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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 5 (Based on a true story)


I love doing things with my kids so this weekend I took them to a lake that rented boats. We all went out and trolled for fish and after a couple hours had caught 6 nice size trout. Nothing to brag about but plenty good to eat. So when evening came I fried up the fish after boning it, and we had fish and chips. The chips were the kind that you buy frozen and put in the oven. The trailer had a nice little oven so the chips turned out fine. I had some ice cream in the freezer compartment, which was small, and so we had ice cream for desert.

We watched a video movie that night called Summer of the Monkeys, which is about a circus train wreck and all the monkeys get loose. Any way to make a long story short the boy about 12 or 13, the main character ended up catching all the monkeys in different ways and it made a good family story. Then we all turned in after going to the shower room and cleaning the fishing day off ourselves. Everyone was asleep in 5 minutes or at least I was.

The next day we rented the boat again but didn't fish we just explored all the lake. There was an island in the middle so we walked around on it and the kids felt like first time explorers. Really there had probably been thousand of people on that island but I went along with the exploring. When we got in we ate lunch as it was about 2pm and we were all starving and then decided to hook up the trailer and head back home.

I backed up the trailer in its spot next to the garage and unhooked from it. Then I had the kids clean it for the next time we used it.

Monday through Wednesday as usual I worked and trained local agents and had one brand new one who was just finished the video training he had to do. I made an appointment and made the sale just like on the video and it really impressed him. I split the commission with him so at least he would eat this week. Of course if he got with it he could make a bunch this week but it was depending on whether he was a doer or a hang on waiting for me to go again to make another sale for him. He turned into a doer and made three sales that week.

Thursday I kissed the kids good bye and told them i would see them on Friday night. I also as usual told them to mind Pat as he was in charge. I never worried as none of them were trouble type kids.

I took the New Yorker as I was heading for Redding this trip. I was hoping to find a hitch hiker but one never knew. Sure enough when I was passing Ashland, which has a college there was a young man with his thumb out. I pulled over and picked him up. He looked tired. I said "My name is Joe and I'm heading for Redding."

"My name is Kelly and that happens to be where I am going too. I don't have a place there yet but I am moving there hoping to get a job there."

"Can I ask how old you are, you don't look very old."

"Yea I am 20. As a matter of fact I turned 20 last week."

"That's about what I would have guessed somewhere 19 and 21 anyway."

"That's pretty close for guessing."

"You sure look tired how long have you been waiting for a ride?"

"Well I am not good at standing in one place so I walked from downtown Ashland to the Freeway. Then I walked for what seems like quite a while to where you picked me up."

I don't know why I get so nervous at this point. I have never been refused when I rub their legs. But I am always afraid for some reason. I guess the worst thing that could happen is getting called a fagot and asking to let him out. But no one has ever complained. I think I just worry too much."

"Well Kelly your legs must be sore." With that statement I reached over just above his knee and squeezed. And then I kept right on moving and squeezing and he said nothing. I sure wasn't going to say anything so I just kept going almost to his crotch and then back toward his knee. Then back up and down several times.

"Boy I guess my legs were really sore that feels good."

Just what I was hoping to hear. Now lets see what happens when I change legs and start dragging my forearm on his dick.

So I reached over to his other knee and squeezed and continued on up and rested my forearm and wrist on his crotch area. Making sure to drag my forearm as I moved back and forth up and down his leg. It didn't take long before it started happening. His dick was definitely showing and I could feel it getting hard under my wrist.

"I guess this is feeling pretty good to you huh?"

"Yea but I am embarrassed I'm getting a hard on from your arm rubbing across my lap."

"Don't worry about it we are both guys and I get hard from just about anything too. As a matter of fact you just mentioning it made mine jump a little. I guess that is just part of being human. Just relax and enjoy it."

He sighed and slid down a little in the seat. So I pushed on his dick with my hand and he let out a real moan. So I rubbed back and forth across his dick with my hand and had him really going now. I finally knew he was as hard as he was going to get so I squeezed his dick with my hand. He flexed it when I did so I knew he was going to be leaking soon if not already. I reached up and pushed his shirt up and rubbed his lower stomach bringing out another moan. I kept sliding my hand down and he sucked in on his stomach. He really wanted me to keep going. So I went under his waist band on his briefs and slid down to his pubic hair. His dick wasn't sticking up in the right direction for me to accidentally bump it so I went on down and took hold of it and pulled it up toward his belly button. Then it reached outside his briefs. His entire head was out and leaking like mad. I knew he wasn't going to complain so I undid his button and zipper this really freed him up. I saw the state line liquor store coming up and pulled off the highway and parked well past the door out of sight. There were not any other cars there. So I turned off the engine. And told him to reach to his side and pull the lever to let his seat back. He did so with no hesitation. I then pulled on his waist band toward his feet and he lifted his butt to let me have them easily. Then I went down on him and started giving him the best head I could.

