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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 7 (Based on a true story)


On the weekend I didn't feel like taking the trailer out. So I took the kids to Mt Ashland water slide instead. I wore my bathing suit under my clothes as I enjoyed this slide myself. The only hard part was walking back up the stairs after you went down the slide. When you reached the bottom you hit in a pool of water about 5 feet deep so there was no danger of hurting yourself. Of course they had a life guard to aide the children who didn't swim yet to the side. The kids had a ball and so did I. There was plenty of eye candy around and I still looked, but I was determined not to touch. I was going to make it to the three year statue of limitations or die trying.

After we went on the slide I took them to a pizza place where I ordered two pepperoni pizzas and a pitcher of coke and a pitcher of beer. I like beer instead of wine with pizza. We all left full and got home around 7pm. I picked up a movie for them to watch at the video store so I sat and watched it with them. It was certainly an enjoyable day.

Monday I went to work and hired two more trainee's and had my secretary start checking them off on watching the videos 7 times. Then I would take them out and field train them.

Thursday morning I headed for Roseburg watching the highway closely for hitch hikers but was disappointed when I didn't see any. So I went ahead and worked with my agent there that day. We made two sales and I bid him good bye and stayed in a motel for the night. I hated these nights alone as they were really alone. Just TV and it never offered anything I really wanted to spend time on. But the next morning I went to Myrtle Creek and worked with my woman agent there. She as usual was having trouble with the two hundred pound phone so I helped her in phoning. We got a lead for the afternoon at 2 and so I sold it for her and split the commission with her. Then I headed home around 4. I stopped and had a bite at a Mexican restaurant right in town as I was hungry and then headed home. About half way home there was a wine stop so I pulled off the highway and went in. I had two glasses of wine which should get me home, being the alcoholic that I had become. On the way back to the highway I saw a guy walking out toward the highway. He was wearing army fatigues and looked to be about 24 or 25. Boy those army fatigues sure showed a guys ass up good if they had a good one and boy did he. He was a handsome young guy so I rolled down the window and asked him if he needed a ride. He said yes he was just going back to the freeway to hitch hike again.

When he got in I introduced myself and he told me his name was Jim. He was going to Redding CA. Looking at the hour I knew he had a late night ahead and probably would end up sleeping on the ground somewhere because people don't easily pick up hitch hikers after dark.

"How long have you been on the road Jim?"

"I started in Roseburg and you are my third ride. So I am getting a little weary to say the least."

"Gosh that certainly isn't very good luck. Are you in the Army or just wearing fatigues."

"Oh I got this outfit at an Army surplus store. No I am a civilian."

"Well it looks good on you. Have you had to do much walking?"

"Yea, I get tired of standing in one place and walk for a while. Sometimes I give up for a while and just go rest but most of the time I am standing or walking."

"I'll bet you have two tired legs." and with that I reached over and started rubbing just above his knee. He didn't say anything so I kept rubbing. (It was strange all these years I had been afraid to touch anyone over 14 and now these guys were easier than they were.) I kept right on going up almost to the crotch and then back down to his knee. I heard him moan so I knew he was enjoying it. I kept on the left leg for about 5 minutes. Then without a word I reached over to his right leg just above he knee. He didn't say anything or give any indication that that was uncomfortable for him so I went on up now laying my wrist and the side of my hand on his crotch. I could feel him starting to get hard but said nothing. I kept this up until he had a real stiff hard on. I said, "You must be enjoying this."

"Yea you even gave me a hard on. There isn't much sex on the highway."

So I took hold of his dick through his army fatigues which were heavy and squeezed and he moaned real loud. So then I reached up on his stomach and pushed his shirt up so I was on bare skin. I rubbed his lower stomach and went down to his waist band. He sucked his stomach in giving me the OK as far as I was concerned to continue. So I went under his briefs and soon ran into a very wet hard on. I took hold of it and started rubbing it and and he moaned big time. Then I took my hand out and undid his button and unzipped him so I could reach him easily. I started jacking on his dick and he slid down in the seat. I was getting near Medford so I knew I had to get him off or give it up or there was another option let him stay at my house. "Jim would you mind sleeping in my travel trailer and get a fresh start in the morning."

