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TERRIFYING CHANGE Chapter 9 (Based on a true story)


I poured two glasses of wine and we watched a late show or at least part of it. I wanted him to have time to recover from the last cum before I started on another.

Well I have had enough commercials for one night would you like to go back to the bed. He was hot to trot. We were both in our undershorts so I took off mine which of course initiated him taking off his. He laid down and I told him I wanted to show him something else. I went down and took his dick down my throat and scooted so that he could reach mine if he wanted to. After about 30 seconds I felt a lick and then another lick. Then he took me in his mouth and went down until he gagged. I came off to tell him how to avoid gagging and went right back to work on him. He was moaning and sucking at the same time and on the third try he was able to get my dick down his throat. Boy did that feel good. If I would have let myself I could have cum right then. But I wanted to save it for later. Since I was so close I knew he was too so I pulled off and said, "Jack time for something new."

"There's more?"

"Yes I want you to get both ends involved. Here take the KY and prepare my butt like I did yours."

"You mean you are going to let me fuck you too."

"What goes around comes around you know."

"God man I never even dreamed I would be doing this with anyone ever." But he took the KY and started in with his longest finger and went clear up into my colon and then some. God what long fingers. Then after a bit I felt the 2nd finger go in and with his big fingers I felt it. Then shortly he had three fingers up in me all the way and twisted and turned them which hurt a bit but I didn't say anything.

"OK Man now I'm ready."

"Jack off your dick with KY and get it real slippery."

After he did he said, "I'm ready, I guess I should say push out now."


When Jack heard that he was in all the way in one stroke just like I did him. Boy could I feel that. He was thick and 7 inches long and so I knew I had something up in there all right.

"Ugh...ugh...ugh...ugh...Ugh...ugh...ugh...ugh...Oh God I never had anything feel so good. Your so tight and warm and smooth. Oh My God this is great."

This kept on until I had sweat dripping all down my back off his forehead. So I held him and rolled over and put my legs back to my ears and he got the idea and boy did he go deep. By now he was almost out of his mind. He was fucking me like a jack rabbit for sure. I was really starting to get sore but I also was about to cum after 20 minutes of this onslaught. About another minute and I let go.. "Ahhhhh"

When my spasms hit him he started cuming too. Boy was he loud as he came. "Ahhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... good I can't believe it....ahhhhhhhhh.."

"Yea it felt great puff puff to me to puff."

He fell forward on top of me and I just gave him a big hug. Then I told him to stick out his tongue. When he did I was on it like a frog catching a fly and sucking it like mad. He seemed to like it because the first change he got he got hold of my tongue and it turned into a French Kiss royal. It lasted though our heavy breathing or I should say gasping for air and then we broke.

"Well do you think you have had enough for one night Jack?"

"Yes I am so totally exhausted. I hope I can make it to the bathroom to piss and then I'm ready for bed. God thanks man you gave me the most sexual day of my life. It was great."

We both took a piss and stayed nude. We just got into bed and I cuddled with him as he went to sleep. I reached down and stroked his ass hole when I knew he was asleep. He moaned even though he was asleep. I wet my finger and pushed inside him a few times and then I was asleep. The last thing I can remember was smelling my finger. Boy did I like the smell of ass holes.

In the morning we both woke up within 5 minutes of each other. I got up and put on the coffee pot that came with the room and that gave us a cup and a half each of coffee. There never was enough creamer or sugar in any motel so we just had to make due. "What you say we shower Jack. That was some night."

"Boy you can say that again. I wish I could have repeats tonight but I know you have to work and I have to get on my way to Boise. I sure hope I get a ride that gets me to hwy 395 right away.

"Yea I hope you do too. I will drive you to the edge of town to give you the best shot."

"Thanks, now for the shower."

