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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 2 (Based on a true story)


I woke in the morning and had to blink my eyes to realize what I thought I had dreamed had really happened. I got up to take a piss and as I was coming back into the room he said, "Good idea." and headed for the bathroom himself. When he came out I offered him a cup of coffee as the motel had a coffee pot set up and I turned it on when I was on my way to the bathroom. I had to meet my agent at 9 and it was already 8 so I didn't have time to really do what my horny self wanted to. As we drank out coffee it was dead quiet. Then he broke the silence and said, "You know what we did last night. That was kool. I have never had sex with a man before."

"Yes I figured that. Did you enjoy the experience?"

"Yea, but I sure wouldn't want anyone to ever know about it."

"Well when I drop you on the freeway this morning it probably will be the last we will see of each other. So unless you tell people it will be just between us."

"Yea and that is why I liked it so much. I hope someday I can meet up with another guy that wants to mess around. But I will still keep dating women for that is really my preference."

"Yea, you were born with your sexuality and can't just change it. But so was I and it took me a while to realize I was bi not straight. It was just hard for me to admit it to myself."

"Yea, I see what you mean. I guess I have a little bi in me too I just never thought about it before."

"Well what you say we shower and get dressed. I have to meet my agent here at 9. Tell you what lets shower together. That sound alright with you?"

"Sure why not?"

So we both headed for the shower and I adjusted the water temperature dropped my underware and got in. He followed. "Here let me wash you it is really neat when someone else does it for you."

I took the bar of soap I had brought, as I hate what motels furnish, and started with his neck and worked my way down his body. When I got to his ass he sighed. I ran my soapy finger up and down his crack and pushed in to the first knuckle when I reached his ass hole. He just moaned. But it made him start to get hard again. So I pushed again and then soaped his perineum which of course made him rock hard. I continued on down his legs and had him turn around. Since I was on my knee when he turned it put his hard on in my face. So I took it in and started sucking it. He really let out a moan then. I kept sucking and fingering until he let loose with another of his giant loads which I swallowed. I loved the taste of his cum it hardly had any salt taste to it. "You liked that huh?"

"Oh Yea, you really give good head."

After finishing him I handed him the soap and he did to me what I had done to him. Including pushing his finger in me but he went in all the way. I thought I would cum right then. But he pulled it out and washed between my legs which made me rock hard. When he said turn around my dick was in his face and I wondered just what he would do. He took it in his mouth and started in on it just as I had. It didn't take 5 minutes for me to let loose as I was so horny by then I couldn't see straight. God that felt good for a guy who hadn't had much experience. But a guy knows what makes a guy feel good and he did that to me. He swallowed all my cum and then continued and finished washing me. I told him "Thanks for the blow job dude," and he said it was only fair after me doing him. We got out and dried and got dressed. We drank one more cup of coffee and then I took him across to a Denny's restaurant and bought him a good pancake breakfast. Then I dropped him on the freeway and he hugged me good by. That really made me sorry to see the dude go. But I was so happy with myself for doing what I had done for now I had a fantasy to jack off to without having to think about boys.

I met with my agent. She was a little overweight but that didn't matter in sales. I showed her how to use her phone effectively by mini picking the numbers. I showed here to call all the older names like Minnie and Lester etc. Then I took her out on a few lead cards. We made two sales that day and split the commission to give her a start. So she ended up with $600 for the day. Not bad for the 1980's. In the evening at dinner time I took her to dinner. Then I dropped her at her home and took off for my place.

Boy were my eyes on that highway looking for hitch hikers that fit my pick up criteria. But unfortunately there were none at that time of day. So I arrived home at about 10 and Pat was still up so I talked to him about my successful sales day. And asked him how everything went at home. He told me as usual no incidents. I had good kids and I knew it. I was thankful for it too.

I made several sales that week with agents I had trained right in the city I lived in. I always split commissions with them to give them a boost and it kept them happy and with me. When you are dealing with commission only people you treat them good. Along came The weekend and I knew I had to go to work with my agent in Roseburg on Monday. So I took the kids and went camping with our travel trailer. If you can call that camping. It gave us quite an outing, I even rented a boat and let them all drive it. It was a great weekend. The weather was beautiful. But as all good thing do it came to an end on Sunday. So I hooked up the trailer and pulled it home dumping the septic tank on the way at a dumping station.

