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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 6 (Based on a true story)


The next morning I took him out to breakfast. I really hated to say good bye to him. I had really enjoyed him, but so had I all the others. I drove him to the unemployment office and wished him luck. I asked him to phone me when he got a job as I was concerned about him and wanted to know that he was OK. He said he definitely would. When he got out of the car it was like part of me was missing. I really get attached to these guys, especially if I took their cherry.

I drove on over to Ray's house and he was glad to see me. He had had a rough week and so I sat with him and analyzed what his problem was. As usual not enough phoning. I told him to start keeping track on paper of how many calls he made that answered the phone. How many referrals he got from those that didn't need any hearing help, and then how many appointments he made, and finally how many sales he made. Using this information I was always able to tell them how much they were making an hour. It was always a huge amount. So I did some phone training and then let him call several too. We ended up with two appointments and ended up selling them both. So he had a good day and that would put food on his table for a while. After spending the day with him I started home.

I stopped at State Line liquor and got a couple wine coolers and so far had seen no hitch hikers. Oh well, I didn't alway see one but sure liked it when I did. I sure had fun with Kelly. I drove down the driveway and there was a sort of curb there. Which is strange because freeway entrances didn't usually have curbs. Sitting right at the end of the curb I noticed a boy. I didn't know if he was hitch hiking or not. He looked too young for that. When I got up to him he just raised his arm with his thumb sticking up so I pulled over. If he was underage I just wouldn't touch him. He came to the door all smiles and he was what one would call an Adonis. Blond hair, Blue eyes, and magazine quality face. He got in and asked me where I was headed and I told him Medford. I asked him how far he was going and he said to Coos Bay to see his Uncle. Now for the big question since he looked 16, but blond hair can be deceiving. I was hoping. "My name is Joe."

"Well my name is Tadd."

"How old are you Tadd?"

"I just turned 18.

"I couldn't believe it LEGAL. How long have you been waiting for a ride?"

"Well I walked quite a ways yesterday and then crashed in some bushes for the night. I have been sitting here for about 45 minutes. I just got up you might say. I was too tired to stand yet so I was just sitting there not expecting a ride. And what a set of wheels you've got."

"Yes I like it." I'll bet your legs are tired from what you describe. And I reached over and started my now usual rubbing starting at the knee and working my way up. I did this several times on his left leg and then was thinking about crossing over to the right one and dragging my wrist and forearm on his dick.

"Man that feels good. My legs are really sore."

That was all the invitation I needed I reached over for his right knee and started up his right leg which of course put my wrist and forearm on his dick. I kept this up and it only took a minute or two before he had a raging hard on. Boys this young are usually very sexual even though they never admit it to anyone. I started to come over to his other leg and just stopped on his dick and rubbed on it.

"Oh God that feels good."

I saw a rest area coming up and pulled in. I went to the end where there were no cars, actually there were only two cars at the rest room. When I stopped I told him to pull the lever on the seat and let it back. He didn't hesitate and was laying flat down in just a few seconds. My heart was racing as this was the best looking boy I had ever touched, EVER. So I unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them and he raised up and pulled them down himself. That was new. I saw the most perfect 6 inch dick. It had a mushroom head that was perfect. I went right down on it after licking off all the precum. I could take him easily all the way down. He moaned really loud. I started up and down on him listening to him moan.

"God that feels good."

I told him to roll over on his stomach for me. He complied immediately. When he did I rubbed his perineum to build up his sperm and after a while wet my middle finger and when I spread his cheeks I noticed his ass hole was letter perfect. No hair and pink. I guess that was because of him being a natural blond. I rubbed his anus for a minute or so then smelled my finger. It had that 13 year old boy smell so I got even harder than I was. I wet it again and pushed it up into his colon without stopping. His colon was nice and wet, which also really tuned me on. He was moaning a lot so I asked him, "Does that feel good to you?"

"Oh Yea."

I started finger fucking him and spent a lot of time on his seminal gland area. I wanted this boy to give me all the juice I could get out of him. When I went to the prostate and rubbed he said, "Oh man if you keep that up I am going to cum."

