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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 12 (Based on a true story)


I was still burping from such a good dinner when we got into the motel room. I turned on the TV just for the noise and caught the last 15 minutes of the National News. This worked out fine as it gave us both a few minutes to settle down and rest. When the news was over some boring program came on. I tried to change channels but there was only that one channel. So it was either watch that and go bananas or do something else. There was also a radio in the room so I turned off the TV and turned on the radio for background noise.

"Joe I sure want to thank you for that great dinner. That is the best I have eaten since I can remember."

"Well I am glad you enjoyed it. And I am glad you took me up on eating with me and staying here. It gets really lonely in these motels when I am by myself."

"Yea I can see where it would."

I was sitting in the only chair in the room and he was laying on the bed with the pillow up behind him so he could watch the news. So I got up and went over and said, "Turn over on your stomach Blake and I'll rub your back for you. I really like giving rubdowns."

He didn't say a thing but just turned over and pulled the pillow where it was comfortable under his head. I reached up under his shirt and started rubbing. I rubbed for a couple minutes and then said, "You know Blake it would be a lot easier if you stripped to your underware so I can rub you on bare skin. That always feels better."

He stood up and took off his shirt and then his shoes and socks and his pants. Then he got back down in position. I looked at that perfect butt and couldn't wait until I was into it. I kept rubbing down his back and went right on over his underware rubbing his buns as I went. After all he had been through a lot of this in the car and didn't complain. I rubbed each foot for about 5 minutes bringing out a lot of moans and groans. He was really enjoying this. Then when I got back to his butt I got right on that perineum and started rubbing up and down on it. It didn't take but a minute until he was rock hard again. Knowing his lower head would now do the thinking I reached for the waist of his underware and when he felt me pull down on it he raised up to make it easier for me. I got the KY and got him to the three finger point as he moaned and groaned. Some pain sounds and some good sounds. "Blake would you mind doing me now. I sure am tired too."

"No I would be happy to do you."

After removing all my clothes I layed naked on my stomach. As he got up his dick hit him up on his stomach past his belly button. It was full of precum as well. He started on my shoulders and followed what I did, even the feet. When he got back up to my butt I spread my legs and he rubbed up and down on my perineum coping what I had done to him. His dick was still rock hard. I handed him the KY and told him to do me like I did him with one, two, and three fingers. He started with the longest middle finger I had ever had in me. It reached way up into my colon really turning me on. Then he went right on with the other two fingers and pushed them all the way up in me as far as he could. "You like doing that don't you Blake?"

"Yea I never had my fingers up in a guy before. Or for that matter a girls ass."

"OK now you are going to do another first. Take the KY and jack off with it making your dick slippery." He did as asked. "Now put your dick up in me as far as you can."

"You mean you want me to fuck you?"

"That is what they call it. But don't do it if it will bother you."

"Heck no it won't bother me it's just a first for me that's all."

I raised my ass and pushed out and said, "Go ahead I'm ready."

He pushed in slow not wanting to hurt me but when I didn't complain he went right on up in me. Now I don't know if you have ever had 8 inches inside you but you know it is there. "OK Blake fuck me. Show me how a 20 year old can fuck."

That turned him loose and I almost wished for a minute I hadn't said that as he was going like a house a fire. Man was I getting fucked. He was as fast as Jimmy was back at the camp. Only his dick was fatter and boy was it long. I felt when he came it would come out my mouth. He kept this up for about 15 minutes and then all of a sudden I heard him say, "Oh....God...Joe....I'm...going cum...ahhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh...shit.....fuck.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh...Oh my God....."

He pumped about 8 or more ropes in me and I could really feel it. I was getting a cum enema. I don't think I ever had that much cum up my ass but it felt so good and hot. When he finally finished he left it in me and collapsed on my back. He was panting so hard he couldn't talk for about 5 minutes then he said, "That was the most awesome fuck of my life. Man you are so tight, so smooth, so hot...God Joe it was the greatest."

"Well I'm glad you like it."

"Stick out your tongue Blake. When he did I was on it fast. I started sucking it and it wasn't long before he was sucking mine. We Frenched for about 5 minutes. How did you like that Blake."

