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Teacher's Pet
by Winter


* * * * * *
Late May; finals approaching
* * * * * *

Todd kept tapping his pencil against the table, while he tried to wrap his head around the last few math problems he had been assigned. It was a habit he had inherited, so to speak from both his father and his older brother, Kent. Every now and then, hoping he was finally beginning to understand what he was doing, he would write for a little while, then return to his tapping. All the time, he kept stealing glances of the man sitting across the table from him. Lucas was in his mid-twenties, which made him about eight years Todd's elder, and he was now reading a book while he waited for Todd to finish his problems.

He made sure to take a good look now that Lucas wasn't watching him, letting his gaze wander all over the man's sharp features, pausing to marvel at his soft, platinum blond hair, then following the strong neck down to the well-chiselled chest, more highlighted than hidden by a tight t-shirt. Todd steeled himself to finish the last few problems, arriving after some hard concentration to answers that seemed at least plausible. Once he was done, he returned to tapping his pencil once more, not wanting to break the silence just yet. He looked up again, careful not to draw attention to himself, admiring his tutor's natural beauty.

Lucas had a body to die for, at least in Todd's eyes. He blushed a bit as he felt his briefs grow tighter, smiling to himself as he watched every movement of the muscles in Lucas's arm as he turned a page in his book. 'How come every single thing the man does is so unbelievably sexy?' Todd thought to himself, reaching down to adjust his slightly uncomfortable package. Then he jumped as Lucas spoke out in a fairly loud, classroom type of voice, without even glancing up from the page he was reading.

"Are you finished?" Todd waited until their eyes met, then nodded, while he felt himself almost drowning in those large, grey eyes. "Good. Let me check your answers."

"Here they are, sir." Todd handed over his papers, then sat back, waiting to start admiring his teacher and tutor once more, as soon as he had started correcting the problems. Lucas, however, just took the papers, and smiled as he kept his eyes locked to the boy's. Todd fidgeted, becoming nervous. "Uhm, would you like a coke, sir?"

"Yes, thank you." The smile turned warm. "I'd love one."

Todd froze for a second or two, his heart fluttering at the smile he had just been given. With an effort of will he got up from the table and walked over to the fridge, careful to keep his by now obvious erection pointed away from Lucas. Behind his back, he could hear a quiet chuckle, which he knew was aimed at his awkward embarrassment. He blushed again, deeper this time. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be hidden from that man. Taking his time to pick out two cans of chilled soda, Todd kept thinking about his love for his teacher.

At first, it had been just a school boy crush, but by the time his last year of school had started it had evolved into full-fledged love. 'And lust,' he thought, trying to will his boner to go down, but failing. Just the knowledge that he wasn't in a classroom full of teenagers, but in his own home, alone with the object of his desires and wet dreams, made him horny beyond words. Giving up every thought of hiding himself, he hurried back to the table, sitting down just as Lucas looked up from the papers. If the teacher had seen anything, he didn't let on. He just smiled again as Todd handed him his drink, popped the can and took a long swig.

"Thanks, Todd, I didn't realise I was so thirsty."

"You're welcome, sir," Todd said, blushing slightly. "I got pretty thirsty, too."

"Probably from all the hard work," Lucas said, returning the papers. "Well done."

"Really?" Todd beamed, hastily looking through his replies and finding fewer notes in red than ever. "Wow, I'm getting better!"

"I'd say you are. That paper would have given you a B-. Not a bad improvement for a few weeks' work, eh?"

"I guess not."

"Just a bit more, and you'll be sure to get the grades you need. You'll pass your finals with flying colours."

"Wow. Thanks, sir. Really, I mean it, thanks a lot."

"You're welcome, Todd." That smile again. "It's been a pleasure tutoring you. I knew all along you'd make it."


"Yeah, you're a smart kid, really intelligent. All you needed was a little push."

"I guess so, sir." Todd looked down, blushing again. "I'm just dumb when it comes to maths."

"Not dumb, Todd. You just don't have a talent for maths, that's all. Your skills lie elsewhere."

"Thanks, sir."

"Todd," Lucas said, shaking his head and laughing. "What would it take to get you to stop calling me sir? We're not in class, you know."

"Sorry, Mr Drake," Todd replies, grinning. "I just can't help it, Mr Drake."

"Cheeky bugger," Lucas muttered under his breath. "Well, we're done for the day, I guess. What time is it?"

"Half past two, sir."

"You did say that Tina would spend the night with her friend, didn't you?" Todd nodded. "What time will your parents be home?"

"Well, they said they'd stay with aunt Louise for dinner, which is about six, then there's a two-hour drive, which means they'll be home in... uhm... six and a half hours."

"Five and a half hours, Todd."

"Really, sir? Don't you think you should check with your calculator?"

"Lay it off, Todd, we both know you can count, even if I did see you tick off your fingers."

"I did not! Honestly, sir!"

"I know." Lucas laughed. "I'm just pulling your leg."

"Oh, sir!" Todd feigned being hurt, but after a few second of pouting, he couldn't hold back a boyish giggle . "Uhm, sir?"

"Yes, Todd?"

"What are we going to do for five and a half hours?"

"Well, maybe we could play a game of chess or two. Otherwise I'll just slip on home and watch some TV before dinner."

"Sir, please..."

"Or maybe I'll go downtown and catch a movie."

"Lucas, please don't tease me!"

