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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 3 (Based on a true story)


When the weekend came I hooked on to the trailer and took the kids plus one friend of Rays to the mountain lakes. They had a ball fishing and hiking. I sat most of the time by the trailer and sipped Rose wine. I was really an alcoholic and still had the fear of being found out before the three year statue of limitations was over. For sure there would be no more victims but I still had several that fell in the category of less than three years. I think that is why I liked being in the trailer so much. No phone and no one really knew where I was at.

Weekends are always short when your enjoying yourself so it wasn't long before I was at home. I made sure I did not sexually touch Ray's friend as I had before. It was hard believe me as he was blond and blue eyed and had a neat butt. But I just kept my mind on the two guys I had met on the highway. I was now able to jack off with out thinking of kids. This made me happy too.

I worked the week with agents in town one at a time and made several sales. Then time came for another trip. I had to work with my guy in Brookings on the coast. There weren't too many hitch hikers on that highway so I wasn't expecting to see any. But of course I had my hopes up. As I drove out of Grants Pass and down the Rouge River I was day dreaming when the spot on the horizon appeared. I couldn't believe it a hitch hiker. Probably an old bearded man which I would not touch with a ten foot pole. As the speck got closer I could see it was a clean shaved face. As I approached it was a guy about mid 20's and very handsome so I pulled over and stopped. He had clean cloths on and looked presentable so I wasn't nervous about letting him in my car. "Well hello, My name is Joe." I waited to see if I would get a response.

"Thanks for the ride Joe my name is Terry."

"Where are you headed Terry?"

"Cresent City."

"Well I am just going to Brookings but that will put you close. I think it is only another 30 miles from there."

"Yea I usually can catch a ride pretty easy on highway 101."

"How long have you been walking and waiting for a ride."

"I walked a lot yesterday and ended up sleeping near where you found me. So I have only been out there about an hour. But my legs are sore from all the walking I did yesterday."

"Yea I know how it is standing in one place. I would much sooner walk, within reason." I said.

"You say your legs are sore this should feel good to you." I plunged in after all all he could do was say let me out. But he moaned approval and said, "That feels good Joe."

I think I have another one I was thinking to myself. I rubbed up and down from the knee almost to the crotch for about 3 minutes and then reached over to the other knee. I came up that leg and rested my fore arm on his crotch as I rubbed. I kept it there as I went up and down and felt him getting hard. I kept going from leg to leg until he was hard as a rock. "I see your dick likes this too."

"Yea that is kinda embarrassing."

"Don't worry about it I get them too. Just rubbing your leg made me get half hard. He glanced at my crotch. Then on my next pass I squeezed his dick and he groaned. So I squeezed it again and again. He seemed to really like it so I reached up and rubbed my hand on his bare stomach which was muscular under his shirt. I came down to his shorts and went under the elastic and down to his pubes rubbing back and forth as I did so. Pretty soon I was deep enough to feel the tip of his dick so I pressed on it and boy did he moan. I didn't want to start any verbal communication as I could loose him. So I reached to his button on his pants since he wasn't wearing a belt and popped it open which let his zipper slide down almost by itself. I then grabbed hold of his dick and rubbed it. He was coming unglued by now and slid down to make it easier for me to reach him. Looking ahead I say a rest pullout so I took it and went to the end. There were no other cars in the entire place. I stopped and said, "Reach over and pull that lever on your seat by the door." He did so and down he went. So then I pulled his dick out and went down on it. He was making so many pleasure sounds I couldn't believe it. This was three in a row and I was really building confidence in myself. I deep throated him for a few minutes but I wanted to see his butt before he came so I pulled on his pants and he lifted up and I soon had them down to his ankles. "Turn over on your stomach Terry I want to show you something." He did as asked no questions. Man did his ass go with his body. It was hairless and really beautiful. I spread his cheeks and looked in seeing a brownish pink ass hole. It was really clean so I went down with my tongue and boy did that set him off. I never heard a guy make so many pleasure sounds. "Push out Terry like you had to fart." When he did my tongue which already had him wet slipped in a little further. I tongue fucked him until I was really getting up in there.