We climbed into the shower together which I think surprised him. But if I had my way I wasn't through with him yet. I soaped him front and back and stuck a soapy finger up his butt to get him slippery. Then he did the same thing to me. He even soaped up my ass hole the same way. Then I soaped my dick really well and got behind him and told him to put both hands on the shower wall and lean forward. When he did I was up in him fast. He just moaned real loud as there really wasn't any stretching this time. I fucked him for about 6 or 8 minutes and then I came and came and came. He didn't come this time as it hadn't been long enough and I wasn't hitting on his prostate so he had me turn around soaped his dick and I got the same treatment. Boy did I feel that. He was so fat and long and he went right into rabbit fucking and I moaned real loud both with pleasure and pain. But soon the pain quit and I got into it by pushing my butt back when he came forward. He didn't last long either. All Of a sudden he said, "Oh shit I'm....cumming....Oh God...ahhhhh....shit...."

We both rinsed off and then got out and dried. We even dried each others backs. I was amazed at how all the hitch hikers had taken to sex like ducks take to water. All I had to do is get them hard the first time and it was all over but the fucking. The secret I knew was that they knew no one I knew and vica versa, and it was always in a totally secret environment. Every guy has just enough bi in them they all enjoy it once they get into it. Most think it was the best sex they have ever had. We got dressed me in my suit and him in his travel clothes and then went out to the car. I took him to a cafe for breakfast and then drove him to the edge of town. He thanked me again and got out with a sad look on his face. I waved and took off before I got emotional. He was such a neat guy and being 25 didn't make one little difference.

I drove to my agents house. This guy was on the ball. He had one appointment this morning and two this afternoon. So I would indeed have a good day. We sold the morning one and one of the afternoon ones as the other had the perfect get away excuse, no money. After I took him out to dinner I started back over the mountain. I didn't expect any hitch hikers out here and didn't find any either. So I drove on home and got home around 8pm. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat down with the kids and watched the movie they were watching with them until bedtime. Then I went in and went to bed and boy did I sleep. I didn't realize how tired I was until my head hit the pillow. Another weekend ahead.

Saturday morning early I got a call from Tim a friend that had a family we had gotten to know camping one summer. As a matter of fact I had them over to the house for a bar-b-que not so long ago. He wanted to know if I would come and bring the kids and trailer to a park right by a swimming hole we had been to so many times. All his kids who were now teenagers would be there too. He had two boys and a girl just like I did. I told him we would be out this afternoon and I would bring the trailer. When I told the kids they were beside themselves as they got along great with Tim's kids. They all treated them like royalty. We had quite a bit more worldly belongings than they did but money didn't buy happiness that was for sure.

Pat and I hooked up the trailer to the van while Grace and Ray got other things ready and put them in the trailer. The only thing I didn't look forward to was I had had sex with his boys and I knew they would expect me to mess around while we were out there. I just wasn't going to and that was that. It wasn't that I didn't like to but I was going for that three years free and clear of sex with minors. It wasn't going to be easy for me and that was for sure as those boys in their mid teens were really something to look at. But that was all I was going to do. After everything was loaded we checked the lights on the trailer and car and they all worked including turn signals got in and took off for the park. I always liked the park as it was full of rhododendrons. And they bloomed in the spring and almost all summer.

When we arrived Tim met us and pointed to a trailer spot next to theirs. I backed in the trailer and hooked up the electric and sewer and we were ready for a fun weekend. At least they always seemed to turn out that way.

I got out and shook hands with Tim who was a few years, but not many, younger than I was. Tom and John his boys came over and gave me a big hug. Boy this was going to be hard not to touch them in a sexual way as I really loved these boys like family.

Just then out of nowhere Joan came up and introduced what had to be the best looking boy in the park. I couldn't believe it. Of course Joan wasn't bad looking for 16 either. I assumed since she was 16 that he was too or at least 17 maybe. I know in my old way of molesting every one I could get my hands on he would have been dead meat before the weekend was over. He had light brown hair and must have been blond when he was younger as he had the most beautiful blue eyes. And wow what eyelashes. Probably all the girls envied him for those. I started to get hard just looking at him. When they turned to go I saw the most perfect ass for his slender body, God it was like having to turn down a glass of wine after a day without any. But that wasn't likely because a day never went by without my intake of at least half gallon. Some days part of that was taken in in lounges as I was well known in all the lounges in Medford. From the Red Lion on down.

