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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 11 (Based on a true story)


After getting my thermos ready I changed to my swim trunks. Then I went down to the swim hole. All the kids were there already and diving off the tree. Joan and her Adonis were just getting there too. He came over to me and said, "Hey Joe maybe we could skip out later and go crawdad hunting down the creek."

"Yea we will have to wait until the right minute so as not to be missed for a while."

"I'll be watching for that minute Joe."

"Yea me to." Why don't you and Joan go dive off the tree for a while so she doesn't feel left out."

So that is what he did. It was so much fun for me to watch them as the tree was quite high and up on a cliff they had to climb up to. My boys were doing it as well. This went on for about a half hour when Joan got tired and so she and Jimmy came over and sat by me. Jimmy kept glancing at me but there was no way we were going to get away from Joan right now.

"Joan, Joan." Her father was calling. "Honey would you come with me I need your help shopping. We won't be gone more than an hour. I am sure Jimmy will survive."

"Yea dad COMING."

She got up apologizing to Jimmy and said she would be back in an hour. Maybe I could just talk with Joe for a while.

He agreed ginning at me. So she took off and we saw them leaving for the store in town.

"Joe, what you say we go downstream crawdad hunting."

"Sounds good to me Jimmy. Bring your towel around your neck and I'll bring mine. Let me get a bucket at the trailer so we can come back with some OK?"

"Yea super idea."

I got the bucket and we took off down stream wearing cheap tennis shoes so the rocks wouldn't cut our feet. The water was such a good temperature it was really quite pleasant. "Let's look for a place to kinda get private." said Jimmy.

"OK, but we better go downstream a ways first." So we walked on down stream for about a half mile. Then he noticed at the same time I did a path leading off to the left. It got both of us curious so we took it. Only about a quarter block we came to a place where the heavy underbrush had been beaten down and someone had left an old blanket there. It was dry so it wasn't real old. Jimmy said, "Gosh someone was sure nice for us."

"Yes you couldn't get more private than this Jimmy."

They both took off their trunks and lay down on the blanket. I told him about 69 and so we got end to end and took each other in our mouths. He was hard as a rock and so was I. I was taller so I could reach beyond and licked his balls and then went for his ass hole. God it was great licking this beautiful ass hole. He was sucking even harder as I started doing this. I was trying to keep my mind off of cumming as I wanted that for fucking him. So after I licked his ass for a few minutes I went back on his dick. I gave him head for about 5 minutes and thought we better stop or one of us was going to go off and spoil the main event. So I told him to roll over on his stomach and when he did I spread his cheeks real hard stretching his ass hole so I could see it better. God what a view. I know if I just jacked on my dick once I would cum right then. I reached over for my trunks and took out a tube of KY that I always keep in the pocket in them. My trunks only had one pocket but is was enough. I put some on my three fingers and started in one, two, three fingering him. "How does that feel now Jimmy?"

"Awesome are you gonna fuck me Joe?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Oh yea."

"Push out real hard then." I said as I put KY on my dick.


That was all it took I was all the way into his colon in one push.

"Oh God that makes me feel full. It hurt a little when you went in but it is OK now."

I started long stroking him right away as he seemed to be able to take it fine. I speeded up and it didn't take me very long in my present ready state to blast him full of cum. I must have shot at least 8 times all the way up into what felt like his stomach, but of course I knew it wasn't. God did that feel good.

"Man I love it when you cum like that clear up in me. It is so hot and I can feel each spurt as it goes up in me."

"OK now buddy it is your turn."

"Oh I was hoping you would say that."

He took the KY from me and did the three finger thing then lubricated himself and told me to push out. So I did. When he heard me grunt he was all the way up in me with his long dick.

"You OK Joe?"

"Better than OK Jimmy let me have it. Let's see how fast an 18 year old can fuck."

I'm not sure I should have said that because he was going so fast I was dizzy. Boy could he fuck. He kept at it for about 8 to 10 minutes then...

"Oh God ....cum...ahhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhh!" and he fell forward on my back and gave me the biggest hug.

