Eight years in law enforcement taught Tim Adams one thing...and that was...no matter how hard he tried, he would always be a closeted boy lover. Every night while out on patrol on this beach comb city, he would always find a reason to stop some unsuspecting boy who caught his fancy. Standing a whopping 6'4" and weighing in at a muscular 265 pounds, Tim was indeed, one impressive and intimidating cop. His solid biceps bulged with every motion of his arms and his sizzling blue eyes had the unique and distinctive ability to force one to stand frozen in time in utter awe. Having just turned 30, Tim in no way looked his age. For whatever the reason, he always looked years younger. As each torrid night passed, Tim's desire for younger boys only grew.

Being a beat cop, Tim walked his route, never bothering with wearing a hat of any sorts. His neatly cropped wavy sandy blond hair stayed glued to his head in perfect formation. Without a doubt, Tim saw plenty of action from the young ladies as well, but his true desires always remained infatuated with young boys who walked along the beach wearing their miscellaneous type swimming trunks. Everyone knew him, and everyone respected him, with no exception to this rule whatsoever. His voice was gentle and his demeanor nearly always talked his way out of ensuing possible trouble.

Tim's summer uniform consisted of a stretchy type short sleeve shirt which only highlighted the simple fact that he was built like a shit brick house. His nylon shorts left his legs deeply tanned and his bubbly muscular butt protruded from the thin material like two mouth watering melons. He carried his 9mm on his right side with a set of handcuffs closest to his right butt cheek. A Tazer was fastened to his belt on his left side, to which, Tim never once had to use.

His day started out like each and every day with him walking his designated beach front path. He made sure he spoke with every business owner and employees alike. Like I mentioned earlier, Tim was well thought of by everyone. As his feet carried him each step, his muscular thighs rippled with the easiest of grace, nearly forcing all eyes to feast their gaze upon his statue like hulking form. Tim loved his job more than anyone could ever expect. The freedom of patrolling the streets, talking with everyone, and looking at all the eye candy that ventured upon his wandering eyes path. At the end of each day, he walked to his one room apartment attached to the local ice cream parlor, shucked off his uniform and soaked his body in a hot oily soothing bubble bath. There wasn't a night that didn't go by, Tim wouldn't sit in his recliner, haul out one of his confiscated kitty porn movies and jack his 8-1/2 inch uncut thick monster into a mind blowing, sperm shooting, frenzy.

Tim never once felt that his cock was all that big, after all, he sort of grew up with it. In anyone else's eyes, it would be a feast to make your mouth water in utter delight. He kept his black pubes neatly trimmed and his balls and butt completely shaven. He shaved his balls and ass not so much for sexual purposes, but more so, hygiene. When his cock was rock hard, which was most nearly all the time, especially now being that it was summer time, Tim's cock protruded from his body like an arrow. No arch, no bend, just perfectly straight. The shaft was as thick as a cucumber and his uncut cock head was a tad thicker than his shaft. His freshly clean shaven balls were in the shape of an egg, both being as perfectly even in size as the other. Without a doubt, Tim's balls were what we in the cock sucking field call "low hangers." When his body was free from any clothes, his balls swung freely into the air a good five or so inches from his chiseled body.

As each day slipped by, Tim became more and more excited about all the boys straying onto the beach, either to swim, surf, or simply, hang out. He took mental notes of numerous boys as they came into his eyes contact, making sure to get quality pictures for his jack-off session planned later in the evening. It was about midday when he got the call for a shoplifter at one of the t-shirt shops on the strip. Naturally, being that it was a shoplifting call, his feet carried him a lot quicker to the crime scene. Upon entering the store, the manager greeted him right away and informed Tim that the suspect was being contained into the backroom.

Tim opened the door to the backroom and came face to face with the shoplifter. The boy couldn't be no more than 13 or 14 years old. The boy was sitting down, shaking like a leaf, tears steam rolling down his face, onto a chair facing the small desk. Tim walked around the boy and sat down on the edge of the desk, making sure to take further mental notes of the prize winning beauty sitting down before him. The boy's brown hair was curly by nature and messy from the ocean water. His lean body was awesomely tanned as the boy sat there with both hands draped across his boney knees, head aimed towards the floor. Tim cleared his throat, then softly stated,

"Look at me!"

The boy's eyes and head drifted upwards and Tim couldn't help not to notice the little dimples creasing both smooth side of the boy's angelic looking face. Tim knew the boy was petrified of having been busted, and the last thing Tim wanted to do was take the boy deeper into a petrified state. The store manager was standing next to Tim as Tim spoke,

"Let's get some things out of the way first. My name's Tim and you are?"

Tim held out his hand as the boy stretched his right hand to greet Tim's, then with a cracking voice, muttered,

"Seth! Seth Owens sir!"

The electricity from the boy's quivering hand sent chills racing up and down Tim's back. Through their timid conversation, Tim found out that Seth was 13, going on 14 in a couple of days. He also found out that Seth was here on vacation as were the case of most people here this time of year. As they spoke, Tim kept his eyes rifling from the boy's teary stained face and the mouth watering crotch area the entire time. Seth was wearing a pair of baggy swim trunks that hid almost everything from the eyes straining view. The boy's legs were almost hairless if not for the few sprinklings darting here and there along the boy's tanned shins.

After nearly ten minutes of conversational questioning, Tim asked the store manager to leave them alone for a few minutes. Naturally, being that it was Tim who asked, the store manager had no problems leaving the two alone. Once the manager left the room, Tim got up and activated the deadbolt, then returned to where he had been sitting. Devilish thoughts crossed his mind as he fought to keep himself acting in a professional manner the entire time. His own cock was now far beyond the rock hard stage looking down on this beauty, thinking desperately for the right words to put this shoplifting charge in place. As in almost every case, especially the one Seth was now in, the boy looked up into Tim's eyes, and choking on his words, blurted out,

"Sir, officer, please don't take me to jail. I swear I wont ever do this again...I swear it! Please sir, please, please help me! I'll do anything so I don't have to go to jail!"

Tim took his right hand and ruffled the boy's messy hair, gathered his thoughts with his devilish thoughts conquering all, then said,

"I'm not going to take you to jail, and I am going to hold you to your word of honor, but since you were caught shoplifting, we have to finish this process. Be it here or at lockup, I have to ensure that you don't have anything else on your possession that doesn't belong to you. This is a strip search, so be it here or down at lockup, you will have to remove your clothes...do you understand?"

Seth nodded his head as Seth spoke,

"Well young man, the choice is yours. The strip search here or at lockup...you decide, but you got to make it quick!"

The only thought crossing Seth's mind was being walked down the busy sidewalk in handcuffs, leaving his voice with no other option but to blurt out,

"Here sir, the strip search here, please sir."

Tim stood up and stepped to the boy's right side, then whispered,

"Okay, let's get on with it then. Stand up and remove one article of clothing at a time and hand them to me."

Seth obeyed and yanked off his t-shirt, handing it to Tim. Tim didn't give a flat dying fuck about the boy's clothes...he wanted to witness this angel's beauty without any imperfections such as unnecessary clothing. Tim peered upon the boy's tanned chest, noticing the two tiny pale pinkish nipples barley making themselves known. His eyes rolled down Seth's heavy breathing stomach. Seth's stomach was smooth, not so much muscular, but there wasn't any hair anywhere on the front of the boy's tanned body. Seth's belly button poked inward as Tim drooled over the boy's near nude body.

Seth kicked off his flip flops and handed each one to Tim who would take the boy's article of clothing and place them on a chair behind him. Tim's eyes quivered as he watched Seth's fingers retrieve the draw string and untie it. As Seth pulled the stretchy band outward, he looked up at Tim, then nervously replied,

"Sir, I don't have anything underneath these."

Tim smiled, then said,

"That's okay, after all, this is a strip search!"

As Seth's baggy shorts slipped down, Tim saw the sparse pubic hair sprinkling themselves around on either side of the boy's flaccid cock. Seth's flaccid cock was circumcised as it protruded from his tanned body a mere two or so inches. From where Tim was standing, he clearly could see Seth's tiny piss slit as the entire cock was now visible for his mental photography session. As the shorts dropped to Seth's ankles, Seth handed them to Tim who quickly placed them behind him.

Seth's appetizing mouth watering balls were about the size of quarters, being almost perfectly rounded, snuggling somewhat close to their socket. From his vantage point, Tim figured that the boy's balls were void of any hair life whatsoever, or at least, for now. Tim, clearing the frog from his throat, blurted out as he was dropping to his knees,

"Here comes the body cavity search, so just do what I say and everything will be find!"

Seth whispered,

"Yes sir!"

Tim raised his left hand to greet the boy's succulent balls and a slight moan evaded his lips at the soothing texture, the heart warming grace of the boy's balls, caressing his hand. Seth's flaccid cock flopped over Tim's left thumb nail, causing Seth's body to shake from the mortal excitement crashing throughout his body. Tim gently raised Seth's balls, pushing them from one side to another, forcing his thumb to intentionally stimulate Seth's now blood pumping cock. Within a few short lived seconds, Tim was now face to face with Seth's 5 inches of teenaged erection.

Seth's cock arched itself straight up the boy's body, forcing the slender shaft to rest against Seth's beloved little tanned frame. Tim studied the boy's cock as if it were a steak, readily prepared by the worlds most famous chef. The cock head and shaft were equally the same thickness, being about as thick as a good sized base of a carrot. Seth embarrassingly stated,

"Sir, I'm, I'm so sorry! I, I don't uh, don't know why it got all stiff!"

Tim wanted so very passionately to smash his face into the boy's crotch and inhale his heavenly scent, but had just enough common sense to think better as he replied,

"It's okay Seth. This sort of thing happens to all of us, so don't get a gray hair worrying about it!"

Tim's fingers could actually feel the heat spewing from Seth's raging erection, not to mention, the boy's hand cupped balls as well. Fighting against his devilish judgments, Tim released Seth's balls, then whispered,

"Okay sport, turn around and bend over, grabbing both ankles with your hands!"

Seth inched his body around and just prior to bending over, Tim's eyes fastened their vision to the boy's creamy white little butt. Tim figured he could cover both melons with one hand rather easily as the boy was now in the middle stage of bending over. Tim's eyes widened as the tiny crack, that scrawny thin line, began to separate. With Seth now completely bent over, holding each ankle with his hands, Tim now was peering between Seth's creamy cheeks, straight into his most hidden prized possession...his asshole. It to was the same color as his sun blocked butt with no hazing of a brown texture whatsoever.

Tim inched forward a bit to get a closer inspection of the boy's jutting little pucker hole. In Tim's eyes, it was actually nothing more than a tiny indentation into what otherwise would have to be noted as one super heart stopping, cock hardening, hair raising, tongue lapping five star tasting ASS! Tim hooked the inside of the boy's spread butt cheeks and instinctively shoved his nose within a fraction of an inch of Seth's unsuspecting little butt hole. The salt from the ocean, mixed with an earlier invasion of soap, was all that graced Tim's inhaling nostrils and over expanding lungs. Tim greedily inhaled as much of Seth's addicting aroma as humanly possible before unhooking his thumbs from the boy's tight little crack.

Sitting back on his legs, Tim marveled at the scenery that was truly priceless...this gorgeous boy bent over showing Tim his beautiful little butt. Tim fought to stand on two very weak knees, lightly slapping Seth on his butt, whispered,

"That's good! You can turn around now!"

To Tim's uncanny surprise, Seth's cock was still bone struck hard. Seth stood still noticing the officer as his eyes swarmed all over his naked body. Breaking the room's silence, Seth politely asked,

"Can I get dressed now sir?"

Tim broke out of his mental silence, then hesitantly replied,

"Not just yet young man. We still have some things we need to discuss."

Seth was still scared to death and didn't want to go to jail, but he couldn't figure out why they needed to talk with him not having any clothes on, but he also knew that he wasn't in any position to argue that point either. Beyond Tim's comprehension, Seth was by far, no dummy. By the way the officer was looking at him, Seth felt more like he was a meal, not a criminal. Coming from a large city, Seth was rather familiar with homosexuals, pedophiles, and various equations of that sort.

Unknown to Tim was the mere fact that Seth was not a stranger to gay sex. His best friend, Adam, who was with him this summer for vacation, well, let's say that the two of them already strayed far from the experimentation aspect and now have graduated into full blown sex. Back home, Seth and Adam made extra money by letting some adult guy give them blow-jobs from time to time. Now, at present, Seth was standing with his erection in front of a police officer who he felt was lusting over his naked body. Seth already had made up his mind, that officer Tim could do anything he wanted just as long as he wouldn't take him to jail or tell his very strict parents. Taking matters by the hand, so to speak, Seth intentionally began fumbling with his balls and cock.

