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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 8 (Based on a true story)


The following weekend I took the boys out skeet shooting. There was a field out by White City that we used and no one ever complained. I think it belonged to the government. Grace stayed over at her friends house as she wasn't into hunting and guns. We set up and shot for about an hour. Then we sneaked up on a pond to see if we could shoot any ducks. I had my hunting license and my duck tag so it was legal. We scared up a small flock and all fired but no duck fell. They were headed away from us fast so we really didn't stand a chance. The best way is to get in a camouflage blind, or lay on ones stomach so they don't recognize you as a man. But the ducks always came in from the wrong end of this pond and it was a swamp. I don't like laying in a swamp so we went back and picked up the skeet thrower and headed for a pizza place I liked right at the edge of White City. After the pizza was eaten, I gave the boys a couple dollars of quarters each to play all the video game machines so I could sneak another pitcher of beer. I sat there drinking my beer and enjoying them playing their games. When they ran out of quarters I was out of beer so we headed home. I am sure that if I had to blow in a cops alcohol tester I wouldn't have passed so I drove extra careful. It wasn't long until we were home and I went back to wine. I had a fair buzz by the time it was time to turn in that night. I wasn't drunk as I never allowed myself to get to the point of it really showing. But being the alcoholic I was I could hold a lot of liquor or wine without it showing much. My tolerance limit kept improving. This wasn't good as it was doing harm to my body. More than once my doctor told me to slow down. But he wasn't going though the fears I had behind me molesting those boys. I only had about 9 months to go to reach the statutory limitation on molesting a child so I just drank heavier. Believe me living in constant fear of someone saying something accidentally to the wrong person put me in a constant state of fear. I worked that week until Thursday in Medford training the agents that had finished the video training. We made several sales and of course I split commissions with them as that is really the only way they could survive until they got it themselves and started making sales. Seeing me do what I did on the video tapes exactly, in a home and make a sale was the best training I could imagine. It put my district number 1 in the nation for many years. Thursday I had to head for Klamath Falls. It was East of Medford about an hour and a half drive. Just outside of White City which was on the way and actually the last civilized area before Klamath Falls I saw a guy hitch hiking who looked about 25 or so. He was average looking but slender which meant he probably had a good enough body to mess with. So I stopped and asked him where he was going. He told me he was going to Boise, Idaho. That was a lot farther than I was going but the road to Boise took off right out of Klamath Falls so I gave him a ride, understanding I was only going part of the way he needed. He was happy to get the ride. I told him he would go North on HWY 97 to Bend and then East on 20/395 to Idaho. He was glad to get the information and thanked me. I waited and talked small talk with him for a little while because I still had a fear of older guys and he looked to be 25 or more. So I said, "incedently my name is Jerry, I'm out of Medford."

"Well I'm Jack and I come from Redding."

"Well it's good to know you Jack. It is always nice to have company on my business trips.

Gosh that fear is coming back. It always does when the guy is over 22 or so. I guess the worst thing that could happen is he could ask me to let him out. But here in the middle of nowhere I doubt that. He could punch me but that might cause an accident. I have to try it. I just have to. I want to get over this under age 18 stuff so bad..."

"Coming all the way from Redding I'll bet you did a lot of standing and walking?"

"Yea I lucked out and only had two rides to Medford but it took me three rides to get through Medford to where I met you."

"Man I'm glad I don't have to hitch hike anymore. I did some of it while I was in the Navy going from OLathe, Kansas to Warrensburg, MO, when ever I had time off to see my grandmother. She was one of the nicest people God ever put on this earth and boy could she cook a meal."

"I can't remember my grandparents on either side as they died while I was quite young. I envy you."

"Well Grandma finally died about 5 years ago, but she lived on heck of a good mid western life."

"Yea sounds like she did."

