Tag Teaming Lucas


By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Anonymous



“Fuck, your nephew’s HOT!” Gerald said.


“He’s not my nephew, Lisa is just a very good friend of mine.” Blair corrected his friend. “And yes, he’s hot alright, but he’s only ten!”


“That curly-blond hair, and those beautiful blue eyes, he’s gonna drive guys crazy in a few years … fuck, I’d do him now!”


“He’s hung like his dad too … at least he got something from that prick!”


“Two questions: how how do you know he’s hung; and how would you know his old man was hung?”


“A couple of years ago Lukas used to run around nude; and to answer your second question, I had dear old dad once while Lisa was at work … I felt awful about that afterward, ya know, betraying Lisa’s trust and all. But FUCK, was he hot in bed!”


“Well, Mr. babysitter, I think we should have a hit of ecstasy and viagra so you and I can party-hardy tonight! I’m so fucking horny.”


“Slow down, tiger. We’re not at my place, we’re here at Lisa’s, not to mention the kid around the apartment.” Blair reminded Gerald. “Lisa went away for the weekend with some dude and couldn’t find a babysitter. She was desperate and asked me.”


“I can’t believe you never made a play for that kid, ten-years-old or not!” Gerald laughed.


“Don’t think I never thought about it.” Blair chuckled.


Gerald and Blair were both in their mid-thirties, friends with benefits when they didn’t get lucky at the club. Since Blair was going to be tied down for the weekend, Gerald invited himself over to spend Friday night in the sack with Blair. “Call it charity work.” Blair laughed. “I couldn’t bare to see you hard up on a weekend not able to go to the club and all.”


Blair gave in, but told Gerald they’d have to be quiet and not let the kid know they were sleeping in Lisa’s bed together; it might lead to questions Blair really didn’t want to get into with the by-nature inquisitive kid.


Blair and Gerald were stoned indulging not only in the ecstasy, but also cocaine; weekend recreational drugs and no more. The viagra was a new twist and Blair was dying to try it, although he didn’t have a problem in that regard. To be able to have great sex all night was intriguing, and many gay guys used it.


Lukas was playing at a friends place down the hall and arrived home at nine. Lisa was a good mom, but she set no curfews during the summer. Lukas could stay up as long as he wanted, eating potato chips and cheesies in his room, playing video games or watching television.


Blair and Gerald were into heavy kissing with hands down each other’s sweat pants on the sofa. Hearing the door open, they straightened up quickly. Lukas was barefoot wearing only a pair of gym shorts, his summer tan a golden brown from his days spent at the public swimming pool down the street.


“That should be illegal!” Gerald said almost drooling after Lucas went to his room. “Did you see the look he gave us? That kid could be had!”


“Shit! I think he saw us for a second.”


“So what if he did? He must know you’re gay.”


“I suppose Lisa might have mentioned it to him. She’s very open-minded. Matter of fact she’s already told him all about the birds and the bees, and the little slut has brought plenty of guys home to her bed, Lukas even walked in on her once giving some guy a hummer.”


“No dad around, a promiscuous mother … I’ll say it again, that kid could probably be had!”


“Don’t go putting thoughts in my head, fuck face!” Blair laughed.


“Imagine tag-teaming with that Adonis between us?” Gerald said much too serious rubbing his hard cock through his sweats and giving Blair a squeeze.


“Sure would like to see how much more he’s developed over the years.”


Lukas reappeared minutes later in only a pair of briefs to get a snack from the kitchen.


“Did ya see that basket? Oh my God!” Gerald whispered. “Shouldn’t we be giving him a bath like good sitters?” he joked.


“I wish, but he’s a little too old for that.”


Lukas returned with a bowl of chips and offered the men some. “Whatcha watching?” he asked looking at the TV.


“You!” Gerald blurted, which Blair thought was funny.


“Wanna have a beer with us, Lukas?” Blair asked. He thought he must have been out of his mind.


“Sure!” Lukas replied excitedly and all smiles.


“Get us one, too!”


Lukas did as he was told and handed the men their beer then sat on the recliner chair sipping his own and munching on chips. “Mom lets me have sips sometimes, but I never had a whole one. I like beer.”


“Well, tell ya what, kiddo. You don’t tell mom and you can have as many as you want and party with Blair and me.”


“Cool. I won’t tell, don’t worry.”


