Standard No No's if your under 18 etc.


I was sitting in my swivel rocker watching TV. I had been alone since my wife passed a year ago raising my two sons 10 and 12 and a daughter 8. It hadn't been easy but my oldest boy had become quite a cook and could manage taking care of the others when I was on frequent out of town trips. I was the manager for a hearing aide company and responsible for Northern California, and Southern Oregon. Luckily I was only on the road over night about once a week and the kids were used to my oldest son, Patrick, taking care of them. We had a 4 bedroom home on 3/4 acre plot at the end of a culdasac. It had an in ground pool which they were not to use when I was not at home. Since they were all popular with their school mates our house was always a hang out.

"Dad I'm home Ray, my 10 year old shouted."

"Fine son I am in here in the family room watching TV and reading the paper."

Ray had brought Brandon with him and as usual they wanted to watch cartoons. I didn't care as I could handle them. As long as I got the TV from 5 to 6 when the local and national news was on. Ray lay on his stomach about three feet in front of the TV and Brandon looked over at me and I smiled and patted my leg as I knew he wanted to sit with me, he always did.

Grace my 8 year old came in and she and a girlfriend went to her room which had a TV in it anyway. She said, "Hi dad I'm home."

It wasn't necessary for me to reply as they were already in her room and shut the door. So I put my hand down on Brandon's leg and started rubbing it as I knew he liked it. "Does that feel good?"

"Yea". Brandon replied.

It wasn't long before I had rubbed my way to his crotch and he was hard as a rock his little 3 almost 4 inch dick poking straight up tenting his pants. So I started massaging it and heard him moan approval. Seeing that Ray was totally into cartoons I reached under Brandon's belt line and cupped his dick and balls in my hand. "You like that Brandon?"

"Oh Yea."

I knew he did but somehow I had to say things like that to gain approval every time as I didn't want him telling anyone what I did to him. He then knew what was coming and spread his legs wide. I pulled out my hand and wet my middle finger real well and put in back under and he had positioned himself where his ass hole was easily reached. So I stuck my finger in and pushed it all the way to the colon. He just moaned approval. I knew this was one of his favorite things. So I finger fucked him for the rest of the cartoon show. Then I pulled my hand out as I thought Ray might turn around to see where he was. Sure enough Ray looked and then looked back at the TV. When the cartoons started again Ray was in a trance so I unzipped Brandon and took his little dick out and started rubbing it up and down. It wasn't very long before he through his hips up and started an orgasm. Dry of course. It lasted about 30 seconds then he just collapsed on my lap and I put it back in a zipped him up again. After that he got up and lay down next to Allen as his sexual interest had left.

I felt so guilty doing this as it was an every time Brandon came over occurrence. I knew it was wrong and I could be arrested if he ever said anything but he never did.

I had to get up and go into my bedroom, shut the door and relieve myself. Then I really felt guilty so I poured another glass of wine. I had several glasses while I watched the news too. I had become an alcoholic from living in fear of being discovered all the time. I hated it but I just couldn't stop myself.

While the news was on Patrick came in and started dinner. He brought Randy with him and Randy came in to where I was and sat on my foot stool like he usually did and layed back against my open legs resting on my chair. He was almost in my lap as the chair and the footstool were close together. I put my hand on his shoulders and rubbed them getting a moan of approval. Then I did like I always did I leaned forward and put my hands on his stomach and pulled up his shirt. Now i was on his bare stomach. He was 12 going on 13 so he had a lot more sexual interest than the younger ones. I slid my hand down and he sucked in his stomach and I continured down and cupped his dick, which was hard as a rock, and his balls in my hand. I took hold of his 5 inch dick and started rubbing it up and down. Again I asked for approval by saying, "Does this feel good?"

"Oh Yea I love it when you do that."

Getting approval I jacked him for a while and then wet my finger and went under his belt in the back. He raised up as he knew what I was going to do. I stuck my finger up inside him and started working on his prostate. I hadn't done this for more than a minute until he came all over himself inside his underware. I reached under and got all the cum I could to keep him from being all wet and took it out in my hand and put it to my mouth and licked it all off. I don't know what it is about a 12 year old just starting to cum but the cum taste as sweet as anything I can explain. I loved it. After he came he got up and went in to help Pat with the dinner and I continued watching the news. Again I got up and got another glass of wine as the fear inside me was always there. Even though I felt safe it was always there and I hated it. I hated what I was doing because I knew how wrong in the eyes of the law it was. It didn't matter that the boys enjoyed it it was still worth a few years in prison which kept me on edge all the time.