Their eyes met, and after a little while, the tutor's eyes softened. Todd felt his face crack up into a wide grin as Lucas got up from his seat and walked around the table to lean down over Todd, his arms wrapped around the boy's chest. When he spoke, his voice was raspy and low, giving Todd goosebumps.

"I won't, little one." Todd felt soft lips touch his ears, making his erection throb. "Did I ever let you down?"

"No, sir, not ever."

Lucas stood up, letting the tips of his fingers brush against Todd's face, making the boy shudder with delight. Together, they left the kitchen and made their way upstairs. Deliberately, Lucas trailed behind, getting a good view of his student's backside as Todd hurried ahead. When they reached Todd's bedroom door, the boy's hands were shivering with excitement. Lucas reached out and took hold of them, turning him around so they faced each other. Before Todd could say anything, Lucas pulled him close and kissed him, running a hand through his light brown hair. He could feel Todd's boner press against his thigh, and as always the boy's strong, almost raw sexuality turned him on to no end. Todd's hands were all over his back, and Lucas reciprocated by cupping his buttocks.

Moaning into their kiss, Todd shivered all over, his eyes unfocused and glazed over as if he were about to faint. The two of them moved as close together as they possibly could, not leaving even a hair's width between their bodies. By this time, Lucas was so hard it hurt, and having Todd thrust against him was rapidly bringing him closer to orgasm. Judging by the boy's ragged breath, Todd was getting close as well. Before either of them embarrassed himself, Lucas pulled back, turning to open the bedroom door. Todd's first look of disappointment soon turned into a wide, lustful grin. 'Hell,' Lucas thought to himself, 'is he really seventeen?'

At times, Todd seemed far too mature for his age, especially when their conversations moved into his areas of expertise, such as history, English, literature or social issues, but whenever they focused on maths, the one subject where Todd was just about average, he would end up looking like a kid being forced to do some boring chore. And when they approached the subject of sex, the little boy in him appeared again. This time, though, it was a little boy on his way to a camping trip, or waking up on Christmas morning. Joyful and playful and eager to try anything he could think of. Lucas was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't really notice how they got naked, nor how they ended up on Todd's bed.

Kissing like long lost lovers.


* * * * * *
The previous November; new teacher
* * * * * *

Lucas started teaching at Todd's school late in the semester, his first full-time assignment as a highschool teacher, stepping in for a mild heart attack. It hadn't taken more than one or two classes with the twelfth grade maths group, before he started noticing the quiet boy sitting in the back of the room. Whenever he glanced at Todd out of the corner of his eye, he would find the boy looking at him. Not really staring, but watching him the way someone would watch a piece of art. From time to time, Lucas would meet his hazel eyes, and Todd always looked away, sometimes blushing. A teen boy crush, he decided, remembering the tales he'd heard from the other teachers, but with the difference that this was a boy, having a crush on a male teacher. If such a thing had happened before, it hadn't reached the staff room.

At first, Lucas thought it was cute, flattering in a way. He never did anything to encourage his student, though, knowing fully well that his career might be in jeopardy if someone even suspected something like that. As time passed, and Todd's problems with math became apparent, the two of them often met after class, or after school, to talk about something that Todd hadn't fully understood. During these times, Lucas could feel that the crush was deepening. Todd would stutter, or he would blush for no apparent reason, and at times Lucas could spot glimpses of a tent in the boy's trousers.

And every time they met face to face, he found that his defences were wearing down. Slowly but surely, even though Todd made no advances or any attempts to reveal his feelings, Lucas began to think about him more and more often.

In more and more erotic ways.


* * * * * *
Late May; forgetting about the finals
* * * * * *

Todd lost it no more than a minute after they had laid down on his bed, his body crushed beneath thelean yet powerful body that was Lucas, his breath sucked away by the most manly lips he could have ever imagined. He groaned loudly, squirting his semen between their bellies while his mind disappeared into a bright haze. When he got his sight back, he was staring into Lucas's deep, grey eyes. He blushed deeply as his tutor grinned wryly, holding up two fingers all but covered in white goo. Lucas chuckled as Todd sucked his fingers clean, and once he was done, Todd couldn't withhold a giggle.

"I'm sorry, sir," he said meekly. "I didn't even feel it coming."

"Well, I sure did," Lucas said, laughing as Todd's blush deepened even further. "My stomach is still sticky, boy."

Todd's heart fluttered, as it always did when Lucas called him 'boy' or 'son', or other pet names his tutor had for him. Hurrying to comply with the unspoken request, he got up on his knees and leaned down to start licking Lucas's belly. He took his time, drawing slow circles on those hairy, rock-hard abs with his tongue and his lips, pausing now and then to tease Lucas's bellybutton, making the man giggle like a boy. Once he was done he sat up, leaning back against the headrest. Lucas looked him up and down, then swiped up some cum from Todd's slightly chubby stomach with a finger, holding it up for him to clean.

Taking the hint, Todd used his own fingers to clean himself up as well, knowing fully well that seeing him lick them clean would turn Lucas on. Mr Drake, he corrected himself, remembering with a smile just who was in charge when they had sex. Not that he would have it any other way; being the submissive one appealed to something deep inside him, some hidden need that hadn't emerged until the two of them had started getting it on. A need to be cared for, to be looked after.

To be dominated.


