Temptation Eyes
             chapter 1
                     Written By:  Justin Case
                        Edited By:  Ed
February 23, 2002

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"Joe, are you awake?"

"Joseph...get up, buddy, you're going to be late."

"Jooo--seph, wakie wakie, shakie shakie," Andrew called, to his older lover next to him in the bed.

He laid in the bed next to the man he felt he really loved, the same bed he had woken up in the past six weeks.  All his life he had been tormented with feelings of inadequacy.  The handsome teenager thought back to the days he was in school and the other children running around all having fun, while he felt a certain sense of not belonging.  Andrew always felt he was different, almost like the pegs he had played with in kindergarten, he always felt like the round one trying to force himself into the square hole.

Memories of his mother's constant belittlement flooded his mind and overwhelmed his emotions.  'Andrew, you can't do that, you're not smart enough.  Why can't you be more like your brother Chris?'   He heard her voice pounding at him constantly in his mind.  No matter how hard he fought back at the fiendish robbers of his happiness, they always succeeded.

Andrew was seventeen, he had lived with Joe for six weeks now.  He had always known he was bi-curious, but never imagined loving an older guy.  Joe was twenty-eight.  Andrew met him early one summer evening; he had been sitting on his front porch when Joe drove by.  It was a few days after his birthday, and he was feeling sorry for himself.  He had noticed Joe driving by his house slowly three nights in a row.  It was on the third night his curiosity got the best of him and he yelled out to the cute driver in the hot car.  It was something that he hadn't regretted doing, but couldn't believe he did.

Joe was driving home from work one Wednesday night.  The warm summer air blew through his hair, as he sped the sporty convertible car down the expressway.  Loneliness seemed to be his only companion lately.  He would spend hours alone, driving his car aimlessly, in hopes of finding someone to fill his void.  Looking into the other cars he passed along the way, imagining the cuter male occupants found him attractive.  Dreaming that he could meet them and take them home.  Fantasies filled with love and desire were his only happy companions.

Suddenly he found himself off the highway and on the quiet streets of Manchester, not remembering his drive, the same one he took every day home from work.  He saw him, sitting on the rail of a Victorian home, he was gorgeous.  'He's too young, and way too hot, he would never have a guy like me,' the negative thoughts ran automatically in his mind.

Joe thought about the younger boy constantly since the first time he saw him sitting on the rail of the Victorian home, knowing deep down inside he would never be able to have someone so perfect in his life.  For all its familiarity, the pain it caused him always cut too deeply.  His memories, like Andrew's, haunted him like ghosts.  'Fatty batty, big bo-batty!'  Tears filled his eyes as the childhood insults surfaced.  He could see the leering faces of other children from his childhood, he could see them pointing and laughing at him in his mind.  Other voices would try to convince him that being one hundred and sixty pounds when you're five feet eight wasn't fat.

Visions from his not too distant past Army days created the other assaults on his self-confidence.  'Aardvark, hey Aardvark,' the catcalls of his buddies filled his mind.  He had never realized his nose was too big until those days.  He glanced quickly to the rearview mirror and looked for the hundredth time that day at the reflection of his nose.  His brown eyes only saw two features staring back at him, he tightly closed his lips over his huge front teeth with the overbite.  'Beaver, Beaver, Bucky Beaver,' the other mean voices screamed out in his mind.

He never heard the praise people bestowed upon him, they were always pushed aside by the haunting feelings of inadequacy.  Joe never saw his curly brown hair, or his capturing eyes, all he ever saw were his nose and teeth.  As far as he was concerened, even if he could lose some weight, he would never have a body like the one of the boy sitting on his porch.

Andrew was about five feet nine, he had dark brown hair, almost black.  The first time Joe saw him on the porch, Andrew was wearing a white tank top shirt, with a pair of blue jean cut offs.  Andrew had a dark complexion, and Joe always liked darker skinned boys.  Andrew had the body of a well developed athlete.  He weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds, and his upper body was very defined.  His smile captivated all who saw it, as his dark skin really set off his bright white teeth.  Andrew had dark brown eyes, that were deeply set on his boyish face.  To Joe, Andrew was perfect in every way.