"God I have never had anyone do this to me before. This is great."

I didn't answer but kept right on going until my tongue got tired. Then I wet my middle finger and so he couldn't say, no don't do that, I plunged my finger all the way to the colon in two seconds.

"Oh Shit, I sure have never had anyone do that before. It kinda hurts."

Then I finally had to speak up. "It will only hurt for a few seconds as your ass is made to accept any size other wise you wouldn't be able to shit when you had a big turd come along."

"That makes sense. It isn't hurting anymore. Feels kinda good now."

With that I started finger fucking him and boy did that bring on the moans and groans. This was a totally new experience for him it was obvious. After about 5 minutes I put my two fingers in my mouth and wet them. Then I put them into the colon. He caught his breath and really groaned.

"Oh man that is tight, but it doesn't hurt bad."

So I finger fucked him for a while staying away from his prostate as I knew he would cum if I hit that. Then I asked him to roll on his side facing me. He did so right away. It's strange this is the third guy and they all take orders and do what ever you tell them. I took his really hard dick in my mouth and started giving him the best head I could. I still had my fingers up his ass so I knew when he came it was going to be explosive. When my mouth started tiring I took my two fingers almost out and plunged right down on his prostate gland. That did it.

"Oh Shit! What the fuck did you hit in there. I'm ...cumming...Ahhhhh. ....GOD......Shit........Fuck.....Ohhhhhhhhh......Man......that was awesome..."

I told him I was glad he enjoyed it.

"You know to be honest with you I have never been touched by a man before and only had three chicks give me head. But nothing like what you just did. That was awesome. Thanks."

He pulled up his pants and righted his seat and gave no offer of returning the favor so I pulled out on the highway and kept going. When we got close to Brookings I asked him if he would like to nap in my motel while I worked with his agent and I would take him to my favorite restaurant near ship a shore.

He thought for a minute and said, "Sure I could sure use some sleep. I didn't sleep more than an hour last night as I was afraid out there in the bush."

I pulled into my favorite Brookings motel over looking the ocean and got a room with a double queen size bed. We went in and I told him if he wanted to shower he was welcome just don't use up all the towels.

He laughed and then said, "Sure I would very much like to shower and then I will crash until you get back OK?"

"You bet. I should be back by 5 or so."

With that I went on to work with my agent in Brookings, who while under 30, was quite the salesman and usually in the top 5 every month. He had a philosophy that once he made X amount of dollars he took the rest of the month and played. He said it kept him in the tax bracket he wanted to be in. So what could I say he was a top agent and all you want to do is keep them happy so they stay with you. I went on over to where Grant and his wife lived. They invited me in for coffee. Grant had already gotten a couple appointments using the phone so we just went out on them. One in the late morning and one after I treated him to lunch. Now that I was starting to look at older guys I realized just how good looking Grant was. But that was an absolute NO No as far as I was concerned as I never mixed sex with agents. Bad practice. We sold both and made a hefty commission for both of us. So I took him home and returned to the motel. When I walked in Terry was sound asleep butt naked as he had kicked the covers off himself. Before waking him I got a good eyeful. I decided to watch the news on low volume and then wake him. But when the news was about half over he woke up and said, "Oh hi Joe. How did your day go?"

I told him it went fine we made two sales. So I certainly could afford a celebration dinner tonight with him.

This made him smile and he seemed so happy. "Gee thanks Joe you really have taught me a lot on this trip. Not everyone is a son of a bitch, which I get to thinking once in a while."

"Well there are a lot of caring people in the world but far fewer than I wish there were. I want to finish the news why don't you get dressed for dinner."