This action certainly didn't go unnoticed by Tim's wandering eyes as he watched with all intensity at the boy's right hand groping his balls and sliding his cock from left to right. With each gradual motion of the boy's mouth watering cock and tantalizing balls, Tim grew more and more excited by the second. His heart beat like thunder and his mind was vastly soaring from his body. All Tim could do was stand there and ogle over the tasty treat that stood before him. Seth watched the police officer noticing that the man's eyes were fixated on his cock and balls. Figuring he had this situation under control, Seth grabbed his cock by the base, lowered it so that it now stuck out straight from his body, pointing it straight at the police officer, then teasingly whispered,

"Is this what you want sir?"

The boy's angelic voice awakened Tim from his drooling trance. Needing only a split second to sort things out, Tim, who was still focused on the boy's crotch, replied,


Seth felt comfortable with the situation at hand and he knew if he let the officer suck him that he couldn't or wouldn't take him to jail, nor tell his parents. This would have to be both of their secrets, so with that on his mind, Seth waved his cock in a circulation motion, then softly whispered,

"You can suck it if you want, but you will have to let me go and not tell anyone that I stole...okay?"

Tim didn't have to think twice about that either as he dropped to his knees, nodding his head in total and complete agreement.

With his mouth already open, Tim slowly slid his mouth over the boy's cock, moaning in pure ecstasy at the amazing silk like texture and appetizing taste. In one sleek motion, Tim swallowed Seth's 5 inches very easily, pressing his nose harshly into the boy's sparsely hair covered pubic area. With each sliding of his lips up and down Seth's pleasing cock, Tim began moaning louder and louder. Tim's right hand reached around the boy and latched onto the two solid mounds of tender boy butt. His left hand caressed and rolled Seth's balls with the grace of swans.

Seth placed his hands on the officer's head and began humping his hips, back and forth, driving his aching cock harder and harder into the officer's more than willing mouth. Tim's tongue slithered about as his lips sealed the boy's cock into his cock hungry mouth. Up until this point in Tim's life, he had only sucked two other cocks, both of them belonging to adults. The cock now sliding in and out of his mouth was far better than he had ever fantasized about. True, it was by far smaller than the other two, but then again, this was a boy, not a man, and in Tim's eyes, that made all the difference.

Tim's fingers dug into the boy's solid little crack, finding Seth's tiny sealed butt hole. Using his fingers, Tim began pressing against the tiny sealed entrance as his mouth increased its vacuum like suction. His left hand cupped the boy's balls and played with them ever so gingerly. Seth was on the near edge of blasting his load, when Tim yanked his mouth off of Seth's cock, spun the boy completely around so that the boy's hands instinctively reached out and grabbed the edge of the desk. Tim guided Seth's feet back and outwards, now leaving him the opportunity to do something he had never done before, but always dreamed of doing.

Seth was now standing, feet widely spread and his arms stretched so that his hands locked onto the edge of the desk. Tim spread the boy's ass cheeks apart and immediately slithered his tongue up and down the boy's crack, ensuring to drill sharply into the boy's asshole as his tongue slithered into that particular area each and every time. Seth began whimpering as the man's tongue penetrated his butt hole, now slithering about inside his anal cavity. Sure, he and Adam had plenty of anal sex before, but not once did either one of them ever think about putting their tongues up the other one's asshole. This was by far different than anything Seth had ever experienced, but it was truly something rewarding as goose bumps sprung up all over his shivering body.

Tim's thumbs spread the boy's butt cheeks widely, forcing his tongue to dive deeper and deeper into the boy's fiery hot and muscle clamping oven. Knowing the simple fact that his tongue was up Seth's ass made everything that much more perfect in Tim's eyes as he drilled away, tongue fucking the boy's ass to oblivion.

Seth was whimpering and moaning, both sounds ringing sharply into Tim's ears as he continued his ass eating frenzy like a vampire starving for blood. Seth, without having the need to think, placed his right foot on top of the desk, allowing more of the man's tongue to soothe his starving asshole. Tim felt the boy's ass cheeks as they graced the sides of his ass eating face and the aromatic aroma spewing from within the boy's anal chamber as he plunged his tongue to its deepest depth.

After some period of time, knowing that time wasn't on his side, Tim spun the boy back around and quickly slurped both of Seth's balls into his mouth. Seth was still reeling from having his ass dined on and now the heat from the officer's mouth made his balls feel like they were trapped into a pressure oven. Tim sucked on the boy's balls while caressing every square delicious inch with his tongue. Tim's nose was pressed up against the base of Seth's throbbing cock as he gave the boy's balls one last loving tongue bath, before slithering his tongue up the boy's shaft, then swallowing Seth's cock to the hilt.

With his mouth now bobbing up and down Seth's slender teenaged cock, Tim used his right middle finger to touch the boy's saliva slick asshole. Seth was more than ready to shoot his sperm and it felt like it was coming from his curling toes as the man continued giving him the best blow-job he had ever had to date.

Seth's toes lifted his body and Tim felt the boy's cock expand, and with perfect timing, just as the boy's cock exploded, Tim shoved his middle finger all the way up the boy's super hot and extra tight asshole. The first sperm missile struck the roof of Tim's mouth with fiery hot force, followed by 6 more sharply sperm shooting torpedoes. As the last heavy shot entered Tim's mouth, Seth's cock began pumping globs of boy cream onto Tim's tongue, one right after another. Seth's body convulsed, then the boy shot 4 more powerful jets of boy cream into Tim's mouth. With the last of power shots depleted, Seth's cock began oozing his love cream as Tim lovingly milked the boy's cock until the boy had no more sperm to offer.

Keeping his mouth gliding up and down Seth's still rock hard cock, Tim was left the decision to spit the boy's sperm out or simply swallow it. He had tried it once, but did not like the taste, mainly cause it was really salty and somewhat bitter. Deciding to taste a small sample, Tim swallowed just a little bit of Seth's life giving seed. Tim's body shook as the taste alone exploded throughout his body like a tidal wave. By no means could he say it was salty, though it did have a mild salty flavor, but in no way could he say it was bitter either for there was no bitterness to it...none whatsoever.

Wanting to taste more, Tim swallowed just a tad bit more. After tasting Seth's sperm for the second time, Tim hungrily milked the boy's cream from his mouth, down his throat, groaning and growling like a bear with each body quivering gulp.

Seth's own mind was racing as his breathing was rapid and harsh as to the mind blowing orgasm that had just rocked his body. The officer's finger plowing his ass at a steady pace forced Seth to crumple over as his cock burst out yet another wave of watery sperm firing missiles. Tim moaned heavily as he felt more of Seth's love juice fire into his mouth. This time, it was only about 4 sharp shots followed up with about 5 watery globs. Tim swallowed and became addicted to the boy's five star quality taste. Soon, the boy's cock began to deflate, but that didn't stop Tim from keeping his lips sealed around the silk like flesh. Tim sucked and sucked until Seth grabbed Tim by the head and had to literally force the man's mouth off of his cock. It was just too sensitive to keep sucking on.

Tim sat back on his haunches and retrieved his finger from the boy's ass. Seth fell back against the desk as Tim raised his finger, which still looked as clean after coming from the boy's ass as it did prior to entering Seth's tasty ass. The fragrance drifting into his lungs was nothing more than a pure aphrodisiac. There was no foul aroma whatsoever, so Tim decided to shove his finger into his mouth and sample the boy's most inner region. With a loud growl, the flavor shot throughout his mouth, sending chills racing up and down Tim's back. No words could explain the taste filtering inside his mouth as he increased his sucking pressure on his tongue.

Seth regained some form of consciousness as he watched the officer suck his own finger that had just came out of his ass. Making a mild "yuck" face, Seth watched as the officer sucked on his finger as though it was a lollipop. Realizing the boy was looking at him, Tim fought to drift up to his feet. His legs were very weak as he stood before the naked boy trembling from head to toe. Seth shot Tim a heart stopping smile, then whispered,

"So, how was it?"

Tim held the boy's face into his large hands, returned the smile, then hoarsely whispered,

"My God Seth, you are so truly perfect. Everything about you is awesome, not to mention the fact that you taste as equal as you look!"

Seth took in a breath, then stated,

"So, we're even right! I mean, you wont tell anyone I stole and I wont tell anyone you sucked my dick...right?"

Tim could only admire the boy's inherent beauty as his lips trembled the words,

"Right! But Seth, if you ever want me to suck your dick again, please just let me know. Believe me, I'd give an arm and a leg to suck you dry anytime, day or night, it doesn't matter...just let me know!"

Seth looked into the man's eyes and said,

"Well, I'm going to be here for another two months, so, who knows, I just might have to take you up on that offer...By the way, just to let you know, that was the best blow-job I had ever had!"

Releasing the boy's face, Tim backed away and Seth began fumbling with his clothes. Tim watched as the boy put on each article of clothing, taking further mental notes of the boy's perfect body while still relishing the after taste of the boy's sperm juice. Once Seth was fully dressed, Tim opened the door and the two of them walked into the main store. The manager quickly met them and Tim explained everything, well, not everything. Tim informed the manager that no charges would be needed and that Seth gave his word that he would never steal again. Apparently, the manager sided with Tim and Seth was free to leave the store without having to fear anyone knowing what he had done.

First thing first as Tim asked the manager if he could use his restroom. No sooner had Tim walked inside the bathroom and locked the door, he hauled out his beefy 8-1/2" uncut cock and pounded himself into a sperm shooting frenzy thinking about Seth. It only took about 5 strokes before Tim began pumping his shooting seed into some toilet paper. He jacked his cock until the last of his thick seed fell onto the paper. Cleaning himself up a bit, Tim straightened his uniform and departed the store, continuing on with his patrol.

As each step carried his hulking frame down the sidewalk, Tim thought of various ways that he could get boys to drop their pants and let him suck their young juicy cocks. After his recent episode with Seth, Tim was now truly addicted to young boys. Like a drug addict out of drugs, all Tim could think about was boys and their beloved tender cocks. Without a question or a doubt, Tim no longer wanted to settle for fantasies, he indeed, wanted and needed the real thing.

Walking somewhat blindly, still focusing all of his efforts on Seth, Tim walked right into a young boy who was merely just standing on the sidewalk. After knocking the boy to the pavement, Tim immediately came back to his senses and reached down and helped the boy get to his feet, while profusely apologizing. Once the boy was standing and everything seemed okay, Tim, as predicted, began studying the boy's features. Just guessing, the boy looked to be close to 13 or 14 years old, standing at least 5'5" and couldn't weigh no more than 120 pounds. The boy had long blond hair that flowed evenly to the middle of his tanned shoulder blades, with the sides trimmed just above the top of the ear line. Tim's immediate response was that if he thought Seth was gorgeous, this boy however, was truly inspired by the heavens above.

As their conversation grew, Tim now knew the boy's name is Gary and he is 15 years old. Just like Seth, Gary is here on vacation with his parents. As they chatted, Tim eyed the boy up and down, taking mental photos of the boy's priceless beauty. Gary's upper body was deeply tanned and had no signs of hair life whatsoever. The boy's tiny pale pinkish nipples protruded from its soft flesh like needles prepared to poke one's eyes out. Allowing his roaming eyes to trail down the boy's body, Tim focused on Gary's belly button. It was nothing more than a dent, neither protruding outward or inward...just a tiny little scroll of a couple of lines. Just below Gary's belly button, which most of us call the "goodie trail" there was no indication of hair whatsoever, just the dark tan causing Tim's eyes to water.

Tim glanced at Gary's slender thighs, all the way down to the boy's bare feet. One would have to literally strain the eyes to see the speckle of blond hair growth on the boy's shins. Being not much of a foot guy, but noticing Gary's feet to be quite small, his eyes darted upwards, zeroing in on the boy's crotch, which in fact was easily noticeable. Unlike the vast majority of the boys milling around, Gary was wearing blue Speedos with white stripes. The distinct bulge hiding inside the tight stretchy material made Tim's mouth fill with saliva. The bulge itself wasn't what you could call huge, but it sure as hell looked appetizing enough, especially for Tim who couldn't take his eyes off of it. Naturally, Tim wondered what the precious meat looked like laying hidden inside the thin fabric.

Having to force his eyes off of the boy's mouth watering, eye popping crotch, Tim began looking at Gary, straight into the boy's ocean blue eyes. Gary's face was narrow, perfectly shaped, matching the rest of his golden beauty. Two soft dimples impaled the boy's slender cheeks, regardless if he spoke or not. His nose was little, shaped more like a button, leaving Tim to stand there knowing all to well his cock was making a profound and noticeable tent inside his shorts.