"I'll bet your legs are like rubber after all the walking and standing you had to do." With that I reached over just above his knee and squeezed gently, scared to death while I was doing it. I started up his leg as I didn't want to say anything that would have him answer in a way I had to stop. I got close to his crotch and started back down his leg. He moaned once so I knew I was getting to him in a good way. After about 5 minutes of this I reached over to his right leg and started the same thing and of course dragging my arm and part of the side of my hand over his crotch area. I never takes long before I start to feel the rise. He was no different from any of the others. After he was good and hard I said, "Bet this feels good to you after all that walking?"

"Yea I have never had anyone rub me before."

He didn't mention his hard on like I would have liked him to I always hate to be the one to bring it up. So silently without saying anything I started rubbing my palm on his dick on each pass over to the other leg and I made it up one leg and down the other so it happened often. Then when I got to it and it was rock hard I just rubbed it with my palm over his dick. He moaned when I did that.

"Gosh that feels good. Are you gay or something?"

I almost died when he said that but I answered, "No I am married now for over 20 years and have three kids. But I have always liked giving my guy friends pleasure when ever they like it. I never force anything on anyone. You don't feel forced do you as I can stop."

"No I was just curious that's all. It really does feel good."

With that remark I grabbed hold of his dick and squeezed it several times and then I went for his zipper. I had a little trouble getting it down as he was sitting but he slid down a little as he knew what I was doing. Down it went. He was wearing boxers so I had no trouble getting him any way I wanted. So I jacked on his dick through the boxers until he was so hard it was like a rock. Then I went through the pee hole and pulled it out. I slid my hand up and down on it a few times and then I said, "You know if you cum your going to mess up your pants pretty good why don't you loosen them and slide them down a ways."

It didn't take him more than a few seconds and he had his pants below his knees and was nude from the waist down. I got a good look at his dick and balls now and they were just like an 18 year olds. He was easier than any 13 or 14 year old I had ever done. This change wasn't going to be that hard to do. I kinda liked it better because it was totally legal except maybe doing it in a car. But out here in the middle of nowhere, we were high enough now climbing over the mountain that it was just mainly sage brush, you could see a car coming for miles and there just weren't any. I rubbed his lower stomach trying to get his built up for a big cum and he just moaned. I reached up and rubbed over his tit and it got hard right away.

"Gosh no one has ever done that before. It feels weird but good."

"Yea there are a lot of sexual things two guys can do that never happen with a woman." I continued over to his other tit and got it good and hard. Then I went down and massaged his balls for a while. I could see his face getting red so I knew he was hot. I reached under his balls and rubbed as much of his perineum as I could and still maintain control of the car. He started leaking profusely. So I kept it up for a while. He was so wet now I thought I better go ahead and get him off. Maybe he might want to stay in the motel with me in Klamath Falls who knows. I started jacking him off and he slide way down so I could reach him easier. I did the best I could for him under these restricted conditions. But after about 3 minutes he said, "God I'm... ....cum.....ahhhhhhh....shit....." He shot his first load up almost to his chin. He was built up all right. He pulled his shirt way up so I could see his muscular stomach. Not bad, not bad at all. I kept jacking until he had shot about 8 loads and really messed himself up. I pulled out my handkerchief and handed it to him and he wiped himself with it and it was soaked to where you could wring it out. I told him to just put it outside the window and roll the window up on it so it would dry. He complied.

"Man that felt so fucking good. I haven't been able to cum for several days out on the road and sleeping in the bushes doesn't make for a place either. Thanks man."

"Well I assure you you are welcome. I like to give people pleasure when I can."

"Well you gave me pleasure alright. I see you got hard doing it."

"Yea that is just normal when I do anything that has sex to do with it."

He reached over with out saying a word and rubbed his palm on it. I guess he was curious. "You got a nice one there yourself."

"Thanks Jack I appreciate that."

He squeezed my dick several times bringing me almost to a climax. So I said, "I think you better wait on that since I'm driving I'm about to cum. Your hand feels so good there."

"Yea I can see your point you would be soaked and couldn't do anything about it."

"I sure wish you could keep going but I think we better wait until I am not driving and there is no where out here to pull over."

When I pulled into the outskirts of Klamath Falls it was almost dinner time so I offered to treat him to a meal.