* * * * * *
The previous December; a much-needed holiday
* * * * * *

The Christmas holidays came as a relief for Lucas. He found it increasingly hard not to respond to the obvious love that was poured at him, every time he stayed behind at school to help Todd with whatever they were learning at the moment. As the weeks went by, he was seriously beginning to fear that he might get involved in something that would lead to disaster. Two weeks without school, two weeks without Todd, would be the perfect thing to calm down the increasing rush of feelings.

Two weeks with the extended family; eating food, exchanging gifts, watching silly TV shows and being trampled by a veritable horde of nieces and nephews and cousins and children of cousins. True, it would also mean two weeks of merciless taunting, for being the only member of the Drake clan in a hundred years to reach twenty-seven without producing any offspring. So far, he had been let off with his life and sanity intact, thanks to his intense studies to become a teacher, but now that he had been out of college for more than six months, he would be expected to have at least two little ones and a third on the way. The Drake's were almost infamous for their fertility.

He toyed with the thought of standing up at the Christmas dinner table, tap his glass with his knife to get everyone's attention, then announce his homosexuality for everybody to hear. That might be fun, yes, but it would cause at least three heart attacks and who knows how many faints. Not to mention a juicy scandal that would take generations for the more religiously prominent family members to live down. No, the Drake clan was not yet ready for a queer member.

He hummed happily to himself as he put away the last of his paperwork and picked up his briefcase. Todd had been in a hurry to get home that day, and was probably on his way to his own family Christmas get-together by now, so there had been no last-minute bouts of temptation. The last school week of the year had been really bothersome. Todd had been waiting for him after each and every math class, and had come to see him at the end of each and every school day, his love and lust almost tangible. All the while they were together without anybody seeing them, Lucas had to keep his hands busy in order to stop himself from grabbing Todd around the neck and kissing him.

Every time he saw Todd, the boy seemed to look better, until he was all Lucas ever thought about, all he ever desired. All he ever loved. Todd wasn't the classic beauty; his nut-brown hair was always a bit unruly, his light brown eyes were a bit too large for his small, slightly round face, often making him look like a puppy dog. And he still had to lose that last baby fat that made him a bit plump. He was shorter than average, and he didn't really look like a seventeen-year-old boy. More like fourteen or fifteen, Lucas thought. He suspected that Todd had been late reaching puberty, but he had never found any valid reason to ask. In fact, they didn't talk much at all about their own lives during those moments together, but kept strictly to business as they spoke about calculus and geometry and Todd's true bane; trigs.

But their eyes spoke of other things.


* * * * * *
Late May; his first true taste of Todd
* * * * * *

Lucas kept stroking himself slowly while he watched as Todd squeezed the last droplets of cum from his flaccid penis, pulling the foreskin back to run his thumb along the ridge of the head. The sight made him want to flip the boy over onto his back and proceed to fuck him hard, but he managed to control himself. There would be time for that later. Smiling happily, Todd spread his legs and stuck out his stomach to show that he was clean. Lucas nodded approvingly.

"That's better."

"Thank you, sir."

"Would you get my briefcase, son?"

"Right away!"

Without hesitating, Todd took off downstairs, still as naked as the day he was born. Lucas watched those round buttocks disappear from sight, then leaned back, sighing with content. Todd was so obedient, so totally trusting when it came down to all things sexual. No questions, no wondering what it was that he was supposed to bring. Just an eagerness to please that went beyond anything Lucas had ever experienced. It awoke a kind of paternal instinct in him, something that he hadn't expected to encounter, being gay. Combined with his sexual lust for the boy, it made his love for Todd a warm, deep one. He'd had sexual partners before, but this was the first time he had ever been in love.

His thoughts were interrupted as Todd returned, his reviving boner leading the way. He handed over the briefcase, soaking up the smile he got as thanks. Lucas knew better than to ask if Todd had peeked inside; trust had to be met by trust, that had quickly become the chief rule of their relationship. He opened the briefcase and rummaged through it slowly, pretending that he couldn't find what he was looking for. Todd watched him intensely, bouncing slightly as he sat on the edge of the bed, too curious to sit still yet too polite to pry. After a minute or two, Lucas decided that he'd had enough fun. By then, Todd's eyes were bulging as he tried to get a glimpse of what Lucas was looking for. The boy got a puzzled look on his face as Lucas pulled out two sheets of paper, but he tried his best to hide his disappointment. Not well enough, though.

"Don't look so glum, boy," Lucas said, handing him the papers. "You'll like these, I guarantee it. They're nothing like school work."

Nodding meekly, Todd took the papers and started reading. By the time he had gone through the first one, a smile that could have melted an iceberg spread across his lips, and when he had finished reading he had tears in his eyes.

"All tests negative. D-does this mean..." he whispered, but he choked on his words and had to start over again. "Does this mean we can skip the condoms?"

"Yes, it does."

This lead to another round of hugs and kisses, and the two of them were shouting out their relief and joy. As soon as they had calmed down somewhat, Lucas broke the kiss and moved down the bed. Todd held his breath, his entire body trembling as his lover's lips closed around his now once more rigid four-and-a-half inches. Lucas relished in the flavour of the boy's pre-cum, even sweeter than he had imagined. He could barely wait for the real thing, so he started sucking hard, giving the best head he had ever given. It seemed like only a few seconds had passed when Todd cried out and started squirting into Lucas's mouth. He resisted the urge to swallow, keeping all of the sweet liquid in his mouth, thoroughly enjoying what was probably the best thing he had ever tasted. There was very little salt in Todd's semen; it was like drinking sugar water, only so much better because it had come from his beloved boy. He swallowed some of it, then pulled Todd down so they could share the rest in a loving kiss.