After all the greeting was over I made sandwiches and fed my 3 kids and myself. I had my first of what would be several glasses of wine. I would also fill my quart thermos before going to the water as they didn't allow drinking in that part of the park. And for an alcoholic like me, I couldn't go more than an hour of two without my wine. After lunch Joan and Jimmy her Adonis boyfriend came over and told me everyone was heading down to the water and did we want to join them. I saw Jimmy, her boyfriend in his bathing suit which barely covered him, for the first time. It was almost too much for me to control myself but I was going to be my usual friendly self, even though I had to keep my hands to myself. I noticed even though he was slender, he had beautiful God given muscles and even a six pack on his stomach. He didn't have hair one on his visible body except a few under his arms. Boy I wished it were 6 months ago before I started this look don't touch thing with under 18 year olds. I picked up my thermos and told my kids lets go down to the water with Joan and Timmy. I then had to at least feel of this kids shoulders so I put my hand on his shoulder and my other hand with the thermos in it on Joan's shoulder and started walking with them toward where I knew the water was about a city block down from where we were. Jimmy walked real close to me which didn't help matters any at all. When we got to the water it was cool of course, but far warmer than the usual Oregon creeks. I suppose it was near 80 degree water. The swimming hole had a tree leaning over it from a cliff that everyone dove off of as the water was plenty deep in the swimming hole.

"Pat would you like to dive off dad's shoulders?"

"Yea dad I would love that." I saw Jimmy's ears perk up when Pat said that. He followed Pat out into the water and I went deep enough so that I could squat down enough that he could get on and get his balance then I would stand up and he would dive off. When he dove Jimmy asked me if I would mind if he dove too. God would I mind. I felt myself harden when I took hold of his ankles to steady him before I stood up. When he came up he said, "Wow! That is way kool can we do it again."

I said, "I am the human diving board so have fun till I wear out."

So he and Pat kept diving which attracted Joan and Ray, my son, and they started doing the same thing. Grace didn't do it as she didn't like being in water over her head. This went on for about a half hour and I told them I needed to rest and that I would watch them dive from the tree that leaned over the water up on the cliff.

I went to the edge and sat and drank wine from my thermos as it was dark colored, as rose is, and it looked like I was drinking coffee to the average observer who really didn't look very hard anyway. I had a couple cups full and then put lid back on the thermos as I didn't want to get where It even showed that I was drinking. I didn't want Joan or Jimmy to start thinking of me as a drinker or a drunk because a drunk I had never allowed myself to become around the kids. And for that matter I didn't even like to think of myself as a drunk. All of my jobs had always been where I was the manager and it just didn't fit well. So I controlled myself pretty well. It wasn't long before Jimmy came over and sat by me on my blanket and Joan sat on the other side of him. Jimmy sat with his legs wide open with his knees up where he was resting his head on his hands and knees. I glanced down and the way he was sitting one of his balls was in perfect sight. I took a deep breath as this was about all I could take and stay sane. He was talking with Joan on the other side of him so I could make several quick glances at his balls and every time he shifted his weight I would get a new view. Boy was I horny. I know I was leaking pretty good but luckily I was wearing a jock and it wouldn't show for quite a while and I would be back in the water with them before that happened. I took some sun tan lotion and put it on my face and arms and also my shoulders. I asked Jimmy if he would like some on his back too. He took me right up on that. Boy was his skin soft. I was having a hard time breathing normally.

When I got to his lower back he reached back and pulled his bathing suit out so I could get under it. I could see almost down to his butt hole and you talk about horny. I went ahead and rubbed the sun tan lotion on down rubbing the crack of his ass. He started breathing harder and sighed so I knew he was liking it a lot. It was all I could do to keep from going right on down to his butt hole. I sure wanted to.

"Here Jimmy would you put some on my back too?"

"Sure Joe I would be happy too and then I will put some on Joan if that is OK by you."

"Sure Jimmy I have another bottle of it in the trailer if we were to run out. By the way Jimmy do you go to the same high school that Joan goes to?"