One day I was home alone and the TV was off so I had the world to my thoughts. I decided that I had quit smoking when I was 28 cold turkey. I wish I could give up alcohol even though I never appeared drunk I was always drinking enough rose wine to keep the edge off my fears. So I came to the decision that I was no longer going to touch anyone under 18 and I would not masturbate to any fantasies under 18. This was the hardest decision of my life. I thought I would loose my mind as every time I went to the store I was always looking at the butts of every kid in the store and wishing I could have it. I was a sick man and just didn't want to admit to that.

That week I had to make a overnight trip to Redding to help a new man who I had hired, given the training videos I had put together, and asked him to watch them 7 times. I would be down to help him get started. He called and said he had done his 7 times with the videos so I had to get down there. Working for my company one made commission only. So he would starve out if I didn't help him. Since we got almost $600 commission on a sale it didn't take too many sales to heal a guy quickly. So I told Patrick to watch the kids and they all minded him so well I never worried. Besides he had my cell number if he had to get hold of me.

So on my way to Redding I kept thinking about how I was ever going to approach someone over 18 in a sexual way without getting my head knocked off. I was terrified of even the thought. But I knew I had to get started or I would return to molesting the neighborhood kids. Of course at the time I never used the word molesting. After all they wanted it. Boy was I a mess. Off in the distance I saw a dot along the highway. As I got closer I could tell it was a man. I have never been one to pick up hitch hikers but I guess if he was clean and under 30 I would have to start. As I approached him I saw he was probably a college student about 20. So I put on the brakes and came to a stop about a half block from him. I was driving a brand new New Yorker so I opened the other door electronically and he opened the door and asked how far I was going. I said Redding. He said great that would help him a lot he was going to San Francisco. When he got in my mind was thinking how do I approach a grown man sexually without really making him mad. I was perspiring. So I saw the state line liquor store and stopped and asked him if he might like a beer. He said, "Fine I like beer thanks."

When I got in the store I took a wine cooler and two 16 ouncers. I also picked up a big bag of peanuts for breath cover if needed. I paid the man, opened the cooler and drank it down without stopping as I really needed it I was so nervous. Nervous isn't the word for it I was just plain scared. I went back to the car and handed him his 16 ouncer and opened mine. I told him I had a bag of peanuts to use after we finished in case we got stopped for some reason we wouldn't smell like beer. He agreed laughing. I started down the highway and took several swigs. It didn't take me long to finish mine as I really needed the alcohol. Looking behind me there were no oncoming cars so I broke the law and tossed the can out of the car. When he finished his he did the same. We both took a mouth full of peanuts and chewed them and swallowed them. I opened the window for a minute to air out the car and now it just smelled like peanuts I'm sure.

"That really hit the spot. I was really thirsty."

"By the way my name is Joe." I uttered.

He said, "My name is Glen."

Nothing more was said for about 5 minutes and then I had to do something or I was going to blow my chance. So I said, "How long had you been standing there when I picked you up."

"About two hours but I did a lot of walking to keep from going stir crazy. Not too many cars on this highway."

"Yea I like driving it for that reason. I'll bet your legs are sore." and without giving him a chance to answer I reached over and squeezed his closest leg up and down.

"Boy that feels good my legs are really sore."

I thought this is too easy. But I kept right on rubbing from his knee to his upper leg and back. Then I said, "Here let me do the other leg for ya and I reached across his lap and started at the knee and came up. I rested my arm or the side of my arm on his crotch to be more comfortable and also to try and get him hard. I kept rubbing up and down. The I came back to the other leg for a few minutes and went right back across rubbing his dick as I went with the side of my arm. He definitely had a hard on. Now what was I suppose to do. I was so scared I wish I had a half gallon of rose to drink before continuing. When I got up to his crotch from his other leg I dragged my hand across his hard on and pushed on it saying, "I see you are enjoying this."

"Yea no one ever touches me so it feels really good."

This was great It was so much easier than I dreamed. I took my hand and squeezed his dick and he moaned. I just kept squeezing and when he was really hot I unzipped his pants and took my hand down and rubbed his 6 incher through his boxers. "Feel good?" I asked.

"Yea you can take it out if you want to."

Did I want to. I was so hard myself now I thought I might cum in my own pants. I took out his dick and rubbed it up and down. I saw a road side rest sign and pulled in. It was empty so I pulled to the end and parked and turned off the engine. Then without saying a word I went down on him. After a minute or so of his moaning approval I told him to pull the lever that let his seat go down. He did and I had him laying out flat on his back. I pulled his shirt up above his tits and saw a magnificent body. He was really as stud. I started rubbing my hand up and down his stomach and chest. He was smooth as a 12 year old not a hair on him except from his belly button to his pubes. I lay over on him and started sucking his tits and boy did they get hard.

