This story is a work of fiction, meaning it did not take place.  It contains sexual content involving persons under the age of consent which may be inappropriate for you or illegal where you live.  If this is the case, please read no further.  I do not condone the actions or choices of the fictional characters contained within this story.

Teen Carwash

by Scottstr8@aol.com

I met John around the house, as he had offered to wash my truck for me and since I wanted to get to know him so I said o.k.  I would watch him as he slid off his tee shirt, working on my truck as small beads of sweat formed on his sculptured chest.  This continued for a few weeks and we were getting more and more comfortable with each other.  He even started to ask me little questions about puberty and his body, curious as any teenager would be.

Well, one day he came to my apartment and asked if he could hang out.  I let him in and he sat on the sofa.  As I sat down I kept looking at John who was fourteen, 110 pounds with a perfect white smile and black hair.  He was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and a tee shirt and I noticed the hairs growing on his legs.  His arms were fairly small, with short fingers and feet and I was guessing that his white Nikes were about a size nine.  He had a very athletic body and his handsome face was almost pretty.  I knew that his prick must have been shorter than my long shaft and I wanted to see it.

We sat there for a few minutes and then John said that he wanted to ask me a few questions.  He said that he liked me and knew that I would know the answers.  The first question he asked was "What is masturbation?"  I almost fell out of my chair, and then I moved over next to him on the couch.  I said that it was when you use your hands to give yourself or someone else a orgasm.  Then I asked him if he had ever had a orgasm before, or if he had been sexually aroused enough to shoot semen from his cock.

He looked at me very interested, but also very confused like this was all new to him.  He said that he hadn't ever had an orgasm as far as he knew and I inquired if he had pubic hair.  He said that it started to grow about six months ago and had a fair amount.  I then asked him if he would like me to show him how to climax.  He seemed very willing and excited and I got on my knees and moved down in front of him.  I slid his shorts off and I could see the outline of his penis through his tight white briefs.  I told him that he could trust me and he would really enjoy this.  I pulled off his shirt and admired his small body which was nicely tanned. I slowly slid his underwear down and the boy was totally naked. I told him to stand up in front of me as his manly tool rose to attention sticking straight up against his tight belly.

He did have quite a bush of pubic hair, black just like his head.  He could have used a few more pounds but his bare chest was shapely with firm stomach muscles and the beginning of a six pack.  I had him positioned in front of me as I slowly began to kiss and lick his male organ.  John trembled and jumped each time that I inhaled his shaft.  My slippery tongue was working around and around the flanged head of my delighted boy's prick.  I could feel him jerk and tremble and I enjoyed the feel of his strong fingers as they gripped the back of my head trying to force my mouth down on him.

Slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, I lowered my head, letting the mushroom shaped gland force its way past my lips.  I felt him shudder and I boldly cupped his balls.  I gripped them and squeezed as if I was trying to force John to cum this very second as his hard shaft slid across my wet and waiting tongue, pushing down my throat.

"Annnngggghhhh," John groaned.  The boy tore off my shirt and exposed my muscular body.  I slid off my shorts as my eight inches or hard cock stood at full attention.  I think John became a little intimidated by my fully developed body and commented on how good I looked.  I thanked him and then immediately returned to his prick.

I inhaled his entire prick in my mouth which was about five inches long and not real wide as I thought about how perfect a size it would be to penetrate me.  But that would have to wait.  Most of the dicks that I have sucked have been much larger and throat choking but John was slimmer and I could easily inhale his entire prick.  I worked the smooth stem of the handsome boy who was groaning and jerking under the lash of my slippery tongue.  I loved the feel and the salty, yeasty taste of this teenaged boy's long, throbbing penis.

"Ohhhh, John," I mumbled around the firm meat that filled my mouth.  "You taste so good!"  The shy, uncertain boy was careful with me.  He didn't try to jam his lovely cock down my throat and I loved him for that.  I was totally excited and moaned softly and lightly scraped the underside of this boy's black haired balls with my fingernails. At the same time I pressed and forced the tip of my tongue against the swollen vein on the underside of his deliciously piece of manhood.

"Oggghhhh, I don't think I can hold it!"  I heard the warning in John's voice as he stiffened in his seat and pressed both of his hands down on the top of my head and forced me to swallow the full length of his long, jerking cock.  I made a quick snorting sounds through my nose and I happily worked my supple tongue up and down the length of flesh that was pressing dangerously near to the back of my throat, threatening to cut off my air supply.