"Well I have done a lot of kissing in my day but I never got into it like that. I liked it."

"Blake you haven't lived until you have been corn holed. You want to try it. I'll go easy."

"Well I would probably say no but since I just did it to you then I guess I'll try it. Does it hurt real bad?"

"Not after being prepared with three fingers. Just a minute I can even make it easier for you." I reached down and got the big dildo out of my bag. It was as big in diameter as my dick was. I put KY on it and told him what I was going to do to get him ready. He didn't say anything but I could tell he was scared when he looked at that big thing. Now Blake raise your butt just a little and push out like you were going to shit. When he grunted I forced the big thing up in his ass. It never goes in easy as it is so blunt. After it was beyond the sphincter I shoved it all the way in as far as it would go.

"Oh Shit Joe, that thing is huge. It hurt a lot at first but its getting easier now."

"That is normal but it will make my dick seem easy on you. Now I am going to fuck you with it for a while to get you used to it." I started going in and out and speeded up. I turned on the vibrator and got a real moan out of him. After about 5 minutes of fucking him with the dildo I pulled it out, but before I did I put KY on my dick and jacked it a few times to get it slick. As the dildo came out I was in. I pushed it all the way into his colon. Then I started feeling the heat which I knew came from his colon juices. "How ya doing Blake?"

"Well it isn't hard after that damn dildo. It actually is starting to feel kinda good."

"I think you will like it by the time I'm through Blake." With that I started short stroking him speeding up faster than normal because of the path the dildo had made. Then I went into full steam ahead and started long stroking him and fast. I was really fucking now.

"Oh God...I see what you mean about good Joe. This is awesome. Go harder."

Joe tried to even speed up but he was already full steam ahead. So he started hitting on the prostate almost every stroke and heard him moaning really loud now. After about 20 minutes we were both dripping wet with sweat my sweat dripping on his stomach and chest. I had him on his back with is legs up so I could watch his face. It was now in complete pleasure.

"Oh Joe, I' Ohhhhhhhhhhh....shit.......ahhhhhhhhhhhh....Oh My God....."

His spasms set off Joe and he started cumming he pushed his dick as far in as it would go and filled his upper colon with his hot cum.

Then Joe fell down on top of him laying in his cum and they both puffed and puffed trying to catch their breath for the next 5 minutes or so. Finally they could breath and went into a 10 minute French Kiss. Joe was really enjoying this guy. He may not be an Adonis but he sure had a beautiful body and butt. When they broke Joe asked him, "Well what do you think of being fucked now?"

"Oh Joe it was the most awesome experience of my life. I have never had anything sexual happen to me that could compare."

They turned on the TV and found an old movie they had both seen before with, believe it or not, John Wayne as the star. Since they both like John Wayne that did away with the evening for them.

When bedtime came they both showered and since I stayed nude and got in bed so did he. In the early morning they both woke up in each others arms and went at it again. I fucked him first and then he did me again. This had been one hell of a night. After we dressed and got ready I took him to a restaurant and we had breakfast. Then as always I hate to give them up but the time had come to take him to the hwy to Eureka. I gave him my business card in case he was ever in Medford as he was one lad I wouldn't mind getting together with again. When I dropped him off he reached over and gave me the nicest hug and even a quick kiss. Then he thanked me again and I could see tears welling in his eyes as he got out of the car. I wished him well and drove on to my new agents house.

Since it was my first time over here I had to ask at a service station where his address was. They directed me and Don was really glad to see me when I pulled into his driveway. I asked him how the mini picking the phone book was going and he said not too well. So I took him down to the courthouse and we checked public records to find a bunch of people over 65. He was so glad to get this source as it gave him hope. We went to his house again and it didn't take too long to get two appointments for the afternoon. And I was surprised to see both buy hearing aids. That would put a good hunk of change in his pocket. I took him out to eat and then dropped him off and headed home.

I knew there was no chance of a hitch hiker until I got to Redding and even then it was a long shot. But as I entered I-5 I saw a young man standing on the on ramp since California doesn't allow hitch hiking on the freeways. I pick him up and he was a real friendly talkative kid. "My name is Joe." and I shook his hand.