"Gee I would like to do that but that might just be taking advantage of you."

"Nonsense, I wouldn't like anything better. I hate eating alone in a restaurant."

"Yea I do too." he said.

"So then it is settled I will take you to my favorite place when I am up here." I pulled on through town and on the other side where the motel I stay in is I stopped at a really nice place to eat."

"Wow! This is some place. Are you sure you want to treat me. I couldn't afford to eat here on my own."

"Consider yourself my guest Jack."

We got out of the car and went in. It was a nice dinning room and the booths were private which I liked. One side for smoking and the other side for non smokers. I said, "Do you smoke Jack?"

"No I never got into that habit."

"Good cause I don't either. So we sat on the non smokers side. I told him I recommended the steak and lobster if he liked lobster."

"Gosh I haven't had steak or lobster in one hell of a long time. Sure since you suggest it."

So I ordered two and made mine medium. He asked for medium rare. Then I ordered a full carafe of rose wine. I didn't care what kind of wine he liked I wanted rose. She brought it right over and sat down two glasses. So I filled them both as I wanted to get him relaxed so he would want to stay the night.

"Gosh I don't usually drink much either but I do like an occasional wine. Thanks."

By the time the meal and desert was over we had put down two carafes of wine. And he was glassy eyed. Not drunk but just well relaxed. "Say Jack since it is getting late and you might not even get a ride until tomorrow out here in the sticks anyway why don't you share a motel room with me. I don't work with my agent until tomorrow at 10.

"Man you have already done so much for me are you sure I am not taking advantage of you."

"Heck no Jack, I hate staying in a motel room all by myself. TV usually stinks and they don't rent movies at this motel so It would be my pleasure if you said yes."

"Well then it is your pleasure then, Sure I will stay with you."

I paid the bill and left a good tip then we went to the car. About a mile down the hwy was the motel I always stay at. It is clean, has nice size rooms with TV, but the best part is they only charge me $17 a night. So I checked in for a room with a double bed failing to mention I had a guest. I paid my $17 and took Jack and my bag into the room. I went back out to the trunk and got the box of rose wine I had stored there. It was cold from coming over the mountain pass. I took two water glasses and filled them 3/4ths full and handed one to Jack. He just grinned at me. He was already feeling the wine from dinner. I turned on the TV and the local news was just starting. Nothing ever happens in Klamath Fall except maybe an auto accident so it is rather boring news. Then the National News came on and I saw Jack perk up and start listening too. I especially like what is happening in other countries. Someone is always starting a small war or shooting at someone else. I was so glad to be an American. The news of course lasted half hour. Jack got up to go to the restroom so it was time for me to make my move. I was going to rub his shoulders if he would let me. When he came out of the restroom I stood and walked behind him. I reached up and took hold of his shoulders and started massaging. He moaned. "Oh that feels so good Joe."

I told him to lay on the bed and I would massage his back for him. So he did. I asked him to scoot over so I could sit down and he did that without hesitation. I then went under his shirt and said, "It always feels better to me on bare skin." With that statement he reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. I was faced with a beautiful tan back that matched the muscular structure of his whole body. He was in good shape that was for sure. I started at his neck and rubbed slowly until I got to his waist. I ran into his wide belt. So I asked him to loosen it so I could reach under it. He lifted up and not only loosened his belt but undid his pants and unzipped them too. I thought good I won't have to ask him to. I went next to his shoes and took them off. Finding no odor I decided to rub his feet for about 5 minutes each. His moans said he loved that. Then I reached for his cuffs and pulled down on them. He knew what I was trying to do so he lifted up a little to let me pull his pants off easier. I was really getting hard now myself and leaking like mad. I went back up to his boxers and rubbed under them on the softest ass I had felt in years as you don't find this kind of skin very often. I was so hot I reached up and took hold of the elastic band around the top of the boxers and pulled down on it and took the boxers off too. Now I had him nude except for his socks and I didn't care about them. I rubbed his soft ass for a few minutes and then spread him wide open. It looked like his ass hole had never been used to shit with as he was clean as a whistle. So I went down with my tongue and started licking his ass hole. I kept it up with him moaning and groaning pleasure sounds until I had him really wet. Then I asked him to push out and stuck my tongue in further and started tongue fucking him. "Keep pushing out Jack." And the longer he did the deeper I got.

