Taking My First Steps


Part Two




After leaving my first job it was easy to get another straight away, I got one very close to me as I didn’t fancy getting up early to travel, it was only 10 minutes walk to the building firm’s yard, not a big firm, but a job was a job, I started doing the same type of work, I was trusted to do painting on my own though at times, but only when the team of decorators was stretched a bit.

There were several apprentices that worked there all in my age group of 15/16 either doing joinery or bricklaying, but I was the only decorating apprentice, I fancied one lad who was actually 16 and a joinery apprentice, his name was Ken and we met working at the yard, we worked together for a couple of days when they had a wood shipment in of skirting boards that Ken had to cut to the right lengths and I had to paint them ready for fixing, a job that needed no supervision.

As I said I sort of fancied Ken, he was taller than me, slim but defined, we chatted a lot about music and hobbies and sport as we worked and had our breaks together, one thing I did find out was he had no girl friend and neither did I, a fact he found unusual, he said and I asked him why and he sort of coloured up and stuttered his reply that he thought I was more handsome than he was, I had caught him looking at me at times and he quickly averted his eyes when I looked at him.

As I have said I liked to tease so one day it was really hot and we were inside doing this work, so again I undid my bib and brace overalls and took off my shirt and tied up the bib and brace around my waist and worked bare chested, I had my back to him, but swear he was staring at me as I worked, I turned slightly at times and caught his glance and he averted his eyes again.

I kept on asking him if he was hot and he said he was and I replied why not take off his shirt to keep cool, he sort of skirted a reply for awhile then after lunch, he said it was unbearably hot and I watched him do the same as I had done in undoing his bib and brace overalls and taking off his shirt and a white vest he wore underneath, tying the bib and brace like I did round my waist he smiled at me and carried on working, bare chested he looked gorgeous, he had a slight tan and his nipples were light brown and very pronounced, unlike mine, he had a very muscular back and I was getting so turned on looking at him at times I was erecting in my overalls.

That night at home I reckon I wanked off about 5 times thinking about him and I vowed I would try to get to see more of him, a couple of days later when we had finished doing the wood the boss came to us and said the next day first thing in the morning we had to see a doctor in town who did company medical exams, apparently in those days young boys of 15/16 who started work were required to be medically examined to see if they were fit to work, I guess the firm I worked for screwed up in not sending me or Ken for one before we started work at the firm, anyway they were remedying that now, he gave us both the address and the forms and said for us to make our way there for 9am.

Ken lived further away than I did and didn’t know where the doctors office was, I suggested I meet him at the bus stop in town and we could go together, the boss said to take our work clothes with us as well as he would pick us up after to come back to work.

I met Ken the next day at the bus stop when he got off the bus into town at around 8:45 am, we both chatted nervously as we walked the short distance to the doctors office for 9am, when we got there we were amazed to see lots of other boys waiting as well to be examined, a couple I knew from school and we chatted a bit as we sat waiting our turns, it was taking a long time as apparently there should have been 3 doctors doing the medical exams and there were only 2 at 11am we still hadn’t been seen and our boss turned up to take us back, he wasn’t happy we hadn’t been seen and had a row with the receptionist and she said she would ring his office when we had been seen and he went away disgruntled.

We sat for another 30 minutes and then our names were called, we were taken to a small room and had our eyes and ears examined by a nurse and then shown downstairs to another room where a doctor sat at a desk, there was a curtained off area and we were told to go behind the curtain and undress down to our underpants only, I looked at Ken and he looked visibly shaken, we went behind the curtain and both of us slowly began to undress and the doctor scolded up because we were taking out time and he had still loads of lads to examine he said, we both then sped up and soon both of us were just in our briefs, mine were white cotton and Ken’s were the same, but in an eyelet style and I could see he had black pubes through the mesh, his bulge showed he was packing a nice cock and set of balls, we both stood waiting to be called and expected to go individually and the doctor said to hurry up and both of us get out to speed up the exam.