He answered that his name was Brian. I asked him how far he was going and he was going to White City which is just outside Medford about 5 miles or so. SO I told him he lucked out I could get him almost home. Then since he looked so young I asked him his age.

"I will be 19 next month," he answered.

I thought how nice. I drove and held normal conversation with him for a little while. Then I asked him if he had been standing or walking much that day. He said he had walked to where I picked him up all the way from down town Redding and then stood there about half an hour. Now came my nervous time. I don't know why but I always was.

"Your legs must really be tired after all that."

"Yes I can tell I used them all right."

I took a deep breath and reached over and squeezed his leg above the knee. He didn't say anything so I kept squeezing and rubbing almost to his crotch and then back to his knee. I did this about 3 times and then I said, "Does that feel good to tired legs?"

"Oh Yea I even closed my eyes for a minute."

Just what I wanted to hear. I reached for the right leg above the knee and started my routine. As I dragged my forearm and side of my hand over his crotch area he was hard really quick. Of course he was only 19 so that is what I would expect. I kept going on the right leg and then dragged my hand across his crotch and started on the left leg again. After a few minutes I went back to the right leg and he was really hard now. I reached his crotch and took his hard on in my hand and squeezed and said "Something else is enjoying this too."

"Yea its been a while since that got any attention. Can't even jack off when I'm hitch hiking."

"Yea I guess it would be hard alright. I kept rubbing his dick and he just started moaning. So I did the Lower stomach thing. He just had on a T shirt so it was easy to get under on his soft skin. I rubbed back and forth on his lower intestine area and then started down under his boxers and he sucked in his stomach like several others had. So I undid his button and zipper and reached under his boxers and started jacking on his dick. He was going ape shit. He made every pleasure sound in the book. "I take it that feels good to you?"

"Oh yea, if you only knew how good."

I saw a "rest stop two miles sign", and couldn't wait to get to it. I pulled in and parked near the end where there were no cars at all. Then I said, "I thought I would take a break and help you out." With that I went down on him. His dick was like mine over 7 inches for sure so I deep throated him and bobbed up and down for a while.

"Oh God Joe if you keep that up much longer I'm gonna cum in your mouth."

I pulled off and said, "Before you do let me build up your seminal fluid and make it a really good one for you. Pull that seat lever and let the seat go back. He did and was layed out flat. I told him now turn over on your stomach. When he did I pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles. He had a nice ass and just as I liked no hair. It wasn't quite as nice as the last guy but it was nice. I spread his cheeks and saw that he was very clean so I went down on his ass hole with my tongue. I could tell by the sounds he made this was a first. I told him to push out like he had to crap and hold it. When he grunted I folded my tongue and started working my way in. Each push got me further and him wetter.

"God Joe no one has ever even touched me there much less rimmed me. It feels better than anything."

I didn't answer but just kept pushing harder. I said, "Keep pushing out really hard Brian." That gave my tongue the right of way and I was getting inside him. But my tongue was giving out so I wet my middle finger and pushed it all the way up into his colon.

"Oh man no one has ever done that before either. It hurt at first but now it is feeling cool."

I finger fucked him for a good 5 minutes and then spit on the second finger and added it. I went all the way to the colon with it too. He really moaned when I did that. I finger fucked him this way for a while and then I added the third finger. I could tell by the sounds he made this hurt. So I went in a little slower. "Brian this is what you do to a girl if you ever want to corn hole her. Some girls would rather put up with a little pain at first to insure they won't get pregnant."

"That makes sense. I never thought of that."

"When you were in Jr High or High school didn't you guys ever corn hole each other messing around?"

"No the most we did was jack each other off. Oh and one time this guy and I sucked on each others dick. But it sure didn't feel as good as when you did it."

"It's a little tight in here but would you like to see what it feels like. Most guys really like it."

"You say it doesn't hurt much?"

"Only if you put three fingers up in there first and twist them around a bit." As I was twisting around way up in him.

"Will you stop if it hurts me too bad?"

"Oh Yes I would never force anything on you or anyone else."

"Well I'll try it I guess."