"Oh God, I haven't had head in so long. I never realized how good it would feel with a man doing it. But it makes sense."

I didn't answer him as I was too busy. I had his 7 inches down my throat now and was bobbing on it. He was going ape shit with the sounds he was making. I didn't want him to cum until I got up in his ass with my finger so I told him to roll over on his stomach. No questions asked he just rolled over. Man his ass was perfect for his body. But after all he was just 20. I opened his ass and blew air on his ass hole. This brought out quite a moan. Then I went down and licked his ass all the way up and down the crack. The moaning just kept on. Then I honed in on his Ass hole and started tongue fucking him. I told him to push out and he did. My tongue sunk in further with each push. I was now tongue fucking him like mad and he was making sounds I don't think I have heard before. Then I wet my finger and stuck it in fast all the way to the colon. I didn't want him to have a chance to say don't or something.

"OH GOD, I have never had anyone put something inside me before. I haven't even done it to myself. It feels so weird. Actually it feels tight and good."

I remained quiet as I didn't want to chance ruining a good thing. So I started finger fucking him hitting on his prostate every now and then and he really moaned when I did. I wet two fingers and Pushed them all the way home.

"Boy that is tight. Ohhhhhhh....shit......but it feels better when you push hard."

When he said that I pushed like mad every time I went in. Then I asked him to roll on is side facing me. When he did I took one dripping wet dick in my mouth again. The precum was nothing but sweet. I gave him head for about 5 minutes listening to him making his enjoyment sounds. Then I wet two fingers on my left had so I could reach around to his ass hole. I sank the fingers straight to his prostate gland and pushed hard. I bounced my fingers about three times and he let loose.

"Oh Shit...Ahhhhhhhh... GOD.....I'm....cumming.......ahhhhhh...OOhhhhh shit......ahhhhhhhhhhh....umph....umph...."

I swallowed every drop and licked his dick to get all I could when he finished. I squeezed his dick making more cum come out and sucked it up too. "You have really good tasting cum."

"Do I, I really never tasted it."

"Stick out your tongue Kelly." When he did I was on it like a fly on flypaper. I started sucking it and wouldn't release it. He got the idea and started sucking on mine. He was liking the taste of his own cum now and we kept at it for over 5 minutes. Then we broke.

"All I can say is that was awesome. Man I have never cum that hard in my life. I thought it would be bad doing anything with a man but wow was I wrong."

"Yes I know what you mean. I had a wife and have three kids but I still cum harder with a guy than I do with a woman."

"All I can say is that is the hardest I have cum since I can remember. I use to have a friend on the football team in high school and he was always trying to get me to jack off with him and things. But I was so afraid of getting the label of fag or queer, or even worse cock sucker, that I never did anything with him."

"Well you know Kelly I had the same Jr. High experience and I went ahead and did it. No one ever said a word about what we did because they had the same fears you did. So I just enjoyed myself with both boys and dated girls too. But it was strange I always had harder cums when I was with a guy, especially if he corn holed me."

"You mean a guy stuck his dick in your ass and you let him?"

"Sure Kelly I made up my mind that it was my life and I was going to enjoy what ever made me feel good and so I did. I have been doing it either way ever since and I am 20 years older than you are."

"Gosh you don't look it. I mean you have a nice body and don't look more than 30 something, Joe."

"Well thank you for the compliment. What did you think about the taste of your own cum?"

"Well I certainly didn't think it would be sweet like that. I think I tasted a little salt too."

"You were right Kelly cum is sweet on most young guys and has just a touch of salt taste to it too."

"We are at State Line Liquor would you like something to drink. I think I will get a couple wine coolers for myself. What would you like?"

"How about a 16 ounce Pepsi, I really haven't gotten into alcohol much yet."

"OK Why don't you just come on in with me. Maybe someone will think you are my son probably."