"Oh wow," Todd sighed once he had his senses back. "That felt way better than with a rubber."

"Yeah, for me, too. I always call you my sweet boy, now I know it's true."

"Sir, you're so wicked!" Todd blushed, but Lucas could see in his eyes that he had enjoyed the compliment. "Uhm, sir?"

"Yes, son?"

"Would you make love to me, sir? For real? Without a condom, I mean?"

"Sure. That's what I had planned." He grinned, the lust shining from his eyes almost making Todd cringe. "I'm gonna breed you tonight, my boy."

"Oh, sir..."

"And I don't care if I get you pregnant."

"Oh sir, you're teasing me again." Todd blushed deeply. "But I don't mind, I love it when you talk like that."

"I know you do, my sweet. I love you, Todd. Forever and always."

"I love you too, sir."

Todd reached over to his nightstand and brought back a tube of K-Y, which he handed to Lucas, then he rolled over to lie on his back and raised his knees as high as he could. Lucas took a pillow and pushed it in underneath the boy's butt, then he opened the tube. Todd shuddered as the chilly lube came in contact with his anus, then moaned as Lucas slipped a finger inside him.

"Sir, please don't stretch me."

"Why not? You know it'll hurt if you're not properly prepared."

"Yeah, but..." He blushed. "I want it to hurt, sir. I want it to be as if you're taking my cherry all over again."

"Okay, if you say so, my son. But you must tell me to stop if it hurts too much, understand?"

"Yes, sir, I promise I will. But I know I can take it."

Lucas nodded, feeling too agitated and too touched by this gesture to trust his voice. By now he was so hard, harder than he could remember being since his days of teenage boners. He could understand the symbolic meaning of this; it would be their first time making love without protection, with nothing at all separating them from one another, and it was clearly very important to Todd. After he had finished lubing Todd's butt, using one finger only, Lucas made sure that his cock was really slick, taking good care not to touch himself too much. He wanted this to last for a long time.

Breathing hard, he lined himself up, then started slowly pushing his way inside.


* * * * * *
Previous late December; illness and closeness
* * * * * *

It started as a tickling in the back of his throat, as Lucas was sitting in his car navigating his way through rush hour traffic, after the year's last work day. By the time he got home he was feeling hot, and had a hard time concentrating on fixing himself dinner and watching some junk TV. He wrote it off as being tired, but the next morning he woke up with a high fever and all the symptoms of the flu. A quick visit from the family doctor confirmed his own suspicions; he would need to stay in bed, sleep a lot, drink plenty of water and keep himself warm, and just wait for the disease to run its course. Above-average healthy people, the doctor explained, wouldn't need medication unless their fever got too high, so all Lucas would have to do was check his temperature now and then. Luckily, this year's flu was a mild one.

So he spent the next few days just like that, only leaving his bed to answer the call of nature or to get himself more water, and perhaps some tiny titbit that he could force down. He called his mother to let her know he would miss out on the year's festivities, and it had taken a good while and most of his strength to talk her out of rushing over to care for him. It took repeating the doctor's orders about lots of sleep, peace and calm, to persuade her in the end. That, and accepting that she would be over on boxing day with a vat of piping hot hovezi polevka.

The good thing, Lucas kept telling himself as New Year's Eve was drawing close, was that at least he didn't spend too much time thinking about Todd. The fever had slowly started to break, but he was still too sick do get out of bed much. He had just woken up after a short nap, and was trying to focus on a book when the phone rang. Expecting another offer of food he could barely stomach and company he was really too tired to enjoy, he sighed and waited a few rings before he picked it up.

"Hello," he croaked, his voice not used to talking. The other end was silent. "Hello, is anybody there?"

"Mr Drake?"

"Todd?" Lucas felt his heart skip a beat, and a warm feeling spread through his chest. All of a sudden he not only felt better, but he was also beginning to get aroused. "Todd, is that you?"

"Yeah." The voice was low, little more than a subdued whisper. "I was just... I mean... I just wanted to hear how you're doing."

"Not too well, actually," Lucas said, pausing for a second. Even the boy's quiet breathing sounded sexy, somehow. Every resolve he had made to himself to stop thinking this way broke down pretty much immediately. "I've been down with the flu ever since school rang out."

"I know. My mom heard it from her hairdresser, who heard it from the baker, who heard it from an aunt of yours, I think." Todd giggled softly, a sound that made Lucas's heart skip a beat. "I guess pretty much the whole town knows you're ill."

"I suppose," Lucas said, not for the first time wishing that he had a slightly less wide-spread, slightly less talkative family. "Thanks for calling, that's really nice of you. So, uhm, how have you been?"

"Bored, mostly. My sister's got the flu as well, so I can't go see any of my friends until we know I'm not gonna be sick."

"Doesn't sound like much fun."

"No, guess not." They both fell silent. Lucas tried desperately to think of anything to say, but his mind wasn't really working. Apparently, it was just as bad for Todd. After almost a minute's deathly awkward silence, Todd spoke again, his voice almost too low to hear. "So, uhm, I was wondering... I was wondering..."

