiding the three inch circumcised completely hairless boy cock and his balls. My tongue found the spot behind his knees causing more fits of giggles and laughter as my tongue explored his naked body. I got to his feet licking the bottoms and sucking on his toes sending shock waves through him.

I flipped him over and spread his ass cheeks apart with my hands as my tongue found his boy hole. I pushed my tongue into his ass Phillip moaned louder as I pushed saliva into his hole for lubrication. I removed my tongue from his hole and aimed my cock to the hole. His ring opened for me as I put more pressure on him "Fuck me Mr. Casey" he pushed his ass up from the bed to meet my cock my shaft pushed down on his tunnel of love the tightness and the warmth was amazing. I pulled him to the side so he didn't have to take my full weight on his small frame. Phillip lifted his leg high in the air go give me as much access to his tight ass as he could. We became one in perfect harmony my cock would come out and stop with the crown still inside him then push forward until my balls slapped against his body every time my balls touched him Phillip let out a small moan knowing I filled his tight ass completely. My free hand roamed his body from his nipples to his boy cock and his hairless balls giving us both sensations as our love making continued.

My rhythm increased as Phillip moaned louder I left his little cock alone for a while because I didn't want him to climax to early but even if he did he was ten and probably could climax ten times more than I could and probably could sustain a hard on twenty-three out of twenty-four hours in a day. The twins were the same way God Bless little boys that had sexual desires. I pinched Phillip's nipples and sucked on his ear lobe then put my tongue into his ear giving him a `Wet Willy' which sent the boy into orbit his laughter ringing out he clamped his asshole tight on my cock and that was the last sensation I needed to make my balls explode. I continued to fill his ass with my seed and nibbling on his cute little ears.

Phillip pushed my hand toward his hard on looking for another climax for himself. I said "Would you like to fuck me Phillip? My ass could use some attention just like yours".

Phillip turned his head to me and smiled "Do I have to put my tongue in like you did?"

I hugged him to my chest my cock still in his ass "Do whatever you want or feel comfortable with. You are the man I am the boy now you are in control, you are the boss. You can even get the others if you want. Tonight is Phillip's night. Justin might give you a hard time but the twins will go along with whatever you come up with. If you do not want them involved that is fine too the choice is entirely up to you.

Phillip got an evil grin on his freckled face "Since you like fucking us but you always make us wash our butts before and after we have had sex I want you to lick your own sperms from my butt".

I said "You are an evil little boy aren't you?"

"No YOU are the evil little boy now". He howled with laughter so hard he ejected my cock from his ass. I had to admit I put myself in this situation giving him the controls. I hesitated enough then said "Phillip I enjoy the taste of boy cum not a man's and not my own". He wasn't buying it "You said I was in control now". I was doomed to eat my own seed from his ass. I put a pillow under him raising his ass off the mattress and he pulled his knees up and spread his legs for me. I moved my face to his thighs with the cum still coming out of the boy. I used my hand to smear my cum from his hole to his balls and cock then my mouth sucked him I could taste my cum but his flesh made it taste more of boy than me. By the time I stuck my tongue back into his ass the thought of eating my own cum had passed and I was just after more of his boy flesh with my tongue.

Phillip was approaching another orgasm so I rolled to my back and brought my knees towards my chest he lined up his three inch missile to my hole and pushed into my hole, I used my ass muscles to stimulate him and he quickly had his orgasm then collapsed to my chest wrapping his arms around my neck.

Phillip yawned and said "I've had a great time today Mr. Bill". I kissed his forehead and pulled the covers over him. He rolled to his side. I got up he said "Where are you going?" "To chase the others up to bed I'll be right back".

I went downstairs to find Justin on the floor on his hands and knees with a twin in front of him and behind him. Timmy was fucking his face and Tommy was fucking his ass so much for `No butt thing'. I turned around went back up to Phillip spooned behind him with my cock in his ass once again wrapped my arm around his small chest and drifted off to sleep with the freckled faced boy.