"Yea sure dad. ha ha"

We made our purchase and both started drinking on the way to the car. Boy did I need that wine. I needed a martini worse. But I was driving and thought I better keep a clear head. I bought some peanuts to chew just in case of getting stopped for something. That would take care of my breath.

We listened to the radio on down to Redding and when we were about 10 miles out I said, "You know Kelly you don't really have a place to stay tonight and I am not working with my agent until tomorrow so why don't you just stay with me. We can watch a movie or something. Of course a movie wasn't really on my mind. I wanted him up in me, and me up in him. I wanted his cherry so bad.

"Well if I wouldn't be putting you out I would be a fool to turn down a place to stay. Sure I would like to stay with you."

So I pulled into the Red Lion and got a room with a single queen size bed. I left him in the car so I could make the arrangements so we had to sleep together. "Room 121 Kelly here is a key. I have one too."

He took the key and thanked me for it.

I carried in my suitcase which is small as I travel light on over night trips. But I always pack my KY and a dildo in case I want to have fun by myself. I took the KY and put it under the pillow on the outside of the bed as that is where I always sleep. He was in the bathroom taking a leak so he didn't see me do it. When he came out of the bathroom I used it and then since it was after 5 I suggested we go to eat at a restaurant I like in Redding. He thanked me and told me he really didn't have very much money. I told him not to worry it was on me.

So I took him to a Black Angus Steak house and we were put into a booth with black plastic walls around it like a bubble. It only had just the entrance. All the tables were the same way for privacy galore.

"Now I want you to have what ever you want Kelly. They have a great steak and lobster here. That is what I always have anyway."

"Well just order the same for me then it sounds great. And I will have milk to drink if it is OK."

"Milk it will be and I'll have my usual carafe of rose wine."

When the waiter came I ordered and he said it wouldn't be too long. He commented on what a nice looking young lad I had.

"See Kelly everyone thinks I am your dad. That is just normal because of the age difference."

"Well you act like you are really with the younger world, it must be because your raising all those kids."

"Yes Kelly I devote every weekend to them. Last weekend we took our trailer and rented a boat and caught 6 fish and had them for dinner."

"Wow! You really are a good dad."

"I try to be Kelly."

After eating a wonderful dinner we had desert and I had another half carafe of rose during dinner. I really needed it as I was nervous about all the cherry picking tonight.

When we got back to the motel I told Kelly I was going to shower and get comfortable. So when I got out he got in. And we both ended up in our underwear, as he saw that was how I was dressed when he came out after his shower.

I turned on the TV for noise but had other things on mind.

"Kelly I don't know about you but a back rub always hits the spot for me. Here lay down on your stomach and let me have your back for a while." He didn't hesitate. It's funny these guys are are all the same and cooperative is the same middle name on all of them. I started rubbing his shoulders and when I pulled up on his T shirt he just took it off.

Funny I always get the most sexual feeling when I am starting a back rub because so far it has always ended up in at least one fuck. Either I get fuck, or he gets fucked, or both. My heart was going a mile a minute as I looked down and saw that perfect ass for his body just waiting for me.

I rubbed his shoulders for a little while and the asked him to turn his palms up. I traced the lines on his hands and got a moan from him as this tickles in just the right way to make a guy feel real good and sexy. Then I went back to his back and down to his underwear and reached under the waist band and then slid them off of him. He lifted up to help me and I could tell he was just like all the other guys horny as hell. Then I opened his ass and looked again at a real clean ass hole as we had both just showered but decided to go on down his legs first and make him wait. When I got to his feet I did my best foot rub for about 5 minutes on each foot, which brought out several moans. The back up the legs on the inside causing him to spread his legs pretty wide. This gave me an excellent view of that beautiful pink ass hole. This guy didn't have a hair on his body except his head and his pubes. His ass hole was hairless. I liked it that way as I am really not into hair. I guess that came from having sex with so many young teens and even pre-teens. But that was a thing of the past and I was succeeding so well with this I couldn't see myself wanting to go back. I rubbed his perineum to make sure he was hard and he was. So I pushed on the perineum right where the prostate lies under inside his ass. This always makes them even harder. Then I spread his ass and got the ole tongue going. He knew to push out and my tongue was going quite a way up in him. I kept this up until my tongue had had it as it gets real tired. And started with a wet middle finger all the way into the colon. I loved this so much I could die with my finger in a colon and have a perfect death. I pulled out the KY and on the next time out I put some on all three fingers. I went in with two and heard a louder moan. I didn't say any thing as he didn't and sometimes too much talking puts an end to things. So I twisted and turned and found the rectum was about as soft as I had experienced. I could hardly wait to get my dick in there. When I went to three fingers...