We both gingerly walked out from behind the curtain and went over to the doctor who was seated at his desk, he beckoned me over and started his exam of my body, he felt at my neck and looked in my mouth and checked my arms and hands and then picked up his stethoscope and put the cold metal to my bare chest, it was cool in the basement room and my nipples showed this by sticking out and I noticed Ken’s were even more pronounced as I was facing him.

The doctor listened to my chest and back and had me take deep breaths and exhale a few times and then he wrote on the documents we had brought, then he took my blood pressure, next he had me stand on the scales next to him and take my weight and then stand straight by the wall at a height measuring device and he took my height, then noted that on the papers, he then had me touch my toes and hold that position whilst he checked my spine, I was told to come up and then put my hands on my hips and bend from side to side.

After this he wrote again on the sheets and reached over to me quickly and told me to push down my briefs to my knees, I gulped and seemed to freeze, all the time Ken was observing this and I could see he was getting agitated a bit, I pushed down my pants and exposed my cock and balls to the doctor who then felt at the side of my ball sack and asked me to cough a couple of times, I was looking at Ken and he was staring at my cock and I looked down and it was jerking up to attention, the doctor said to cough again as he felt at the other side of my ball sack and then he felt at my balls, rolling each of them in his fingers, and then took hold of my fast erecting cock and roughly pushed my foreskin back and exposed my purple coloured knob, he lifted it up and looked underneath and then told me to pull up my pants and called Ken over.

We changed places and I adjusted my briefs as by now I had a semi erection, I wasn’t told to leave so stood there observing Ken have his exam and I could see he was embarrassed as he had coloured up and he had a bulge, I watched in fascination as the doctor did the same tests on Ken and when it came to him pushing his briefs down I almost gasped when his cock came into view as he was fully erect, it was bobbing up and down with his heartbeat and he was blushing like mad as the doctor felt at his balls and had to hold his cock out of the way as he asked him to cough, the doctor didn’t seem to bat an eyelid at Ken’s cock pointing to the ceiling, his was bigger than mine, around 6 and a half or 7 inches and quite thick and his foreskin was right back on his shaft and his knob bright red and shiny.

Having finished his exam he told Ken to pull up his briefs and for both of us to get dressed and commented we were both fit and healthy, Ken had a hard time covering up his erection and it tented his briefs obscenely, mine was now hard and pushing my white briefs out as we dressed, Ken didn’t say a word and we dressed as fast as we could and then went back upstairs and we were passed on the stairs by two other boys who were to be examined and they couldn’t help see our erections in our trousers, I mumbled to Ken that I would mind being in the room when they were examined and he went red and sort of smiled weakly.

The boss was waiting for us outside as we came out and he drove us back to the yard to carry on working as more timber had arrived and needed priming for first use and he instructed Ken to help me as there was a lot, he let us take a quick lunch break first and then start on the wood, I decided I was going bare chested again and took off my shirt as I put on my bib and brace overalls and Ken said “you undressing again?” “Yeah it’s hot and I will sweat if I don’t and it’s a good shirt, not my work one,” I answered.

He shrugged his shoulders and I saw him think about it and then he did the same and we both started work bare chested, during the work I was getting steadily horny in thinking about what had happened this morning and him being erect, started to talk about the medical exam and how embarrassing it was and how he had gotten hard, again he went red and although he grinned he didn’t say anything, I decided to chance my arm “you have a big cock Ken” I said “what!!” he replied looking horrified.

“I said you have a big cock, bigger than mine and you really got hard” I went on, he blushed a deep red and said “thanks, but yours is okay too” he could see all this chat was getting to me by the bulge I had in my overalls and looking at him, his was bulging as well “I need to pee” I said, he nodded and I went to the small toilet with two urinals in and a cubicle that was actually out of order, I undid my overalls and pulled them down slightly and then unzipped my fly and took out my hard cock and pulled back on the foreskin and started to pee, I groaned slightly as I peed and then the door opened and Ken came in and stood at the next urinal and did the same, he was even harder and pissed fast into the bowl.