After working in town until Wednesday, Thursday morning had me off and running again. I was only a few miles out of town when I saw the dot on the highway I was watching for. I was hoping it would be a guy under 30 as I really wasn't into guys older. Luckily it was a kid just 18 heading for Coos Bay to see his Uncle. I let him get in and introduced myself. He said his name was John. He was quite the looker. I asked him if he had visited his Uncle there before. He told me yes several times and that sometimes he took a Greyhound but he wanted to save his money so he could spend it with his Uncle. I asked him how long he had been standing on the highway. He said for hours. He had walked some too. This was kinda the answer I was to get from most of them. I took a deep breath knowing an 18 year old had just gotten out of the most prejudice place on earth High School. Every one had to be sure they weren't called a fagot or gay so they were afraid to even touch each other. But I knew I had to take the plunge. I reached over saying, "I'll bet you legs are good and sore from all that walking and standing. I hate to stand in one place myself it is more tiring than walking." I massaged his leg as I was talking getting no response. After going up and down his leg several times I asked, "Does that feel good on your leg?"

He answered, "Yea man I have really been on my feet a lot since I left Redding."

I said, "You mean you started all the way back in Redding.?"

"Yea yesterday. I slept in the bushes in my bedroll there." He nodded toward the bedroll he had put in the back seat.

"No wonder your so tired." I then reached over to the other leg and starting at the knee I worked my way up dragging my arm on his crotch area. I went up and down that leg and then back to the other leg. I noticed he had a nice tent so I was succeeding in getting him hard. So I went back to the other leg and dragged my arm a little harder on his stiff hard on. "I can tell this feels good to you John as your dick seems to agree with it too."

"Yea that's kind of embarrassing but I haven't cum in two days."

I then felt at ease on my way from his other leg back to put my hand on his hard on and squeeze. "Does that feel good John."

"Oh Yea. Be careful you might make me cum in my pants."

I saw a roadside rest area coming up and while there were a few cars at the rest room there were none down at the end where I pulled in and parked. I said, "Here is a good place to rest." I started rubbing his dick up and down and then reached up and unzipped his pants. I took his dick out and went down on it. He just moaned approval. I used my other hand to rub and squeeze his balls. Then I went down and started sucking one ball at a time trying to build up his seminal fluid for a good cum. "John there is a handle next to the door pull it and it will let your seat down. It will just look as if you are resting." He pulled the handle and down he went. I knew he had a totally neat ass as I saw it when he was on the road. "John turn over for me I want to rub your back."

Funny I was finding out that what ever was asked of these guys they just did it. I rubbed down his back to his moans and then got to his really perfect ass. I spread the cheeks real wide and saw a perfect pink ass hole. So I blew air on it cooling it. He let out a moan. Then I wet my finger and rubbed his hard perineum making him even harder and more turned on. Then I wet my finger again and rubbed his ass hole back and forth.

"Oh God that feels good I have never been touched there before."

"Yes I like it too John." I proceeded to continue rubbing and it was really clean so I went down and started licking it. This made him just about come unglued. Talk about pleasure sounds. I stuck my tongue in the hole and he raised his butt so I could reach better. I told him to push out. When he did my tongue went right on in. I tongue fucked him for a few minutes but my tongue tired and so I wet my finger and pushed it all the way up in him.

"Oh GOD."

That was all that he had to say as it was obvious to me he had never had anything stuck up his butt before. I started finger fucking him slowly and he just made all kinds of pleasure moans. I rubbed his prostate briefly as I knew it would make him cum if I kept it up.

"Gosh I never knew that felt so good. Man that is an awesome feeling."

I didn't say any thing but rolled him on his side, checking out the windows to make sure we didn't have neighbors. Then I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking on it giving the best head I could. He was just 6 inches long as he just reached my gag point and a little farther so I was able to take him into my throat quite easily. Then I wet my two fingers on my left had real well and went back to sucking. I took my two fingers and plunged them all the way to his prostate and that is all it took.

"OH GOD, I'm cumming...ahhhhhhh....ooooooo.....ahhhhhh...God that feels good..."

He shot so much cum it was all I could do to keep up with him. But when he finally finished I had swallowed all of it and found the taste quite pleasing. Much different than the 13 year old boys tasted when they came. But I really liked it.

I told him to pull the lever and sit up and pull up his pants and we would be on our way to Roseburg. When we pulled into Roseburg I took him to a pizza place and we ate pizza till it was coming out our ears. "I'll tell you what John I have to spend a few hours with my agent here so why don't I check into a motel and you can sleep today. You look really tired and I wouldn't want you getting sick."

"I'll go for that I really am too tired to travel on today."

"So I checked in to the Red Lion and let him crawl into the double bed. I told him I would be back in time to take him out for a nice dinner."

