Temptation Eyes
                      Chapter 2

                   Written By: Justin Case
                    Edited By: Ed & Sarah
March 7, 2002                                                                   ã JCPCo2002

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"Joe, you awake?" Andrew began to shake his lover harder.

"Yeah, it's easy for you to be all cheery in the morning. I got to go to work..."

Andrew felt the pangs of guilt, he wished he had a job to go to. He wished he could contribute more, financially, to the six-week-old relationship. He had looked for a job as best he could, but it was hard, because he didn't have a car. Joe had the only car, and Joe took it to work every day. Living with Joe in Bolton was nice, but far removed from a real population. Bolton, Connecticut was a little bedroom town, no real businesses to speak of. Hell, there wasn't even a traffic light in Bolton. He had walked up to the one little store in town, but it was a family business; he wasn't family. The only other business in town he felt he could find work at was a pizza restaurant, they told him he was over-qualified.

He said nothing as he lay next to Joe in the bed, but he heard his mother yelling at him. `Why can't you be more like your brother Chris?' The same tormented screams he heard so often. He thought about the crude manager at Burger King, several tapes of his bad experiences flashed through his mind. He loved Joe, he thought, but he felt useless.

"I wish I had a job like you, Joe."

"I'm sorry, Andrew, I know it's tough for you."

Joe pulled Andrew's body towards his own, and hugged him tightly. He thought about how lucky he was to have Andrew in his life. He was filled with generosity, and wanted to share everything he had with Andrew. It was like Andrew gave him purpose. He loved having Andrew at his side when they would go out. He liked the way people would look at them. Joe felt Andrew was a prize of sorts, one that others wanted but couldn't have. No, Andrew was his prize, and Joe felt damn proud showing him off.

Joe held Andrew close to his body and thought about all his childhood friends. `Oh if they could only see me now,' he smugly thought to himself. `Beaver, Beaver, Bucky Beaver...Aardvark, you fucking whale', came the chants of days gone by. He held Andrew tighter, hoping he was loved and wanting to share his love. If only he could lose a few pounds, he thought to himself, then he would know for sure that Andrew loved him.

"Can I use your car today?"

"Buddy, what's mine is yours. I'll give you my Mobil card, fill it up. Do you need any spend money?"

"No, just the car."

Andrew felt distant. He loved Joe, but felt he owed him everything. When he told his mother he was going to be staying with Joe, she asked him straight out if Joe was gay. Andrew lied to her, like he always did. That was another thing his mother always seemed to quiz him on, another one of her malicious attacks on him. `Andrew, why don't you date girls more often? Are you queer? I didn't raise my boys to be queer,' her voice seemed to rip through him as he relaxed in Joe's arms.

Chris, Andrew's brother, could do no wrong in their mother's eyes. What about his friend Hans? They always slept together, in Mom's bed, when they came home from college on weekends. She never questioned him. Oh, if only he could tell her about the times Chris and he had had sex with their cousin. It had been Chris that had shown Andrew what sex was. His perfect brother wasn't so perfect. The thoughts just kept coming as he tried to block them out and allow himself the warmth of Joe's love.

"You gonna pick me up for lunch?" Joe asked, bringing Andrew out of his trance.


Andrew pulled the back of Joe's head towards him so he could kiss him. Andrew loved kissing Joe. There was no other feeling like it, he thought to himself as he nibbled on Joe's lips. He loved kissing Joe more than anything else the two did, it made him feel wanted and accepted. He didn't mind the other sex they had, but he liked it more when Joe pleased him. Occasionally, he'd go down on Joe, but he really liked it more when Joe went down on him. Andrew liked to be held and stroked, he'd rather be held in Joe's arms than have sex with him. Sex was something Joe liked, so Andrew went along with it, but all he really wanted was to be held and kissed.

"I'll try and get out early this afternoon if you'd like, Buddy. We can take a ride somewhere, just you and I," Joe told him.

"I guess."

Joe began to think about work. He was due some time off, but Brian, Joe's boss, had been complaining about being short handed. Joe had to work overtime three times the week before. He liked the overtime pay, but hated being away from Andrew. He thought about the fact his grandparents would be coming home soon, and that he'd have to find an apartment for him and Andrew. Joe knew his grandfather would have a fit because he was seeing another boy. His grandfather didn't like queers either.

Joe held Andrew in his arms, lightly kissing him back. He wanted to stay like this forever, he thought to himself. He ran his right hand down the smooth skin of Andrew's chest and stomach. His fingers searched for Andrew's hard cock buried in his underwear. He found what he wanted; he felt the dampness of Andrew's pre-cum soaking through the cotton fabric beneath his fingertips. He felt the heat that the hard dick emanated through the white cloth. Joe could picture the perfectly shaped cock in his mind; he saw the reddened head with its thick ridge. He visualized the darkened skin of the erect cock, and the darker ring just below the head. He saw the nice hanging sac of cum and balls, sparsely covered with the occasional black hairs. Joe could smell Andrew's scent in his mind.

Joe slowly moved his face down Andrew's chest, stopping at each nipple and sucking them into his mouth. He used his thumb and index finger, on his left hand, to pinch the little tits as he rubbed the aureoles with the other three. He knew Andrew's breasts were sensitive, just like his. He continued to rub Andrew's dick through his briefs, and jerk it slowly under their cotton cover.