He kept looking at my cock and I kept looking at his and then we both shook our cocks at the same time and turned to each other, still with our cock out, Ken reached out and touched my cock and a bolt of electricity went through me and I groaned again, he took my hand and put it on his cock and we both started to wank each other, it only took a few minutes vigorously wanking each other before we both announced we were cumming and we turned to the urinals and both of us shot cum into the same one, spurt after spurt of teen boy sperm filled up the bowl, soon we had finished and we both sighed and cleaned our cocks with paper towels and zipped up and pulled up our overalls and went back to work.

We worked in relative silence after until it was quitting time and I went with Ken to his bus stop down the road in the opposite direction to my home, I wanted to chat, “it’s been a funny day Ken” I started out saying “yeah” was his reply “did you enjoy what we did?” I asked looking hopeful “yeah I did John” he replied, “Well would you like to do it again and maybe some more sometime?” I went on.

He thought for a minute “are you queer John?” he then asked, I went a bit red and looked at my shoes and then back at him “yes I think I am, I have never been with a girl and don’t think I want to, I just find boys sexy” I replied, my voice was a bit quiet though as I said it “I like boys too, and girls although I have never had a girlfriend, but wouldn’t rule one out” he said “and I would like us to do it again, but where?” he went on.

“Well I live on the edge of town and I go into the fields, there is plenty of places there, if you want you can come with me after we finish work on Saturday lunchtime and have some fun there” I said

“Well I don’t know what I am going to do after I finish Sat afternoon, but will let you know on Fri okay” he replied, just then his bus came and we said goodbye and I set off home, again that night I wanked a lot and fell asleep drained by it all.

On Fri Ken told me that he was okay for Sat afternoon as he parents were out all day at a friends wedding and wouldn’t be home until late at night, he said I could come to his place after work if I wanted, I told him I had thought of some wooded area I go when I want to strip naked and play with myself, he said he liked the idea of that and loved to be naked whenever possible, I said it was safe as nobody could see us and we could here anyone approaching and slip shorts on quickly.

Sat came and again we worked at the yard, we could have finished on Fri, but both of us deliberately worked slow, it did help as we both had to help with some window and brick and cement deliveries, so that left us with a bit of timber to cut and prime, I had told Ken I had brought some extra food for us to eat whilst in the woods I had told him about, the boss came to us and said to report to the yard on Mon morning as he had a bit more work until after lunch for us and then a new job for us to go and work on, I asked if we could leave our working overalls here then as both of us were going into town, he said that was fine and to get off when we had finished.

We worked through our break after he had said that and about an hour before we were supposed to clock off we told him we had finished and he inspected our work and said it was fine and to get off home, upstairs in the small room we used as a place to eat our food we stripped off our overalls and both of us had shorts on underneath, we washed up, as there was only one sink in the toilet I let Ken go first and whilst he washed his face and hands I had a quick feel of his cock through his shorts, he jumped a bit and giggled at first and then let me feel his rapidly swelling cock.

He was groaning as I rubbed it through his khaki shorts and then we heard the boss shouting us and I stopped quickly and stripped off my shirt and washed under my arms and my bare chest, Ken went out and met the boss, telling him we were just washing up and would be gone in a couple of minutes, he was impatient to get us lout and lock up, my guess he wanted to go to the pub over the road as they were open now.

I dried off and dressed and joined Ken and we said goodbye and left the yard and watched the boss lock up as we set off down the road and to the place I was taking Ken. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the area I was taking him and then a short walk through the fields to where there was a small wooded area, we had stopped en route at a shop to buy some fruit juices, we were needing those as it was warm that day and had stopped to consume one and remove our sweaty shirts.

We arrived at the small wood and went inside, Ken said it looked great and we found a nice small grassy area behind some bushes, it was totally private and Ken walked around the perimeter checking it out as I stripped off my shorts, shoes and socks and stood naked with my cock sticking up, twitching to my heart beat, Ken came back and laughed at me naked and came and felt at my stiff cock “come on join me Ken, get naked” I asked.

Ken put his haversack down and undid his shoes and then took off his socks and undid his khaki shorts and slipped them down his tanned legs, his briefs bulged out with his erection and he kept glancing around “you sure we are safe here John?” he asked.

“Yeah it’s totally private, I have been here a lot over the last couple of years and nobody ever gets near it as it’s too far off the road and the dog walkers don’t come up this far” I explained.