He stopped, but Lucas felt absolutely certain that he knew what the boy was trying to say. The question was, would it be a good idea? His heart screamed 'yes!', supported by an almost as loud voice situated lower on his body, but his brain wasn't about to relent. 'What if something happened?' it insisted. 'So what?' the other two answered. 'He's seventeen, you're not talking about a kid, you know. He knows what he wants, and he probably knows what you want, too.' Lucas chewed his lower lip for a second. Was this really what he wanted? Before he had made up his mind, before he knew what he was doing, he spoke into the receiver.

"Yes, Todd. You may come over if you want to."


* * * * * *
Late May; love and captivity
* * * * * *

Todd cried out as Lucas entered him, pain searing through his body as he was forced open. In his mind, though, he was experiencing such pleasure he thought he would faint. Somehow, it was as if they were making love for the first time, all over again. Lucas felt so warm, so soft yet so hard inside him. So alive, as opposed to when covered in latex. He could feel the tip of Lucas's cock brush against his prostate, making him gasp with pleasure. The talk about breeding had excited him to no end, and Todd prayed silently that he wouldn't pass out when Lucas finally shot his seed inside him.

He opened his eyes, not even remembering when he closed them, and smiled up at his teacher/lover. The lusty grin he got in return, together with the love that shone out of Lucas's wonderful, large grey eyes, made him feel like he wanted time to stop. As if he wanted to stay in this moment forever, never again feeling anything but this ultimate joy. Then he felt more pressure on his prostate, and he discarded that thought. All he wanted now was to feel his man come inside him.

As Lucas sped up his thrusts, he started playing with Todd's flaccid penis, making him purr with pleasure. The first few times they had made love, Lucas had been worried about the fact that Todd lost his erection as soon as he was entered, but by now they had accepted that as a fact. It didn't diminish the boy's level of fun. In fact, even though he never came during the actual fuck, Todd loved the way Lucas always made sure to give him pleasure back afterwards. He smiled; today he'd even got his blow job before the act. Todd was so lost in his thoughts and his bliss that he didn't feel it at first when a terrible emptiness invaded the place where seven inches of thick cock should have been.

"Sir...?" He turned over to his side to see Lucas sitting on the edge of the bed, his erection pointing at the ceiling while he rummaged through his briefcase again. "Sir, what...?"

"Hush, now," Lucas said, his tone slightly more stern than usual. "You've been a good boy today, Todd. I thought you deserved some extra fun. Close your eyes."

Todd wanted so badly to ask what the extra fun would be, but he knew better, now that he had been ordered to keep quiet. He squeezed his eyelids shut while he chewed his lower lip, a habit he had picked up from spending time with Lucas, and willed himself to stay still, even though he really wanted to bounce up and down with excitement. Then there was a clinketing sound of metal, and he felt his hands being pulled over his head, towards the headboard. Before he knew it, he was trapped. The two of them grinned at each other when Todd opened his eyes again, their love now laid aside for raw lust.

Todd pulled with his hands, but the handcuffs refused to give way.


* * * * * *
Previous late December; sweet budding love
* * * * * *

To Lucas's relief, nothing unfitting happened during the last few days before New Year's Eve. Todd came over for hours every day, but all they did was talk. The whole time, he could sense Todd's longing and desire; it was in his eyes, in his body's language, in his voice. It was in the way he sometimes did his best to hide the front of his trousers. But he behaved. Both of them did. They did grow a lot closer, though, and by the time the quarantine was lifted on Todd's family and the boy would soon have to depart for a belayed family gathering, Lucas knew that all that remained to be said between them were those three words. The words that would change the world forever. He couldn't bring himself to say them, though, and neither, it seemed, could Todd. 'Maybe later,' Lucas told himself. 'Once he's no longer in my class, once he's turned eighteen, then maybe...'

Their last day together was New Year's Eve, and Todd had somehow managed to get his mother's permission to spend the night at Lucas's, so they could stay up together and watch the fireworks. Although he was getting better every day, Lucas was still feeling weak, and during the afternoon he fell asleep on the couch while they were watching a movie. To his surprise, when he woke up there was a smell of food all over the apartment. Yawning, he got up from the couch, stretched, then headed into the kitchen. There he found Todd stirring a pot, humming to himself. Hearing Lucas's footsteps, he turned around with a bright smile on his lips, a smile that almost made Lucas gasp. How he wanted to kiss those full, red lips! But he managed to behave, and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Smells good," he said, returning the smile. "What little I can smell of it."

"It's not much, sir, just some spaghetti sauce."

"I didn't know you could cook." He had already tried to make Todd stop calling him 'sir' or 'Mr Drake', but with little success. "You're full of surprises."

"Mom taught me." Todd blushed, soaking up the compliment. "I cook for the family sometimes, especially when she's working late."

"That's nice of you. Very thoughtful. You're a good boy, Todd."

Lucas almost laughed out loud as Todd nearly dropped the fork he was using to stir the boiling spaghetti. Maybe he wasn't used to compliments. No, that wasn't it; Lucas had come to know Todd's parents during the semester, and the boy didn't seem to be at all neglected. Yet, every time Lucas said something even akin to a compliment, Todd would look like he'd won a million dollars. Part of the schoolboy crush, he thought, still refusing to admit even to himself that Todd was in love with him. Or, for that matter, that he was rapidly falling for the boy.

He really enjoyed making Todd beam with these little kind words, but it seemed that the 'good boy' line went beyond that. In Lucas's experience, teenagers always wanted to be treated as adults, especially boys as old as Todd. But Todd seemed to like being talked down to, to be treated as a kid rather than a grown-up. Compliments on his maturity went home fairly well, but every time Lucas said something, even jokingly, that let on to how much younger than him Todd actually was, the boy would shudder as if he'd just had an orgasm. Lucas didn't quite like the way this made him feel, yet the thought of being older, bigger, taller, more mature, it all got to him in a very sensual, almost erotic way.

