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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 10 (Based on a true story)


There that should do it. Slide the door closed. With the tinted windows we have real privacy now. I started rubbing on his shoulders and his neck. Then I went down each arm rubbing his muscles real good. I had him turn over his palms and did the line trace thing on his hands. He really liked that. Then I returned to his back and started down it rubbing my way to his swim suit. Then being careful I stayed outside his suit and went on down his legs. I did each foot for about 5 minutes each and then started back up on his inner thigh. He moaned and spread his legs wide. I was about to go ape shit this kid was more than I ever dreamed of getting next to. God had sure given him all the right things in all the right places. When I got to his swim suit again I took my middle finger and started the up down strokes on his perineum. I felt him getting hard fast. "I always like it when someone rubs my perineum area for me." said Joe.

"Yea I can sure tell why. Man that even made me get hard. I feel I can tell you that can't I."

"Jimmy you can tell me anything and it will never go anywhere. Just like I would hope you kept this back rub between us."

"Don't worry Joe my lips are sealed. Anyway to say anything at high school would bring about all the gay teasing some guys go through and I sure wouldn't want that."

"Well let me tell you something Jimmy. Almost every guy has some bi in them or they wouldn't be checking each other out in the showers. And in high school I can remember if anyone started something sexual it always ended up being sex every time. And no one said a word to anyone for the same reason you stated. So just enjoy yourself you are perfectly safe here."

"Yea Joe, I knew that or I would have stopped you long ago and made up some excuse to do something else."

"Yea Jimmy I guess you would. But let me tell you I have never had anyone stop me in a back rub situation and I have given a lot of them."


"Yea I like to give people pleasure. I get my kicks out of it."

"Well you sure know how to give pleasure."

"Why don't you turn over and I do the other side too."

"Well you already know I have a hard on so sure."

I rubbed his shoulders from the front and then went down to his chest making both nipples hard. He just sighed when I did that. "Let me ask you Jimmy have you ever messed around with a good friend before?"

"Yea I have jacked off with a few guys. It is always fun and I come a lot more just getting to watch him too."

"Yea that is how it works Jimmy. There are 5 places on a guys body that bring about extreme pleasure but most guys never learn what they are as no one ever shows them."

"Really would you show me. I won't say anything to anyone. Although I might show a friend what I learned but not say where I learned it."

"That would be fine Jimmy. Incidentally, you are now legal age and can legally have sex with anyone 18 or older without getting arrested for it as long as you do it in a private place."

"Yea I guess I never thought of that before. I never worried about being legal. What if I had sex with someone younger Joe?"

"Well the law says 18 but they kind of turn their head the other way if the person is within two years of your age. But it is still much safer to keep it 18 and older."

"Hmmm that's good to know."

"Now for me to show you those 5 places you would have to take off your bathing suit. Would that bother you?"

"Not around you Joe." And with that the bathing suit was off in a flash and up on the bed. His hard on was not real thick yet but it was at least 7 inches long and maybe almost 8 inches. It was uncut which I liked as I wasn't cut either and knew how it felt. His pubic hair was almost blond but I suppose you would call it very light brown. He had a good set of balls without any hair on them. So I suppose his ass hole would be clear of hair too.

"Well here is spot one." I wet my thumb and started going up and down on the bottom of his dick with his foreskin pulled back. I knew how this felt because I being uncut had done it to myself. It felt real good but it burned a bit but it would cause him to start leaking like mad in a minute or so. Sure enough the geyser erupted. Precum started coming out like mad. So I used it to make more precum with my thumb.

"Man that is like a precum trigger huh Joe? It feels good too but it burns some too."

"Yea I know how it feels as I sometimes do it to myself."

" mind..if I did it to you too?"

I lifted up and scooted my bathing suit down and took it off like he did. "Have at it Jimmy it is fine by me."