Tim's eyes trailed up and down the boy's perfect body, witnessing Gary's 6 pack stomach muscles heave every time the boy took a breath or spoke. This was no boy...he was nothing less than a God! Even Gary's soft angelic voice sent chills crashing throughout Tim's body. The more he inhaled the boy's beauty, the harder his cock fought against the material constricting it.

Picking up on their conversation, Tim inquisitively asked,

"So, where's your girlfriend?"

Being ever so polite, Gary replied,

"Yeah right...Aint got one!"

Tim forced a slight chuckle, then blurted out,

"You got to be kidding me...with all these girls around here, I just know you got at least one of them begging to take you home."

Gary took a deep breath, smiled, almost forcing Tim's legs to buckle, then responded,

"These girls around here are all stuck up. They act like their shit don't stink or something. Besides, who needs them? I had a girlfriend, or something like that back home, and I could eat her pussy for an hour and all she would do is suck my dick for a few seconds then tell me to put it in. Tim, I don't know about you, but I am sick of that one way shit! I want more, a lot more!"

Taking the bull by the horns, Tim blurted out,

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess that's why so many guys now are turning to let another guy suck them off, just because of that very same reason you just mentioned."

Gary paused for a few seconds with the utter most whimsical look dashing across his face, then replied,

"I guess that's right, but I for one am just tired of all the crap you have to go through just to get laid."

Tim agreed, then offered to buy Gary something to drink so they could sit down somewhere and continue their conversation. Gary was more than happy for Tim's suggestion and readily took him up on his polite and kind offer.

As they walked down the sidewalk to go get something to drink, Tim couldn't help notice Gary's little butt as it swayed up and down as the gorgeous boy graciously placed one foot in front of the other. By all means, Gary's butt definitely had character, adding to the rest of his profound perfection. It was indeed truly a bubbly spectacular specimen to say the least. Solid to the look, and appetizing to the eyes, Gary's butt defiantly announced its absolute and most perfect definition confined in such tight stretch material.

The place where Tim took Gary was only about a block away from where he lived. They sat down at the picnic table and drank their milkshakes enjoying their conversation. Tim wanted to keep things sexual, but Gary was more focused on Tim's muscular physique. As their conversation pressed on, it was Gary who began asking Tim more personal type questions and Tim answered each one of them as truthful as anyone in his position could. In time, Tim managed to slip another sexual question in by asking,

"Has anybody ever, you know, put their tongue in your butt?"

Gary sucked on his straw, looked up, swallowed, then replied,

"Nope, not ever! Why'd you ask?"

Tim was rock hard by now staring at this work of pure and utter perfection, answering with,

"I don't know. I just figured as good as you look, somebody would have loved to have done that for you, to you, or with you."

Gary slung his head from side to side offering the most precious smile any eyes could have ever witnessed, then with a low whisper said,

"Nope, I personally never thought of a butt hole being used for sexual purposes. Sounds kind of gross to me, but that's just my opinion. I know there are people who like that sort of thing cause I've heard about it before, especially the gay guys, but it seems to me that something like that would not only be sort of gross, but it would have to hurt, and I mean hurt really bad. After all, a butt hole is supposed to be used for one thing, and one thing only."

Tim listened to the angel as his voice sounded as soft as a summers rain. When Gary finished his last sentence, Tim blurted out,

"In some areas you may be right, but in others, all I can say is don't knock it till you have tried it. Believe me, that butt of yours can give you so much pleasure, pleasure beyond your wildest imaginations. And for some extremely lucky person, dining on that butt of yours would be a life long dream come true!"

As their conversation enhanced to sexual, Gary felt more and more honored to be sitting across from a police officer talking in that sort of manner. To him, he felt like he was now the king of the world. Gary felt more and more at ease talking with the hulking cop seated across from him. The man's arms were huge and his muscles rippled with his every move, keeping Gary's eyes darting from the man's upper body and arms, to his appealing face. The longer they spoke, the more openly the two of them became.

Tim was trying to proposition Gary into going home with him, but the words, the right words, for whatever reason, just wouldn't pop into his head. Gary on the other hand, who grew up in farming country, was a little too naïve to understand Tim's line of questioning. Tim pretty much said everything that most people would understand where he was going, but Gary never once picked up on any of the clues. Finally, Tim looked Gary straight into his entrancing eyes and nervously asked,

"Gary, do you think if the situation was right, would you let another guy make love to you...maybe not anal penetration, but more so, give you the blow-job you never dreamed of before?"

Tim watched Gary's lips as they puckered around the straw, then watched the gorgeous angel as he swallowed, folding his arms onto the table, leaned forward and whispered,

"I don't know...I honestly don't know! I guess if I trusted the guy enough I might, but I guess I would have to be in that situation first to know exactly what I would do."

Tim was near explosion as he watched the angel milk down his milkshake. Those innocent cherry colored lips looked so moist and succulent as they puckered to suck down his drink. Tim reached his right hand out to touch Gary's forearms, looked to and fro to see if anyone was paying them any attention, then softly whispered,

"Gary, can you keep a secret...a really big secret?"

Gary slurped on his answer of yes as Tim nervously replied,

"Here's the deal. If you want to, and only if you want to, I would truly love to suck you bone dry...no strings attached. All you would have to do is just lay there and do nothing. I'll do all the work! How's that sound?"

It was Gary's turn to look around to see if anyone was within earshot. Once determining it was safe to speak, still somewhat reeling from the officer's last statement, Gary nervously asked,

"Where could we go to do something like that?"

Tim immediately replied,

"My place...it's right around the corner!"

After gesturing his approval, the two stood up simultaneously and began walking side by side with Tim sort of leading the way. Tim's cock was throbbing just thinking he would soon see this gorgeous teen beauty bare assed naked, sucking the boy's cock like never before.

They walked the short distance and Tim always strained his eyes to see the lump in the boy's tight shorts as well as those two perfectly rounded globes of Gary's ass as his feet carried him step by step. Upon entering Tim's place, Tim took Gary straight to his bedroom. Once they were inside of Tim's bedroom, Tim spun around and quickly dropped to his knees while latching onto Gary's top portion of his Speedos. Fingers trembling like a leaf caught in a wind storm, Tim struggled to untie the drawstring, but managed to undo the knot anyways. With the string now undone, Tim took a firm hold on the top of the Speedos and began peeling them down the boy's perfectly tanned and well toned body. Gary was looking down at the officer while Tim was busy shedding the boy's tight shorts from his wonderful body.

In one sharp tug, Tim yanked the boy's shorts down to the point that his eyes came into contact with the utmost chunk of prime beef anyone in his position could ever possibly hope for. Gary's cock sprang out like an elephant's trunk uncoiling itself. The small tuff of blondish brown pubic hair soared heavily into Tim's eyes sockets. The boy's marvelous pubic hair only stretched itself into a perfect V about an inch from the base of his hardening cock. The remainder of the flesh surrounding the pubes was creamy white and looked smoother than a new born baby's ass.

Gary placed his right hand upon Tim's left shoulder for balance as he stepped out of his Speedos. Now, Gary was standing before Tim, naked as the day he was born, like a well sculptured statue. The boy's cock grew hard rather quickly as it's hardened state defiantly rose from the boy's toned body slightly upwards. Tim could only sit on his knees in awe as the chunk of pure beauty grew to its most erect state. Tim figured Gary's cock was close to the six inch range, uncut, and about as thick as a tube of toothpaste. The flap of foreskin just barely covered the head of Gary's juicy looking cock and as Tim stared at the award winning beauty, he could just barely make out the peep hole leading to Gary's piss slit. Gary's cock was so perfect that Tim couldn't see any veins anywhere on the boy's teen erection.

Sliding his eyes downwards just a bit, Tim ogled over the boy's low hanging balls. From his view, it appeared that either Gary shaved his balls or they were just simply hairless. Judging by the size of them, Tim guessed them to be the size of golf balls, perfectly rounded and equal in size. Tim's hands instinctively reached around the boy and locked themselves onto Gary's muscle churning ass cheeks. Even the boy's bare butt felt like sheer satin as Tim rubbed his hands across Gary's solid little butt cheeks, running his fingers up and down the thin crack, admiring its enriched texture.

Gary took matters into his own hands by stepping sideways, then sat on the edge of the bed, scooting his body to the point that his head now lay on one of the large pillows. As soon as Gary got his head onto the pillow, all natural instincts took over as he stretched his legs outwards, involuntarily motioning Tim to dive right in. Tim certainly didn't need no invitation as he slid his hulking frame onto the bed, crawling on his knees in between Gary's spread legs. No sooner had Tim got in between Gary's legs, Tim shoved his entire face into the boy's crotch. Using his nose more like a shovel, Tim began inhaling Gary's intoxicating scent as he lifted the boy's balls higher and higher with the bridge of his nose.

The scent, the aroma, the fragrance spewing heavily into his lungs caused Tim to get drunk with desire. The more of Gary's body he smelled, the farther his mind vacated from his shaking body. Gary folded his arms behind his head while inadvertently hiking up his hips to allow Tim more room to operate. For Gary, it kind of felt weird doing this with another guy, but knowing what was happening now was being done by a police officer made things a bit exciting as well. Gary could hear Tim growl and moan and he couldn't understand why the man was making these sounds just by sniffing his crotch area.

Though he couldn't see it, Tim tried like hell to force his inhaling nose further along the boy's crack to absorb whatever aroma Gary's asshole may offer. He got close, but not close enough, but the aroma shooting up his nose, firing sharply into his lungs was pure evidence enough that somewhere during all of this, Tim was going to maneuver in such a way that he would not only get to smell Gary's asshole, but eat that virgin ass as well.

Tim's nose lifted the boy's balls to the point that they rolled off of his nose and sank deeply into his awaiting mouth. Gary let out a screech as the heat from the man's mouth scorched his balls. Once Tim began using his tongue to explore every tasty inch of Gary's balls, Gary began whimpering angelic sounds as to the pleasures racing throughout his perfect body. Arching his ass up off the bed even higher, Gary began biting his own arms as the sensations of being pleased ravished his every thoughts.

After several long minutes of lavishing Gary's tasty nuggets, Tim used his right hand to push the boy's cock to his face. Releasing Gary's saliva coated balls from his mouth's clutches, Tim flickered his tongue all around the base of Gary's cock. With each of Gary's angelic sounds, Tim became more and more animalistic as his tongue reached the top of the boy's skin covered cock head. Using his tongue, Tim slid it inside the foreskin and groaned ever so loudly as Gary's pre cum greeted his snaking tongue as it pressed against the boy's pre cum oozing piss slit. The flavor itself was nothing less than eccentric. It was slick to the touch, but definitely soothing as to the taste.

Absorbing all the pre cum he could detect, Tim slid his mouth over the boy's pulsating erection until his nose pressed itself into Gary's aromatic pubic hair. By now, Gary had reached the point that his mind was spinning out of control. He thrashed his hips up and down, driving his teen meat fast and furiously in and out of Tim's more than accommodating mouth. Tim's left hand cupped the boy's cum filled balls and began finger frolicking all over them as the boy's satin like cock tore sharply in and out of his mouth.

Timing the boy's thrusts, Tim slipped his left middle finger into the boy's crack and groaned even louder as his finger touched the boy's anus. His finger felt no hairs as it slid in mini circles all over the boy's somewhat moist virgin asshole. With the man's finger now drawing circles on his butt hole, and the man's mouth riding up and down on his cock, not to mention the fingers kneading into his balls, Gary felt his cum start to churn. The boy's breathing was harsh as he thrashed his ass higher and higher off the bed, fucking the man's mouth with his throbbing cock.

Knowing that Gary would soon blow his load, Tim wanted so badly to make this blow job one that the boy would never ever forget. The boy was still humping his cock into the air as Tim forced his mouth from the boy's absolutely delicious cock. Once again, Tim popped both of the boy's balls back into his mouth, leaving Gary a bit frustrated after being so close to unleashing his well needed load. While Tim was sucking on the boy's balls, he decided to smell the finger that touched Gary's asshole. Sliding his finger towards his nose, Tim stuck it right under his nostril openings and began sniffing. The fragrance that greeted his perverted actions was nothing less than intoxicating. There was no foul odor whatsoever, in fact, nothing remotely close to it at all. Tim gnawed on the boy's balls while getting drunk sniffing his finger.

Once Gary settled down a bit, Tim returned to sucking on the boy's cock. Just like in the case prior, just as Gary was getting really close, Tim backed off and sucked on the boy's balls. This went on for a rather long time and Gary was now literally begging Tim to let him cum. Gary's balls felt like they were on the verge of fatal explosion as he was well past the need to release his built up sperm. He needed to cum and that's all there was to it, but Tim, Tim on the other hand, wanted more...a lot more!