After dinner they spent most of the night watching TV, switching between channels to follow the shows summarising the year that had passed, as well as following the new year as it hit one new time zone at the strike of every hour, from east to west. By the time the clock started ticking towards midnight, Lucas opened a bottle of low-alcohol wine and poured them a glass each. At the stroke of the hour, they stood on Todd's balcony, both well wrapped in blankets and holding their glasses, watching the fireworks begin all around town. They toasted the new year, moving closer to each other for warmth. Todd snuck an arm around Lucas's waist, and as a response Lucas laid his arm around the boy's shoulder. There they stood, sipping their wine, until Lucas got too cold and they had to get back inside. Todd made sure that his teacher was properly tucked in beneath an extra blanket, then he headed for the guest room, pausing to turn out the lights.

"Happy new year, sir," he said softly. "I think the new one will be a good one."

"I think so, too, Todd. Happy new year."


* * * * * *
Late May; fun and games
* * * * * *

Lucas paused to watch his restrained pupil closely, looking for any signs of distress. The happy face told him everything was all right, though, and so did Todd's cock, which was on the rise again now that his butt was empty. Which it wouldn't be for long, Lucas mused, now that he was convinced that he hadn't gone too far. They were still pushing their limits, still looking for new ways to make love.

"I borrowed them from a cop friend of mine," Lucas said as Todd tested his bonds. "I suppose I could have bought a pair, but I think a cousin of mine works at Bondage 'r' Us."

"Oh, sir," Todd giggled. "I thought it was your mom who worked there."

"Are you making fun of mamka Drake?" Lucas asked in a low, stern voice. "You've no idea just how much danger you're in, do you? People have suffered gruesome deaths for less."

Todd giggled again, then screamed with laughter as Lucas dug his fingers into his sides, tickling him without mercy. Lucas ignored the pleas for mercy and forgiveness, but when Todd began to threaten bed-wetting he relented. Instead, he lay down next to his boy and started kissing his side, dragging his tongue against the smooth, slightly sweaty skin. Todd squealed as Lucas's tongue found the few strands of hair that adorned his armpit, then moaned loudly when those trailing lips found his puffed right nipple. At the same time, Lucas let his hand toy with the left one, pinching it, then cupping the tiny breast that was formed by Todd's plumpness.

Looking down, he could see that Todd's cock was rock hard by now, and a string of pre-cum hung between the tip of his foreskin and his sparse, light brown pubes. Quenching his desire to suck the boy off again right then and there, Lucas instead left his nipples behind and started his way down Todd's stomach. Although not fat, Todd had a belly that was pushing out just above his groin, making him look even more baby-like. At first, he had apologised for not having a better body, but Lucas would hear nothing of it. He loved that chubby tummy, and felt as if he could spend hours cuddling it. Or licking it, for that matter. When he reached the bellybutton, there was another round of giggles as the ticklish Todd squirmed on the bed, unable to reach down and push his teacher off of him and at the same time unwilling to stop this delightful torture. Saving the real treat for later, with just one longing glance at the wet strands of Todd's bush, Lucas moved up the boy's body, planting little pecks and nips here and there until they were locked in a deep kiss. Breaking it before long, Lucas sat up, placing his hand over Todd's face.

"Close your eyes again, boy." He felt the eyelids move underneath his palm. "No peeking."

Lucas removed his hand, then paused for a little while to admire his beautiful lover. Todd's mouth was half open and he was breathing rapidly. Every now and then, a shudder of anticipation went through him, causing more pre-cum to dribble down his slim shaft. Lucas smiled, suddenly feeling almost teary-eyed. Could anything be more perfect, more beautiful? He knew that Todd didn't think he was perfect, that the boy even hated the way he looked at times, but for each time they spent together Lucas came closer to making him accept that he really was beautiful. Maybe not everybody would think so, but his teacher's words made more and more of an impression on Todd. 'At least he's not shy about being naked anymore,' Lucas thought as he stood up.

The movement and the creaking of the bed springs made Todd grunt, wanting something to happen, and happen soon. Still, Lucas took his time. There was no need to hurry, so he would take his sweet time and make sure everything was as close to perfect as it could ever get. Placing himself between Todd's stretched-out legs, he reached down and slipped the tip of his finger inside the boy's anus, satisfied that the tight passage was still well lubricated. Todd gasped, then moaned with pleasure, but he didn't move, and he didn't say anything. Such trust! Lucas felt a jolt of love rush through his system; he knew he would have to get started soon, or else he wouldn't even last a minute.

He squirted a few drops of K-Y onto his throbbing erection, letting the cool liquid help him relax as he rubbed it in. By now, Todd was shivering the whole time, and he decided that the poor boy had waited long enough. For a little while, he rubbed his hands all over Todd's stomach, then down to his hips and around to feel his soft buttocks. He grabbed Todd's thighs and raised them, then pressed his cock against the exposed hole. Todd let out a wordless cry as he was penetrated again, and Lucas knew there was some pain this time, too. The beginnings of tears appeared at the edges of the boy's closed eyelids, and his breathing got ragged.