So Terry got up stark nude and walked right past me to get his clothes off the chair. He was half hard and what a beautiful dick. He was uncut and probably about 7 inches hard. He had a beautiful skin complexion not a mark on it. He was also hairless except for his underarms. I started getting hard just looking at him. When the news was over he was ready and both of us were hungry so we took off for the sea food restaurant which was about a ten minute drive toward Coos Bay. When we arrived he said, "Wow! This is a nice place. I'll bet they do have good food. I love seafood."

"Yes they have been in business for many years and really know how to put on a feed." I said.

I ordered the halibut and so he decided to too. That way he wouldn't be spending to much I'm sure he thought. I asked for a carafe of Rose and he ordered a beer.

When dinner came I got right on the wine before I had a bite. He started eating right away. I could tell he hadn't had a good meal in a while. Looking across the table at him he looked to be 19 or 20 not 23. I was proud sitting with him as I was sure most people saw us as father and son. I sure would be proud to have a handsome son like he was. I started on my halibut and it was delicious. It came with a baked potato with sour cream and butter available. I used both. He left off the sour cream. After we finished eating they brought around the desert cart and I chose New York cheese cake. He chose a piece of chocolate three layer cake, which also looked delicious. But I had alway liked cheese cake since I was a boy and could buy a piece for a quarter at a coffee bakery shop.

"Terry, I was just thinking. If you wanted you could stay here in the motel with me and then I would take you to Cresent City in the morning. I have an agent there that doesn't turn in a lot of sales and I would like to catch her goofing off.

"I like that idea Joe as I am tired and not looking forward to hitch hiking on 101 at night. Sure I'll stay if you can put up with me."

"Well you don't have to worry about that Terry I have gotten to like you in the short time we have known each other. You certainly were brought up right. You are kind and courteous and don't seem to think only of yourself."

"Yea that is the way my mom was. She was always helping someone. I guess some of it rubbed off on me."

We finished dinner and returned to the motel. I watched TV with him for a while and right after the 10pm news I suggested we turn in. He was all for it. So here came the what to wear to get in bed. I thought well I always sleep nude so why change that for him. After all he was the guest not me. So I stripped down and got in the shower. After I got out he came in naked and got in the shower right behind me. When he came out he saw me already in bed and I was sure to keep the sheets low enough that he could see I was nude. So since he was already naked he just climbed in. Nothing was said. That made it easier.

Since all of them always take orders pretty well I told him to lay on his stomach and I would rub his back for him. He turned right over and I started in. I rubbed quite a while on his neck and upper arms and then started down his back. When I got to his butt I just shoved the covers on down and rubbed it too. He moaned a little. I went on down his legs and did each foot about 5 minutes. He really liked that. On my way back up his leg I went to the inner thigh and he spread his legs automatically. When I reached his balls I rubbed them a little from behind and then wet my finger and did the perineum thing which of course had him hard in just seconds. I then included his anus in my rub up and down the perineum.

"God that feels good. You know I'll bet a lot of guys go through life not even knowing how good it feels to have someone rub you there."

"That is true Terry a lot of guys, almost all of them, have never experienced this. And without knowing it they can't direct their girlfriend or partner to do it to them."

"Yea I sure never would have."

Since he just showered and had been introduced to tongue fucking in the car I went down and started tongue fucking him. He pushed out just like I told him to in the car and I folded my tongue and went in as far as I could. Boy did he taste good. I kept this up until my tongue felt like it was going to fall off and then wet my middle finger and pushed it all the way to the colon and reached the first turn in there. It was so hot and wet up there I just wanted to stay there. But I started finger fucking him keeping my finger in the colon as much as possible since I love the feeling up in there.

"God Joe that feels so good. That is another thing I bet not many guys know about."

"True there are a lot of things a straight guy misses out on."

"Are you gay Joe?"

"Well you might say I finally admitted to the fact that I like it either way so that would make me bi in your language."

"Yea that's right you did mention you had kids. Is your wife still with you?"