He seemed happy with my explanation and pulled his underpants down and off and stood like me with his cock sticking up and his foreskin had rolled back over his cock head and it was shiny with the precum it had leaked, we came together and felt at each other’s hard cocks, I kissed him on the neck and then he pulled away slightly and then kissed me on the lips, we swapped tongues as well as we wanked each other, we broke the lip lock and came together and rubbed our erect cocks together as we cuddled, Ken felt at my bum and I felt as his as we rubbed hard against each other “come on Ken let’s lay down on the grass” I said.

Ken nodded and we lay down and cuddled again and then I asked Ken to climb on top of me and we rubbed our cocks together again, we were both moaning and groaning in ecstasy, our precum leaking and smearing over our bare chests, then Ken rolled off me as it was getting us all hot and I leaned down and held his cock and then sank my mouth over his bare knob “arghh fuck ohh yeah, oh god I have never had that done to me before” Ken said and groaned, I hadn’t been sucking his cock long when he shouted he was cumming, he tried to push off my head but I held on tight and he spurted his sperm into my mouth, I loved the tangy taste as I had been eating mine for awhile now.

I swallowed all his sperm and it was quite a lot for a 16-year-old boy and some of it came out of my mouth as I tried to gulp it down, he did push me off his cock, say it was so sensitive for me to carry on sucking him, we both lay panting and Ken reached over and wiped some of his sperm off my chin and he tasted it, “mmm I’m nice tasting aren’t I” he said and we both laughed, I said “now what about me?” and pointed to my swollen cock, I had bared my knob of his foreskin and cleaned off the precum “I have never sucked a cock before John” Ken stated “well no time like the present Ken” I replied.

He looked at me and then my hard cock and I saw him gulp, then he nodded and gingerly leaned over and at first just licked at my knob, deciding it wasn’t too bad after all he put his mouth over it, I felt his teeth catch me and warned him to keep his teeth back and he got the message and was soon sucking my cock like he had been doing it forever, he had me moaning and groaning and soon I told him I was cumming and if he didn’t fancy having my cum in his mouth he should pull off and finish me off by wanking me.

He still carried on sucking me and then I erupted, he couldn’t handle my load and he gagged and had to pull off and most of it spurted onto his face, I laughed and then Ken grinned and I saw his face was splattered with my sperm, I got a tissue out of my shorts pocket and handed it to him, he had licked some off his lips and then just cleaned off the rest.

We lay in the sun a bit and then got up and wandered around the grassy space exploring, we were both still naked and our cocks had gone soft, we decide we were hungry and lay down and ate the sandwiches I had bought and drank the juice, Ken suggested we have a nap as he felt tired so we made pillows out of our clothes and dozed off, we were awoken by a dog barking and we quickly jumped up and grabbed our shorts and slipped them on and our shirts, a dog burst through the bushes and came over to us and wagged his tail, we fed him a few titbits and then heard a name called and the dog ran off back to his owner.

After a few minutes keeping quiet I went and peered out through the bushes and heard them way in the distance moving away and came and told Ken “see I told you nobody would come in here as it’s too dense, only a dog could really come in” he smiled and I went and sat down again after I had slipped off my shorts and shirt “come on get naked again” I said to him, he slipped off his shorts and shirt and we lay down again, our cocks were still soft and we lay and kissed and fondled each other’s cock and ball sacks.

We were soon hard again and I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, but what I really wanted was to be fucked by him, since my first fucking by Bill I really wanted it again.

I got him wet and hard and groaning, and seeing as how he had cum a lot earlier it was going to take longer for him to ejaculate, I pulled off and looked at him “what’s the matter John?” he asked “will you fuck me Ken?” I said, he looked at me and didn’t say anything for a bit “I have never done that John, not even with a girl, I don’t know if I would be any good with a boy, you know doing you up your bum” he replied and looked a bit sheepish.

“Its okay Ken, I have been fucked before” I said and he looked at me opened mouthed “you have? When?” he replied I told him all about what happened at my last place and he listened intently and rubbed at his cock, “fuck I bet that hurt, ramming it into you” he remarked “yes it did at first, but I got used to it and you are nowhere near as big as his or as fat as his” I replied.