Lucas paused for a moment, then slowly pushed on until he was all the way in. The tightness and the warmth nearly made him lose it right away, but he managed to keep from coming by sheer effort of will. When he felt he could move again safely, he pulled back a little, then pushed in again, making sure he could feel his cock rub against the hard nub of Todd's prostate. As always, the boy quickly turned completely flaccid, but the moans and groans he let hear told Lucas that he was enjoying himself. He sped up, and at the same time he leaned down and placed his elbows on each side of Todd's upper body.

"Open your eyes now, baby," he whispered. "Hi there."

"Hi, sir."

Their faces were just a few inches apart, and their eyes locked onto each other like magnets. Todd's lustful smile drove Lucas dangerously close again, so he slowed down his thrusts. Instead, he leaned down and started kissing the boy's face, his neck and even his ears. Every bit of Todd that he could reach, except for his lips. He could barely keep from laughing as Todd made it into a game, trying to catch Lucas's lips with his own each time they went past. They kept this up until they happened to bang their noses together, something that made them both laugh. After that, they kissed for real, with Todd gladly submitting to Lucas's invading tongue, even daring to play back with his own. Meanwhile, Lucas sped up again, shifting slightly so that he could bump Todd's prostate every time he went past it.

Todd's only response was to moan into their kiss, louder with each passing minute until he suddenly arched back, breaking the kiss and letting out a yell. For a second, Lucas thought he had hurt him, then he felt Todd's anus spasm, squeezing his cock and sending him into orbit. All other thoughts vanished from his mind, and all he could feel was his own orgasm as he shot his load inside his young lover. Eventually, his gun started firing blanks, and he let himself fall over to lie on his side next to his lover, his eyes closed and his energy all but spent. He kissed the side of Todd's face that he could reach, until the boy leaned over and playfully licked his nose. Lucas opened his eyes, and what met his gaze was the brightest smile he had ever seen. Judging by Todd's blush, Lucas was wearing a similar grin himself.

"Wow, sir, that was... wow!"

"Yeah," Lucas panted. "That was wow, I don't know what else to call it."

"I could feel it when you shot inside me, sir. It was so cool, and hot at the same time." He giggled. "And then this, too. That never happened before."


"Well, take a look." Todd grinned. "I came too, sir."

"You did?" Lucas took hold of the boy's flaccid penis and squeezed it gently, making a milky drop appear at the tip of his foreskin. "That's great, Todd, my sweet boy."

"Oh, sir, you have no idea how much I love you."

"Hush now, I love you just as much back." The words set Todd off blushing again, yet his happy smile was anything but embarrassed. "But now I'll have to clean you up again, you naughty boy!"

Todd squealed happily as Lucas lifted his legs and slapped his buttocks a few times, just hard enough to sting and redden the skin. Then he gasped as he felt his foreskin being pulled back, and a warm, wet tongue touch the tip of his dick. Lucas's head was almost spinning as his mouth once more filled with that oh so sweet boy flavour, and by the time he was done cleaning Todd's cock, it was all he could do to unlock the handcuffs, grab his boy in his arms and cuddle up to him, before he fell asleep.

By that time, Todd was already dreaming, smiling blissfully.


* * * * * *
New Year's Day; first kiss
* * * * * *

On the morning of New Year's Day, Lucas woke up feeling a lot better. The fever was almost gone, and he felt fully rested for the first time in days. He was just about to get up when there was a knock on the bedroom door. Before he could answer, the door opened, and Lucas felt his jaw drop. Todd was dressed in a pair of red briefs, sitting low enough that a few strands of his light brown pubic hair peeked out at the waistband, and a well-worn Elfquest t-shirt that ended just above his bellybutton. It was, Lucas thought, probably the most erotic sight he'd ever laid eyes on. Todd was carrying a tray, and his face lit up when he saw that Lucas was awake.

"Good morning, sir. I made us some breakfast, hope you don't mind."

"Uhm... no, certainly not." He sat up to hide his rising erection, and made an effort to compose himself. "Thanks a lot, Todd."

"There's eggs and bacon, cheese sandwiches, orange juice and coffee." Todd sat down on the edge of the bed, then scooted a little closer to Lucas. "Hope it's gonna taste all right."

"Dinner last night was excellent, so I'm sure this will be, too."


Todd blushed from the compliment, then turned an even deeper shade of red as Lucas moved over to give him room in the bed. Soon they were both sitting side by side, leaning against the headboard while they ate their breakfast. As it turned out, Lucas had been right. It was the best breakfast he'd had since he moved away from home, and he made sure to let Todd know. As he ate, he couldn't help thinking about just how close they were. Their hands had touched a couple of times as they reached for their food, mostly by accident, but Lucas couldn't be absolutely sure that it wasn't done on purpose. By them both.

Since he was sitting on top of the blankets, Todd's naked legs were on full display, and Lucas noticed that those tight briefs were quite a bit bulged. If he just moved his hand a few inches, he could rub a milky white thigh, or maybe tickle that strip of bare flesh between the t-shirt and the briefs. But he kept himself in check, knowing that Todd would have to leave before long. After that, he would have time to calm down, to make sure logic and caution prevailed over desire and love.


How easily that word had sprung to mind. And how hopelessly difficult it was to un-think it. Before he could break his train of thought, he felt the bed move as Todd got to his feet. Breakfast was over and done with, even though Lucas couldn't really remember what he had eaten last. Todd picked up the tray and headed for the door, and Lucas got up as well.

"Let me take care of the dishes."