"Suck!! Damn! Don't stop now!!!"  I heard the delight and anguish of his voice and knew there was no stopping now.  I moved so that John could grab my penis as my pre-come juices leaked out the head.  He moved his hands up and down my shaft as I stopped sucking and told him that was how you masturbated someone.  I then applied more suction to the fat head of his prick and tried to hurry the thick body shaking spasms that would soon rock his world when his fat balls finally gave up their nectar and filled my mouth with the taste of hot, teenaged sperm!  "Ohhh, you don't know how great this feels" John moaned and then "Ohhhhhhhhnnnnnnggggg!!!" I increased my pace and soon   John groaned again and stiffened in his seat.  I snorted as I shot a load of sperm into John's hand and he got see cum for the first time.

Right then I choked and coughed as the taut, velvety cock head that I was nursing exploded against my tongue and long slippery streams of John's cum filled my mouth to overflowing.  A trickle of cum mixed with my warm saliva and escaped the tight seal of my lips and drooled down over the silky flesh of the boy's throbbing cock.  I could feel the slime of the kid's fresh semen creeping in between my teeth and over the roof of my mouth.  For one awful second I thought that I would be sick but then the taste of his young seed register on my taste buds and before I could stop myself my throat muscles began to work and pulled the thick mass down my throat and into my waiting belly.  Boy did his sperm taste good.  I kept sucking him, making him shoot five huge squirts from his little body.  John finally collapsed, out of breath and very grateful for the experience.  "That was the best feeling that I have every felt, let's do it again" were the first words out of his mouth.

I asked him if he would be willing to let me stick my dick up his asshole and he said that he would try.  He was a little worried that my huge pole might not fit but I said it would.  My dick had all ready come back to life and was sticking straight out in front of me.  John said he wanted to look at it and I moved over in front of him as he felt my dick and played with my balls.  He became hard again and was getting horny all over again and I told him now was the time for me to enter him.

I had him bend over the couch with his tiny butt cheeks sticking up in the air.  His small white ass cheeks were well rounded and I could see his balls hanging low between his legs.  I knew he would be a real tight fuck and I bent over and licked his tiny brown hole with my tongue and John moaned again.  I then grabbed some lubricant and spread it around his hole, then sticking my finger inside of him.  His tiny anus was real tight and I knew that I would be a tight squeeze and I spread the cream over the head of my penis.  I moved up to him with my dick right at his entrance as I slowly pushed up to him.

I had the head of my penis up against his asshole and I told him to trust me and that I would go real slow.  The cream helped a lot as I pushed into him, letting my swollen head disappear from sight.  John was feeling a little discomfort and I stopped for a moment.  My hands were all over his dick as I tried to get his mind off his tight butt for a minute, then sliding another inch into him.  Before you knew it, I had my entire eight inches in him and my thick bush of pubic hairs was tickling his butt cheeks.  Once he accepted this intrusion inside of him and he calmed down, I withdrew a inch of my cock and then jammed it back inside of him.  He was finally starting to enjoy it as I slid my entire pole in and out of him.  He hole was just so tight and warm that I was on the edge in just a few strokes, and I let him know that I was about to blow my juices inside of him.  One more stroke and I exploded. . .  blowing a stream of cum inside of him, then pulling out and letting me blast a few more squirts of my warm, white juice across his back.

As I was rubbing my hot cum across his smooth skin he insisted on fucking me as I had done him.  I told him that I wanted to do the work and to control his orgasm and that I wanted to be on top of him.  So I picked up a puddle of my slimy sperm and told him to lie down on the floor as his rock hard five inches pointed up to the ceiling and I spread my cream over his tight boyhood.  Then I climbed on him and pressed the head of his hot rod up against my tight hole and slowly sat down letting his entire cock enter me.  It took me a couple of minutes to adjust but he was the perfect fuck-buddy and I slowly started to raise my buttocks off of him before quickly slamming him back inside of me.  This went on for another ten minutes and just as soon as John would reach the verge of another orgasm I would stop and give him a chance to cool down.  But soon I couldn't take it any longer and neither could he so I pounded his cock quickly sliding in and out until he couldn't hold out any longer screaming my name as he finally blasted his hot load deep inside of me.  I rode his pole through his entire orgasm and then gently collapsing on top of him, kissing him deeply and telling him how hot he is.

We both needed to get cleaned up so we walked naked hand in hand into the bathroom and took a long and hot shower, making sure to clean up ever nook and cranny of each other's body.  John quickly got dressed and left but still comes over often to "detail my ride".