After bringing Gary close nearly 15 times, instead of sucking on the boy's swollen balls, Tim began taking turns sucking on the boy's tiny perky nipples. It was during his nipple sucking sessions that Tim noticed the boy's underarms. There was just a little tuff of blondish brown hair sprouting up directly in the middle, almost invisible to the human eye. While Tim sucked on each nipple, he relished the boy's spewing wind as it shot out of the boy's whimpering little mouth. Tim wanted so badly to place his mouth over Gary's, but he didn't know how Gary would react to actually kissing another guy, so he fought against himself to avoid messing things up.

Tim continued on with his oral assault, bringing Gary ever so close, then backing off to gingerly work on each loving little nipple. After several more times, after sucking on the boy's nipples, Tim would lash his tongue up and down the boy's outstretched armpits, basking in the flavor swarming inside his mouth. While doing this, Tim would use his left hand to fondle Gary's swollen and aching balls at the same time. Gary was whimpering like crazy and pleading upon deaf ears as he now felt like his cum would cause his cock to literally explode off his body.

With one last loving lick of Gary's left armpit, Tim lowered his lips to Gary's ears and whispered,

"Can I eat that ass of yours?"

Tim cried out with tears running down the sides of each cheek,

"Yes, yessssssssssssssss, just Pleeeeeeeeeeease let meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cuuuuuuuummm!"

Using the boy's legs against him, Tim slid the boy down the bed, then pushed on the back of Gary's thighs forcing the boy's knees to extend way beyond his head, driving them into the soft mattress so that Gary's knees were now extended beyond each ear, impaling themselves into the mattress.

With Gary in this position, Tim could now see the boy's most hidden treasure, and oh what a treasure it truly was. Directing his eyes directly at the boy's exposed anus, Tim witnessed Gary's virgin asshole for the first time. By no means could this thing of inherent beauty be called a little brown eye, for there were no signs of a brownish tint whatsoever. It was creamy in color and for the most part, it appeared to be nothing more than a tiny indentation into what any eye would have to believe as being a dot, a mere speckle in an ocean of cream.

Unable to resist any longer, Tim slammed his nose directly onto Gary's exposed asshole, taking long deep breaths in the process. Just as his finger detected, there was still no signs of the true aroma as to where his nose was now inhaling. The scent was fresh, rewarding, pure and innocent, but certainly nothing close to foul. Once achieving his perversion of smelling Gary's upturned ass, Tim rolled out his tongue and began bathing the boy's entire small crack, ensuring himself to make his tongue stab at the tightly sealed entrance.

At first, the man's tongue sort of tickled, but within a few short lived seconds, Gary began thrashing his body about as to the newfound pleasure soaring throughout his entire quivering body. Gary tried desperately to hide his pleasures, but his lips opened and the words followed,

"Yessssssssssssssss, eat myyyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssssssssssssss! Oh God, this feeeeeeeelsssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood!"

With those words of triumphant joy sounding in his ears, Tim began really using his tongue to dig at the boy's speck of an asshole. The more pressure Tim applied, the louder Gary became. Inevitably, with so much force, mixed with Tim's lubricating saliva, his tongue crawled inside the boy's anal canal. Once his tongue made the invasion, Gary's body went into a wild convulsing thrashing motion. The words he once spoke so clearly were now words that sounded as though Gary was using a unique and different language, known only to himself and no other.

The man's tongue felt weird, sending a burning sensation to his brain while also adding a more distinct pleasure all at the same time. Gary could feel his anal walls stretch to accommodate the officer's thick plunging tongue. The pain was mild, but the pleasure was mind boggling. Never had he thought his ass could make him feel so good as the way it was now making him feel. Gary still thought it was kind of gross, but his thinking would soon evaporate as Tim's tongue was now performing some form of magic act inside his anal canal.

The fiery heat scorched Tim's tongue and the boy's tightly coiling anal muscles gripped his tongue in defense of their once virgin perimeter being violated. Tim managed to get his entire tongue up the boy's mystifying tight ass chute as he began moaning like a pissed off zombie starving for brains. Tim had to constantly brush Gary's hands away for the boy wanted to jack his cock while the man showed him pleasures he never knew existed. With his saliva now lubricating the boy's deliciously tasting ass, Tim was able to tongue fuck the boy's ass into an overheated body lurching frenzy.

Tim dined on Gary's ass for a long, long time, fucking his tongue in and out of the boy's muscle clamping chute a mile a minute. Not wanting to, but more so needing a mild break, Tim used his right fingers to shove the boy's cock back into his mouth. Keeping Gary's legs still pinned over his head, Tim slowly slid his mouth up and down Gary's mouth watering cock. It only took a few seconds before Tim had to yank his mouth off the boy's cock, cause Gary was just about to shoot his load. Tim licked up and down Gary's cock before sliding his tongue deep into the boy's bowels one more time.

Gary was speechless as the man's tongue shot up his ass, causing his body to convulse and wildly thrash about. Tim intentionally rotated from the boy's ass to his cock, back and forth, making sure that the load he would indeed get, would be a whopper.

Allowing some of his saliva to drip on his left middle finger, Tim began sucking on the boy's cock once more. Tim knew he had to time everything just right in order to achieve his goal. Gary was humping his cock as best he could into the man's mouth as Tim increased his cock sucking pressure. The finale was close at hand now and when Tim felt the boy's cock throb and Gary screamed out, he shoved his spit covered middle finger all the way up the boy's unsuspecting ass.

Gary screamed as the man's finger triggered something inside of him just as his balls burst open their contained fluids. The first glob of Gary's thick seed felt like it tore his cock head in two as it torpedoed from his cock. Tim had his lips sealed over the boy's cock head as the first shot felt like it shattered the roof of his mouth, followed by at least 10 more rocketing jets of thick sperm. Tim felt the boy's anal muscles collapse around his finger, giving him the impression that his finger was literally being slowly crushed. Fighting back the urge to sample the boy's thick seed, Tim held his mouth over the boy's erupting cock.

When the last of the series of sperm jets shot into his mouth, Gary's cock spewed out more cream by the bucket loads. One huge thick glob after another trickled into Tim's more than welcoming mouth. Gary's body tensed up, his cock expanded, then another succession of sperm firing attacks went under way. This time, there was probably a good 6 to 8 volleys firing heavily into Tim's mouth. Still, Tim refused to sample the boy's sperm, keeping the sperm ocean inside his mouth for as long as he possibly could.

Each time Tim thought the boy was through, Gary's cock would burst volleys of sperm pellets into his mouth with violent force. Never would he ever thought so much cum could be offered, especially by someone as young as Gary. By no means was Tim complaining, but at this point, he had to swallow or the precious sperm would surely escape the confines of his mouth. As the boy's cock constantly dribbled more and more cum into his mouth, Tim had no other choice but to start swallowing to make room.

Tim moaned louder than a bear after a fresh kill as the taste of pure and utter sweetness soared heavily down his throat. He thought Seth's sperm was pure heavenly, but even his sweetness could not be compared to Gary's heavenly purity. Only allowing a little at a time, Tim swallowed Gary's addictive cream, moaning louder and louder the entire time. Gary was in seventh heaven as his long and body drenching orgasm rocked his entire body. He was convulsing, shaking, and basically, screaming as his cock continued to pump out his long overdue cream.

The more cream Gary offered, the more excited Tim became. He swallowed and swallowed, loving every single gulp of the boy's thick rewarding teen cream until his mouth only offered the aftertaste of what has to be, the best tasting cum known to mankind. Gary's body shook as his cock began to deflate, still trapped inside the man's milking mouth. Within seconds, Tim now had the boy's limp noodle lodged safely inside his mouth. Relaxing his cock milking pressure, Tim groaned at the feeling of having Gary's limp cock still inside his mouth.

A short time later, Tim reluctantly let the boy's now defiantly soft cock slip from his mouth. Unhooking Gary's legs, and removing his finger from the boy's bone crushing ass, Tim lovingly placed the boy's legs between his hulking body, flat on the bed. Gary's eyes were shut and his breathing was still on the harsh side as all Tim could do was peer onto the boy's nude body, giving thanks to the heavens above for all that had just transpired.

More than a minute or two passed when Gary's eyes fluttered open. The first thing he saw was the hulking police officer kneeling between his still widely spread legs. The second thing he saw was the man's profound bulge tearing out the front of his shorts. Swallowing hard and smiling from ear to ear, Gary's voice cracked as he spoke,

"Oh my God, I've never uh, I've never felt that before!"

Tim smiled back at the priceless angel, then softly replied,

"So, I take it that you liked it huh?"

Gary shook his head from side to side, then whispered,

"Liked it? Liked it? You got to be kidding me! It felt like my sperm started somewhere inside my toes. I've never shot so much in my life!"

Tim had to ask the ultimate question,

"So, how did you like having that ass of yours eaten out?"

Gary crawled up on his elbows, still smiling, then replied,

"Well, I uh, I still think it's kind of gross, but to be honest with you, you were right. I didn't know that my ass could give me so much pleasure. It felt sort of weird at first, but holy shit, afterwards, I've never felt anything like it. Did it smell? Did it taste bad?"

Tim took a deep breath, then answered the boy's questions,

"Taste bad? Smell bad? You got to be fucking joking! Gary, that ass of yours could never offer anything but sweetness...that's how good it smelled and tasted! I could eat that ass of yours forever and a day, never getting tired, now that, I promise you!"

Gary was still recapturing his normal breathing, but then blurted out,

"Tim, when you stuck your finger inside me, you hit something...I don't know what it is, but you hit something. Whatever it was, felt pretty good! Would that be the same feeling a guy or girl gets when someone, you know, when someone fucks them up the ass?"

Tim smiled as he spoke,

"That was your prostate, and I don't know so much about women taking it up the ass, but for a guy, I would have to say that most guys who love to get fucked, love it for that very same reason. Naturally, it's going to hurt at first, and that all depends on the guy shoving his cock into you as well. Just imagine it this way, your anal canal expands to allow your poop to exit, that is if you are even capable of taking a poop. Taking a cock up the butt stretches your anal walls that are being penetrated. Sure, there's going to be some pain involved, but that pain eventually leaves you and the pleasures will conquer your every thought. I guess that's why there are so many guys who love to feel a cock up their butt. Does this make any sense to you?"

Gary rubbed his face with his hands, then fired back,

"I guess so, but I did like it when you put your finger inside of me though. When you pulled it out, I sort of felt a little empty, if you know what I mean."

Gary kept on looking at the profound basket bulging out on Tim's shorts and wondered what lurked inside. As they spoke, Gary pondered the idea whether or not he would like to suck on a guys cock or not. He also wondered what it would feel like to have a cock plowing his ass. He knew the tongue and finger felt great, but a cock would truly have to hurt, and hurt badly. He felt safe with Tim, but if his cock was any indication as to the rest of his hulking frame, it would probably tear him in half.

Just before sliding off of the bed, Tim leaned forward and gently kissed Gary's sleeping cock. Standing at the edge of the bed, Tim announced his need for a shower. Tim entered his bathroom after getting a clean uniform, then shut the door behind him, leaving Gary still naked on the bed. Gary heard the shower head activate and his mind raced with sexual thoughts. He wondered what Tim's cock looked like. He tried to imagine Tim's cock diving in and out of his asshole. Not anywhere in his thoughts did the possibility of pain exist...just pure pleasure. The more his mind kept on fantasizing, the harder his cock grew.

Curiosity killed the cat, or at least, that's what they say, but Gary couldn't resist the temptation of stealing a peak at Tim inside his shower. Easing off the bed, Gary grabbed onto the bathroom door's handle and turned it slowly. The door slightly opened as Gary opened it a tad wider for him to sneak inside. Leaving the door open, Gary could see the hulking officer through the plastic lining of the shower curtain. Walking, more like tip toeing, Gary approached the far right side of the shower. With trembling hands, he eased the shower curtain to the side, offering enough room for him to get his right eye into the action. Tim's back was facing him and Gary swallowed hard at the man's nude body. Tim's solid ass was built like two shit brick house glued together. The man's V-shaped back muscles rippled with his every move. His legs were chiseled and powerful looking, but Gary's eyes was forced back up to the man's chiseled ass cheeks.

When Gary saw Tim apply shampoo to his hands and begin lathering his hair, Gary decided it was time to see what the front looked like. Easing the shower curtain back to its regular position, Gary slid his feet until he got to the far left side. Opening the curtain, knowing and hoping that Tim's eyes were closed, Gary got to feast on what he had just fantasized about. The man was ripped from head to toe with his muscles bulging in defiance as to his every move. His eyes trailed down from the powerful chest to the rippling stomach muscles, then to the prize below.