Well I wanted that cum in my mouth so I asked him to turn on his side and face me. When he did I swallowed his beautiful 6 inches all the way down my throat. I wet two fingers and got them ready. I wanted to suck for a while. I sucked so long I had to re-wet my fingers and than I pulled back where I was sucking on the head of his dick and let both fingers go right into the prostate. Of course this caused him to start cumming. He must have let out 8 or 9 ropes of the best tasting cum I had had since I quit with the younger boys. I swallowed most of it and held some in my mouth for further tasting. Then I reached up and told him to stick out his tongue. When he did I was on it fast. I sucked his tongue and he started sucking right back. A lot of 18 year olds don't like to kiss but when they know there is no way anyone could find out about it they will do it. Then another surprise. He reached over and unzipped my pants and pulled out my 6 inches. I am uncut, but clean, and he went down on me and this kid knew how to give head. Rarely does anyone do a good enough job to get me off. He kept at it and was driving me crazy as he knew all the pleasure points and after about 5 to 8 minutes of this I gave up my load to him. He swallowed it all. Then to my surprise he came back and started French kissing again. This was too good to be true. Why hadn't I started doing older guys years ago. I know it was because I was afraid they would put me off. It was just the opposite. So far I hadn't been refused and not one complaint about the finger fucking either. Where as with young teens I would get a lot of complaints that it hurt or don't do that. These older guys didn't ever stop me. Even though I know from what they said, some of them, it was a first time experience.

When he finished we both pulled ourselves together and I drove on down into Ashland. I don't usually stop and eat when I am this close to home just 20 miles down the road but I wanted to buy him a good dinner and talk to him some more. I really wanted to just keep him. So I stopped at a beautiful new restaurant and lounge right on the edge of Ashland. It was a fancy place and his eyes got real big. We went in to the restaurant and I felt like I should be wearing a tux. This was a nice place. I can imagine what he must of felt like dressed in just Levi's and a shirt.

We ordered steak and lobster. Actually I think he would have settled for a hamburger but I told him the steak and lobster in restaurants like this was usually good. So he followed my suggestion. I ordered a full carafe of Rose wine and he order milk.

"Tadd where did you plan on staying the night tonight?"

"Where ever I am I guess. I don't think I can make it to Coos Bay tonight. I don't like hitch hiking after dark it is too dangerous."

I agreed with him and asked him if he would like to stay at my house. I had plenty of room. Actually I had the trailer he could sleep in or depending on how the kids took to him I could have him sleep in my room on the queen size water bed. This is what I would prefer of course but I don't think I have ever done anything in front of the kids that was in any way gay so they shouldn't suspect anything.

"Yea I would like to stay if you don't mind."

"OK then it is set. After we finish here I will take you home with me. Actually I would just like to keep you. Has anyone ever told you how good looking you are?"

"Oh yea. I get that all the time. That's why I am going down to my Uncles he likes to have sex with me too."

"Well at least you will be legal for him now."

"Yea the first time he came on to me was when I was ten."

"Have you been messing around with him ever since?"

"Yea any time he came to where I lived or I went to his house he did."

I thought to myself I'll bet he was one good looking ten year old. But I would much rather have him now. Good and legal.

I pulled into the drive way and opened the automatic three car garage door with my hand control.

"Wow! This is really some place you got here."

"Yes I bought it when my wife was still with me. But now I am raising three kids by myself. Patrick is the oldest. He will be 13 soon."

"I like kids so I think I will enjoy staying here."

We walked in and I hollered, "Hello anybody home."

All three of them came storming out to greet me. They stopped short when they saw Tadd. I introduced them and Tadd gave them a big perfect teeth smile and they melted. We went on in to the living room where the TV was going on cartoons and sat down. Ray took a liking to him right away and so did Patrick. Grace said a few words to him and went to watch her cartoons. We sat there and watched TV for a while and I noticed that Tad was talking to Patrick and telling him that he could walk on his hands. Naturally Patrick wanted to see him do it so Tadd went up on his hands and walked into the kitchen turned around and came back into the living room. Boy he was good at it. He looked balanced enough to keep at it if he wanted to. But he came down next to Patrick. Naturally Patrick and Ray decided to try and kept falling down. After a while Patrick could stay up for maybe 4 or 5 seconds but then he was down again. They all had so much fun at this I just sat and watched. Then Grace put in her two cents worth and actually stayed up longer than Patrick did. But she too was real weak.

They wanted Tad to show them how again. So he did and this went on for the next hour or so. Patrick even had Todd holding him by the ankles to try and stay up. But you either can or can't and my kids just couldn't not without a lot more practice. Like a few weeks.

When it came time for the kids to turn in I asked Patrick if he thought we should have Tod sleep in the trailer or share my bed. Patrick by this time wanted Tad in the house so it was my bed. I was so pleased as that is what I wanted to. And I could tell by the expression on Tad's face when he said that, that he liked it too.