"God I've never had anyone suck me there before. That feels so weird."

I looked out the window and we were still all alone so I let my seat go back. After all a lot of people nap in rest areas. I asked him to roll over on his stomach and he did so right away. Here I had always thought it would be so hard to approach an adult and it wasn't as hard as a 12 year old would be the first time. I spread his ass and blew air on his ass hole and boy did he moan. I wet two of my fingers real well and went in him with my middle finger all the way to the colon.

"OH GOD, no one has ever touched me there before."

"It feels good to me." I said.

"Yea kind of weird but really good." he replied.

I started finger fucking him and then after a few minutes re-wet my finger after smelling it. And put two fingers in. This brought out a real moan. I started hitting on his prostate with both fingers and all of a sudden he said.

"OH GOD I'm CUMMING. I could feel every surge of his orgasm on my fingers and even feel his heart beating. This was so awesome. I told him to lift up and slid my handkerchief under him and cleaned him up and had him roll over and finished the job with my tongue. After licking for a while I had pretty well cleaned him up. "Have you ever tasted your cum?"

"No I can't say I have."

"Stick out your tongue." Funny he did everything I asked of him immediately. I took hold of his tongue and started sucking it and soon he was sucking mine back. This went on until we heard a car pull in back by the rest room so we broke and just lay there catching our breath.

"Man that was so awesome. I have never done anything sexual with a guy before. It was a great experience."

I asked him where he planned on staying tonight.

He said, "I guess I will just keep on walking out of Redding."

I told him that wouldn't be a good idea because he wouldn't get a ride after dark and would end up walking all night. I suggested he stay in the motel with me and then I would take him to the freeway in the morning when I went to meet up with my agent. He just silently agreed by shaking his head and smiling.

We checked into the Red Lion and then went and had a nice dinner. He was starving as he hadn't eaten a whole lot since he started in Portland. I told him to order anything it would be on my expense account and the company would think I had dinner with the new agent. So we both had steak and baked potatoes. It was a really good meal at the Red Lion. Then I took him to a store where I bought a 6 pack of beer and a six pack of wine coolers. There was a small refrigerator in the room so we put it in there. It was already cold when I bought it so we opened one and watched the national news. I downed two wine coolers during the news and he downed one beer. They were 16 ouncers so that was probably a lot for him. I gave him another beer and I took another cooler. By the time 9 came we were both feeling no pain. Neither of us were drunk but just feeling no pain.

When I got the room I asked for a room with one double bed thinking ahead because a lot of rooms had two beds in them. So when it was time for bed he said, "I guess I can sleep on the rug."

"I said you will do nothing of the kind. No guest of mine sleeps on the floor. We can share a queen size bed just fine."

"Thanks I appreciate that." he said.

We crawled into the bed in just out underware. I took off my undershirt so he did too. Funny he did everything I did. It was so much easier than I had ever dreamed it would be. My underware were still a little damp from all the precum I built up in the car. When we got in bed I started rubbing his back. I just took command with out saying a word. He just layed there and moaned.

"That feels so good. I sure was lucky to get a ride with you."

That made me feel real good. I rubbed on down and when I came to his butt I went under his boxers and the pulled down on them and he lifted up so I could take them down. I decided to get rid to the damn things so I took them off and tossed them on the floor. I then took my own off and tossed them. Now we were two naked men in one double bed. I continued rubbing down his butt pushing the covers down to the foot of the bed. I rubbed his legs real good and then did each foot for a while. He was really enjoying this. I came back up rubbing his inner thighs and so he spread his legs wide for me. When I got to his balls I decided to wet my finger and rub the area from his anus to his balls as that area always gets a guy hard. I rubbed his anus and he really like that from the sounds he was making. So I kept wetting my finger and rubbed from his anus to his balls back and forth until his perineum was hard as a rock. Then I took my middle finger and wet it really well and stuck it all the way up into his colon and could feel the hot juices which almost made me cum. I was so hard I thought my dick would explode. I asked him to roll over and he did exactly as asked without question. Then I went down on him and took his 6 inches + all the way down into my throat. I bobbed up and down on it driving him crazy. I didn't want him to cum yet so I got off of his dick and licked my way up his smooth stomach to his tits and started in on them. He was enjoying all this so much.