Gary's mouth formed a perfect circle as his eyes now were gazed upon the man's uncut, soft swinging cock. It had to be at least 5 or so inches of thick uncut cock as it swung from left to right as Tim worked the shampoo into his hair. Gary swallowed hard as he watched Tim's enormous balls swing to and fro in their hairless sac. Everything on this guy was huge, but not so much in an intimidating manner, more so, enticing manner.

Knowing he hadn't much time, Gary released the shower curtain and departed the bathroom. He flopped onto the bed on his back, hiking his legs up so that his ankles were close to his butt. Taking his right middle finger, Gary rubbed his asshole for a few seconds, then did something he never thought, or even considered, he would do...he raised his finger up to his nose and sniffed. Making a mild bitter face, he withdrew his finger and began rubbing his asshole once more. This time, he smelled it again, and after realizing it offered no odor, Gary decided to stick it inside his mouth. He sucked on his finger while his left hand was busy jacking on his cock.

After sucking his finger, Gary made sure it was coated with his saliva, then he returned his finger back to his ass and forced it inside of him. With his left hand pumping away on his hard cock, Gary finger fucked his asshole while doing his best to silence his moans. He loved the way his finger made him feel, more so, his ass. After a short time, he withdrew his finger, smelled it, then began sucking on it. What he once thought of as gross, he now discovered he loved it. It was still kind of weird, after all, he was smelling his own ass and sucking his own ass juices off of his finger, and loving every second of it.

As Tim's shower lingered on, Gary decided to add a second finger up his ass. This was somewhat kind of painful, but he forced them up his ass anyway. He had to stop jacking his cock for he knew he would soon bust a nut if he continued. Gary pulled his fingers from his ass, gave them a quick sniff, then shoved them inside of his mouth, letting a mild groan evade his trembling lips in the process. Reapplying his fingers to his ass, Gary managed to add a third finger to the equation. Now, with three fingers stretching and twisting inside his ass, Gary felt the sharp pain, but his excitement of doing what he was doing prevented him from stopping.

Tim could only think of the perfect gorgeous angel who was naked on his bed. The boy's sperm aftertaste still lingered heavily inside his mouth, causing Tim to shiver from the purity of its divine honey sweetness. He lathered up his body ensuring to make extra sure that his uncut cock was super clean. He wanted to jerk his meat, but then again, wanted to wait until he was off duty so that he could have the orgasm of his life. He finished showering and began to towel himself off. Every so often, he thought he heard faint moans coming from his bedroom. Taking a firm hold on the door knob, Tim eased the door open just a tad and immediately sprang the hardest boner of his life.

There, on his bed, was Gary, finger fucking his ass while jerking on his teen, sweeter than honey, sperm shooting cock. Tim could see the boy lost in his own lust filled world as his fingers probed and pounded his sweet little ass. Pushing the door open wider, Tim stepped into his bedroom without Gary ever noticing. Gary was so absolved finger fucking his ass and jerking on his teen meat, he never heard Tim shut off the water. All the boy knew was that he was giving his ass what it wanted and was loving every heart thumping second of it.

Tim stood just a few short feet from where Gary was laying, gingerly stroking his massive thick boner, watching the priceless activity being conducted on his own bed. Gary's eyes opened and his first reaction was to yank his fingers from his butt. Gary was now looking at Tim, who was standing there holding one massive cock. Gary couldn't take his eyes off of Tim's man meat as he still stroked on his own teen boner. Absentmindedly enough, while glued to the man's more than impressive cock, Gary shoved the fingers that once dwelled inside of his own ass straight into his mouth and began sucking on them.

Neither said a single word, but as soon as Gary sucked his ass juice from his fingers, he pulled them out of his mouth, making a loud slurping popping noise, smiled, then softly said,

"I don't know if I can take it or not, but Tim, I'd like for you to try and fuck me...pleeeeeeassssssssse!"

Before Tim had a chance to say anything, Gary blurted out,

"I know it's going to have to hurt, but I still would like to try it, that is of course, if you want to."

Tim stepped back into the bathroom and grabbed a tube of KY Jelly and a towel. Going back into his bedroom, Tim slid his large frame between the boy's already widely spread legs. Flipping up the top on the tube of lubricant, Tim squeezed a glob onto his left hand. Just as he was fixing to smear the lubricant all over his cock, Gary twisted his body around and within a flash, had his little mouth completely over Tim's flesh covered cock head.

This was Gary's first cock ever to penetrate his mouth and from the feeling of having the muscled man's cock wedged inside his mouth, gave Gary another newfound sensation. It was thick and velvety as his lips slid over the thick shaft, using his tongue to play inside the man's foreskin, absorbing his first taste of someone else's pre cum. It had a bit of a salty flavor to it, but other than that, Gary found the taste exciting. He tried to swallow Tim's cock, but once he got about 4 thick inches inside his mouth, he began gagging profusely. The man's cock was just too big for him to take it all into his mouth, but that didn't stop Gary from giving it his best effort.

The heat from the boy's mouth set Tim's soul on fire as the boy bobbed his gorgeous head up and down on Tim's love pole, making loud slurping noises in the process. Tim, instead of applying the lubricant to his cock, began smearing the slippery substance onto the boy's mystifying asshole. Gary let out a stifled moan as the first finger slid up his ass. When the second finger joined in, Gary's little ass began humping furiously. Tim slid a third finger up Gary's ass and Gary moaned like crazy as the three fingers began working the boy's anal canal in preparation for Tim's long and thick man meat.

Gary quickly adjusted himself in the art of sucking cock. Stretching his lips, Gary slid his mouth up and down as much of the man's shaft as his throat would allow without him gagging, using his tongue to swarm the soothing flesh of Tim's thick shaft and enraged cock head. Tim could feel his cum on the verge of near explosion and literally had to force Gary's sucking mouth off of his throbbing and pulsating cock.

Gary was still on all fours as Tim walked on his knees behind the boy, taking a firm hold of his saliva slick cock. Smearing some of the lube onto his hand, Tim worked the slipper cream all over until his hand was now gliding very easily up and down his meaty lengthy shaft. Taking aim, Tim pressed his cock head directly up against Gary's tight little asshole. Tim began pressing harder and harder while Gary was doing his best to will the man's cock into his anal canal. With one mighty heave, Tim managed to pry the boy's retaliating ass entrance muscles apart, pushing his entire cock head into the boy's rectum. Gary immediately whelped as his ass stretched to accommodate Tim's powerful cock, but even at this point, Gary refused to shout "STOP." Gary had already decided that he would endure as much pain as necessary in order to find out what being fucked felt like.

And feeling what being fucked feels like was now ripping through Gary's head as the pain from his ass sent shockwaves straight to his brain. It felt like he was being torn in half, starting from the inside working its way out. Tim paused for a brief second or two, then pushed another meaty inch or so up the boy's quivering ass. Tim honestly tried to be careful, but due to the fact that Gary was just so fucking gorgeous, he simply got lost in his own lusting desires and pushed about three more inches up the boy's rectum, showing no mercy in his actions. Gary cried out and slammed his precious face hard into the soft mattress while stretching all of his fingers, grabbing fistfuls of bed linen, fighting off the gut wrenching pain with every ounce of inner strength he could possibly muster.

Each time Gary twitched a leg in defiance, more of Tim's adult sized cock slid up his chute sending more and more fiery soul searing pain throughout his trembling body. Gary began biting the mattress and grunting while whimpering, tears steam rolling onto the mattress with his every blink of an eye. The pain seemed to only intensify as more of the man's cock forced its way up his ass. With one last push, Tim buried his cock all the way up Gary's ass, holding perfectly still hoping the boy would soon get accustomed to his meaty cock lodged inside his rectum.

Tim caressed Gary's shaking ass cheeks with both hands, ensuring not to move a single muscle until the boy made some form of sign that he was ready for a proper ass plowing. Tim howled as the interior heat baking his cock ravished his love pole with a fiery vengeance. With each of Gary's breaths, Tim felt the boy's anal muscles as they battled to close their mighty strength around his beefy cock, coiling and crushing, mildly painful, but more so soothing.

With each tick of the clock, Gary began huffing and puffing, blowing the oxygen from his lungs with force. His head slinging began to subside and his quivering little ass started to slowly gyrate, sending chills racing up and down Tim's spine. Tim exhaled, then softly whispered,

"Are you okay? Do you want me to pull it out?"

With clinched teeth, Gary barked,

"God it hurts...hurts so fucking bad, but fuck no...please don't pull it out! Just give me a second...pleeeeeeassssssssse!"

Tim did not move, but his hands did as they slid from the boy's unblemished ass cheeks to his hips, locking his fingers around Gary's hip bones.

A few more seconds passed and it was Gary who decided to slide his ass away from the man's cock, then impale his ass back onto the massive chunk of beef stretching his anal walls beyond his own belief. Tim held his position and let Gary do all the work, astonished as to the feeling his cock was sending to his spinning brain. It felt like some powerful caterpillar was crawling all over his cock, applying some type of magical suctioning pressure at the same time.

The more Gary fucked his ass onto Tim's cock, the better it began to feel. As he shoved his ass onto Tim's pole as far as he could go, it sort of felt like the man's cock was penetrating his stomach. However, with each impaling of his ass, Gary grew more and more excited. The pain that once created all hell and havoc seemed to have vanished and now all Gary could feel was some type of extreme pleasure. Tim picked up on this too and he started grinding his cock in unison with Gary's humping ass.

In less than a minute, Tim began using the boy's hips as a weapon, slamming Gary backwards as his cock dove inwards. Gary stretched his upper body up, holding himself up with both hands, then began shouting,

"Yes! Yes! Yessssssssssssssss, fuck me Tim! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee harrrrrrd!"

And hard, Tim had no problem doing. He began pile driving his cock as hard as he could, forcing the wind from Gary's lungs with each violent thrust, forcing his balls to smack Gary's dangling nuggets with each and every forward plunge.

Tim thrashed wildly, slamming his horse sized cock ever so violently in and out of Gary's vacuuming ass. Gary started to jut his ass onto the thrusting cock ever so passionately wildly. The harsh thudding sounds of flesh pounding flesh shattered off the walls, winding the sickening sound down the small hallway. Gary began screaming, plowing his precious face into one of the pillows, still doing his best to keep pace with Tim's pile driving ass busting cock.

Having no hands on Gary's swaying hard cock, the orgasm of a lifetime propelled itself, forcing gallons of pure white globs of semen to spit round after round onto the bed linen. Gary went blank as his orgasm tore through his body like a massive earthquake. Jet after milky white jet of Gary's sperm splattered heavily onto the bed linen. Tim's own orgasm was truly building as he felt Gary's ass muscles get even tighter as the boy was bucking like a mad bull as his cock spit and fired round after round of his precious life giving seed.

Tim fought against all odds to prolong his own cock from blasting off as he slowed his frantic ass pounding rhythm down to more like a slow crawl. Wanting more, needing more, Tim used his hulking strength to flip Gary onto his back, making sure that his cock remained lodged inside the boy's mind boggling ass. Tim could now see Gary's cock as it spewed its rich cream onto the boy's smooth, hairless stomach. Hooking both legs, Tim pushed Gary's legs behind the boy's head, forcing both of Gary's knees to impale sharply into the soft mattress just above either side of Gary's little ears. Now, Tim could stare straight into the boy's entrancing, eloquent eyes as he began slowly driving his cock in and out, drooling at the boy's heavenly beauty.

Gary felt more of Tim's cock penetrate even deeper in this position as he rapidly blinked his eyes to peer at the man's chiseled body as it rocked back and forth, feeding his ass the man's cock with each and every gut busting thrust. Their eyes locked onto one another as Tim leaned a bit forward to smell the boy's sweet smelling breath. With each thrust, Gary spewed whatever air he held inside his lungs out, directly into Tim's face. Long, slow, and very deep strokes worked Gary into yet another frenzy. Gary, feeding off the man's cock as if he were some type of vegetable, began thrusting his ass as high up as he possibly could to feel more of Tim's thick cock.

Tim felt his need to blow his load subside, so he instantly began royally plowing his beefy cock hard and heavily into the boy's muscle convulsing rectum. Gary reached his hands around Tim's head and forced Tim's face closer to his. Within a second, Tim felt the boy's cherry colored lips enclose around his own. Their tongues slid deep into the other's mouth and Tim tasted Gary's saliva as it trickled down his gulping throat. With Gary's sweet saliva now added to an already heightened mixture, Tim grunted as his meaty cock exploded, sending gallons upon gallons of his thick enriched man sperm deeper up Gary's anal canal.