Patrick being the oldest stayed up until 10 and then I had him go to bed. After I was sure they were all asleep by checking on them I told Tadd if he wanted we could turn in too.

"Yea I am really tired after sleeping out last night."

So we headed for my bedroom and I thought maybe I had better sleep in just my undershorts so if any of the kids came in it would look normal. Tad followed my lead. When he took off his shirt he was so beautiful. That blond haired skin looked soft as velvet and I was to find out it was.

Before going to bed we showered as he had been on the road and I wanted that soft skin to feel and smell wonderful.

I didn't want to sleep in the raw as my children could walk in in the morning. It wasn't usual for them to do that but I didn't want to take any chances. So I got into bed with my briefs on. He took off his clothes and also got in with his briefs on.

I always sleep on the outside so he had to go around and get in on the other side. When he got in bed I reached over and rubbed his chest and got his nipples hard. His skin was so soft because of his blond complexion I had a hard on from the time I touched him. I rubbed on down to his stomach and just kept rubbing there as I loved the feeling of his skin and the fact I was so close to his dick. Then I reached under the waist band and barely got my hand under when I ran into a hard on. He wanted this too. This was a sexy young lad. So I took hold of his dick and squeezed it and he sighed. "Does that feel good Tadd?"

"Oh Yea"

And with that he reached over and went under my shorts and got hold of my dick which was harder than I could remember it getting. He also squeezed mine. I went down to his balls and started rubbing him there and he followed suite. That felt so good as his hand was as soft as his body. Then I reached on down and rubbed his ass hole and as I did he raised his legs and spread them. What an invitation. So I took my hand out and wet my finger real well and went back and pushed up inside him as far as I could reach. He wet his finger and did the same to me. I thought I was going to cum right there and then. This kid was not only and Adonis he was a sexy Adonis. I then asked him to roll over on his stomach. When he did I pulled back the covers and pulled his briefs down and he helped me by taking them off. I looked at that beautiful ass and thought to myself how am I ever going to say good bye to this guy. I spread his cheeks and went in with my tongue and started tongue fucking him. He pushed out and raised his ass so I could get deeper. He loved it. I kept at this until I thought my tongue would fall off. Then I took my middle finger and drove it all the way home all the way up into his very wet colon. I just wanted to stay there. He was softer inside there than he was on the outside. Talk about turned on I was. I replaced my finger with two fingers after reaching over to the table and getting some KY that I kept there for personal use. I put two fingers in and twisted them and asked him "Does that hurt you Tad?"

"No my Uncle has been fucking me for years so go ahead and stick it to me."

What an invitation. I rubbed KY on my very hard dick and put it to his hole. He raised his butt a little more anxious apparently for me to get up in there. So I didn't disappoint him. I shoved my dick all the way up into the colon and just lay there like that. Taking in all the good feelings this kid was bringing about. He was so tight, and warm, and smoother than anyone I had ever fucked that I thought how can I last but a minute or two. But I got my mind on something else to prevent cumming too soon and started fucking him royal. He just grunted "Umph...umph...umph...Umph...umph...umph..." His grunts were nothing but pleasure grunts so I said, "You really like this don't you."

"Oh yea it feels great. You are bigger than my uncle."

I kept on fucking and put my arms around him and hugged at the same time to show him how much I felt about him. As I hugged him he made some real happy sounds that I can't describe. I kept this up until I was dripping sweat down his back and then after about 20 minutes I let go. I came and came and came. I must have flooded his insides. Boy that was one fuck. When I pulled out I waited until I had caught my breath and then French Kissed him for at least 10 minutes. He seemed to love it. Then I said, "It's your turn." I handed him the KY and he rolled me over and pulled my briefs off all the way. I just had them down below my knees before. He put KY on his dick and then put his middle finger up in me and boy did I get finger fucked. He went on with two and then three fingers and I thought I might cum again. Then he put his dick to my hole so I did like he did and raised my butt for best penetration. He was up all the way in me as fast as I had done him. It felt so good. He layed there with his dick planted and hugged me like I had him. I never felt so much love come out of a guy. He really must like me. Then he started in fucking. That was one long fast fuck. He was like a jack rabbit being only 18 he had way more stamina than I had. He kept it up for about 25 minutes and then I let go again. I have hardly ever come twice even in one day much less twice in a row. When I came he started cumming from my spasms. He must have pumped in about 8 or 9 giant loads of cum as it started leaking down onto my balls. Then with his dick still firmly planted he started hugging me. He kept this up until he had caught his breath and then pulled out and started with the French Kissing again. Boy could this boy kiss. We kissed for I don't know how long but finally broke and just hugged each other. I said, "Thank you Todd that was the best fuck I have ever had."