He thanked me and I swear he was asleep before I left the room. So I went on over to my agents house for my training day. Bill was glad to see me as he hadn't made any sales for a few days. So I did some phone training and got two appointments. I took him out on those and we ended up selling them both. It isn't hard when you test their hearing and show them how much they need a hearing aide. So we split commissions for the day and I took him home. I never messed around with anyone who worked for me as that would not be proper and could end up in a law suit. So it was back to the motel. I opened the door quietly but it still woke him up after sleeping most of the day. "Well hello John. Feel Better?"

He said, "Oh Yea. Man was I tired. I didn't know how much."

"Well John why don't you get up and get dressed and we will go out to dinner. I know this place that serves Alaskan snow crab and it is delicious."

So he got up with tented boxers and headed for the bathroom. I heard him taking a long piss and then he came back in and started dressing. "Say I want to thank you for that time in the car. That felt so good I couldn't believe it. I have never had anyone go down on me before. The girls I date don't do it. The say it is nasty."

"Well I am glad you enjoyed it John I did too. I love giving others pleasure."

"You sure are nice you know."

"Well thanks for the compliment. Now get dressed and let's go eat. I am hungry."

"Yea so am I." said John.

So I took him up on a hill to this restaurant I always go to as they do serve Alaskan Snow Crab legs. The dinner was delicious and I finally got to have my two carafes of rose wine. I was really dry and boy I needed that. On my way back to the motel I picked up a six pack of 16 ouncers and some wine coolers. I was hoping this would be a good night with him.

We watched TV until about 10 and then I suggested we turn in. I stripped naked and crawled in bed. He watched with wide open eyes and then followed suit. It seemed it was hard for him to take off those briefs but he did. As he crawled in bed I noticed his dick was rising. I asked him if he enjoyed the dinner and he told me it was great. Then I said roll over on your stomach. He did. It was funny both guys I have been with did every thing I asked immediately. And here I had been molesting all the boys because I was afraid to approach any one legal age. I rubbed his back and then went slowly down his back. When I reached his butt I rubbed his fantastic cheeks and then went into the crack and rubbed up and down and on down to the perineum area. I wet my finger and started on it. It was hard within 10 seconds, just what I wanted. I wet my finger again and started in on his anus. I rubbed back and forth on it listening to him make sounds of pleasure. I was really nervous but wet my finger and pushed it into his ass hole. I went right to his colon so he couldn't stop me if he wanted.

"Wow! In all my life no one has ever put anything in my butt. That feels awesome dude."

I was finding out that even though these guys were out of high school they had practically no experience with sex. "Can I ask you how many times have you had sex with a girl John?"

"Three but all we did is fuck, oh and I sucked their titties too."

"So this is all new to you then?"

"Yea I never felt anything like this before it is great."

So I started finger fucking him faster and faster listening to him moan. Then I put in two fingers and heard him hold his breath for a few seconds and then start breathing again. But he said nothing. I finger fucked him royal with the two fingers and turned and twisted them to loosen him up good. I thought I would give him a chance to fuck me first as that would be more likely to get him to let me do it to him. So I rubbed on down his legs and then did both feet. Then I asked him to please rub my back.

Without hesitation he started in and just like the other guy when he got to my butt he wet his finger and stuck it in me all the way. He felt the colon juice so I answered the usual question and he took his finger out and smelled it. He then licked it and one other finger and put back in two fingers. He did what I had done and twisted his fingers and turned them as he finger fucked me. It felt good to me too. I had planned all this so I had the KY under my pillow. I pulled it out and handed it to him and told him, "Here use this it is a lubricant and makes it easier for you." So he put some on both fingers and went back in and really gave me the works. Then I said put some on your dick and jack off with it. He did and said it felt really good. Then I said, "Now John put your dick in my butt."

"I have never done this before." But he was so hot and turned on by now he did it without hesitating. He put his dick on my hole and I pushed out real hard and in he went. He didn't know to go slow so the next thing I knew I had him all the way in my colon. He stayed there a second feeling the awesome feelings.

"Gosh this is way tighter than a pussy. It is so hot and smooth. God this is great. Am I hurting you?"

"No John it feels as good to me as it does to you. So have at it and learn to fuck hard and fast."

Well you don't have to tell an 18 year old that and expect him to go easy so he turned into a ball of fire and boy was I ever getting fucked. He kept at it for about 10 minutes and then he let loose.

"OH SHIT man I am cumming...ahhhhhh...ooooo.....SHit......God....Oh that feels good."

He let loose of so much cum my bowels couldn't hold it all and some dripped out around his dick. After letting go of about 8 rounds he just collapsed on top of me. He was breathing so hard he couldn't talk. After about 5 minutes of laying there without a word he said, "Boy that was so fucking awesome. I can't believe it."