His face really brightened up as he reached for my dick which was rock hard too now. He pulled the foreskin back, licked his thumb and started in on my special spot. It wasn't long before I flooded him with precum. "You know Jimmy precum has a real sweet taste to it." And with that I went down and licked the end of his dick which was flooded by now. Talk about sweet. Man he was sweet and no salt taste in his precum at all. All of a sudden I felt him licking mine all off too.

"I see what you mean it does taste sweet. I have never tasted it before."

"Well it taste just about the same as cum except cum has a little salt taste to it too."

"Really I never tasted that either."

I went down on him and took all 7+ inches into my throat. I started bobbing up and down on it. Then I felt something hot, and wet on my own dick. He was playing follow the leader. He gagged so I told him how to avoid gagging and after a few more trys he was all the way down on mine and had it in his throat. We 69ed until finally after about only 5 minutes he came hard down my throat. I pulled back so the rest went in my mouth and kept sucking until I was sucking dry. He was moaning like crazy but didn't come off my dick once. All of a sudden I had it too and came in his mouth. He kept swallowing it, again playing follow the leader. "Your right Joe it does taste a little salty but about the same as the precum. I think I could get to like the taste."

"I sure liked the taste of yours Jimmy It was real sweet and hardly any salt taste at all. But as you get older it will get a little saltier probably."

"Gosh Joe you sure know how to teach neat things."

"Well we still have several to go but maybe we better get you home now and teach that to you tomorrow. We can say we are going to the store and come back here. Would you like that?"

"Would I like that, I would love it. God would I love it."

"OK then it's set. We might even get away more than once depending on what is happening tomorrow."

"Yea I would come half a dozen times if we could. God Joe you are so neat. I can't believe it."

"Well I consider that a real compliment Jimmy. And may I return the same to you. You are what the kids call really kool. I sure like being your teacher too."

"Well then it's set as many times as we can escape OK?"

"Yea I'm game. I better get you home now it is starting to get dark."

"Yea but she won't be mad as long as it isn't real late. I will go and tell her you are going to pick me up at nine when we get there so you can know ahead of time it is OK. I just thought of something Joe, we could stop here on our way to the camp. No one would have any idea when to expect us."

"Your full of good ideas Jimmy." And with that I pulled back onto the pavement and it wasn't long until we were at his house. I waited in the car and it wasn't long before she came out with him to tell me that would be fine. That she had know Tom most of her life and she was sure I was OK.

"Well thanks I appreciate that. I just couldn't let Jimmy walk all that way after the fun day we all had."

"Well he will be ready at...9 didn't you say Jimmy?"

"Yea mom at 9."

"Well I will be here take care now and have a good evening."

"Good night Joe and the same to you."

With that I drove back toward camp. I stopped at a little store and bought a few things just to show why I had been gone a little longer than some might expect. That night we had a campfire and Tom's two boys almost sat in my lap trying to draw my attention. I just rubbed their upper backs and stayed away from the illegal zone. They didn't say anything as they probably thought it was because there were so many people around. After an evening of roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs as I played my ukulele we finally all went to our beds and crapped out. Boy I was tired. I had a hard time keeping my mind off 9 in the morning but soon fell asleep.

In the morning I got up and slipped outside for a cup of rose before I woke the kids. They didn't know I drank in the morning sometimes so I had a dark brown coffee mug that made rose look like coffee. Later in life I realized a non drinker could smell wine if a bottle was even open in a house so I wasn't fooling anyone. Then I made coffee and woke the kids up. I cooked their breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toast. Oh yea I had some bacon so I cooked that up too. We all sat at the table booth in the trailer and talked about what they were going to do all day. I hated for it to be Sunday already as tomorrow it was back to work. At least I wouldn't have to leave town until Thursday as usual. At 8:45 the kids had already gone to their friends camps so I took off to go get Jimmy. I felt a hard on coming on as I pulled out of the campground. It didn't take long to get there and he came running out without me having to wait.

"Hi Joe your right on time."

"Yes Jimmy I always try to be. I am in business you know and being late for an appointment can cost me a sale."

"Joe, you think we could stop at that tree again?"