"OUCH that smarts now. That is really stretching me. It burns some too."

"That is normal Kelly just put up with it for about a minute and it will start feeling even better than before OK?"


I went on up in him a little slower and when I reached the colon juice I just stopped. What a pleasant place to stop anyway. After about 2 minutes I asked him how he was doing.

"You were right Joe it does feel good now, especially when you push."

So I pushed hard and brought out a loud moan. It was a pleasure moan so I didn't say anything. I started finger fucking him without twisting and just kept doing it for a while. Then when I started twisting and turning he just moaned some more. Finally when he was ready to be fucked I thought I would let him do me first. So I said, "Well I guess that should be enough for now. Would you mind doing me now?"

"No Joe that would be fine. You have been more than nice to me and I like your solid body anyway."

So I rolled over on my back and he started in. He did everything including the tracing the palm lines. Then he started down my back and when he got to my shorts he just took them off. I lifted up to make it easier for him. He continued on down my legs and then gave me the best foot rub on each foot I think I ever had. When he came back up I spread my legs to give him all the access he might want, hoping he would do as I had done to him. He got to my butt and spread the cheeks and said, "You know Joe your ass is really clean and only has a couple hairs on it."

"That is because we just showered Kelly. That is probably the most protected part of the body and stays clean the longest unless of course you take a shit. But even then most guys wipe real well and it still clean."

"Yea it is clean alright. I wonder...I wonder...what does it taste like shit or what?"

"Lick your palm Kelly. Now what does that taste like?"

"Just like clean skin."

"Well that is exactly what an ass hole taste like after a shower. After all it is skin too."

"That makes sense." So he blew on it and then went down and took one lick. He must have liked it as he then started sticking his tongue up my hole. I pushed out and he really got up in there. He kept going longer than I can he must have strong tongue muscles. Finally he wet his middle finger and stuck it all the way up past the first turn in my colon. "Gosh this feels so smooth. It is even wet way up in here."

"Yes Kelly that is the same as you. It is colon liquid that keeps you from getting constipated." Joe knew he would pull it out and smell his finger that always happened. So when he did he handed him the KY. "Here put this on three of your fingers and use one, then two, then three finger like I did."

"This wetness doesn't have a bad smell to it at all." Then he pushed his middle finger coated with KY all the way back up in there. He started finger fucking Joe really fast. Then went in the second finger. He went up in the colon and then started twisting as Joe had. It wasn't long before Joe felt the third finger go in. His hands were big and it hurt a little but he said nothing. Soon the pain subsided and he was being finger fucked royal by three fingers. The he twisted them as he fucked. After about 3 minutes Joe said, "Now take the KY and jack your dick off with it. He looked puzzled but did as I asked. OK Kelly let me turn over. When he did he had a massive hard on leaking like mad. Kelly went down on it and got all the precum then I said, "Here I am pulling my legs over my head. I am ready for you to corn hole me now."

"Your kidding? You really are going to let me stick my dick up in you?"

"That is what corn holing is Kelly. Go for it."

Kelly got that puzzled look on his face again. He looked down at his harder than ever dick and then at Joe's ass hole and finally put his dick on the hole and when he felt Joe push out he pushed in. He went about half way and asked, "Am I hurting you Joe?"

"No Kelly that is why you took me to three fingers to get me ready. It feels real good to me so have at it. Fast and hard."

Kelly couldn't believe his ears but he turned into a fucking 20 year old, and boy can they fuck. He was soon going so fast that I was having a hard time breathing. Sweat was pouring off his face onto mine and he was panting like a race horse. He kept this up for about 20 minutes and then said, "Oh God.......Joe.....I'm .....cumming....ahhhh Ohhhhhhhhh.....shit.....this.....feels.....good.....ahhhhh...."

When he finally finished Joe had held off as he didn't want to cum and ruin his chance of cherry picking. "How do you like corn holing Kelly?"

"Oh man there are not words to describe it. I have never had anything feel that good in my life. It is so much tighter and smoother and hotter than a pussy is. I hope it doesn't ruin me for liking pussy."

"Well I doubt that Kelly. But it may change your mind about messing around with a guy that comes on to you once in a while. You were born straight and that is how you will stay. But everyone has a little bi in them it is just that some are afraid to show it. Just like you were at first."

