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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 4 (Based on a true story)


When we woke up in the morning I got up to pee and then started the complimentary coffee pot. I hopped in the shower and low and behold there was Terry. He took a piss and then climbed into the shower with me. "Hope you don' mind?"

"No you could shower with me anytime you want. Here turn around and I will soap up your back for you." He turned as asked and I started soaping. When I reached his butt I rubbed soap on his wonder butt and then went into the crack and pushed my finger up into him and out several time to clean his shoot. I soaped my dick and told him to lean on the wall. He did and He knew what was coming and didn't complain at all. I was up in him and fucking right away. He pushed out so I had easy entry and then started meeting me half way on each push. Man that set me off. I never had a guy do that before. He was fucking me while I fucked him. Soon it was all I could take and I let loose. " got me.....again....." I unloaded about 8 shots up his ass and then let my dick slip out.

"Man that sure was the first time I been fucked in a shower in the morning. Actually I have never been with a man before and women usually like to shower by themselves."

"Did you enjoy it Terry?"

"Oh Yea!"

Turn around and I'll soap your front. I soaped him good making sure to soap his hard on really well with jack off strokes which really had him moaning. Then I handed him the soap and said "Your turn."

He took the soap and started on my back as I had him. He followed everything I did to him exactly. So I knew I was going to get fucked when he got there. Sure enough his finger went in and out of my ass about 3 times and then he had me lean against the wall and Wham he was up all the way in me. He hit me hard. I did as he had I fucked back by meeting him half way and he was making every pleasure sound in the books. This only lasted about 5 to 7 minutes when he said, "Ahhhh....SHit.....I'm....cumming....already....ahhhhhh...Ohhhhh....God"

When he pulled out he said, "That was awesome, no that was terrific."

He finished washing me and we got out and dried. Then we got dressed and went out for breakfast at my favorite Brookings restaurant. He had a short stack and I had a sweet roll and coffee. I am not much of a breakfast eater. Never have been. When we finished we got back in the car and headed for Cresent City. "I don't know when I have enjoyed having a guest as much as I did you Terry."

"Yea you can ditto that for me too. You taught me things that most guys never get to know. I know my sex life just took a dive for the better. I now can tell a girl what I want and have a much better sex life and if a guy comes along I won't be a homophobe anymore. I really enjoyed everything we did Joe."

"I'm glad. What part of Cresent City are you going to."

"You can just let me out near downtown. I can walk on over to where I am going from there."

"Downtown it is then."

I dropped him off downtown and he reached over and gave me a quick hug as he didn't want to be seen by people on the street I'm sure. Then he got out and thanked me again. I hated to see him go that was one fine night and morning.

I headed for Bobbie's house and thought I would find her in bed. But she was up and had her robe on. She was drinking coffee and offered me a cup which I accepted. Her hair was a mess so she wasn't planning on working at least this morning. "How many appointments have you got for today Bobbie."

"Well I had a headache yesterday that wouldn't go away so I never got on the phone. So I will have to do that today won't I."

"Yea I guess we could do some calling while you finish your coffee then. Where is your phone book?"

She got up and got it obviously not real happy to half to. I took a yellow marker and mini picked a couple pages of names that sounded like senior citizens and called the first one myself. I am good on the phone and don't miss many. If they don't need aide in hearing I try to get the name of someone who does need help. About half the time I get a name and phone number. This lady gave me one so I called the person and made an appointment of tomorrow at 10am. I handed the phone book to Bobbie and told her to try her luck. She acted really nervous but dialed a number. She missed on the first call but on the second call she was able to get the name of someone to call. When she called they said they were busy today but could see her tomorrow afternoon. I told her that was great. If she kept at it she could probably get one for this afternoon. But I told her I couldn't stay as I had been working with Grant yesterday and had to get back home to my kids. I told her I would be back in a couple weeks to work with her.

So I finished my coffee and left. I am sure she was glad to get rid of me and I doubted that she did any more phoning. Some people are doers and some are thinkers. She was definitely not a doer and I sometimes wondered if she really was a thinker. I should get rid of her but it wasn't costing me anything to keep her since she was paid commission only. And she did turn in two or three sales a month which I guess paid the taxes on the house she owned.