In the morning the boys ate breakfast with shit eating grins on their faces but silence from Justin. The twins tried to yank his chain but he just pushed them away. Phillip told his story but Justin only got more upset. I tried but got the same response, nothing. I said "Are you alright Justin did Timmy and Tommy do something they shouldn't have done last night?"

Justin said "My butt itches it hurt more than I expected I am glad I didn't do that with you for my first time".

I said "As I said before the choice is always yours, if you want to have sex with me we can do that if you only want to mess with the boys' that is fine too. Timmy, Tommy and Phillip are enough for me".

The boys all dressed in their snow suits for another toboggan and another day of skiing. They had too much energy for me so I made sure they had snack and lunch money and I headed for the lounge to get something to eat and maybe a couple of drinks. I told the boys to meet me back at house so we could pack and leave for home.

Timmy said "Can Phillip and Justin sleep over tonight? We can all go to school together tomorrow". I agreed.

I ordered lunch and a drink at the lounge at the base lodge. A voice behind said "So we meet again Bill can we join you again?" I looked up to see Marie and Jonathon smiling at me. "Sure I just ordered". The bartender told us that Jonathon could not sit at the bar and said we had to sit at a table so we moved close to the fireplace sitting in oversized leather chairs.

Jonathon said "I really liked the boys last night, you too Mr. Bill it was fun". The seven year old climbed on my lap as his mother sat next to me and we just chatted idly.

Marie said "You certainly made an impression with him he wouldn't stop talking about you and the boys last night. Honestly you made an impression on me as well can I ask you a question?" I nodded "You're not married are you?" I shook my head "Nope". "You're not gay are you?"

I said "That is two questions and if we are going where I think we are the answer is bi how about you?"

She said "I am open minded Jonathon told me where your hands were at dinner. He also told me that he liked it so that being said do not hurt him".

Oh shit she just offered me her seven year old boy. "I would never hurt a child but I do believe that they should be able to enjoy the feelings inside of their bodies. The boys will be skiing until the last chair and my rental house a pool in the basement actually so does my house with a Jacuzzi to go along with it. Would you care to join me for a swim?"

"We don't have suits".

"The boys weren't wearing suits either. At my house they never do I have the Jacuzzi balanced for nude bathing only. The first time the twins were shy but now they just accept it. So do the others. I have a feeling the twins grandmother understands as well. She has given me power of attorney for the twins and I am in the process of adopting them. The two brunettes are just friends and they are all on my bus route".

Jonathon said "It's warm in here".

I said "Do what you did last night at dinner. Nobody will care if you are just in long underwear and a sweater".

"I don't have long underwear on today just regular undies on under my snowsuit".

The food was delivered and we ordered another round of drinks. Jonathon stayed on my lap and as soon as the next round of drinks came I said "Here try this wrap your sleeves around your waist like Phillip and Justin did last night". Jonathon stood, undid the top of the snowsuit and wrapped the sleeves around his waist then got back on my lap.

Marie shot me a knowing smile "The boys were naked under the snowsuits".

"Yep they had just gotten out of the pool and got right into the snowsuits". We had a good laugh. After lunch was cleared my hand found its way into the boy's snowsuit and I used my finger to trace the leg holes of the boy's underwear then over his crotch bringing my hand up under his sweater to his nipples that I wanted access to. I ran my hand around his chest my cock swelling below him under the snowsuit. Jonathon leaned back to me and purred as my hand made contact with him. There were too many people in the lounge.

I said "So are you going to accept my offer and come to the rental house?"

Marie said "I like the Jacuzzi idea better".

I said "The boys are sleeping over tonight we will leave as soon as the truck is packed it is about an hour from here".

She responded "Jonathon does not have school tomorrow give me the house address I will check out of the motel and meet you there. Jonathon can ride with you if he wants". I put the boy on the floor and wrote the two addresses on a napkin and handed it to her. Jonathon slid his hand into mine.

I said "We have to ski back to the rental my truck is parked there it's off a blue trail is that okay?"

His face lit up "Yeah that's okay I just need to put my ski boots back on".