He lay there like that for about 5 minutes and then I rolled over and took him in my arms. "Stick out your tongue Jimmy." When he did I was on it and sucking almost instantly. He started sucking mine when I let loose of his. And it turned into a full fledge French Kiss that lasted about 10 minutes. When we broke we just hugs each other for another 5.

"Joe you are the coolest man I have ever known. You are really super special. I love you like I love my dad."

"Well I love you too Jimmy. You are one neat kid. And I love being sexual with you."

"Oh man me too Joe."

"Shall we see if we can find any crawdads now to make this exposition more realistic."

"Yea let's go."

When we got back into the stream it didn't take long to find them. But they were something else to get hold of with out them getting hold of you too. But by the time we got back we had about 20 or so of them kicking around in the little water in the bucket. I told him I would boil them as an extra treat for dinner.

"Gosh I have never eaten them before Joe."

"Well the only part you eat is the tail. Kinda like a miniature lobster."

"Oh that isn't much meat."

"Well they are not meant to fill you up. Just like a shrimp cocktail doesn't but it's still good."

When we got back my kids all came running as they had missed me. "What do you have in the bucket dad." asked Pat.

"Take a look."

"Wow! Crayfish. What are you going to do with them?"

"Well Pat I'm going to boil them as part of our dinner. You just eat the tails so we will have other stuff to go with them."

"Hey that sounds cool. I have never tasted them before."

"Well it is getting along toward time for me to start dinner anyway so I will go and get started."

"Jimmy there you are. I been looking for you." said Joan.

"We just got back from a crayfish hunt Joan. See look in the bucket."

"Oooo those things look like they could eat you alive with those claws."

"Well you aren't the one that is going to get eaten, they are."


"Yea Joan, Joe is going to cook them up as part of our dinner."

"Gosh I never tasted them before."

"To tell you the truth neither have I. Have you been back long."

"No only about 10 minutes. But we just got everything unloaded anyway." said Joan.

Joe went to the trailer really not knowing anything about cooking crayfish but he knew you boiled them live. So he got the rest of the dinner cooking first so he cooked them last. He guessed one should put in some salt so he added a few shakes to the boiling water. Then he got a tool made to pick things up with and started putting the crayfish in the boiling water as many as a time as he could grab. There were more like close to 30 instead of 20. They had had a good hunt. When dinner was ready he called the boys and Jimmy to the table. Joan of course came with Jimmy. Joe thought a sauce for the crawdad tails would be appropriate so he took ketchup and added a little taco hot sauce to it and stirred it all together. It tasted like shrimp cocktail sauce when he was through. Perfect he thought to himself. He put them all on a platter with their tails out toward the edge of the big platter and put the sauce in a small bowl in the center. It made quite a display as the crayfish turned bright red. He put everything on the table and added them last. He got quite a bunch of exclamations when he set the platter on the table.

"OK every one it is family style take what you want but eat what you take."

Everyone started in loading up their plates. Jimmy finally got brave and tore off a crawdad tail and dipped it in the sauce. He put it in his mouth and tasted more sauce than tail but said hmmmmmm. That did it everyone was grabbing a tail. They all like them cause it was such a novelty. When dinner was over all they had to do to clean up was wash the platter. Everything else was plastic and paper so the could each throw away their own plate and forks.

When they were through they built a fire and talked over the day around it. This is what made camping so much fun. I had my rose and they had their pop and we just enjoyed. I brought out some marshmallows and some wire hangers that had been straightened out for holders and everyone that wanted to roasted marshmallows. The evening went by fast and this was the night they had to hook on to the trailer and pull it home. "Jimmy I had better take you home soon as I have to load the trailer and get home myself. You will have to come and visit the boys once in a while."

"Oh I would like that a lot. Maybe spend a weekend even if you have room."

"Don't worry Jimmy we always have room for you." The boys both popped in and agreed. Grace said nothing as it wasn't her friend.

After another half hour I told Jimmy to get in the van the time had come. He gave Joan a kiss good bye and climbed in.

It was getting dark and we had had sex this afternoon so when he asked me if I wanted to stop I told him I would like to, but that it was getting dark and I wanted to get the trailer hooked up before dark. He understood.

"But you can bet I'll call and try and spend a weekend soon."