"OH that would be great. I was wondering what I was going to do after dark."

I had to leave him with a hard on as I needed my hands now as I had pulled into Medford and had to use my hands to drive safely. I told him to go ahead and zip his pants up we would be at my house shortly, knowing that he was going to have blue balls if he didn't get taken care of tonight sometime. I pulled into the garage and his eyes got big as it was a nice place. "Well we are here come on in and meet my children."

We went in and Pat met me and I introduced Jim to him. I told him I had given him a ride and that he was heading for Redding. I also told him I was going to let him sleep in the trailer for the night.

This all seemed fine with pat and by then Ray had come in and was listening. He like it too. Grace was in her bedroom as usual but came out to see what was going on and I told her. She said, "Hi Jim." to him and then returned to her bedroom where she and the girl from across the street were playing.

I ordered a pizza and after about a half hour of TV it came. I also had ordered two two litter bottle of Coke. We say around the table and scarfed up the pizza and pop. Then we went back into the living room and I let them watch TV while I went out and made the bed in the trailer. When I entered the trailer it had that smell of an un emptied septic tank. We hadn't dumped the last time we used it. So I decided to hook on to it and take it out to Rogue River Park and dump it. I asked Jim if he wanted to go along and he jumped on the chance as he was a little nervous anyway. I told Pat what I was going to do so he wouldn't worry, and then we hooked onto the trailer, checked the lights were all working, and headed for the park. I told him after we dumped the trailer it wouldn't smell any more. When we got there the dump was empty so we got right in and dumped. I wanted to get him alone in the trailer so I told him we would just pull over to one of the free pull throughs and make the bed for him. So we went in and made the bed out and the sheets were already on it along with enough blankets. So I got behind him without him realizing what I was doing and took hold of his shoulders and started rubbing them. He said, "Boy that feels good."

I told him to lay down on the bed and I would give him a back rub. He didn't hesitate but layed right down. I went under his shirt which he quickly removed and started massaging his well tanned back. Boy I was beginning to really like the muscular bodies of these young men. His ass was staring me in the face and for the size of his body it was letter perfect and I knew without the fatigues it would even be better. I didn't want to take too much advantage of him too fast so I rubbed over his butt and on down the legs. I said, "This feels a lot better on bare skin. Why don't you loosen your pants."

He reached under himself and released his button and zipper real fast. So I took hold of his pants from the bottom of the cuffs and pulled them down. He lifted up a little to aide me. It wasn't long before I had him laying there in just his briefs. I went ahead and took off his shoes and since his feet were clean I took off his socks and rubbed his feet for at least 5 minutes each. He really like that by the sounds he was making. I then went back up his legs slowly moving toward the inner thighs and he spread his legs automatically. When I got to his butt again I put my finger up and down and started rubbing his perineum. I wanted this young man hard as a rock. He started getting hard right away and in about 30 seconds he was hard as a rock as his perineum was like a rock. I told him to roll over and I would do his front. He turned over and his dick was really tenting his briefs and precum was leaking though them. I started on his chest and rubbed his tits till they were good and hard. He was making all kinds of pleasure sounds. They are hard to describe in words. I then went down over his stomach and pushed in on his lower intestines and released real fast to give him that sensation we use to give each other as kids. Then I slid under his briefs as I had in the car and took hold of his hard on. I started jacking on it and asked him, "Does that feel good to you?"

"Oh Yea."