"No I lost her to cancer several years ago. I am raising my two sons and a daughter myself. The older boy takes care of them while I make these trips. I try and take them somewhere in my trailer on week ends weather permitting."

"Oh that is good that you keep good contact with them."

I agreed and then pulled out the KY under my pillow and put it on two fingers and pushed them in. I heard his breath catch but he said nothing. I went all the way in and twisted and turned to loosen him up. Then I did the third finger with KY and pushed all three in.

"Boy I feel that, is that three fingers Joe?"

"Yea once you get used to them it is like being corn holed it feels really good."

"Corn holed. Gosh I never even thought of that. Guys in high school used to talk about that but I never thought they really did it."

"Oh yea Terry a lot of that goes on in high school, at least it did when I went there. I had a friend that did it to me and so I did it to him. That is the way it is usually done. One does one and then the other guy does him."

"Boy I am really learning a lot from you Joe."

"Tell you what I will show you what it feels like. If it hurts tell me to stop and I will." So I lubed my dick with KY and told him to push out hard. He did as told and I was in. I never want them to stop me so I go all the way in in one sweep so they can't stop me. "How's that feel Terry?"

"Oh it hurt at first but now I feel real full like I could shit from now until next week."

"That is normal Terry. Now I will just lay here and hold still until it becomes more comfortable for you." So I lay down on his back and hugged him from behind and he let out the biggest pleasure moan. He really liked being hugged so I kept hugging him. After a minute or two I started short stoking him. Hearing no complaints I speeded up. Soon I was going pretty fast and he was making pleasure sounds each time I hit the colon.

"Ummmph...ummmph...Ummmph...ummmph...Ummmph...ummmph...Ummmph...ummmph...Ummmph ..ummmph..."

He seemed to be really enjoying his cherry being taken. So I came out almost all the way and started hitting his prostate on every plunge. I also started rabbit fucking him and his ummmph's speeded up. One to each time I hit his colon. His prostate was taking such a beating I knew he wouldn't last long. I had been fucking him until I was sweating profusely and dripping all over him it must have been 20 minutes so far. All of a sudden...

"OH GOD...It's cum....ahhhhh...oooooo...God....Shit....geeze.....Ohhhhhh...that feels so good....ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhh..shit...."

While he was turning inside out I was also going off and shot about 8 or so ropes tight up into his colon. He was so hot and so soft I didn't want it to end. But finally I was laying on top of him he was also dripping wet. I hugged him and he just sighed.

After about 5 minutes of this I could talk again so I said, "How was your first corn holing Terry?"

"Oh Shit man that was the most awesome thing I have ever experienced."

"Let's have a beer and rest a few minutes and cool down OK?

"Sure Joe, a beer would hit the spot right now."

"Terry go in and sit on the toilet and push out and get the sperm out so you don't leak all night."

So he did while I got the beer. When he came out of the bathroom he said, "Boy you really came up in there. A whole bunch came out of me. It felt so hot and good when you were shooting it. But I was cumming too and so I was getting all kinds of feelings."

"I take it you like having had your cherry popped."

"Oh yea, it was more than awesome. I wish there was a word for it."

"Try spectacular."

"Yea that is what it was it was spectacular. ha ha."

We sat there and drank out beers making small talk. He was really amazed at how much he had learned and he thought at age 23 he knew it all.

I gave him another beer and poured myself a water glass of Rose. And so that took up the next 20 minutes. I turned on the TV to fill the void. There was a late night show on, David Letterman. When it finished we headed to bed once again.

"Let me check some thing out Terry." Joe reached over and took his dick in his hand and it turned hard almost instantly.

"Terry I want you to experience everything. Take this KY and lubricate me like I did to you. Then fuck me."

"You mean it. You want me to stick my dick up in you?"

"That's what fuck means Terry."