“Well okay if you think you want to, I am so turned on now I want to do you” Ken said and grinned I positioned my self on my hands and knees in a doggie fashion and used some precum I was leaking to wet around my hole, Ken got the message and used his on his cock and some on my hole, I told him to finger me and he managed to get two fingers in me without too much pain.

“Okay I think I am ready now Ken” I said Ken came behind me on his knees and I help my bum cheeks open and exposed my teen boy hole to him, I felt his knob at my entrance and I started to push like I was dumping and told ken to nudge it in, after a couple of goes I felt his cock head go in, I squealed a bit and he stopped, I got my breath and told him to keep pushing as I pushed out and his cock pushed in and spread my hole, I got pain again but it wasn’t bad and I told him to fuck me, he grabbed my hips and started his fucking motion.

Soon he was in a good rhythm and I felt his balls smacking my low hanging ones and heard him groan and felt his knob hitting my spot inside and I groaned on each thrust “argghh ohh” he moaned and he said he was close and I said “cum in me ken, spurt your sperm in me” no sooner had I said that, he gripped me tight and groaned and I felt spurt upon spurt of his hot cum inside me, I had grabbed my cock and was furiously wanking it as he shot and my sperm shot into the grass, I collapsed with Ken on top of me, still with his cock in me, we lay like that moaning and getting our breathes back until he rolled off me, his cock coming out of me in an audible plop.

I lay face down in the grass as Ken lay on his back with his sticky cock flopped over his thigh, he found his watch and looked at it and said it was nearly 5 pm and he thought we had better get off home, I gut some tissues again and we cleaned off our cocks and Ken helped me clean my bum, he said his cum was still leaking out of my hole, so I left a tissue in the crack of my bum to soak it up and slipped on my underpants and socks, and then we dressed in our shorts and shirts and gathered the rest of our stuff and walked out the woods.

We went home via my house and I introduced Ken to them and asked if I could go over to his place for the evening and explained about his parents being at a wedding, Ken then said maybe I could stay over that night as they had plenty of room and his parents wouldn’t mind, my parents said maybe it wasn’t a good idea as they didn’t know me and might not let Ken have me stay, he said he could phone the place where they were celebrating and ask them, we didn’t have a phone but there was a phone box over the road.

Ken went over and to phone and came back after a few minutes and said they had said it was okay for me to stay, my parents then said okay then, but be back for Sunday lunch as we had guests coming, I thanked them and then scooted upstairs to get clean underwear and my pyjamas and put them in a duffel bag I had.

Mum gave me some money for the bus and we set off, we caught the bus easy and Ken took me to his home, it was a bigger house than ours and he showed me the spare room and the bathroom, I remember saying “why can’t I sleep in your, maybe in your bed?” he laughed and said he didn’t think his parents would understand, but we could hang out in his room or downstairs until his parents came home, he went on to tell me it would be about 11pm when they came in.

We both smelled a bit and Ken said we should have a bath; I grinned and said ”together?” he said “why not?” so we undressed in his room and both of us went naked into the bathroom and as he ran the bath I played with his cock, up it came and mine followed it and we wanked each other until the bath was ready.

We got n and ken took the taps end and me up the other and washed off first and then we started to play a bit and I wiggled my toes under Ken’s balls and he did the same to me, we both giggled and our cocks appeared above the water level like two periscopes.

I wanked Ken’s cock with my foot and he thought it was great and wanked me as well, we had been in awhile and I was bent over doggie style again while Ken washed my bum with a washcloth, I wanted to be fucked again and urged him to mount me, with a load of soap over his cock and in my hole he fucked me and I had to grab the end of the bath as he rammed his cock into me and the water splashed over the side, I asked him to spunk in me again and I grabbed my cock and wanked myself hard as he thrust harder in me and I felt his cum shoot into me and I turned and spurted my cum over his cock  and balls has he had pulled out of me by then.

We had had enough by then and decided to just clean up and dry off, I had him wash my bum again and then we dried off and went back to his room and I put on my pyjamas and Ken slipped into clean underpants and his shorts and a tee shirt and said he was going to get us fish and chips for our dinner, he was back in about 15 minutes and we feasted on them in his kitchen.