Gary moaned as he felt the powerful globs of Tim's sperm shoot deep into his bowels. In an heightened frenzy, Gary's cock twitched, then throbbed, then exploded his love juice between their two bellies. Now, with both man and boy feeling their passions erupt from their cocks, their tongues went thrashing about inside the others mouth a mile a minute. Tim grunted and pumped, with each heart beat, sending more and more of his mammoth thick cream deep inside Gary's vacuuming bowels.

Tim pumped the last of his man juice into Tim's ass as his once super steel like cock began to slowly deflate. Gary's cock had already went flaccid as his body convulsed as his mind was still reeling from his most recent orgasm. Tim slowly fucked his cock in and out of Gary's cum filled ass until his cock refused to cooperate any longer and slipped free from Gary's defiant ass. With his cock now out of Gary's lovely body, Tim rolled to his right, laying next to Gary. Both were breathing extremely harshly, but it was Tim who could not take his eyes off of the boy's absolutely perfect body.

In time, Gary rolled off the bed and almost fell against the wall for his knees were still a tad too weak to hold his lean body up. Tim rolled off of the bed as well and encountered the very same problem with standing as Gary did. As they struggled to get their clothes back on, Gary looked at the hulking cop, smiled, then whispered,

"Holy crap man, that was awesome! I don't want to sound like a burden or anything like that, but do you think we can do this again sometime?"

Tim didn't have to think about that one as he quickly replied,

"Absolutely my lovely young angel. Anytime, any place, and any where!"

Gary smacked his lips, then responded,

"I probably wont be able to take a shit for a week after having that big cock pop my cherry!"

Tim laughed, then offered,

"That is, if you are even capable of taking a shit!"

Gary laughed that one off as the two walked up to one another and began gingerly kissing while their hands coursed the others body. A very short time later, when their kiss broke, Tim opened the door and the two of them walked outside, both walking in opposite directions. Tim walked in a mere daze, still not believing that he had just had sex with two young boys, both of whom were as gorgeous as the day is long. With each step, Tim felt more and more the tormented desire to continue his brazen act with young boys. As he walked, his eyes darted from one boy to another, secretly pretending that each one was walking in the nude.

Finally, his shift was over and he was now in his little apartment taking a well needed shower. After cleaning himself from head to toe, Tim decided he would take a walk along the beach, which he often did just to relax. As he strode along the beach, he heard a voice, somewhere off in the distance, behind him. Tim turned around to see Seth and another boy running up to him. As the two boys came rushing up to him, it was Seth who was smiling his angelic smile from ear to ear. Tim had to smile at the boy's beauty, but he also had to take notice of the boy standing to Seth's right. Without a doubt, this boy, Seth's friend, was truly an Adonis by every sense of the word. Standing a good 5'6" and couldn't weigh no more than 110 pounds, this boy was just as gorgeous as Seth and Gary. His hair was jet black and perfectly combed backwards and properly cut just above his little ears. Both boys only wore their swimming trunks and nothing else.

Within a few short seconds, Tim absorbed as much of the boy's natural beauty as possible. With the boy's charming breathing, his stomach muscles formed a perfect 6 pack. His nipples were obviously erect as they protruded from his golden tanned chest with absolute delight. Though be it that his nipples were small, in Tim's eyes, they were truly perfect. As his eyes darted further down the boy's body, Tim couldn't see any hair anywhere on the boy whatsoever, not even his shins. As Tim studied the boy, Seth spoke up,

"Tim, this is my friend Adam who I told you about."

Adam stuck out his right hand as so did Tim. Just as soon as their flesh collided, Tim's heart bellowed in triumphant as the surging electricity shot through his body like a lightning bolt.

Through their conversation, Tim found out that Adam was 14 years young. As they spoke, Tim could not take his perverted eyes off of Adam, noticing the boy's perfect white teeth and deep emerald green eyes. If one had to judge Adam, at first or second glance, it would appear that he was created by a mixture of Caucasian and Philipino origin.

Tim wasn't the only one noticing things. Adam was doing a pretty good job at sizing up the hulking figure standing before him, especially the man's obvious bulge in his crotch. Though Adam and Seth were best friends, and true, they let adult guys suck them off for some money now and then, but it was Adam who seemed to want to take things a bit further. Unlike Seth, Adam knew he was gay, and to be honest, he preferred the company of men, not boys, especially when it comes to sex. On rare occasions, behind Seth's back when Seth wasn't around, Adam had no problem letting some adult plow his ass with their man sized cocks. Adam loved the way a cock made him feel as it plowed his ass to no end. Now, he stood before a God like man who appeared to have been chiseled from stone, inwardly craving for the opportunity to feel Tim's cock.

Adam could feel the man's eyes glare upon his near naked body, not to mention, Adam knew his own cock was forming a tent of its own, but he didn't care...he wanted Tim! Tim openly drooled at the sight of Adam's obvious erection, completely blind as to the eyes staring upon him.

Further along in their idle conversation, it was Adam who suggested to Seth that he go back to their bungalow and check in with his parents. At first, Seth wasn't all that keen on that suggestion, but after Adam's further persistence, Seth finally agreed, leaving Tim and Adam alone, standing on the beach. Once, Seth was out of ear shot, Adam too a step closer to Tim, looked up into the man's eyes and softly whispered,

"Is there some place we could go, you know, for some privacy?"

As Adam spoke, his left hand reached out and began caressing the already pressing bulge in Tim's shorts. The feel of the boy's hand on his cock made Tim moan and his legs quiver.

Looking down at the heavenly angel, Tim anxiously replied,

"Yeah, my place is right around the corner."

The cock pumping life into itself made Adam groan as to its obvious size. As he release his hand from Tim's growing cock and now the two were walking towards Tim's place, Adam began feeling somewhat guilty now knowing that the man probably had the biggest cock he had ever touched. But, now it was too late to turn around and run, so Adam took each step with nervous anxiousness knowing he would soon find out whether or not he would be able to take Tim's cock up his ass.

As they entered Tim's place, Tim was still a bit curious as to what Adam's butt looked like. From their very first start of their conversation, Tim couldn't see Adam's butt at all. Now, standing inside his apartment, Tim closed the door and turned around, facing Adam with more of a light to reflect the boy's God given beauty. Adam was in no way shy as he hooked his trunks and slid them all the way down to his ankles, then kicked out of them, and was now standing before Tim, who was transfixed in a trance, staring at the boy's nude body.

Adam's cock was harder than a brick as it jutted outwards from the boy's naturally tanned body a good 6 inches. It looked more like an upturned banana as the shaft had a slight upwards arch to it bending slightly directly in the middle. Even the boy's cock had a bronze tan to it as Tim spotted a few small black pubic hairs sprouting up on either side at the base. Adam's cock was a little thicker than Seth's, but not as thick as Gary's. In Tim's eyes, this prime hunk of teenaged meat was beyond perfect in every which of way. The boy's cock head was almost a deep purple and was about the same size as the shaft. The other thing Tim noticed was that Adam was in the middle of being uncut and cut. His foreskin just barely covered the crown and there was a very distinct bubble of pre cum oozing out the tiny, but opened piss slit.

Forcing his eyes to travel to the boy's balls, Tim absorbed their beauty as they were contained in what initially looked like a tanned, but totally hairless sac. The sac itself stretched around the two quarter sized nuggets, holding them so tight that at first glance, it would appear that Adam had one fairly good sized testicle. Adam's voice broke Tim out of his obvious trance,

"Well, aren't you going to get naked?"

Tim fumbled with the words as he tried in vain to speak, but no words exited his mouth. Tim peeled off his shirt and quickly undid his shorts, yanking shorts and underwear off all at the same time. After kicking out of them, it was Adam's turn to be frozen in place as his eyes locked onto the man's massive organ. Swallowing hard, Adam now knew that Tim had the biggest cock he had ever seen. Just like the rest of the man's muscled body, his cock too was just as impressive.

Before Tim could do anything, Adam dropped to his knees and began stretching his mouth over Tim's throbbing cock. The fiery heat from the boy's mouth forced his legs to buckle as his hands gingerly clutched onto the boy's head. Being more of a cock sucker than either Seth or Gary, Adam shoved a good 5 inches into his mouth and moaned as his lips slid up and down along the man's muscular shaft. While Adam's mouth and tongue were busy on Tim's cock, Adam cupped Tim's balls with his left hand while his right hand latched onto Tim's chiseled butt cheeks.

Adam gagged a few times, but he did manage to swallow about 6 strong inches with each bob of his mouth. As he sucked Tim's cock with a vengeance, his hands became more and more aggressive. Adam's left hand gripped and groped Tim's heavy balls and the boy's right hand dug desperately into his crack, striking his puckering asshole with each probe. Tim slung his head backwards as the boy continued his sexual assault, sending shivers racing up and down his spine with each tick of the clock.

In less than four minutes of Adam sucking on Tim's cock, Tim tried to warn the boy, but Adam refused to take his mouth off as Tim's cock erupted, sending his shooting cream sharply into the boy's mouth. Adam grunted and groaned as each spurt flew into his mouth. Being no stranger to sucking cock, Adam was a firm believer in swallowing. In fact, he loved the way sperm shot into his mouth, and he truly loved the various tastes that sperm offered him. With that being said, Adam began swallowing, moaning ever so loudly as Tim's tasty sperm trickled down his throat. It was thick, but definitely not salty, which only made Adam suck that much harder.

Tim shot the last bit into Adam's mouth and the boy continued milking his oozing sperm from his cock using a pressing vacuum like pressure. With no more sperm to be offered, Adam slid his lips off the man's still hard cock. Looking up, still on his knees, Adam asked,

"How was that?"

Tim was shaking all over and his voice was raspy and hoarse as he blurted out,

"Awesome, fucking awesome!"

Adam stood up and took a step towards Tim, draping his hands around Tim's backside. With their bodies held close, and their eyes drifting into the others, Adam whispered,

"How do you want me?"

Tim looked down into the boy's astonishing breath taking gorgeous face and replied,

"Just the way you are!"

Using his strength, Tim scooped Adam into his arms and carried the angel to his bed. With all the love in the world, Tim placed Adam onto his bed, making sure the boy's head was softly laying onto one of the pillows. Tim was on his knees and positioned himself between the boy's widely spread legs. The boy's magnificent cock was proudly pointing towards Adam's precious face as Tim began lowering his head towards the boy's crotch area. With his nose just inches away from the boy's tightly withdrawn nuggets, the aroma spewing into his lungs was purely explosive. The scent was sharp, yet pleasing as Tim shoved his nose just under the boy's balls. The fragrance was some sort of mixture of Adam's sweat, mild soap, and the distinct aroma of baby powder.

Blind with his tormented lust, Tim began bathing the boy's balls with his roaming tongue. The angelic sounds spewing from Adam's lips sent chills throughout Tim's body. Tim slobbered all over the boy's balls, then easily sucked both of them into his mouth. Feeling Adam's balls inside his mouth and smelling the boy's intoxicating body aroma was far different than anything he had ever experienced before. Tim thought he was in heaven with Seth, then Gary, but now with Adam, he now knew he truly was in heaven. The more he sucked on Adam's balls, the more overheated he became.

After having completely bathed the boy's balls, Tim let them slip from his mouth as his tongue worked its way up to the point of Adam's pre cum oozing piss slit. With one lap of the tongue, Adam's pre cum was scooped up onto Tim's tongue. Tim grunted and groaned as the flavor shocked his taste glands beyond his wildest dreams. It was simply heavenly sweet, and that's all there was too it!

Tim opened his mouth and slid his lips all the way down on the boy's satin like cock, burying his nose into the boy's pubic hair scatterings. Tim knew, right then and there, he could easily spend forever sucking Adam's cock. It felt so at home as it slid against his sealed lips, up and down, savoring the divine taste and inhaling the most astonishing fragrance known to mankind. Tim's mouth formed a suction while his tongue relished the satin like texture of Adam's naturally tanned, super tasting, cock.

In less than three minutes of having Adam's cock sliding in and out of his mouth, Adam blurted out that he was close. Fighting back the temptation of going ahead and letting the boy spurt his love juice knowing that he so desperately wanted to taste it, Tim decided that he would prolong this just a bit longer. Backing his mouth off of Adam's cock, Tim returned back to the boy's satiny balls. This time, with both balls safely inside his mouth, Tim snuck his tongue out and tried in vain to stretch it far enough to taste the boy's unseen asshole. All his tongue could do was treat Tim to the taste of the boy's taint area and no farther. But, that was satisfying all in itself. The more he tasted Adam's body, the more intoxicated he became.