"Yea I do Joe except she is a Junior and I am a senior. I graduate this fall."

"I thought you were probably a Junior yourself. You must be older than you look."

"Yea most people think I am 16 but I just had my 18th birthday last month. That is about when I started dating Joan. We sure get along good together."

"Yes Jimmy I notice that but I have known Joan for quite a while and every body always likes her. She is so kool."

Joan said, "Thank you Joe your kinda liked by all of us too. It isn't too may guys that can break the communication gap like you do. You are like a member of our family to us."

"Well thank you Joan I take that as a real compliment."

Jimmy spoke up and said, "Yea I have only known you today and I already feel real good around you. It's like you could be trusted with about anything."

"Well Jimmy my grandmother once said "If you can't say something nice about someone it is better not to say anything at all. And now that she isn't with us anymore I still try and live up to that."

"That is a good saying alright. I like it. I think I already pretty much do that but I will certainly remember it now that you said it." said Jimmy.

"You sure are kool Jimmy. Joan let me congratulate you on your choice of young men."

"Why thank you Joe."

"Are you staying the night Joan, with your family?"

"Yea I think that is why my dad wanted you to bring your trailer so you would stay too."

"Well I plan on it. What about you Jimmy?"

"Well I would stay but I have one of those old fashion mom's when it comes to girl friends and spending the night. I just live about 5 miles from here so I will hike home before dark and try and come back in the morning."

Joan said, "I sure hope you can come back."

"Oh I think I will be able to it is just the over night thing with a girl involved that bothers her. If it were all guys I wouldn't have any problem at all."

"Tell you what Jimmy when you are ready to go I will drive you home and then you ask your mom while I'm there and if it is OK I will pick you up around 9 or so in the morning."

"Gosh thanks Joe. That will sure save me a lot of hiking. Sometimes I get a ride but a lot of the time I end up walking the whole way. Thanks again."

"No problem. Who's for diving off my shoulders again?"

Jimmy stood right up followed by Joan and said, "I'm game."

So we went at it for about a half hour again. Pat and Ray joined us again too. And Tom's two boys joined in also. After a half hour or 45 minutes I was really getting sore shoulders so I told them I had had enough. Tom's boys were all over me in the water expecting to get grabbed or something by me like I always did. But I just said "I'm getting out I am pooped."

They looked a little disappointed but understood and didn't take it as a put off.

We all had hot dogs and hamburgers and all the trimmings for dinner. Then we sat around and talked until dusk. Jimmy said, "Would it be OK Joe if you took me home now?"

"I said sure, hop in the van. I told the few that were left there that I would be back shortly and drove out with Jimmy."

I wondered if the leg rubbing thing would be going to far since I knew this kid and I really knew his girlfriend. I sure wouldn't want him saying anything to her. But then I thought if he doesn't get hard I just won't push it. And there is nothing all that bad about rubbing someone's tired legs.

"Boy I am tired standing so much today. You did your share of standing and diving too."

"Yea but I'm used to it. But my legs know they have been used all right."

That was my signal. I reached over above his knee and started massaging his leg.

"Gosh that feels good. You are really a neat guy Joe."

I knew I didn't have a lot of time so I went for the other leg right away. And I rubbed my arm and hand on his crotch. With him wearing that skimpy bathing suit it didn't take but a minute until he was getting hard. 18 year olds are always horny. "Does that feel good to you Jimmy?"

"Oh yea. Especially since it is you doing it. I kinda got to liking you today. Your kool."

"Tell you what where is there a pull off that is private and I will give you a good rub down in back on the bed."

"Gee that sounds great. Turn right at that dirt rode coming up and I'll show you a place teens go late at night. So I turned right and we only went a quarter mile or so and he said turn left into that pull off behind that big tree. That pretty well hides us from anyone.

I turned where he said and indeed you couldn't be seen by anyone unless they knew you were there and were looking for you. "I'll get out and go around and get in back. You can follow me OK?"

"Sure thing Joe. This is kinda exciting."

(To Be continued)

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