"I can't see why not. We are both adults and can make up our own minds. I am all for it too."

"Oh good you had some more you wanted to teach me."

"Yes there are several things we can cover." I pulled down the dirt road and then behind the big tree out of sight. We both climbed in back and he was naked as quickly as he could get that way. His 7 inches standing straight up already. I took off everything too and I was just as hard. He reached down and slipped my foreskin back and wet his thumb and got me going again. It was only seconds before he got what he was after. He licked the precum and then took me in his mouth. I told him that felt really good. But he had better stop as I didn't want to cum yet. So I told him to lay on his stomach. When he did he showed his perfect ass. I spread his cheeks and said, "You just got out of the shower didn't you."

"Yea how did you know?"

"Well your butt hole is the cleanest part of your body right now as it hasn't been exposed to any thing yet today." With that I went down and started licking it.

"Wow! I never even thought of that before. It feels so good."

I told him to push out like he had to shit and to hold it that way. When he had to breath take a breath and push out again. So he let out with "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and I folded my tongue and pushed it in his hole I got a bunch of spit built up and started forcing it up his ass along with my tongue going in further with each tongue fuck. He was moaning really loud now. I told him to lift his butt up and push toward me at the same time I was pushing in. SO he lifted his butt and grunted. I really was getting my tongue in there now but my tongue was getting tired so I knew I had to change to some thing else. I got the KY tube and put some on my fingers and started rubbing his perineum again. Boy did he like that. So I added the ass hole to the perineum plunge which can make a guy cum real quick if a person isn't careful. "Jimmy if you get close to cumming tell me so and I will stop as I don't want you cumming yet. I want to build up your seminal fluid for a while.

"Whats seminal fluid Joe?"

"Well that is the fluid that brings out the sperm when you cum. The sperm is made in your balls and the seminal fluid is made in your seminal vesicle. I will show you that in a minute OK?

"Yea boy am I learning a lot."

I knew I didn't dare go any longer as he was sure to cum with me rubbing both his perineum and his ass hole. Most guys can't last long with that going on. I told him I was going to go up inside him now and show him his prostate and his seminal vessel.

"You mean push your finger up in me?"

"Yes Jimmy that is the only way to reach it. So push out again real hard."


I pushed just my middle finger all the way up into the colon juices and waited for a response.

"Oh God, Man you are really up inside me. I have never felt anything so weird. It feels kinda good too. Can you push harder. I think it will even feel better if you do."

"Sure how's that." And I pushed real hard but I was already all the way in. SO I started finger fucking him and boy did he make pleasure noises. I kept this up for 3 or 4 minutes and then said, "Now I'm going to show you where your seminal vessel is." I started rubbing about half way up above the prostate and he just moaned. This really builds up a guys seminal fluid even though it doesn't have the great feeling that goes along with it like the prostate. "Now Jimmy I am going to go to your prostate. It will make you feel like I am jacking you off from the inside." I started rubbing it and his whole body responded.

"Oh shit man that will make a guy cum and fast."

"Yes Jimmy but I will get off it as I am not ready for that yet. I am going to add a finger now to stretch your anal muscles out." So I added the second finger and heard him catch his breath. I started finger fucking him with two fingers. I kept speeding up slowly until I was really going fast. He was coming unglued and making every pleasure sound in the book. Then I added the third finger knowing this would cause some discomfort.

"Oh man it feels like you just stuck your fist up in me. It hurts a little Joe."

"Yes but the hurt will be over soon. Just put up with it. I finger fucked him slowly turning and twisting my finger as I was going to have this Adonis cherry here in a minute. "How are you doing now Jimmy?"

"Fine, actually it started feeling good now."

"Did you ever hear your friends talking about corn holing in school?"

"Yea but I was never around when they did it. They just talked about it afterword's."

"Well what you say we try it. I'll do it to you then you can do it to me."

"I guess so...doesn't it hurt a lot?"

"At first it hurts a little just like the three fingers did but then it starts feeling good."

"Well OK I trust you won't hurt me Joe."