Tim spent the next hour or so rotating from Adam's more than ready to burst cock and his cum swollen balls. Adam pleaded and begged for Tim to let him cum, but Tim simply just couldn't get enough of tasting the boy's addicting body. Adam wanted to bust a nut and Tim wanted to make this night last forever. Being in total and full control, it was Tim who was prevailing. Eventually, Tim began taking turns from the boy's cock, his balls, his tiny nipples, and each hairless armpit. After dining on Adam's slightly sweaty armpits, it was there he found his true treasure of tasting Adam's delightful body. They too had a distant smell of a mild soap and baby powder mixed with his natural taste bud pleasing sweat.

A long time later and after the umpteenth time building Adam's cock up for one hell of a massive explosion, Tim knew it was time to dine on the boy's ass. Rolling Adam onto his stomach, Tim took a deep breath as his eyes soaked in the most precious and priceless scenery of a lifetime. This was the first time Tim had seen Adam's butt, and from the looks of it, it was certainly well worth the time taken. As Adam lay there onto his stomach, still begging Tim to let him cum, Tim slid his hands along each of the boy's slender hair free legs, making sure both eyes were locked directly onto Adam's mind boggling little ass. Just like the rest of the boy, Adam's butt was tanned. The little globes were so taunt they appeared to have two softballs sewn into his enriched satiny flesh. The thin line we so call a crack was amazingly small as it separated the two solid orbs ever so perfectly.

The worlds greatest chef couldn't prepare a full course meal as the one Tim's eyes were gleaming down onto now. Tim's shaking hands slid up the boy's legs, winding up on the two most spectacular ass cheeks anyone could ever be graced with. They felt solid like a rock, but as soft as a thin sheet of pure satin.

Using the utmost in care, Tim slid his thumbs just inside Adam's beloved little crack and began easing them open. With each outbound stretch of the boy's muscular crack, the more interior Tim's eyes witnessed. Finally, Tim managed to spread Adam's tight little crack far enough open that his eyes now fell upon the boy's most hidden treasure...his butt hole. It too, offered the same tanned coloration as the rest of the boy's priceless body, with the only exception that it formed a perfect sealed circle, slightly puckering in anticipation of what yet was to happen.

As if being drawn in by the worlds most powerful magnet, Tim's face inched closer and closer until his inhaling nostrils were within a mere fraction of an inch. The aroma was strong, powerful, tantalizing, yet graceful. The fragrance exploding inside his lungs was musky mixed with sweat, coerced by an offering of a mild soap fragrance along with the very same faint aroma of baby powder. The aroma itself was in no way foul, just perversely tempting!

Tim flickered his tongue to get his first taste of the boy's mystifying tiny asshole, and oh what taste shocked his body. The flavor gluing itself to his tongue set his entire inner soul on fire as he uncontrollably flattened his tongue out in hopes of absorbing more and more of the boy's mind drenching taste. Adam was whimpering and cooing as the tongue dancing upon his asshole rippled pleasures throughout his body like a tidal wave.

With enough saliva that could easily fill up a gallon jug, Tim managed to get Adam's asshole lubricated enough to the point that his tongue pushed its way through the sealed entrance and was now frolicking ever so happily inside the boy's anal canal. The tongue snaking up his chute felt so good that Adam somehow managed to get his body arched up on all fours, smashing his hungry ass onto the diving tongue.

There were no words, just a whole lot of moaning, grunting, whimpering, and slurping as Tim began tongue fucking Adam's asshole like a runaway pile driver. The honey sweet taste filtering throughout his mouth as he withdrew his tongue, then shoved it back in was nothing Tim had ever tasted. True, Gary and Seth's assholes were delicious and he would never turn either of them down as long as he lived, but there was just something extra special about Adam's asshole and the taste he was being honored with.

It seemed as though with each inward dive of his tongue, Adam was able to control his anal muscles and literally vacuum his tongue to its deepest depth. Tim felt the boy's anal muscles coil around his tongue, but not so much with vengeance, but more so, out of tantalizing love. The boy's muscles were strong, yet ever so gentle as Tim hungrily devoured the boy's most inner juices.

Also, Tim had to constantly brush Adam's hands away from his cock cause the boy was wanting to pump his cock while his ass was being royally dined on. This wasn't the first time Adam had his ass eaten, but it was his first time feeling the way he was feeling now. The tongue lapping at his inners was powerful, yet mind soothing pleasing all at the same time. Whatever emotions that were ravishing his body as his ass was being eaten out was something strange, however, completely rewarding.

It was Adam who suggested they get into another position. Tim now lay on his back and watched as the boy straddled his body, facing his feet, and lowered his body until his tongue was now sliding deep into the boy's asshole. Adam began humping up and down, fucking the tongue that was giving his body so much pleasure. Tim loved the way the boy's ass cheeks struck his face and gyrated before going back to work impaling his little ass back onto his outstretched tongue.

While Adam was busy getting lost in the way his asshole impaled Tim's tongue, his eyes constantly fixed themselves upon the man's huge cock. Taking Tim's hard cock into his right hand, unable to close his fingers around the girth of the shaft, Adam began stroking the man's cock as best he could while still fucking his ass onto the man's tongue without skipping a single beat. Just to mix things up a bit, Adam would lower his ass onto Tim's tongue and gyrate his hips, allowing Tim's tongue to slither around inside his chute.

Even while all of this was taking place, Adam continuously begged Tim to let him cum. Not wanting his tongue to know what it feels like to be void of Adam's ass, Tim also knew that his tongue was now hurting from having dined on the boy's ass for such a lengthy time. Forcing his tongue to remain stretched out, Tim fought against his own pain and continued on with having his tongue be fucked by Adam's ever so sweet tasting asshole.

Adam's constant begging to be allowed to shoot his load finally settled in on Tim, who for one, was more than ready to taste the divine nectar that Adam, and Adam alone, could provide. Once the permission was granted, Adam spun his entire body around as Tim scooted himself up a bit, resting his back up against the bed's headboard. Not much on wasting any time, Adam immediately shoved his cock straight into Tim's already open mouth and began humping his precious hips back and forth, driving his rock hard cock in and out of Tim's mouth at a frantic pace. Adam was standing up and Tim was sitting on his butt allowing the boy to fuck his mouth for all he was worth.

Tim placed both hands on the boy's humping little butt, ensuring himself that his two middle fingers were aligning themselves up with the boy's well eaten asshole. Timing the boy's humping motion, Tim shot his left middle finger up the boy's ass in one single stride. Adam whimpered and moaned as the finger shot up his rectum, slowing his fucking motion to a near crawl until Tim added his right middle finger to the equation. Adam bucked his hips violently as the two fingers danced a glorious rhythm in and out of his hungry bung hole.

With each and every thunderous thrust, Tim adored the way the boy's tightly withdrawn balls pounced against his chin. Adam was to the point that his mind was already too far gone as he slammed his teen meat furiously in and out of Tim's vacuuming mouth. With just a few more chin pounding thrust, Adam had reached the point that the words spewing from his mouth was nothing more than faint ramblings with none of the words belonging to the English dictionary.

Tim felt the boy's cock as it expanded and he was more than prepared to feast on the life giving seed that would soon be offered by Adam. Three more hard mouth fucking thrusts was all that was needed for both Tim and Adam to cherish the inevitable. Adam cried out as his cock burst into a sperm tossing frenzy while Tim's two fingers enjoyed the realm of the boy's anal canal. Unlike Gary or Seth, Adam didn't shoot volley's, instead, his was more like steady thick globs oozing out, falling into Tim's mouth.

One thick glob after another oozed out of Adam's delicious cock. Though the boy's sperm didn't fire from it, it sure as hell felt good to be able to feel the thick globs of Adam's milky seed fall onto his tongue. Chunk after thick chunk oozed out of Adam's cock, falling into Tim's mouth. Adam held onto the headboard of the bed while doing his best to fuck his juice into Tim's mouth while his body shuttered furiously from the orgasm of a lifetime.

After about the tenth or so large glob of sperm exited Adam's cock, Tim no longer tried to count. He was just too busy relishing in the way the boy's heavy cream fell into his mouth, never wanting the precious fluid to end. Adam's fucking motion slowed to a steady humping as his cock continued to trickle out more and more cum, seemingly timing itself with his rapid heartbeat. The boy had produced so much sperm, that Tim realized in order to make room, he would soon have to swallow some of it. So with that being said, and Tim was more than ready to see what Adam's sperm tastes like, he allowed just a small portion to slide down his throat.

Just as he figured, Adam's sperm tasted great. His moans sounded more like a bears growl as Tim swallowed a bit more trying to distinguish the boy's true taste. In Tim's mind, Adam's sperm tasted just like melted chocolate with no salt added to the ingredients, making the boy's sperm superior in quality. As Adam pumped his juice into Tim's mouth, Tim eagerly began tasting more and more of Adam's sweeter than sweet protein cocktail.

Adam, on the other hand, had never felt such an orgasm in his life. Just when he thought his cock was done attacking Tim's mouth with his sperm, his body shook violently and more sperm flowed from his cock like it was an open water faucet. While Adam was experiencing his mind piercing orgasm, Tim applied another finger up the boy's churning little chute. Adam cried out as the third finger stretched his anal canal wider, but the initial pain was quickly conquered by his body convulsing orgasm.

Tim savored the glorious taste swarming around inside his mouth as he sampled more and more of Adam's precious honey tasting sperm. The satin feeling of sucking Adam's perfect cock mixed with knowing he was now drinking the boy's sperm only enhanced a situation that was already at an extremely high level. Adam's body shook violently as he thought the last of his beloved sperm departed his shaking body. His fucking motion was now to the point that he held his body still and let Tim suck on his cock, to which, was still brickyard hard.

With three fingers dancing around inside the boy's ass, Tim sucked on Adam's cock like tomorrow would never come. The way the boy's anal muscles clamped around his fingers while sucking his fingers deeper and deeper up the fiery hot dark channel intensified his desire to feel his cock replace his fingers.

Both Tim and Adam figured that Adam was not about to offer any more sperm, or at least, not right now at the present moment, but Tim just loved the way his mouth felt holding the boy's satiny cock sealed around his lips as his tongue swarmed all over the precious shaft. Adam held his shaking body somewhat still, allowing the man to continue on with his oral assault while trying to greet Tim's fingers with his ass.

Somewhere in time, a few seconds later, Tim felt Adam's cock expand and throb, so he prepared himself for another round of tasting more of Adam's quality seed, but he was in no way prepared for what happened. Adam screamed out as his body began convulsing violently and Tim held the boy's cock in his mouth's vacuum like seal. The first stream struck the roof of Tim's mouth harshly, followed by a steady stream. At first, Tim thought it was Adam's sperm, but quickly realized that the boy wasn't offering any sperm...just piss.

Tim had never tried to drink piss before, in fact, just the thought made him want to throw-up, but now he was in one major dilemma. As he strained his eyes to look up, Tim could see the way Adam was twisting his gorgeous mouth and clamping down on his eyes. Not knowing what to do, and certainly not wanting to make a mess all over his bed, Tim opened his throat and got his first taste of Adam's boiling hot piss. At first, Tim kind of gagged as the fiery hot liquid slid down his throat. After about the third or fourth gulp, Tim realized that the taste wasn't all that bad. In fact, Tim realized that Adam's piss had just a minimal amount of salt taste to it, and other than that, it was just hot.

Even as his cock fired his piss, in Adam's mind, he wasn't pissing. The boy bucked his hips and slung his head to and fro still unaware of what he was actually doing. At this point, Tim didn't care as he gulped down the boy's hot piss as fast as it flew into his mouth, not once realizing his heavy whimpering, more like loud growling.

Adam fucked Tim's mouth as his body told him that this was one hell of a powerful orgasm he was now encountering. Tim didn't care at this point, realizing that this heavenly angel could offer nothing he would not readily swallow. Adam's piss slowed to a slow, but steady, trickle and Tim increased his sucking, wanting to drink down more of the boy's bladder juice.

Once Adam's cock finished pissing, it slowly began to deflate, still being sucked on like a lollipop. Now, with his cock totally flaccid, it was just too sensitive to be sucked on any longer, not to mention, Adam was too weak to remain in that position any longer. The boy's limp cock slid from Tim's lips as Adam angled his beautiful body, then fell on his back, laying next to Tim's right side. Even Tim's fingers were yanked out of Adam's ass as the boy maneuvered his gorgeous body.

Like most everyone in Tim's position would do, he raised the fingers that had once graced the boy's anal canal up to his nose and began sniffing. The smell was overpoweringly awesome. His fingers sure as heck didn't smell anything close as to where they had once been. After sniffing his fingers thoroughly, Tim shoved all three of them into his mouth and began moaning like a beast in the night as the mind boggling taste shocked his taste buds to a body quivering delight.