"Yea it always feels good to me too."

I told him to lay on his back and he did. I then went down on his tender dick and sucked the remaining cum out of it. Then I licked up the cum that had dribbled out. I then reached up and told him to stick out his tongue and when he did I was on it like fly paper. I sucked his tongue until he started sucking mine. We did this for about 3 minutes and he pulled away to say, "Gosh tasting my own cum is really an experience. Is it always a little salty?"

"Yea it is with most guys. Of course the younger a guy is the less salt taste. And you being just 18 there really isn't a lot of salt taste to yours. I really enjoyed it."

"Yea I guess I did too. All of this is so new to me."

"Roll over on your stomach now John. I got KY on my three fingers and rubbed his perineum until I had him hard again. Then I put my middle finger all the way up in him and started fucking. After a bit I put in two fingers and twisted and turned them to loosen him. Then I added the third finger and heard him catch his breath as it obviously hurt him some. But he said nothing. I slowly pushed all three home and then twisted them too. He moaned real loud when I did that. "John I want to show you how good it feels to have a dick up in there are you game."

"Gosh I don't know I never even thought of doing that. But I guess I owe it to you."

I jacked off with KY and put my dick to his hole. I said, "Push out like you have to shit John." When he grunted I was all the way in. Just as he had done me.

"OH OUCH, man do I feel full. I could shit up a storm right now."

"Yes John that is the usual feeling the first time. But take my word for it in a couple minutes it will start feeling good to you.

"OK I'll take your word for it but go easy please."

So I started short stroking him slowly. He grunted and moaned but I kept going. I speeded up after a bit and he was now making pleasure sounds. "Feeling better John?"

"Oh yea, go ahead."

So I took my dick all most out and plunged all the way back in again. I continued this and made sure I hit his prostate each time. He really let out a moan when I hit the prostate. I continued this speeding up to rabbit speed and hitting the prostate continuously.

"OH....Shit....Shit.....God.....I'm....cumming....again...ahhhhhh.... God....does....that feel....good.....ahhhhhh....oooooo...."

Well the spasms set me off and I came and came. I have never in my life come as hard as I did in these guys. They really turned me on. It was like teaching a 13 year old but it was legal. I had no idea how sex dumb they seemed to be. When I finished I lay on top of him for 5 minutes trying to catch my breath. I was exhausted. I hugged him during this time several times and he just moaned. He was so good looking nude I couldn't believe it.

I rolled him over and French Kissed him again. He was a little reluctant at first but then he was sucking and probing as much as I was. This went on for at least 5 minutes and I broke this time.

"How about a shower John?"

"Yea that sounds great. Man thank you so much. This has definitely been the sexiest night of my life. I can't believe how much pleasure two guys can give each other."

"Yea and all through high school you had to be careful because you didn't want to be labeled a fagot. Right?"

"Yea that is so stupid, but your right."

I led the way to the bathroom and started the shower. I got in first and he followed suit. We took turns bathing each other with my soap and when I got to his ass hole of course I went up in him a few times. When I saw he was hard again I had to have one more blast so I turned him around and got right on it. I sucked and bobbed and then after a few minutes plunged two fingers to his prostate. He let out a loud moan and came again. I swear it was just as much. I had a hard time keeping up with him. I swallowed it all though and then finished his legs. Then I handed him the soap and he did me. Of course he went all the way up in my butt too but I was expecting that. This made me hard again and he took me in his mouth and after a few minutes stuck at least two fingers, maybe three, into my prostate. Boy did I feed him his protein. That felt so good I couldn't believe it. What I had been missing all these years. We got out and dried each other and then got back in bed. He kissed me again and rolled over and was asleep faster than I was. The night seemed so short and with nothing pressing me except to drive home we slept in until 8. I got up to take a piss and he rolled over and got up and peed with me. I reached down and squeezed his hard on and he just smiled.

We got dressed and I took him to eat breakfast. Then I took him to the coast highway and he hugged me goodbye. "I wish I could see you again but I know I probably won't. Thanks for everything and the best day and night of my life."

With that he got out of the car and I think we both had watery eyes as I drove on. I hated to leave him but I had responsibilities at home that were calling me. I arrived home around noon or a little after and had lunch with all three of my kids. Grace was so happy to see her daddy she hugged me twice. Ray was just as happy and of course Pat was always glad when dad was home and took his responsibilities so he could go play with his friends. I took a dip in the pool and then took the rest of the day off. It had been quite a trip and just thinking about it made me hard. I was really liking these older guys and thought less and less about kids. This being my goal made me happy.

(to be continued)

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