"Man I would have done this years ago if I knew the pleasure a man can give a man. Girls just don't know how to do all this." He said.

"Yes I know. I was married and never had sex like this either with my wife. It takes a man to really please a man."

I reached into my bag and got a tube of KY out of the pocket. It was close enough to the bed as planned that I could easily reach it. I took it and rubbed his dick with KY and jacked him with it. Boy did this bring pleasure sounds. Now Glen take this tube of KY and lube my ass with it. He took it and acted like he didn't know exactly what to do. I told him put some on all three fingers and use his middle finger on me first and then keep adding a finger until he was fucking me with all three.

I rolled over and he got down to my butt and spread it. I'm sure he had never done this before as he was hesitating. But he took his middle finger and pushed it all the way up in me just like I had him.

"Gosh I never felt inside someones ass before. It is really smooth and hot and way up in here it is wet. Why is that Joe?"

"Well Joe it is the fluid that keeps your bowels moving regularly other wise you would get constipated. It really is just water and has very little smell to it."

Glen pulled his finger out and smelled it. Seeming to approve he pushed back in two fingers. He went all the way up in to the colon with both. Then he started finger fucking me just like I had him. He seemed to be really enjoying himself. He then added the third finger and did the same. After about 4 minutes I told him now to put his dick in.

"Up your ass you mean?"

"Yes haven't you ever fucked someone in the ass before."

"No I didn't ever even think of it." So he put his dick to the hole and I pushed out and told him go ahead on in. So he pushed hard to get it through the sphincter muscle and it went right on up in me. He was just the right size to get an enjoyable fuck with very little initial pain. I told him to go ahead and fuck me fast and hard.

"Wow! This is so much tighter and warmer and so smooth. Man I have been missing out."

He started fucking pretty fast and I told him faster and harder. Boy that is all one has to say to a 20 year old that guy turned into a jack rabbit. I was bound and determined not to cum as I wanted my turn. So I just gritted my teeth but I was sure enjoying it. This was so much better than I had ever imagined. I had never had a boy fuck me nor had I ever fucked a boy. So this was really new to me too. Finally he let out with a war hoop and started cumming. He came and came and came. He must have shot 7 or 8 loads into me. It felt so good to feel that hot cum being force up my ass I now knew what I had been missing too.

When he finished he just lay on top of me still in me and kinda hugged me. "That was so awesome. I have never had an experience even close to that with anyone before."

"Well I have to be honest with you. You just got a guy who hasn't been fucked since he was in high school and that was a good many years ago."

"Really then it was almost like you were a virgin."

"Yea you might say that."

He finally got small enough his dick fell out and then he got off of me. I gave him another tongue sucking and we did that for about 5 minutes. When we finished I noticed he was hard again. Boy these young guys are really sex studs. I told him to lay on his stomach for me and I started lubricating him the same way he did me. He knew something was coming as he kept glancing back over his shoulder at my 7 inch hard on. I took the KY and jacked with it until I was really slick and then told him to push out like he had to take a giant shit.

When I heard the "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" I went in all the way into his colon so he wouldn't have a whole lot of pain. I just stopped there.

"Oh Shit do I feel full. God... ohhhh... it hurts too."

"The hurt will go away in about a minute you'll see. Your anal muscles are made to expand to what ever needs you give them so you can pass giant turds when your constipated.

"Yea I guess your right there. It is not hurting anymore but I just feel real full."

"That is normal now I am going to start fucking you slowly. I short fucked him slow at first and sped up. Soon I was really going and he was making all kinds of pleasure sounds. So I started long stoking him hitting on his prostate with every plunge. He was groaning like mad now.

"Oh huh, huh, huh, huh, that feels so good. You are hitting something that is giving me a shock kinda and it feels awesome."

"Yes that is your prostate gland." I kept rabbit fucking him and it was all I could do to keep from cumming but I wanted to get him to cum first to show him he could cum without any hands. So I kept pounding on his prostate. It wasn't long before...

"Ohhhhhhhh, God....Ahhhhhhhhh....I'm.....cumming...again...ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...God that feels so good....."

Well his orgasm set me off immediately and I came right along with him. I really came as I practically had blue balls from all the foreplay in the car and in the bed. I must have shot 8 giant loads into him. I am sure that is the most I have ever cum. "Oh Glen that felt so good to me."

"Oh me too it was awesome Joe. God I have never experienced sex like this I didn't even know it existed."

"Well now you know." They both hugged and French Kissed for a while and fell asleep in each others arms.

(To be Continued)

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