"Well Jimmy I would be disappointed if you didn't."

He squeezed my leg before getting out at his house and I squeezed his right back. Hugging might be too obvious if his mother were looking out a window.

I headed back to the campground and hooked up the trailer right away. I had to disconnect the electric cord, put the sewer hose away in the back bumper of the trailer, and unhook the water hose and put it away in the storage department. Then I went to Tom's campground and found everyone there including my three. I thanked Tom for the invitation and told the kids we had to leave as I didn't want to get home to late. So they all went and got in and we drove off after checking the lights were all working OK.

When we got home Pat helped me unhook the trailer hitch and then we went in the house. We all watched a movie and then it was time for bed as tomorrow was another work day.

When I got to work my secretary said that Tim had finished the video training so I took him and phone trained him. We got two appointments for the afternoon and sold them both. I split commissions with him making him feel rich as he was down to nothing. "Think you can do that by yourself Tim?"

"Well as many time as I saw you do it watching the videos 7 times I better be able to. Plus seeing you in action today helped a lot too."

"Well I'll let you try it on your own tomorrow and see how you do. You know you can telephone from home just as well trying to get appointments. Don't forget to ask everyone if they know anyone who is hard of hearing as you call."

"Oh don't worry I caught right on to that watching you."

The next two days went similarly with other agents. And then Thursday came. I told Pat I had to go to Weaverville which was west of Redding about an hour so I had quite a drive ahead of me. I took off early as I knew I had about 3 hours or so driving before getting to Weaverville. It was a small town but supported quite a rural population. I told Blake when I hired him I wasn't sure he could make a go of it in Weaverville but he came to Medford and did the video training so he was determined. Gosh it is boring driving on a freeway that hardly ever even turns. I watched closely for hitch hikers but didn't see any all the way to Redding. I was disappointed as I doubted I would have a chance on hwy 299 of finding anyone. But to my surprise there was a guy about 21 about average looks with the nice slender body I liked so I picked him up. He was so glad to get the ride. He said he thought after standing there so long he might have to walk. I told him yes that was a bad place to hitch hike as the road wasn't traveled that much. "By the way my name is Joe."

"Oh, glad to meet you Joe. My name is Burke. I know that is an odd name but it was my mothers maiden name and so she named me after it."

"Well Burke I don't think I have ever met anyone named Burke by first name but there are a lot of people with that as a last name."

"Yea my mom was one of them."

Here came the scary part again. It was always so hard for me to reach over and touch them the first time. I don't know why I always thought I would get told to let him out or something. But so far they have all responded positively. So here goes.

"I'll bet by the sounds of things you have a set of tired legs." Before he could say anything I was squeezing his leg above the knee on the left leg which was closest to me.

"Yea they sure are tired that feels good Joe."

I had another one. I continued my usual thing of going up and down the left leg a coupe times and then I reached over to the right leg. "This is a little harder for me to reach but this car has close seats so I can." I then continued on up and layed my hand and forearm on his crotch. As I rubbed up and down so did my forearm and part of my hand. He got hard fast. I guess being only 21 he was still horny. "Does that feel good Burke?"

"Oh Yea, so good I got hard."

"Well don't worry about that we are both guys. I have two boys at home along with a girl. So I am used to teen age boys anyway. How old are you Blake 21?"

"No I have about 6 months to go for that. I am 20."

I thought no wonder he got hard so quick. I continued on over to his left leg so he wouldn't think I was getting sexy with him. After a couple turns I went back over to the right leg and bumped into a rock hard on on my way. I really had him going. When I got to his crotch I took hold of his dick and squeezed and said, "I see what you mean you got hard, does this feel good?"

"Yea man it has been a long time since anyone touched me there."

That gave me permission so I reached up and pulled his shirt out of his pants and rubbed on his lower stomach. He moaned. I went down toward his underware and he sucked his stomach in real hard. He wanted me down there. So I just unbuttoned his pants and the zipper was in the right position it just opened. I saw he had blue boxers on so I got hold of his dick and started rubbing on it through them. He was moaning like mad now. I knew of the only rest stop on this road and it was coming up. So I pulled in and went to the end. There were hardly any cars that stopped here so we had the place to ourselves. When I stopped I continued rubbing and I could tell by the feel he was over 7 inches long. "Man you have a nice dick there how long is it?"