"Yea I guess you are right Joe. That really felt good to you with me pounding the shit out of you?"

"Just as good as you were feeling maybe better."

"Gosh am I getting an education."

"Lay on your stomach again Kelly." And as always he took the order without question. "Now I am going to show you what it feels like without using my dick." Joe reached in his suitcase and got out the big dildo. He put KY on it liberally and then told Joe to push out. When he did Joe launched the dildo All the way as far as it would go.

"OH shit is that thing tight."

"Just like everything else it will loosen up when your sphincter muscle around your ass hole relaxes. God mad that muscle where it will literly take anything otherwise you wouldn't be able to shit a big turd when your constipated. Did you know that some guys can actually take another guys whole hand up his ass just by practice. It is called fisting."

"Wow, I sure never heard of that. That would hurt like hell."

"Well sure it would to us but those guys have built themselves up to being able to take that size."

"Now I am going to fuck you with this dildo and you will soon see that your ass will relax and accept it." Joe started fucking him with the dildo and turned on the vibrator.

"Oh shit I see what you mean Joe. It feels good now especially when you push hard when it is all the way in."

So I did as he ask and pushed it hard every time it reached his colon, if that is what he liked I sure didn't mind doing it. I loved to fuck a virgin any ole way I can.

I pulled the dildo out after about 5 minutes. And told him to turn over. When he did his dick was hard as a rock again. Oh to be 20 again. "Now are you ready to try the real thing?"

"Yea I guess so...but Joe I have to be honest with you I'm scared to death."

"That is exactly what I was thinking and how I felt when the first guy took my cherry. He was huge too. Almost 10 inches and really fat. It hurt so bad tears came to my eyes but I was bound and determined to take it. I was sore for a week afterward but the next time he did it to me it was a lot easier for me."

I pulled his legs up over his head after I jacked off with KY and told him to push out his hardest. I looked at his eyes and all I could see was scared. I put my dick to his hole and waited.


When he did that I didn't want to make him suffer so I went straight in to his colon and stopped.

"OH GOD THAT FUCKING HURTS Joe...Ouch...ooooo...ahhhh...shit..."

I said I wouldn't move until the pain went away and for him to tell me when. About 2 minutes later he said, "When..." I started short stroking him as gentle as I could and watched as his eyes teared. After about a minute the tears were wiped away and he started looking like he was taking it without pain. "How ya doing dude?"

"OH it is a lot better now. You can go ahead it is starting to feel good just like you said it would. Just push hard when you go clear in I like that."

I liked that too. So I short stroked him faster making sure to hit him hard when I was all the way up in his colon. He made grunting sounds but they were pleasure sounds not like hurting sounds. So I started slowly long stroking him and hitting him hard every time. Then I pulled almost out each time and hit on his prostate every other time or so and that brought out some real pleasure sounds.

"Oh Man that is really feeling good now Joe. Go faster."

That turned me into a fucking machine. I started rabbit fucking with long strokes until I had sweat dripping all over him. His brow was full of drops of sweat that hadn't run yet. And he was breathing as hard as I was. I had to keep this up as long as possible as he felt so good inside I couldn't believe it. Smooth and hot and tight, real tight. I lasted a little more than 20 minutes and all of a sudden ....

"OH Shit Joe I'm....cumming...again.....God....shit....that....feels. so fucking good......"

On his first spasm I went off too. So we came together. Man did I like cherry picking. This guy was awesome. 20 was becoming my favorite age. They are grown up enough to talk sensibly and when they enjoy something there is no doubt about it.

I collapsed in his cum all over his stomach all the way to his chin. I licked the cum from his chin and then lay my head on his shoulder and just hugged him. Why is it about this time, every time, I feel like I am in love again for right at this moment I could spend my life with him.

After 5 minutes of huffing and puffing our breathing slowed where we could once again communicate. I told him he was such a neat fuck and that I was glad I was the one that got his cherry.

"Oh Joe now that it is over I wouldn't have wanted it to be anyone else. And I probably would have remained cherry because I doubt I could ever trust anyone like I do you."

"Well that was a nice thing of your to say. I really think a lot about you too. When you get a phone I will give you my card and maybe when I come to Redding we can get together."

"Oh I would like that a lot Joe and I'm not just saying that."

"I know your not Kelly...I know your not."

(To Be Continued)

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