I reached under him and pulled down his briefs with no resistance. As a matter of fact he raised his butt and helped me. I took them all the way off and looked at that butt. It was letter perfect. I went up and had him roll over again as I wanted a full view of it. I reached over to where I kept the KY in the side packet of the trailer and put some on my middle finger. I had found that a lot of these guys had never had anything put in their ass before so I never knew what to expect. Before going in with my finger I noticed that his ass hole was as clean as it could be so I went down on it and started licking it. He really moaned at that. I told him to push out like he had to fart and when he did I pushed my tongue in as far as I could. I kept doing it and the moaning got louder. I reached for his hips and pulled up and he got the message and raised his butt up in the air for me. This helped me get further up in him with my tongue. I tongue fucked him until my tongue would take no more. "Did that feel good to you Jim?"

"Yea man no one has ever done that to me before it was awesome."

"Well now I am going to give you another awesome feeling." I took my middle finger and pushed it fast into his colon. He was really juicy which meant in good health. He moaned so loud when I did that it was part hurt and part pleasure. "Does that hurt Jim?"

"Yea at first but the hurt has gone away. I never had anything up in my ass before."

Just as I figured a real virgin. I was going to have to fuck this lad. Then I went ahead and lubricated all three fingers and put two of them up into his colon. He moaned louder but still didn't say anything. Sometimes it is best not to say anything unless they do I found so I started finger fucking him with the two fingers hitting on the prostate every now and then getting a surge from his body when I did. He sure felt that. Then I went ahead and put three fingers in.

"Ouch man that it tight."

"Yes Jim but your sphincter muscle is made to accept any size object within reason and will soon stop hurting. It should then start feeling good again."

"Yea I see what you mean it has quit hurting. It feels best when you push hard."

He didn't have to ask twice as I started three finger fucking him and pushed hard at the end of each plunge. He moaned real pleasure moans at this. After about 5 minutes of twisting and turning my finger to loosen him up as much as possible I had to taste some of his precum so I rolled him on his side and took him in my mouth. He really liked that.

"Oh God that feels so good. I only had one other person ever do that and I was just 13. I forgot how good it feels."

I pulled off not wanting him to cum as I still had fucking in my mind. "Jim when you were a boy did you guys ever corn hole each other because it felt so good?"

"You mean stick out dicks in each other?"

"Yea. That is the ultimate of pleasure after the initial couple seconds of hurt goes away."

"No we never did that. You say it feels good?"

"Let me show you."

I jacked off with KY and then put my dick to his hole. I told him to push out like he was going to launch a baby. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhph" When I heard that I was in and kept going on in fairly fast so he couldn't stop me. When I was fully seated all the way in his colon I could feel his heart beating as his ass squeezed my dick.

"Oh God that hurt while you were going in but like you said the hurt has almost gone away."

"OK Jim I will just stay here and not move until all hurt goes away."

"Well other than feeling real full I guess it quit hurting."

I started slowly short stroking him and then speeded up.

"Man I am really getting into this push harder."

That turned me loose. I started long stroking him and hitting hard every time I hit the end of my reach. Soon I was rabbit fucking like mad. I started sweating really bad as it was warm in the trailer. I told him to roll over on his back. I kept my dick in while he did. I pulled his legs up over my shoulders and looked into his eyes. I started in rabbit fucking again and I could now see the expression on his face. He was looking me right in the eyes and telling me to keep it up. I went for about 20 minutes staying away from his prostate as much as possible as I wanted him to be able to fuck me. That was it I let loose and came and came and came. He felt it and his eyes got bigger as he felt all that cum going up into his colon. When I pulled out I collapsed on top of him and said, "You are one wild fuck."

"Man you are the one that did all the work. It was great."

I layed down on top of him and gave him a hug. He hugged right back only harder. I told him to put out his tongue. When he did I was on it immediately and had it sucked into my mouth. He caught on and was sucking right back. We kissed for at least 5 minutes. When we broke loose he said, "Man I didn't know what sex was. This has been great."

I said, "We aren't thought yet. You haven' cum. So I want you to fuck me with that 7 inches you have there."

"Really. You bet."