Blair stared at his friend in shock not knowing what to say. He didn’t want to sound like a prude in front of Lukas and kept his mouth shut. Instead, he took in the kid’s crotch that was quite revealing, with his underwear stretched over his goods in his seated position directly in front of Blair and Gerald, who were both erect and didn’t bother to try and hide the fact. Blair noticed a wet spot forming on Gerald’s grey sweats; he wasn’t wearing underwear, as he discovered a little earlier.


Blair almost freaked when Gerald poured some coke on the coffee table and separated the mixture in three lines with a credit card. Taking his snort through the thin straw, he passed it to Blair saying to Lukas, “A little extra party favor for us guys.”


Giving the kid beer was one thing … but cocaine? Blair leaned over the table and snorted the second line. He made up his mind that he had lost all morals … he wanted to see the ten year-old snort a line for some Godforsaken reason. He passed the straw to Lukas who accepted it giggling.


“Go ahead, kid. It won’t hurt ya, only make ya feel real nice.” Gerald said.


Lukas got on his knees in front of the coffee table. Gerald leaned and closed a nostril with his finger. “Just sniff until it’s all sucked up.”


Blair had a feeling where Gerald was headed, it frightened him, yet he was so stoned he decided to go along for the ride and see what happened putting Lisa out of his mind … there would be no turning back.


“Come and sit between Blair and me, Lukas.”


The kid giggled, grabbed his beer and joined them.


With a penknife, Gerald delicately cut a viagra in half and put it in Lucas’ mouth. “Just swallow it.”

By that point, Lukas was stoned and never questioned what Gerald put in his mouth. Both men put a hand on the boy’s thighs, they each tweaked a nipple causing Lucas to giggle again. His ears were next.


“Wet willies!” he laughed trying to pull away but held tight.


Gerald pulled off his t-shirt as did Blair following his friend’s lead. Their hands ran through the gorgeous soft curly hair. It was Gerald who placed a hand on Lucas’ crotch and fondled. The look he gave Blair was clear - the kid was hard!


Surprisingly, Lucas just sat there, perhaps a little confused, but too stoned to really care that the men were touching him all over. Gerald lifted his rear and pulled down his sweats exposing his six fat inches. “This is what older guys do with each other when they party.” he said, lifting Lucas’ hand and placing it around his cock. “Let’s take off your undies, too?”


Blair was already stripping off his own pants and underwear. His eyes locked on Gerald sliding down Lucas’ underwear. He almost lost it when he saw what had to be close to four-inches, uncut, and about as thick as the neck of the beer bottle he was holding in his hand.


“Naked man’s night!” Gerald said with a huge grin.


Lucas stared, his head back and forth taking in the men’s nudity. Gerald was masturbating the kid encouraging Lucas to do the same to both him and Blair. Lucas cooperating was to surreal for Blair; he had to asked himself if he was dreaming. If so, he never wanted to wake up! He and Gerald took turns masturbating Lucas, so warm and satiny were his small balls … hell, his whole body was soft!


“Let’s take Lucas to bed with us and get more comfortable.” Gerald suggested standing and taking Lucas by the hand.


Lucas followed like a puppy on a leash in silence, his long cock pointing straight out under the influence of viagra, he stumbled once or twice however, Gerald held him up by his arm. Bedside, he lifted the boy and placed him in the center of the bed.


Tag-team, just as Gerald mentioned as a joke at the time, the two men licked and sucked Lucas’ entire body, positioning him on his side. Gerald placed his cock at the boy’s lips and told him to open up his mouth and suck it while Blair ate his ass readying it for his cock, then applying a generous amount of lubricant to his cock and Lucas’ rectum.


By then, both men had lost all common sense, intent on using the gorgeous boy for their selfish pleasure. Gerald lifted his legs. Blair pushed and pushed. Lucas tried to shimmy away; however, Gerald squatted over his chest forcing his cock back into the boy’s mouth.


Lucas whimpered and might even have been crying; neither man cared. The kid would have been numb from the coke Gerald fingered into the boy’s rectum to keep him stoned.


Blair had fucked many tight guys, but Lucas had to be the tightest. He tried to be gentle taking him slowly. However, impatience got the better of him, afraid he might cum before he really got to fuck the boy.