Joe moved his mouth down the smooth muscular body, and stopped again at the belly button. He probed the little hole with his tongue, and continued to manipulate Andrew's wet nipples with his fingers. His right hand began gripping the hard cock through the tight white briefs. He was overwhelmed with desire for his young lover; every nerve in his twenty-eight year old body tingled as he continued to move his mouth to the waistband of the underwear.

He could smell the fabric softener on the cloth; he could also smell the musky odors of his young lover's body. Joe had memorized the smells; he could call them to his mind anytime he wanted. He took a deep sniff through his nostrils, further implanting the familiar essence into his brain. He gripped the elastic in his teeth; he planted both his hands on Andrew's smooth hips. In a quickened motion, Joe ripped the only thing separating him from Andrew's dick down the smooth hairy legs, with his mouth and hands. He felt Andrew's ass raise off the bed to let the underwear slip down easier. He knew Andrew was giving himself to him.

Slowly and delicately Joe took the hard six-inch prick into his mouth. He pursed his lips over his teeth so he wouldn't scrape them against the sensitive organ. He sucked hard on the cock, and worked his saliva into his mouth. He wanted the nice cock to be thoroughly covered in his saliva, so he could feel his hand slipping up and down the velvety shaft. Joe kept his eyes tightly shut, while he expertly sucked Andrew's cock into his hot wanton mouth.

Joe felt his cock pounding for release, as he held Andrew's left hip with his left hand, its head rubbing against his own underwear. He pumped his own cock against the sheets on the mattress the two lay on. He thought about Andrew's mouth sucking on it, but knew Andrew only did that on special occasions. He didn't mind, he'd rather suck on Andrew anyway, he loved the feeling of power he felt making his young lover cum. He continued his sucking on the nicely shaped cock. Joe loved the feeling of the hard cock in his mouth. He moved his left hand from the hollow of Andrew's hip to his huge ball sac. He rolled the skin of the sac over the large balls in between his fingers while he stroked the juicy wet cock with his right hand and pumped his sucking mouth up and down the rock hard cock.

Andrew started thrusting his cock into Joe's waiting mouth. He felt the cool air on his erect tits as the spittle evaporated. He felt his thick white cum building in his balls. He put his hands on the back of Joe's head and rammed it down onto his throbbing dick. Andrew felt his legs as they went numb from the tenseness of his thrusts. He knew he was close, but he wanted to feel Joe's cock spew its hot cum on his body.

"Cum on me. I want to feel your hot cum on my body," Andrew yelled out.

Joe moved around, he never let go of Andrew's cock with his mouth. He put his crotch near Andrew's head. His own cock still encased in his boxers but poking out the slit, he felt the head of his dick as it rubbed against Andrew's skin. He felt Andrew's soft, warm hand, as it grabbed his aching, fully excited, penis. He wished Andrew would take him into his mouth.

Andrew jerked Joe's cock up and down in his hand while Joe worked his mouth feverishly up and down Andrew's dick. He felt Joe's hand as it massaged his cum filled sac. His hips involuntarily bucked up and down off the bed. His climax was building; he wanted to feel the hot spray of Joe's cum on his chest. He slipped his hand up and down Joe's six and three quarter inch cut cock as fast as he could move.

"I'm gonna cum, Joe. I'm gonna bust a nut."

Joe kept the cock in his mouth; he wanted to drain every ounce of the sweet nectar. He wanted to feel Andrew's cum as it shot out of his lover's cock-head into his mouth. He wanted to feel the spurts of the hot thick juice as it splattered against the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat. His left hand searched for Andrew's hip again, he wanted to feel the control he had over the younger boy's body.

Burst after burst of Andrew's cum shot out of the swollen cock into Joe's mouth. It was more than Joe could take; he almost gagged as some of the thick pungent cream fell from his mouth onto Andrew's body. He licked the remnants of his young lover from his lips, as he tried to drink it all. It was bitter, and tasted bad, but he loved it anyway, he loved the feeling of pleasuring Andrew.

Joe's cock began to pulsate in Andrew's hand, and blasted several volleys of cum onto Andrew's chest. Joe came after Andrew, but his orgasm was no less fulfilling. He loved shooting his jiz onto Andrew; the only thing he liked more was filling Andrew's ass with his seed. He liked to feel like Andrew had part of him in his body.

"Wow," Joe whispered.

"Yeah," Andrew answered.

"Was it good?" Joe asked.

"Yeah," Andrew gave his simple answer. The same one he always gave.

Joe rolled over, he felt bad. His biggest fear was that he didn't satisfy his young lover. He worried about his weight; he worried about his looks. Joe's biggest fear was he would lose Andrew. `Fatty-fatty, big-boo-fatty,' he heard the voices of his own past call out. They were too familiar to him, too close, and too convincing. He felt so undeserving of Andrew and his love.

"I wished you could do that for me more often," is what Joe said.

"I told you, it has to be a special occasion. I don't really like sucking dick."

"I know."

Joe rolled away from Andrew, feeling rejected. Andrew rolled away from Joe, feeling totally in love.


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