Marie parted kissing her son "I will see both of you shortly" carrying his snow boots. Jonathon followed me to the chairlift I picked him up to make sure he got on the chair properly. He slid his gloved hand into mine as we rode to the top. He followed my turns as I kept it easy not knowing his ability. He did snowplow turns and tried a couple of parallel turns trying to mimic my skiing which usually ended up with his face in the snow. I picked him up and he tried again. I finally said "Let's try this Jonathon you will ski between my ski's". I used my poles as a barrier gate holding him to me so his ski's could not get outside of my ski's.

When we got inside I took off his ski boots and mine. I knelt down in front of the three foot six inch tall brown headed seven year old boy with green eyes and unzipped his snowsuit "Are you okay with this Jonathon?" He squeaked "Yes I liked when you touched me yesterday it made me feel good". I pulled his arms out of the sleeves showing his red and blue ski sweater. The zipper when past his mid section Jonathon held onto me for balance as I pulled the snowsuit off his legs. He stood there smiling at me in his sweater, tightie whitie underwear and his ski socks. My own ski jacket and ski pants joined his on the floor.

I outstretched my arms he raised his arms to me so I could pick him up he wrapped his small arms around my neck. I carried him to the front door and opened a crack so Marie could get in. "Where do you want to do this, there is a pool downstairs or we can go to my bed?" He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders at me. I said "Are you ticklish?" "Yes". "Okay I'll try not to tickle you too much unless you want me to". "Okay".

I made the decision and carried him upstairs and into the bathroom. I put him down and pulled the sweater over his head revealing his smooth chest and tiny nipples. I reached for his feet taking his socks off. I took my socks off and the long underwear top off of me then lowered the long underwear bottoms. Jonathon looked at my cock and balls with a smile on his face. I hooked his underwear pushing them down his thin legs. His little pricklet bounced when he was freed of his undies. I turned to the sink and grabbed a washcloth and used warm water on it. "Turn around for me Jonathon". He did and I ran the washcloth through his ass crack then picked him up again to the bed.

I brought my lips to his he resisted the tongue probe to open his mouth for me I let it pass figuring he might be a little too young. When I sucked his earlobe he started to giggle and coo at me. My hands, lips and tongue explored his slender body to his neck, then the almost non-existent little dots on his chest which someday would turn into his nipples. His belly button earned a squeal and a burst of laughter. Jonathon knew where he wanted me to go pushing my head toward the skinny boy cock sticking up just over an inch maybe an inch and a half from his body. I wasted no time taking his cocklet then his smooth balls into my mouth savoring the flavor of his flesh. I spread his skinny legs to get to his crack and his hole pushing my tongue in the ring barrier. Jonathon purred more as I invaded him with my tongue.

A call from downstairs "Bill, Jonathon where are you?" "Upstairs mommy". Good I didn't have to take my tongue out fucking his tiny hole with my tongue.

A moment later "You boys didn't waste any time". A moment after a naked woman was in my bed with my cock down her throat. We moved positions my middle finger replaced my tongue in the boy my lips and tongue returned to his tool and balls. Marie lay next to her boy so I could be on my side, him in my mouth and now thrusting my hips my cock buried in her pussy for everything I had to fuck her. It didn't take the three of us long me sucking Jonathon and twisting my finger in his ass and Marie and I fucking each other like crazy and for me how erotic can you get when a mother is willing to give her son to you freely Jonathon started to convulse his body for his dry climax in my mouth and Marie and I reached orgasm at the same time filling the brunette with my seed.

When our breathing returned to normal Jonathon said "Can we go swimming now?"

The look on the four tweens coming down the stairs at full speed and naked to jump in the pool stopped them dead in their tracks when they saw me tossing Jonathon in the deep end with a splash who was still naked and Marie was floating around the shallow end with a glass of wine in her hand.


I said "Easy boys you do remember Ms. Marie and Jonathon from last night don't you?" All four boys' hands went from the railing to their crotches to cover themselves.