"Well that is because your so nice and I really like you. I wish you were my Uncle."

I thought to myself yes I do to. What a great nephew you would make. So I told him so.

We lay in the hug for a while and the just lay back looking at the ceiling. Then he hadn't had enough so he went down on my dick and started giving me head. I couldn't believe it but I got hard again. So I scooted around and got into a 69 with him and we kept that up for the longest time. I knew I couldn't cum again but I just enjoyed his great performance. He must have enjoyed mine too as he stayed hard as a rock and after a long time, I really don't know how long as time was standing still, he came again in my mouth. I kept it in my mouth as much as possible and savored the taste. His cum was almost all sweet hardly any salt taste at all. I finally swallowed and told him what a great sex partner he made.

"You are not so bad yourself dude." he said.

We finally pulled up out briefs again and then lay arm in arm until we fell asleep. We woke in the same position. What a night. We got up and took our morning pee and then showered together. I locked the bathroom door so we wouldn't get caught by one of the kids. We soaped each other every where. And I do mean every where. When he soaped my ass hole he put is finger up in me again. It burned a little with the soap but still felt good. I then did the same thing to him and kept my finger in his colon juice for at least 10 seconds. Then we rinsed and got out and dried each other. I opened the bathroom door to see the coast was clear and then went and got two pairs of briefs so he could have a clean pair. He gladly put them on and then I gave him a robe to wear and told him I wanted to put his clothes thought the washer. He was grateful and I knew that would keep him around for a while. The kids had to go to school so I went in and saw that they had their breakfast. They wanted to watch him hand walk again. But I said he wasn't dressed so he couldn't with a bathrobe on. The agreed. They all said good bye to him as they left and asked him to stop by on his way home if he could.

"I certainly will if I have the time." he said.

Boy did I hope he would have the time.

While his clothes were washing I sat in my chair and had him lay over the footstool as I wanted to be able to play some more with that ass. He took off the bathrobe and lay over the stool watching the morning news with me. I pulled his briefs down below his butt and spread his cheeks. What a view of a near perfect ass hole. I wet my finger and started finger fucking him and asked him, "Does that bother you?"

"No man you can do anything you want. I really like you dude."

Man what a compliment so I continued finger fucking him and each time I wet my finger I smelled it. It smelled like it had just been to heaven and back. It wasn't long before I had to put his clothes in the dryer and he followed me. He put his arms around me from the back and just hugged. So I turned around and put my arms around him and my tongue in his mouth and we just stood there French kissing for about 5 minutes. Then he said, "Could we go in the bedroom a while?"

Could we...could we... I was so excited at that statement I sprung a hard on and tented my briefs. I saw his briefs were also tented. "So I said sure let's go."

When we got to the bedroom it was nothing but sex. He put me on my back and fucked me from the front Kissing me every now and then as he fucked me. He fucked so good. Boy could he ever go fast. He finally came up my butt and I almost came at the same time but I wanted my turn. After he pulled out and we hugged for a few minutes I layed him on his back and he raised his legs up over his head and waited. I lubricated myself real well and went for it. I don't know when I enjoyed fucking someone like I did this time. I was looking down on a beautiful lad and kissing him during the fuck every now and then. This was pure heaven. I finally after about 15 minutes shot cum clear up in him. He just moaned. I fell on top of him and French kissed him trying desperately to catch my breath at the same time. This lasted until we were both on our sides and kissing and hugging at the same time. Then the dryer buzzer went off and it ended it. I took him to the dryer and he got out his clothes and put them on warm. I went in and got dressed as I knew he had to get going to make Coos Bay today. I drove him to the freeway and let him out. I told him to walk ahead about a block and I would wait until he got a ride to make sure he was safe. I gave him one of my business cards and told him to call on his way back though if he had time. He said he would. I watched him walk on up ahead and realized he was even better looking than I thought out in the sunlight. His blond hair, just washed, just glistened in the sunshine. It wasn't 5 minutes before and elderly couple picked him up. I think I had a tear in my eye as I never wanted to see him leave. I had fallen in puppy love with him. I could spend the rest of my life with him as a partner.

I drove on to my office and was greeted by my secretary and so it was another day at work. I had an appointment that afternoon and sold it so all in all it was a great two days.

(To Be Continued)

Cities are still dribling in so I guess getting away from the little kids in this story still has readers. Thanks so Much it keeps me going.

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