Joe passed by Andrew's house every night on the way home from the factory he worked at in South Windsor, Connecticut.  Joe lived in Bolton, and had to pass through Manchester, where Andrew lived.  Joe lived with his grandparents, Andrew lived with his mother and sister.  When Joe first noticed Andrew, he almost ran his car off the road, he was so taken by the young boy's beauty.

Joe had gotten out of the Army a few months before he met Andrew that Friday night in July.  He had had a lover or two, while he was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas.  He had no one, now that he was home. He was always cruising the bars or streets in search for someone to love.  He had been raised by an abusive stepfather, and his mother lived in denial.  One week after Joe graduated high school he joined the Army to get away from his alcoholic step-father, and the severe beatings he had often suffered.  When Joe got out of the service, he decided to live with his grandparents.  They had gotten him the job he now had.  It was a great job, with excellent pay and benefits, and allowed Joe the finer things for a single man.

When Joe passed Andrew's house that third evening that Andrew had been sitting on his porch, he was hopeful he had been noticed.  Joe knew the kid had been there the two nights before, and observed the younger boy gazing at him as he would drive by slowly.  He slammed on the brakes of the Chrysler Sebring convertible when he heard Andrew yell out to him.  He pulled the burgundy sports like coupe to the side of the road, and stepped out.  He couldn't take his eyes off Andrew as he approached him.  Then he became nervous, and didn't know what to say.

He tried to play it cool and decided to say, "I'm lost, can you tell me how to get..."

Andrew laughed, and said, "'You've been lost for three days now."

"Yeah, well, I guess... I really stopped 'cause I heard you shouting," Joe confessed, and looked at his feet.

"I just wondered how come you keep driving by my house so slowly, looking at me.  Do you party?"

"Not really, I don't have many friends, I just got out of the Army," Joe admitted, while feeling very unsure of himself.

"Yeah, I don't have many friends, but I got a shit loud of acquaintances.  I'd like to have a few more friends myself."

"Really, you don't have many friends?" Joe asked, finding it a bit perplexing that such a good looking younger boy didn't have all kinds of friends.

"No, I really don't.  I have my older brother, but he's away in college most of the time, and during the summer he always goes with his college friends out drinking.  I dropped out of high school, so I don't see those kids anymore.  Most of my friends' parents think I'm a bad influence.  I guess I must be."

Joe immediately could sense the boy was in some pain, he always felt protective of younger boys; not to mention his extreme attraction to cute young boys.  Joe had been gay since he could remember.  It was often the cause for shame inside himself.  He had wished many times that he could be 'normal,' but no matter how much he prayed, his tendencies never wavered from other males.  He often cried himself to sleep at night when he was younger, hoping he would wake up and be like other boys, and be attracted to girls, but it never happened.

"Well, I'm not really lost, I live in Bolton, just off Route 85.  I pass by here every night on my way home from Stanadyne, it's where I work."

"We live here, my mom, sister, and I.  I have been so frigging bored.  My seventeenth birthday was last week, and I didn't even have a party.  I didn't want one anyways."  Andrew's voice quivered  a little, and tears lined his eyes, as he spoke.

"How come you didn't have a party?"

"My mother's a bitch, she says I don't deserve a party because I quit school and don't have a job.  Besides, no one would come anyways, I told you all my friends' parents think I'm a bad influence."

"Wow, how come you quit school?" Joe probed, his eyes looking into Andrew's.

"I got hit by a car a couple of years ago.  I was in the hospital for over a month, then I couldn't go to school because I had to be in traction here at home.  I got so far behind I could never seem to catch up.  It was hopeless, and I was in too much pain.  So I quit."

"That's too bad," Joe said, feeling sorry for the kid.