Back on the highway I had my eyes pealed all the way. But as usual on this highway I didn't pass any hitch hikers. So I got home mid after noon. The kids had just gotten home from school and were happy to see me. I told them we would go to a different spot in the mountains where were trails and a stream they could catch crayfish in this weekend. This pleased them all and Ray and Grace wanted to take a friend. I told them that would be fine, knowing it would make it hard for me to keep my hands off of Ray's friend. But I was bound and determined to get through these three years and be free.

When the weekend came we loaded the trailer and Grace brought Kitty, and Ray brought Brandon. Brandon was the most sexy boy that came over so I was going to have to be careful. We had a great weekend and the kids brought home several crayfish which I tried boiling so they could eat the tails. But I never did really like them myself. But it excited the kids to get to eat something they had caught. We had a Bonn fire that evening and they roasted marshmallows and then I played my Ukulele and we all sang songs in a song book I had several copies of. So they had a good time. When it was time for bed Ray had Brandon sleep with him in the pull out bed overhead. Kitty slept with Grace in the table area which made into a bed and I used the couch bed that also made out to a bed. So we all slept soundly. I am sure Brandon was wondering why I didn't come and mess around with him when Ray went to sleep as usual but I just rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning was hard with Ray and Brandon running around with just briefs on and Brandon had a boner that I usually would have gotten to by having him sit on my lap but it didn't happen. They had another day of hiking and then we went home as it was Sunday night and they had school and I had work the next day.

Monday through Wednesday I worked with two agents in town and then I worked some on my own. I made two sales just for me and then I had to leave Thursday morning to go to help my Roseburg agent. Actually I also had an agent in Myrtle Creek so I made it a double shot. I decided to take the van and my trailer so I could stay in what was almost like a home to me. My toothbrush and everything was in the same place and I knew where everything was in the trailer and no phone. I worked with the agent in Myrtle creek on phone training and then went on to work with my other agent in Roseburg. I parked the trailer at Stanton park near Canyonville as I always liked that park. It had a swimming hole which drew a crowd of young folks everyday and some of them were over 18. I really hadn't learned how to approach these guys yet but I could look at them and hope.

It started raining real hard late in the afternoon so I left my Roseburg agent and headed for the trailer. It doesn't often pour rain in Oregon like it was doing and it made driving hard. I pulled off the freeway at the Stanton Park exit, and glimpsed a man standing with a plastic bag full of clothes or something and as I went by him I notice he was only about 18 or 19. So I had missed him by waiting. I went to the next exit and came back around hoping he would still be there and he was still walking toward Stanton Park so I pulled over and he gladly got in. He looked like a drowned rat. But when he pulled his hood back he was magnificent. He had almost totally blond hair which was a mess and his face was really OK too. I said, "My name is Joe."

"Thanks for picking me up Joe I was about to drown out there. My name is Raymond."

"Raymond I can tell by your southern accent you aren't from around here. Where do you call home?"

"I come from a small town in Georgia."

He was almost hard to understand. You talk about a southern accent. I hadn't heard that kind of accent since my wife and I traveled to Norfolk Virginia many years ago. I told him I was staying in my trailer at Stanton Park and he was welcome to stay with me for the night if he wanted.

"Boy Sir, that would be fine. I am soaked to the skin. I have dry clothes in this bag."

So I pulled in to the trailer which was in spot number 1 right above the swimming hole. We got out and went in to the trailer.

This kid was dripping wet. So I gave him directions to the shower building, which was real nice with private showers. I told him to get the clothes out of his bag he would need and then go ahead. I gave him a towel which he thanked me for. Boy these southern boys were polite. While he was gone I made the couch down into a double bed and turned on the TV. I had brought several video tapes with me and so I put on a movie. I didn't have any Porn as to be honest back then I didn't even know they made male porn. I had never been in an adult book store as with all my titles I was afraid of being seen. After about 20 minutes he came back. He was totally good looking. Blond curly hair and blue eyes. His teeth were so wide they lit up the trailer when he smiled. I told him to get comfortable as I was already in my briefs ready for bed so he took off his clothes and put them where the table booth was. He left on his briefs too. He came over and leaned back on a pillow against the end of the trailer with me, our legs stretched out across the bed. I used the only thing I had come up with that usually, well always so far, worked and asked him how long he was walking.