"Last time I measured a while back it was just at 8 inches."

"Well God really blessed you I am not that long myself. I hit 7+ my self. See that lever by your door on the seat. Pull it and it will let the seat go back." He pulled it and was laying down right away. I leaned over and took his dick in my mouth. Boy did he moan at that. I cupped his balls with my other hand and rubbed on the perineum. This of course started him leaking like mad. Boy was his precum sweet. I told him to turn over on his stomach as I wanted to build his sperm up for a good cum. He rolled over as I asked. They always do. I reached for his waist and pulled his boxers down. He lifted up and helped me get them down. I spread his ass real wide and looked at a really clean ass hole. "You are really clean you must have had a shower recently."

"Yea, they had pay showers at the truck stop in Redding. I had just come from there when I was on hwy 299."

I had to go down on that beautiful pink ass hole. I started licking it and then told him to push out. He did and I started poking my tongue inside him. The more I poked the wetter he got and I was really getting in there.

"Oh man no one has ever done that to me before. God does that feel cool."

I kept it up until he was soggy wet and moaning like a banshee. Then when my tongue got tired I wet my middle finger and pushed it all the way to the colon.

"Oh God, I have never had anything up my ass before."

"Does it hurt you Blake?"

"No man it makes me feel like cumming."

I knew if I was going to get the cum taste I better get on that dick. "Roll on your side facing me Blake." When he did I took his 8 inches down my throat. Then I started really working on finger fucking him. I loved doing that. I wet another finger and smelled the one that had been in there. Boy did he have a neat smelling ass. I pulled his dick out of my throat and into my mouth and started going around the head with my tongue. I then started hitting on his sensitive spot on the under part of his dick. Boy did that bring out some moans. Then both fingers went in directly to the prostate. And I started giving his prostate the massage of his life, since he had never had anything in his ass before. He was making every pleasure sound in the books. All of a sudden ...

"OH GOD Joe, I'm going to cum...ahhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh....shit.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhh.....ahhhhhhhhh...Oh my God......"

I guess I had built him up to the max as I had a hell of a time keeping up with all the sperm he was shooting. Must of been 8 or 9 shots. But I didn't loose any and got to taste it all before swallowing it. I was so sweet with just a faint taste of salt in it. "How was that Blake did I do good?"

"Oh God, that is the best I have ever felt. I been with a lot of girls but none of them ever made me feel anything like that good."

"Well we men have a way of knowing where to push and touch to make a guy feel good."

"Well, you sure do.."

He pulled up his pants as he was dry I had gotten all the cum in my stomach. I could still taste it. I smelled my fingers that had been up inside him and I wanted to can that smell. It was so good. "Do you have to use the restroom while we are here. I think I better myself.

"Yea I'll go with you and give it a try."

After we got back to the car we headed on toward Weaverville. He was much more talkative and friendly now. I really enjoyed his company.

As we got closer to Weaverville it was getting close to dinner time. Another hour or so so I said, "Blake are you heading for Eureka?"

"Yea, How did you guess."

"Well that is the only larger city this hwy goes to. Say since it will be dinner time in an hour or so why don't we walk around Weaverville a little and then I will treat you to dinner. I know a nice restaurant. And then you can stay in the motel for the night as you probably won't be able to get a ride on to Eureka tonight. I would love to have your company.

"Gosh, that is more than a guy can ask for. Thanks sure I'll stay."

So I pulled into the motel I stayed at last time and got a room with a queen size bed. I wanted only one bed as I could smell a virgin loosing his cherry tonight.

I came back to the car with the key and parked the car to look at the room. We saw that it was nice enough so we walked on downtown Weaverville and window shopped for a while. Then when it got to be dinner time we went into the restaurant I told him about. We ordered New York steak. It came with several choices of potato etc. It was really a good dinner. I asked what they had for desert and we ordered. I had cheese cake and he had cherry pie. I thought if he only knew what was going to happen to his own cherry tonight.

(To Be Continued)


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