"I finally got a job at Burger King, but the manager got changed, and the new one didn't like me.  I worked there for almost a year, but I couldn't stand the new boss.  He was always fucking with me, you know, changing my hours and making me do all the cleanup so I quit two weeks ago.  Now my mother is bugging, she says if I don't get a job I got to move out.  I don't know what I'm gonna do, I have no friends, no job, and I don't have a high school diploma.  My whole life's fucked right now."  Andrew's voice became shakier, and tears began to fall onto his cheeks.

Joe couldn't stand to watch Andrew cry, it broke his heart to see this cute boy in so much pain.  He slowly reached his right hand up to Andrew's left shoulder, and gently placed it on his newfound friend.  He looked Andrew right in the eye and smiled.

"Come on, let's go for a ride, it'll take your mind off things," Joe offered.

"Really, cool, but you never said, do you party?  I got some killer pot."

"I love smoking pot."

"Be right back," Andrew said, as he turned away and headed towards the front door of the house.  He left Joe standing alone in the front yard.

Within a few minutes the young boy was bouncing down the steps to the front porch, he smiled at Joe and said, "Let's go."

"Cool.  What time you got to be home?"

"Whenever," Andrew was already at the passenger door to the slick car, as he answered.

Joe couldn't get over the ease of it all.  He was enamored with the confidence Andrew seemed to show, and felt extremely attracted to his good looks.  Joe hoped his new friend was gay, but knew if he wasn't he'd eventually suck his dick.  Joe had sucked all his friends' cocks, at least once.  He thought to himself, 'just a matter of time,' as he admired Andrew.  He walked to the driver's door,  slid into the leather seat, shut his door and drove away.  He figured he'd go home, take a quick shower, change into some clean clothes and take a summer night cruise down to the shore.  He was real excited 'cause his grandparents were away for the summer, and he knew he'd have Andrew all to himself in the house.  He didn't want to scare the kid off, so he decided to play it real cool.  He'd have plenty of time to find out if Andrew would play.  'No, tonight, I'll take him down to the shore, smoke some pot and see where it goes,' Joe thought to himself as he drove up Route 85.

"So what's your name anyways?" Andrew asked.

"Joe, Joe O'Brien.  What's yours?"

"Andrew Lussier, it's nice to meet you, Joe O'Brien."  Andrew's voice perked up as he offered his right hand to Joe.

Joe kept his eyes on the road as he gave his right hand to Andrew, the two shook hands and dapped.  Joe chuckled to himself with nervousness.  He was beginning to feel good about his newfound friend, and especially liked the feel of Andrew's soft hand in his own.

"You got a girlfriend, Joe?"

"Nope.  You?"

"Nah, fuck them chicks, always wanting to know who you're with and shit," Andrew shot out.

'Hmm,' Joe thought to himself, 'he's so cute, maybe he is gay, he did say no girlfriend.'  Out loud, Joe said, "I don't have time for a girl right now."

"So where we going, Joe?"

"I need to take a shower, I stink.  I want to change my clothes, so let's go to my house, then we can cruise down to the beach.  You said you got time.   Right?"

"Shit, man, I got nothing but time.  Who's home at your house?" Andrew asked Joe, secretly hoping no one would be.

"No one, I live with my grandparents, and they're up in New York at my aunt's house, they travel a lot."

A few minutes later Joe turned the car into a long gravel driveway; you couldn't see the house from the road.  He slowly maneuvered the car up the drive, carefully avoiding the bigger rocks, and small dips that had accumulated over the years.  He knew the three hundred foot driveway like the back of his hand.  At the top of the drive, on top of a hill, stood the red brick home his grandfather had built twenty some odd years before.

The house had been where Joe was born.  His mother had divorced his natural father while she was pregnant with him.  Joe had been raised in his grandfather's house until he was four years old, that's when his mother re-married.  He loved his grandparents, and being the first born grandchild, and being a boy, put him in his grandfather's favor.  He always felt safe in his grandparents' home.