I looked all up and down the parking lot and we were the only ones there so I slipped down my pants and boy was I hard and dripping. I moved over on top of him and put my dick to his hole. I got some KY and jacked with it and then told him to push out like he was going to push out the biggest turd of his life. When he grunted I didn't wait for him to be able to say stop I went all the way in all the way up past the first curve in his colon. Then I stopped. "How are you doing Brian."

"Oh shit it hurt like mad at first but before I could say anything you were all the way in. It is feeling better now."

"Well you'll find out the hurt will stop in a minute and it will start feeling good." Then I started slowly short stroking him He was moaning and it didn't sound like pain moans so I got faster and faster until I was going at a pretty good pace.

"Oh Man I see what you mean it is starting to feel good now. Go ahead and fuck me Joe. And push hard at the end that feels good."

I really started in when he said that and started long stroking him to beat the band. It wasn't long before I was rabbit fucking him and he was making all kinds of pleasure sounds. I had been at it for at least 15 minutes and was dripping wet so I started hitting his prostate on every thrust I could.

"God your hitting something that is giving me like electric shocks I don't know how long I can hold Off....ahhhhhhhhhh...Shit.....I'm ... cumming Joe...ahhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhh...Oh God.....ahhhhhh"

When he started his orgasm I did too. He was so tight and I was getting squeezed so hard with each spasm I couldn't hold back. God that felt good he was so tight. And by now hot. And smooth. When I let go of about 7 or 8 ropes I just lay on top of him and we both caught our breath in the next 5 minutes or so. "Did you like it Brian?"

"God Man it was the most awesome sexual experience of my life. I never realized how good some things could feel."

I got back over in my seat and pulled up my pants and then went down on him after he turned over. I got all the cum on his stomach and then took his dick in my mouth and squeezed all I could out of it. Then I told him, "Stick out your tongue Brian." When he did I was on it fast sucking it like mad. He caught on and went at it too. We did this for about 5 minutes and saw a car pull in to use the rest room. So I got up and let him put his seat back up and pull up his pants. I took the rag I use on the windshield and wiped the cum off the leather seat so he would be more comfortable. And he thanked me. "Well Brian you are one good fuck."

He laughed and said, "That is sure the first time anyone has ever said that to me."

"But you liked it huh?"

"Man I loved it. Thanks so much for showing me."

"Your sure welcome."

I told him I had to pee so as I got out he got out and we headed for the restroom which was a quarter block back. We stood side by side at the urinal an both of us had wilted. When we finished we went back to the car and I went on to I-5 and back home. I went right to Crater Lake Hwy and stopped at a hamburger place and we both had a burger. I gave him my card and told him to call if he came back though Medford.

"Oh you can bet on that. I sure would like more of that."

He walked out on Crater Lake Hwy and started hitch hiking the other 5 miles to White City. I saw a car pick him right up and was glad for him. It was still daylight when I got home.

I got out of the car and went into the house. I said Hi to Pat and Ray in the garage as they were packing the van with some things they wanted to take where ever we went this weekend. Then I poured the last bit of wine out of the box in the refrigerator. And then sat down to drink it. I had another box of wine in the truck so I went out to get it. As I popped the trunk two white vehicles pulled into the culdasac. They pulled over and stopped at my driveway. I got scared as they looked pretty official. One of them came over and said, "Mr. Gardner."

"I said yes."

"Mr Gardner you are under arrest for 4 counts of child molestation. Will you put your hands behind your back."

"I almost fainted I was so scared."

The women went over to Pat and Ray and took them in the house. I guess she was going to take them into the system and later a foster home.

The detective read me my rights and put me in the back of his car.

The next thing I knew I was being booked at Jackson County Jail a new facility.

Joe didn't see his kids for 6 years. He was given 7 years with a three year minimum after taking a plea bargain to one count of sodomy. Funny he didn't know that giving head was also called sodomy.

After three months in the jail he was transported to the State Prison where he served his three years. He volunteered for the sex treatment program and after his release in three year continued with it for two more years before he was released. One more year of parole and he was once again able to see his kids.

THE END. Watch for CRICKET SEASON coming soon.

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