"Oh sir I was walking it seems like forever. Especially when it started really raining. Cars couldn't see me if they wanted to it was so dark."

"I know I passed you by the first time I pulled off the freeway and came back around to see if you were still there. You looked so miserable."

"Boy I was miserable all right. When you stopped I couldn't believe it. I was so happy to get out of that rain."

"I'll bet your legs are sore from all that walking. (I reached down and started rubbing from the knee up.) I kept rubbing and he said...

"Oh that feels so good."

And then he did something I had never had happen to me. He reached over and kissed me on the mouth. Well needless to say I kissed back and it wasn't long before we were swapping tongues. We kept this up for at least 5 minutes. While we were doing it I had reached down to his crotch and found a real hard on in his briefs. I reached under them and had his dick in my hand. He put his hand on mine and it was also hard as a rock. He squeezed it and sent me into another world. This was the first time anyone had ever come on to me. I figured he must be gay as he was enjoying it so much. When we broke the kiss I pulled down his briefs and he took them off. I went down on him. He was uncut and so I had something to play with. I stuck my tongue up under his foreskin and it was clean as he just took a shower. Then I slid the foreskin back with my mouth and started using my tongue around the crown and especially on his special spot under the head. He moaned and groaned he was in pure pleasure. I didn't want him cumming and ending it yet so I came off and told him to lay on his stomach. He rolled right over and I did the Perineum rub thing. After a minute or so I included his ass hole which brought out some real loud moans. Then since his perineum was so hard it was obvious I wasn't going to get his dick any harder So I pulled my trusty KY out from under my pillow and put some on three fingers. I went all the way to the colon juice with my middle finger. I never felt such a smooth, hot rectum and colon on an adult before. It was just plain awesome. I pushed hard and fucked him in the colon several times hitting him hard with each push. I was really getting into this cool looking kid. Then through all his moans I went in with two fingers. No complaints just louder moaning. So I finger fucked him good with the two fingers twisting and turning to stretch him good. He was going to get fucked that was for sure. Unless of course he said no. I have never forced anyone to do anything. I then put in my third finger and pushed it all the way in.

"Oh sir that is really tight. I feel really full."

"That is normal Raymond but it will start feeling good in a minute."

He accepted my explanation and I kept right on finger fucking. Boy was I leaking I had my briefs soaked, so I reached down and took them off and tossed them aside. I twisted and turned my finger around in his upper rectum and colon getting him as stretched as I could. Then I asked him to roll over. I wasn't going to ask him anything. I find with older guys the less I say the better. They sometimes already feel a little guilty doing anything with a man and too much talk could end it. When he was on his back I looked into his eyes. They were glazed over he had really gotten in to this. I pulled his legs up and folded them back to his chest. Then I jacked off with KY and stuck it in him. He said nothing but,

"uhhhhgh I can sure feel that. It hurts a little."

"I told him the hurt would soon go away and it would feel good."

"Yea I know I have done corn holing with my buddies back home. It is just you are bigger than them."

"Well luckily God made your sphincter muscle where it will stretch to just about any size other wise you couldn't shit out a big turd. It will quit hurting as soon as it accepts the size."

"Yea it is OK now already. Go ahead."

With that statement I was all the way 7 inches into him clear up into the wetness of his colon. I am sure I have gone around a turn or two up in there too. I started short stroking him slow at first and then sped up to jack rabbiting.

"OH GOD umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph..."

Hearing him making the pleasure sounds I really went wild. This was one good tight fuck. I pulled all the way out and then back in and kept doing it so that I hit his prostate on every entry. He was really making moans now. All of a sudden...

"OH MY GOD...I' Ahhhhhhh....shit.....Ohhhhhhhh....umph....ahhhhhh. Shit that felt good."

He came all over his stomach all the way up to his chin. Of course this had set me off so I was cumming right along with him. It seems like every time is better than the last but that is probably because it is so fresh in ones mind. I flopped down on him and we panted and fought for breath for about 5 minutes. Finally he reached my mouth and started his kissing routine again. I went right along with it and it lasted about 10 minutes.