Joe had never complained about his beatings or the way his stepfather mistreated him while he was growing up.  He almost accepted it as normal.  He didn't even know his stepdad was an alcoholic until his grandparents told him only a few months earlier, when he got home from the Army.  He just knew that he loved his grandparents and they always supported him in his decisions.  They told him to come live with them, so he could watch the house and do the yard work for them while they were away.  He didn't realize they knew what had been going on for years, and hated his stepfather.

"Wow, this is a nice house," Andrew said, as Joe parked the car in the driveway.

"Thanks, my grandfather built it."

Joe climbed out of the car and walked to the front door.  Andrew followed closely behind, admiring Joe's ass, and wondering if Joe played around.  He sure hoped so, he was horny, he hadn't had sex in months, except for jerking off.  He figured this time, if Joe played, it would be better than his last experience.  The kid he worked with at Burger King outed him, Andrew figured that's why the new boss really hated him.  No, Andrew decided this time, he wanted someone more mature.  He wanted someone he could love, and someone who would love him back.  It was so hard to find other boys like him though; the kind of boys that like other boys. He had pretty much given up on finding a girlfriend, Hillary, his last one, was too demanding.

"By himself?" Andrew asked.

"No, my uncles helped him.  When I was little I lived here, then my mom got remarried and we moved out.  I liked it better when we lived here though, I was the only boy.  It was my grandparents, my mother, her three younger sisters, and me.  I ended up with a mean stepfather,  my mother, and they had two more kids.  I got a half brother your age, he just turned seventeen in February."  Joe told his story with little emotion in his voice.

"How old are you, Joe?"

"Twenty-eight, I'll be twenty-nine in September."  Joe suddenly worried that Andrew wouldn't like him because he was so much older.

"Cool, so you can buy booze."

Joe smiled, and relaxed.  He fumbled around with his key ring, finding the key to the front door.  He slipped the key into its hole and unlocked it, and opened the door.  He held the screen door opened for Andrew and motioned him into the home.  As you entered the door, the living room was on your left, and the dining room on your right.  You walked into the hallway, its thick forest green carpet gave it a rich appearance.

Joe led Andrew into the living room and offered him a seat.  He excused himself and went to his bedroom to get a fresh pair of clothes.  He couldn't wait to take a shower, his body ached from being on his feet all day in the factory.  He decided to wear a simple outfit of jeans and a pullover shirt.  He hated to wear shorts, because the hair on his legs never grew in.  That was another thing that he was really self-conscious about, also something else he was teased about in the Army.  Clothes in hand, he headed into the bathroom at the end of the hallway, and closed the door behind him.

Alone in the bathroom, he took his work clothes off and put them in the hamper that was under the built in shelves.  Naked, he stood at the mirror mounted on the back of the bathroom door, and noticed his love handles seemed to be getting bigger.  He hated his smooth body, and felt so ashamed of his weight.  He sucked his stomach in, and wished he looked like that all the time.  He definitely had a 'farmers tan,' and that bothered him too.  'God, I got to get more sun on my body,' he told himself.  The one part of Joseph's body that he liked the most was his finely shaped cock, and its pronounced head.  He fixated on his flaccid member with his eyes, and pulled on it slightly with his right hand.  He loved looking at his penis in mirrors, it always seemed so much bigger than when he looked down on it.

He began feeling that usual stir in his loins, the one that came so often lately, since he'd been home from the service with no one to satisfy himself with.  His cut cock grew to its six and three quarter inch size, and a droplet of pre cum formed at its tip.  Joe wrapped his hand around the sheath, and gently stroked himself a few times in front of the mirror.   He was overwhelmed with desire, and thought about Andrew sitting just up the hall.  He pictured Andrew's rippling muscles, and his darkened skin.  He thought about those pouty lips, and imagined kissing them.  He closed his eyes, and tried to envision Andrew's dick.  He wondered if it was cut or not, he decided it must be cut.