"OK it is time for the push out again. This time push out as long as you can."


When I heard that I took my lubricated dick and pushed it all the way to his colon in one push. No use prolonging the agony get it over with fast.

"Oh SHIT THAT HURTS BAD...Oh God....It is getting a little better... how much longer before it quits hurting?"

"About 30 seconds to a minute. I will stay right here until you tell me to start moving."

About a minute went by and then Jimmy said, "It's OK now Joe but boy do I feel full. Like I could shit from here until next week."

I started short stroking him. Each time speeding up a little until I was going pretty good. I reached down and took hold of his leg and turned him over where I was looking directly in those beautiful blue eyes. He was smiling when we made eye contact. Now I was able to slide even further up in him. He just moaned and accepted it. I started fucking him and really got going. Pretty soon I was dripping sweat all over him. His forehead was full of beads of sweat some of them running down his face. All of a sudden looking at his beauty did it I started cumming and came and came and came.

"Man I can feel your sperm going clear up in me Joe. It's hot. It feels so good."

I had deliberately avoided his prostate so he would be able to fuck me. I layed down almost on top of him and we lay there catching our breath for about 5 minutes. Then I told him to stick out his tongue. He looked puzzled but did as I said. Then I was on his tongue fast and sucking. He caught on and we were in a French Kiss supreme. Boy did I like kissing him. This went on for at least 5 minutes and then I broke. I handed him the KY and said, "OK it's your turn to corn hole me Jimmy.

"You mean it Joe?"

"Yea I want to see how far up in me you can get that almost 8 inch dick."

"Wow! This is going to be awesome."

"First I will roll over on my stomach and you can prepare me with the one, two, three finger method. Then put KY on your dick by jacking off with it for a few seconds and then it's all the way in me."

God he was so excited. He put KY on all his fingers and pushed his longest and it was long clear up into my colon. He finger fucked me like he was really enjoying it and then went to two and then three fingers. He really let me have it with the three fingers for about 4 or 5 minutes. "OK Jimmy I'm ready if you are."

"Let me turn over so you can reach further up in me with that long thing." So I turned over and brought my legs back up to my ears. I grunted to let him know it was time and all of a sudden I had the longest dick up in me I had felt in a long time.

"God this feels good. It is so hot and smooth. And tight man are you tight. It really squeezes my dick."

"OK start riding me like a bucking bronco." When I said that I turned an 18 year old loose on my ass. Boy could this kid move. He kept it up for 15 minutes or so and he started hitting my prostate each time without even knowing it. All of a sudden looking into those eyes I let go and boy did I cum again. When I did the spasms set him off.

"OH SHIT I'm cumming too...ahhhhhhhh...OHhhhhhhhhhh....GOd....holy... shit....ahhhhhhhhhh..."

He must have cum about 8 times as I was flooded. That is what he got from all the seminal fluid build up I did on him.

He fell forward right in my cum and just layed there panting. After we caught our breath he reached up and started French Kissing me again. This time I really enjoyed it because he started it. We kissed for 6 or 8 minutes before he broke off. "God Joe that was the most I have ever cum in my life. I never felt anything so good. I sure have a good teacher. Can you just keep teaching me.

"Well I think we better clean up and get on out to the camp. Everyone is going to wonder where I am."

"Yea your right. We can't stay here and fuck all day. All though I wish we could."

I didn't say it but I wish we could too. What a kid. I wish I were Joan.

We got dressed and I drove on out to the campground. Luckily no one had really missed me. They were all too busy down at the playground. So we walked to the trailer and I got him a pop and me a cup of rose and then we went on down to join everyone at the playground. Joan came right over to Jimmy and said, "Gosh I am glad you could come back. I was hoping you would be here."

"Yea Joan it wasn't hard to get my mom to let Joe bring me back out."

"Thanks Joe for bringing him. I really appreciate it."

I sat and watched as they played baseball. And it wasn't long before I went to the trailer and got my thermos. So I could have some more of my special coffee.

(To Be Continued)


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