This story is completely fictitious and should not be read by anyone who is underage or no legally able to do so where they are. It is a story of intergenerational gay sex and if that material offends you then do not read any further, thank you. I made this all up and it did not happen.

Team Player

I am 45 years old, about 6 feet tall and weigh somewhere between 190 and 200 pounds depending on how often I am able to get to the gym. I am by no means a bear but I do have some hair on my chest and groin. I was a jock in high school and continued my athletic career into college where I unfortunately injured myself and had to stop playing. This did not mean that I was not able to pass on my expertise to young boys that needed my help. This allowed me to combine to of my favorite hobbies for you see; I always knew that I secretly was a boy lover.

I knew that it was wrong but I could not help myself. I always tried to hide my feelings and went on to try to live a normal life. I never imagined that I would actually do anything about those feelings, that was of course until I met 8 year old, Keith. He was a player on my youth soccer team and was the cutest boy I ever saw. He was smaller than the rest of the boys but had the biggest heart and desire to play better than anyone on his team. He had big brown eyes, a head of curly blonde hair, and the cutest smile I had ever seen on a boy. Anytime he was around I always had to find some way to hid the growing 8 inches inside of my pants. As the season progressed I found more and different ways to get to touch him either by showing him how to kick the ball or how to stop it. By the end of the season the animal lust grew so strong inside me I knew I had to have him, or at least see him in less clothing. Because no one suspected my true desire I arranged for all the boys to come to my house after the last game to go for a swim. I disguised it as an end of the year party/ pool party for the boys where parents were welcome if they wanted to come and the boys could swim. I picked the last game because I knew that Keith's parents would be out of town and he would have to get a ride back to his nanny's house from someone else. I quickly told Keith's parents that I would be more than happy to take him over when the party was finished and they agreed.

The rest of the season seemed to pass by so slowly I thought the day of the party would never arrive. However that final game in late august arrived and I couldn't be happier. I had set up my house full of secret hidden cameras so that if nothing happened I would have at least some images of the half naked boys on my team to wank off to later. The party went off with a smashing success; I talked to the parents inside while I secretly watched the boys play grab-ass outside longing to be out there playing grab-ass with them. Slowly but surely one by one the boys and their parents left leaving Keith alone in the pool playing by himself.

"Would you like to leave now or play a little bit longer?" I asked Keith after the last of the parents left.

"I kinda wanna stay coach! But its boring playing in the pool by myself! Would you come in and play with me?" Keith asked. My heart almost fell out when I heard him say this.

"I can think of nothing more that I would want to do, except...well, Keith...I don't have a swim trunks with me." I told him lying.

"That's alright coach...I can just come in naked, cant you?" Keith asked me with almost a mischievous smile on his face. I tried not to read too much into this for fear that I was reading too deeply into his thoughts. For all know this could have been just his pure boyish mind talking. I quickly undressed and placed all my clothes on the back of one of the pool chairs and jumped in the pool. I swam over the Keith and dunked him in the water pushing him innocently past my crotch. He came up grasping for air. "That wasn't very nice coach!" Keith laughed.

"Sorry boy," I chuckled, "Just was so boring in there talking to the parents, I wanted to be out here playing with you boys, would have been so much more fun!"

"You should have coach, I would love to have played with you too!" He laughed as he said this and moved closer to me. He leaned into me saying, "I know I would love to play with you coach." As he said this he reached under the water and grabbed him hard 8 in cock in his tiny hand.

"Whoa son! I don't know if you should be doing that!" I told him not wanting him to stop but knowing how badly I wanted it to keep going.

"Oh, no coach! I know what you have been doing all season...finding ways to touch me...pat me on the butt...I know what you want." Keith said and he gripped my cock harder and pulled himself close to my mouth.

"OH Keith!" I moaned as I kissed him deep in the mouth. I shoved my tongue deep in his mouth and we kissed hard. I pulled him to me and grabbed his tight little butt. We continued to kiss as he let me explore his mouth and body with my tongue. I suggested that it might be easier if we weren't in the pool and he followed me to a pool chair as we stepped out of the pool. I sat down on the chair and Keith got right between my legs, it then came to my attention that I was not the first person he has done this. With that he grabbed my cock and put it into his tiny mouth and swirled his tongue on my head. I looked into his cute eyes as my 8 in hard cock found some way to fit inside his tiny mouth. This drove me insane and I started to fuck my cock deeper into his mouth. I thought surely he was going to gag and any moment but he took my cock deep in his throat and moaned on it like a hungry lion. I grabbed the back of his head and fucked his tiny mouth with everything I had.

"OH KEITH!" I moaned as I used his mouth over and over again. "This is amazing... where did you learn to do this... oh fuck Keith...I am gonna gonna make coach cum...fuuuuck!" And with that I let out a torrent of my pent of cum from the day deep into his throat. He swallowed everything down like a little champion who was hungry for as much as he could get.

My orgasm subsided and my cock got smaller in his mouth. The second he let it out of his mouth I felt guilty for what I had done and almost couldn't look at his cum covered chin and beautiful smile.

"That was amazing coach, you taste so yummy, but I think its time you take me to my nanny before she gets worried." He said as if nothing happened.

The entire ride to his nanny we didn't say a single word for I was too embarrassed and had no idea what to say. When we arrived he said bye and kissed my again on the mouth and I could taste some of my cum on his tongue. I drove quickly home to pack my bags and leave town for sure knowing that in any minute the police were going to come and arrest me. I pack a suitcase and went for the tape in the VCR that was recording all of outsides events today keeping one souvenir of what just happened. When I got the VCR there was no tape inside, just a note that said: "I know your secret, we will talk later, and don't worry, Keith won't tell J!"

That is the end of my story with more to come if you want. Send me an email with any suggestions or comments that you may have. Be as specific or as vague as you want, my email is I look forward to hearing from you and enjoy talking to people with similar fantasies.