Taking One for the Team!

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Embee


Thirteen-year-old Anthony Cordelli was looking forward to becoming a member of the Crypts Brotherhood. But the only way was if someone vouched for you. His older cousin, a long-time member in good standing and a lieutenant, had put in a good word for him. Everyone knew that being a member of the Crypts in this rough and tough neighborhood, insured your safety … nobody messed with a Crypt.


“Are you sure you want to go through with the initiation ritual, Tony?” Mario asked his younger cousin on route to the Crypt’s clubhouse, an abandoned old house on Walnut street.


“What will I have to do, Mario?”


“I told you a million times I can’t tell you that, shit-head!” he rolled his eyes, fed-up with Tony’s constant questions. “Just do whatever the lieutenants ask, and remember, no questioning them!”


Entering the clubhouse, Tony was nervous. Perhaps he would have to steal something from a store, or beat some kid up in order to prove his worthiness to proudly wear the red bandana with a skull insignia, on his head. No more being bullied or beaten up at school. Instant respect would result from wearing the distinctive bandana with the skull, centered on his forehead.


“We need a new DVD player, bambino. Get us one,” said the general matter-of-factly.


Tony had never stolen anything in his life besides the odd chocolate bar. He grabbed the box from Walmart and ran so fast and scared he felt like he was going to piss himself ... and didn’t stop running until he reached the clubhouse and presented the brand new DVD, rather proud of his efforts.


“Go get us a large pepperoni pizza from Stylo’s restaurant,” was his next assignment.


“I want hot-wings, too,” said a lieutenant.


Tony stood waiting for his take-out order of pizza with a side of wings. When the Greek man handed him the food from over the counter, he bolted out the door like a scared rabbit, with the apron-clad fat man in hot pursuit. The chase lasted for about a block before the obese proprietor gave up, all the while cursing Tony who was easily increasing the distance between them.


The rest of the evening was spent running errands, which he guessed was probably delivering drugs and collecting the money for it … a test of his integrity and honesty, he thought. Each time he’d return with money and be sent out again with packages to memorised addresses; no paper trail if he got caught.


“I better be going home now,” Tony said, worried that his mom would become anxious, being so late at night.


“You ain’t going nowhere, bambino,” the general said. “Get us another beer.”


Tony hated being called ‘bambino’ - he was no baby! Frustrated, also, that he’d done everything asked of him without the slightest hesitation, just like Mario told him, yet never an acknowledgement of his efforts and loyalty.


Tony sat in a chair awaiting further orders, taking the time to study his superiors. The general was Carlo, the eldest at 19. His four lieutenants were aged 15 to 18 - Angelo, Mario, Dino and Enzo, who snorted lines of cocaine off a table. Tony was instructed to do the same. Having only ever smoked weed, he immediately felt the effects, finding it not unpleasant.


“Take my cock out and suck it,” Carlo said.


Tony wasn’t sure he heard the order correctly. Carlo was standing close with his crotch almost in Tony’s face sporting a large bulge. He realized he had heard correctly but was not sure if the older teen was serious or not. He looked to his cousin; stern-faced, Mario nodded, confirming Carlo was serious. Tony shuddered.


“But I’m not a faggot, Carlo?” he said, looking up at the teenager. “Honest!”


“Just do it!” he heard Mario say in an annoyed tone.


Tony stared in fear at the bulging denim for a moment. With his hand shaking he slid down the zipper. Tony saw a pinkish mass he immediately knew was Carlo's confined cock. Clearly, he wasn’t wearing underwear. Looking away he slid his hand inside securing the meat and hauled it out … not without difficulty, as Carlo was already hard! Obviously it wasn’t just a sick prank to test and humiliate him, give everyone a good laugh and be over - then receiving his well-earned bandana!


The cock was thick and meaty, twice the length of Tony’s fist. The head flared large and menacing-like. He’d seen other guys’ dicks before, but certainly never erect!


“Are ya going to stare at it all night, or suck it?” Carlo asked impatiently.


Tony closed his eyes and leaned forward feeling the warmth on his lips. Gathering all the courage he could, he opened his mouth allowing the intrusive slab of meat inside. Carlo took advantage by shoving it in, causing Tony to gag and almost puke.


Without question, most intimidating for Tony was the four lieutenants watching; his cousin being one of them. Tony had never sucked cock before but had seen some pornos which perhaps benefitted him at the moment. Carlo never complained. He just opened his jeans and eased them down his thighs, giving Tony an eyeful of curly black hair and loose hefty balls … which Carlo wanted licked. Without an ounce of dignity left, Tony tried to only think about the red bandana with the skull insignia.


When Carlo suddenly came in Tony’s mouth and was told to swallow it, he thought it was over and had passed another test. Little did he know the other teens were waiting their turn … his cousin front and center, holding his cock, staring at Tony with a smug grin.


Tony felt other hands on him stripping off his clothes. Powerless to object, even his socks were removed! Naked and self-conscious, he began sucking Mario’s cock thankful it was smaller Carlo’s horse-size cock … as were the other lieutenants who followed. Tony’s knees and jaw ached long before the last teen came in his mouth.


His attempt to dress was thwarted by Carlo. “You stay naked all night, bambino,” he instructed. “Get out new Crypt a beer and we’ll celebrate!”


Tony’s humiliation wasn’t quite over yet. His embarrassment peaked when a 15-year-old girl arrived. Although it was the moment all his dreams came true, he wasn’t permitted to take a turn. While the other guys fucked her, he was forced to lick their balls and rectums, ending up with a bleeding lip caused by rumps smashing into his face. However, the bird's-eye-view of the brothers screwing her was totally erotic.


It was music to his ears and Tony smiled with pride when Carlo announced him the newest member of the Crypt Brotherhood, tying the red bandana on his head. He no-longer cared about his nudity, performing disgusting acts, or that his mom would be frantic with worry by now … a lickin’ whenever he got home would be nothing compared to what he endured on initiation night!


“Congratulations, cousin,” Mario smiled looking proud of Tony. “You passed with flying colors!”


He never mentioned, however, that Tony as the new rookie would become the Brotherhood's official cock-sucker-on-demand, relieving Angelo, 14, from that duty. With a membership of 32 teens, becoming a fully-fledged member of the Crypts Brotherhood certainly kept him busy!


He took comfort in the fact that every new rookie had gone through the same initiation and had sucked the cocks of all members at some point in time. It became a non-issue after a while … boys dropped their jeans and Tony sucked them off. Mario later told him it was like a blood-brother pact, “A Brother’s cum shared is the ultimate pact, right?”


Tony couldn’t argue with that logic … it certainly made sense! Sucking another guy’s cock and eating his cum could only result in a bond of cameraderie! It wasn’t gay or bisexual, but simply a technique to cement relationships founded by whoever formed the Crypt Brotherhood. As a proven strategy, the legacy continued.


Tony didn’t just put out for his Crypt Brothers … some returned the favor … in private, of course. Tony even had discrete mutual encounters with his cousin Mario in each other’s homes. Tony was fucked for the first time on one of those sleepovers. Maybe his cousin was gay? Or was he himself gay for liking it after the pain subsided? Either way, it was their secret from that moment on.


A year later, Tony passed on the torch to a new rookie, 13-year-old Brian Da Vinci. However, he never regretted ‘Taking one for the Team!’ In fact, it was 32 cocks he sucked ... more than once … countless times!




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