Adam just lay there with his eyes closed, breathing harshly and on the verge of total exhaustion. Tim sucked his fingers while his eyes ravished the boy's naked body. Tim's cock was already bone hard and viewing the naked angel to his right wasn't helping matters any. The taste of the boy's pee still lingered on inside his mouth, and the ass juice being sucked off his fingers only made Tim want the boy that much more.

Tim eased his body off of the bed and walked into the bathroom. Grabbing a clean towel and the bottle of lubricant, Tim walked back into the bedroom and gently slid his body back against Adam's left side. The boy didn't stir as Tim got back onto the bed, but this time Tim leaned his hulking frame on his right side so his eyes could freely wander up and down Adam's perfectly tanned nude body. Tim wanted so badly to feel his cock slide up the boy's ass, but he didn't want to just do it, he wanted Adam to be fully aware of what he was doing, so he just lay there on his right side admiring the naked boy.

In time, a few short minutes later, Adam's glossy eyes began to hastily blink. When his eyes started focusing on his surroundings, one of the first things he noticed was Tim's thick one eyed monster staring straight at him. Reaching down with his left hand, Adam stretched his fingers as wide as they could stretch around the man's enormous beast, still unable to make his fingertips touch one another. Adam's lips parted and Tim's heart melted as the boy's utmost precious smile splashed across his gorgeous face. Turing his head to face Tim's, Adam softly whispered,

"Would you like to fuck me?"

Tim rubbed his left index finger across the boy's cherry colored lips, taking a deep breath, while smiling, then replied,

"No! I want to make love to you!"

Tim leaned further over and began gently kissing Adam's upper chest area, making sure his lips and tongue graced each perky little nipple. Adam was rubbing Tim's back with his left hand as his soft purrs bellowed from his panting open mouth. Tim kissed the boy's chest, working his lips down the boy's muscled stomach, resting his lips on Adam's flaccid cock. Adam spread his legs wide as Tim kissed up and down and all over the boy's slowly growing cock, taking the precious time to kiss and lick Adam's golden tanned nuggets. Adam began softly whimpering as the man's lips and tongue toyed with his cock and drained balls.

While Tim was softly kissing Adam's balls, Adam's voice cracked as he whispered,

"Can we uh, can we do it doggy-style?"

Tim lifted his head up, staring Adam in the eyes, smiled, then replied,

"Are you sure you want this?"

Adam quickly responded,

"More than you'll ever know!"

Tim guided Adam's left leg to Adam's right, placing the boy flat on his stomach. Adam instinctively arched his perfect little body up so that his knees and hands were pressing sharply into the mattress. Unable to resist, Tim slid his tongue up and down Adam's crack while inhaling the intoxicating mixture spewing from the boy's exposed asshole. While his tongue flickered and frolicked on Adam's asshole, Tim poured some of the lube into the palm of his left hand. With his left palm filled with the slippery substance, Tim began smearing it all over his rock hard cock.

Tim removed his mouth from the boy's ass, only to replace his tongue with two of his right fingers. Adam grunted and whimpered as the two slippery fingers slid all the way up his rectum. Feeling the love of Tim's fingers as they danced around inside his anal canal, Adam began rocking his body forwards and backwards, using his asshole to fuck the man's probing fingers.

Adam cried out,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this feeeeeeeelsssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood!"

Tim added a third finger, causing Adam to groan louder and work his ass on the fingers at more of a thrashing type pace. His ass burned a little, but Adam simply loved to feel the way Tim's fingers were manipulating his ass to utter perfection. Tim knew he really had to not only stretch the boy's asshole a bit, but he had to make sure the boy's anal canal was well lubricated. As time pressed on, Tim continuously applied more and more lubricant up the boy's willing ass.

Now, with three fingers sliding in and out of the boy's ass rather easily, Tim decided the time was right to add a fourth. Adam screamed as the fourth finger shot up his ass, stretching his anal canal wider than ever before. Though Adam was in some form of obvious pain, the boy continued slamming his ass onto Tim's fingers, grunting and moaning, purring like some little loving kitten. While his fingers were being fucked by the boy's fucking ass, Tim poured some more lubricant onto his throbbing cock and ass plowing fingers.

Adam screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt, NOW! NOW damnit, fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee NOW! Pleeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssse!

Tim removed his fingers, wiped off the excess lube glistening on his fingers with the towel, took a hold of the base of his cock with his left hand and guided it straight up to Adam's already sealed asshole. Tim pushed with an effortless ease and felt the boy's asshole open, locking its flesh around the crown of his cock. Adam grunted ever so loudly as the man's cock spread his asshole wider than he had ever encountered thus far. The fiery pain seared through his body with tormented force.

Tim stopped once he had a good four inches up Adam's ass, keeping himself absolutely motionless. Placing both hands on Adam's hips, taking a firm, but gentle hold, Tim steadied himself as he watched the boy's body convulse wildly. Adam was torn between slinging his head from side to side and biting the pillow that lay before him. Never had he ever felt as much pain as the pain he was now enduring, feeling every square inch of Tim's thick cock.

Within a few seconds, the boy's wild body convulsing motion subsided and Tim pushed two more solid inches in deeper, causing Adam to react wildly once more. The boy's heavy grunts and pain stricken whimpers scorched through the air like the heat from an erupting volcano. With the boy's body bucking so wildly, Tim's cock slid the rest of the way home, striking Adam's tight little nuggets with his own free swinging balls.

Tim's fingers tightened their grip on Adam's hips as Adam's anal canal muscles coiled and clutched all over his ass invading cock. The heat was mind boggling as it slowly began crawling over every square inch of his meaty cock, feeling as though it was trapped inside a commercial grade oven. Holding himself still, Tim grunted and growled at the pleasures his cock was sending his rapidly spinning brain. Adam too, was grunting and growling, but it certainly wasn't from anything close to pleasure, or at least, not just yet.

Just like Adam knew it would, something inside his ass snapped, voiding his body completely of the tormenting pain, being quickly replaced by absolute pleasure. Once that pleasurable feeling swarmed his entire body, Adam began humping his ass onto the man's thick cock, clamping his ass muscles down with each violent thrust. Tim started thrusting his meat, timing the boy's own thrust, forcing his balls to smack Adam's nuggets with each forward plunge.

Adam was in sheer heaven as he ground his cock filled ass onto Tim's impressive love pole. No longer was he whimpering from pain, but now, he was whimpering from feeling Tim's cock pound his ass like never before. One violent thrust after another as the two, Adam's asshole and Tim's cock, greeted one another with body thudding energy.

Reaching behind him, Adam grabbed the cheeks of his own ass and yanked them wider so he could feel more of Tim's cock pile drive in and out of his chute. With his head pressing into the mattress, Adam could only moan as he continued to rock his ass harshly onto Tim's man sized cock. Tim used the boy's hips to help him thrust even harder, yanking the boy backwards onto his flesh smacking cock with each and every inward stroke. The gut wrenching sound of flesh striking flesh soared heavily inside the room, but neither Tim nor Adam gave a shit. They were both too lost in the heat of the moment to care about their surroundings.

After several minutes of hard anal pounding, Tim had to slow things down a bit cause he could feel his cum start to boil. Though he tried like hell to slow down his ass plowing motion, Adam however, continued thrusting his little ass as hard as he could onto the man's ass pleasing cock. Before Tim could do anything, his balls pumped out his thick sperm, shooting the creamy liquid deeper up the boy's rectum. Adam moaned louder with each of Tim's sperm bullets striking his anal canal with brain sensing power. Adam's cock began twitching and jerking as Tim had no choice but to thrash his cock with all intensity in and out of the boy's milking ass.

Tim fucked the boy's ass until his cock was completely sperm free, but still rock hard. Feeling the need to change positions so that he could be more in control, Tim carefully flipped the boy onto his back, keeping his hard cock lodged inside Adam's ass during the entire process. Grabbing Adam's calves, Tim pushed the boy's legs way over his head, causing Adam's knees to extend up and beyond his ears, sharply impaling the soft mattress.

Adam immediately began huffing and puffing as he now could feel more of Tim's horse cock work its miracle in and out of his cock hungry asshole. Tim obliged the boy by hammering his beefy cock as hard as he could knowing that the probability of him having the need to cum again was less than slightly. As long as his cock stayed hard, Tim told himself he would fuck the boy all night long. As far as Adam was concerned, he certainly didn't have any problems with the way Tim was pleasing him. In Adam's eyes, he wanted to stay in this position forever!

Tim was royally pounding his cock into Adam's mystifying asshole as hard as his body would allow him and Adam was using every ounce of strength he could possibly muster to clamp down on his ass muscles, trapping the pile driving cock with his constricting muscles.

Lowering his face, Tim's tongue reached out and began flickering across Adam's lips. Tim placed both of his large hands behind Adam's head and forced the boy's mouth onto his. Their tongues immediately greeted one another as Tim found the strength to plow his cock harder up the boy's muscle clamping chute. Their whimpers and grunts were muffled as their tongues frolicked wildly inside the others super hot mouth.

Lost in time and captured by their tormented lust, both Tim and Adam basked in the vast pleasures their bodies were now being devoured with. Tim had hammered his cock into Adam's ass for such a long time and now was enjoying the boy's drenching saliva escaping Adam's mouth and entering his own that his own orgasm caught him off guard. With one heavy pile driving plunge, Tim's body went into a massive convulsion as his cock began spitting his thick seed ever so heavily deeper up Adam's anal chute. Adam felt the gooey thick sperm shoot deeper up his rectum, sending waves of further pleasure coursing all over his crunched up body.

While Tim was fucking his sperm shooting cock harshly in and out of Adam's ass, Adam's cock joined in as well, firing his thick rich cream between their two bodies with the first wave striking both of them just under their chins. With both of their cocks spitting their hot seed, Tim and Adam's passionate tongue swapping kissing grew into more of a mad mouth sucking slurping ordeal.

Their bodies convulsed, violently shaking as their sperm pumped steadily from their erupting cocks. Their moans and grunts, whimpers and purrs were only sounds that were muffled by their sealed mouths trapping their true sounds. Tim was in total shock as to how long his powerful orgasm lasted as he fucked his rapidly softening cock as hard as he could in and out of Adam's muscle churning ass. Adam as well was being tormented by his own orgasm. His little body convulsed massively and his mind had already escaped his body, leaving him with nothing but pure heavenly joy.

Tim's now flaccid cock slipped out of Adam's anal clutching confinement, sliding down the boy's upturned crack. Their lips broke their locked seal and Tim couldn't resist using his tongue to swipe off the dripping liquid running down the boy's throat. Tim licked all over Adam's throat, wanting to devour every ounce of the boy's sperm, moaning as the pure taste soothed his throat. Tim licked all over Adam's chest, working downwards, ending up with just the very crown of Adam's now flaccid cock gracing his lips. Tim made sure that Adam's delicious body was completely void of the boy's sweeter than sweet sperm, and once he did so, Tim literally collapsed onto the bed, on Adam's left side.

Both Adam and Tim lay on their backs panting harshly with both of their eyes closed. It was then that Tim realized he had never fucked anyone for such a lengthy time as this time he had just spent fucking young Adam. Adam too, realized that this was the longest time anyone had ever plowed his ass and if he could muster the energy, he would have no problem stuffing Tim's meaty pole back up his ass. For now, his ass felt more empty than ever before.

In time, both Tim and Adam regained their normal breathing. Adam rolled onto his left side, looking Tim square in the eyes, then softly whispered,

"Tim, tonight was the best night of my life. I can't thank you enough. If only we could..."

Tim placed a finger upon the boy's speaking lips, then offered,

"Shush...Believe me, the feeling is mutual. It is I who can never repay you for tonight. You are so gorgeous in every way. If there was a way I could keep you all to my own, believe me, I'd do it in a heartbeat."

Adam smiled, then lovingly whispered,

"I know of a way!"

What Tim found out that night was that Adam had no family. He lived in an orphanage. The following two weeks, Tim pulled every legal string he could to see what all he had to do in order to adopt Adam. Tim's spotless police record aided in the cause and before the summer was over, both Adam and Tim were standing tall in front of a family court judge. After speaking before the judge for nearly twenty minutes, the judge declared the adoption to be valid.

One year later, after legally adopting Adam, Tim and Adam purchased a home just off the beach. Now, after befriending Seth's parents, Seth became a house guest every summer. Though Seth is still somewhat straight, now the three of them enjoy each others company as far as sex is concerned.

Every time Tim looks at Adam, he now knows what tantalizing torture is all about!