Gerald was also patient with the sharp teeth grating his shaft. But under the boy’s present circumstances, holding Lucas’ head  upright, he tolerated the teeth as he slowly fucked his young mouth watching snot bubble out from both nostrils running down to his upper lip.

Not a word was spoken except when Blair came. “That was fucking awesome!”

“My turn.” Gerald said moving into position greasing up his thick tool.


Blair took the opportunity to enjoy Lucas’ erection; he wasn’t putting up a fight. Just lying there staring at the ceiling, with Gerald’s cum glistening on his cherub face - which only added to the eroticy Blair was feeling.


Gerald had little difficulty entering the boy. Blair had blazed the trail leaving it slick and loose, but still enjoyably snug around his shaft. Sweat was dripping off his face by the time he was finished and rolled onto his back, watching Blair suck the amazingly large cock. Gerald had been with a few men who were smaller than the ten year-old!


Gerald and Blair ended up on their sides with Lucas between them limply holding their cocks while the two men caressed his body.


“You’re a good boy, Lucas.” Blair whispered nibbling on his ear. “I know you are enjoying yourself and happy that we included you in the fun, aren’t you?”


“Can I go to bed now?”


“But you are in bed now, with Gerald and me; we’re having a slumber party!”


“Besides, you’ve still got a lot to learn.” Gerald said. “You haven’t learned how to give good blowjobs yet. Let’s all go have another beer and rest for a little while, okay?”


Gerald cleared off the long coffee table and laid Lucas on it. He took one of the boy’s hands and wrapped it around his cock showing him how to jerk off. The two men sat back and watched the illicit display before them, jerking each other off.


“Do it faster, Lukas.” Blair urged. “You’ll be doing a lot of that pretty soon, might as well learn about it now.”


Lucas was most probably already street-wise enough to know most of the sexual slang terms used. Lisa once said that sometimes he came home from school and asked her about things he’d heard, doing her best to explain the questions.


Taking Lucas back to bed after getting their kicks watching the kid jerk off, Gerald placed him between Blair’s legs and laid there himself taking the cock and sucking it to show Lukas how it was done. “Ya just gotta watch your teeth, okay? Now you do it.”


It was a sight to behold watching Lucas with a mouthful of cock doing his best to mimic what Gerald had showed him, stopping for air occasionally and going right back down on it.


Gerald laid beside Blair and told Lucas to service both cocks. Repositioning himself between the men, he did as he was told, moving from one to the other and back. Blair came first and Lukas watched the eruption with a look of fascination. Gerald was quick to tell him to jerk Blair off faster.


Gerald had the honor of cumming in Lucas’ mouth who spat and sputtered, not at all pleased with having it in his mouth. “You’ll get used to the taste, Lucas.” Blair said.


After taking another break letting Lukas sleep for a while, Gerald and Lucas doped themselves up with more ecstasy and cocaine; the night wasn’t over yet.


“Fucking hot!” Blair exclaimed. “I can’t believe we got him.”


“Well ya better believe it, we ripped him a new asshole!” Gerald laughed. “And I want more of that tight little ass.”


“And he seems to be cooperating, doesn’t he?”


“What choice did he have, besides, he was stoned … when we go back at him he may not be as willing.” Gerald warned. “I’ll rub some more coke on his rectum before he wakes up.”


“I want him to fuck me with that beautiful cock just like his father did that night.”


“Any other time besides now, I would think it demeaning getting fucked by a kid.” Gerald laughed. “It’s suppose to be the other way around.”


Waking up Lucas wasn’t easy until Gerald entered him. On his tummy, Lucas tried to squirm away but Blair held him down by his shoulders until Gerald was finished having his way. Once the kid settled down Blair forced his cock in Lucas’ mouth. The cycle had continued once again.

Rolling Lucas onto his back, Blair sucked the still erect cock … he could never get enough of it, only wishing the kid could cum. Satisfied that Lucas had relaxed, Blair straddled the small body and lowered himself onto the boy’s cock with the aid of Gerald guiding the fuck-tool.


Blair rode Lucas loving every minute of it. Gerald used the small hand under his to masturbate Blair who was very content with his ass stuffed by boy-cock.


Blair and Gerald used their boy-toy the remainder of the weekend. Lucas was quite good at sucking cock and tolerating cock up his bum. Not only did he keep the secret about his rape, he often spent weekends at Blair’s apartment and in the man’s bed!




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