I told him to take the KY and prepare me like I did him. So he rolled me over on my stomach and put his middle finger, boy was it long, all the way up in my colon. He pushed real hard and then started finger fucking me. He seemed to be really enjoying this. Then I felt the second finger go in and he went at it like there was no tomorrow. Soon it was the third finger and it hurt at first but I didn't let on. He had some big fingers. He finger fucked me for about 5 minutes and then I said, "I think I'm ready for you. Take the KY and jack off with it to get your dick well lubricated and then put it to my hole." I rolled over as I wanted to see his face as he went in.

"I've sure never done this before but here goes. He put his dick to my hole and I grunted real loud to let him know I was pushing out. He pushed it in all the way no stopping this guy. He stayed up in me for about a minute with my legs over his shoulders looking me right in the eye. I smiled and he took off like a jack rabbit right away. There is one thing you don't have to take lessons on and that is how to fuck. This guy was going wild with enjoyment. I could see the intense pleasure in his face. He didn't know it but he started hitting my prostate every other plunge and after about 15 minutes of this I let go again. When I spasmed it squeezed his dick and set him off. I never felt so much cum come out of anyone. He had blue balls from this afternoon so he was really full. He came at least 8 or 9 times all the way up in my colon but my ass couldn't hold it all so some of it leaked out of my ass hole. He finally collapsed in my cum and gave me the biggest hug. I of course hugged back. We lay there like that for at least 5 minutes and I reached for his mouth. He knew what to do this time and he started French kissing with me and we kept at it for about 10 minutes. Then he just lay there. Finally I told him we better clean up and get back as the kid would wonder if we got lost.

So we got up and wet a towel in the sink and washed each other off as good as we could. I had him turn around as I wanted to see that ass again and I spread him wide and wiped him really good all around his ass hole. He just moaned at this as he liked it. I made a metal picture of his ass hole to jack of with later. He turned me around and did the same to me. He spread me so wide it almost hurt. And he held it that way while he wiped me and my upper legs. Then he took his tongue and went in and licked my ass hole. "I wanted to see if there was any taste." he said. "Gosh it just taste like any skin would."

I answered, "Yes as long as the person is clean it does."

We finished dressing and then got in the van and headed home. When we got there two of the kids were in bed asleep and Pat was just getting ready to go to bed. "Boy it sure took you a while."

"Yea Pat we had to wait in a small line."

He accepted that as there was no reason for him not to. "Well good night dad, and good night Jim. I was pleased to meet you."

"Well it was a pleasure meeting you too Pat. Have a good night."

"How about a beer before you turn in Jim?"

"Sure that would hit the spot about now." I got him a beer and myself a big glass of wine and we just watched the TV while we drank it. He put his hand in my lap so I did likewise and we both got hard ons again. He squeezed mine and I squeezed his. After our drinks were gone and we both had precum leaking I said, "Why don't I walk you out to the trailer Jim."

"Yea I would like that."

When we got out there I told him to get ready for bed. When he was down to his briefs I pulled them down in front and went down on him giving him the best head I could. He really like that. Then I told him I would show him how to 69 and it dropped my pants and stepped out of them. I slid my briefs down and put my dick next to his mouth and got back on his. He was on mine as soon as he saw what a 69 meant. We sucked each other for a good 20 minutes until we both came in each others mouth. He said, "Wow! There have been a lot of 1st today. I don't know if I have ever had a more sexual day than this one. No I am sure I haven't."

"Well don't think you were the only one who enjoyed it Jim. I had a great time too. Well I better get in to bed. I wish I could sleep here but I have to sleep in there for the kids sake."

"I understand." And we hugged again really long and hard.

"Here is my business card if you ever are coming through Medford give me a call."

"You bet I will. I wouldn't' miss out on that for anything."

"Good night Jim."

"Good night Joe."

I closed the door on the trailer and another chapter on my new life.

(To Be Continued)

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