By now it was getting late so we sat downstairs and listened to the radio until his parents came home and he introduced me to them and then we went up to bed, I was shattered and fell asleep in the spare room almost immediately, but I so wished I could have slept with Ken.

The next day was Sunday and his parents because of their long day on the Sat were having a lie in and Ken came and woke me around 10 am, he was in his blue striped pyjama bottoms only and I was in full grey and blue ones, he shut the door and put his finger to his mouth to let me know to keep quiet, he pulled back the covers and climbed into bed with me, its was a bit bigger than a single bed, not quite a double though, he undid my pyjama top and took it off and I was as bare chested as he was, he went straight for my nipples, the coolness of the room had made them erect and his were as well.

He sucked on them and I squirmed as I felt so good at his sucking of them, I returned the compliment and sucked at his teats, they were more pronounced than mine and I loved nibbling on them, our cocks were rock hard and Ken undid my cord and opened my pyjamas and stroked my hardness, I undid his and his bigger cock sprung out and I pulled back his foreskin and he groaned softly as I wanked him slowly, “do you want to fuck me Ken?” I asked “no, it’s too dangerous here John as the walls are thin” he replied “just lets suck each other to cumming and try to keep the noise down okay?” he went on I started first and sucked on his bare purple knob and felt at his smooth balls.

His breathing became laboured and I pulled off his cock and then sucked on his smooth balls, taking each one in my mouth, I badly wanted to feel his cock in me, but would have to settle having his seed in my belly, I went back to his cock again and sucked hard on it.

He thrust into my mouth and I heard him whimper and was rewarded by spurts of his hot teen sperm hit the back of my throat as he held my head tight, then he pushed my head off his sensitive knob and lay back getting his breath, my cock was throbbing and I stroked myself slowly until Ken recovered and then dove down onto my cock and started to suck me with gusto, I was squirming a bit so he had to hold my cock tight, my balls ached and I really wanted to shoot and I felt him slip a finger in my hole and touch something and I exploded into his mouth and he gulped down my sperm as I pumped it out, for a 15 year old I could really shoot some sperm at times and this was the first of the day and a generous load.

We both recovered a bit and Ken said it was time we cleaned up so he slipped out of bed and pulled up his bottoms and tied the cord whilst I did the same the other side and then he said he would go to the bathroom first and then come back to me so I could go, ten minutes later he was back and said he had left a wash cloth in the sink so I could wash my cock.

I went to the bathroom and did my stuff and went back to the spare room, Ken said he was going to dressed and tiptoed out to his room and I stripped off my bottoms and dressed back in my clean underwear and shorts, grabbing a clean tee shirt I dressed in that and put my shoes and socks on and packed my duffel bag, Ken came back dressed and escorted me to the kitchen and made me a drink of tea and sorted some cereal out.

After breakfast I said I had to get going and said I would see him at work in the morning, he kissed me and said it had been great, I said I loved it too and wanted it to happen again, I told him I had great feelings for him and he said he had feelings for me as well, we kissed again and we both were getting hard in our shorts so I said I had better go, we heard noises and broke our embrace and the door opened, it was his dad, I told him I was off home now and thanked him for letting me stay, he gruffly said they had enjoyed my company and he reckoned Ken had as well.

I seemed puzzled at that remark and went through the door saying goodbye, Ken said take no notice of his dad as he hadn’t woke up yet and was always grumpy in the mornings, we said our goodbyes and I left for home, I decided to walk home to save the money my mum had given me, t took me about 40 minutes and I was starving when I arrived home, my aunt and uncle had arrived for Sunday lunch with us and it was nearly ready.

That’s all for now, I do plan to finish this story off soon, I have a few things planned in the coming few days so there will be a delay, the next part will cover my time in that job up until I leave it and take a career change, more about that later though.

I am so pleased so many got in touch over this story and to those I haven’t yet answered the emails, I will get around to them eventually, so please be patient, in the meantime my email is johnno1546@gmail.com so please feel free to mail me with comments.