Marie started to chuckle "Boys I have a son of my own there is a really good chance that I have seen them before. Relax Bill and I have come to an understanding. He is bi-sexual and prefers boys to men, women to little girls. I know exactly where his hands were last night at dinner. Jonathon told me and told me he liked it. By coincidence we met in the lodge at lunchtime and one thing led to another".

The jaws of the four tweens would not close from the shock, honestly I think it was that none of them have seen a naked woman before unless they got lucky and stole a magazine from someone which I knew for the twins anyway was unlikely, Phillip a question mark, Justin a maybe. Jonathon swam to the side to climb out and for another toss into the pool. I said "If you guys plan on a swim before we have to leave let's get to it. Marie and Jonathon will be following us home. Phillip and Justin you need to call your parents to ask them if you can stay over tonight".

The blond twins lost some of thy shyness and lowered their hands from their crotches and accepted a toss into the pool, the brunettes finally also accepted the toss the five naked boys swam together for an hour before I made them get out and get dressed to load up the truck to head home. Jonathon wanted to ride with the boys so I raised the console in the Blazer so he could sit between me and Justin in the front seat. Marie followed us right behind in her car. When my hand wasn't in Jonathon's pants on the ride home Justin's hand was feeling up the littlest of the group.

As soon as we got home Timmy and Tommy took the lead to show our guests and new friends the house, the snow mobiles in the barn and eventually the heated pool in the basement that goes outside to the greenhouse. Marie and I both enjoyed stripping the boys out of their winter clothes. The boys all jumped in the pool Marie and I chose the Jacuzzi for the warmth of the water and her pussy as she straddled me. The five boys would climb out of the pool run around the Jacuzzi deck then dive back in to the pool. Each boys' dick stretching away from their bodies. I commented to Marie "Five little hard ons that need attention my jaw may get tired from sucking them off tonight".

She said "How old are you Bill?"

"Forty-seven why?"

She smiled "Just wondering if you have the stamina to fuck a twenty-six year old bi woman and then fuck them".

I said "Is that permission to deflower your son his ass is tiny I don't want to hurt him I could barely get my finger in him. Justin is the same but he did take the twins on last night so he can at least take three inches in his ass I'm not sure he wants my man cock in him. At least maybe not yet when he is ready he will have to let me know".

"The twins and Phillip then?"

"Phillip chose me last night his freckled body was mine for the taking but I have had him before. They all have asses too die for nice and tight. Justin isn't as big as me but I bet he wouldn't mind to find out what a pussy feels like. That is if a twelve year old boy turns you on. You would probably have to coach him on technique though".

Justin got out of the pool. Marie dislodged my cock from her pussy and exited the Jacuzzi she sat on the wooden bench and spread her legs wide and extended her hand to Justin. She lead the tween to her and guided his hairless cock to her pussy.

Phillip and Jonathon joined me in the Jacuzzi. Phillip straddled my cock taking it all inside him. He used his knees to raise and lower himself on my shaft. I brought Jonathon to my face to suck his dick and his balls. I managed to get one finger in his ass then another trying to stretch his hole so eventually I could fuck him. My other hand found Phillip's rigid member and he continued to fuck himself and my hand at the same time.

The twins decided that Marie's tits were worth sucking on so her hands found the boys members and jerked them off and played with their balls and asses as Justin learned the art of fucking. Jonathon's body started to shake as his dry orgasm went through his body, Phillip was next then I filled his ass with my cum. The twins and Justin also found nirvana and from the sounds of Marie so did she.

Since it was a school night for most of the boys Marie and I got them bathed and dressed in pajamas. As I tucked each boy into a bed the pajama bottoms were lowered and a boy dick and balls were sucked until another climax then the pajama bottoms were returned to the proper position.

Jonathon and Marie shared my bed with Marie helping with saliva and K-Y my cock passed the tight pucker ring of the tiny boy. Marie massaged my balls and licked my ass to bring me to my climax deep inside her son.

Monday Morning was back to the bus route and teachers' aide. Marie and Jonathon departed for their own home with a promise to return for another visit.

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