When it finished he said, "Man that was the best corn holing I ever had."

"Well I am glad you liked it. Here let me clean you up a bit." So I wasn't going to let any of this boys cum go to waist and started cleaning him with my tongue. His cum was so good. It hardly had any salt in it at all. Of course he was just 18 so he really hadn't gotten like most older guys get more salty. When I had licked every drop I could off him I got a towel and dried him. And then I dried myself as I had been laying in it during the French kiss.

I asked him if he would like a pop, a beer, or a glass of rose. He chose the beer so I got him a beer and a large glass of Rose wine for me. We sat there as close as we could and got back into the movie I had put on using the VCR.

It was about an hour when the movie finally ended and it was getting late. But I reached over and took his dick in my hand to see if he would get hard again. Boy did he. SO I said, "Your turn."

"Y'all mean it. I can fuck you."

"OH Yea I would be honored to have your dick up in me."

I layed over on my stomach and handed him the KY. He started one, two and three fingering me as I had him. It just felt good as his hands were so soft and smooth. When he finished he asked me to roll over which I did. He then jacked off with KY and lifted my legs and in he went all the way in one plunge. I wasn't expecting that so I let out an "Ummmmph" He started fucking like he knew how. Boy when an 18 year old wants to go fast he can really go. He was long stoking me almost from the beginning and I'm sure from the side it looked as if he were a blur. I have never had someone go that fast. It felt so good I hoped he would never cum. And after about 25 minutes he finally let go. "Ahhhhhh....God....that...felt......good....ahhhhhh....ohhhhhh.... oooooooo....ahhhhhhhh."

He pumped out about 7 or 8 ropes and set me off again. So I had cum all over my stomach this time. He lay to the side of me and I put my arm around him as I really liked this kid and his attitude. After the normal breathing break he went down and started cleaning up my cum. It felt so good to have his tongue going all over my body like that. He ever pealed back my foreskin and cleaned there. Then he took my dick in his mouth and squeezed it with his hand to try and get more. Then back to licking and he came right on up my stomach and when there wasn't any more he kissed me again for at least 5 minutes. It was awesome. This kid knew how to please and I was pleased, to say the least.

I got the towel and we dried off again. But this time we had both had it so we curled up together and we both fell asleep almost instantly. At least I did.

When morning came I made coffee and we sat there and drank it. It was about 10 AM as we had slept in. He wasn't sexy in the morning so we didn't do any more sex. So after the coffee and some breakfast rolls we both put on our suits and went down to the swimming hole which already had a bunch of teenagers in it. The water this time of year was pretty warm so it was enjoyable. We swung from the tree rope several times and I was amazed at how good an athlete Raymond was. God I wished I could just keep him but I knew that was impossible. After an hour or so we went back up to the trailer and I made sandwiches which we ate. I made a couple peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and wrapped them well as I wanted him to have them on the road. I just couldn't see him getting hungry.

"Which way are you traveling Raymond North or South."

"I'm going south to Redding. I have an uncle there."

I told him he was in luck that I could get him to Medford and from there he could get a ride easily on I-5.

"Gee thanks Joe. You know I don't think I will ever forget you and how nice you have been to me. I don't know what I would have done last night if you hadn't come along."

"Well they say everything happens for a reason. And I guess it was just meant to be."

"Yea I guess so."

So he helped me hook up to the trailer and disconnect the electricity and the sewer. Then we went to the dump and emptied the septic tank as the trailer is self contained. Then on south to Medford. I pulled over at a good spot for him to catch a ride where people could stop if they wanted to without endangering themselves. He reached over and almost climbed in my lap. He gave me the biggest hug and kissed me on the lips once again. Boy was this kid a kisser.

After he got out I felt so empty inside. I wanted to keep him so bad. I drove on home and was greeted by my boys. Grace was over at a friends across the street in the culdosac.

I went in and listened to the boys tell me everything they had done while I was gone. I thought well you guys sure had a good time. And I wanted to add "SO DID I" but I couldn't of course.

(To Be Continued)

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