"WOW! You bet. But before you turn over there is something I want to try. No one can ever know as we will probably never seen each other again, although I wish we could." With that Terry went down on me and started sucking my dick. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. The more I think about it the more I realize that this is actually more fun than teaching a 13 year old. These guys don't know any more about male sex than a 13 year old would. And I was always so afraid to approach a grown man. These guys are just like kids when it comes to sex. Once they get a hard on they want to do everything. Much easier than young boys do.

"Oh that feels so good Terry. That's it rub my sensitive spot with your tongue ahhhhh that feels so good."

When Terry went on down on me he gagged and I told him how to get by that point. Soon he was deep throating me and sucking and bobbing and driving me crazy. God he gave good head. I can't hold off much longer. Then Terry wet two fingers and went right back to sucking. But he took those two fingers and plunged them into my ass so hard that it sent rockets flying through my head. Boy did I cum. I came and came and came. He swallowed every drop. I was surprised as I thought he would pull off.

"There how was that. I always kinda wanted to try that but I didn't want anyone calling me a fag or a cock sucker."

"That was probably the best blow job I have ever had Terry. I sure thank you."

"No problem now turn over and lets get the other side done."

I rolled over and had his middle finger in my colon almost immediately. I moaned approval. It felt so good. He finger fucked me for about 3 minutes and added the second finger. It hurt a little at first but it soon became pure pleasure. After a few minutes, as I expected I had the third finger up my ass. Now that was tight. He was twisting and turning and that kinda hurt. But soon the pain subsided and I was ready.

"I think I am ready for you now Terry. Let me roll back over on my back."

"How can I fuck you if you put your hole down."

I lifted my legs ankles to ears and heard him say, "Oh I see. Man I can really get into you that way. And I can see your face as I do it."

He lubed his dick and put it to my hole. I grunted and had him all the way in my colon within two seconds. It took my breath away for a second. Wow! was he big and that thing was in my stomach it felt like. "OK Terry I am ready give it to me."

Terry being a muscular young stud started fast and was rabbit fucking within 30 seconds. He went on and on at least 20 minutes. I was starting to get sore but it still felt good. All of a sudden I felt another eruption coming. I couldn't believe I could cum again so soon after him giving me head and getting me off. But all of a sudden I let loose and "" I started cumming and it felt so good I couldn't believe it with that young stud pumping away from on top of me.

The spasms got to him right away and he "Ahhhhhhh....Me....too....ahhhhh...shit...God.. that...feels...good. Ohhhhhh....ahhhhhhh....shit.."

He must have pumped 8 or 9 loads in me. I lost count as I was in heaven myself. Whew I wish I had this guy all the time. He was good. He fell forward and lay on my cum filled stomach and huffed and puffed for about 4 or 5 minutes and then I said, "There is one thing more Terry."

"What's that?"

"Stick out your tongue." When he did I grabbed it like a lizard gets a fly. I started sucking on his tongue and wouldn't let go. He got the idea and started in sucking mine. Soon we were exploring every crevice in each others mouths. This kept up for at least 10 minutes.

When we released ourselves from the kiss he said, "You know What. I didn't really know how to kiss either. That was the most awesome kiss of my life and with a man I can't believe it."

"Well Terry I am finding out that there is a percentage of bi in every guy. He will never let it show unless unleashed like I did you. If I hadn't come on to you in the car all this probably would have never happened. IT takes someone to start it or nothing happens."

"Your right. The same goes with a girl."

"You got that right Terry it is the same with almost everything in life. There are the thinkers and there are the doers. The doers get to be boss and the thinkers wish they could be boss. That's life."

"Man I have learned more from you than I have ever learned from any one guy Joe. Thanks for all the lessons."

"No problem. I love being the teacher."

"Yea I can tell that alright."

Joe got up and took a towel and wiped off the cum from his stomach and then wiped Terry's stomach for him. He had a half hard on just from that. Then Joe turned off the TV and off the light and they curled up together and went to sleep. It had been quite a day.

(To Be Continued)

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