He stopped stroking his member, opened his eyes, and grabbed for the hand lotion on one of the shelves.  He squirted some lotion into his right hand, and rubbed it into his hardened prick.  He watched himself intently as he slipped his hand up and down his engorged cock. He bent slightly at his knees, pushing his mid-section upwards and closer to the mirror.  He was totally engrossed in fucking his hand and watching himself do it.

He closed his eyes again, and fantasized about the young god in the living room.  He thought about Andrew's mouth sucking fiercely on his dick.  He pictured the two of them sleeping together in his bed later that night.

Joseph reached his left hand up to his nipples, and began pinching them and pulling on them.  He could feel his balls tighten with the impending climax building from deep within.  He felt his asshole flutter, and flex, he wished he could be fucked.  All sorts of visions began plowing through his mind, he saw the other boys he'd had sex with in the Army flashing through his memory.  He slid his left hand down to his nut sack and started massaging his balls, while frantically jerking his slickened cock up and down with his right.  His orgasm was building with intensity, he could feel the thick cream as it began to travel up his shaft.  He looked down and saw his prick hole open up just before it shot the hot cum, burst after burst pulsated out of his reddened cock head, and flew through the air splattering on the mirror, and floor.  Totally spent, and thoroughly satisfied, he quickly wiped up the mess.

He took a quick shower, fixed his hair and dressed.  He finished in the bathroom and walked back up the hall into the living room.  Joe couldn't wait to take the summer night ride, top down, hot kid at his side, with no work tomorrow.  'What did he say about coming home?' Joe's thoughts teased at himself, 'Whenever, and all the time in the world.'

Joe looked at Andrew sitting in the overstuffed recliner tucked in the corner of the living room on the side of the fireplace.  Andrew's straight black hair hung down on his slight forehead, his eyes shone brightly against his tanned skin.  Andrew's legs were outstretched as he had the chair in its reclining position, Joe couldn't help but steal a quick glance at the nice bulge in the cut off shorts.  He looked away quickly when he noticed Andrew staring at him.

Andrew sat comfortably in the light green floral printed chair, his arms folded behind and supporting his head.  The small patches of dark hair peeked out from under his arms through the large arm holes of the cotton tank top shirt.  You could count all six of his abdomen muscles as they cut into the fabric of his shirt.  Even the lines of his chest were easily detectable through the pullover shirt, and his little nipples were erect and poking outwards.  He batted his eyes at Joseph in a flirtful way, as he got out of the chair.

"All set to go?" Andrew asked.

It took Joseph a second or two to answer him.  "Yeah," was all he could muster.

"I rolled a blunt, can we smoke it in your car?" Andrew inquired, as he walked towards the door.

"Sure, I'll leave the top down, and we can take the back roads down through Colchester, until we hit Route 2."  Joseph answered him, while following him out the door and checking out his nice bubble shaped ass.

"Joe, I was wondering.  Do you think we could stop and buy some beer?  I have money," Andrew quickly volunteered.

"Nonsense, my treat, you need to save your money. I'll let you buy when you have a job," Joe quickly rebuffed Andrew's offer.

"Thanks, Joe, that's really nice of you."

"What are friends for, if not to help one another out," Joe quickly philosophized.

"Do you think we'll be friends, Joe?  I really seem so comfortable around you.  I never met someone like this before, you know, practically throwing myself at you from my front porch."

"Well, I don't usually pick up strangers unless they're hitchhiking, or broken down, or something like that,"Joseph insisted.

The two climbed into the car, and Joe started it.  They headed back down the gravel driveway and drove off.  The warmth of the evening air rushed through the topless car, the music from the stereo was just loud enough to hear.  The sun was beginning to set on the western horizon, hues of pink, orange, yellow, violet, and scarlet lined the sky.  Clouds of gold, gray, and white danced in the brightly lit heavens, as the two new friends drove along the windy roads of Eastern Connecticut without a care in the world.

To be continued:

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