"That's... ah, that's kind of you, sir... But perhaps you should get dressed first."

Lucas looked down, only then realising that he was wearing nothing but the pair of boxers that he had gone to sleep in last night, and that these were badly tented, almost stretched to breaking point. Blushing deeply, he covered himself with his hands.

"Mornings," he muttered. "Always the same."

"Yeah, I know," Todd said, giggling. "Although mine never lasted that long after I woke up."

"Endurance comes with age, boy," Lucas quipped, then made a shooing gesture towards the door. "Get out, now, let a man have his modesty!"

"Yes, sir."

Even though he took care of his toiletries and dressed as quickly as possible, the kitchen was still spotless by the time Lucas got there. Todd had also got dressed, and his overnight bag stood on the floor by the kitchen door.

"I thought I said I'd do the dishes."

"Sorry, sir." Todd stared at his feet, looking so much like a scolded puppy that it made Lucas's heart ache. "It's just... my mom will be here in a couple of minutes to pick me up. I just thought..."

"Hey, it's okay, no need to look sad." Lucas walked over and lifted Todd's chin so that their eyes could meet. "I just wanted to help, that's all. It's no big deal. Thank you, Todd. Not just for cooking breakfast and for cleaning the dishes, but for keeping me company while I've been sick. It's really nice of you."

"You're welcome, sir," Todd said, smiling warmly. "It was my pleasure."

They stood like that for what felt to Lucas like a very long time, staring into each other's eyes from just a few inches' distance. There was no mistaking it, not this close up; Todd's blue eyes were alit with love, and Lucas knew his probably were, as well. Without really thinking about what he was doing, Lucas placed his hand on the boy's hip, then let it slide behind his back. He pulled, ever so slightly, but it was all that was needed.

A blink of an eye later, his arms were filled with boy, and warm lips were pressed against his own. He opened his mouth slightly, and felt Todd's tongue slip inside. Any hesitations that remained, died away in that instance. It felt so right, so perfect that he never wanted the kiss to end. Through Todd's jeans and his own cotton trousers, he could feel their hard cocks rub against one another. Then it was all over. Todd's cell phone rang, and the boy had to clear his throat several times before he could answer. He spoke quietly a couple of times, then hung up.

"That was mom, she'll be here in just a minute."

"Oh." Lucas couldn't think of anything to say. "So... uhm... I guess I'll see you in class, then, next Monday?"

"I guess so." Todd kept wringing his hands, looking nervous. "Ah, sir?"

"Yes, Todd?"

"Sir, my mom and dad are... well, they're thinking about getting me a... a tutor. Because I'm no good at maths. And, well, I was wondering if... if maybe..."

"I think that might be a good idea, Todd. What you need is a bit more time and a bit more guidance, and you'll make excellent grades, I'm sure."

"You really think so, sir?"

"Yes, I really think so. And I'd be happy to be your tutor."

"Great!" Todd grinned widely, then suddenly he blushed. "Sir, do you think... Well, do you think we could... uhm... maybe kiss again, when you come to tutor me?"

"I think, maybe we could."

"Really, sir?"

"Yes, Todd, really. I think... I think I would like that."

The wonderful smile he got in return was worth any trouble they might possibly be getting themselves into. Todd spotted his mother's car down on the street outside, and leaned in for another quick peck on the lips before he hurried off.

Lucas sat down at the kitchen table, feeling happier than ever before.


* * * * * *
Late May; tomorrow and always
* * * * * *

There was still about half an hour to go until Todd's parents would come home, when the two of them stepped out of the bathroom and raced naked towards Todd's room, giggling like pre-school boys. It had been a well-needed shower, but it had also been yet another opportunity to play around. Todd kept licking his lips, his first taste of Lucas's semen still fresh in his mouth. They dressed reluctantly, not really wanting their longest time together since New Year's Day almost six months ago, to come to an end. Yet it did end. In no time at all, Todd's parents arrived, and Lucas made himself ready to leave after exchanging the usual pleasantries. In the hall, on his way out, he met Todd.

"I'll see you in class, sir."

"Yeah, you too. And next Saturday, of course."

"Mhm." Todd blushed a little. "Sir, today was great. The best ever."

"I think so, too, Todd," Lucas whispered. "I love you."

"Love you, too, sir. Will you call me tomorrow?"

"Sure, babe."

They shared a quick peck on the lips, not daring to lose themselves into something too deep, then Lucas left. Halfway to his car, he turned around and spotted a dark silhouette in the kitchen window, waving to him. Feeling a little sheepish, he still waved back, smiling to himself the way he knew Todd would be smiling, inside, then he headed for the car. He knew he hadn't been lying. Today had been the best ever, not just because they had finally got rid of the condoms, but because he felt that they were growing closer with each passing week. Not just as lovers, but as friends. As... partners? Another word that had been hard to admit thinking, but which came easier and easier. Whenever he thought about his future, he would find Todd there. School would be out soon, and Todd's eighteenth birthday wasn't very far away, either. The reasons they had for keeping things secret and hushed-up were rapidly growing fewer.

An image flashed before Lucas's eyes, just for a split second, of the two of them together, arm in arm, in front of a small house somewhere. Maybe in the country, out in some place where people wouldn't pry and wouldn't judge. Where they could be alone and together, forever and always. Leaving his fantasies for later, Lucas shifted his focus to driving, and headed towards his all-too empty apartment.

But his heart was still thinking about next Saturday.