"Oh gosh Joe I have never had anyone even touch my ass hole before I didn't realize how good it could feel. And your tongue is so soft."

I continued to tongue fuck him until my tongue was saying "no more". I had one tired tongue. So I thought well never had anyone touch your ass before wait until I take your cherry. I wet my finger and so that he couldn't stop me I pushed it fast all the way into his colon. Boy was he healthy. His colon was really wet. I wanted to stay there so I did.


That was all he said indicating that no one for sure had ever put anything up inside him. I started finger fucking him and heard him moan and umph, umph as I did it. He raised his butt up to meet my finger so I knew this was getting to him. I reached down to my bag and without him knowing it I pulled out my tube of KY. I put some on all three fingers. Then I went into him with two fingers and he just moaned a little louder. I finger fucked him twisting and turning my finger clear up into his colon juice. He was raising his butt again to meet me. This of course told me he was really getting in to this, so I rolled him on his side as I wanted to taste his precum. I took his 7 inches all the way down my throat and bobbed to the rhythm I was finger fucking him for a couple minutes. He leaded out a gob of precum but I knew he wouldn't last long doing this and I wanted that cherry. So I pulled off of his dick and rolled him back down on his stomach. I then added the third finger to the fucking and pushed all three all the way in.

"Oh that hurts some..."

"Yes that is normal but your anal muscle is made to accept any size it has to that is why it stopped hurting when I used two fingers and it should do the same now."

"Yea your right it quit hurting now."

I twisted and turned my finger to loosen his tight hole up. Boy was he tight. Well no wonder he never had anything in his ass before. I continued finger fucking and noticed he started meeting me again so it wasn't hurting him now. "Is that feeling good now Jack?"

"Oh Yea."

"Jack when you were in Jr High did you and a buddy ever corn hole each other messing around like so many do."

"No but I heard them talk about it once in a while."

"Well it feels really good after the first 20 seconds or so. Do you want to try it?"

"Man your sure it won't hurt me to much?"

"Well I tell you what if it does I can always stop if you say to."

"Well OK then go ahead I'll try it."

Just what I hoped he would say. I jacked off with KY and got real slick and then put my dick to his hole. "Now put your butt up a little like you have been doing and push out with all your might. And keep pushing even after you take a breath."


When I heard that and he raised his ass I was all the way to his colon before he could say anything to stop me. I just stayed there and waited.

"OH SHIT THAT HURT SO BAD but like you say it is letting up now and I just feel real full."

"That is normal. Now just keep pushing out as much as you can for a few minutes until all the pain stops and it will." I started short stroking him slowly. I gradually speeded up. He started getting into it because he lifted his butt to meet me. So I started going faster. "How does that feel now Jack?"

"Awesome go ahead and fuck me."

That did it I started in full speed ahead rabbit fucking him with long strokes. I deliberately hit on his prostate every other time or so and heard him moan when I did. I really wanted to give him a thrill so I started taking it clear out and then plunging it back in every other stroke or so. He raised his butt even more indicating he really liked it when I did that. So I started hitting his prostate on every plunge. I was sweating like a stuck pig now. And roasting hot. It had been 20 minutes and I was starting to give out. When all of a sudden he yelled out....

"OH GOD I'm ... cumming...and...I didn't...even dick... ahhhhhhh....Oooooooooooooo...shit..."

The spasms set me off instantly so we were coming at the same time. What an awesome feeling for both of us. It was great. Man did I enjoy picking this cherry. He was a great fuck.

"Man PUff....that....puff...was....the....most...awesome...puff..puff thing...I ever did sexually."

"I thought you would like it wait until the other pleasures I have to teach you."

"Really there's more?"

(to be continued) Please send your city if you haven't.

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